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ClockShark, LLC
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12 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ClockShark

2.97 out of 5
232 Ratings
5 years ago, J Hale Kitty Jonathan
Better than paper, not perfect
I really like the simple UI. Easy to use, and I love that my companies time tracking is all electronic. Saves a lot of hassle and allows me to work from home. The GPS feature is cool. It has a neat timesheet summary page which is handy. It really needs a feature for amending/correcting time mistakes. I forget to clock in or clock out sometimes and I have to hassle the secretaries at my company every time I forget. It’s not like there’s a punch out box by the door to remind you to clock in or out. I’ve stared doing it in the notes but sometimes the secretaries don’t look. Also it crashes or gets into failed sync states. Tech support is very good and helpful, but even they have had to resort to telling me to just reinstall the app because it was an unrecoverable glitch.
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2 years ago, firemedic1977
Has potential
This app has potential to be a great app. But way room many issues. First is the have to allow tracking at all time. Huge safety issue, what potential to be misused! Second is this app will clock an employee out. If they go into the app to do anything more than a min! Didn’t believe it till today. When I witness it clock an employee out. While said employee was checking his weekly timesheets. Huge liability issue with the labor department!!!! All this after the last update! Great follow up reply! But none of these issues started until after your update. But as for tracking our state law does not allow it on personal cell phones. Without written permission! Which this app changed that without a notice to us clients! Which I turn can cause clients undue hardships! As our state loves lawsuits for violating them laws. As the clocks out. I did not mark for active tracking of employees! But have seen first hand your app illegally clock out my employees! Which again can cause undue hardship to company owners! These issue need address to make this app great. As for now I’ve had to switch back to a legal app, so I don’t face any lawsuits for your app illegal, tracking and clocking out issues!
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6 years ago, Looking Forward!
Super User Friendly, Game Changer!
This app is great great great! Easy to use and add to phones. The gps tracking is great so we can verify our employees marked the correct job, we can pull hours easily for job costing, the employees can see their total hours to verify their paychecks, etc. I used to spend hours on timesheets and no more now that we have the app! Some of the other reviews that are negative say that the employer is always tracking the employee, but the employer can only see the gps location if the employee is “clocked in”, so it doesn’t track gps data when someone is not working. And yes, it does use a very small amount of data, but we use Verizon’s unlimited business plan for 10 phones and the data use always really low.
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2 years ago, Awesumopossum
Convenient but frustrating to use
I use clockshark to enter daily time sheet info. The data I enter is consistent from day to day; time in, time out, job and task. It takes me up to 20 screen presses to enter that info when it could be a 2 screen press entry. One press to duplicate consistent info from precious day but with current date and time filled in, one press to confirm and submit. I don't like being in this app and having to manually modify data that is consistent from day to day. App developer responded to feedback about technical issues. Improving rating to 3/5. Still could make some general improvements to make daily repeat data entry more efficient.
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4 years ago, Dezdog920
Reminder setting
I am a home health care aid and clock shark has been great for the company I work for. One thing that I wish could happen though is being able to change my alert time. I live 45 minutes away from where I work. It would be great to have a reminder sent to me an hour before work instead of 15 minutes.
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2 years ago, ashioke
Too much tracking.
If it only tracks while on the clock then why is always tracking even a thing? That shouldn’t even be an option since you claim it doesn’t track unless clocked in. Then only while using would be sufficient. Developer responded saying it has to be on always as once the app is minimized it stops tracking. This is a lie. I have tricked the app into “only while using” and it’s worked just fine. So again I ask. Why do you need “always”. It’s tracks location just fine without it. What else are you tracking?
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7 years ago, Yewnicorn
Awesome Application!
I feel like ClockShark is definitely going through growing pains right now but it’s an excellent application with a wealth of functions our company utilizes daily. They’re constantly adding to their program & even though I’ve had a smattering of issues here & there, our team of over 20 has been using the app with ease for nearly two years now. User friendly, great customer service, awesome interface.
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6 years ago, jsnthrasher
Have been with ClockShark since it’s inception. Have had no problems until about five months ago when I updated it. Now I can’t read the jobs they’re all superimposed over one another. It will not allow me to clock in unless I have GPS settings on always not just when using the app. And it always has a background sync so I have to clock in four or five times before it will except it. I would have gave this app a four or five star rating but I’m only giving it one because of the customer service. I have contacted them continuously about all the problems and they have not got back to me once. Very unprofessional.
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10 months ago, ClockShark
GPS Tracking
ClockShark requires always allow for location access. They say that it only tracks you while on the clock. However, it prompts me on my days off to clock in whenever I get near a possible job site even in places where I have never worked over an hour from where I actually work. So, it knows where I am at all times. I get the concept that business owners want to make sure that their employees are actually on site, but this is a bit intrusive especially given that I paid for my own device.
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7 years ago, GLEE129
We use it at my company it works really well. The only thing I would change is once you clock out of a job you can’t edit what you wrote in the notes. Does use a little bit of battery not crazy draining but when you need your phone to get paid every percent counts. A great way to keep track of time when you bounce from job to job.
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1 year ago, SigilvkdbzxhdfogicFickkdus
Bugging out a little
I clocked out yesterday and it stopped pinging my location like it does throughout the day when you were clocked in. However, I noticed at the end of the day today that it said I had stayed clocked in overnight and it clocked me out automatically, but there was no location pings throughout the night. I had to do a time correction form to fix the issue with HR.
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7 years ago, Kinabq
Easy to use and easy to manage
For people who do not have a consistent place to clock in and out, this app is perfect. I can clock in from the job site or from my office, or anywhere I might be starting my day. For the office, I highly recommend this app, the ability to view exactly where your employees are when they clock in is crucial when managing payroll.
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6 years ago, The men group
With updates this would be great
Solid app, easy to follow and use, but it has a major flaw. I never forget to clock out because my boss always watches us clock out before we leave work, yet 2-3 times a week the app acts like i didn’t clock out and logs me for a misc. amount of hours like 22 hours when i clearly clocked out. This makes getting paid for the right amount of hours a hassle and is a giant flaw that i’d love to see fixed, i’d probably give 5 stars if that flaw wasn’t there
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2 years ago, ChristenMay
Terrible Location Accuracy
I just had to start using the app for work and have already been reprimanded once due to the app’s horrible inaccuracies with their gps location feature. It regularly says that I’m very far from my job site when I don’t even step one foot out the door all day. Employers should not be tracking employee’s locations in the first place but this app just adds to the headache by not even accurately providing employee’s whereabouts. Would not recommend to anyone ever.
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4 years ago, JonBonbon
Just a suggestion
It’s a pretty good app and easy to use, no complaints. I would recommend to the developers that they enable it to work with Shortcuts, or when you press and hold the app it would be cool if there was an option to clock in and out without having to open the app. It’s really not that big of a deal, but it would be nice.
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5 years ago, Jimbob6275
Goodbye Paper Timesheets
This app has saved us the hassle of tracking down paper times sheets and the ability to clock in individually or with Crew Clock has been really helpful. The desktop interface is awesome with the various report options for time tracking.
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6 years ago, panomna
The app works well for the functions it provides. However my issue is with the location services. You MUST allow ALWAYS for location services to use this app. I have a fundamental problem with my employer potentially tracking me when I’m not on the clock. I manually turn off the tracking services. I don’t understand why the developers could not make it so that when I clock in my location is logged. When I clock out it turns off. Honestly this annoys me greatly.
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3 years ago, Noah200222
Easy and simple
This app would be 5 stars if it didnt send “On site ____” while you are already clocked in. When I work at a job site that is rught next to another job site, I get a notification about every 10 minutes to clock in to the other job site. Should be a relatively easy fix.
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7 years ago, Stringer S55
New update is pretty bad
Can no longer see what you are typing when adding notes to time. And removed time totals for each day you work. Really loved this app before the latest update but now it seems like they are taking steps backwards.
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3 years ago, Bamsig73
Their sales tactics are just nuts!!!
I already use a paid plan and the app absolutely does what it is supposed to so but their sales team is INSANE!!! They call me several times a week trying to upsell me. The more i tell them not to call the more they call!! I am seriously thinking about switching apps just because of that! I really think people should avoid them!
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3 years ago, Zerokalvin
Bosses friend workers enemy
This app “tracks” you while at work however it also uses your gps constantly even when clocked out. Gives the option to only slow while using it but then doesn’t work properly when that option is selected. Kills your phone in 4 to 5 hours. Nothing good here this app needs a major overhaul and please make it stop using data when I’m off the clock
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6 years ago, cromeo5
I found ClockShark for the construction company I do the bookkeeping for and it has been a life saver. No more waiting for the guys to turn in their hours and what trade they did for each job. Once the guys got use to it, they appreciate too. It’s the best!!!!!
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4 years ago, HODJI1983
Clock Shark
I’m a small Business owner and have recently started using Clock shark it’s helped me with my Jobs an appointments I would recommend it to anyone looking to keep track of employees and job descriptions and labor as it has been very essential to my business.
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2 years ago, head of operations 3467
Location is always incorrect. I’ll be at work and it will say I’m miles away.
Location always says I’m off the job-site through out the day. It’s a headache, all of our guys have lost time due to this. If they fix the location and pinging of your location it would be a lot better.
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7 years ago, Melxbo
Business Manager
Was working at another company that was using ClockShark I liked it so well when I joined another company I recommended and they saw the value in using it and loved it immediately great tool for payroll
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8 months ago, ClockSharksucks
This thing uses YOUR data that you pay for unless the company you work for pays for your phone. It also kills the battery on your phone. I’ve also heard from coworkers they found a way to see how often this thing checks your location…. 30+ gps location checks in a 8 hour day is ridiculous
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3 years ago, slime master 917
Very Useful!!
My dad and me use this app so much. My dad uses it to track when his workers or me are working and how many hours we have worked. We all LOVE this app!
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7 years ago, southafricalinc
Great Customer Service
I manage 30 people’s time for an electrical contractor. ClockShark works great and their customer service is exceptional. Whenever I hit a snag in the office or need help with a feature they are very responsive.
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5 years ago, Nful123
App worked well for several weeks, but now every time I open the app it automatically clicks me out. I had to clock back in 7 times yesterday.
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5 years ago, mml11563
Clocking in/out
It makes it so much easier clocking in/out not having to worry about calling in your starting & ending time when finished w the job.
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5 years ago, susious
Awesome app
ClockShark is super easy to use! It reminds you to clock in as you approach work, which is quite handy! I would definitely recommend!
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7 years ago, D Fidelity
Battery drains constantly unless closed, will lag through job changes and I'll have to wait until it catches up, doesn't allow me to fix accidental clock ins and outs. Basically a headache every day unless I don't change tasks and remember to force close it. Every update seems to add new problems. Extremely infuriating.
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5 years ago, Norman Pleitez
Awesome app and service
I am the office manager of an electrician company, and ClockShar is the beat solution we found to get accurate timesheets and project management, and the sync with QuickBooks is so perfect. We love it.
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4 years ago, GrannyDeepSea
Programmable parameters
It works. It can be set with reminders. Excellent customer service when I had a question!
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2 years ago, vines85
App and desktop version are full of bugs. The gps tracker is very vague and doesn’t show secondary road name or they are no longer named what the app has. The app is not very user friendly or intuitive.
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5 years ago, Booty_tho
It’s a good app but don’t make the clock out button bigger than the end break button I always clock out instead of ending my break it’s annoying as hell
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3 years ago, Solin712
Invasion of privacy deprivation of rights fruit of the poisonous tree
Inadmissible in court for your benefit motion to suppress your motive was monetary gain asset forfeiture you are a predatory i am reclaiming my right to privacy over and over again and you were deliberately indifferent while stealing my hours rounding 15 minutes at a time
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7 years ago, Ivytianaaa
Heard this was a super good app especially for HVAC techs on the go. But I downloaded the app and it only gives me an option of enter email and password when I haven’t even signed up..
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4 years ago, sandius
ClockShark is a smart to be able to maximize your schedule and timesheet. It has helped me to plan my work life excellently
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3 years ago, Steezefrasee
Break time problems
I cannot edit my break times! Everything else works fine . Any fix???
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4 years ago, zw229x
Constantly crashes or won't turn on
Constantly crashes, its basically just a way for your boss to track where you are, it sends your location every 15 min and gives you no options to turn it off
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4 years ago, dgr8brandini
I’m locked out
I’m locked out of My account I forgot my own n had too many failed attempts i found the pew n now even when I put the right pw in it says contact customer service ur account is locked...please help I have to clock in for work this morning. Thank you and god bless!
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5 years ago, LoveFromAcrossTheGlobe
ClockShark Is Awesome
I started using ClockShark about 2 months ago through my company I am working with. I love it!
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4 years ago, al # 2
Lead Generator at Bath Fitters
Excellent program helps me keep accurate record of time at different locations !!! Ok
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5 years ago, TinyPliny
Outstanding !
One of the biggest challenges for a small business (electronics field service industry) experiencing growth is tracking labor hours. I tried 10 plus similar apps that did not meet my specific needs. Clock shark is an outstanding solution for my business. Time saver !
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4 years ago, Mass of emptiness
Watch the app
It continues to track location even when clocked out and permission set to only while using app is selected. It’s either a bug or they have it like that intentionally.
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6 years ago, Dsmal310
App glitching after update
Latest update made this app horrible for use you hit clock out and time still going and problems with syncing process after clock out it doubles the time for no reason.
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7 years ago, Saxton28
Updates are terrible
The latest update ruined the app. No more recent jobs or tasks and all of them are out of order. Can't see what you are typing in the comments. Is there any way to go back?
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5 years ago, avengersarethebest
Great app
Definitely a good app for a construction company with jobs moving all the time
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6 years ago, Luisfer86
Awesome clock time app!
I love the simple way I can track my payroll hours with this great app!
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