Cleaner Guru: Cleaning App

4.6 (39.3K)
139.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
GM UniverseApps Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cleaner Guru: Cleaning App

4.55 out of 5
39.3K Ratings
4 years ago, asatw
Excellent app! 💕
Personally I totally recommend this cleaner. I was trying to use another one (don’t remember the name) and I guess there was smth wrong with the scanning algorithm, cause it suggested me to delete photos that weren’t event a duplicates. This app doesn’t have this problem. Don’t know how they do it, but it’s smth really cool! Normally, I take a lot of photos at a time, you know to find the best angle for the best pic and that’s why my iphone is a mess 🙈 Every month I clean my storage with this app, delete duplicates of a photos and that’s a real lifesaver (yeah it is)! It’s fast, looks nice and perfectly finds duplicates. All that I needed. My only criticism is the video. Why this app still can’t find duplicates of a video? It would be very hot, cause video take up much space. I think it’s obvious, don’t know why developer haven’t done this. Bu the way, I’m a PRO use (as they call it), I bought a subscription and can’t wait when they introduce another plans, more cheeper of course 😄😄 Hope developers will heed my view. Cheers
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7 months ago, Pscyo33ww
I tried your app. It merged a few contacts that’s about it. As for my pictures it wanted to delete a lot of them just delete and everything’s good,,,not, also the same with my videos app wanted to delete the large videos I’ve taken but not the other downloaded movies I can do without. All this app is really for is absolutely nothing it isn’t worth no kinda money at all. I don’t get it who would at $25 a month for this crap in my case it would’ve been $30.. also I’m writing this review for 2 reasons first I had a week trial period I canceled the trial period and I was charged $6.99 for premium but wait there’s 2 kinds of premium a $4.99 and a $6.99 so they nail you with a extra $2.00 charge for a 1 week premium app that isn’t worth 2 cents or downloading for that matter. I give it 0 stars due to the app wants to just delete anything it thinks the amount of personal information and other sneaky things they don’t need to have. There are free apps that are so much better than this spying, snooping and having data they shouldn’t have and they know it too. And developers owners don’t comment and say sorry about your experience blaa blaa blaa we will use this info to make app bettter,, I unsubscribed and deleted ap through apple like it said to and they charged me the 2 tier premium… sneaky app that gets that extra $$ from how many people a day its 0 stars for a app that’s worth 0.00
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4 years ago, Mganwe Shikoto
Cool application!!!
Helped me a lot to get rid of so many unnecessary photos, videos, documents and doubled contacts. Now I have 2 times more free memory to fill with something I really need. I was afraid to clean my phone and loose some important files forever, but this app kindly suggested me to remove files I was not using for very long time and files where deleted only after I approved it. Deleted files are stored in trash bin (folder “deleted photos” for example if we are talking about photos and videos). This was the first time I used such a program, previously I used to delete all photos manually and it was soooooo long and boring. Now I am sure that my phones’ small memory of 64gb is used with its maximum efficiency, as I receive suggestions what to delete at least once in a few days. I have no more problems with not being able to use my camera because of memory overload)) same with opening messengers, my device in general started working much better. I am sure this app is worth trying for any smartphone owner, who uses phone for more purposes in spite of making calls and texting!! Highly recommend
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5 months ago, Business App Man
Worst app ever
I used this app and in the beginning it seemed like a great app. Then when I used the merge contact feat and tried to clean up my contacts. It messed up not only my phone but any other contact transfers to any new phones any time I tried to do a data transfer the problem when along to the next phone. I bought a brand new iPhone 15th to fix the issue of having to wait for my contacts to load sometimes 2 min or so and because of this app that didn’t work. Now no matter what I do I when a slow phone. Also when I try and do group text that is all messed up. All this never happened till I used this Cleaner Guru app. Now let’s talk money. I got an app for free and without my knowledge or permission this app has been charging me $6.99 for 13 different months sometimes twice a month. Needless to say I’m disgusted with this app service and product and I don’t recommend it to anyone else. I tried to request a refund and no one responded to me. So now I have to take my time out of my day to file claims and go through an exhausting process just to get my money back.
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10 months ago, Who cares 456707
Beware: Almost Deleted Important Photos
This app selected photos as duplicates that weren't duplicates. If I didn’t check, I would have deleted sooooo many photos that were not duplicates and I didn’t want to delete. When I tried to go threw the photos the app said were duplicates but weren’t, I have to uncheck the ones that are not duplicates and that was almost every single photo! This app thought photos that were taken at the same time of day were duplicates, but most of then weren’t. I tried to give it a chance after that annoyance but in the process of unchecking hundreds of photos, this app crashes and I have to start all over. Extremely Inconvenient. So I deleted the app. It’ll be faster for me to go threw the photos myself. This app didn’t help me clean out my phone at all. Plus i believe it only connects to the phone storage, it would be really great if it also connected to iCloud storage. This app only cleans out your phone storage, not your iCloud storage. (If it works at all) I’m glad I canceled before the free trial was up.
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9 months ago, Sochigg
Easy and quick
This works great. Easy to pick up and the few options are easy to choose… no searching around to find functions. It defaults largest videos and images to top of list allowing for the quickest space saving impact. I have tried a couple others that were not this well thought out and would recomend this. Compression options are really good and really fast! A couple tips - - When comparing like images, begin by deselecting all and delete the ones you want to delete without having to go through them all. -photo compare crops to thumbnail, but you can open image right there to see it all without having to re-sort or anything. Recommended improvements for developer - -option to clip/shorten videos - default compared images to deselected - transfer original photo date/time to new compressed copy - contact merge should allow selection of name to merge to -contact merge should allow drill down to select phone email as option to merge (or delete unneeded).
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6 months ago, smharmon31
Faster, cleanup intuitive interface
I have to say I’m very impressed with this application. It’s well worth a download to try. It does require some of your time to look over what it’s recommending to keyboard delete, but it intuitively groups photos together, and recommend the best photo. You can of course change this I am noticing sometimes it recommends a washed out image rather than the edited version that I took time to edit and enhance, so there is probably some tweaking that can be done to the algorithm. but mostly it works very well.
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1 month ago, KandDalways
First, let me start that if you click help you are directed to another site that you must pay for additionally, once I got to that site they were unable to assist me and referred to other sites that might. Second, pictures can only be swiped. You have no ability to scroll. That is a huge hindrance to my business. If a customer wants to see examples of my work, I’m unable to quickly scroll and find something to show them. As for the rest of the program, I do not know I just got it today. It is still running, but so far it has said duplicates when they are not been duplicates It’s still running, so I do not know about the space.
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5 months ago, marinaweber
I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while now. Quite impressed thus far. I signed up for the free trial and don’t plan on paying $7 weekly. I have over 50,000 photos and most are redundant, and I don’t have the time to scroll through and manually delete them. This app is easy to use and deleted thousands of photos (duplicates, blurry photos, large videos) in just a couple of minutes. There are also a couple of other features that this app has, but again, don’t want to pay weekly for it. Giving 4 stars just because of the price. I’m happy that I did the free trial!!!
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3 months ago, PurplePrincess303
Waste of $$$$!!!!! Does NOT do anything but waste your time!!
The app is completely ineffective! I tried it, it fixed the issue for about 15 minutes & then the storage issue went immediately back to were it was before I had used this app. The comdensing video option where it claims to be “working magic”, & you’re instructed not to close the app had been “working it’s magic (unsuccessfully of course)” for 45 minutes on ONE video before i fonally gave up on it ever completing this simple task & closed the app. This product has a lot of great claims & would be amazing if ANY of the features actually worked as promised & advertised!! But they don’t, hence rendering it completely useless & utter garbage! I do NOT recommend wasting your time or money purchasing this app, its all lies.
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6 months ago, Review From Mrbeast
No Hope – A Mega Letdown
So, I gave this free storage cleaner app a shot, thinking it could tidy up my phone without breaking the bank. First off, the download was smooth, no upfront charges – great, right? Well, not really. Once I started using it, the app bombarded me with prompts to buy upgrades. Like, come on, I thought it was supposed to be free? It felt a bit like a trick. And the worst part? It didn't even do a fantastic job. I expected my phone to feel lighter, but the storage savings were meh, and the whole cleanup process was slower than watching paint dry. Honestly, it left me feeling a bit misled. If an app claims to be free, it should actually deliver some decent results without constantly asking for my wallet. Lesson learned: always read the fine print before getting excited about a supposedly free app.
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5 months ago, Tam_1984
Cleaner Guru
Love this app. Very easy to use it picks the best photos and shows all duplicates you have that you don’t need and makes it’s easy to delete to create space. My storage space is always low because I love to take photos and videos of my children but often times it’s a big hassle to have to go through everyone of them just to find duplicates and videos you don’t need thanks to cleaner guru i no longer have that problem this all is so well worth it
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1 month ago, pearinE
Not bad! Pretty impressive
This app is prettt fast! I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the app but it kept kicking me out of the app every time I tried to delete something. Must be a glitch because I would restart my phone and it did the same thing over and over again. But i waited a day later and it didn’t kick me out but it did clean up space of 7,000pic fast! I had a lot of duplicate photos and the app chose the better looking picture but of course I went to check to be sure I wanted to get rid of it and sure nuff i wanted to get rid of it! Thanks. I really needed this!
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4 months ago, Sapper65
As a consumer who values efficiency and reliability, I was thoroughly disappointed by my experience with Cleaner Guru. From the moment I downloaded the app, it failed to live up to its promises. Firstly, the user interface is clunky and unintuitive. Navigating through the app felt like a chore, with poorly labeled buttons and confusing menus. Secondly, the supposed cleaning features of Cleaner Guru were ineffective at best. After running multiple scans, it barely identified any unnecessary files or junk on my device. It seemed more like a placebo effect than an actual optimization tool. Moreover, the app bombards users with intrusive ads at every turn. Pop-ups constantly disrupt the user experience, making it nearly impossible to accomplish anything without being interrupted. Lastly, the customer support was non-existent. I attempted to reach out for assistance with my issues, but received no response whatsoever. Overall, Cleaner Guru is a complete waste of time and storage space. I would strongly advise against downloading it and instead look for a more reputable and reliable cleaning app.
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7 months ago, silvermoon TLC
Cleaning the clutter
This app is a great way to prepare for a new year and be ready for social media print offers . Looking thru photos and videos and finding duplicates and items like quick photo shots that take up memory, can seem an overwhelming task . Especially if you are paying for extra cloud space for duplicates and videos you can easily compress . This app saves hours of your life and dollars . The free trial is worth your time ! Tlc
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9 months ago, Game of Pwns
Stop ruining my game play
Every time my phone is it bad percent I put it on the charger. This app is connected to my charger so every time I put the charger well I’m trying to play it just takes me to the app and it really misses up my game play like I was playing Roblox and I was trying to charge it because my phone was at bad percent and then it takes me to the app which causes the game I’m playing to take me to the home screen where I was going to play like I was trying to talk to someone when my phone was a at bad percent and it took me off and took me to this unwanted app now I’m never gonna meet a person again, unless I’m lucky Thanks to whoever made this app I am uninstalling this app and never installing it back
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2 days ago, Tkmatx
Interface for cancelling a subscription is not functional. Scam!
Once you choose the reason you want to cancel the subscription the only button that is functional is the “Keep my plan” button. The “proceed with cancellation” link lights up but does not fully pull up on the screen so you can’t actually click on it. Over and over I have tried but its designed to where you can only tap the “keep my plan” big button (has an oversized purple box) directly above the “proceed with cancellation” link, which has no box and does not fit on the screen. I had to cancel my debit card to keep from being charged. This app is a scam. Just take the time to clean your own videos and photos.
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9 months ago, kieralynnm
Does exactly as advertised!
You get to pick and choose and make sure your favorite pics are the ones that are kept, they identify blurry photos and videos and help u decide if you want to keep doubles, it’s very very handy! I’ve already cleared up 5Gbs and I’ve only been using it for maybe an hour and that’s with going through every single photo/ video!! Def worth the trial at least!!
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3 months ago, mrAIIIGFD
Great Cleaner App, Get it now
When i first downloaded this app, everything seemed normal and then the part where you clean out your storage is that part i love because i have almost 11,000 photos, and lots of stuff that i don't need. In my opinion this is a pretty average app for people with their app storage almost full. Hope more people like this app and download it. Help me with storage issues.
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10 months ago, Torchphyre
Letting go and making space
This app is amazing for compiling things and making your job easier. You can just get scroll through to see what is there but one click allows you to make space and release passed memories that you don’t need. Extra stuff that is tedious to find and get rid of is taken care off because of this app. Check it out.
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4 weeks ago, Mr. Dislexic
Easy peasy, lemon squeezey
The hardest thing about reducing my storage was remembering my password to get the app. Once I had reset my password (yes, I am that disorganized) it was done and done. I didn’t have to worry about it. It’s free until I start getting charged $6.99 a week after the first free week. I think they count on disorganized people forgetting. I’ve got to figure out a way to remember to quit.
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5 months ago, LeeAnnC23
Overall it worked
I used this to eliminate duplicates in my contacts and photos as I had many phone lists added over the years. The problem I had, was if I had 2 people with the same last name - it put them together. This has been a bit of a nightmare for me as I’m texting the wrong people. The app should be able to identify the first names and notice the numbers are different and should not be merged.
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4 months ago, DemeGod313
Most useful app & affordable subscription
I can tell you this, I’m thankful to come across this app because it’s 10x more simple & easier … more importantly it’s faster then the iPhone system. If you don’t want to be that person selecting & waiting for the phone to take it times deleting photos & videos because you selected 1,000 files then this’d the app for you
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11 months ago, cigar one
Very effective cleaner
So far the temperature has work exactly as advertised I would venture to say even better. I’m always reluctant to delete similar photos or other things, but it is amazing at how much faster my phone works in general and how crazy I have been for living without something like this for as long as I have. So far so good keep up the good work
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1 month ago, you give me a nickname ok
Need more information
You need to have keyboard available on all the devices so that when you want us to do certain tasks that we can ask you what exactly we are asking me to do. When you put up the video and photos, I saw right away that I didn’t want those deleted, so I needed instructions on what I was supposed to do, I didn’t know what you wanted me to do it didn’t make sense to me.. at least have it available for new people like me.. thank you Deborah DuBoise..
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1 year ago, MIMMi_johnson
It’s not FREE!
I started by try to compress 1 video and I had my phone plugged in and I waited 4 hours and 20 mins for one 30 second video to compress and nothing . It totally tied my phone up and was useless. First off this app says Free, We’ll folks it’s not. It cost 6.99 per week. I HATE when I’m lied too. I think they do this so they get all our information and that’s their BOTTOM LINE. They then in turn sell it or listen in on you . Or basically anything they want to do with our private information . Second of all it don’t work. 4 hours 20 minutes for one compressed Video is totally unreal. I don’t understand.
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2 months ago, beefmeup
I got the app because I have 35,000 unwanted emails in my gmail account and it impossible to delete them one by one but you won’t give me that option. I’m not going to pay for this because my phone keeps me safe so I guess if you can’t help me delete 35,000 emails then I’ll just do away with my gmail app. Thanks for nothing on your free trial. If you can’t do me any good on the free trial then your app isn’t any good for me. A free trial means you might have to impress someone not wait till the free trial is over then start charging me, what’s the use of a free trial if you can’t do anything for me ?
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6 months ago, Blessed01!Qween
Storage cleaner
Cleaning my phone out has been by far the greatest as you guys know we’re always snapping pictures more than we need or than usual pictures of the same things because we are so obsessed or excited . My time is very much valuable and this app helping restore storage instead of buying is an all time help to me !
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4 months ago, AlainaP13
As far a lotta saved!
In just the three days allotted by the free trial, I was able to create so much space on my iPhone device that I was genuinely pleased with the app. I decided to subscribe for another couple of months till I get my phone truly cleaned up… I don’t know that you need something like this forever, but it sure is handy at the moment.
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10 months ago, artsfarts
App constantly crashes
I just downloaded this app and tried a few things - merge contacts, select and delete duplicate photos and delete unwanted videos. Unfortunately each process caused the app to crash at least once. Plus I noticed my phone was getting really hot. The photo selection process was interesting but like another user said, it doesn’t do the best job selecting which photo is best or an actual duplicate. I like the idea but seems to be a work in progress. And quite pricey at $7/week.
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3 weeks ago, FlGigi6
What a great app
I have searched for a while for something to clean double pictures extra items that were stored that I no longer needed. This app was very effective easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone especially those people that abundance of pictures of their families and other.
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5 months ago, chachee2018
completely screwed up my contacts and merged unrelated work and personal contacts
After supposedly merging duplicates, I started getting calls from people such as my neighbor but with my female clients name. Or I went to call my mother she was no longer in my favorites and she was merged with hundreds of random emails super buggy. Disconcerting and possibly major problems to come as a result of having use this what I wanna know from the makers how to reverse it when it’s done and there’s no easy access customer service, so I’m leaving this review to warn others and hopefully the Makers will contact me.
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5 months ago, whiskeyisawesome
Ease of use
There were so many photos and videos on my phone that were junk. This app quickly and easily help group them together making it easier to decide what to keep and what to get rid of without having to slowly look through them all. Impressed and grateful.
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7 months ago, QuiQuiBoo
It’s okay! Mediocre at best.
I thought this app was going to be great but it’s not. The analyzer isn’t very strong because it didn’t identify many duplicate videos, and it did a poor job selecting the best photo when comparing similar photos to delete. Often times it identifyied the “best” photo as the one with the subjects eyes clothes. I don’t know how it made that determination. I gave it 3 stars because I liked that I could compress a video to save space instead of deleting it.
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3 months ago, Wrdgrl57
Do Not Order
It says “clean up duplicate photos “ in the ad but does not offer this option!! It has “clean up similar photos “. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want an app to decide which shot is better. And I only had one duplicate content. Plus- even if you order free it automatically signs you up for free trial which automatically starts BILLING you after seven days! I immediately deleted app and I have tried 87 times but there is NO WAY to cancel subscription before trial starts!!! There better be a way soon!!! Don’t waste your time and money.
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2 weeks ago, ADMizzle
Great App! Saves time and money
This app is so useful it makes me wonder why it’s not standard on all phones. Oh, because phone companies want us to run out out space so we upgrade. Got it. Well, now I just delete all the duplicate phones and compress the videos to free up space and save time searching for photos. Love it
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2 weeks ago, S-WangA
Only able to view pics and portrait, can’t Reswipe
I really like this app, but the major downside is that it keeps cropping the viewing photos in portrait mode, so I actually can’t see the entire picture. Also, when I’m swiping by the month, it checkmarks the month completed, but she can’t go back and look at them again, just in case there is a picture you kept that you didn’t want
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2 months ago, Kaiser Kids
Literally at the touch of my phone and following a few easy to read prompts my photo duplicates were cleaned up and I had optimal storage to add more! I just can’t express how super simple and helpful this app really is to use and desperately needed. Thank you for creating an APP that’s actually helpful and easy to navigate!
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1 month ago, Mia_nastasi
Something is wrong
I downloaded the app and my phone started to freak out right away. I was not able to close the app. The notification with allowing the app to track my activity was popping up constantly no matter which button I press. It was hard to find a way to turn off the phone with this constant pop up window that was there even when I exited the app. Once I restarted the phone, I tried to start the app again and it was not even opening. Nothing like that ever happened with my phone.
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10 months ago, madlyn_8🔥
I could choose some certain videos to delete but when I went to my photos and got done picking what I wanted deleted wich I had spent like ten mins getting ready to clear like half my photos just for it to say that I can’t delete them unless I pay…😒🙄 Kind of disappointed. For anyone who is willing to pay money to clear their storage it would probably be a perfectly fine app and a good source to use. I personally think this is not what it was made out to be. Couldn’t even delete my duplicates of certain photos…
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2 months ago, dap2274
Worry free. Done quick and easily! If you want to clean out your phone this is the app to use! If you second guess what you’ve done you have 30 days to go into recently deleted and keep what you want. Try free for 7 days. Great choice! Get it today. I am so satisfied with my choice.
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3 weeks ago, Ayee_kaykayy
Great app
It’s really great at cleaning up photos. For the contacts, when there are duplicates it’s great at merging the contact info. However, there is no option through the app to delete contacts which was frustrating. So if I had duplicates of contacts I don’t need anymore, I had to close the app, click the contact, open the contact info and delete each one individually which got tedious.
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2 months ago, AviHodl
Must have!
I’ve been struggling with my phone storage for a long time. Even 128gb fills up, and it’s so hard to decide what to delete. This app makes the process quick and painless to get rid of duplicates and analyze phone storage. I’m enjoying it and think it can help most people out.
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3 months ago, Porky, The Voice of Reason
Great easy to use app!
This app instantly made my phone work better again. Years of screenshots and videos I didn’t want to go through, made easy to delete with this app. No money spent! Did everything within 30 minutes of getting the free trial. Good luck happy cleaning !
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4 months ago, sonny Gutierrez
Highly recommend !!!
Extremely easy to use!! My phone storage clean up was a success!! I kept putting it off because it thought it would take forever to go through all my photos but with this app it was done so quick and easy!!!
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6 months ago, Xcsdferyghdu
Very simple, Time Saving
Gotta admit, this app is pretty amazing! Less than two minutes I’ve already deleted over 10 GB of wasted storage in my Photos app. Love the simplicity and easiness of this app definitely would recommend it to everyone I know who has little storage left on their phone.
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5 months ago, Shaquiri01
Save time, works wonders.
First time using this app. It is a life saver. I tried to free up space on my phone many times but it is almost impossible because of time consuming. This app does the work for you and allows you to make the final decision by deselecting which is very cool. Great experience so far.
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10 months ago, UsaStrongFamily
Was ok, but then messed up my phone…
The app was working until day 6 when my iphone started having problems…(even after powering off and on)…like glitching, only some of my apps showing up, continuous thinking/waiting on other apps to open, then the last straw when it kept my pictures from sending by text and blocking out contacts. After I deleted the app, my phone worked perfectly fine, again. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just delete my own videos and pics.
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8 months ago, Basset Queen 2013
Really cool cleaned everything out very fast. Sure what it’s been deleted it and showed everything how many times has been difficult it so it’s definitely effective. Does it really quick compared to doing it Singletary oh multiply but I’m happy with it. I hope it continues working great.
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6 months ago, Disappointed with Guru
Lots of work
I have 40,000 pics and was hoping this would offer a quick way to clean up duplicate pics, etc. it does pick them out but still is a manual process to determine which ones to delete. Other than pics I didn’t find much use with this - duplicate phone numbers but that honestly doesn’t impact me but i did clean those up. My biggest complaint is I was charged twice and when it renewed it charged me twice again. $6.99 twice each time so I cxl’d and can’t get my money back.
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