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Current version
Intralot, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Check-a-Ticket

1.95 out of 5
259 Ratings
6 years ago, Schrup
Real problems continue with this app!
Generally when I try to check the numbers on my Idaho lottery tickets, the page takes quite some time to load, and often I get a message that there was an error in loading the page and it will try to reload the page. When I first started to use this app that type of error never happened. Why can’t you folks get that bug out of the app? If I had reviewed this app when I first downloaded and started to use the app, I would have rated it at least 4 stars, but now the most I can rate it is 2 stars, because since it does work somewhat I felt a 1 star rating would be too harsh. Get this app fixed, please!
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2 years ago, WC8081
Slow and Constant Communication Errors
Very slow and constant communication errors. Waited several hours after the app failed multiple times to check the ticket and still had the same issues. Makes me not even want to mess with tickets in the future if this system is this faulty. Plus the app is ugly. For as much money paid to the lottery system you’d think you could spend a couple extra bucks making the app worth a dang.
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11 months ago, hugoingofbg
un expected server error!
Normally this app works great until yesterday and still today the same message reads un expected server error! please fix!
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4 years ago, Jacie-Mae_1978
Sorta works some of the time
The app works some of the time. Some tickets are a real pain for it to read and takes a while or doesn’t work at all. I would say 50% of the time works great, 30% of the time takes some effort to get it to scan, and 20% of the time doesn’t work at all. I do notice that certain tickets won’t scan in general. Like there was a ticket with a snow man in it that it would port much never scan.
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3 years ago, colbey D
Won’t work at all
The app opens to a white screen and doesn’t change. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it multiple times, but the results are always the same. When you open up the App Store and go to the app, and click on support, it brings you to a webpage that says “Whoops!” So you can’t even report the app. I wish somebody would take some of that money that comes in from all the lottery purchases and fix the app and make it better!
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4 years ago, M Alan L
Get it together lottery IT Knucleheads!
Simple scan app, right? Well you would think so, however they just can’t seem to get it working correctly or consistently. I feel you need to provide better self help customer service. That means fixing your tools!
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10 months ago, 0825AMH
App not working
I have never had any issues with this App it always worked for me. Not now though I have scanned my lottery tickets in and every time there is a draw and I try to check my tickets it says communication error. So I have to go to the actual lottery website and manually check my numbers with the winning numbers. I like the app better. Please fix this
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7 months ago, Yeah_Right...
Poor interface
Lame interface. this app looks very amateur and untrustworthy. The ticket number on the win/lose message needs to be bigger so you can easily verify it scanned the ticket accurately. Also, the save ticket number pop up is annoying when scanning multiple tickets. Make it a setting not a pop up.
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6 years ago, Sexychef87
I don't have any issues like other people
I haven't ever had any issues with the app and I've been using it since it came out 🤷🏻‍♀️
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6 years ago, DrunkenMaster33
Fix the bug
It has not been working for awhile saying that there is a communication error every time i scan a number. At first I though well hey they should get it fixed there are plenty of bad reviews saying pretty much the same thing however it looks like they don’t much care. If they get it up and working, I’ll change the rating.
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6 years ago, LiveLaughLiftLove
Communcation Error
FRUSTRATED!!! Every ticket I check just says “Communication Error”. I am pretty sure the last ticket I turned in at the gas station, I not given my actual winning. I would know if this app still worked! Not buying anymore tickets until you guys fix this. An error like this should not go on this long!
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6 years ago, eye1u2see2020
It needs fixed
The app worked fine until before the most recent iOS update. Now all it does after scanning a ticket is give a communication error. I have removed the app and reinstalled the app and it still gives the same error. Very frustrating.
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9 months ago, ingencorp
Well, it use to work.
I’ve had this app for several years and it’s worked how it was suppose to. Got an iPhone 14 Pro Max in October and now the app no longer works with it. Will not focus to be able to scan the ticket so it’s completely useless.
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6 years ago, Cruzers11
Works like a charm
I've never had an issue with this app. It works on all my devices.
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6 years ago, Lilnitsch
Communication Error
iOS 11.0.3 seems to fix the communication error - Use to be a handy app now you get nothing but Communication Error’s ~ would be nice to see them update this app
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6 years ago, Shelbs0314
As the above person mentioned since the recent update it only gives an error of communication. Please fix this!!
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10 months ago, laurah2021
Doesn’t work
Generally good last week has said communication error
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4 years ago, jfgfunk
Works great on my phone but isn’t compatible with my IPad Pro. Weird cuz they both run the same version of IOS 13.3. Maybe the devs should take a look at this sometime soon.
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1 year ago, nyah l
does NOT scan scratch tickets
I have a stack of about ten tickets that this app will not scan, no damage whatsoever to their barcodes. if i could give it a zero i definitely would. nothing but a waste of space.
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4 years ago, Mollyboise
Useful app, if it worked
Worked great when I first downloaded. Now I get “unexpected server reply” when I try to check my tickets. Update or dump the app
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2 years ago, not influenced
Won’t scan tickets.🤬🤬
The app won’t work again. Worthless program. Has a brain of its own. Maybe the brains who developed this app, should go back to the drawing board and get it right. So frustrating.
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6 years ago, KageKitsune28
Worked well before but now is broken.
Like the review before, the app worked fine until the most recent iOS update. Now it just says “communication error.” It’s worthless until it’s fixed.
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4 years ago, Badger Mtn
Lottery Scan App
Lately when I scan a ticket I get an “Unexpected server reply error “, seems like reading the other reviews nothing has been done to fix it. Maybe they don’t want you to know if you’ve won.
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6 years ago, L-mer
Communication Error
For over a month I have been getting nothing but “Communication Error”. It is very frustrating! I have tried deleting and reinstalling to no avail. I wish this app could be fixed.
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6 years ago, Idaho_Native
Communication Error
Since latest iOS updates, unable to get results. I continue to receive communication error messages. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help. Very frustrating!
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6 years ago, LQQQ
Still broken!
You need to get this baby fixed!! It still shows “Communication Error” on tickets.
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10 months ago, RhiMoo
I get “Communication Error” every time I scan a ticket. Checked for update, none. Deleted and reinstalled. Same error. It just flat out doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, MJSeib6
Communication error
Every ticket I check says Communication error it’s impossible to check tickets now plz fix this
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10 months ago, James3791
How is it possible this app doesn’t work?
I get that most of the money goes to schools but these people are getting paid so this app really should work. Come on Idaho lottery, get it together! Lol!
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6 years ago, sbonar
Broken on iOS 11
In general this app has work flawlessly for me but ever since I upgraded to iOS 11 all I get back is ‘Communication Error’
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2 years ago, Ahsawife
For the past week when I scan a scratch off there is an error message. Please fix this app
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5 years ago, Chi16vas
Great ticket scanner
Easy to use and does what’s needed. Awesome
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10 months ago, LKC899
Worked great and now it doesn’t
I have been using this app for about a year and it’s worked great. Now all I ever get is communication error.
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1 year ago, Ale Wit
Maybe time for a new version/bug fixes? Anyone?
Too slow and always a “Communication Error”
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2 years ago, csobie
sporadically works now can’t scan with my iphone 12 max pro
always one issue or another. upgraded my phone this week and mow the program scanner won’t get clear enough to scan unless i am a foot away.
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10 months ago, G_Sup
Whoever is in charge of this should be canned. Nothing but communication errors and pretty much everything else other than serving it’s purpose. Terrible.
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4 years ago, Notsam Trumps Trump
Not sure if anyone trusts this app
It’s told me $10 or wait for next draw. So I go to cash $10 and it’s $2. Or it says I’ve lost but on second look to numbers I’ve hit $1500 and it told me I lost?
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2 years ago, djfbk
Need updated app
It just tells me “Wrong Checksum” on both winning tickets and losing tickets. Needs fixed
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4 years ago, ❤️😃😍😄❤️😄😃😍
Stopped working
It randomly stopped working like their servers crashed. I have used this app for years and have never had this issue
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10 months ago, Fish.marine
Blurry when up close
Fix the app please! Doesn’t work with my iPhone 14 pro camera. Won’t focus. Thanks!
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4 years ago, techoi
Very Unreliable
The odds of this app working consistently are roughly equivalent to actually winning the lottery. Lately it just sits and spins while never returning a result. Before that it would at least throw up a server error.
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4 years ago, Hoozerdaddy
Not working anymore
The last few weeks the app no longer works. Communication error. Please fix.
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6 years ago, Dinava13
App doesn’t do anything
I can hold it over the barcode till I’m blue in the face and it never actually recognizes its looking at a barcode so it just sits there and does nothing. Useless.
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6 years ago, Lindsey McMahon
Communication error
Unable to check ticket. Says communication error. This has been going on for weeks
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6 years ago, Jason4568832579
Please update
It’s the iOS 11 upgrade that makes it not work. It still works on 10.3. Please make the app compatible with the new operating system.
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5 years ago, dabbey1
Check a ticket app
Worthless app. It doesn’t work. I get errors even though my camera quality is great. Using iPhone S8. The App needs be debugged.
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2 years ago, hhghhvhh
It works perfectly idk any ones prob?? Jus doo doo bad luck
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6 years ago, JamesUtah
Communication error
All the times when I checked the ticket they said like this “ communication error “ ???? How to fix it ? Please show
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10 months ago, bedkifkfkrsjd
Doesn’t work - Errors every time I scan
Don’t bother downloading. It doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Lisa Steiner
Doesn’t work
I downloaded the app and opened the scanner page but nothing happens. The ticket scanner does not work.
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