Clicker - Count Anything

3.8 (74)
3.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Iconfactory
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clicker - Count Anything

3.84 out of 5
74 Ratings
8 years ago, hughes7283
Awesome app
It's such a simple app, but it works so well. I have not had it crash on me once and I use it several times a day. I use it to keep track of how much I vape because I am trying to cut back each day so someday I can eventually quit. I would give it 5 stars if we had the option between showing the amount on the watch face OR just the plus icon that's in the app. Also if we had the choice to change the app to the same color choices as the watch faces so it would match better. If these could be implemented it would easily be a 5 star app from me. I do realize these are just small aesthetic peeves I have. The productivity of the app I have no problem with at all. It's perfect in that department.
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7 months ago, Nultater
So simple, works great (needs volume control)
This is a great app to simply count anything you need. I also love that the devs don’t collect any data when they don’t need to (that alone is worth 5 stars). The only reason for the four star rating is there is no audio option, mute, haptic, etc.
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8 years ago, MLove
Great for tracking water intake
I use this app to track how many ounces of water I drink a day. At the end of the day, I enter that number in my fitness tracker app. It's much faster and easier to tap the complication on my watch face than going directly to a fitness app on my phone; I also don't get distracted by other apps and notifications on the phone. Wish list: The *option* to track up to 4 different things, with a different colored counter in each corner.
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7 months ago, Ajonnavi
Simple and perfect
One can always keep adding features like history, categories, etc., but this app is simple and perfect as a clicker. One feature request - The app had a target setting. It would be great if the app can make a sound or vibration when the counter reaches the target. It’s useful during mediation with eyes closed.
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2 years ago, SmokingBarrel
Neat and has apple watch ‘complication’ feature
This app deserves more love. This is the ONLY counter app I could find which has a ‘complication’ for Apple watch! Love it. This is a no nonsense, clutter free app. No ads whatsoever. App doesn’t even show notifications/pop-ups to rate it on app store. It is just there like a good pal helping you quietly without bugging you.
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1 year ago, Happy knitter
App stopped working on Apple Watch
Like other reviewers, there was an ann update that recently “broke” the connection with apple watch. I used it often to count rows in my knitting projects. That freed me from having to write down every row completion. The app still works on my phone, but can’t be installed on the watch anymore. Not useful for me to keep my phone face active 100% of the time while knitting. I am testing a substitute app from another provider now that works on Watch. (Yarn buddy)
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7 years ago, Opinionzzzzz
Simple counter for Apple Watch
This app is great for my watch when I run laps on the track. The track is very small (1/12 mile) so I can easily lose track of my laps. With the watch app, a simple tap on the screen will log a new lap. There is also a 'compilation' for the watch that allows you to see from the face what your last count was.
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4 months ago, crystal_castle
Invaluable habit tracker
This is a simple app, yet with very powerful use cases. It’s helped me break some bad habits while reinforcing some good ones. Sounds silly, but this little counter helped change my life for the better. Thanks devs, for putting this out free of charge!
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5 years ago, ZSchamis
Works as it should
The app seems to work perfectly. I only wish I could choose to count by numbers other than 1.
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3 years ago, AT&Trash
Nice app, but can’t turn off sounds
I love the app and want to use it, but I can’t turn off the sounds. Every time I add to or subtract from the counter, the watch makes a sound. When the counter is reset, it makes a sound. Too bad. I had to go to flink-counter, even though it’s not as nice. Add that function and I’d happily pay a few bucks. No subscriptions!
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1 year ago, Nemo427
Still loving this app
Started using it on Apple Watch 3. Now have a 7 and it’s been very useful. Latest new use is keeping track of my row counts in crochet projects! Who knew?
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5 years ago, jawnolith
Works, but could use some new features
I’d like the ability to count more than one thing. Seems like a swipe feature and titling for each tally could work. The complication could probably even fit three counters. I would pay for this feature 😉
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8 years ago, BecCanDo
Doesn't Open
Is this just a picture with no functional ability whatsoever? I click tap touch press swipe... All in vain... What a waste because the description appealed to me calling it "simple". This is so "simple" that I think the app is a facade because only thing that responded on the entire app face was the link to the icon factories webpage where they promote their services!
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8 months ago, Not 2 Old 2 Learn
Why did it change?!?
It used to have the option to subtract on the watch face without having to go into settings. It was perfect for what I needed.
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2 years ago, Wuollett
Can you make it count by 5s or 10s?
So far it only ones up by ones.
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7 years ago, BigDogma
Having a complication is what makes this a winner. Also, the design is great. A paid version with multiple tallies would be awesome!
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5 years ago, Big_Zimm
Needs updated!!!
I love the app, but I am unable to add complications for the watch faces I actually use. If they updated the app with many more complications I would say it’s a 5 star app. Unless you like to dig into your apps to open this thing up constantly, it’s borderline useless.
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2 years ago, bluemeanieface
Works. Use almost daily
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5 years ago, jpmorganjr
Close but not working
This is the only app I could find which offered a manual count to be viewed in a complication. However, I can’t get the complication to appear in my watch. I’ve added it on the phone. Restarted the watch. Still not appearing as a choice when I customize the watch face.
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5 years ago, completely original nickname!
I wish this could be plunked down into more faces than Apple will allow ! Great simple app
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9 years ago, Michael-reviews
Almost perfect!
This is a great all-purpose counting app. I use it as a row counter for knitting. Two things I would add or suggest to add/change: First would be to add the counter as an actionable glance. The second, be able to tap the complication to add from the watch face. I'm not sure if this is even possible given Apple's coding rules regarding actionable items in glances or complications, but for an app like this, man would that be so much nicer/faster/useful than having to open the app, switching out of one screen to another. That all said, great looking and simple app!
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9 years ago, Mike Bradshaw (bmike)
Count von Count would approve
1 star for an app 2 stars for a free app 3 stars for an app that works 4 stars for a small app 5, yes 5 stars for an app that counts
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5 years ago, punjiba
Blanked Apple Watch
Using Clicker today and my watch face went blank and would not wake for several taps then face flashed several times and woke up. Uninstalled immediately. Won’t try it again.
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3 years ago, Viktor_withaK
“Watch Settings” doesn’t work.
The Apple Watch complication syncs the counting with the app just fine; however, changing the accent color or adding a goal on the app doesn’t do anything to the complication.
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5 years ago, AmplifiedLife
Series 0 Support
Thank you for still supporting the 0
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6 years ago, Orthodontic Jake
Decent app
Generally does what you’d expect! I wish it would be updated to work as a complication on some of the newer watch faces.
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8 years ago, wabbajackson
Excellent idea
Simple and useful. Clicker is the only third-party complication I keep on my watch face.
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1 year ago, terreljonesjr
Hold to Subtract
Cool update, love being able to click from phone but man do I miss the hold to subtract on Apple Watch
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1 year ago, K. James
Axed Apple Watch Series 3 support
I went to use Clicker on my watch as I do every day for work, and it’s gone! Turns out the update scrapped support for my Apple Watch Series 3. Terrible.
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8 years ago, OUQuinn
Won't open
I've followed all of the instructions, even uninstalled and reinstalled, but will not open on the Apple Watch. Just the spinning dial and then a crash.
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8 years ago, erush18
With the app size at 666kB, well I don't know but it's a good app :)
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5 years ago, The Vester
Love The App, But.....
It needs a complication on the newer watch faces. Please please please .......... he begs!
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7 years ago, MaddMax2u
Won't open on watch. How could such a simple app get screwed up so badly??
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1 year ago, Michael00000f
Watch widget
You guys got rid of the watch widget, why :(
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8 years ago, Infiniti geek
Works great
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8 years ago, HamndChs
Perfect for counting rests in an orchestra rehearsal.
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9 years ago, EnderAl
The only counter app with a complication
This is the only counter app I found that has a watch complication, which is a great feature. I have a watch face set up for when I coach my little girls' soccer games, and this lets me quickly see how many goals the other team has. (I can usually remember our goals.) I only wish that I could somehow have two clickers (and complication) going so that I could have both scores on the watch face. Maybe you guys can put out a scorekeeper app with a complication. ;-)
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9 years ago, smart burro
Simple App Near Perfect Execution
Love what the app does and how simple it is to use with the watch face complication. Two things I would like added: 1) the ability to count 1/2's and 1/4's. 2) the ability to have more than 1 count at a time. Personally I am using it to count how many cigarettes I smoke, but would also like to count how many times I take my medication. I sometimes only take a 1/2 of a pill though so it makes it harder to count with only full numbers.
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9 years ago, Joe Then
This app has really helped me so much! I have been using it to keep a tally of how many consecutive days I go for a 30-minute run when I first wake up. This app is perfect if you're trying to start or develop a good habit and having the complication on the watch face is inspirational! Feature Request: It would be awesome if multiple instances of the watch face complication could be used to track different things (in different colors).
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9 years ago, Seanndaly
Fast, simple app that runs flawlessly and looks great. I would enjoy a little added functionality like the ability to swipe through multiple counters and perhaps the ability to name those counters from the phone app.
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9 years ago, thomaslitchford
Simple, Positive Feedback
I'm using this to count the number of books I've read. I'm hoping it will help me get out of a reading slump.
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9 years ago, michaelant
Awesome! Thank you. Exactly what I wanted. A simple way to count something, over time, and keep that tally visible on the Watch face. Wonderful. Works perfectly.
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9 years ago, Orand
Love it!
Nice and simple. Would be even better with a glance.
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9 years ago, japaSneeZemonk
I'm a waiter
Using it to keep track of my tips. Works great!!!
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