ClearCaptions Mobile

4.4 (1.5K)
105.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
ClearCaptions, LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ClearCaptions Mobile

4.36 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, MardieScorp
Life changing app
This is a great life-changing app but there are call drops where the party can’t hear me and we get disconnected. This is not good when talking with clients
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4 years ago, fgescr
Godsend application gives deaf the freedom and dignity to talk on the phone
Fantastic application I used for many years on a desktop land line phone now as a mobile app. The same great service but now it allows those of us with a hearing problem the ability to have a dignified conversation . Helped restore my personal dignity and gives me freedom to talk on the phone. I had a problem with my carrier could not get through to fix a problem; in desperation I reached out to them to help with the carrier they cut through the red tape and helped me get a successful resolution. Cannot say enough good things about the application and the organization who are giving the deaf dignity and a better life
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1 year ago, John Valent
Not great
I love the fact that this service is available, but I noticed that if I miss a call the system doesn’t tell me I had a missed call. I received a call from an old friend and the call some of the messages was captured. I did screen spots and a lot was missed. I never hear back from this old friend and found out he die a few days later. My service at the house is not the best, so I contributed some of this to ATT. Your software should should pick up most of what is being said and should tell me when I have a missed call. There is something else I have hearing aid and before I got your system, it would tell me that I am getting a call. I also have a Ring doorbell. I would be told that I have someone at my door but since I got your system these features are not working. It is my wife that tell me that someone is at the door.
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3 years ago, CANeff
Not discreet
I am a Deaf Realtor. I was using ClearCaptions until I realized “ClearCaptions” and a different number was showing up as my caller ID name. I lost a potential client when he learned I have to rely on a captioning service. He wasn’t comfortable talking to me anymore. Being in my business, I can’t risk discrimination. I went back to InnoCaptions app. It is discreet & allows my caller ID to be my actual business number. I can easily forward calls coming through the InnoCaptions app. Also, the captioners via ClearCaptions couldn’t keep up with the real estate jargon. There was too much lag in the captioning for me to respond to clients and other agents appropriately. I also frequently had dropped calls. Not good for trying to do business!!
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2 years ago, countrygirl815343
Truely a godsend
This app has truely made a huge difference in my life. I am completely deaf in my left ear hard of hearing in my right ear. This app has made communications better when I can’t read lips. Sometimes the captions can be faulty but other can be slow or just weird especially when music is playing. I love using this app. I highly recommend it to those who are hard of hearing/ deaf / those who are in my shoes.
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4 years ago, Hoping they improve the app
Due to significant hearing loss I am very dependent on using a close caption phone. Initially this app worked pretty well, but possibly as it was used more because of Covid it now is extremely unreliable. Certainly the caption or‘s sometimes provide captioning and other times don’t but I understand that if there is high volume. But the biggest problem is that I will be speaking with someone and there is captioning and then the app just cuts the call off. This happens constantly. Yet I don’t feel like I have other options so I continue to use it although it has significant issues.
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2 years ago, FEROLIE
This has changed my life I cannot explain in words how much this has made things easier since I now can have conversations thruYour phone like normal hearing people and just of course sometimes you have to pick up words on your own but that’s the way it is but I would tell you this is amazing App anybody can have the best it can be and has major improvements thank you
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3 years ago, Fairbank kid
Life Changing
I have had this service for less than 24 hours and I can tell you it is absolutely life-changing. I do not have to ask people to text me or email me information because I can’t understand what you’re telling me over the phone. Absolutely incredible. Thank you guys
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3 years ago, mufrob
Great app!
I had no idea that such an app was available to me. However now that I have the app I think it is wonderful because I can now read what everyone is saying on my cell phone when they call which makes it so much easier for me being very hard of hearing.
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2 years ago, Wwydcwitnow
Always breaking up, captioner always unavailable
Very unreliable app. Call is always breaking up. My actual phone service is clear but this one isn’t. I also often always get the error about “captioner temporarily unavailable. Retrying…” but it never retries to get captioning on. As someone with a bilateral sensorineural severe to profound hearing loss, I rely on captioning and this app has been unreliable for 2+ years. I keep it up to date and install and reinstall and everything!
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4 years ago, eeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
It works OK but it’s frustrating
I was impressed at how few mistakes it makes but it’s frustrating to talk to someone because of the delay and it’s hard to get them to understand that you have to wait to read what they said before you can reply to them even though you’ve told him that that’s the only downside
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1 year ago, Pepper4500
The best service
Wonderful have waited half my life for this service. Being hearing impaired have not been able to have a telephone conversation in long time.
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3 years ago, corsantim
Best thing ever happened
I am so glad to have captions on my phone because now I can talk to people’s same as hearing. Thank you for having this
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2 years ago, yoost777
We had a burglary a couple of weeks ago and when I called the Police during the incident, I could not hear, it was real scary. I am so relieved I have ClearCaptions now. It’s Awesome!!!
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3 years ago, bascomdaniel123@&$
poor service
I have used this service for a long time. It had been outstanding until it converted from a live transcriber to robot. It still works well for my outgoing calls, but incoming calls go directly to voicemail. This has been going on for several months and they have been unable to fix it.
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2 years ago, Game Boa
Had great help
I’ve been able to get the app working again thanks to costumer service support thanks you guys
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8 months ago, Browneyedgirl80
Signs out constantly
Not sure what’s been going on with the app but for the last few months the app will constantly sign me out on its own, which makes this extremely difficult to answer an incoming call. By the time I try to sign in, I’ve already missed the call. Anyway to fix this issue?
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2 years ago, lolodee58
Clear caption
I love it cause it show you the what people are saying so by me can’t understand what people are saying I I to use this I just love it
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4 years ago, IPS999
Cell Phone captions
The clearcaptions app works well on my iPhone. The voice to text captioning is generally accurate, although there is a slight delay. Their support team is very helpful.
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8 months ago, Freebe Gam3r
I’ve had the app for some time but couldn’t remember the password so I clicked the password reset put in my email clicked “ retrieve “ and the app crashes 🙄 I qualify for the app as well as other deaf services so I had the app legally Not sure why the app crashes when I try to retrieve the password ?? So it gets a 1 ⭐️ rating
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2 years ago, evamaybwv06
Charging people with hearing loss?!
That’s wrong. We suffer enough because of our hearing loss and you want to charge us? It’s very frustrating and depressing to live with. Always anxious feeling. However according to the (ADA) American Disability Act, I don’t think you can charge people with a hearing loss. Thank you
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2 years ago, it'snotworking!?
Problem receiving thru cc
I have some problems with cc allowing calls to come in but Brandi @ cc is helping. Okay
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7 months ago, JNAasgD
What wonderful service for those who are in need of it I highly recommend*****
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9 months ago, KCM19
Clear Captions
Making my life so much easier!! Thank You so much for this incredible service.👍👏👏👏👏
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3 years ago, herb1008
My thoughts about Clear Caption.
I utilize the program on my cell phone and it has substantially been of benefit to me.
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4 years ago, Mr. lucky 😎
Easiest way to talk .
Anyone else who’s hard of hearing 🧏‍♂️ I definitely would recommend getting this app. Thank you so much ClearCaptions 😃
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2 years ago, Ms5.0
Talking on the phone
I am so happy now that I can hold conversations on my cell phone yes Thank you
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8 months ago, Loving Soliraire
I have awlways loved CC, but now am getting complaints that callers can not hear me. Other wise good.
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3 years ago, ajpit10
The big issue is that all calls go straight to voicemail even though my ringtone setting were all properly set up. I nearly missed a job interview because of this.
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4 weeks ago, Dizzi2cu
Calption delayed
Caption bit delay
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3 years ago, Vegas in a Bklyn way
Thank you
Works very well
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4 years ago, Susanbarb
Captionist are leaving me hanging not knowing what is going on when I press an option.
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4 years ago, Total Disappointed
Do NOT get this app
It is a total frustration. I have talked to technical support a number of times with no good results - lost hours of my time. Using the app I cannot hear the other person or the other person cannot hear me. 👎
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1 year ago, bluecolum
Good But Not Perfect
Customer service needs improvement. Response rate is poor when service problems arise.
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2 months ago, loses everything
Outdated technology. Not real time
3-4 second lag which is horrible trying to get a job. Cannot understand heavy accents. Use MS Teams or Zoom with captions that are real time and translate individuals with accents perfectly
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4 years ago, Algolkin
Very disappointed
Always says not available. causes my phone not to ring. I missed lots of important calls I canceled and it won’t let me get calls on my old number.
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3 years ago, is there snyone
Bad problem
They changed my phone Number and now I cannot call out or receive calls Totally screwed up my phone
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4 years ago, I don, seea nick name
Am I supposed to be able to hear the voice plus the caption?I just get the caption
Can’t Ha
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4 years ago, bobby7309484
HELP for sure don’t miss out on it
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7 months ago, Burt/Mongo
My Savior in Noisy Situations
This app on my cellphone can be lifesaving in an emergency situation.
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4 years ago, notmuchluck
Hard to use
Have never been able to use successfully. Especially for messages.
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3 years ago, Nina Dos Santos
Phone connection issue
I am try to place a call but didn’t go
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4 years ago, lajack44
Broken calls
Goes off during calls
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3 years ago, blc586
Lost captions during call
Closed captioning became “temporarily unavailable “ during the call
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2 years ago, MAMOO MIAN
Syed Mahmood Hussaini
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4 years ago, PetuniaB
Phone calls
The minute there is a phone call, I answer it and it hangs up, why?
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2 years ago, GkyNsa
Input of wrong words
The caption, and phrases
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1 month ago, Shrink1938
I am a Medical Doctor
It is very unstable communication.
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5 years ago, 1284!
So easy
The app makes it easy to feel comfortable and confident using my mobile phone. I no longer have to worry about not being able to hear well or missing something when I’m on my mobile.
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4 years ago, Flash_699
Had high hopes but quickly dashed. Conversion of voice to text is slow because it’s manually done by a person. Only converts the other person’s voice. Manual conversion means speed and accuracy are dependent on which transcriber you get. So sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds behind conversation. Can’t conduct a real conversation that way. If I was deaf then this would be a decent option. Since it’s difficult for me to hear but not impossible I’ll continue using quality headsets. You have to call out on their phone line so people won’t see your normal mobile number- for good or ill. Although it keeps a history, There is no way to export or copy the text.
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