CleanMyMac X

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MacPaw Way Ltd
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10.13 or later
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User Reviews for CleanMyMac X

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3 years ago, Alecfalicki
Gets in between the cracks I never knew existed!!!
After many years of being a MacOS/Apple user, which goes for most technology, I have failed to recognize the complexity of virtual "footsteps" that I leave on my devices. With that being said, CleanMyMacX found things I carried with me all of these years that genuinely served no purpose; alternatively, they were a burden. I am still assessing the tried and true power that the app offers its users. But I can see a noticeable speed boost, and I feel secure that security is their #1 priority. They prove it through the use of quality and user-friendly technology. If there is one thing I would appreciate in the near future, it would be more in-depth yet straightforward explanations of what specific technical terms mean. Admittedly, I was afraid to delete some things because they were not explained well. In my mind, I was thinking, "oooh, what does this mean? What happens if I delete it, and I should not have?" Overall, I would recommend it.
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5 months ago, Melissa8710
A Joke and a waste...
Just do it yourself I guess? I downloaded this on a fairly new and barely used Macbook Pro because I needed to uninstall some apps and just wanted to have an app that would basically look out for my computer (by lookout I mean easily uninstalling apps, checking for malware, etc -literally what this app advertises) and I wanted it all in one place for ease of use and time efficency. I was using the free 7 day trial so I had access to everything. I tried more than once to uninstall apps/extensions and CleanMy said it was done, yet when I went to check "Finder" on the Macbook, the supposedly removed apps were still there and I could still open them with no problem (meaning there was no prompt such as, app is uninstalled or similar) and the app store also showed me the apps were still on my computer (meaning they said "open" instead of the cloud and down arrow symbol). I tried multiple times and the results were the same each time. Also worth noting is that this app, after claiming to have removed the apps I selected, did not tell me to restart the computer or anything and the app also never said to me "apps already have been removed" or similar when I retried the removal. Eventually I just searched "how to remove apps from my Macbook Pro" and got an answer and removed everything myself, which is great so now I know how to remove this app after I make sure the trial and subscription are canceled.
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4 years ago, FonzyOrtiz
Easy to use for a new Mac user
I have always heard that Apple puts emphasis on safety when using their products which is why I have used iPhones for years. This Mac mini is my first venture into owning a computer since it's the first time I have the money to buy an actual computer, even if it is 2020 and the mini is the 2012 model. After lots of research and installing a hybrid drive, now I think im cool LOL, I wanted to make sure I was staying on top of keeping the storage and everything running as smoothly as possible. Not knowing how to uninstall and remove extra downloads of the same program since I didn't know it was downloaded already, I heard about CleanMyMac and found it very useful. I could have probably stayed with the free verision but with how easy it made it for me to scan my computer and emails and check for old files and malware, another topic I am learning about that scares me LOL, I wanted to show support. Keep up the great job.
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4 months ago, Vinci4pl
Hands down the best thing out there for Mac care!
Thorough system scaning. Multiple care functions to identify and address any issues that may be causing less than optimal performace of your Mac computer. Easy to use with accurate system diagnoses and understandable recommendations and/or explanations or terms of use all in one affordable (great discount offers always availble on website!) presentable and very user friendly app design. I have bought and used many expensive top rated malware & system cleaning programs since my first computer, that do not even come close to the briliant and convient design, smooth running, safe and effective system cleaning, and reliable protection and operation of CleanMyMac. Best multi-system monitoring and care program made for Mac out there! kept two Macbooks and their owner happy and worry-free for the last 5 yrs and hasn't disappointed once so far.
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2 years ago, gladyjane
MacPaw Customer Service is bar none
I have an old 27-in iMac that runs on Sierra. I don’t get rid of it because it still trucks along great. It was afflicted by the Marquis/Baron, and CleanMyMac X was a strong recommendation. Downloaded it from the App Store. Ran beautifully, except for removing 13 lines of malware. Wrote MacPaw and was told they would get back to me as soon as they could, but the war in Ukraine might delay things as some of their personnel is based there. In under 24 hours, MacPaw had me uninstall the program from the App Store and set me up with a link to their webstore and walked me through all the steps of getting it to work: images, instructions, and even an animated image. My old iMac is now free of possible vulnerabilities, and the pesky search baron is gone. Thank you, MacPaw, for your impeccable handling of this while in the middle of a war. All the best to you.
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3 years ago, CygnusXwon
There are two versions of this application
Please be aware, there are two versions of this application. I downloaded CleanMyMac X (CMMX) from the Apple App Store (AAS) and unlocked all the tools for a one time price. After one year of use CMMX found malware on my MacBook Pro, called AdLoad. When I tried to use the malware removal tool in CMMX, it didn't work. The developer, MacPaw, said that some malware cannot be removed using the AAS version. Apple has restrictions that preclude MacPaw from offering the full version of their malware removal tool. Inorder to acquire a full working version of the malware tool, one needs to use the version of CMMX purchased from MacPaw directly from their website. MacPaw worked with me to transfer over to the "direct from MacPaw" version and mirror my license so I didn't lose the money I had already invested unlocking the full version the AAS CCMX app. They were very helpful. The "direct" version removed the malware with no issues. I brought it to their attention that customers on the AAS need to be made aware of this difference because omission of the discrepency creates the potential for bad customer relations and they thanked me for the input. I hope they update the description of their app in the AAS so customers can make an informed purchase. Their software does work well. One just needs to use the fully functional version of CCMX. That version is purchased directly from MacPaw on their website.
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2 years ago, theresamiktus
couldn't download macOS Big Sur until CleanMyMacX
same old story - didn't have enough space on my laptop to download Big Sur and was SO TIRED OF BEING CONSTANTLY REMINDED THAT I COULDN'T DOWNLOAD IT BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE NO MATTER HOW MUCH I DELETED. then came along cleanmymac x after many google searches of "how can i optimize storage on my mac for free?" let me break it to you - you can't. pay for the year. pay for the help. it's worth it. took one go, got rid of so many ancient and unnecessary files, and finally could go through with the update (which i was pretty pleased with once I could use it) update: i now have a Mac Mini and my job involves a lot of travel. the ability to easily clear cache history with this software is so valuable in completely wiping history of searching for travel tickets and accomodations. it is worth every penny.
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8 months ago, ddavis2319
Complete Confidence In This App!
I have used the Clean My Mac app on numerous computers for about 4 years now and I am very satisfied with their service. I scan a few times a week and I am confident it is doing it's job. More than once it has saved computers from heavy memory overloads, crashes & gives me the added security of removing any/all caches, cookies, wifi history, etc, Privacy is important, I know it works ... have even went back to check in my system to make sure it was really completing it's said tasks, I have not been disappointed yet. Totally worth the subscription ... it does not give you pop ups, solicite you constantly or sit and spin in circles pretending to do stuff like other apps in this category. Clean My Mac is a solid app that I stand behind and would 100% recommend.
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3 years ago, jkev57
Great App That Doesn't Cause Problems
I have used other apps that promise to clean your computer of junk and save gigabits of storage. Unfortunately, those self-same apps have sometimes removed stuff that is needed to allow certain apps to do their job. I had one app that totally screwed up my Photos database and left me with tons of duplicate photographs. ANYWAY, CleanMyMac X does a fast and efficient job of cleaning my computer and not leaving a mess for me to clean up after when it's done. It takes no more than the push of a button to perform a scan of your computer. Once it's finished, CleanMyMac X presents a report and gives the user 100% control over what is to be removed and what should stay the same. I've been using this for a week now and haven't had any problems. Very unintrusive until needed. I like it!
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3 years ago, pacificmm
Had to Clean This App Off of My Mac
I just purchased a new iMac and wanted to clean out my old iMac before doing a transfer from the old to the new. Since it was located on the App Store I thought I could trust CleanMyMac X. So, I downloaded the free version of the app and initiated the Scan process. Initially the app displayed a large number of files it recommended cleaning out which I was eager to review. But then, before it completed the Scan a window popped up saying I needed to subscribe to the pay version. It would not complete the Scan until I completed payment. I completed payment. But then when it returned to the Scan window all of the files which it had found in the Scan were not available for review. When I attempted another Scan it acted as if all those files had been removed without my approval. Then when I opened a major piece of software on the machine that I have used for years with no problem it acted strangely. So, I contacted Apple and asked for a refund. This experience made me lose any confidence in CleanMyMac X. I had to clean it off of my Mac.
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3 years ago, T-Ro_75
Fast and Effective
This app has really gotten the job done for me. Well, I could have stopped here, but let me tell you how I came to give this software a five-star rating. Mac book pro. Suddenly started behaving strange with lots of pop-up messages and this left me frustrated for little over a week as I was initially made to believe that apple products don't get virus infections. So, I started looking everywhere possible for solution. My research led me to the discovery that, of course yes, apple products do get virus infections too. Furthering my research, I came across CleanMyMac X, read all the many reviews about this software in the AppStore. I was convinced and decided to give it a try. It took me longer time writing tis post than what it took the CleanMyMac X to resolve the issue on the machine. I recommend this Antivirus 100%.
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3 years ago, haanaahbaanana
simple and effective!!
I have had SO many issues and have ran into even more dead ends whenever it came down to needing to clear disk space with my mac- but this app has solved all my problems and more! You do unfortunately have to spend $ with this app, but truthfully (even on a tight budget) I wouldn’t give my money to anyone else. This app cleared 10+ GB off of my hard drive with just the trial run… CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I still can’t! It gets even better though- after buying the annual subscription this app cleared another 40GB !!! To anyone that is sceptical- this app will do so much more than you’ll expect. Every time I start up my laptop I run this cleaner app and truthfully i’m imazed with how much gets cleaned and how much space gets cleared. Buy this app, you will be so much more than satisfied !!
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5 months ago, DoodleFloof
Everything here except the helper, but still works
The only limitation with this is that you can't enable full-full disk access to automatically remove binaries of apps. You just have to move that to the trash manually after you remove everything else while the application is quit. I can live with that for the convenience of the app store version, using this softward to remove "junk" is not a good idea unless you know what you're doing. And coming from windows, where deleting or editing registry files that were altered by exe installs, possibly bricking your machine to clean install everything. It's best to use this as a scanner for leftover files of apps if you need a true "clean" install of things for errors.
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10 months ago, Mac User 1000000*
Very Useful. A great timesaver as well.
While you can do everything that this program does without it, it is extremely helpful and keeps everything organized and running smoothly. It even monitors your network speed to the computer. The program finds all the random files left over dmg, zips and other files from poorly optimized install files. Being a longtime mac user, this program even found lots of heavy gb install files no longer needed, that were created deep within the folder structures or admin folders. It's also good for just seeing an inventory of what is old and what isn't used anymore. I could go on, but I have definitely felt that this program was money well spent.
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1 year ago, kkparr33
Do NOT recommend
I paid $35 for this App (first mistake). I purchased it because I liked what I read and saw in the App Store (snapshoots of the different functions). WELL! The App I paid for and downloaded does NOT do all of the things that are shown and mentioned in the App Store. I requested that Apple refund me and explained the issue. My request was denied! That is unlawful; I have consumer rights. I then saw that this App was created by a Ukranian student. That is great, but is that person reachable? Can they provide App Support right now? I doubt it. How is this person going to keep the App up and running? Who is receiving App Support messages? I doubt it's anyone in Ukraine! Is this the reason why Apple will not refund me? I challanged their decision and was denied a second time!! It's against their "policy". What policy? So, being the consumer advocate I am (andd self-advocate), I am currently in the process of reporting Apple and whoever else to the BBB and whatever other government agencies apply to this situation.
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10 months ago, Lge501
I know many say this is an awesome software but you need to know the entire truth!! I paid for the lifetime version and when they updated they no longer accepted my lifetime payment even with my receipt clearly stating a lifetime. Now, the app is stuck on my computer, I used an app cleaner but the depth that this app takes over the computer doesn’t allow app cleaners to get everything so, much like many many others are complaining about!!! You constantly get notifications asking you to run the app. MacPaw tells you to use their imbedded uninstall feature in the clean my mac app itself. This doesn’t work!!!! The option to UNINSTALL is grayed out! How does an app delete itself when it’s in use!?!?!? There is no official uninstall!?!?!!? So, an app that is designed to keep you mac clean is now stuck on your mac. Wasting space, sending you notifications constantly!!! The irony of this entire thing is MIND BLOWING and the arrogance of MacPaw is ridiculous!!!
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2 years ago, clintf777
Good product let down by annoying activation process
Clean my Mac does a good job at what it sets out to do; heaven knows I've removed a ton of junk that would be difficult to remove otherwise. The biggest problem w/the app is it CONSTANTLY forgets I've paid for a license and every day I have to reactivate. This isn't rocket science. It can't be that hard to remember I actuall paid for a license. And forget an easy way to contact the dev. I tried to do that and had to jump thru so many hoops it just wasn't worth the effort. Sigh..... Update: 24-May-22 MacPaw got in touch w/me right away and was very good about working w/me to confirm this is a known bug w/easy work-around. Very impressed with them and much appreciate their support.
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1 year ago, JustArso
Why even have a free version?
The free version of the app exists solely so that you already have this installed before making you pay. Besides scanning your files, there's really nothing else you can do unless you pay up. This wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that nowhere is it explicitly stated just how limited this version of the app is. Definitely not worth even installing in the first place. Update: requiring payment to unlock premium features is one thing, misleading users into installing the app and then demanding money to use ANY at all feature is another. The features available with the free version of the app are not explicitly stated because there are none. If you are looking for a free way to clean up your Mac don't even waste your time installing this app. And if you are willing to pay for that kind of service, then you might want to look up alternatives made by less sketchy developers.
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3 years ago, Dogman7x
I couldn't be happier with my purchase of this powerful tool. There's nothing I like better when it comes to software than a smartly designed tool that is designed well enough to make it so that I don't have to have the first clue what I'm doing in order to use it and yet is powerful enough to do the job correctly and completely. The future belongs to the programmers that understand that computer software exists to serve people, not the other way around. If I have to spend a weekend learning somse new software program in order to use it correctly someone has missed the point. Not here. The people who wrote this app GET IT. Couldn't be happier. Well done.
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4 months ago, Nyobie
Excellent Customer Support!
I downloaded this app and used it for some troubleshooting I was doing for several weeks. It's a great app despite what the Mac Community experts tend to say about apps like these. Just be very careful with button clicks and only execute what you understand you're doing with any app at any time and you'll be fine. Always have your backups fresh and run them just in case something goes sideways. I needed tech support and was able to get into a Live Agent Chat within moments of initiation and the Chat Agent was able to immediately help me with my needs. If I need an app to do the things this app does, I will be sure to come back and grab the latest update.
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4 months ago, Couture0207
Great Program, Especially for the Technologically Challenged!
Great program! I don't know a ton about computers but I definitely like to keep my computer running as well as possible! Computers are EXPENSIVE, ESPECIALLY Apple computers, so I am not trying to buy new ones all the time. This program is super easy to use. The 'CleanMyMac X Assistant' provides you with recommendations, all you have to do from there is click through a few buttons, and then you are done scanning, cleaning, optomizing, consolidating, uninstalling, and updating everything on your computer!...It's THAT easy! I definitely recommend trying and using this program to ANY Apple Computer users!
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4 years ago, LoveFollower
Wow, first time user, and I am very impressed with this application. The developers have created a truly well designed, well thought-out, and immensely helpful app for users of all skill levels. This is exactly the type of utility app that I have been searching for. Combined with the fact that it is certified by Apple, and works well with the most updated version of my Apple operating system (which I just updated yesterday!), I feel even more secure about using this app. One last point, I really like the way the program asks me for permission to access different main folders and areas of my iMac before trying to. Definitely earns my respect. I'm glad I tried out this awesome app. Many thanks!
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2 years ago, Saswin11
So far, hasn't cleaned anything and now doesn't work
I bought CleanMyMac and paid for it early this summer 2022. I had a very old Macbook and was getting complaints that it couldn't be backed up. I thought CleanMyMac would help me clean the disk. When I used it, all it did was offer to remove applications that I wanted to keep, and videos (of which I have very few) that I wanted to keep. Then, having given up on the old MacBook, I bought another one in mid-July. Today, when I was on the new Mac it told me that I could clean up an application with CleanMyMac, and I'd already had trouble with trying it without, so I activated CleanMyMac. It told me that I was not subscribed, presumably because it had been copied to the new machine. Since I've already paid for a year's subscription, I thought that it would allow me to continue using it. But no. So how do I get it to let me continue using it?
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1 year ago, Meepa44
Love it!
Really enjoy everything about this App. Great design, easy to use, thorough and easy to understand the results of it's various scans and a great value for all of the amazing things that it does. It's definitely my go-to App for Malware scans and also managing excess junk files that just take up space on my hard-drive. It has fantastic recommendations for optimizing the speed of your system and makes finding and manage large files an absolute breeze. I also love that it allows you very detailed control of what you DO and DO NOT want to delete so you are never dumping files that you want to keep. Excellent App and worth every penny.
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3 years ago, TPBTPB1
Best Tool Ever!
I would sit and try to figure out how to free up space on my Macbook and it took weeks doing it alone. There are a lot of things on a Mac that you don't recognize and unsure if you can delete it or not, so you sit and try to decide by researching each item. Well, that's annoying and time consuming. I read great reviews about CleanMyMac X and decided to give it try. I am not kidding, in minutes after using this great tool, I had 72GB freed up on my Mac. Weeks prior I sat there trying to do it myself and only got as far as freeing up 5GB on my own. I am sticking with CleanMyMac X forever and as long as I own a Mac. You won't regret this purchase! GET IT, It's amazing!
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1 month ago, CasualSmidge
It Still Works!
I have been using this app for about 3 years now. Far I as I am concerned there is no better way to clean your mac and keep it running as best it can. I am a software engineer with a lost of super user setups. I once accidently created a massive data leak. Basically my machine would put processing data on my HDD rather than in RAM. I was able to use CleanMyMac to not just dump the unwanted data but also track down where the leak was coming from. This product is absolutly worth the money. Thank you to the dev that created this. You have save me more time, effort, and headache than you could possible know. Keep it up.
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4 years ago, Wilpeco
Downloaded and installed. Ran the software and it seemed to be as expected. Regretably once leaving the program to do other tasks, my MacBook was slower than I have ever experienced. Nothing seemed to restore speed. We are talking four or five minutes to restart. Attempted to remove the software which eventually I seemed to have accomplished. It was not as simple as uninstall for some reason. My notebook is now running somewhat better but at least 50% slower than before I installed this software. Interestingly I was running the “free” version first. It did not complete its initial work before the window opened stating my free trial was over. Thinking this software was as great as the reviews, I paid for the annual subscrption. I visited the support page but it is automated and was of zero help. On hold right now for the Apple technical support to figure out how to get things back to at least where they were.
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2 years ago, NoGoodNick
Same Price, Little Functionality
After having run the full app from the website, whihc continually breaks every time I upgrade a device, I finally purchased the App Store version, hoping the updates would be easier using my App Store credentials. However, the functionality is severely constrained, and the few that are remaining are the ones I rarely, if ever use. How often do you really need a complete virus scan, compared to having to check app update status, while 'purging' memory is a constant lifesaver. I was hoping that 'added M1 support' meant something, but apparently it doesn't! But then, I don't blame MacPaw (except for their horrendous owner management problem), as this is all Apple's control issues, but after wasting $89 for a lifetime access I can't ever use, it really irks me!
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10 months ago, TayTaySlaps
Dont usually write reviews, but this is a good one
I have an older Macbook Pro and between having basically no RAM left to run more than one program smoothly, no storage space and no idea what to delete, and other small performance issues, I was starting to think this thing was about to take it's last breath soon. I wasn't able to do a whole lot without the full version, so I did the trial and wow. This app cleared up about 3gb of RAM, and about 60gb of storage that I had desperately been needing. I will probably pay for the full version and continue to use this app as my go to for cleaning it up.
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2 months ago, Dimiurg
Hard to get rid of them. Tricky Subscription, No Refund Policy:
I recently tried out a subscription service, and boy, was it a hassle! I attempted to cancel subscription on same day it automatically renewed. When I tried to cancel on the same day, they hit me with a charge, saying I'd still have access until the next billing period, which was a whole year away. Managing subscriptions and canceling can be really tricky. To make matters worse, they didn't offer any reimbursement for the charge, even though I cancelled right away. Luckily, I had used PayPal for the transaction. I submitted a claim through PayPal, hopefully, they will refunded my money. Overall, it's frustrating to deal with sneaky subscription practices and no refund policies. Make sure to read the fine print before signing up for anything! No problems with the app itself though.
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3 years ago, SeaNanners211
Best cleaner app I've found!
I've used numerous cleaner apps & programs across multiple platorms, wether it be Mac or Windows based. This is hands down the most user-friendly cleaner program I've ever utilized and it has a solid interface that gives you a wide variety of readily available options. I use an older 2013 Macbook Air for work and thought I would need to purchase a newer model for work processes, but with "CleanMyMac X" being utilized, it feels like I have a brand new computer all over again. Money well-spent and I would highly recommend it to another user! Keep up the great work team!
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4 years ago, Happy Camper45
Great Product & Awesome Service
After upgrading to Catalina Os 10 on my Macbook pro I wanted to get rid of the old 32 bit software that is no longer supported by Catalina. I subsequently purchased CleanMyMac X and was immediately impressed with all the features and it's ease of use. I noticed, however, that when I tried to uninstall the 32 bit software there were a lot of programs that didn't go away. I emailed MacPaw customer service and within two days they responded with directions to give CleanMyMac full disk access. I ran the program again and the 32 bit software was gone. For me the software is terrific, but I am blown away with the great service.
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3 weeks ago, Creatorz Own
I Always Thought The App Was Sketch
I still can never be 100% sure if they are responsible with my personal data. I was very reluctant to install this app, but I have no regrets. My Mac couldn't run properly with 20GB on my harddrive. Files could not be saved and Preview did not work. I just removed over 50GB with CleanMyMac X, and it took like 20 minutes. The app is presented in a very approachable and seemingly transparent manner. I have to give it 5 stars, because it was easy to use, it accomplishes its purpose, and it did what I could not after wasting a lot of time and energy, which caused me stress.
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3 years ago, Ryan121989
Expensive but well worth it
I bought the whole version as a one-time purchase and it ended up being around $100 with tax. However, I think its worth it if you can spare the money for it. It does so much, uninstall applications (which was a huge issue for me with apps that I downloaded off the internet), check for viruses, and clear up space that you didn't even know you had. It's also extremely well designed. The UI is very clean and easy to use and I appreciate that. You can tell they put a lot of time into making this app!
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2 years ago, Pete's Jammin'
Works well with my Mac.
I wanted to get something that could work with my Mac system to protect my investment and keep it in good working order. It seems to do what it is supposed to do, although I'm definitely no expert on how things work with computers. I've been using for a while now and have had no real problems although there is one piece of malware that it can't seem to eliminate (adware of some sort) because it says I'd have to give it authorization to remove it but it doesn't really explain how to do that part. Otherwise it is good maintanance program.
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2 years ago, TardigradeCat
Third yr and going strong
I really love Clean My Mac, especially after being scammed into buying other programs. CMMac is very useful, and although many of the components you could do yourself (clearing browser caches, emptying recycle bin, deleting email attachments etc) I myself never find the time to do all of them except for through CMMac. Another feature that I LOVE is the dashboard--I've found several third party apps that had been draining my battery by using this. Again, you could do this by opening the activity moniter but having it in the dashboard is much more efficient.
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3 years ago, Firefighter3550
Simple, helpful, and not overwhelming
This app has such a simple yet effective appearance as well as functionality. It doesnt just help clear space, it helps clear malware and many other processes on your MAC. I have it on every Mac I own and will continue to do so. You also cannot beat the price. I run this program everyday and it amazes me how quickly it can dive into the deep recesses of memory to find unwanted, unneeded or suspicious items to remove them. Best of all it has a diagnostic tool constantly showing your Mac's performance in real time. Definitely worth every penny.
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1 year ago, NicknameGenerator7
Product is Fine, Customer Service is Lacking
I signed up for the seven day trial as I saw they would email me before the time was up and I would be charged the yearly price to remind me to cancel in case I forgot to unsubscribe. Sure enough I forgot (which is on me), but I never got the email reminder to cancel. Reached out to their custmor service to ask for a refund and make sure I wouldn't be charged again when the subscription is up and their representativre Christine asked for a bank statement, or the receipt from Apple, which I sent. Waited all day to finally hear back from her to only find out that if it was purchased through the app store they wouldn't be able to help me and I would have to go through Apple, something they could have mentioned instead of even bothering asking for the receipt as they can do nothing with it. She completely ignored my cancel subscription question. Pressed them on that and I got almost the exact same worded email as a reply, so barely helpful. So now Im waiting on Apple. Product seemed to work fine, but if you have issues, good luck getting any help from them.
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3 years ago, American Primitive
I bought this because I had a need to clean a Mac prior to moving to Big Sur. It seemed reasonably priced so I completed the in app purcashe of a 1 year subscription. I had two installed, the demo and the full package. Wasn't sure which was which as both are identical in the Apps. Well no matter... both of them insist on selling me the subscription which I bought an hour ago. This fulfillment process is embarassingly bad for this vendor. No response from vendor so far. Update: Despite numerous emails back and forth between me and MacPAW they have absolutely no record of my purchase. I don't even think that these are people responding to me, but automated canned messages. I have even sent them my receipts and no intelligent responses. Yes, I have gone and cancelled the charge they passed through Apple to my Charge Card but it will take a few days. I have spent about 5 hours on it. MacPaw has spent zero time on their generic form responses. None appear to be from a real person. Don't ever buy an in-app subscription purchase from MacPaw. Not only does it not work, you will have quite a project just to get your money back. Update #2: I now consider CleanMyMac X to be a virus or malware. It charged me
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2 years ago, OdysseyM87
Malware Sabatoge
I had to google what was sabotaging my computer on multiple levels!! My eyes just glazed over reading all the steps to correct it myself, especially because I have an older Mac and my menus are different. I am so glad that I got this App….. It only took me a few hours to upload and have it scan all my problems, and clean up old unused files (which was another of my problems). I am so glad I purchased this App…… I was ready to just throw my computer away, it was causing me so much stress! Now, I am a “happy camper” again !!!
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2 years ago, Florosebud
I really like this app. I kept CCleaner as well. This app cleans up what CCleaner misses. There is one glitch you'll have to work through and that comes to scans that will delete your saved passwords, and stuff like that. So make sure you sit down when you first run your scans and make sure that the scans you run are specified to what you want cleaned or you'll end up spending a whole lot of time recovering your membership sites and the like. I like this app in conjunction with my security system I have in place. I hope this was helpful to you.
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3 years ago, AZGizmo
Efficient & Easy
Utilities for cleaning Macs can be troublesome, but CleanMyMac X has proven to be extremely simple, and the graphic interface is very easy to use and understand. My only hangup occurred after numerous updates to where the program was continually quitting. A complete uninstall and then reinstall of the program cleaned up the problem and the program performs perfectly. Normally I would have given such a minor problem a reduction of one star, but the HELP staff from this company has been outstanding and very prompt thereby earning them back another star for a perfect 5 star rating.
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2 years ago, ScottyJNC
Forget it. Nothing works without paying.
This is the most infuriating app I have ever downloaded. Absolutely NOTHING works in the free version of the app -- it's not worth the time and bandwidth I spent downloading it. And if you want to purchase it to try out, you have NO OPTION other than paying for an entire year of something that may or may not suit your needs. This seems to be the trend with software now, and it's not going to work for me. If I can't pay for a month of it to determine whether or not I like or need it, you can keep it. And no, I'm not. paying you now and counting on the "money back guarantee" your web site talks about. That's the third biggest lie ever told. A guarantee is only as good as the company makiing it, and I don't know you from Amway. Sayonara. App uninstalled.
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2 years ago, 'Ol Hickory
I used to use optimizer and cleaning software all the time with Windows PC, but didn't feel the need when I went Mac. But, my desktop is getting long in the tooth and slowing down, so I decided to try CleanMyMac X after reading reviews. It works easily, and noticably speeds up the performance whenever my desktop starts lagging. I've never had a virus in my 8 years with Mac. but you never know, so I scan occasionally. I'm glad I don't run it in the background like with other antivirus softwate, which is a speed killer. I'm well-pleased!
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4 years ago, elemenop42
Very Quick and Easy. Does an all-in-one quick scan for everything it can offer, then shows you what it can do, shows you what your options are, and you choose and run the program. When I say its quick, I mean QUICK. It organizes the different options/data to delete, etc. into very convenient groups making things very simple. Clears out lots of data w/o deleting anything you need, then it suggests files to delete that havent been used in a long time but never deletes those unless you select them one by one. I absolutely love it!
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2 years ago, 505sundog
Fixed my issue
I love my regular MacBook but hated my MacBook Air. It would slow to a crawl then crash regularly. Usually when working, doing research, just couldn't seem to keep up with using Safari, Pages, Photos, Quicktime, etc at the same time. I bought 2 anti-virus programs for the Mac at the app store. Third one, Clean My Mac, was the charm. I've never had a virus on any of my Macs or iOS devices but 'system junk' is a big issue with the Air (never will buy any Air versions again. Anyways I love this app and recommend it on all Apple devices.
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4 years ago, rach1234567890456
Great app!
I originally downloaded it because a friend refered it to me. She used it and it cleaned her MAC so much that she was like it feels brand new. I ended up downloading a few days later, the app was free but there are in-app purchases. I have used other apps before to clean my mac but they were about $99 , this one was just under $40 a year AND I can use it daily to check to anything that shouldnt be on my computer. I also love that it asks for your approval before deleting anything and you can go in individually by file. It also allows me to go into the files myself and delete items, especially ones that are there and are 0gb.
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4 years ago, matay3403
Just try it and you will love it!
Ok, so this app is awesome. I did not like the subscription option from the app store, but I then decided to just purchasse a 5 mac licence from them i saved like $100 of the deal they offered me I love the free up RAM feature and I freed up over 20GB of space with the scanner tool. it even comes with a built in malware removal tool which i also really love. It also helps you regain control on your privacy. don't pay for norton security. This app is so much better, and has way more functionality. Thank you MacPaw team
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2 years ago, Rosemary Ward
Didn't Delete Any Malware After Paying For The Full Version
The app is good if you're an audio person like me and forget to delete old audios or move them to a seperate drive as it's easy to mass delete them, however, I currently don't have the money to pay a subscription fee for better antivirus, so I bought the full app outright to remove the adware and any other malware I received from my early and late coffee shop audio sessions. The app can remove the tiny less than kilobite adware, but anything else and it says theres a failure and doesn't give an error appendix to research the errors it gives you. It was a waste of $80 and storage space because if you're software only removes the smallest of adware, don't advertise it to remove huge malware files.
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3 years ago, courtrye
The app is truly great, easy but powerful, and fun!
I like the visuals and chimes. I use this app daily to clean up junk from my browser and the trash bin... but also other system files that get made for programs like the video editor etc. So far (after months of use), no problems or crashes at all. I like that it lets you uninstall programs easily, identify which files are taking lots of space, and that it has a system icon that you can customize or even remove. I have a PC too and wish that I could have this program there because it's so great :)
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