Citrix Workspace

4.4 (6K)
94.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citrix Workspace

4.37 out of 5
6K Ratings
4 years ago, drewboy84
Great app
Aside from being my personal device, my phone also doubles as my work phone. It’s nice to know that if I needed to jump into work for a moment that I can log in and [kind of] get things done. My only complaint is that even with a large phone screen (iPhone 11 Pro Max), it can be cumbersome to navigate things. Not sure if this is a Citrix app issue or the software that allows me to use Citrix to log in remotely. That’s my only reason for a 4 star rating. While it’s nice to have the option to work whenever/wherever I need to, it sometimes takes pinpoint precision to properly “click” things like scroll bars and drop down menus. Again, not sure if this is the app’s issue, but other than that, great app.
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2 years ago, torylynn13
Was great, now it’s not even good.
I used to be able to use this app just fine on my iPad. Then out of nowhere, it just started acting up on me. I can’t use my magic keyboard unless the onscreen keyboard is toggled. You can imagine how annoying it is to try to work and navigate around your screen with a big digital keyboard in the way. But what really drove this review was that, as of recent, it randomly logs me out multiple times throughout the day. When this happens, it won’t notify me, the only way I know is because the app will start glitching and won’t allow me to click or type anything at all. This obviously is extremely disruptive to my work since I have to log in again every time with a 2-step verification. But as of today, regardless if I’m logged in, the keyboard will not type at all. Keep in mind, my trackpad works just fine, but it doesn’t allow me to actually type. The pop up box for the word suggestions is picking up the letters I enter, but they are not displaying on the virtual desktop. You can see the type tool blinking as it usually does when you’re typing in a Word docs, for example, but no words actually populate. Each time I’ve reached out to Citrix, they tell me they can’t help.
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2 years ago, 231179+
Used to be really good, latest update don‘t recognize external display resolution properly anymore
I used to love this App, however since the last few updates there is a bug/ problem with recognizing external screen resolutions properly leading to a highly skewed picture output on an external monitor when mirroring from an iPad. I‘m sharing this here as a part of my review as unfortunately Citrix makes it impossible for an end user to get help or raise a ticket for this App on their homepage and are always referring you to the IT support from your own company who is administering the system for you. Unfortunately they cannot help with a problem like this which seems to be a bug introduced with one of the latest updates (worked perfectly before). So please dear Citrix developer, if you read this give end users the opportunity to share feedback with you or report a problem and pleas fix this issue as otherwise this becomes very annoying to use. I will defiantly give you 5 stars for this App once the issue is fixed. Thank you.
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5 years ago, 987654321+
New update working well—fast response from iOS development team
I’ve been using the combination of the Citrix Workspace app and its predecessor Citrix Receiver for almost 6 years now and both have been very useful in improving my efficiency during the day as a long distance commuter by allowing me to travel and use my iPad to quickly connect and work remotely on my work’s Citrix servers. Unfortunately, after I updated my iPad to iOS 13, I was no longer able to connect to my work as the iOS 13 update prevented the Workspace app from communicating with my secure browser. I wrote to the iOS Workspace app team and provided them with the technical information about what was preventing me from connecting, and they listened and released an update within a week that got me back connected to my work! Thanks for the great customer service and enabling me to work remotely again.
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2 years ago, LithiumP4
Getting there…
Please give us a way to disable the stupid keyboard bar and the Apple keyboard overlay when a Bluetooth (or wired) keyboard is in use. Also, please find a way to keep it from timing out ~30 seconds after switching focus away from the app. It’s a huge pain to re-enter password + 2FA creeds every time. It would also be awesome if Citrix could use the system-configured mouse tracking speed settings. Also, what’s up with the whole screen moving up an inch every time text is entered with a keyboard? The only way I know how to fix this is to CMD+Tab away and CMD+Tab back to the app. Using an Apple Magic Mouse feels great on an iPad Pro M1 12.9”, but it feels weird within Citrix. It’s hard to describe. Speaking of that, the natural scrolling setting needs to be read from iOS system settings. I had to toggle it off in iOS and again in Citrix to get it working the way I like it.
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7 years ago, JDdockteck
This new 11.0 stinks on functionality.
This app along with numbers and pages and email and whatever goes backwards in functionality whenever you guys make updates. The keyboard stinks now without the forward and backward keys. Was a five star app but you took it down to a four. The only real advantage of the 11.0 update was the storage of photos. I don’t use iCloud storage or any other online storage. So the photos have taken quite a bit off space. Probably find some more stuff as I go along. I think you guys change stuff just to make it new not better. Changing just for change sake is stupid not smart.
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6 years ago, bleakcabal
an abysmal experience on a mobile phone
Citrix Workspace acts no differently than Citrix receiver for our company’s uses. The app we require is useless on a smartphone, and only marginally navigable on a tablet. Access to highly important, time sensitive information takes WAY too long to navigate to. I have much better luck using a different VNC app into my office computer to access the required app within citrix. The full screen view loses itself when a device is rotated and shrinks down to a postage stamp. If the full screen view returns, the same issue happens again upon rotation. Pinch to zoom is buggy, the VM lags like a 75mhz NEC running Win95, and good luck opening most attachments on iOS... Another place where a regular VNC app excels, as I can open attachments on my actual computer for viewing on my smartphone. Trying to add data or attachments to our chosen app is not even possible on this mobile platform.
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3 years ago, Solerider
Almost there...
As soon as they figure out the issue with iOS connected to an external monitor, I will never use a windows machine or laptop again. Otherwise works seem less on my iPad Pro and iPhone 12! Text to talk feature could use a little improvement - makes you watch it delete everything you just typed and then rewrite it with any fixes - kind of bizarre actually. Otherwise surprised how well it works with Apple Pencil. Business could save a lot of money replacing pricey laptops with iPads using Citrix given that all the heavy lifting/computing power is done on the server, not iPad (which is actually pretty powerful now in and of itself!
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2 years ago, jeff79797979
Now worthless on IPad Pro
Recent updates have made Citrix essentially unusable on an IPad Pro with attached keyboard. Screen frequently “scrolls up” I guess to better see the bottom of the screen, but the mouse still works as though the screen never changed, meaning you have to point about an inch above what you want to click to have a chance of clicking on correct button. Also now a large black bar appears across the bottom of the screen with keyboard and other options on it which does an excellent job of covering up a bunch of the screen and when you have a keyboard attached to the iPad is completely useless. Every time you click the icon to make it disappear it comes back a few minutes later. Without an update, has made the IPad Pro unusable on any Citrix based platforms.
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6 years ago, ToddOTodd
I love it
It’s faster than Citrix through my work computer. It’s convenient on my phone but a little harder than an iPad and a lot harder than the computer but fo on the go issues and quick items that need to get handled, I’m so glad there’s a mobile version. I’m not giving five stars because it sometimes takes a while for an app to open and there’s no indication that it’s working. I don’t know if it’s stuck or I’m being impatient. Switching between apps can be clunky at times. Working with an iPad and an Apple pen with a keyboard is the o my way to go.
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5 years ago, Jim19406
App Epitomizes a Horrific iOS Experience
Citrix has managed to develop a truly user-hostile application. The user interface and user experience are clearly designed so that only a highly skilled IT professional with in-depth knowledge of their particular enterprise Citrix implementation has any hope of figuring out how to use even the most basic of functions. And, should something not function as expected, there’s literally no user-friendly help built into the application, and google searches yield only arcane technical discussions that appear to be written in a combination of Mayan, 14th century German, and Etruscan. About the only positive thing I can say about this application is that it’s encouraged me to ensure I have my laptop with me at all times because I certainly can’t rely on Citrix for remote access to the enterprise!
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5 years ago, Stev3.D
Sometimes they just make it buggier
I was really beginning to like this app and then they made a change that screwed it up. The fact that you can pinch-zoom is fantastic. And it used to work well. However, with the recent update (January 2018) the linkage to the mouse’s on-screen location and where the mouse-button click actually lands is broken whenever you are zoomed in. So, zoom in to take a look at something, and don’t bother clicking on it until you zoomed all the way back out again. This is a newly-introduced bug, and since there is no other way for me to report it, I am capturing it in a review and hoping someone from Citrix reads this.
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2 years ago, Ehuizar
It gets worse and worse after each update! It’s almost unusable!
I bought an iPad/Keyboard earlier this year purposely for logging onto Citrix. First few months of using it was great, no issues, worked flawless for me. But each update makes the app worse! I wish I can downgrade. I am on a on-call rotation and you can imagine my frustration when trying to use this app to fix critical issues while I’m away from home. Alternatively I purchased Screens VNC on my laptop at home and just remote into it to log into Citrix. That’s a headache itself with resolution issues but way better then using this app! Citrix Support, stop working backwards and get this working! It’s been at least 2 months since it’s been usable for me.
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5 years ago, BCalveri
Great app, one suggestion
I love this app! It allowed me to fully replace all my tech with just one iPad. I love that because they develop this app I can just carry around an 11 inch iPad Pro as an accountant! One suggestion though. I had a Microsoft Arc Mouse that I absolutely loved. Matched my iPad, just as portable, no wires, but I can only use the Citrix mouse in the Citrix app.. Would there be a huge issue in extending compatibility to any Bluetooth mouse instead of just the Citrix one? I mean, we can use any Bluetooth keyboard.. Still 5 stars, would just love to see this implemented soon.
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3 years ago, DW3551
Does not work!
Update: New issue after July 1 update.. keep getting settings pop up to enable microphone. Hit cancel and pop up comes back a minute later. Did it repeatedly so I selected settings to enable the microphone so I could get some work done and it kicked me out the app.. couldn’t log back in due to below issue still occurring. Really trying to use the app, but it is not useable at all. **** Anytime you have to enter your information 10 -12 times EVERY time just to get connected, is a waste of time. I was so happy to see this was available for my iPad, but this weekend when I needed to use it, it was very frustrating to have to enter my same credentials repeatedly and hope to get connected.
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2 years ago, NLemos81
Magic Keyboard doesn’t work
Since the update, I can only use the keyboard when the icon is enabled, which covers my taskbar in the bottom. Even when it is enabled, my up arrow key doesn’t work unless I press ctrl and the up arrow key. If I try to hide the keyboard icon - then my keyboard doesn’t work at all. I can not split my screens manually anymore. The extended keys show at the bottom, which also covers even more of my taskbar and bottom of my screen. Tons of issues that I was not having before and it is making it near impossible to navigate my Remote Desktop for work. This used to be a wonderful app, and now I have wasted half of my day, trying to navigate around this new update.
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2 years ago, timDA1970
Issues with iPad Pro IOS 15.4.1
I use Workspace often - works great with my older devices! However, I just received a new iPad Pro running IOS 15.4.1 and everything works fine except the mouse. It appears the mouse tracks across the screen, but the left click doesn’t work properly. Even though the mouse moves on the screen, when I left click it will only select something directly in the middle of the screen. Right click functions work fine. I have tried several different mouse devices and none work. These same mouse devices and Citrix Workspace work fine on an older iPad (Air 2) running IOS 14.6). Very frustrating since this is a go-to app for me. Ideally, Citrix resolves this soon.
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4 years ago, PS-iphonex
It works great but one major issue and one minor issue
I am using this app on the new iPad Pro 2020 and it helps me to connect to my work PC. When I connect it to external display(by turning on the External Display setting), the mouse cursor becomes invisible on it and I have to use the iPad screen to navigate. But when I use the low resolution which is same as iPad then it works ok. In that case the display on the external monitor uses just half the monitor. Can you please fix the app to show the mouse cursor in the external display mode? Secondly, I have a windows work PC and my wireless keyboard is also windows. But all the keys like function keys, windows key and other windows shortcuts they don’t work. I can manage this but it will be good if we can have that. Overall experience with the App is really good. But if you fix the first issue, it will make life very easy and I can use my external monitor with its native resolution.
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5 years ago, m@Rty b
iPadOS 13 changes not for better
The Citrix window is now a tab in Safari instead of a full-screen app, which makes it difficult to use. The resolution constantly adjusts every time you touch an icon on the remote Windows desktop. What was once a fast and nimble app is now slow and clunky. Wish I could revert to the old interface. UPDATE: After updating to iOS 13.1.2 and reinstalling Receiver, the issue is resolved. Functionality is restored, and it’s back to being easy to use.
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4 years ago, kendoza
No native iPadOS cursor support
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add native iPadOS cursor support! I love having the flexibility to use my iPad to do work. Now with the introduction of cursor support I can’t help but feel like the capability of this app is crippled. I’ve used the Citrix x1 mouse, but it can only go so far. Scrolling with the mouse is a struggle, its inconvenient to have to carry it around separate from my iPad, and it doesn’t even work well outside of the Citrix Workspace app. I love using my Apple Magic Keyboard’s trackpad, but this app chooses to limit its ability because they sell their own (very expensive) mediocre physical mouse. So developers, I beg of you to please work on native cursor support. We would greatly appreciate all you work in doing so.
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6 years ago, JPEwing
Still can't get anything done
The last few versions of Receiver were pretty stable and good. However, I am finding that version 7.5 is somehow chewing through my battery like mad. I previously could work for 8 hours continuously and end up with 30-40% battery, no I completely run out of battery in 5 to 6 hours. The battery menu in Settings lists that receiver used 95% of the battery power over the past 24 hours. I am really hoping they fix this because it is making it very difficult for me to do my job if I have to plug-in frequently to get through my workday.
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2 years ago, Dr. DAaaVe
Recent update has totally messed up this app
I use Workspace daily for my medical practice and over the past 2 weeks the program is horribly annoying to use o an iPad. The floating keyboard self activates (despite attempts to remove that “feature” in the settings). Often when this happens a space is created at the bottom of the field at which point the mouse clicks do not align with location of the mouse on the screen. Also, if try to multitask I lose the ability to type, so I have to bring back the annoying keyboard which engages that other problem and the vicious cycle continues… Please, for the love of god fix this problem. My patients and I are counting on you.
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4 years ago, JLWIII
20.6.0 Update
I am seeing this mentioned in other reviews. After the latest update the cursor position is not tracking well. You must position the cursor above the line. This is very difficult in certain applications like Excel. Also, now that I am using Teams, Zoom, join me for screen more is it possible to map camera and sound via zen apps. I am having to use iOS apps and then share citrix screen. This may be possible I am just not up to date. This product is good, but it could be much better with a few improvements. Please fix the cursor issue with an update soon. I use an X1.
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6 years ago, Paul D Kaiser
Works well
I work for a company that has an IT department, so they use this app. I don't have a choice. I'm not that tech savvy, but I'm the only one in my department that doesn't use paper. This app allows me to get my census and take a picture of it, edit it pick it up in Notes Writer and make notes on it. It works great. In the past there have been a couple of issues-nobody's perfect. One issue now is that it locks up when I try to remove a patient from the census. So, only four stars.
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4 years ago, Lungs4Lyrics
Doesn’t work with iOS 13.3
Since iOS 13 update, cannot choose this to open .ica files on either my iPad or iPhone, rendering this useless and making it so I cannot open Citrix windows on my devices for work. This needs to be fixed. So far no work arounds published have worked, as Apple iOS does not make it easy to change file associations and apps. Please address and fix this! Same issues when first going to iOS 13 which was briefly fixed, now back again. Very, very frustrating that these two large companies cannot be on the same page with updates and compatibility (Apple and Citrix)
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4 years ago, jk001
Wow. You’ve come a long way.
There was a time when your copy and paste were broken. No way to cop and paste into citrix or vice versa. Fixed. No way to select text as scrolling. Fixed via shift key on toolbar or mouse select. Love what you did with floating keyboard. Can pin shortcut toolbar, minimize keyboard(ios function) and tap keyboard at top and get toolbar at bottom with minimized keyboard. Discovered accidentally. Wow. Or I believe pin shortcuts toolbar, remove keyboard but keep shortcuts at bottom. Very impressive.
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2 years ago, Galen2002
Beware of latest update (V 22.4.6) on iPad!
The app is generally pretty decent, but beware of the latest update (V 22.4.6) as it completely screwed up functionality on my iPad. After updating, my iPad keyboard in the Citrix environment is all messed up - pressing the up arrow moves the cursor down, pressing shift+right arrow instead of selecting text deletes it, pressing ctrl+tab no longer toggles between open windows, etc. Hopefully the developers will fix this right away as it makes working in MS Word or Outlook almost impossible. If you are on an iPad, do yourself a favor and do not update the app until this issue is fixed!
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6 years ago, WyattsWalker
Would be perfect with mouse functionality
I’d love to be able to connect us with an Apple Magic mouse and be able to have full desktop functionality from my iPad. Unfortunately this doesn’t quite get there without that feature in while you can use an Apple Pencil navigate it doesn’t work quite as well on the screen the size of your typical iPad. Not all sad I’m really pleased with the performance and reliability of this current version
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4 years ago, erlyha
Black or no display of Citrix application
When an application is loaded from within the Workspace app, the image loads as a black screen or nothing at all. Changing the display to auto fit to screen while the application is still open then makes it display, but then depending on the app loaded and if high resolution, the image is a little pixelated/blurry. This became an issue with the most recent update and current version of this Workspace app at the time of this review. The convenience of connecting through an iOS app is great, so please fix! I would give it a higher review if this issue is resolved.
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6 years ago, KBBCReviews
Good when it works, rarely works
This app is key for me to do my job—I really have no other choice. When it works it’s amazing. The problem is that it almost never works on the first try. Almost every time I want to login anew, I have to delete the app, hard restart my computer, re-download the app, and pray it works. I just came off a bender where I tried probably 12 times and nothing. Unfortunately I rely on this app for my job so this is incredibly frustrating. I did buy the mouse to go with it, which completely transformed the way I work at home. I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, Edward Dansen
Update - share sheet issue resolved
Thanks for the reply, Citrix. I think my issue may have been resolved with the latest update. I was unable to manually open the .ica files because I was unable to select "Open in Workspace" as in option when clicking on the share button for the file. Workspace works alright on iPad. Not a great experience but it is functional for the most part.
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4 years ago, stabilitant-22
Alright,Alright, Alright!
This is a great way to connect to my work windowz machine. Fast, simple connections. I gotta saw my works infrastructure is top notch so that is why this app performs well. And on an iPad controlling my work machine a couple of cities away is amazing. Cant beat it in these uncertain times. Don’t you dislike the overuse of “uncertain times”? What is certain is that Citrix are wizards on remote access- riding a blue and white hot lightning bolt of innovation and simplicity.
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3 years ago, Serra.Rose
Great app but keeps crashing
I love this app.. Very user friendly. I use this app all the time so my job consists of me being on 48 hours of call a weekbut I’m giving it 3 stars because for the past month as soon as I try to open Epic it crashes & brings me back to my Home Screen. I have to delete the app & reinstall it which will work for a few times but eventually it crashes again. So I have to constantly delete it & download it again hence my 3 star rating,
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5 years ago, FrostyTheJoeMan
If your having trouble logging on...
This product works fine, here is how you use it: 1. Download and install Workspace 2. Do not use the User Name and Password sections on Workspace opening screen! 3. Once you have installed it, Go to your Citrix Server webpage online, whatever that may be, and log into it with your credentials 4. When the Citrix Server pushes you the .ICA file, press open with Workspace You will then be logged into your Citrix session and you can use the biometric reader (if you have one) to authenticate each time thereafter. You only have to do this once, after the initial setup, you just press the Workspace app, press your finger to the reader, and your Citrix session will start.
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6 years ago, jeffrush
Good for remote access
This app is a surprisingly quick way to gain remote access to my work applications. Quicker than accessing it via a laptop or desktop. It also scales nicely to the high resolution of my iPad Pro - see more of the screen without scrolling unlike my laptop. Generally works very well and there have been some nice enhancements over the years.
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3 years ago, Citrix Workspace Help Please
Issues logging in
I really want to be able to use this app for work, but unable to log in. Really frustrating. My company’s tech support has told me it is hit or miss with this app and has no solution for me. I was able to log in 1 time and it worked well, but I have tried 20-30 times over the last 2 months with no luck. I’ve even powered off the iPad, deleted the app, downloaded it again…tried everything to try to reset and restart. Is there anything else that can be done to make this usable? Thank you
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3 years ago, Value22
Problem with iPad Pro
Would love it, but within a few minutes the program always crashes with an error. Works very well on my iPad mini, butCan never get the iPad Pro to work without crashing. Even attempted to upgrade from 2018 iPad Pro to latest version, still has error only on iPad Pro. Reinstalled the operating system, and reinstalled program, did everything I could think of and still has problem with iPad Pro only. Very frustrating as I am medical professionals just trying to get work done, and I’m stuck having to use my iPad mini for some bizarre reason.
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2 years ago, Terminator555677722279:777643
Performance issues on iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard
Wonderful having a very of this app that runs on iPad Pro, however, speed concerns and poor Magic Keyboard integration stop it from being as good as the Mac version. Command, option, and alt keys are not recognized when using the app with the magic keybord. Only left ctrl can be used to launch the start menu of the Windows machine. Teams meeting lag was a significant issue, which is weird because it’s very smooth on Intel Mac. There may be a way to gain a huge performance edge optimizing for the M1 chips performance. I really would love to have a full remote developer experience through and iPad Pro, and this software is very close to delivering that.
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1 year ago, Epic. 🐍
Cannot use iPad Magic Keyboard
EDIT: Great app! The Magic Keyboard works now!! Updating review as there’s no way to submit bug issues so had to post it here. One small thing: Not sure how key-holds are processed bc logging in to a windows machine, “alt+tab” to switch between windows doesn’t work as expected as it removes the keyhole of alt in less than a second. — Old Issue — The app does not seem to support using iPad’s Magic Keyboard and Trackpad (iPad Air 5th Gen) for the cursor and keyboard use. Moving the cursor / clicking does nothing and I need to use the touch screen for everything which defeats the purpose of having this equipment and app on the iPad.
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4 years ago, Nigerian user
Works but needs native access to microphone
Compared to the using Citrix on the Microsoft surface which gives programs access to the native audio input and output, Citrix on the iPad does not, does app like Dragon one medical would not work without using an external audio source like PowerMic mobile, which I have not been able to get work, aside from this, I appears stable.
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2 months ago, Pewter1pewter
Unable to pinch and zoom with iPad
The current version took away the ability to pinch and zoom with iOS/iPad. This makes it next to impossible for me to move the screen around. I have to toggle the keyboard off completely to see what I have typed since the keyboard takes up over half the screen. Will change my rating if there is a settings change that is available or if there is an update to resolve to this issue.
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5 years ago, karaoke_lola
Great for working on the go
I often have to work remotely and having quick access to my company’s work documents is great. The maneuvering within the app (using Excel, for example) can be difficult. I find it’s easier to use this on my iPad but I typically need to access it from my phone. Very handy. Makes life a bit easier when I’m not able to be at my desk.
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2 years ago, t.lo7698
Signing In is too much!
I am sick and tired of signing into this dang app. Weather I go to another app or let the screen timeout it always requires me to re-enter my password. It gets old. Add a settings option to turn this off or at least stay signed in for much longer periods of time. It use to load back up automatically after I would wake up my iPad but now I have to close the app all together and start it back up from the beginning. Terrible
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7 years ago, Angie4583
I wanted to get work done.
First of all, why is the screen so tiny and forget about pressing and buttons or scrolling. I have not seen any google links to tell me how to fix this. But my biggest issue is once my desktop is up, my task bar at the bottom of the screen is completely frozen. So when I open multiple application windows, I can see the open application windows but I cannot click the other applications to toggle between them, which means I can't get anything done. Useless. I would love a paid version with better functionality.
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5 years ago, Sandstorm43
Love/Hate Relationship
Using EPIC with the Citrix receiver had been great for the last 6 months. However, after the most recent iPad software update, EPIC on Citrix has been buggy and continues to freeze in the middle of me putting in orders. I don’t know if the issue is on the Citrix side or the iTunes software side, but it is now a huge issue and greatly impairs my ability to work on the go from inside the hospital or check on my patients outside the hospital. I hope someone on here knows of a fix for this newfound problem.
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3 years ago, Shags1946
Can not use Apple Keyboard with Citrix
I have been using this app since March 2019 with my iPad and Bluetooth keypad. Citrix updated there app and now the keypad space bar and arrow keys do not work. I have called by support staff at work. They say they cannot do anything since I’m using my own equipment. Citrix says they have to talk to my companies support person listed on the contract. Others have had the same problem when I googled the problem. The keyboard works on every other program I use. Does anyone have a work around or suggestion ? Getting nothing done with Citrix.
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6 years ago, Dhshdushshahsudkvof
Very nice
It does what it’s supposed to very well. You’re controlling a remote machine from a phone. The interface is clunky but that’s because you’re using a touchscreen to control a mouse interface. Could use a few more functionality boosts like automatically loading a keyboard, but overall it increases my productivity substantially
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3 years ago, Tri Guy 56
Remote Access
This app allows me to continue to do business with my customers, even at 35,000 feet in an airplane! My screen is exactly as it is in my office, with the same functionality. It has made my vacations easier and I’m able to take care of customers efficiently. Game changer.
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1 year ago, JeffDible
Even worse than before.
I still have the problem of not being able to do 2 consecutive Citrix sessions with the installed copy of the App. I have to delete the App, download it again, launch it, and start over. I just did that, and I find that after connecting, neither my on-screen keyboard nor an external keyboard will wake up and work with any application on the other computer to whose desktop I have connected. Utterly worthless. Citrix engineers obviously don’t give a wet slap or a tinker’s cuss about iPad users.
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2 years ago, tomiwah
Most Recent Update Breaks External Display Support
Citrix continues to roll out half-baked updates that ruin support for peripherals on the iPad. Most recent issue is external display support. The iPad app no longer properly recognizes external displays. As a result, it displays only on the top 2/3 of the external display. For reference, I am using a 2K external display that previously worked seamlessly with the Citrix iPad app. Recent updates have also caused issues with keyboard compatibility. Previously, trackpad and mouse issues that still are not fully resolved.
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