Chromecaster: Get Streaming TV

4.2 (16.1K)
177.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
TV Cast Pte. Ltd.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chromecaster: Get Streaming TV

4.16 out of 5
16.1K Ratings
2 years ago, J. S. Lawson
Great App Design
Feature rich options, smooth connectivity with low latency. Worth upgrading to the premium. It could use group play and keep awake options to be even better. Not sure if I have background activity set properly on my end, but Ive noticed some drops when the screen is off or when the app isn't using the foreground. All in all, very useful.
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3 years ago, beejp8
Brow Beaten with Premium Ad!
I would have given this maybe 3 stars even though it constantly has to be reconnected. However, the ad for the Premium version is so annoying and literally pops up every second, I couldn’t even type a single word in my email to the company without the ad interrupting. Trying to connect to your device in almost impossible because the add pops up so fast you can’t click on your device fast enough before the ad is in you face again. And don’t bother clicking that you want to continue with the free version because they will still beat you over the head with getting the Premium version every second-literally! Maybe Google thinks if they bother you enough you’ll break down and buy the Premium version to shut the ad up. Some of us are older and know that being bullied and brow beaten to buy a product, is just flat out not going to happen. We find a better option. We do not cave to internet manipulation. I’m going to have to find a better streaming option because Google will not take “no” for an answer.
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7 months ago, JustWantToCast
Must be a less annoying way to cast
Downloaded today because I needed to find a way to cast from iPhone to a google powered TV. The ads for this app would always pop up when doing online searches on how to cast from iPhone to a DirectTV connected TV. Kudos to their marketing team for overwhelming any online search results for casting google search. If only their developers worked as hard as their marketers. Would not recommend. At all. Annoyingly forcing in app to upgrade and pay an annual lump sum before you could even try to see if it works. I bit the bullet and purchased a year plan just to even see if it would work. Mistake. It DID connect eventually (not the most intuitive app) but freezes every time after about 15 seconds of any vid playing or screen mirroring or if I switch screens/apps/safari to play any videos. What a waste. Would love to cancel that payment, but odds are it’s too late. I’ll keep searching for a better way to connect. should’ve read more reviews before purchasing. I advise everybody to do the same.
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4 years ago, 9ight Crawler
This app does not work at all. All it actually does is ask you to pay money in order to use premium features. It will keep on asking you to upgrade with annoying pop ups and ads and even after repeatedly closing the intrusive adware it will still show up again! It won’t do anything other than this and also it kept on crashing frequently when I was trying to cast my files. Tried to contact the developers and no response. I am just going to delete the app now please don’t download I’m sure there are better apps out there that do work instead of this useless program that is more like a cash grab rather than a useful mobile app. So again please beware and DO NOT DOWNLOAD else you will be charged huge amounts of money and they won’t refund you or even reply back to you! Highly dissatisfied user...
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2 years ago, dimaquibo
Better then expected
Thank you. For creating such device. At first I didn’t know what I was doing it took an hour to complete whole setup, that was my doing. But when I got it running on my projector the family had a great time with the experience. It was like bringing the drive in theater to your backyard. Of course I only watched videos. Overall great product, the one time subscription is a few dollars more then monthly subscription it only makes sense to do it. Keep at it, your dreams are all becoming reality.
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8 months ago, Customer$$
Don’t waste your money or time
App doesn’t even work. Downloaded it to cast videos from Safari, but the browser feature does nothing. Connected to my tv, pulled up the browser, I can bring up sites, but it doesn’t cast to my tv or give me an option to. So I tried the screen mirroring, it would cast the video, but will not play the sound on the tv speakers. The audio continues to come through the phone. Tried the airplay feature to play the audio through the TV, didn’t work either. Also, the video is a tiny box in the middle of the screen, and if I tilt my phone to make the video full screen on my phone, it makes the video vertical on the tv screen. This app is completely useless
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3 years ago, Jjmbot
Thought it was going to be great, but....
I thought this app was going to be fantastic, I was really looking forward to using it. But whenever I actually got on the app I started to click on presentation details, and things like that. Such as music videos and photos and every time I did it said limitation needs premium, or something stupid like that. I got so fed up that I decided you know what I’m gonna let google know about this. If you agree with me give this app one star. I’m not paying $25 for some stupid premium thing that’s going to last me like maybe a month. Everything On this app is so expensive. I don’t like this app. I love Google but this is one of their stupider ideas.
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2 years ago, LauraG_
Had the older version of Chromecast app to acreen nitro from my phone. It worked like a charm. Forced to use new app (tried two and still don’t even know which is the right app. The free version is useless- Ads pop up nonstop making the app useless. They are also labeled in a way that is confusing resulting in signing up or opening things you don’t want. Going to throw out my Chrome cast device and go buy abutter Roku device. Less aggravation, easier interface and not being bombarded with ads. I expect more from Google… if you paid for a device you should be able to use it without extra fees and aggravation
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2 years ago, coolguy6569
Wast of money
I bout this Chromecast to play my phone threw my tv I plugged it into my tv and for no reason it needs to be connected to WiFi threw the app and the app can’t connect to it unless it’s already connected to WiFi so literally you can’t use it then after messing with the app for a bit I found out you have to PAY 25$ MONTHLY just to screen mirror witch is the hole point in buying this stupid thing so I wasted 65$ on this stupid little plug because u can’t use it and u need to PAY MONTHLY just to put my phone screen on a tv stupidity at its finest i wish I was able to just plug my phone charger into the tv and then phone but nope.
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2 years ago, bbbbbbrandonnn
Scam ads
******DO NOT DOWNLOAD. PHISHING / FRAUD SCAM. NOT MADE BY GOOGLE************++ I download the app to be greeted with a page to “activate my account” which brought me to a page where it said I needed to enter my credit card info. So I did thinking it was google. I then find out I subscribed and gave my credit card info to a shady business who has already charged me twice for no apparent reason. This is giving me great stress.
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4 years ago, omg its me obv
Hello , sorry but this app has robbed us 4 times. We been trying to work this app but it has failed 4 times. We did are best to give this app another chance the 1st time we got it we bought it 3 times ! Which costed $20 each! And then when we tried to start casting it said “Buy premium” and we did so how is this possible. Now today I bought it to give it last chance in my phone , sadly I bought it and it didn’t work! Please don’t buy the subscription! Don’t waste ur time or money btw when u try the 3 free trial it does work to make u feel like it does! It doesn’t !
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3 years ago, Tony Burroughs
The worst app ever
I’ve never written a review before but this app is so poor and the subscription cancellation process is so convoluted and borderline deceptive that I highly recommend that you save your money and look elsewhere, I spent hours trying to cancel this app. I got no response from anyone / there doesn’t seem to be any customer service whatsoever. If you must try this app, use the free trial - do not sign up for the premium no matter how invasive or persistent it is. It doesn’t stream without jumping every few seconds. The developer response will say to email their support: Good luck with that.
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3 months ago, Red Head Robin
Not very useful to newbie like myself
Where’s the remote emulator like other apps provide for their streaming fire stick Why can’t it allow boomerang or other apps to broadcast to tv ? Having it play personal video clips and pictures from phone for what I paid that’s so not worth it I thought my comments was self explanatory your app doesn’t support remote control for google cast fire stick Roku or any of the many media plug ins available I have google Roku and fire stick is there something I’m missing? Thank you for responding and acknowledging you have read my comments
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3 years ago, Donacewatson
This is confusing that I got an application for chromecast features
I’m coming unglued I’m just trying to get some help understanding my chromecast being the main Chromecast app said I get premium features for Chromecast but other apps I have say pay 29.$ for full features for the app WHATS going on with googles Chromecast
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3 years ago, ettie3
Not usable because of Ad
This might be the first app I’ve used where the ads literally prevent me from using app to even 5 seconds. No exaggeration, you can barely get through connecting your device and figuring out how to use the app before getting the same ad to upgrade to premium every second. Okay, maybe every 2 seconds. No. Exaggeration. This is just horrible design. If I could use the app without seeing an ad that interrupts use every 2 seconds, maybe I could figure out that I like it enough to upgrade. Whose idea was it to design the app this way? Deleting immediately.
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4 years ago, horsepower84
Hi! I downloaded Chromecast to play Netflix from my iPhone, through a screen projector. I read reviews that suggested that, and when looking at the app description it seemed Right. And it hasn’t worked. Does the Chromecast app work without another Chromecast device? I was searching for how to videos, which lead me to that question, although projector reviews lead me to believe just the Chromecast app would work. The device has not been able to find my projector - TMY V08 while my phone is connected to my projector. I’d love help and or advice. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Powrby4d
Worthless unintuitive app
This app makes zero sense. As soon as it says it is broadcasting, trying to switch to the app you want to broadcast immediately interrupts. The broadcast that hasn't even started yet with a prompt to resume the broadcast. It says to set to do not disturb if you don't want notifications but doesn't say how to do it or just give you a button to select. The help is a couple of paragraphs that don't relate to anything you actually see it do in the app. Can't believe I actually paid money for this completely useless app which was apparently never tested for usability.
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2 years ago, Moonwafer
Do not buy this.
Ugh… all I wanted was to cast my browser. Should have been simple.. took the app forever to figure itself out and kept disconnecting. When it finally connected, I chose the browser option only to find I have to pay even more money to use that feature. Had I known that ahead of time I would not have gotten this app at all. So if you want to show off photos on your tv, great. But any videos or websites beyond you tube is not gonna happen. I don’t have hours of my life to troubleshoot tech.
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4 years ago, Gogoviu
Technically it’s not free
Just downloaded the app, it’s has too many ads popping up, technically the only free feature it has that it connects to TV. Other than that, you won’t be able to stream anything over unless you buy the premium, I find it very annoying that it’s being promoted as a free app with in-app purchase. It should have been a paid app from the beginning, but no, you don’t even pay for it once, you pay for a monthly subscription in order to stream on TV. That’s a complete fraud.
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3 years ago, Mariolds
TV Cast Big Rip Off
I bought the Premium version of this app & it was completely useless. I could not cast anything from my iPhone except my photos & only some music from Apple Music. The rest of the options were completely useless. I tried to correct the problem through the Troubleshoot tab and all I got was a blank screen. I contacted support and all I got from them was to use another of their useless apps called Chromecast Streamer which also does not work. Don’t download this app and definitely don’t buy the Premium.
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2 years ago, Web35
Barely OK
While this app allows casting to Chromecast, it almost never can find all of my available devices. Additionally, it will only cast songs that have been uploaded, and not any of the other music that is available in the Apple Music app. Finally, it will not play an album; only single songs. At the end of each song played, you must choose to play another. Wish I hadn’t spent the money for the premium version.
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2 years ago, ChowderCannon
Negative stars!
If it was possible to rate this -100 I would. This app is such trash, it comes up as one of the highest rated apps, yet once downloaded, it’s NONSTOP pop ups to download other apps or upgrade to a paid version. Won’t allow you to do anything. Continuously drops “connection” which doesn’t allow you to cast anything. Just straight up click-bait to boost downloads for the app. The high rating must be from the paid users bc the free version is legitimately useless. Typical BS…
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3 years ago, Shopper ohio
Doesn’t work, ad pop up won’t go away
Tried fussing with this, and it would not work. Every 5 seconds, a splash screen pops up asking me to upgrade and pat $20. I cannot even get the app to work!! It says there’s a free trial, but I cannot get that to work. If you choose to stream a video the app says it wants access to photos. If you choose webstream it points you to another advertisement. Deleted the app after 15 minutes of wasted time trying to get to do ANYthing. It does display ads really well.
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4 years ago, Clevertrevor247
Good concept but bad execution
I went ahead and bought the premium version of this and it doesn’t work well at all with my iPhone SE. The media player could use a lot of work as that is why I bought the app. It is like it times out after about 3 minutes and freezes even if my phone stays awake. I would love to give a higher rating if the programming of the app was more professional and actually works like it should.
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1 year ago, Waste of $20!
Cannot get this to work for me for the life of me!
I have watched every tutorial video about this and just cannot get this to work properly for me. I am able to get content from my phone mirrored onto my tv but cannot get the screen to rotate so everything just stays sideways. Also, I can never get the sound to come from the tv. I have tried to reach out for help and he no response. Hate this and wish I can get my $20 back.
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8 months ago, rod.musselman
Unavailable Setup Subscription?
You want me to actually purchase a subscription BEFORE I first connect & setup to watch anything? Not likely… I now just want to see if I can actually connect my Internet video stream to my TV. I suppose that I can continue watching every through my laptop, as it’s a large display - for a laptop - and connects to my premium Audioengine 5+ stereo sound system. Perhaps offering a limited setup installation, where your customers can actually verify multiple platform interoperability BEFORE we commit to any form of a subscription… No, the short term recurring subscription isn’t attractive to me because I can’t even verify functionality BEFORE purchasing.., “But that’s just me….”(from “Joe Dirt” (2001)
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2 years ago, erichbryan
Not recommended
I didn’t have much luck with this app. Got connected to the chromecast just fine but trying to stream content would broadcast picture but no sound. It would only display in portrait and rotating my phone screen would only rotate the portrait image 90 degrees and staying vertical instead of filling screen as I expected. I wish there was a was to request a refund for the $20 I wasted.
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4 years ago, jikerrie
TAKE DOWN the constant subscription ad with abrupt background music
My parents have Chromecast and needed my help navigating the stream service on their phone since our dog chew up the remote control. But each time after I hit connect for wifi and TV, it pops up subscription ad with an irritating background music. My parents don’t need the subscription to stream their dog clips and pictures on the TV. Take down this nonsense ad tactic that doesn’t add any value!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Deanna Thom
Crashing Chromecaster
It’s worked beautifully for a while but in the last month it freezes or shuts down on its own for no reason.
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3 years ago, M_Justice_L
“Premium” advertising killed everything.
Wow I downloaded this app thinking you could actually use it but I constantly get bombarded by their “premium” service advertisements I just uninstalled the app I would rather return the tv and buy another brand if this is how Sony and Google like to do business I have a Samsung as well and you can just screen mirror instantly from your iPhone.
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4 years ago, devonwh
Brain dead developers
Why would someone make an app for mirroring things onto a TV, that is solely dependent on the orientation of the device when casting is started. One SMALL issue there, this absolute useless app literally can only be used in portrait (vertical) mode. That’s means that every single thing that is meant to be watched normally just doesn’t work, or appears sideways. Real great job guys, you did good.
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4 years ago, pohennen
Reviews looked good
Installed. Denied bluetooth access on set up. Three attempts. All it would do is turn on all my Bluetooth devices and stream sound. My tv only displayed TV Cast. Which even after deleting apps, I had to unplug my tv. Great ads for plumbing. Gave them an extra star for that. Im a bit concerned is this just a way to quick grab data to sell. My phone & tv are new.
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1 year ago, CalmDown72
This is not a Google product.
This is not a Google product. It is not free. And it is not even needed in order to cast from your phone or iPad to your TV. If the developer was more transparent about these things, I might be willing to pay them and keep it, but instead they decided to take the opposite approach. Very shady.
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4 years ago, RonO_1966
Does not work in portrait - useless
After impulsively and imprudently buying a lifetime subscription instead of a trial, I discovered that trying to use this to mirror something full screen by holding my iPhone in “portrait” mode didn’t work. Don’t fall for this. It’s useless for the most likely use at least I’d have for this - using a chromecast with websites and other apps not natively containing a chromecast interface.
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4 years ago, Pondgoon19
The mirror option is pretty much worthless as it doesn’t work with other apps
Google cast is great for supported apps but terrible for things like Apple TV which it doesn’t allow you to cast. I even paid the extra 20 as it said it would mirror anything from my device and then it didn’t allow me to watch Apple TV.
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3 years ago, freddy10999
Worst app… NEED A REFUND
I bought the full $20 thinking it was going to be like how it advertised. But this is one of the worst Chromecast apps out there. Every second of the video is choppy, it doesn’t even play Audio and doesn’t even flip to full screen. I need my money back, you need to fix the app before you advertise saying “4K and no lag” and charge $20
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3 years ago, N3lda
Too many ads!!
Downloaded the app and it connected fine to my smart tv from my iPhone XS. Problem is too many ads, I managed to play my music just fine but the minute you exit the app or the music section you get bombarded to upgrade. Ended up deleting after less than 10 minutes
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3 years ago, ShortKiddMadness
Doesn’t work for IPhone
This is crap I needed to do a free 3 day subscription after charging me monthly. It doesn’t work well with my phone keeps glitching between pictures and doesn’t show videos. I am also trying to delete the subscription before it starts charging me and it’s difficult to do so.
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4 years ago, Bryce 90
Accidentally paid for premium on Tv cast when I meant to pay on screen mirroring. First of all the apps are literally the same so Idk why premium wouldn’t be allowed on both once you pay for it, second it won’t even let me cast the video I wanted to watch on to the tv. I hope I get my money back, because it was an accident paying for tv cast premium in the first place
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4 years ago, Frantzyyyyyy
Can’t switch tabs when i try to use browser on chrome cast
I planned on viewing videos on websites and watching them on my tv through google chromecast. However, when the website gets redirected and opens up a new tab, this app won’t allow me to switch tabs at all. I’m completely confused.
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2 years ago, fake free subscription
I want my money back!
I signed up for a free three day subscription and wanted to cancel less than 10 minutes after getting the app. The only way I could cancel was via email. I sent a cancellation email three times to cancel with no response. I am bring charged $30 bucks now for this. Horrible.
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4 months ago, Heels fan 85
Won't cast
Have tried all i can think of to mirror from my iphone to two newer TVs but nothing works... including having purchased a new Chromecast even though my devices seem to have it built in. The app screen keeps prompting me to purchase a subscription but no, not until i can see if it works.
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2 years ago, nrnrnrnr1111
Nothing available without paying; paid app doesn’t work
Anything you try to do in the app forces you to upgrade to the paid version. When you finally do, it fails to mirror screen (the whole point I downloaded this app) and there seems to be no way to get a refund
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2 years ago, WazeBlaze
It’s A Paid Subscription
I was going through the prompts to install, right towards the end it auto has 5 Stars prompt for you to approve which I did because it was flowing nicely. THEN right after that prompt “BAM” it’s asks for $$$$. If you don’t pay you don’t cast videos
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2 years ago, G.Cervantes2
I haven’t experienced an app like this. You can barely project anything from your phone before they ask you to pay. Yes there are a lot of ads but i couldn’t last a few minutes on this app before I had to get off it. You basically have to pay in order to use it.
Show more
2 years ago, Amk91216
Begging for money
Literally asks to upgrade to premium or shows an ad for every little thing. The premium features it’s offering? Basic functionality. Seriously greedy awful awful design. Deleted the app within 5 minutes of opening it up, do not support this awful awful app.
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1 year ago, domerhi89
Screen mirror quality
This app was not working very well in general for casting but I was going to give it a pass. When I wanted to screen mirror I realized you need to pay a subscription which I did. Only after paying to use it was I able to see that the mirror quality, specially the latency was terrible
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11 months ago, ws an de rs do tn et
Warning: Bricked my Astound Google TV device
Not a Google app. You will have to register with an account to do most functions. Be warned, who knows what it’s doing with your data. As I was seeing if it worked or not, it semibricked my astound google TV box, I was able to recover by unplugging the device, but who knows what else it can do.
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2 years ago, (slacelab)
Wow. Yeah. It’s weird living in a world where everything is free and then one encounters a paywall reminiscent of the worst video games: I guess it makes sense that y’all have been doing so well for so long that you would be unfamiliar on how to make the transition but geez. Rest assured I’ll be looking hard and long for a screencast from other sources for awhile
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3 years ago, Hooplagurl
Can’t use for its intended purpose
I try to send a simple 2 minute video to my tv and it keeps getting interrupted by them trying to get me to buy premium literally every 5 seconds. I can’t even screen mirror anything without this app trying to get me to buy its premium version. Don’t even try to use this app to screen mirror, they’re just in it for the money
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