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10 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ClickShare

3.2 out of 5
15 Ratings
9 years ago, Wbmorrison
So close to perfect...almost
The achilles heel in this app is no mirroring of the iPad screen. You can show documents, but can't simply stream your iPad screen to the Clickshare base unit (monitor). Instead, I have to load Reflector on my Mac, with a clickshare button attached (sharing the Mac with clickshare) and then "Reflecting" my iPad onto my Mac. Two wireless sharing connections with the Mac as the translator. Yet, if I simply want to show a file (PPT, etc.), can can stream directly from the iPad to Clickshare. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! Nearly perfect, but instead maddening.
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12 months ago, ...him downstairs
It’s the little things
So I’ve been administering several Barco c-10’s for a couple different clients about a year now. All in all it’s pretty great. This app however leaves a lot to be desired. Main thing is if I’m sharing my screen, I can’t mute the sound on my phone to play it on the monitor only. It plays on both of them and of course it’s delayed on the monitor. VERY ANNOYING. That’s definitely a bug, not a feature. The other thing that’s rather annoying is my app says there’s an update EVERYTIME I use it. I click it hoping it’s gonna be the fix to the aforementioned problem but low and behold, there’s not an update at all. I guess that’s a glitch. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome as a tool. So far the hardest thing is encouraging users of the tech to use the tech. I mean everytime there is a problem and I get called in to fix it, there’s an unplugged hdmi cable that some one has decided to plug directly into their laptop to use the system.
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3 years ago, ThicknQuick
Previous version was simpler compared to this version.
Previous version could find the ClickShare once logged into the WiFi. Now you need to type it all in
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4 weeks ago, Phillysdon04
This works
I wish I didn't need this app to it with my ClickShare device
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9 years ago, C Waters...
From the Installers POV
So, I have been installing the Barco Clickshare devices for over a year now on a weekly basis. This is a great simple solution for wirelessly connecting your Laptop (via the puck) or your IPad/IPhone. I like that it has it's own wireless access point built in, I like that it has a free app for the mobile devices. I like that it has a better refresh rate for the video than the Crestron AM-100. I like that you can Import and Export documents and pictures from the phone and the 3 major cloud drives. Google Drive/ Dropbox/ and iCloud. I really love that I can take Snapshots and LIVE VIEW is alot of fun to show the End Users. For the fifth star to be added to this review, I'm going to need to see a screen mirror capability though. This way you can show anything you wish on the screen just like a laptop or desktop. -CW Project Specalist
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9 years ago, Zombie78645
Very limited functions to display content.
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11 years ago, Angelo Santilli
I can see where this going...
We purchased ClickShare for the conference room of our new office without the ability to connect IOS devices, just the USB dongles for laptop computers. But by the time we actually had the system installed, the firmware update and the iPhone/iPad app was available... Thanks to the folks at Barco for adding value to our purchase. This is a good first effort, keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, Reasonable Sauce
Can't connect to cloud services and doesn't allow screen sharing
Apparently doesn't work with 10.3 and also can't connect to Google cloud (google giving a 403 error so looks like ClickShare programmers used the wrong API to connect?) also can't seem to connect to Microsoft Onedrive through a corporate account... who exactly did you think was going to be using this? People at home on their TV? Come on people get it together or ditch this crap and don't waste our time.
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6 years ago, Deanbot
Good start but
1. What’s the point of attaching to clouds if you have to login to click share WiFi which can’t access internet? 2. Could the Apple Pencil ink be any fatter? Need thin line option, not just fat and super fat. 3. When Apple Pencil attached (or whenever in annotation mode) you need to allow two-finger panning and zooming on parts of picture, and the ink has to stay there as you pan around! Right now I have to exit annotation mode to pan, which loses my annotations and when I save annotation, it saves the cropped picture instead of the whole thing. Not good. 4. Screen mirroring would be ideal Thanks
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4 years ago, teacher of band
Could be great. . .
Excited to have a platform that will be compatible regardless of os the presenter uses. This app makes me long for an apple t v. The lack of screen mirror support combined with the limited tool palette really puts a damper on what you think you can do to present. Want to like this app.
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7 years ago, Chunkycoats
AirPlay not compatible with iOS 10.3
Tried to use to share my screen of a 10.3.2 device through AirPlay and it does not work. Can't say if this works on other iOS devices but AirPlay is the only reason I would use this app so sorry, 1 star. Otherwise Clickshare is 5 stars on a PC and their USB button!
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10 years ago, DeadBatteries
Corporate enviornment
Great app! Definitely need to be able to share the screen on the iPhone or iPad. That is a make or break issue.
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5 years ago, Shadow Plumber
This app is super unintuitive and the start guide is legit a series of four pictures with four words that explains absolutely nothing. All I wanted to do was connect to a projector, if that’s a functionality of the app then it definitely shouldn’t be this hard.
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9 years ago, JeffIsler
Downloaded with the hope that I'd be able to use it as a presentation display, but it's much too limited. This app can ONLY show photos from iPad or cloud or camera image. Kind of useless, but at least it was free.
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4 years ago, Pope '06
Can’t get it to work on my iPad
Sorry, but I’ve tried several times to get this to work on my iPad without success. I have no way to contact you to ask for help. This is frustrating....
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4 years ago, sad in columbus oh
App would not load
Could not get the app to load to the iPad. tried several times, even after a reboot - still nothing.
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9 years ago, mattsaga
Barco Click Share
Great update for functionality - but it is CRASHING!! Please fix ASAP. Need the old version.
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11 years ago, ozakinci
Works as suggested.
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8 years ago, seymourglass
Latest update doesn't work.
Update my iPad software. Now it doesn't work. Please fix. Otherwise it's just garbage.
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11 years ago, Squidman7
great that docs and power point is added
please add a full whiteboard function for annotation please include black pen selection, multiple backgrounds (grid , lines blank) line width options, type text options for live meeting notes save as doc option
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7 years ago, carbonbased1
First! I win!!
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9 years ago, Blakeong
Crashing on iphone6
Crashing on day one of using this.
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7 years ago, mobile lead
Needs mirroring for apps like Droid version
Restricted in what can be shared. Very disappointing.
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9 years ago, BinSubaih
Great app
Great app
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9 years ago, Whistling Winds
V 1.3 crashing
V 1.3 is crashing on startup. iPhone 5s, latest version of IOS. Please fix
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7 years ago, edrenny
Won't work on I-Phone
Mirroring option does not appear for I-Phone. Co-workers with Android are able to mirror from the application. No such option appears for I-Phones
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