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User Reviews for Clipboard Health

3.6 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
3 weeks ago, angmarama
Poor Pay
Although it’s a great app to utilize for quick per diem jobs, many facilities are not using it as often. It’s scarce in California for RN and occasionally LVN positions. Sadly, LVNs are making a what RNs are making and sometimes more. Occasionally there’s a facility that pays both positions poorly but it’s been my experience that the LVNs are making just as much as me if not more. Some facilities post the same position for Lvn and RN to cover the shift and they are the same pay! As registry and as an RN we should be paid more than staff and than those we supervise as we are usually the only RN in the building. Also clipboard always sides with facilities in disputes and will even allow them to not pay you for a missed lunch even if you’re given a heavy load with high acuity patients with facilities that were poorly staffed. You s get dinged if more than 15 min late which many of travel two hours to work. Clipboard was not made to bring per diem jobs with the healthcare workers best interest in mind, it was made to exploit those looking for per diem while being taken advantage of by facilities. If clipboard did a better job with healthcare worker customer service and advocate for our pay they have more willing registry. I’ve brought this up to them and they said pay is set at a rate based on need in the area, we are registry pay for an RN should not be below $75/hr and their urgent shifts are a joke it’s the same price as the regular shift
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1 year ago, Aairedaddy
Great App
I can’t say enough great things about this app, i’m in the Los Angeles area and there are many shifts available, the instant pay is spot on right after you complete work and submit timesheet paid instantly what’s better than that. I meet a lot of people that complain about being blocked from the apps because they had to cancel shifts to that I say I get it because I work registry for five years so I understand when we have to cancel for our personal reasons but in some cases when you make a commitment you got to see it through I choose my shifts carefully and I always commit I don’t have any issues, I also realize that in order to keep myself free from having a cancellation issue I don’t book shifts in advance I book shifts as I am willing to work them at the current moment. I recommend this to everyone. I would however prefer if the payment was higher best case it is slightly above average especially compared to people who work at the facilities that you go to but being that we don’t have benefits and most of us are more versatile because of our broad range of professional experience I definitely am worth more and should be compensated a bit higher. other than that if you’re trying to read reviews to figure out if this app is right for you , to that I say see your bookings through if you’re a person that has commitment issues try to get them under control they could affect The opportunities this app exposes you to
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9 months ago, hernande89
The point system is outrageous!! You receive 5 points for completing a shift and 5 points IF you show up on time …. But to cancel a shift , with way more than 24 hours in advance they dock you 25 points and the closer you are to the shift the more points they deduct. I like to book doubles an the facility will cancel one double cause they don’t need you anymore , but I refuse to work a single shift at 3 hours away , because my town doesn’t use registry . Now we are stuck with only 5 points or less and risk being on restriction for a week OR. A year . Make the app so we can earn more points. You guys will post a shift for a certain pay rate then as soon as it’s booked drop the rate by 10$ then have the nerve to say you guys never adjusted anything when the screenshots clearly show you did.
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1 year ago, manny603
they don’t care about spreading covid to facility
My wife was positive for covid and I felt very sick after too . Anyway, the facility is going to asked me covid questions and I’m going to answer “yes” to all of it I’ll be getting send home anyway . So , I thought I might as well cancelled that 2 shifts . I try to dispute it so it won’t effects my attendance but they rejected that dispute. Now I’m only at 5 point left and next time i get sick I might as well showed up answer all the question “yes” then at the app I say “I got send home” that way you don’t lose point . Either way I wouldn’t want to showed up sick to a facility with old people that have weaker immune system . I don’t want to be responsible for someone ending up at the ER . But clipboard they don’t care about safety of no one . All this 1 review I’ve been reading it’s so true. Pretty much for clipboard that moment you accept a shift doesn’t matter if you get into a car accident , get sick or family emergency etc . They won’t care still deduct point to your attendance or probably fire you . My wife is cna she recommended this to me to work as a housekeeper. She says compare to other cna/lna app that this one give the worst facility where you do over 30 patient at once . While the other app pay the same she will only do 5 to 10 patient.
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9 months ago, 10/5/2023
first off when i was singing up for this app it took them almost 4 months to complete my background check and over 20 something emails for them to actually do it correctly. second one time it took them almost 2 months or it has passed 2months just to pay me $60 and it would’ve token longer until i said i was going to report them to labor and commission they sent it within the next 1hr or less don’t remember. Now i have a issue because my account was redirected for 1 yr first off i have personal stuff that have been going on first my brother’s situation and as the third oldest i’m the one who’s by my moms side no matter what, not just that but i was hospitalized because i passed out and my BP was extremely low 45/65 i stayed the whole day and my BP still wasn’t normal while my mom was in the room with me taking care of me. I also had a miscarriage and i was severely mentally and physically drained for many reasons but especially because i was hurt. All this causing me to cancel shifts my shifts because these things aren’t predictable they just happen i got restricted 3 times within 6 months explained my issues and you guys technically told me f you we aren’t going to help you. in one email you guys said to stop contacting you guys about the same situation because it wasn’t a priority. DONT WORK with them KNOW YOUR WORTH. most of all put urself first don’t work with a agency who doesn’t care what you go through and your situation
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1 year ago, jlgldc2020
Wish I could give zero stars
This agency is good if you need money right away, as they do instant pay. However, the communication is ATROCIOUS! They no longer accept phone calls from their staff working the shifts for them. You have to message them on the app, and not everything can be explained or expressed through texting. Also, no most of the time the messaging doesn’t even work! I can’t message and get an agent for 2 days now. They suspended my account when I had proof I was at the facility because I clocked in ON THE APP! You can only clock in for your shift on the app when you are physically at the facility! You can’t clock in while down the street or anything like that! They are saying I was a no call/no show, when the proof is right on their app! I am beyond frustrated, they owe me money and now suspended me instead of paying me. And now I have lost shifts and money I was counting on, all because of THEIR INCOMPETENCE! They are absolutely HORRIBLE! I didn’t believe the other nurses who told me how bad this company is, but now I believe them! One friend who is a nurse as well, told me they still owe her for 3 12 hr shifts she worked over a month ago! This is unprofessional and disrespectful and unacceptable! Yet they won’t even speak to us, and I can’t message them at all either. I have also tried emailing and NO ONE WILL EMAIL ME BACK! Unacceptable!
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1 year ago, Chin00
I don’t recommend this agency
Clipboard will instantly pay you after you work a shift and then a few days later they will reverse your pay and charge you for money they say you owe because a shift you worked wasn’t verified. But when you send in proof that you worked the shift they will charge you again for the same shift and take out money out of your account to pay for it. When you complain and ask for a refund, they will deactivate your account and say you can’t reactivate your account. Also for any stupid reason a facility can add you to there Do Not Return list at anytime and all your shifts will be cancelled. You are better off working on staff with the company directly or working with a different agency. Sometimes instance pay isn’t everything, especially when they are changing you every time you ask for it and when you don’t ask for it, they make up lies to come up with reasons to take back money from you they say you owe. Also there are some nursing homes that are offering instant payments. Clipboard isn’t the only company offering instant payments. Some companies offer instant payments and they don’t charge you a fee like clipboard. I’ve also spoken to nursing homes that say they no longer want to use clipboard and they rather hire directly, or use their own staff when they need people to work.
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1 year ago, Missraven003
Don’t work for them
Everything sorted out find the first time I started working for them but I also have two kids and when they’re sick guess what I’m the one who has to watch them and if I don’t have a higher score than my account get suspended so recently, my son and my daughter had strep at the same time I was over at my daughter was over it, but my son still was not feeling good. So I was unable to go to my shift and I was able to tell the CNA coordinator and reach out to her and she reached out to Clipboard Health they later suspended my account for a whole year. What are you supposed to do and you’re a mother and you have kids and you have no one else to watch them and they suspend your account for a year? I don’t think that’s right at all but what are you gonna do so if you have kids or you’re a single mother just in general, if you have kids and you’re unable to make your shift and you dispute it with someone don’t even bother just don’t bother with Clipboard Health at all. It’s cool because they give you same day pay but that’s literally it if I can give them a zero for their customer service I would I had a problem with another facility and the person who called me from Clipboard Health ended up hanging up on me. Their customer service is crap and they don’t care about anyone but themselves
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5 days ago, Twinsag
Find a better agency!!!
I booked the last minute shift maybe 15 minutes before the shift start time and I live 40 minutes away from the facility that I booked with. When I arrived I was sent home because they were over staff which is fine. I was supposed to be paid for two hours because I was sent home. They did NOT pay me for being sent home. I was told that I was late for the shift even though I picked the shift up 15 minutes before the shift start time! Now my account is restricted for seven days because the company did not want to pay me for two hours. I was informed that I was late for the shift even though I picked the shift up last minute I feel like there should be a policy in place for people who pick up a shift within 30 minutes because we will be penalized for being late this is ridiculous. I will be deactivated my account as soon as my seven day restriction is up shift key pays $10 more per shift then clipboard does anyway the only reason why I book with them is because you can get the money the same day but you are screwing yourself because you can make more money. On top of that you can’t speak to a live person. Everything is handled online so they will get to you when they feel like it which is crazy when money is involved. These people are despicable. 0/10!!
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2 years ago, Sopa soap
If you respect your license run!
Times are tough people are looking for the best way to make money on their terms I get it . Yet don’t put your license in jeopardy! Do not work at these facilities that Mickey mouse things, don’t train you , don’t have proper Ppe don’t test for Covid and that don’t pay hazard pay! The contacts can cancel ur shift last minute and most won’t pay. If you do show up and they don’t have you on the roster they will ask to see the shift in the app, this then shows them how much you make and if you make more then the actual worker they treat you like crap. I’ve been threaten in text and phone calls from managers when I gave my shift up because of unsafe work conditions. I got written up because I caught Covid and tested three times positive in a month. I got suspended on accident, cbh messed up I lost all my shifts I booked when they fixed the mess up and all my shifts got claimed by other nurses. customer service is hard to speak with/ language barrier at times Not enough contracts now, I log in and maybe on place might have a shift. Pay is less then last year I worked at a facility that I personally had 7 patients with Covid yet that facility kept telling cbh no Covid so they didn’t have to pay hazard pay. I’m forced to put a lunch down even when I’m still on clock and I don’t get my lunch.
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12 months ago, Demma Jo
Worst app
If I could give no stars I would. This agency does not care about its employees. Please believe the reviews. The good ones I’m sure are made up to help balance out all the bad ones. I was booked for a shift, arrived and clocked in ten minutes early and began my shift. About 5 hours into my 12 hour shift I reported to two staff members that I was going to take a break to pump because I breastfeed. I pumped in an empty room in the facility. I came out of the room and was told that it wasn’t reported to another person and they called the supervisor and told them I left mid shift. The supervisor called Clipboard and reported me as a NCNS. MIND YOU I WAS HERE THE WHOLE TIME ON BREAK PUMPING and I reported it. I have proof of EVERYTHING, even my clock in time. After realizing they made a mistake, the supervisor reached out to clipboard and informed them of his error. I was allowed to log back into my shift. My attendance score is still negative because they have yet to fix it. And it still shows my account restricted. I have yet to be compensated for the 12 hour shift though I worked the entire shift. I have never dealt with a place who cares the bare minimum of it’s employees. The only good is that they have instant pay shifts.. please work somewhere else, the pay is lower here and it’s really not worth it. Facilities here rarely use clipboard
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2 years ago, L.U.V
DNR Unfairly 😔
So it’s very true the only thing that is amazing about this app is that you can get paid right away! after your shift. But this app is not good at all when it comes down to protecting yourself and your license. I got DNR from a facility that has some racist residents. The DON was very unprofessional about the situation, the person didn’t respond to any of my calls about the incident at all. They called Clipboard to DNR me over the situation. Clipboard never reached out to me about what took place, never got my statement, or asked me just anything. At all but I called them and gave them my statement that they wrote down and apologized for the incident but still deactivated me from the app. They also suspended me twice from the app, said if I had any questions to contact the support team which they did nothing and they never responded back to my emails. I pleaded with them to not suspend me or deactivate me because they never investigated the situation they went by what the facility said and only by what they said. This company is not a good company please don’t waste your time. They don’t care their employees at all!!! They won’t care how it affects you! They don’t even want to hear your side. Terrible Company! Just look at everyone else’s comments!! They are true!
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8 months ago, V… NY
“Clipboard Health” Is On Point
Clipboard Health is a great app to have and work with. Just download set up and begin picking up shifts. I worked as a CNA with this app and between Long Island NY and Brooklyn NY there are so many jobs posted. The only drawback is that some of these facilities don’t pay well and a CNA job is very hard. If this app can get more healthcare jobs like EKG, Phlebotomy and much more in healthcare then this would be the *ONE-STOP-SHOP* app. Once you download the app sign up and upload the relevant documents, and they are approved you are ready to work. You are basically not stuck inside one facility. You can now become a travel CNA. I work from one or two facilities right now because it’s close to home. I cannot say for sure how many State you are able to find jobs with this app but over all I do recommend it. It is friendly ❤️😂. One your shift is complete submit your timesheet you ge paid right away. When you get this app you feel like you are in control.
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2 years ago, fan of my life
Misleading and low pay
They flip rates and pay you what they want. I had to do my shifts through another agency that the facility told me to sign on with because Clipboard dropped their rates so low when I did arrive to the facility and the Administrator and DON were trying to figure out why I was being paid 18 dollars when the other agency in the building was getting 35. They put shifts in we looked on my phone just to see what Clipboard put them out for and they were to done with the rate they sent for us to get. So I signed up with the other agency and they stopped using Clipboard. Actually every building they had on the app here in Indiana will barely use them or won’t use them anymore at all. These buildings know we only work when being paid right. Clipboard will deactivate your account over call offs no matter how important the situation is that made you have to call off making you lose all of your other shifts and actually making Clipboard look bad because now they have a million holes to fill instead of just the call off you did for that day. This is a very unprofessional agency and I’ve been agency for 8 years this is by far the worst agency I’ve worked for!!!!!
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2 years ago, MsCardona
Don’t bother
All I have to say is all the negative reviews are absolutely true. Only good this about this company is you get paid when your shift is done, & no taxes taken out. Other than that it’s trash. They suspend & deactivate your account over literally everything. They don’t care how far in advance you call off you will get penalized regardless. They always take facilities words against yours & don’t even bother to ask you anything. I had to call off a lot due to not having child care & no matter how many times I explained in my emails they disregarded my situation & still said nope your account is still suspended/deactivated. A facility even told them I did a NCNS one day when actually I came in late & they were aware of that!!!! I still had a NCNS on my account & didn’t get paid for the shift. It’s always the facilities words against ours & it’s sad. Makes them look bad because when they suspend employees account, every and any shift you had booked before suspension gets canceled upon being suspended, this place is a complete joke. Unless you’re perfect & never call out & dont have any real life issues or emergencies then I would recommend clipboard being the place for you . :)
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1 year ago, wrkholic79
This app and company is a joke!
Follow up to post: Been watching and even here when reported they pick and choose who they want to comment on and have reach back out to them. Note, not Everyones complaints are being looked at. Initial Post: Worked there for over a year, made them all kinds of money, picked up extra on last minute shifts when called and asked, even worked with the facilities to cover as much as I could for them, and got deactivated because they have one to many people calling themselves a higher up. I had an issue and couldn’t get in the building and was to go back the next night, was cleared to go back and not even 2 hours later someone else who’s didn’t have anything to do with my situation emailed me and deactivated me. Tried to get back on with them for almost a year and they just send out one general email that says no to everyone they deactivate. I would suggest using other agencies as I have. I even reached out almost a year later to see if I could be reactivated and still the same autogenerated email. Would go back if they could keep everything straight or take me back. Pay was good tho.
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2 weeks ago, chychchi
Tanisha J-Hope
They have a lot of racist facilities on there! Also as I was on my way to work they canceled my shift, sent me a notification saying another clinician was assigned to my shift, and then marked me as a no call no show which cause my account to be suspended for a year. When I reached out to them about the matters, they basically blamed me and then stopped responding when I explained what happened that I was well on my way to work but who is going to keep driving to work if a shift was canceled in the midst of you heading there? This company has no empathy and they're not reasonable. They don't care about their employees all they care about is if you're going to work! One time they even made me work while I was sick as a do and they suspended my account for 7 days bc the facility told me to cancel my shift bc they didnt want to pay me and when I told CB they told me I cannot abandon the residents mind you I called out ahead of time, enough grace period! But the stupid de deductible they have on the app for points is absurd and causing them to lose some of their BEST clinicians bc we are being punished for real life things that are out of our control!
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1 year ago, Jewels6578
Don’t risk your license or your time on this app.
I HIGHLY DONT recommend this app at all. They have no respect or care for the people working threw the app. They have a point system, which is beyond the stupidest thing ever. They want to work you to death. They don’t care if you were in car accident, family emergency, or dying. They expect you to show up to work. If you don’t show up they suspend your account for a week and then cancel all your future shifts you had. I’ve had to call state on some facilities and told the support team about why I don’t want to be back at that place and they didn’t care. I’ve had to leave places because I didn’t want to risk my license and the app suspended my account for a year. After I told them all the bad things that were happening there, they still didn’t care and suspended me. I put in a request to deactivate my account with the app and I’ve been waiting almost 2 months for a response. All they say is it’s still pending. Please don’t be fooled my the insta play stuff. It’s not worth it. Trust me. There’s better apps and actually agencies that will treat you like a person.
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6 months ago, nursepeaches
Pay is not competitive & not enough shifts
Clipboard is offering nurses 30$ an hour in my area. I made that 5 yrs ago on staff. Most agencies are starting at least $33-35/hr after the pandemic. Theres also no incentive or notification if youll be with covid patients on a shift. Most of the facilities are very far out from any larger city, and have insane ratios. 30-40 patients to one nurse. I had a facility favorite me, beg me to pick up 5 weeks worth of shifts, then start canceling them one by one. I asked them to take me off their schedule if they were going to cancel me the day before each shift. Then they DNR me and clipboard dropped my score. Support either doesnt read the emails or just cant understand them to reply properly. Good luck ever talking to anyone on the phone. Onboarding was very difficult also. Its better for aides than nurses. Driving 40 minutes or more just to be sent home with no pay or driving an hour for a 12 hour shift then being told to only work 4 hours is insane. I do not recommend Clipboard at all.
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1 month ago, TrisTris88
They will have you working for free!
Beware! You have to clock in at the facility usually AND on the app. I was not told this in advance. If you forget to clock in on the app, they will give you a really hard time trying to correct the issue even if you have clocked in on time at the facility time clock. They will dock your pay & attendance score even though you were there on time, they will not count it. So when state comes into the facility and sees your name on paperwork, but you aren’t on clock, this can cause so many issues for the facility as well as the nurse. The missed punch form they provide doesn’t have all the information they claim to need so even if you provide a completed one, they will still deny it claiming they need additional information on their form to correct your time, pay, and attendance score. The form does NOT ask for all of their “requirements” so you won’t know this until you’re long gone from the facility. As long as you remember to clock in on the app, you’re fine, but if you clock in at the facility, but not the app, you will be working for free!
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1 year ago, Reeyung
Wanting to sue
I really use to enjoy clipboard when they were helpful and understanding and as the years went by they have gotten real lazy with how they communicate to their workers. I use to be able to call a number and speak to someone and try and resolve an issue now they changed it where I can’t even talk on the phone with anyone it’s all through an app and email. This is no way of doing business when it comes to anything especially how much money people are making through them, I had gotten covid and for obvious reasons I’m not able to work for about 2 weeks. I schedule myself for a whole month. So since I had gotten covid from the facility I was working at my account gets suspended and all my shifts get canceled for the whole month. I’m really trying to figure out everything I need to do and the people I need to talk to, to sue this company. If anyone reading this would like to move forward with this process I would encourage you to do so. The company is very robotic, and I would not recommend till they actually improve on communication!
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2 years ago, Asia626
This App does not care for there employees at all. If a facility makes a complaint wethers it’s true or not clipboard will always do in favor of the facility. I was suspended for 7 days after a facility marked me as a no call no show and DNR me. I told clipboard I worked my whole shift and had proof they even signed my timesheet and they still decided with the facility to not pay. I reached out to clipboard multiple times and they kept saying the facility didn’t want to pay me because I didn’t work at all on my shift. I told clipboard that doesn’t make since how am I a no call no show but I didn’t do work during my shift ? I ask clipboard if I didn’t work during the shift or if they didn’t like my performance why didn’t they send me home. It doesn’t make since. So when my suspension was over I worked a shift to pay off the negative balance from the placed that DNR me. After waiting weeks for clipboard to pay me for the shift I took it upon myself to sue the individuals at the facility once they got served the papers I got deactivated from the platform with no explanation.
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1 year ago, bumblebiya
Deactivated because my car broke down
I booked shifts with this company and would drive an hour or more to work and drive back home. When my car took a turn and I had to cancel there wasnt any understanding from the company. I repaired the car and took the penalized suspension. However when I booked again and not knowing my car would not start they deactivated me without allowing me to provide proof of my repair. I gave professional care to my patients and was a team member for the understaffed facilities so much so they would block book me or request me to come back. I had schedulers numbers and would call and ask for shifts. I have never been treated like a number before in my life. Especially when it comes down to working for a company I was risking my life for to take care of patients at facilities that were severely understaffed. I gave two stars because it did put me into a position to have a consistent scheduling however just know you will be replaced no sympathy. And no appeal.
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5 days ago, mik🖤
Treats their “contractors” HORRIBLE.
Clipboard is a app where you will never have a positive outcome. There is groups on social media that have 18k people and you NEVER see anything good. They will suspend your account and not even look at the proof or reason. Everyone I once worked with is on year suspension. Very excessive but their number one line is “I can understand this isn’t the outcome you were looking for”. Copy and pasted in chats and in these reviews. They simply do not care. Use the app in the same way they are using you. Expect nothing good but being paid as soon as you clock out if you need a few dollars ASAP, because it definitely won’t be much. I had proof of being in the facility, standing next to the scheduler and they suspended me for a year for not being in the building. There was no service and the app is ALWAYS not working properly. 0/10 do not recommend, there are better apps or go PRN at a facility, you will probably be paid more anyway. AND THEY WILL SAY THEY VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK AS WELL AS THE FACILITY. NO THEY DO NOT VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK, YOUR TIME, OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER.
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1 year ago, Cali Boi08
Don’t use Clipboard
I was suspended from my account because a facility did a false no call no show on me. Since working with Clipboard, I’ve had a 100% rating never calling off on the shift. I’m a great worker and I do all I care for my residents. I worked out of facility in Lombard Illinois, who use a company to do their scheduling called powered nursing.” I was given a run around for 72 hours+ until ultimately deciding to give up because I had gotten an email the same day as my shift saying that my account will be suspended for seven days from February 3 until February 10. Clipboard now has a chat system where you can only get help via email or chat through the app. They should bring back help via phone because it is severely inconvenient to have to chat to someone and wait for a response as opposed to being able have the personal experience of a phone call. I use Clipboard all the time, but I wouldn’t recommend using them as your soul purpose of income. I thought that they were a company with integrity, but all they care about is there money.
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2 years ago, sheree f
Support team is no help!
While in the middle of a double shift, My account was deactivated because of a “NCNS” in JULY! I never do that so I figured the problem would be rectified asap. Boy was I wrong. I sent time sheets and called the facility to ask for copies of sign in sheets for that day. The facility sent them to me and I in turn sent emails and pics Proving that I was in the facility during this supposedly NCNS. No agent has gotten back to me and it has been 24 hours. I’ve tried contacting whoever I can but still no luck! I think I’m going to find another registry to work for if clipboard doesn’t respond by today. People please be aware. ! update. It has now been over a week and I still have my account deactivated there is no such thing as disputing the account deactivation because nobody bothers to listen. The absolute only good thing about this company is you get same day pay. as I was reading the reviews I noticed there are quite a few people who have been deactivated or suspended unfairly and quite frankly we should get a class action lawsuit going because of this.
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1 year ago, Fryeship
I have been receiving payments for shifts worked for a few months. Now all of a sudden my payment has failed, due to the debt card number doesn’t exist. And instead of them being more careful to make sure they enter the correct card number, they advised me to change my payment method to my bank account after doing so, they informed me I wouldn’t receive my “instant” payment for a few more days. After explaining that I wasn’t informed about this they said they will fix it and payment will be in my account by 9am. Still no payment received. I reached out again and am told I should have payment in a few days and they are escalating this to the payment team and they will reach out WITHIN 24 hours. I held up to my end of the agreement by working my shift and showing up on time, cbh hasn’t held up to their end of the agreement by paying me! Do better! There should be a phone number we can call instead of talking to someone over chat. The wait times for a representative on chat is ridiculous most of the time.
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1 year ago, Tocutebaby
Not a good platform
First, let me tell you this is nothing but the honest truth. Per diem usually means higher pay because no benefits are involved. The pay with this platform is way lesser than any other platform. Might as well work a regular job they pay more with benefits. They do not pay you for the overtime so make sure you clock out on time. You can’t even book doubles with this platform. You can’t reach a person live, it has to be through chat. Which takes a long time to hear back. They require more documents than a hospital, don’t make sense. You can upload a weekly covid test that takes them days to approve by that time you need a new one. So you lost out on a lot of shifts. Per the CDC covid is no longer a threat but here we are still doing weekly tests smh. What this platform doesn’t understand is that when professionals go to a facility 9/10 they will give you the hardest assignment because you’re registry but here they are paying 30 an hour smh! I would definitely look elsewhere when signing up with a registry.
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2 years ago, TopCouponer
If there were minus marks I would totally rate in the negative. They have this unfair rating system and you will end up getting suspended, why because you will not know about it until it’s to late. I have contacted support to be reinstated only to be told sorry to bad. They also are not truthful with their pay. If you choose a shift for a facility, the pay will change once you book it. If you look up the CEO and the people that actually run this app, it’s all IT, not 1 employee of theirs has healthcare experience and they don’t care if you get sick from the facilities they send you to. Please look them before you apply and report them to BBB. They have gotten sued for a reason, look up the employees that hide behind the app, that info is public knowledge. Once they suspend you for any reason at all they then send you a link to the FAQs, like where was the FAQs before everything went down. If any of you are reading this and are smart enough to create an app like this, I would say go for it and learn what not to do by this company.
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2 years ago, thenightshift760
Let me start out with saying clipboard was great at first with having multiple shifts available to make your own schedule and getting paid right after, But they didn’t investigate thoroughly when a facility sent me home due to feeling unwell and I ended up in the hospital. they told me they would look into it! only to find out later down the road when I had to cancel 3 shifts in a row due to being sick (didn’t know it at the time but I tested positive for COVID) that they made that incident a NCNS! And because of that, It was the reason for deactivating my account! it was truly frustrating knowing I worked for Clipboard for almost 1 year never been late to any shifts never got a DNR from facilities. I stuck it out with some really bad places who were very disorganized, had unsafe patient ratios, and very rude!! I only call off when sick so I won’t spread it!! It’s like you’re never supposed to get sick!! So Sad to be treated this way!! Please do yourself a favor and look somewhere else where you would be treated fairly!!!!
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1 year ago, healthcareeproviider
A joke
This app and the workers who run it think we're robots or something . I called off work because I was /am sick and got suspended because I didn't have enough attendance score points. Tried to make a dispute since I have a doctors note and they said "we would like to remind you that you work as an independent contractor in Clipboard Health; you do not need to attach your doctor's note or any document as proof of your condition." And proceeds to reject my dispute claim. Also let's talk about how if you cancel a shift more than 72 hrs prior you loose 10 points doesn't matter if it's 1-4 weeks prior. If you work shifts you only make 5 points and can't ever get more than 100 points. After they rejected my claim they went on to say I should call off earlier, what the point if I would be in the same situation anyways. Don't forget that clipboard is the least paying agency. Only good thing about it is that they pay after each shift. I've gotten 38 residents on clipboard as a Cna. So many wrong things with the app and terms.
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2 years ago, atenttion
Unfair dnr
I have to say the only good thing about clipboard is the fact that u can get paid the next day which makes it convenient BUT if you are send home last minute because they are fully staffed Some facilities to not pay the 4 hours like they are supposed to when they send you home they report this as a no call no show or abandonment all because they don’t want to pay what they’re supposed to because is convenient for these facilities to lie and go against the employees word and not pay what they should . rates are super low. Nobody wants to work for 19 an hour specially how expensive gas is nowadays, the customer help support doesn’t help at all because even though issues and unprofessionalism was reported nothing was done by clipboard absolutely nothing I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to work for them worst company to work nobody wants to work for a company that doesn’t care for their employees . Integrity and respect is important and this company has none ! They deactivated my account unfairly
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2 years ago, christopher mena
Clipboard employees make commission
The employees for this company are in another country and they receive a bonus for every clipboard health workers paycheck they hold or don’t fully disperse so they’re constantly making errors when it comes to being paid… this is my 5th time fighting for my money. Shifts will disappear from your app as you’re working at the facility and clipboard will tell you to provide or prove the rate you picked up in order to be paid otherwise they pay you min. Wage or not at all! And this time It was an overnight shift that I am still waiting to be paid for, I was only paid half of what was owed and they claimed it was because the system reset or glitched at midnight because the change of a new day .. good excuse now where’s my money ?!! It’s been over a week !?! Thankfully I have everything from the conversations with them to the rate I picked up and what they were suppose to pay me screenshot and saved .. be sure to cover yourself if you decide to work for this scammer company
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2 months ago, KennedyDaufeldt
very disappointing
i’ve heard about this agency from coworkers who have had great luck with it. my experience has not been so lucky. when i first signed up for this, there was shifts to pick up almost every day. i attempted to pick up a shift at a facility that had a particularly large amount of shifts posted. this facility had a shift posted every day a month in advance. almost immediately after booking the shift my shift was cancelled and i was DNR’d from the facility. i was extremely confused about this as i have never been to this facility before. i went through the support chat with clipboard to ask about this and why it happened. they told me that they filled the shift in house and there were no shifts available and visible to me because the facility had none posted. this is simply not true and absolutely no help. my calendar has gone from multiple shifts to pick up every day to 4 available shifts for the rest of the month and it is the 3rd. communication gets 0 stars.
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1 year ago, nene 1281.
Horrible policy
You can’t work for this agency if you’re sick or if you have unexpected things in your life, you could never call out they will automatically reject your dispute. Even if there’s a good reason I have been suspended three times off for good reasons often rejected know I’m sick with Covid and I called out have a shift and now I can’t be reinstated because of their policy you’re basically just a body to them and you are replaceable. Just remember that before you call out, you don’t matter to them. They don’t care about your life or what’s going on or if you’re sick. this app is very helpful when I need a quick cash but there’s been times when I’ve been in situations that made me uncomfortable and some facilities and I mentioned it numerous of times to the customer service, but it seems like they’re on auto pilot no one hear your complaints. They say you can’t leave the facility. even when you explain that you’re in an uncomfortable situation at a facility
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2 years ago, lisha0006
They’re so quick to suspend and deactivate accounts. I drove over an hour to a shift and when I got there they said they no longer needed me and sent me home. I was supposed to get paid for time and travel. Instead, when I got home I get an email saying my account was suspended due to a NCNS. I emailed disputing it and they said they stand firm in their decision. All the shifts I already picked up were cancelled and I wasted so much gas for nothing! It’s unfair that facilities can lie just to not pay you, and clipboard health will never back you up. I needed those shifts for rent, and I had to pay late because of a facility lying and saying I didn’t show up. This is the worst agency I have ever worked for. They’re the only agency that does not care about you whatsoever. They don’t care about unfairly suspending or deactivation of accounts because they’re getting money regardless. The literal only good thing about this app is the instantpay. And at this point that isn’t even worth it for me anymore.
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2 years ago, Meliarc 251
Calling the CDC
This company needs to be stopped. I’m laying in bed sick with all the Covid symptoms and I reached out to clipboard begging them to not suspended me after I cancel my shift. I will not put the elderly patients at risk knowing that I am sick. Clipboard told me that I pretty will have to get suspended or show up to work sick. My account is currently suspended because I canceled my shifts for tomorrow. At this point I think I’m done with this company because they are unreasonable and they will be hearing from my lawyer. This is really unfair and I don’t recommend this company to anyone. The only reason why I stayed with them was because of the instant pay and because most facilities I like are using them. At this point I would rather find another agency than to stay with these inconsiderate people. I forgot to mention they moved their contacts to only chats in the app so you’ll be talking to people that act like robots. This individual named Nelson ended the chat before I was finished talking. Very rude!!!
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2 years ago, Sailor Lotus
Horrible Company
If I could give this company ZERO stars, I most def would. I’ve been working with CBH for almost a year now and they are by far one of the worst agencies / registries out there. As others have said, horrible pay for a registry; low shift availability; disgusting management; customer service has no clue about any laws in the US. Their new attendance score policy is absolutely awful and spits in the face of healthcare workers who have very real emergencies and very real RISK from working at various facilities. CBH does not care if you are sick, does not care if you don’t have transportation for whatever reason, and definitely does not care if you test positive for Covid — you will still be penalized. Customer service will tell you to dispute your score, only for CBH’s terms team to reject you, anyway. Literal waste of time. If you have an issue with a facility — whether it’s staff causing problems or residents — this agency does not care. The app glitches out a lot, which makes it hard to clock in/out for shifts in order to get paid same-day. They reduce pay / pay incorrectly for shifts that you have worked, and it’s difficult getting through to their staff due to a strong language barrier — they have no customer service reps that are from the United States. All-in-all, there are better registries out there; please do yourself a favor / save yourself the time and avoid this one.
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2 years ago, Tarotforyou
New point system meant to make you FAIL
I got sent home on two separate occasions from two different facilities and both times when I got sent home and reported it on the app it instantly locked me out and classified me as a no-show no call took all of my 100 points that I had available and I was locked out for seven days. I had to continue to dispute my caseAnd they were not able to properly address it and categorize it and take me off of suspension until the seven days had actually come to pass. they apologized and said it would be wiped off of my record but this has happened twice and they need to fix this or they will lose a lot of great stuff. Because I personally know several others that have had this same issue and had done nothing wrong. Honestly this is a failing system and only a matter of time before everything falls apart unless they address this and fix the bugs. I don’t recommend this company.
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2 years ago, bval00003
They are a Joke
Clipboard health is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for when you go to facilities and they treat you terribly or don’t give you the tools that you need to do your job and you’re just no longer comfortable they will direct you to go ahead and leave the facility and they will take care of it but after they go ahead and direct you to leave the facility they will then terminate you because you left and consider it a no call no show or a call off they are so misleading they do not treat their employees with any integrity or respect the only good thing about Clipboard is the fact that they have good pay rates in pay daily the people who answer the phones have no sense of anything they don’t even know the type of jobs that we do so they never have an answer for a single thing that we need help with at all oh and if you think that you’re Going to work for a company who cares about the healthcare professionals they do not
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2 years ago, B.tucci
Account suspended
They unfairly suspended my account. I’ve been working for months with this platform. The reps are of no help. They just send you email addresses to email. You can’t ever talk to anyone. I was suspended for a week for “late cancellations” even though I was never notified of such. I was only notified upon the second “late cancellation” and minutes later my account was suspended. Mind you, I canceled the shift at 10 am and the shift was at 2 pm. That’s 4 hours as their policy requires. But it wasn’t recorded until 10:09 am. And that apparently falls on me. They canceled the remaining of my shifts for this week and next & even the shifts in August I picked up. During a time of complete chaos in the world where people are barely surviving, this company should be ashamed of themselves. I needed to cancel the shift because I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and my symptoms were severe when I woke up so I canceled. Only to be suspended and not be allowed to work for a week.
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11 months ago, Dayzsha H
Unpaid wages
Do not work with this company. Protect your license and work elsewhere. Be paid and appreciated. The company gives you specific guidelines about punching in and out and getting a signature to be paid. I showed up and worked at a facility with 33 patients being the only nurse! My relieving nurse showed up nearly an hour late and despite someone signing my timesheet before clocking out, the facility disputed my time worked afterwards and had my pay docked. They did not want to pay me for my additional time worked. I do not work for free. The facility told CBH that I clocked in at the facility which is an absolute lie because as a CBH contractor we have our own system. The app literally uses your location to determine when you are site and they are choosing not to protect me and pay me my earned wages. After signing your timesheet a facility should never be able to dispute your wages and choose not to pay you.
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12 months ago, pierrefleuriot
Contact issues
Let me start by saying thank you, Thank you guys for giving us the opportunities as healthcare professionals. Thank you for making it easier and more flexible for us, especially for us parents who life is already more challenging to keep up with our families needs, honestly without healthcare agencies we healthcare workers we probably wouldn’t be able to keep with our schedules, for that thank you. But I have a concerns why is it so hard to get in touch with someone, this is very frustrating imagine I’m supposed to get paid almost two weeks now why isn’t anyone contacting me although I have been trying over and over, no one call me the number you guys have on the app isn’t working just a robot please can someone contact me for that matter. Thank you
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6 days ago, S. Searer
This job is horrible.
Clipboard is the only agency that has ever flagged me from working for ONE call off ever through them, on Sunday I called facility to say my husband and kids were in a car accident I needed to call off seems like a pretty big emergency to me don’t you think? Just to find out they said the facility cancelled my next shifts when in reality clipboard did then flagged me from working, I will NOT work for them anymore, I won’t recommend them to anyone for the craziness they caused me, and I surely will be talking to a lawyer about this. They removed me so how am I suppose to pay these medical bills now? Can’t blame the facility either considering I was never cancelled through eshfyt with them. CLIPBOARD IS A JOKE YALL, don’t waste your time. They also don’t take taxes out fair warning, hope this helps everyone. Choose eshfyt ShiftMed ShiftKey they’re so much better!
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2 years ago, madcna
Horrible company
I’m in a state that requires caps and after you do all your verification they don’t resubmit things you might need so you cannot apply for shifts. Once you’re able to apply for shifts you get clocked out if they didn’t catch some thing in your documents that needed to be updated. Facilities can cancel you at any time and you don’t get any kind of compensation pay for money that you were relying on. And they have almost no customer service. There is no number to call where you can speak to a live person. And their chat glitches and when you are going in to speak to a person in the chat it takes a good 15 to 20 minutes to get them to respond and by then if you’re busy then they tell you that they basically have ended the chat. There’s no organization in this app or company I do not recommend them.
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1 year ago, M Royalt
App location (Allways)
My concern about this app is that there is a reason why I chose to write a review about this app. I need the developer to contact me regarding about my special issue that it doesn’t allow me to connect or to give permission to show location the app developer needs to fix the issue on this app that is not allowing to agree with Apple‘s privacy, overall the app is great Clipboard is great. I get good shift and I’ve been with this platform for some time and everything is great but there could be some issues where the bugs that does affect with the app where you have to refresh your app multiple times. so the big issue with Clipboard is that when you need to accept to allow your location, mine doesn’t allow me to the developer needs to fix the app to respond to me to allow location to accept shifts.
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2 years ago, 1KAAA
Attendance policy is awful
Clipboard is beneficial because of the Instant Pay feature. The company started a new attendance point system during October and it is awful! Your points get deducted quickly. You ONLY gain 5 points per shift. Even if you release a shift two weeks in advance it still deducts 10 points away from whatever points you have. If they suspend your account it releases you from all your other shifts that you have scheduled. There’s no room for emergencies that can happen to yourself or family. Clipboard could’ve came up with a better attendance policy and disciplinary actions for releasing shifts. Also you can barely get in touch with customer service. Wait times are very long when calling! The company rather you email, text or chat on the app with your concerns.
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2 months ago, Kykudom
They do not care about you.
I work with tons of apps and agencies and have never written a review for none of them. This company does not care about you. They don’t care about your hardships or your problems if you're inadequate when it comes to technology. You will be treated unfairly and ignored constantly. The appeals process isn't fair at all. The point system is horrible. They only cater to and put the facilities first we as healthcare workers do not matter at all. Do not let this be your main source of income you will be dumped and left with extreme hardships especially if you're a single parent. They have lengthy suspensions lasting 365 days plus prompt deactivations. There are plenty of good agencies out there that will value you. But clipboard two Magnets Inc. whoever runs this app definitely will not. They'll barely consider anything related to emergencies in your personal life. Just proceed with caution.
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8 months ago, /4Today
Policy is the worst
You get canceled by employers and no restrictions get set on them to pay you out if it’s within a set of time. Wasting your time you scheduled to work and not being able to get another shift to replace the one canceled. Plus, we get a lot of points taken off out of 100 to where your account gets restricted with only two call ins. Just like the facilities are able to cancel our shifts we should be able to have call offs for emergencies without our account being restricted. Be careful picking up shifts in the Chicagoland area and surrounding. Some facilities do not have accurate patient load information. Most often it 6 to 20 pts over what they claim to have per nurse, depending on the time of day you pick up. EX: NOC is about 28- 39 pts per nurse at some facilities while their job description reads 18 pts. Clipboard health should have accurate information .
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2 years ago, PatHines86
Terrible agency! Very unfair!
Do yourself a favor and don’t count on being with them for long! I’m a nurse and was unfairly deactivated because 2 facilities DNRd me! I was never given any orientation i just did what i was told to do. I don’t even know what i did wrong! The only good thing about them is that they pay instantly. If you’re going to work with them, get in and make the money but just know that they will suspend and deactivate your account for reasons that they won’t even let you know. They don’t listen to grievances at all nor do they care about their contracted staff. Agency always gets blamed for everything and they don’t reach out or care and it shows. All the other reviews are definitely telling the truth that they will fire you just as soon as they hire you. I worked 42 shifts and only called off from 2 so that speaks to my work ethic. Do not recommend!
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