Cisco Events App

4.6 (581)
104.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cisco Events App

4.6 out of 5
581 Ratings
4 years ago, heroic_panda
Great app - Could improve UI
Excellent app for navigating the virtual Cisco Live 2020 event. One note: the post-talk surveys have the radio buttons very close together. Increase line spacing so that people can more easily select their answers. Great app overall!
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2 years ago, quan.n.the.barbarian
Probably one of the most frustrating apps to use, especially during an event
This app has so much potential to grow and be better to streamline attending events and scheduling your day-to-day, but it constantly asks you to log in, even as you pass through different segments (say, Sessions Catalog to Favorites). It’s been all but 5-10 min, and I’ve had to log in at least 3 times as I’m exploring the app and planning out my event, and clicking on other areas of the browser requires you to — you guessed right — log in again. I ended up screenshooting my schedule, and entered it through my Calendar/Google Calendar apps (manually) and I may not even use this app during the event.
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7 years ago, Stray-Singer
Cisco Live app... was OK?
Two issues I found: 1) The app jumped around in the sessions area. Trying to download presentations from a prior day waa very irksome because half the time, the app jumped to current date/time on pressing the (nearly-invisible) back button. 2) It would be very nice for us information collectors if there was a way to download all the presentations at once for later perusal. Going through that many sessions one at a time is taking days.
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7 years ago, Catalyst
Stable but missing features
The app has come a long way in this version. Although it is very stable and responsive it needs one critical feature updates. The ability to schedule Personal time. In past versions I could put place holders for meetings and exams. That feature is gone so I have to manage my conference schedule in two places. Please bring the feature back.
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1 week ago, Dom.Romandi
Very Handy
Great app, extremely helpful while attending Cisco Live. Some features do not work however such as being added to a given session team space for many of us.
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5 years ago, Dave6789
iPhone works great
The app works great on my iPhone. But on my Samsung tablet when I would click on my schedule and then favorite sessions most the times it showed the list is empty. I flip back to my iPhone and there’s my favorite sessions.
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4 years ago, rivimont
One app for many events
Great to have one app for so many events. There is a consistent look and feel for many events. App works as expected and haven’t encountered any bugs.
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7 years ago, TGonWheels
Really good app
Used at Cisco Live US 2017 in Vegas. Ran really well. Zero crashes or issues. It just worked. Yeah. Well designed and very useful. Performance of the app including backend was really good. Bravo.
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6 years ago, Jwillard99
Constantly Crashes
App Developers - Please Help. The app crashes almost immediately after adding a scheduled session to my calendar. Once that happens, the app will continue to crash each subsequent time it’s opened. Removing and reinstalling the app allows it to work again until I view my schedule again, then it crashes and I have to remove and reinstall again.
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5 years ago, DFWJim
Good app but
Good app and once you figure it out, it’s easy to setup your schedule and save vendors you’re interested in. However the map inside has no way to zoom in to view where your breakout session is. Otherwise it would have received 4-5 stars instead of 3
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5 years ago, ciscojag
Informative and useful
Getting better each time
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7 years ago, prab4u
Very handy app for Cisco Live
Has all the info needed and very easy to look at all the sessions and view agenda and even join spark Chanel. 5 star for sure!!
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5 years ago, DLNA USER
the schedule section crash the application
Using the schedule section crash the overall application with iphone x rel 12.3.1 You need to remove and install again and when you add to calendar start to crash everytime you use the schedule
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7 years ago, Sillejo
Best version yet.
Runs smooth and even has a very good attendee search to see if your friends came this year.
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4 years ago, BenGoodLuck
Helps you navigate CiscoLive!
Great app that provides lots of info, maps, updates, and other cool features!
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7 years ago, Branfarm1
Great resource for Cisco Live attendees
Works great and provides all the info you need to navigate Cisco Live
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4 weeks ago, Tumbleweed-5
This app does not display anything
Have tried multiple times to get something from this app and no go. New version provides zero value. No ability to login, no Cisco live visibility, etc.
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6 years ago, Abellak
IPhone X issues?
Tried updating this to be ready for Cisco Live, and while the app updated, it is basically frozen on my X. Nothing works and it appears to not even fit the screen correctly. Disappointed.
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7 years ago, Agilitymom1
The app is alright.
More information on “how to’s” would be better.
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7 years ago, Remiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz
Exactly what you expect
Similar to Guidebook but for Cisco
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5 years ago, Greytora
Keeps crashing
Keeps crashing after I open the app. I have tried force closing the app and deleting and downloading again. Same issue. Ugh.
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9 years ago, JaredJF
Opening "Your Journey" causes instant crash on iPad; works fine on iPhone. Closing event, then reopening on iPhone causes all alerts and messages to be remarked as new. Otherwise, love the app. Very helpful!
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2 months ago, Kevpurplehaze
Doesn’t work
Can’t get app to work. Always shows no events available.
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5 years ago, hmdwr
Can’t reset password
Can’t reset password
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3 weeks ago, Ralu2fan
CiscoLive Las Vegas 2024 not an event
The most recent update says CiscoLive Las Vegas 2024! However, it is not showing up!
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10 years ago, SC-Chief
Good Start - but key features lacking
Pros - lots of information in one place. Fairly easy to navigate. Cons - if you take notes you must touch the "Save" at the bottom of the screen (in grayscale) to save - or you will lose your notes. Cannot cut and paste from some sections. Some buttons/icons not intuitive. Expect next version will have many improvements - not bad for a 1.0
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10 years ago, G55kompressor
Better than expected
It works
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10 years ago, 4xFishin
Nice App but I keep loosing notes
Nice app for the conference. Can view the slides and take notes, but when when you hit save, it's a crap chute if it will work. If it can't save, it dumps all your notes and goes back to the slides. Would be a great app if not for the lost notes I took.
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10 years ago, kie197
Fantastic app
This app is so great it is user friendly and easy to access and use.
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7 years ago, GoatTeam
Using for Cisco Live 2017
This seems to be the best version of the app, yet. Will be very useful during the conference!
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10 years ago, Johnny Cha-Rach
Get this app pronto! Helps you get around the conference and an amazing resource for all Cisco lovers
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7 years ago, Chido97
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7 years ago, jdenn2112
Can't get past terms and conditions
Can't get past terms and conditions screen. When I click to see the terms and conditions all I get is a blank screen. Without’ this I can’t use the app.
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7 years ago, Jspronk
CL 2017?
I still receive the "this event is coming soon. Please check back later" upon clicking on the CL 2017 event.
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8 years ago, hikinman
Doesn't work most of time. When it does work it's clunky and nearly unusable.
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8 years ago, Albugkim
IPad mini issue
Errors on opening database for details with iPad mini
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10 years ago, Ravensekhmet
Update maybe ?!
It would be nice if it actually worked.
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7 years ago, DDman72
Can't connect
Tried over and over to no avail- guess sol
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9 years ago, EyeInTheSkySB
Great App!
Very helpful when at an event!
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10 years ago, Groovy-Python
Doesn't work!
Tried on iPad Air and iPhone 5.
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9 years ago, Basavaraju M H
Crashes on 5s
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3 weeks ago, iPhoneGuy916
No events
Downloaded both the latest iOS and android versions and nothing displays. Can’t login, can’t find Live in Las Vegas. Have to figure out another way to see my schedule.
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