Clinometer + bubble level

4.1 (38)
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Peter Breitling
Last update
1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clinometer + bubble level

4.08 out of 5
38 Ratings
13 years ago, TCSF1
Basic and user friendly
I purchased Clinometer because it can show the angle in large back numerals that are easy to read in daylight. I also have TiltMeter Pro which has extra advanced features but does not offer a display that works as well in daylight. I like having both, at least until TiltMeter Pro offers a better outdoor display. Daylight display is important to long range shooters needing to determine uphill and downhill angles. Not all construction takes place inside. Therefore there's a lot of places that Clinometer's better display is preferable. If TiltMeter Pro wasn't out there with extra features I would have given Clinometer 5 stars.
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7 years ago, KBeat
Great for iPad, Oldie that's Actually Maintained
The iPhone has the compass app which has a built in level. However, the iPad has no such built-in utility even though it's a great tool for doing such things. Thanks to this app it has one, and a darn good one at that. Kudos to the developer for continually updating the app. I've lost track of how many classic apps from the time period when this one was released that are no longer supported. Nice to be able to still use an oldie but goodie.
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1 year ago, crazyivanov
Great app and support
I’ve had this app on all my phones since I guess it came out. I know it’s been quite along time. What is interesting is apps come and go but this app has always received updates. I have great respect for developers that keep apps like this working.
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4 years ago, WickedApps
Perfect for golfers using Aimpoint Express
This app is perfect for golfers using Aimpoint Express to gauge the slope of greens. AE recommends a 9" Husky Digital level the costs around $60, but a larger iPhone (I use a 6+) with this app is just as good and far more portable. Love that you can read both axes (left/right and uphill:downhill) at once without moving phone. Since I always have my phone with me, I'm always ready to calibrate/double-check my feet read when on a practice green or during a practice round. Just make sure you have it set to display % slope, not degrees, for Aimpoint Express.
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3 years ago, JKC48
Solar panel tilt angle
Using my iPhone 11, I can set the appropriate incline angle of the solar panels on my RV’s roof, no matter where I’m located and even if the RV is not perfectly level. Voice output is an added bonus. Use the base of the phone for angle from horizontal and the side edge for angle from vertical. Well worth the money.
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2 years ago, rkgdroid
Still a solid app in 2022
Absolutely perfect for a discerning engineer — well designed, clean, no bloat, reliable 0.1 degree increments and small install size.
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3 years ago, Eripetra
Nicely designed app
Very easy to use and get readings. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, oceans777
Breitling great for not $7500
Love this app, used it for everything imaginable for many years. Nice that it was developed by the guy who invented Breitling chronometers!
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3 years ago, El Douchebago
Waste of $1.99
Instructions basically say “This is self explanatory.” Paid $1.99, tried figuring out how to get a slope for about 10 minutes, gave up and deleted it.
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1 year ago, gmessier
Waaaaaay too complicated
This thing is way too complicated to calibrate and to read. The read out is absolutely stupid. I do not recommend this at all.
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5 years ago, N6407B
I love this app. It’s perfect for setting angles while sharpening knives. Works flawlessly!
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2 years ago, Demark Boi
Needs a better calibration system
Very hard to trust the readings without calibrating with a bubble level first.
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7 years ago, Born ugly
Calibrating some mechanical stuff with. Works prefect. 👌🏼
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5 years ago, bellepuppy
No Tutorial
Warning: There is no tutorial nor instructions on how to use this app beyond calibrating it.
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6 years ago, bramstoy
Oldie but goodie! This app is a must-have tool.
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4 years ago, Woods McGoods
Bad for golfers
Not accurate enough at 1-4% slopes. iPhones with protruding cameras need cases with flat backs.
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15 years ago, dtidmore
It only gets better each time
I jumped on this one when it first released as I saw the utility immediately. Each release has finessed the original concept while never loosing the ease of use. This latest release with peer-to-peer ability really is cool. One of my uses of the clinometer app is in leveling my Airstream travel trailer when setting up and the ability to have one of my two iphones sitting on the floor or the trailer while I am outside adjusting the level of the rig is outstanding. I did have a little trouble at first figuring out how to get the two iphones connected (no documentation yet), I finally discovered that you have to wait for them both to see the other and then press connect on both iphones at the same time and then they both come up wanting to know whether to be the measuring or display unit. Once one of them is selected, the other immediately assumes the complimentary roll. BTW, this all works using the 3G network as I tested with both iphone set with WiFi turned off. Don't bother with other inclinometer apps, this is the ONE that does it all. dt
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15 years ago, b33_t33
Great app!
If you want to read, go ahead, but for those of you who don't: It's worth it, it works, so go download it! I downloaded this app a few weeks ago, thinking I might possibly use it someday. My bf and I are remodeling a house. Currently, we're tiling the bathroom shower with ceramic tile. The ceiling has a few weird angles and slopes, so the further up we get, the more we're having to cut the tile at these odd angles. The slope we worked on today was at the top and we were having trouble getting the right measurements. That's where this app came in... I whipped out my iPhone, held it up against the ceiling to get the slope, held the phone up to the tile to get the same slope, and actually used my phone to draw the line (although I don't recommend the latter :-). My bf cut it and it fit perfectly!! I never really thought I'd use my phone for something like that, but now that we know it works, we're coming up with all sorts of uses for it. Big thanks to the creator!
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15 years ago, HawaiianStevo
Great tool!
This is amazingly accurate! I didn't know that it had a reading option for pitches (example: 4.5/12). I have been in roof truss manufacturing business for 22 years and always wanted to have a tool to measure slopes of existing roofs. This is it! So quick and simple and the lock feature works great! This also has a veriety of options such as the rotate feature which allows you to rotate the dial 90 degrees. I used the bubble feature and it works well! One thing, depending on the type of protective case you're using, you may have to pull the iPhone out to use it's straight edge for accurate reading. I bought a rubber protective case that has straight sides and a flat back so I don't have to pull the phone out to use it. Last thing, calibration is so simple! Good job guys! Five stars was a no brainer!
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15 years ago, AirH0g
Simply fantastic!
I have had this app for quite A while now, and have probably used it in the shop at least once a day, primarily as an angle finder. Once calibrated corectly, it is VERY accurate, rivaling some of my more expensive units, and all for a $buck$ To the last guy who gave it one star, RTFM! this app does all it claims. It did crash once I installed the update however after reinstalling all is perfect once again. Also this has been updated very frequently, so if one were to have a problem I'm sure it would be short lived. Having used it so often over the past few months, I would certainly miss it if it were gone. If your looking for a good clinometer, you found it!
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14 years ago, PaplooTheLearned
Simple and works good...
Simple to use and calibrates well. It's calibration has you measure the same surface in opposite directions so that it can average the readings and decide where zero should be. This makes it possible to calibrate your phone--in a case--on a non-level surface. The only thing I might add, is the overall angle of a surface in the bubble level mode, instead of just the x and y components. This, of course, takes some vector math to get right (involving finding the normal vector to the surface given the two component vectors, and then using a.b=|a||b|cos(theta) to find the angle between the normal and z-hat, making it is something that I don't want to have to do by hand in the field.
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11 years ago, Master Rigger 184
NYC Master Rigger
I assemble Tower Cranes, set Large Mobile Hydraulic Cranes and survey high rise construction sites for cranes. My work needs to be "on the level". As a secondary piece of equipment, I carry my IPad2 everywhere with me and am able to make preliminary measurements with the Clinometer application, that so far have been verified accurate by the findings of a professional survey team. it is amazing that something so simple to operate can be so useful. My team of iron workers up on scaffolds can't believe that the steel they used to dangerously fit to fit into place now lines right up when they receive it by crane because I level each piece with the Clinometer before the crane lifts it. Nice product. It has my full endorsement! NYC Master Rigger 184 DOC
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13 years ago, Snerbal
One of my favorite apps
Excellent and used often. This is worth 99 cents, especially since it actually calibrates correctly, unlike the free iHandy level, which doesn't. (the free Stanley level also calibrates correctly but is very simple). Anyone who knows how to calibrate a level knows you have to do it on a surface twice, each time 180 degrees apart which this does correctly. I paid $40 for an actual inclinometer and this does the job just as well if not better. It also upgraded to an HD version on my IPad, which works even better since it has a longer edge. Works flawlessly. Great app!.
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16 years ago, sternutator
Cheers for the lock button!
As I wrote for the original version: Works very well and is intuitive to use. The accuracy I get on my iPhone is ±1 degree. Version 2.1 adds a very welcome "Lock" button to lock the dial for readout after taking a sighting. Minor quibble: The lock button label is the reverse to the way one would expect - the button is red/locked while the display is free, and green/unlocked while the display is locked. I understand the rationale to indicate the *action* of the button press, but since a lock button serves as *state indicator* in many GUI apps, it would be better to reverse the labels, so that the label indicates *state* rather than *action*.
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15 years ago, AstroTech
I use it every day - incredibly useful for so many things!
Have this on a 1st gen and 3G and both are very accurate (two good phones). The 1st gen was a little off so I calibrated it at work in the lab and retested several days later by putting it on my telescope. Was dead on! A RED light skin would be great for night vision around telescopes. Can't wait for the bubble level feature. Can we get a green laser line out of it too?;) Great job! ***** Update: The features of the latest version are great! Thank you for listening to everyone's suggestions. This app has turned given new life a low tech DOB telescope.
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15 years ago, MrDLoomis
Good app...still needs a few features.
I am adding to my previous review ( see below) and adding one more star. The latest update added a lock feature. I really like the audible lock signal. Still needs the feature to measure heights (see previous review). 4 stars for now. -------------- (previous review) Works well. Would be nice to have a lock button to lock the measurement into the phone so you could move it and record it. Also, a handy feature would be to have an automatic calculation of approximate height of an object based upon distance to the object and angle observed. It's an easy calcuation, and would make it handy for the casual user who just wants to have fun with it. Well done, but I'll hold off on more stars until I see what the future holds. On a similar note, I did try to contact the developer via email a couple of weeks ago...still no response. Hmmm.
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15 years ago, rlh930
Great app
Like all the others said, great app. One suggestion though, and forgive me if it's already been mentioned in the hundred or so other reviews. It is useful to be able to determine the angle from your eye to some distant object by sighting along the edge or the face of the iPhone. Two new features would greatly simplify that. First, make the Lock button on the screen bigger. Second, have the app beep or make some kind of sound so you know if you've actually pressed the button. These would allow you to take sightings without looking at the screen.
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15 years ago, Dr X-Treme
Most sensitive inclinometer out there
Wow is all I can say. Just finished laying out tubes for Outlaw Street car and using my lazer level and inclinometer to be certain I maintained square and angles for triangulation of all pieces, I decided to see what this app showed. After calibrating, I put it into decimal point readout, and found to my suprise it was within .01% of my lazer. This will give me a HUGE advantage over my competiion at the track. Kudos to the dev for making it, and thank to Apple for freeing me from the evil empire (you know what I mean)...Now I want a Mac Book Pro!!!
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10 years ago, Level headed dude
On the level, every time!
This beats any leveling device for your RV hands down. Just place your cell phone on a semi level surface of your RV after opening up the app, turn up the volume and let the automatic or manual leveling jacks down and a voice will inform you when your RV is level to a great degree of accuracy. No more so so bubble levels and guessing the degree. You will know to a decimal point what is just right. Compare this to what is in your RV now and you, like I, will use this app religiously from now on. Thanks for a great app product.
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13 years ago, rekrabm
Complete your Swiss Army Phone
I was installing a new dishwasher and needed a short bubble level. I only had a long level - too long for the job - and I didn't want to go to the hardware store and spend $10 for something I wouldn't use often. "hmmm. I wonder if there's an app for that?" Clinometer performed admirably. It has since saved me other trips either to the garage or hardware store. It's accurate, readily at hand, inexpensive, and, like any good tool, works without complication or fuss. Thanks for your good workmanship on top of a good platform.
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13 years ago, TrailAl
Great app just wish it had better Bluetooth features
This app works awesome for a smooth surface like a roof or sidewalk.. But when I build trails I use a clinometer that I can tell the average grade over a distance.. When I saw this app advertised as being able to use bluetooth I figured when I connect 2 devices together it will tell me the average incline between the 2, however it only allows you to see the incline of the first device on the second.. Pretty much I need this app to work like a real clinometer and give me the average grade of a surface between 2 points.. But for a dollar it's an awesome app.
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11 years ago, 00111001001100
Exceptionally sensitive and accurate
This is a great app to have around. A buddy bumps into picture on the wall. You can level it. Is your surround sound system's calibration mic flush and level before you calibrate? be sure of it. The best part is, the iPad can check the level of some areas a full-sized level just can't get in to. The calibration feature is a must and I'm happy to see it. The bubble level and inclinometer makes this app so generally useful, I'm using it for something new every day. If you're handy...and slightly OCD :) ...this app is pretty much for you.
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16 years ago, Znowstorm
Usible, accurate and attractive. It just works!
This app is easy to use and once calibrated (very easy to do) is very accurate. The layout is logical and UI is attractively styled. Easily the best Clinometer and/or leveling app out there. Way to go! Feature request: - Red colored skin to preserve night vision - Lock feature so you can place the phone in a tough to see place to take a measurment, press a button to lock it, and then bring it back to where you can read it to see the reading.
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15 years ago, PC747
This app does everything they claim and does it very well. I work with inclines, gentle slopes and fall lines. What I need is an inclinometer that has that nice beautiful red arrow precisely pointing down the fall line. Trying to guess the fall line of gentle slopes by trying to interpolate the direction indicated by an offset bubble is too imprecise to be of any real use. If this app could be made so as to enable the choice of having the fall line clinometer arrow indicating the slope even on very gentle slopes, that would provide greatly increased utility.
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12 years ago, ME3.14159265
Beautiful, Useful, and Accurate
I reach for this tool all the time. Leveling Monitors at work, setting up desks that need to be level, anythiing that I would have used a level for in the past (but rarely had one handy) I can do with Clinometer. The fact that you can calibrate Clinometer to measure accurate level, even on a non-level surface, is the key - take a measure, flip, take another measure, and Clinometer is accurately calibrated. An amazingly useful tool to have with you all the time. Well worth the investment!
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16 years ago, Copper230
Best Yet!!
Absolutely incredible! I was sold on this just after reading the reviews alone! Let me tell you, I am not a contractor but after I bought this I found it very useful for leveling things around the house like the washer, dryer, fridge and whatever else that may need to be eventually leveled. I love the toggle feature between the black/white. Oh, and also the bubble that comes into effect when you lay your iPhone flat, HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Just like a real level!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Dent De Leon
Grea app, the update is appreciated.
Very legible display. Good UI, I like the color options. And, it talks! Some time ago, I needed to set the edge of a 3D model at 30° relative to the monitor prior to 2D rendering for an isometric illustration. As the component was at a skewed angle, there was no way to instruct the program to do this. So using the app, I held my iPhone to the screen at 30° and rotated the camera view until the edge of the model was aligned with the edge of my iPhone. Viola, perfect 30° angle! Thanks again for a well designed, useful app.
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16 years ago, crsouser
Great, Simple, and useful little application.
This is a great and simple and quite useful application for everyone. It could be improved for accuracy, especially when the phone is laid on its back... but I didn't expect scientific precision either out of a phone or music device. Love the display and its fast and adjusts quickly.. allows for calibration. One of my favorite apps thus far purely for the level of quality of the application.
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15 years ago, Pharyngula
I keep finding uses for this outstanding app
This is a beautiful, accurate and surprisingly useful application. I use it for all sorts of things from simple level checks to angle measurements in my workshop. My favorite use is obtaining altitude readings for my telescopes. Last week I helped a DirecTV installer who came by to check our site (and who forgot his own clinometer) to locate the position of one of their southern satellites. I'm now a geek legend to my kids!
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15 years ago, binarybum
Constant tweaking!
A really neat app, but frequent updates and tweaks seem unecessary for what amounts to a fairly simple application. I'm afraid it's going to get bloated to death. The new background is completely unnecessary - what was wrong with black or white? I feel like this is one of those apps that in the next few releases we'll start to see sound effects and a function for checking the weather. Please, keep it simple and accurate that is all.
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9 years ago, JDubman
Used to be awesome, now confusing
I used to absolutely love this app; it was beautiful and simple and intuitive. In recent releases it has gained many features at the expense of usability. I keep getting into modes I don't want like recalibration and the color keeps changing and I don't understand what all the tiny little unlabeled icons are for. I have had to delete and reinstall to get out of modes I don't understand and didn't want. I just wanted a level & bubble level and don't want to take the time to learn all these other features. Very frustrating.
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15 years ago, Voyager13b
I have used this app since 2008, and it is fantastic. The current version is pure sweetness, and I cant wait to put the peer mode to work after I spring for the 3GS phone and have a pair to work with. I used the app to measure critical slopes in a large community wide access upgrade to meet current ADA codes, and it proved to be as accurate as seriously expensive engineering tools, and far more handy to use.
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15 years ago, Bob Lew
Great potential if a few enhancements are added
This app works great, but could it's applicability could be expanded to many new and very valuable uses in exercise physiology, physical therapy, and sports medicine with a few enhancements by the developer. The main change needed is to increase the maximum measured range of rotation from 90 degrees to 360 degrees. Then the app could be used efficiently and accurately as a Flexometer or as a Goniometer generally.
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9 years ago, Rusch Motorsports
WOW! Incredibly wonderful inclinometer. Insane precision for a phone, the calibration feature is PERFECT, the auto bubble level when laid flat, (has its own separate calibration), is also insane! This APP is extremely useful, not just a toy! Oh, and it's an uber cool toy too. Thank you for such an wonderful app… Now if we can get a data logger for the accelerometers, especially one with this sort of precision and attention to detail… Not just Ghetto-Tech-Pro knock off.
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11 years ago, 9mm auto
Very accurate
I work in a surface mine where I build roads for giant mining trucks and other equipment. I use this app for quick reference while building ramps and such until I can get an official survey of my work. I am consistently accurate with the official survey when I use this app. Our surveyors use very expensive and highly accurate equipment to get their readings, I paid .99 cents for this app and as far as I can tell Its just as good.
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12 years ago, bhsharp
Bought it. Ran it. It sat there saying 0.0 and wouldn't change no matter how I moved my iPhone. The "manual" is just equally inscrutable calibration instructions and says things like "press the button that automatically enables if you're holding the device correctly." No idea which button it means, but I sat here holding the phone level, plumb, etc and the calibrate button is always grayed out. There's an icon that goes between a locked padlock, unlocked padlock, and a bar with shaky lines. No idea what it means. No info in the "manual." Maybe this is an accurate clinometer but the UI and manual are so awful I won't ever know.
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13 years ago, emiyes
Very well done
I got this app because it can calibrate on a non-level surface. That ability makes it so much more useful than alternatives that require a level reference surface. The displays are extremely clear. It seems to be accurate to less than 0.2 degrees, which is way better than I can get with conventional levels. Works great on my iPhone 4.
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15 years ago, Young H K
after much reading and comparison shopping...this is it!
i was going back and forth deciding which application to purchase between Clinometer and Tilt meter, they both seem to do the same things, Clinometer seems to have more reviews and to me the graphics looked pretty good, and i loved the way how Clinometer is so easy to calibrate. I'm an architect, and i think this should be a pretty cool/ fun tool to have. =)
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16 years ago, TCapple
Best iPhone app I've downloaded yet...
No bugs, crashes or lags - does what it says it will with accuracy. Love the update with the bubble level (probably most useful on 1G or Touch, though since they have flat backs). Gorgeous, clean visuals. A perfect demonstration app and very useful tool for MANY people. Wouldn't it be nice if they were all like Clinometer? Fewer tip calculators and girlfriend dialers, more Clinometer type apps please...
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11 years ago, TahoeFlyer
Continued great work
I've had this since early versions. This app has been incredibly useful when I've needed to check level and now it's even better with the camera slope indicator. The updates have been excellent, and the UI continues to get better. Super easy to use but has the features needed. Excellent calibration routine. Smoothing and averaging and display locking makes this very friendly.
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