4.4 (18)
78.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chartbeat, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chartbeat

4.39 out of 5
18 Ratings
9 years ago, Koolaid10199
Works great
The app works great...but here's what could take it to the next level...give us an AppleWatch app...and or a counter for the pull down widget area. I think even a basic overall number with total web traffic would be killer.
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5 years ago, Henry Almodóvar
See my traffic on the go!
The app lets you check up on your site wherever you go. Would recommend any editorial team using CB to download.
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5 years ago, chessboarder
Updates are super helpful
Being able to see subscriber information is key - app is beautiful and works like a charm.
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5 years ago, Mfem
So useful on the go
The same Chartbeat you’re used to, on your phone. Hugely helpful when not by a computer.
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5 years ago, nelenyc
Huge improvements made from the older version. Easy to use interface. Love it.
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6 years ago, RickNasty117
Awesome. Love the Badges!
Love the new update. The share feature and badges are a great addition and super useful.
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6 years ago, cec1218
Quit working
Works fine for a while, then quit working. Cannot log back in. Obviously a flaw in the app.
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5 years ago, Still hurting from pastagate
Nice clean design
Convenient and simple UX
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15 years ago, DShen
Love real time tracking my site via my iPhone
chartbeat rocks for real time tracking and now i can monitor my site via my iPhone! In case you didn't know, chartbeat does real time analytics and shows you traffic across the day to your site, and alerts you when your traffic is beyond norms. You can always check out what has happened in the past as well. The iPhone app puts that power to mobile. Love it.
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14 years ago, ButterGorilla
Fast, Clean, Useful
Great view into your ChartBeat real-time site analytics. Not quite as good as the web interface, but it's perfect for in-pocket alerts and keeping tabs on visitors while out and about (or even in the office.) Not sure how to give iPhone access to multiple viewers (a la the Chartbeat public dashboard) but I haven't looked that hard and it's not crucial at this point.
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15 years ago, lehrblogger
also great while at your desk
Maybe the best part of this iPhone app is use while I'm at my computer - the chartbeat site needs focus to show its glorious real-time data, so I can just fire up the app and casually glance at it while I'm doing other things in my browser.
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15 years ago, Arctictony
Real-time analytics on the go!
This app tells me everything I need to know if something happens on my site. How many people are there, what are they doing, where did they come from and how is my site performing. Simple and essential!
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15 years ago, kortina
Finally, this rocks!
I have been jonesing for mobile chartbeat for a long time. Now I can see exactly what's happening on my sites right now even when I'm not at my desktop.
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12 years ago, ErinTM
Just what you need
I think this app gives just the info you need. No bloated feature set, just top pages and top referrers. Exactly what you need to know on the go. I do with there were push notifications. Otherwise, perfect.
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13 years ago, eant
like it
Great app to compulsively check for load stats on your site. The design and depth of stats would have to improve for me to love it.
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15 years ago, Identimental
Amazing analytics
The ChartBeat app gives a clean, real-time view of activity on your website. It's as addictive as the ChartBeat site itself. Highly recommended.
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15 years ago, Dusingj
Unexpected and awesome
Really didt see this coming, and it is a great addon to the chartbeat site. Looking forward to push notifications of alerts
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8 years ago, King me2
Bring back the trend line!
The new version looks nice but has less functionality than the previous version. It's almost unusable without the visits trend line! Nearly all of the cool new features shown in the app preview are only available in the publisher version.
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8 years ago, Frustrated Piglet
I love Chartbeat on the iphone. Alerts on the go, tracking on how many people are where on my sites -- it rocks
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8 years ago, MouseBrat2006
It's So Pretty!!!
The old app needed an update so badly and this new version is both an update and a massive upgrade. Nice job!
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14 years ago, Eric Greenspan
Keep going please
Great start but we need more. Daily hits/pageviews/etc in a sidebar would be nice too. Talk to guys at Ego.
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11 years ago, dirtynine
Needs more
Nice basics. More stuff from the desktop should be moved over. The ability to browse to pages sending traffic was removed and should be restored. It was essential.
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8 years ago, ATaherRaju
Beautiful and intuitive
The new update is gorgeous.
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12 years ago, jenenenenena
Real time data on the go. Great usability. Love it!
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11 years ago, KCvG1
Update left menu
Works great except the real time stats don't appear in the left, off-canvas many anymore. Please fix.
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10 years ago, POLARISpro489
This app in no way shows off what Chartbeat can do. The app is slow, usually isn't real time unless you click around a bunch of times and is poorly built.
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12 years ago, OwlLady
So beautiful and fast!
I love Chartbeat, and this app is the best.
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12 years ago, IT Guy 554
App not working
Last updated 2009 and the app is not working. Just loading widgets. It looks like it was abandoned sometimes after January 2011. Well..... It's free
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13 years ago, HealyHoops
Very helpful for weekends and evenings
You really need this if you run a web app. I use it to monitor my sites load times and visitor count, especially on the weekends.
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11 years ago, Choco16364
Not updated since a year
Did the devs fall asleep? Needs more features. Very basic app...
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12 years ago, nicknamecomcastfrigthis
Not useful
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13 years ago, El Guapo ✔
Decent start, but...
...this app only offers a small fraction of the functionality and reporting that's available on the web site. Would like to see an iPad version too. Thanks.
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