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Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cleaner-App

4.5 out of 5
4 Ratings
7 years ago, Mamamick_ri
As good as or better than the more popular “app cleaner"
I almost downloaded and purchased what looks like the more popular App Cleaner in the App store. Always looking for the best apps in all categories, I rely heavily on reviews. Knowing some devs and companies pay for thier reviews or solicit them in other manipulative ways, that is not my only criteria. I had already used this app in the past and knew I liked it. The other app charges $9.99 for the “pro” version. All the free version does (for both apps) is scan the computer. If you want to actually remove the files, you have to pay for the “pro” version. While that is a little pricey for this type of tool, I have paid more for apps that do less, if I want them bad enough. Before I committed, I figured I would give this app one more try. I’m so glad I did!! Thefre is no possible way that the other app is any more thorough than this little work horse. It’s fast, has a small footprint, and not only scans the application folder, but also the system service files and removes them as well. Once I saw the much more affordable price tag of $3.99 for this pro version, I knew I was making the right choice and committed without hesitation. Thank you for not being a greed monster Sergiy Savenko @ Nektony!
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6 years ago, leebee1100
Essential - Should be included in
- Short summarized review - If you like keeping your computer as streamlined as possible and the idea of random useless files left behind by apps even if you 'deleted' them, get the app. - - Detailed review - I had no idea how much junk was left behind every time that I 'deleted' an app. This app is also great for generally resetting applicatioms back to their 'default' state. For instance, I was having a very irritating problem with the photos app on the latest macOS version I just installed (Mohave). It would just crash as soon as I opened it and I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong. I finally decided to use this app to search for everything related to the app (application cache, log files, photo library ... etc) and I just deleted everything. Everything works perfectly now. app is so useful for anything from removing all the crap left behind when you 'delete' an app to resetting applications to their default settings (troubleshooting). Honestly I don't buy in-app purchases for anything but I actually bought the $4.99 upgrade thing. -
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6 years ago, Mini Moonks
Works great and removed Outlook 2016 on my Mac
Downloaded and purchased the Pro version right awaying after going through the reviews and seeing so many positive ones about this app. There are a lot of apps out on the internet that claim to remove apps, but I was hesitant of them since I didn’t trust them and didn’t see any reviews on them. FYI - to remove programs, you’ll need to purchase the Pro version for $4.99. For the price, it’s worth it. I’ve been wanting to uninstall Outlook 2016 on my MAC since I don’t use it and was looking for an app that would completely remove Outlook along with all associated files in the /Library folder without me having to manually go through folders. It appears this app worked and I checked through the /Library folders and did not see any traces of Outlook files. Also, this app found leftover files of apps I previously deleted so another “thumbs up”! The interface is easy to use!!
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6 years ago, Vic Norman
Fight back against sneaky developer “implants”!
App cleaner for me has become an invaluable tool. This has a lot to do with developers making it impossible to completely uninstall apps that offer free trials. A perfect case is Cold Turkey. I read about it and decided to give it a free try. But after a few minutes I knew it wasn’t for me. Then came the hard part: uninstalling. I had forgotten I have App Cleaner so I started with going to Finder and moving Turkey to trash. Impossible to do. Mac message kept saying it was still running. Try Force Quit but it’s not even listed. Went online. There seem to be at least 20 posts about how nefarious Cold Turkey is when you try and get it out completely. Fortunately I remembered I had boiught app cleaner. Opened the app and it completely “axed" Cold Turkey in less than 15 seconds. Support if you need it is very high level and response is less than 24 hours. this app is a must.
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7 years ago, Tigo Unlimited
Best in breed!
Well-worth the price for anyone who strives to keep their OS mean and lean! Have wasted countless hours over the years with apps that claim to remove all traces of a program, only to find bits scatered through the OS thereafter. App Cleaner is as straightforward and effective as the name implies. I’ve had it for a few years and havee run it through the inquisition by uninstalling then re-installing apps a few times and verifying the results with folder and Spotlight searches. Hasn’t failed me yet. This new Extension Manager is a welcome upgrade as it removes my one minor gripe with earlier releases. Sometimes the old versions would segregate extensions ans installers as “remainders” and you’d have to nuke them that way. This new tweak streamlines the process as well providing another handy way to keep tabs on which extension are running or not.
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5 years ago, M. Daguerre
No longer has ability to clean apps
Apple forced the developer to remove the functionality this app was built around: completely erasing apps and related debris. This app has now morphed into an entirely different app that simply erases files. It is helpful to locate the largest files, and their execution is well done, but no more intelligent app-cleanings. I don't like the deceptive language the update was pushed out with, mentioning only the added display of the largest files (which was not strictly new) and with no mention that the app had been gutted. I have seen this behavior before with other apps, and I'm not sure if Apple prohbits developers' complaining on the App Store, or if it's an attempt to limit the flight of the customer base. All this harsh language aside, these folks made a great, useful app for many years with a good interface. I'm sorry to see it go, and I hope they find additional success in the future.
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7 years ago, LeisureSuitLarry9
Very good app - can’t accidentally remove programs
I have used another app remover program for several years but it is not sold in the app store which I find to be inconvenient so I searched for a replacement and install App Cleaner. One feature I really like is that you have to confirm you really want to remove a program. With the previous cleaner I used, it was possible to accidenttally drag the wrong app icon from finger onto it’s window and zzzzzapppp!!! it was gone! Did that once with the wrong program but much less likely with App Cleaner. The other nice touch is the way App Cleaner asks if it can do a scan for existing apps in case you have added a lot since the last time. My last comment is on the price. It’s a good program and a great value.
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6 years ago, kamots22
First suggestion is go to the FAQ page & even then, learn to read between the lines. Short version….this app deleted 5 years of compiled work in the app Hazel Helper by deleting files from the preferences folder that it saw as extensions. Yes….I emptied the trash. [kind of the purpose of saving space & cleaning up isn’t it] I contacted support & they said “look in the trash”….doh! Spent $100 trying to recover the deleted files to no avail. Long version….this app worked fine for removing apps…sort of. The reason I deleted the Hazel helper files is I got to comfortable with the app. Complacency leads to disaster in my case. What it should do, is only remove files related to the app your are removing. In my case, it was a trial PDF app & the name was not even close to HazelHelper. My suggested fix if you choose to use App Cleaner is to do a full Time machine back up before running it. My fault for not doing that. I won’t let them take all the blame in this, I played my part….when you play your part, be smarter than I was.
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5 years ago, Butchmeister1
"Show Room" App
First, the app isn't free. The software you download will show what the features are capable of doing - but that's about it. The vendor should be straight forward and just state the app is ten bucks. The software isn't bad, but it's basically not useable unless you purchase. Kind of like looking at a new car, you don't get the ignition key until you buy it! One last thing, which I feel is becoming annoying - Family Sharing. Vendors constantly say they have family sharing - but you really can't share this app with other macs in the house unless you again purchase the individual pro version at $10 a pop. Nowadays, many families have more than one Mac in the house -- so do the math, if you want to use this app, it can quickly become EXPENSIVE! As always, "caveat emptor". I hope the review helped you to decide if this is the best app as advertised.
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7 years ago, BunnyVonPink
Great App To See What’s Taking Up Your Space
Having a Mac Air is great but the space is taken up quickly and it leads to alot of lag when you play games, etc. This app is great for quickly rounding up your apps and letting you see the top space eaters. I was surprised to see how much some of them took, one I found took up 18GB! An APP!!! And it rounds up everything that goes with the app. The things you can never find that bug the crap out of you when you see the name of the app still in your computer but you can’t find where it’s coming from. The free version is really helpful but I say go pro, it’s ot that much money and it gets rid of everything. I think it’s a must have. I love it.
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6 years ago, Thebusy
Uninstalled Norton
I had problems with installing a new version of Norton since an old version of Antivirus and an old version of Endpoint kept eachother from uninsalling completely which was making my new insall unsuccessful. I threw $5 at this app and while it wasn’t able to unisntall everything automatically (I wasn’t expecting it was going to with it being anti virus software) it did isolate the remaining locked elements and listed where they were all located so I could trash/delete them manually. After a few munites of click find trash and repeat, my new norton was able to install and all is working again. Worked better than the Norton uninstall. Great app
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7 years ago, mathieut
Far from finding/removing everything
I just downloaded this based on the glorious reviews it’s been receiving. Admittedly my goal was to locate application files in order to manually move them to my new Mac (as opposed to using Migration Assistant), but my comments still apply to the “cleaning” aspect of the app. It just doesn’t find everything. In particular, it occasionally leaves entire app-specific folders in Application Support (“occasionally” as in 3 of the 5 apps I actually needed it for — a small sample, granted). Which I suppose is okay once you figure it out (you can manually seek the folders), but 1) it made me wonder what else this App could be missing, and 2) it definitely doesn’t perform as well as it claims to. 3 stars because it still provides a decent start to an actually thorough cleanup.
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6 years ago, bvmsckhycr
I have come to depend on this app and I like it very much
Until 2014, I considered very techinical. I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1976 and my advisor was a Turing Award winner. Unfortunately, my heridity caught up with me in 2014 when I have to have surgery to correct a leaky mitral valve in my heart. One common side effect of this kind of surgery is that it can have a big impact on your cognitive ability. That has been my fate. I now find it difficult to do many of the things that use to be what I really enjoyed doing. With this app I still I still fee comfortable managing or deleting apps. I assure it is very straightforward to use and I still remain confident in usuing it. I am really most grateful for it..
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7 years ago, I.M. Cazador
Terrific, Simple to Use, Effective - App Cleaner & Unintaller
I have tried other app cleaners and garbage collectors in Windows and Mac and they have fallen short on promises and basic features at risk of destabalizing the machines. App Cleaner is a different story. I have come to rely upon App Cleaner. It is very simple to use and effectively finds and displays all remnants of an application so you understand exactly what will happen before you execute. It is clear what is going to be removed. I have used this product for about three weeks now. I’ve updated my MacBook Pro, installed Outlook 2016 (three times) and several other maintenance cleanup chores. I recommend you give it a try. Happy cleanup all ya'll!
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6 years ago, ELH08
Deep Cleans Unwanted Files
I tried, and tried, to manually get rid of a very annoying Wacom icon showing up in my taskbar. Even after deleting all known files, and using force quit in Activity Monitor, the Wacom icon would again insert itself upon ever restart and partially rebuild files I had already deleted. The App Cleaner and Uninstaller was successful in finally removing all Wacom files from my Mac, and rid my taskbar of the icon. Plus, I discovered many other leftovers from other apps over the years that are now removed as well. However, all the deep file cleaning I mentioned was only possible with the paid version, which I was happy to pay.
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7 years ago, CD Wyte
NO problems, great results.
After years of using Appcleaner and Uninstaller I don’t know if it still offers drag and drop, but I never tried that feature. It is much safer, to my mind, to see all I am about to remove before I press “REMOVE." This app remover has worked very well on quickly removing many apps. It shows me what specific items will be deleted and where they are, before I give final approve for removal. I search my harddrive after each removal for anything with the removed app’s name or file extension. I have never found any trace of any deleted app and have never experienced any other problems of any kind.
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6 years ago, TVBA
Simple, no developer tricks, fully uninstalls apps
This was the first app that I tried that actually let me ‘clean apps’ without any tricks or last minute ‘pay $2.99 to uninstall this app!’ I was so happy about the simplicity of this app I paid for the full version, it’s refreshing in a sea of junkware on the app store to find an app that does what you need without needing to be flashy. Download this app if you want to fully uninstall applications simply and easily. The app is about 16mb, and the full version lets you manage startup items and delete bulky excess items like installations or browser extensions.
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5 years ago, Ktbcaligirl
I’m confused but happy
Not really sure what kind of wizardry just happened but I’ve been deleting fines all day to no avail. Had 4 gigs available then decided to download this. I manually deleted a couple duplicate files it listed. Thought it didn’t really do anything but all the sudden I check my storage and suddenly have 20 gigs available. I’m very confused and not sure if all the files I deleted before finally synced up or what. But the most logical reason is that it was this app. Not sure how. Not sure when. But I’m happy to have some storage again!
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7 years ago, zezee3
Once I found this App. all the lost and hidden files from old installer apps, etc., that were never removed and still liingering around in my system were finally all cleaned up and out. This app has given me back over 2 GIGS of free pace. Fantastic App. Does just what it says it is supposed to do, is very easy to use and works excellently. I would recommend this ap to anybody who has done a lot of installing and uninstalling of apps. It works really, really well. Terrific App. Best App for totally removing every bit of n application that you want to delete.
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6 years ago, Gamer3475
Awesome App!
This app is great. I was a dedicated PC user who just recently switched to using Macs full time. One of the features on a PC that I missed on a Mac was the Uninstall menu in Control Panel. In this area you could easily see all applications currently installed on your PC and then easily remove/uninstall them with one click. Moving to a Mac, this feature was not duplicated by Mac OS for whatever reason so finding this app really fills in that gap for me. I purchased the Pro version to get the very convienant one click uninstall feature (just like a PC) and I am very happy. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Theo void
Great App - Feels good to know its DELETED FOR REAL!
I used to use the remover app with the little brown grocerybag icon. But I read the reviews for this and they were all good. I went to use it and it showed me all the related files of the app i wanted to delete but said I had to upgrade to “pro” to use it. It was only $3.99 and it was totally worth it! Ive always been a bit paranoid about all the p-lists and preference files that apps leave behind after being deleted. This app puts my mind at ease. It’s a lot more important to me now because my internal ssd is not very big. Great app!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Carl1t0ez
Amazing support
This was one of my go-to apps for keeping my Mac running smooth. I used to use a different, well-known app but the pricing for the pro version of that other app became untenable. I decided to give Cleaner-App (and at the time, Uninstaller) a try and was not disappointed. It quickly became one of my essential apps. The Mac App Store has gone thru some changes and amazingly, the company behindi this program still stands by their product. I was ready to ask Apple for a refund but the support people won me back. This app is great!
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6 years ago, Jeff_in_California
Sped up my Mac, very Happy!
I got this app after seeing the many positive reviews and in my personal experience it was a good choice. After running it and getting rid unneeded items (mostly fragments from apps no longer on my machine), a quick reboot revealed much better performance. Some of the app fragments had been around since the mid-2000s when I had prior Macs…these items had carried over through Time Machine all these years. My poor computer had become somewhat of a hoarder!
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6 years ago, Allison Jane Doe
Full Start-up Disc
I just recently had to deal with cleaning up my startup disc and the other free trial app was trying to charge 40$ and after I wanted to remove it for the price it tried to offer me 50% off, Still too much considering you can do it yourself. This app helps you find the extra files connected to the apps while you are trashing them so you don’t have to search them out. It’s free and the upgrade is $4. Much more reasonable considering it isn’t that tough to fix.
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6 years ago, stevenpyoung
Perfect for me!
I had always recommended this app because it makes sure everything related to an app you want to remove is completely removed. Dragging an app from the Applications folder doesn't always do the trick. I wasn't thinking about the AC&U app. I hadn't used it for months and today, I dragged an app to the Trash and App Clearner & Uninstaller popped up asking if I wanted to remove all of that app. It found additional items I never would have known to remove. Just Awesome!
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6 years ago, BuckarooBeer
One Stop Unistaller…KISS Keep It Stupid Simple :-P
Love this app, was trying to do some summer cleaning on my macbook and ended up by accident finding out about this app, user friendly and simple, it’s almost just like Windows’s “Program/Software Uninstaller” :-D I highly recommended this app for those that want to perform thorough cleaning of their unused or expired software without leaving unncessary file traces bits and crumbs that will only take up space. I upgraded to the Pro version for 4.99 and it was worth the investment ;-)
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7 years ago, Astros 2017 World Series
Great App
I’ve used this app for several years without any problems. I’m frequently surprised how many little “tentacle” files some of these applications have, and I don’t have the expertise to find and delete everything. This app solves the problem and could not be simpler to use. I’m deleting three old applications I no longer use and they have 172, 277 and 100 items respectively. Yikes! What a pain that would be without this app.
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7 years ago, rickhartmanii
it just works!
With a clean easy to use interface and multiple checks to make sure you really want to delete what you’re getting ready to remove…what more can you ask for. I highly recommend this app. It is nice knowing you got rid of all of the pieces of the app and when you storeage starts to fill up because of all of the junk left over from removed apps you’ll be glad you got it. I know I am!
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6 years ago, Picklepop
Now my favorite file removal tool
I just spent maybe half an hour tryng to remove a file from my computer. I wasn’t making any progress, so I thought I needed a powerful helper, and the reviews directed me to this app. It worked!! I no longer have thet app that wanted to stay with me forever. Now I’m going to check out some of this company’s other apps on the theory that if they made this great app, their other apps are certainy worth examining.
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7 years ago, Chicapingping
Simple and does what I want
Most of the time on my desktop I simply use Apple’s process for removing applications, but occassionally there will be something that doesn’t remove itself as easily …I recently upgraded to newer software from another developer and couldnt get rid of their older version using the normal process. I used this software and it did a great job, quickly and easily. I’ll be using this in the future.
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7 years ago, alexa.kar
new version is awesome
I’m impressed with the app’s new version. Really good job! As usual user friendly and quick work. It’s possible to remove apps completely without going to Library and removing service files from there manually every time. With the app I do it in one click. I can see a list of biggest and unused apps, find remains and disable login items and other system extensions. Thanks for the app.
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7 years ago, BrianSouthBay
Breaks Down App Package = Options = Good Thing
What’s going on? The past couple years I have paypal receipts for nothing but…maintenance, troubleshooting, debugging, dup-finding, fat-trimming…Our unfathomably boundless systems are all pushed to the gills. And why wouldn’t they be? And orphan apps? “When the hell I did I buy 3 ‘How to Play Backjack” apps?” It doesn’t matter. This app does what it says it does and it’s pretty-derp-proof. Because I’m an idiot. Despite working in technology. (The Apple Photos/Cloud situation? I’m ready to go back to flips. And I’m not smiling.) App Cleaner = AAA
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7 years ago, misterarthur
What’s not to like?
Was able to locate and delete annoying pieces of applications and utilities I thought I had completely deleted. (Avira, for example. I ran the Avira uninstaller, and then used App Cleaner & Uninstaller, which revealed a number of piece of Avira still on my machine. I’m very pleased. Works as promised. When you’re trying to clean up your Mac, be sure and look under this app’s extensions and remains tabs. Terrific free app. Nothing not to like about it.
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6 years ago, dougsooners
just what I needed
I was very hesitant at first but this app has saved my computer from my stupidity. I had malware switching my search from google to bing. When i would look up how to fix it, info was outdated. I spent the money to get the pro version and not only did it fix my problem, it got rid of A Lot of other things. I highly recomend as of now. Hopefully they will keep up the great work
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7 years ago, bartleby1853
Better than the Others
At the end of the day, there’s nothing to app removal that anyone reading this couldn’t do for themselves, so in one sense this app, like the others, isn’t really necessary. That said, this one is sufficiently well-written that it retrieves the many files (daemons, preferences, etc) that simply plopping an app in the Trash will not locate and delete, and that puts it a notch above the others. Don’t think there’s a need for the paid version, but that’s up to you.
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5 years ago, Texconsin
Vital app for your Mac’s health (and perhaps your own!)
Keep it clean…no, not your language, but your Mac. This is a very easy to understand and use app. And, if you’re an old PRO user and no longer have the capability to uninstall apps and all their little tenacles, contact Serge with proof of your in-app purchase and he’ll get you back up to speed. Thanks, Serge! Your have business ethics that the rest of the industry could use!
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6 years ago, It’a a secret, and….
Help at last!
I’m a Mech/Elect equipment repair person by trade! I’ve downloaded pop ups and even paid for junk, buying one to remove the last download only to be stuck with the latest! This app lowered my blood pressure by removing my daily fear of unremovable apps still present while I’m online! Plus it cleans remains of the drop and drag to trash remains left that I didn’t know about. Thank You
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5 years ago, Elly201
This app is not what it used to be
Very recently this app has changed from being an app that uninstalls programs and other things (after paying for the pro version) to now just removing random files on your computer. Whether or not "Apple has changed their policies" it would have been in their best interest to let their users know in some kind of announcement. Now this app is such a scam. It doesn't make sense why they would completely redesign everything and limit it as much as they did, they're not to be trusted. I'm done with this app. It's so sad they have to cheat people to make a profit.
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6 years ago, Danielsc2010
Look No More- This is the only application removal tool that you need
I tried other uninstall removal applications, but to find traces of what I removed while searching hidden on my computer. This application fully removes unwanted applications for good without levaing any scragler files. I diffenetly recomend this application. I went with the pro version to get the most out of its features.
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7 years ago, Maths+
App Cleaner and Uninstaller easy to use
Very easy App to use. It uninstalls the App and all its executable and binary files. Everything that the user wanst uninstalled is put in two panes,1) the app, and 2) the secondary material. Nothing is immediately erased so that the user can return to all choices and decide if that app is to be uninstalled.I recommend it and its upgrade because this app is so easy to use.
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7 years ago, Mrs.A.K.
great app
I use this app very often to keep my Mac clean. It does its work quickly and perfectly. I love the new feature - a possibility to manage extensions. Previously I tried to disable launch agents via system preferences, however, for some app it didn’t work. App Cleaner even allow to remove extensions so now it’s easier to enable\disable extensions.
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6 years ago, Time_Explorer
Just Amazing!
Like wow, Scoob it's got everything! This is the best application uninstaller I’ve ever used. It found all kinds of extra files I would never have otherwise. It goes into subfolders and even has the option if you delete an application from the Finder it will detect that it’s gone and show what you missed. Highly recommend!!!
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6 years ago, Emperor Cow
Great software. Could avoid targeting at editor configuration files.
The software is very neat. It finds debris of softwares that I thought I have deleted, and it removes very fast. It seems that it does not recognize some configs files and treat them as "Remains". For example. my .vim folder and .emacs.d folders are both regarded of as remains, and as a developer you certainly don't want to lose them.
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7 years ago, ika
Very intelligent and thorough
Extremely happy with the results - thorough understanding of all parts of Mac application infrastructure and intelligent scanner allow this utility to do a superb job at cleaning out unwanted applications, without leaving a trace - freeing up ton of space and keeping things tidy. I have tried many other similar utilities and am definitely very impressed with this one.
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6 years ago, Tom-throws-bricks-at-podcast
Better than Malware Utilities
I had been trying to hunt down SearchPage malware hiding in some directory somewhere. There was a message about an “uninstaller” crashing on every restart. I couldn’t track down the path. Symantec didn’t work. Malwarebytes didn’t work. Onyx didn’t do it (although I love Onyx). I downloaded App Cleaner and found it immediately. Very satisfying.
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5 years ago, Elwood Mencken
Not happy.
I spent several hours scanning and meticulously picking through 100’s of duplicated files to remove them. Not nearly finished, I decided to call it a day, and delete what I had checked off. Surprise! This “free app” isn’t free. When you are told (after all that work) that now you have to pay to delete them. Very cheesy, deceptive tactic. Especially, when nothing is said about this in the app’s description. Very disappointed with Apple about this. I have never had such a headache with their apps. If I could give this app a minus rating, I would.
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7 years ago, Master Control Program Tron
A must have. No exceptions.
This is a must have for all users. It is the Add / Remove programs that Mac OS does not have. Yes there is a way to drag an icon and uninstall an app without this. However, while that works most of the time, it does not work all of the time, and it does not get everything an app leaves behind. This gets it all and keeps your MAC OS in new shape.
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5 years ago, aranurea
UPDATE: Removed App Cleaning functionality
After the latest update that made the app compliant with app store guidelines, but removed core funstionality, I contacted Nektony support and they graciously provided me with a license key to use the older version of the app from their website. They didn't have to, but they're committed to their product. Top notch support. Much appreciated.
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6 years ago, agill13
Saved My Mac
I was having all kinds of problems with CPU spiking and having to force close applications, killing my FCPX workflow. I never review apps, but I used this app to clean up my appliation documents (less than 5 min) and haven't had a problem since. It's nice to see an App Cleaner application that ACTUALLY WORKS and doesn't mess other things up along the way.
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6 years ago, f_adri
Useless, unless you pay
Downloaded the app to uninstall “Opera Browser”, that is not showing on my application list for some reason. Seemed a great way to find the sneaky app and get rid of it once and for all, if it wasn’t that I would have to purchase the PRO subscription to “complete the uninstall process”. Would advise to devs to make this app come with a price altogether rather than having it listed and “free” just for then finding out that we need to pay in order to do the basic thing that the app promises. Costumers feels tricked this way.
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