Citrix Secure Hub

1.7 (616)
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Current version
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citrix Secure Hub

1.73 out of 5
616 Ratings
3 years ago, mel45bel
Screenshots impacted outside of app
The app works great for access work email. However, I’ve recently upgraded to the iPhone 13pro and when reinstalling the app, it requires new device steps that have now negatively impacted the use of my phone outside of the app. I can no longer take screenshots on my device while having this app installed. Extremely frustrating-hopefully this will be fixed now that the issue has been brought to your attention.
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4 years ago, iEmotionalist
Garbage app! Amazing sales team?
I’m writing this review with so much anger. All the “secure” apps require authentication through this “secure hub”. What kind of user experience is this considering it’s already 2020 when most apps could stay logged in permanently. While this app would ask for a re-login every so often. And it takes such a looooooooooong time to get connected. Recently it started to act more dysfunctional. “Secure Mail” would pop a message when you open it saying the app has been removed and I have to delete the app. “Secure Hub”, in the mean time, is completely logged out as if it was never configured before. For your reference of how frequent this is, it has happened 3 times last week alone. And the configuration process would also fail most of the time or take very long to pass to the next stage. Like most users here, this is the corporate email that our firm made us use. I guess the Citrix sales team is just amazing that they can sell this garbage to a corporate. And think about how big of a deal that is! Of course they don’t have to care about our reviews here since they only have to convince the corporate leader to make a huuuuuuge sale! What a garbage....
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5 years ago, Jsteph222
The most horrific mess I’ve ever seen
There appears to be zero quality control or testing for this app. To list in detail all the errors, bugs, and just plain stupid design that exist in SecureHub would both bore and frighten you, so I speak in the abstract. Nearly every move one makes using this is met with either an error message or some cryptic, ambiguous prompt that serves to confuse even the most alert and savvy users. Things just won’t work, then maybe sometimes they will, it’s a crapshoot. The random timeouts and frequent need to completely re-enroll or re-install are alone enough to rate this a Zero (I gave 1 star only because zero isn’t allowed). This is NOT an app that any company should use for any critical functions. I write this as a corporate user forced to use this. This is actually my second review—I had written one about 3 years ago when first faced with this mess. Some folks I spoke about it said “It’s new, give them a chance to work out the bugs and mature the product”. It’s been 3 years. It’s still garbage.
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6 years ago, Coastie5554
Quite possibly the worst app I have used.
My company requires us to use Citrix Secure Hub with Worx Mail and Worx Web. Every week or so I have to "Authorize" the app which includes extra sign-in steps. This is good for security so I don't mind doing it...except that about every other cycle, it exceeds the allotted time and times out. This also wouldn't be so bad, but when I attempt the sign-in process again, I get a message saying "the app has been removed from your device." No prior notification, no warning, no explanation. Seeing this, I realize I'm in for a 20 - 30 minute wrestling match-- re-downloading the app and various profiles, installing the app, enrolling my phone, then downloading and installing the email and web apps and re-setting all my preferences (signature, sync period, etc.). So the apps work OK for a week or two, and then they conk out again with no notification. And the whole distressing cycle continues. I could go on about variations on this theme, but I'm sure you get the picture...
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6 years ago, hlaiii
A big disappointment
This app and the associated e-mail client are mandated for us, for use with e-mail and calendaring on personal smartphones. I am perplexed as to why a company like Citrix would develop a dysfunctional set of apps like these Worx series of programs. An earlier iteration would repeatedly freeze, necessitating expunging the app from active status on the iPhone. This took about a year to get rectified. A recent updated version has somewhat improved this. They still haven’t fixed the need to “authorize“ and “re-authorize” the app each couple of days, which now twice in two months puts the sign on process into a repeating “loop”, which never gets beyond the sign on page, but does go through the “authorize” functionality within each and every loop. I must now delete this app and the associated apps, and reinstall and reconfigure. As I said before, a big disappointment.
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6 years ago, obdoc54
It doesn’t work
I am having problem similar to Coastie5554. The app allowed me to securely access work email and calendar for a week or two, then told me it had to “reauthorize” my mail app (Secure Mail). However, it won’t reauthorize, keeps cycling back to same login screen, doesn’t recognize my PIN, or just does nothing. Several others in my organization have the same problem, so the issue was escalated up the IT chain. We were told it was resolved and if necessary to delete and reinstall from the App Store. After having done that three times today I can report it still will not let me sign in. A big waste of time.
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2 years ago, anonymous41buffalo07183
How is this the only option we have
I find it hard to think about how you could design a worse app suite. Setup is a pain and half the apps straight up don’t work. Secure hub also prevents you from signing out or refreshing your credentials without explicit network admin privileges, which means every 90 days I need to wipe and fully re install to access the apps, which hardly ever work in the first place. Secure mail is consistently several hours behind and secure web is slow and buggy. Honestly don’t even know why I bother
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3 years ago, Rmacwj
Not good software
I have tried to get this to work for so long. It is a pain to use! When it was working, I would have to re-login regularly, like every other day. Now it’s not working at all, and I can’t get back in. Here’s the fun part. The “report issue” doesn’t work. It literally opens a pre-filled email with NO TO ADDRESS! I'm not making this up. It is that bad. You literally can’t report an issue. I would much rather my company not use their software.
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9 months ago, Lbr1623
It’s bad
I’m actually surprised how bad this app is. I am having the same problem as a lot of others I noticed. It’s a endless cycle of wanting me to type in my pin and making me accept in my duo app. It’s incredibly annoying. I noticed the only time it doesn’t do this cycle is when I’m on my work network. So I am not sure if it’s a weird security feature. Also it holds on to emails that I’ve moved out of my inbox. It says I have an email from a year ago but I don’t. If I try to open it and move it the app crashes.
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5 years ago, dcbruin101
Can’t mute notifications based on work schedule; no link to Outlook
This is the perfect way to shift phone expenses to employees by tying up their personal phones with a work app. My issue is that there is no connection to Outlook, so that your drafts created here are only visible here and you can’t adjust notifications to reflect your work schedule. You can only turn them all on or off. This capability seems like a no-brainer but sadly it’s not a priority for Citrix.
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3 years ago, Kalagsun
Time killer
There is a lengthy process to get this setup at my company. I have to try multiple times if not this stupid app will not let me download my company apps. After all the effort it only works for a few more months then quits. I have start all over again. Very finicky app. Also if you open a secure hub app it open the hub authenticates and goes back to secure mail everytime. This whole authentication is weird and clunky. I blame my company for using such an awful app.
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2 years ago, Serenemango
Constantly saying it needs to update but no versions available
I can’t even connect to secure mail because it says the hub needs to be updated, when I click update, it shows no new versions and now I’m stuck in a perpetual loop of nothing and can’t get logged in.
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6 years ago, Was taken for a ride
Terrible inconvenient app
The short story is my company got suckered into using this app for email. One has to DL our email app through the secure hub app. It is basically app inception. The email app updates all the time, that in itself is not a bad thing BUT when the app updates one needs to delete essentially delete the mail app and re DL it. Only problem is that the email app is not available for about 24 hours. This means that every 2 weeks or so I have a day I cannot use the mail app.
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5 years ago, redrage97
Works fine but still has flaws
Most of the people complaining are mostly complaining about the MDM not this app. There are some quirks with certain IOS versions but are usually corrected .... eventually. I’m not a fan of the MDM (server side) functionality but this software is generally fine
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6 years ago, Can'treviewwithoutanickname
Almost unusable for me
Just the process to install and sync with my desktop email was an ordeal. I couldn’t get past the profile download. After 3 deletes and reinstalls I finally got to the credential verification. But the system wouldn’t recognize my credentials. What it did do was somehow lock me out of my desktop system. I had to create a new password, delete, and reinstall a 4th time. I’m in now but from the looks of other users, I won’t hold my breath for continued problem free usage.
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5 years ago, Rock Solid Mail
Best corporate e-mail
I have been using worx\secure mail for about 4 years in a corporate environment. I have had little to no issues. The transition from enterprise apps to public apps was smoother than expected. Our XenMobile admins have done an outstanding job of keeping the app updated without causing the end users inconvenience.
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5 years ago, ThisWontAcceptAnyOfMyNicknames
Nothing but problems
I have nothing but problems with Citrix. First, it won’t download. This has happened every time I’ve had to install this useless app. I only use it because I have to for work. It’s awful. If I can get it to download, it won’t download any of the Citrix options (mail, etc) or they won’t work. It’s horrible and the worst part is I’m forced to use it. It makes me want to find a new job where they actually invest money in decent applications.
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6 years ago, QKLE
Slow, clunky when it works
When it does work, it's slow. When it breaks, the only fix seems to be to delete, reinstall and re-enroll. Painful because the advise is to have at least 4 bars signal otherwise the enrollment may not work. UPDATE: Now zero star. Apparently there are compatibility issues with certificates and iOS 11. This clunky app hasn’t worked since the 11 update and we’re told that Citrix is still working on the fix. This is horrific.
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6 years ago, PG8012
Horrible integration with iOS
If I wasn’t forced to use this for work I would have deleted this forever after the first week. The almost daily (but certainly weekly) necessity to delete and reinstall apps makes me dread taking my phone out to check email. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes just to log in. The iPhone for work is great unless you have to cripple the entire operating system with this terrible suite of apps.
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6 years ago, brettzter25
Worst app ever, but forced to use it
My company forces me to use this app for email on my phone or else I wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10 foot pole. I rarely get push notifications for emails, which means I have to open the app regularly throughout the day to refresh my inbox. App lags and the unread messages total is never accurately reflected on the home screen icon. Also, they still need to update the app to fit the iPhone X screen size.
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5 years ago, fiordjkoyds
Great and secure
Any review complaining about having to authorize and then having to reinstall is using a system setup wrong. If you have to do this, then your IT department doesn’t have it correctly configured.
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6 years ago, Smithjo33
Defeats the purpose of a mobile app
This app requires the user to authorize the app quite frequently. Problem there is that to authorize you need a WiFi connection. Which completely defeats the purpose of having mobile access to email & other business functions that depend on this app. Please fix this very basic user need!!
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7 years ago, Conlet55
Notifications not correct
Since this is the official app that my firm uses I don’t have a choice The notifications count isn’t always accurate and doesn’t match the total unwed to the actual unread. So as not to open up my app every 10 minutes I have to remember the count of the false unread email
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6 years ago, Elzawahrya
Not good at all
It is extremely annoying to use it. Every week or other week take about 45 min to one hour of my time to reinstall it and install updates. I do not know why are we obliged to use this nonsense
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7 years ago, Word-ible
Overall good, but inconsistent
When it works, it works great and is very user-friendly! However, it seems every time there's an update it makes the app glitchy until my tech department resets things. This is really annoying and disruptive to my workflow
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5 years ago, Imlight9
Software like this should not exist
Because of these software like these are forced on the developers to access corporate network. Clunky cumbersome and not portable. Very difficult to navigate, does not sync with active directory. If you think of a software flaw this thing has it. Finally after 4 years we moving to office 365 and no longer forced to use this crap ware
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3 years ago, trose124
Terrible application
I have used various mobile email apps in the past and this is by far the worst! Super quirky. Ive had to remove and reinstall on numerous occasions. It also fails to notify me of new emails and leaves a notification of an unopened email regularly after the email is read or deleted. These problems are ongoing and never get better!
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6 years ago, bigfloppydonkeydongg
This app crashes all the time. Half the time it says I have mail; when I don’t. I continue to see issues trying to open it, but failing to open. This happens at least 3 times a week. Would not recommend this app to any business or individual until these issues are resolved.
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4 years ago, FedupinAlabama
Senior Account Analyst
My employer provided me with an iPhone 11 awesome phone and required me to change to this horrible app at the same time. I am a user less than three months, and I am on my third go around with the app closing, not opening emails, calendar and notes disappearing, and having to delete and reinstall the app. I pray my employer changes secure apps soon.
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3 years ago, Vio 🍒
Terrible work application
It’s one thing to have this external app taking a memory and room on your personal device it’s another thing when you have to constantly re-download the application and give a whole bunch of permissions on your personal device
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5 years ago, Katieraemae
Update what?
I updated the app a few days ago. Tried to open the app and it tells me to update. Everything IS up to date. I restarted my phone and sure enough, I can't check any work emails without updating to a non existent update. Fine. I'm not getting paid to read these emails off the clock anyways.
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6 years ago, Intl Gal
Works fine but not amazing
Works fine but not amazing. It works just fine for my remote international work. Could be more user friendly and efficient.
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6 years ago, Princechimera
Works very well on my iPhone 8
My company uses Secure Hub to provide access to our enterprise apps. Works flawlessly with no issues.
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6 years ago, boysee n8iv
Just plain junk
Every other day I have to “authorize” which leads to exhausting attempts of authorizing, entering in pass codes, deleting, and reinstalling app. This goes on and on... every other day. Totally stinks when you’re trying to log into your work calendar to see where you’re supposed to be at any given time.
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5 years ago, Reaves69
Your saying it’s compatible for an iPhone but it won’t corporate. Even after I’ve signed in it just comes to a blank screen and ask for me to change something in the setting. Dear app engineers of secure hub, I had to go buy an extra phone just for an application this is ridiculous. Please help me
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6 years ago, Bitbitsa
Absolutely terrible application
We are requiring to use this application due to security issues. But the app is so poorly designed and usually doesn’t work. I can start name one problem by another but it’s going to take forever. Only reinstallation sometimes fix the problems.
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7 years ago, MrZaius
Bad design or bad implementation?
Forced to choose between legacy email system using Citrix's email client and this app's MDM profile or my organization's separate Google environment with a working office suite. Painful. How can we get both published through one MDM? Shouldn't have to choose between a collaborative, cloud ready office suite and my email.
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6 years ago, ARaza1926
Newer versions are great
Latest versions are improved!
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6 years ago, Gamer_25
I must use this app because it’s mandatory at work but the user experience is terrible. The app is *so* slow. Updates are painful. Citrix: allow your devs, UX designers and software engineers to go back to the drawing board and let them work free from the classic corporate limitations these teams of professionals are subject to. Get it done, for real.
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4 years ago, deusprogrammer
Could you stop breaking your product every other week?
This product needs to be reinstalled constantly. Wish our company would stop always taking the lowest bidder on software and get something that isn’t total garbage.
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4 years ago, HaveAnotherBrew
Taking over my phone
I don’t even have this app installed on my phone anymore yet it keeps taking over my phone with pop-ups trying to install work apps on my personal phone. Unacceptable and neither me nor my work’s IT can figure out how to stop it.
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5 years ago, CorpUser1737484
Pure warmed over garbage
I’d give this zero stars if I could. Pain to use, rarely works and does stuff like installing an app and telling you it’s still installing, even after it has been installed. Only reason I use this is being forced to by my company. A root canal would be more pleasant...
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3 years ago, Colomk
iOS 14.5
Secure Notes is no longer compatible with iOS 14.6, which returns an error message “Secure Notes needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS”. It had same error with 14.5
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6 years ago, Sandygirl234
Works fine on iOS 11
Performs better on newer generation devices and latest OS.
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2 years ago, john_wick1986
Some iPads cannot be located on MDM
We use secure hub with MDM on 20 iPads, even though the Wi-Fi, proxy settings, app version is all the same across all iPads, only 6 of them can be located through MDM (using web link) trying to figure it out now
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5 years ago, Ian2345
Poorly designed
Constantly forces you to authenticate for no reason. Associated apps randomly stop working until you go and authenticated. Over and over and over again. You’d think the integration with FaceID would minimize this need for constant reauthentication but it does not.
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6 years ago, $Dave$
You should be embarrassed to turn out such awful applications. Takes over iPhone and eliminates everything good and convenient that the phone otherwise offers. On top of that, constantly crashes and reduces productivity. Horrible!
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3 months ago, nehehdhsja
Horrible and useless security features
Provides nothing but the appearance of security. Having to constantly change pin is contrary to every other website. Just the worst experience ever.
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4 years ago, Bcn11
Worst app design I’ve ever seen
Why on earth should I have to download a separate app just to be able to use another 2 separate apps? Not to mention this app doesn’t even work. When prompted to go the Citrix Store, the screen stays blanks after tapping the link. Fix it.
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5 years ago, andybdjgsgbdj
State of the art BAD WORKMANSHIP
in the middle of working the session expires - just the basics of app design doesn’t seem to work! Also every time session expires it does not recognize touch screen login and have to retype the password. Usability and refresh speed etc are poor as well. A clumsy poorly developed app.
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