ChargeStripe - Stripe Payments

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Ironark, Inc.
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ChargeStripe - Stripe Payments

4.63 out of 5
2K Ratings
3 years ago, kid has robux
Small biz credit card made easy
I downloaded the app not sure what to expect. I was in need of a quick way to accept payments. This app is easy to use for anyone. My husband figured out how to process them on the first try. I like that I can add a fee and it processes it so I don’t have to add it every time. I wish it could text a receipt but at least you can email if you choose. Payment got into my account as promised and emails kept me in the loop on where the payment processing was at. I would recommend for a small business.
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6 years ago, imatheory
Love Almost Everything! But...
The Charge App is easy to use and fast when accepting mobile payments! There are a few app options that are literally the same as Charge, but the one thing that made Charge stand out and be chosen was the option to add pre-existing inventory items and they’re prices, so I could just click in the quantity. However, I only rated 3 stars, because as convenient as this is, there is no inventory history at the end of the day, so it’s really just preset descriptions of items :( This really messed up our sales days trying to figure out what was sold. Stripe saves the descriptions, but if you sell 3 of Item A and 1 of Item B for $10/ea on the same order, Stripe just registers the sale as: $40, Item A, Item B. At the end of a busy day, I can’t remember if sale #76 was 2 and 2, 3 and 1, or 1 and 3, of Item A & B. Something that took hours to sort out, not realizing on first use that wouldn’t be information easily found with a pre-existing “inventory” list. Definitely just need the ability to go back on the App and see the total quantities for each preset item sold for the end of a day, then, 5 Star stand out app! Otherwise, I can just type the Quantity/Item quick on any payment app, making this the same as a few others.
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3 years ago, PQV20
Best customer service!!
I just signed up with them and had a few minor bumps getting started, but they were available immediately via online chat, and when they needed to dig deeper to fix the issue they immediately connected me with email support which resolved the issue asap. All my questions have been answered, my issues fixed and all is running smoothly. I am impressed with their level of customer service, which is a breath of fresh after the year we’ve all had. Highly recommended!! And thank you for the awesomeness.
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3 years ago, jewels84*
I have been waiting over 10 days for my first transaction and still waiting for my second! At first then responding was very prompt and as soon as I started asking for my money I have gotten absolutely zero response! Very very disappointed
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3 years ago, love hurts then u die
HOLDOng Payments up 7 days
i’ve done this route before just like all the other ones a hold him money for a week so they can collect the interest off it up if you want to 100,000 people well that’s a lot of extra money that they’re putting in their pocket because they build in the interest off 100,000 people at between a dollar to $10,000 money is in available right away for that issue it’s about get them given up the money that isn’t even theirs plus take a Percentage for every sale just like cube and all the rest of them PayPal because I owned by eBay they do the same thing same company
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5 years ago, SpaJRS1980
Overall Fine
Just started using it. Used to use Square. So far so good. No issues except that I wish the customer could add the tip after the charge rather than having to ask them for gratuity before the charge. That works fine when there is a designated person ringing clients out but when you’re having to ring your own clients out, it makes it awkward. Also wish the reports were more accessible.
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6 years ago, Nickname4325
7 day hold on your money!
After a transaction, they put your money in limbo for a week, in which you have no access to your earnings. After several *months* of "normal business activity" you can "Request" to be put on a 2 day transaction hold. "Feel free to reach out once your business has been processing normal volume for a few months and we'll do our best to get your account on the two-business-day payout schedule!" "We'll do our best" to give you your money faster? Also annoying-- No way to add taxes or sort inventory buttons
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4 years ago, Experience host
5 business days to payout
Stripes changed my payout schedule from 2 to 5 days after the first few transactions saying that they need to monitor the account for one month for ‘security’ reasons when no such reason exists. After a month I contacted them (no phone number to speak to a real person just an email) to change the schedule and they refused. Basically they want to keep YOUR money in their account for longer before paying out. From reading the other reviews looks like they do the same to many others. I’m taking my business elsewhere!
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5 years ago, Khalat3001
Terrible service stay away
I sign up for this app and got email that I got approved and ready to process transactions, I did proceed with one single transaction then got an email stating that my account is at risk I have been processing credit card for over 5 years thought I was going to use this on the go since I do charge my client on the spot I do IT work . But now the first transaction was over 250 dollars now is stuck with stripe for 90 days on hold So beware of this junk company Standard process should be get the users reviewed and approved then give user to start accepting transactions
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6 months ago, Randonguyy
Simple and easy to use
Have been using this for a while, and can say that ChargeStripe has been amazing. I received my payment right on spot. I would recommend if you are looking to send money right on time and effortlessly.
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2 months ago, Inzo Berg
Scam scam scam scam
This app is a scam 100%. I’m still owed 2300 dollars from this app. My account was deemed “risky” after I sent them all the documents they requested, and the money was suppose to be refunded to my customer. The money still hasn’t been refunded to the customer and the app keeps saying “tomorrow” everyday now for 2 weeks. And magically the link to call them has disappeared from my account. And once I read the reviews I see this is a common problem ,too bad I didn’t read the reviews first.
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5 years ago, CMC Prints
Thank you!
Square Space screwed me over because apparently I’m not who I say I am and use false information. This company however has there crap together and actually accepted me. I was in panic mode because I have a trade show tomorrow and need to accept cards so now I can 😁
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2 months ago, Joseph031862
Horrible app
Why does it take three separate apps to conclude a transaction? first, there is charge stripe, which makes intuitive sense,However. you have a separate app called Stripe and then an app called Payment. Why do you need three apps to get your money? I tried to get my instant payout and I can’t get it. I previously had a bank account, but I closed it and I don’t know how to delete it or change it, as far as customer service, there is no direct contact.
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5 years ago, salon spa
Poor service
I have used Flint which is contracted with stripe for five years I’ve never had an issue I set up a stripe account for a business just like my other business and after running one charge was told I wasn’t authorized to run a card with in fact I have a written authorization from the client. In my five years with friend I have never had a dispute and yet they say I am high-risk. Obviously there Intel is wrong. I will go back to remake bank where I should’ve started who also has an app to use on site.
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5 years ago, PainfulNicknameProcess
Simple and solid
Would love to be able to photograph the card so I don’t have to enter the numbers by hand. Either way, Stripe and this app have been super helpful for our tiny PTO to make money we’d have had to leave on the table if we didn’t take cards.
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4 years ago, Leverso2
Great for my buisness
I must say I have prossesed over 800$+ with them with little to no chargebacks and this app is amazing for my small buisness the fees are on point so you won’t get charged them. I have to love this app for coustmwrs paying me it expanded my options
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4 years ago, CashBobby
Scam friendly, don’t use!
This app has a problem with scammers always trying to charge back their payments even when they received their product. It doesn’t help that stripe allows me to dispute, but only allows for files of 5mb or less so I am unable to show proof and receipts for the transaction. Not only that, but now stripe wants to charge an extra 25$ for the “fraudulent chargeback”. I get it, this world runs on money, but stripe will no longer be running if this continues.
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2 years ago, alikky
I’m sick of this company. I’ve been with them for a month. Every week it’s a new issue and my account is put on hold so they can review the same information I’ve provided from day one. I am in the service industry and it’s taking over a week for me to get paid out. I can’t get a straight answer from anybody, nobody to talk to. I feel like I’m never going to get paid and continue to get the runaround.
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5 years ago, SSSvfhjh()&!!
Total fail
I am running a small franchise business that does high volume sales. I needed an app to process payments “on the go”, so I decided to give this one a shot. Weeks of emails with this company and them promising that my case was all but approved to process transactions, no go. Finally I got fed up and told them I’m taking my business else where. If you’re looking for a quick and easy to use cc processing app this is not for you. Good luck everyone!
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3 years ago, i.i.iz
Do NOT download this app. I’ve done over $300 in customer transactions within the past two weeks and haven’t been paid out anything at all. When I checked my stripe account it says I have $0 on the way to be paid out. They say it could take 7-10 days to pay out. It has been 14 days since my first transaction and I have yet to see a dime of my money. Do NOT NOT NOT download this app
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4 years ago, ponyjbiz
Finally supports invoicing!
I’ve been waiting for this feature, thanks so much! Really helps my business out during these crazy times.
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2 years ago, SanMomGabe
Great customer service
Always responsive and right on top of whats going on! Highly recommend this service! Truly awesome customer service!
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6 years ago, Coolguy83857381
Thx problem is fixed
To sign up you need a rlly hard password and it a scam cause I matched a hard pass 6 times and it never worked I even tried logging in and no one used my email so if you want to lose your info download the app
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4 years ago, IPgirl01
The apps been crashing all day today. I downloaded the most recent one, and for some reason it’s been crashing. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Lombofuk
Good App
I just wish I had the ability to do instant transfers from this app and not have to use the Stripe app. They should integrate the 2 functions in this app. Other than that it’s great. Love the cc scan feature.
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6 years ago, MVP Burgh
Simple to use, quick responses!
Best credit card processing app I’ve used, and I’ve used many/most, especially for ease of use and simplified process. Nice app!
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5 years ago, bellanae1482
Poor service
This is the worst experience I have ever had. We are a new company trying to allow our customers to have options to pay. The date of dispersing funds has changed everyday. No one will reply to my emails. I wish I could give them no stars. It’s been over two weeks and I can’t get a response. I have had to come out of my personal pocket to get the materials needed.
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4 years ago, 123yutrrd
UnWorthy of anyone’s money
To trust anyone with your money is tough. I have a huge project that a deadline was missed as a simple question it tough to get awnsers. It took forever to get a number found one to get a recording. Lady calls useless can not fo much told me I needed a computer still waiting a chat from 4 am finally got a response 12 hours later I respond immediately to not get a response. They are a joke
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1 year ago, Ceacretcrush
Nice App
Great app! Would give it 5 stars if it could connect to stripe account product list so we don't have to create a duplicate and would allow to just update in one place.
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3 years ago, MattSwig
Shady company
I hit refund by accident and stripe apologized and said it was my bank charging em not them, they Have tried to withdraw money from my account for 2 weeks. I got my bank to reverse the charge and deleted the stripe account and my next paycheck stripe takes $105 out of it! If you want to have to cancel your entire Ba k account download this app!
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6 years ago, Jjjules•
DON’T USE THIS APP. They wait until you have a good day or large deposit and take your money. It has been 2 months and $3500 of my money is still ‘missing’. Whoever answered my first review completely lied. My emails go unanswered and the chat just refers me to the email. WHERE IS THE PHONE NUMBER?! I’ve been emailing support daily with no answer. I’ve already filed a complaint with the FTC and soon I’ll contact a lawyer.
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6 months ago, gluckgluckhyuckcombo
Cancelled my payouts before Christmas!!!!
Money is stuck on app and now I can’t get employees their promised Xmas bonuses this week! Tried getting them to fix it and they couldn’t give me a time frame on when they’ll have my money released!! So my money is stuck and they have no idea when they can release it
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3 years ago, G pa 62
Held my money
I have worked with credit card companies for 30 years. I have never had a company hold my money for more than a week and then not deposit it on the day they said they would. And then there is no way to contact them other than email. Very concerned about this company, I have employees to pay and I’m chasing my money
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2 years ago, Drena Girl
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service provided in an over the top timely manner.
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4 years ago, L ZO#1
Money late
Wish the money could come In 24 hours like regular companies I don’t know why it takes so long. They should update there system..overall I love them!!!!
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6 years ago,
Awesome APP!
I’m able to be mobile with new customers and accept payments. Working flawlessly so far And I have zero complaints.
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4 years ago, PrincesaDoMatutu
Failed to charge and didn’t notify
This app failed to charge the card and didn’t notify me. At first it showed charged but later when I had the time to go look all transactions it showed declined on the dashboard but I never received any texts or emails. When I contacted Charge they didn’t take any responsibility. I lost my merchandise and the money.
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7 years ago, Very cool apps
What I needed
Easy to use and does what it says. Now I can charge customers on the go. There are also a lot of different currencies, but I only use USD
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5 years ago, SaifMahmud
I am fully satisfied with your easy and prompt services
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5 years ago, ROBERT AOUDE
TRUST ME ! STAY AWAY ! Do your research first !!!!
THEY DO NOT PAY YOU ! They do NOT HAVE TELEPHONE SERVICE TO CALL YOU, THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET TO GET IN TOUCH ! They have been holding my money for 1 month and a half ! They owe me 8,500 dollars ! They only work with email , and they don’t even reply back !!! This company is fraud ! It is a shame. I have 100 emails saved I plan on suing this company. Do your research first !!!! Look them up !
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9 months ago, Fuiivgg
No customer service
For no reason and with no explanation they started taking money out of my account I’ve sent emails asking for an explanation as to why no one has emailed me back they don’t have an help number or customer support number
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3 years ago, halandbeabea
Don’t waste your time
I was too busy sending them unnecessary documents to actually conduct business. You’ll wait forever for your money, and that is IF THEY decide to pay out! This is a terrible business model and a terrible point of sale app. You get what you pay for, folks...NOTHING!
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5 years ago, Alexis Cabrera
More or less
Funds take a lot of time to reflect and you have to use the app continuosly because if not you have to wait again more than 10 days for the deposit to reflect. Terrible.
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5 years ago, WheatRidgeSue
Missing a feature
Previously used the Flint app and had to transition to the Stripe app. I hate that I cannot see how much the actual amount is minus fees when viewing the history of transactions in the mobile app. Had to log into my office computer to view details.
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2 years ago, waihi beach kid
So simple and easy to use for our towing company, love it.
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4 years ago, george the barber
Works great
The app works great and the customer service is excellent. I highly Recommend it 👍🏾
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5 years ago, Picasso Painting Co
Thank you
5 Stars we love doing business with you.
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4 years ago, edmagga
Great App
Easy to navigate the only thing is that scanning option doesn’t work that’s why I put 4 stars
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1 year ago, mcarderoval
They never sent my money
It had been 12 days after the transaction and I still haven’t received my money I been trying to reach out to them and they don’t answer and my messages won’t sent, total scam DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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5 years ago, Gibbons02231
Great App but no sales tax option
Only thing missing is the ability to properly add sales tax automatically without having to calculate yourself.
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