Change Phone Number by Numbr

4.4 (1.5K)
43.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
App Toro
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for Change Phone Number by Numbr

4.44 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 years ago, the original chickenfoot
Absolutely perfect
It does exactly what it says and then some! I tested it on my buddy to see if it worked and he completely thought I was the toll authority. Lol I’ve usd for other reasons but it’s great
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1 month ago, 113356P
No texting in the US
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP. You cannot text in the United States. The app will not allow text messages to US numbers. READ all information because it does state it, buried deep in the description. I contacted support and there is no refund unless you contact Apple. They offered me a license to another app I don’t have any use for. Do not fall for this nonsense. Update, they have now offered to work with me on getting a refund but gave me no information on how to contact them. They reacted to my negative review but I believe it was only for show so it appears on their reviews that they care. They have reached out again and offered a refund but the “contact us” links take you to a page that refers you to the settings of the now deleted app.
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2 years ago, Laaaaaaaaaame
Too many fees
Despite what they say in replies to reviews. THIS IS A SCAM. You have to pay for a subscription, on top of that you have to pay to choose your number, on top of that you have to pay per call or text. THIS IS A SCAM. If I pay for a phone subscription I should be able to pick my number AND use it. Also can’t use group texting and notifications don’t work. Useless AND expensive. YOU CANNOT GET A REFUND AND THEY DO NOT RESPOND TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is a bait and switch. What they promise is not what you actually get. It’s not till you already paid for the subscription that you realize you can’t choose your number. If I ever get a refund I will be glad to update my review.
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1 year ago, brc1481
Overpriced.. don’t use it to prank your buddies
Used it to prank my friend. Our group got a huge laugh out of it, but it caused the the account to get flagged which means they stopping sending your messages. I spent $10 to get a new number(yes that had much it costs which is probably 5x the amount it costs them) and $20 for more credits, but they don’t tell you if your account is flagged. So I spent $30 for nothing. No message I sent was received. I feel pretty ripped off. Also, you only get one number at all a time, so if you spend $10 for a new number you lose the other number, which also feels like a rip off.
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4 months ago, C86GD425
This app is a scam! Will charge you for everything.
This app is a straight rip off. First you pay a monthly subscription. Then you pay credits for calling. And worst of all, for each number change you pay $9.99. Stay away from this app for sure. I am deleting it and definitely will not give them anymore of my money. Worst app ever. Update: it is a tall claim that no other app is letting users text and call using different numbers for free. SpoofCard does allow that. It is a more simpler model. They also have their issues, but they do allow.
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3 years ago, oxoxobutterfly
This app is a scam. I rarely give reviews but this company takes credit from your account the moment you uninstall. Once you reinstall the app this company won’t give your credit back. I have wrote to them like 4 times already to give me back the credit which is 600+ worth of minutes but they haven’t given me yet. I have canceled my subscription and won’t renew at the point I don’t care if they give me the credit or not because I’m tired with them. What a loser they
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4 years ago, devianil
It’s really simple and straight. Can use this to get a number which actually help us to contact others without giving our personal number . I found it very useful since I have to call many for my job .
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4 years ago, Apexmerc
Essential tool
I feel like this app is what a lot of us have been waiting for but could never get something this reliable. I can hear my calls clearly and the person I’m talking to can hear me clearly. I definitely will be using
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3 months ago, Trevor;5
Does not work for U.S
But all said and done it got my money cool but it should had said when it does now work with. I guess others are ok with using it thy far it works for the but as for It didn’t
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1 year ago, Henry Ugo
Can’t get massage or call
Can’t get message or call if you don’t have a credit you can’t also receive call that’s crazy bad customer service I regret this app
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2 years ago, Cindi Rose
One Call
So far it’s gone through one time. Second time trying same number not going through, I can’t contact customer service because it asks for your email and issue etc, but when I try to even send them an email, where you click to type is dead! So I can’t even report the issue????
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4 years ago, glock1615
Downloaded and purchased 1yr subscription and also purchased 1200 credits. Phone number selected and assigned. I could not make calls or receive call. Both produced message “call failed”. I contacted customer support 3 times the first day with no response. The next day they sent me a message that could not refund my money and that I could cancel my subscription. I am out over $75 that never worked from the start. Stay away.
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2 years ago, JohnSt.
Works a treat
As a business owner with some overseas clients I use this app daily. The pricing is fair enough for most of the countries - much appreciated are tariffs which tell you how much messages and calls cost. Thanks for the honesty!
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2 years ago, What’s up :O
Such a good app!!!
If you seek a reliable anonymous phone number carrier, you are at the correct place. Their customer service is always willing to help if I have any concerns as no technology is faultless. Thanks guys!!
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3 years ago, galarcona
the worst application DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT !!!
You have to pay to receive and send, the calls are the same and the worst of all is that they write you text messages, the notification arrives WHEN YOU OPEN THE APP to read them, THEY DO NOT ENTER, after 30 minutes or more you can see the text. I contacted customer service for a refund and until TODAY I AM WAITING FOR NEWS FROM THEM…. They are thieves, do not download this APP
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2 years ago, Deltafrustrated
Horrible App
Does not work. Horrible reception. Difficult to navigate. Have to upload all of your phone contacts - big mistake. Can’t figure out how to cancel. No support. The only reason for one star is there is not an option for zero stars. The only way I can get out of this silly contract is likely going to be to cancel my credit card. Just another scam.
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6 months ago, Super Frustrating 2023
This app is a scam. You first pay for the app or “service”. Then once you’ve paid you have to pay more for a number. Once you’ve paid for the number it tells you that you can not use the number in the USA. It even has a United States flag to lure you in and then deny you after you’ve paid. Zero stars. This app should be removed form the Apple Store.
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2 years ago, 007Prison
I think you are awesome!!!
Had to dial the number two times before I could get through
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4 years ago, prezyvka111
Great app!!!
App works great from my phone. Very easy to use and and good app if you dont want to give your personal number to anyone. Recommend this!
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4 years ago, hoesfromtback
I’m really liking it works way better then other stuff I used well worth every penny consider it guys ☺️.
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2 years ago, Dan zy
Good app
This app is nice is a very good an big idea of the owner makes sure you get your own app now
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3 weeks ago, The responderá
Great tool
It’s easy to and responds rather quickly
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3 days ago, Raising Abel
Doesn’t Work
Got a new number with app, paid $4…called from phone to my work phone. It still displays as my original phone number on incoming on my work phone doesn’t change anything.
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1 year ago, cevile
I don’t know why my review are not getting posted the worst app I have ever used they charge for every thing over a monthly subscription you are better off by adding a number from your phone provider it’s cheaper
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2 years ago, nyackgirl18
It doesn’t work
I paid for the $5 weekly service because you cant get a free trial, but it does not work. I’ve tried sending and receiving international texts and it just says “something went wrong”. Don’t waste your money on this scam.
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4 years ago, thethugzmansion
Very good
Straightforward and solid phone app. Easy to use and understand.
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2 years ago, stuyluy
User friendly and reasonably priced
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2 years ago, jhhyjbb
Super cool app
Great app to keep psycho exes from having your real number!
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3 years ago, fyodor1862
Rip off
I have 12 credits I can’t use because I have to pay AGAIN to use a number. My credits and previous purchase are worthless. Program works great, but isn’t worth the cost.
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2 years ago, Medium Sylvie
You pay $9.99 and the number does not work
This service does not work unfortunately.
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6 months ago, tromessp
Service is very good
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1 year ago, Visalia,CA
Charged me when I didn’t use it they prey on the people who don’t know technology and lock you into a subscription that was difficult to figure out to cancel
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2 years ago, John S12
Random chargers
It didn't work as great, and I have been charged randomly. Cancellation hasn't been proceeding, and seems to be a delay on everything. No, reach out to customer service.
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2 years ago, Mr intenational
4 credits per message and it gives errors when attaching an image. Not impressed
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4 years ago, DemonaOne
Not worth it.
You have a monthly cost and a credit cost. You cannot dial with a keypad when on a call. Sound quality is very low a poor. My internet is 1g so I’m fast as I can get. Better apps for less money.
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2 years ago, Lance Lucid
It works
Really works and fair price
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3 years ago, Kathy9541
Great and working smoothly.
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4 years ago, kenzyu
What why would you cheat me
I just paid for the one month subscription and funds was deducted from my account but it he app said it was unsuccessful still waiting for my refund . When will I get my refund . Don’t trust this app
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2 years ago, apickygmaer1209
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP, you have to pay serious money to make calls, get a calling card, it’s cheaper…to change your number is not included with the subscription
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3 years ago, Du1947poo
Can’t even use. Paid for subscription and nothing. Crap don’t use!!!
Don’t use this! Don’t work at all even after paid subscription
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2 years ago, henny lennon
Don’t waste your time or money
Why am I being told to buy credits when I bought a subscription? Don’t waste your time or money
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2 years ago, catfishbillie
Rip off
Not worth it theres a charge for everything text, phone number change do not get this app!
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1 year ago, kellilouisehalstead
Not as described
Don’t waste your money. You can’t change the number without paying again.
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1 year ago, Everyeve bla
Way to expensive every cal or text is a credit and it’s 10$ to change you’re number highway robbery
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2 years ago, vitalie n h
I deleted this app months ago and never agreed to a subscription and I just found out I’ve been being charged $5 for months weekly without knowing
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1 year ago, neldavii
Does not receive text
This app I am in the United States and it’s saying that this app accept texts and calls it is not accepting any texts so this is ludicrous this is a lie I want to advise I want to get this app
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3 years ago, schmurry
Rip off
200 credits. A 5 second phone call charged me 2 credits. At that rate these credits won’t last 5 minutes.
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5 months ago, aitams
I can’t cancel the subscription!!👀
There is I con to cancel the subscription, if the app is downloaded that’s it stuck for ever and no one answers you 😂
Show more
10 months ago, Krae1234!
Slowly took money out of account
Started to see charges that did not authorize on my account
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2 years ago, kintua chavora
Rip off!!!!
Few does not include credits they want u to buy. Other apps unlimited calls and texts are included
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