CoCoRaHS Observer

2.9 (50)
2.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Steve Woodruff
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for CoCoRaHS Observer

2.86 out of 5
50 Ratings
2 years ago, Unaragazza
Convenient but could use some UI fixes
It’s much more convenient having an app for reporting rather than having to log into a desktop. I appreciate the font color fix. A few other usability improvements that I would love to see: — Add functionality for severe weather reports on the app. — the “additional notes” should be a comment field rather than a single line, so you can see what you’re typing. —after inputting observation data, if you go to the additional information page and then come back, the observation data is deleted. I’ve also noticed this happening previously on the notes side as well, but it looks like that may have been fixed.
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2 years ago, JNapper's iPhone
Can’t change time; no link to significant weather report?
New observer here. I see from previous reviews that my issue is not new. The app takes me to the current time I want to enter, but when clicking “done,” nothing is changed. Also unless I am missing it, there is no quick way to get to the significant weather report form. However there is a link to the website to do both of these things; just takes longer.
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4 years ago, ThinkingDog
Last update ruined the graphics (fixed) now input borked
A graphics glitch that rendered the app useless was fixed within days. Well done. It does what it’s supposed to - send station data to the servers. There are still minor improvements that could be made such as make “0” the default entry for amount. Don’t they test this app before releasing? The glitches are awful and obvious.
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4 years ago, cocorahs34
On the iPad, when I enter a precip total then go to details to enter snow data, my precip value disappears when I go back to the first screen. Also, can’t edit input on the iPad, have to do that via the web interface. This is all new since the most recent update. It’s certainly handy to have this app so I enter data in a timely manner, but bugs need to be addressed.
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7 years ago, DJ in NM
Works pretty well to report precip
In general, no complaints with this app. However, recently I started having an issue on my iPad (latest iOS) where the “Submit” button covers up the precip amount. So I have to guess that I’m inputting the correct amount because I can’t actually see it after I type in the numbers.
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4 years ago, Onechunk99
Easy to use and no ads!
Love this app! It is so convenient to enter daily weather data without having to login to a computer or web browser. The app provides just the things you need, in a simple user-friendly format. Thanks!
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1 year ago, hederkeef
Odd color choices
Not sure why this isn’t a simple black and white UI and inverse for dark mode, but that would be nice. Convenient for quickly entering the daily measurement, but would be nice if it was easier for my homeschoolers to read. Light gray on sky blue for the bottom tabs is horrible on the eyes.
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2 years ago, Michigan Bob
Terrible color choices
The new version uses shades of blue for the main buttons at the bottom of the screen with a medium blue as the background color. The result makes it hard to read the button labels or even see which one is selected. Please change this.
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4 years ago, Amwelto123
Dark Mode Issues (fixed)
Latest release form coloring and history view have issues when phone is in dark mode. The last version did not have this issue. This was fixed with a new release or phone reboot. Rating increase to 4 star.
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4 years ago, DanRH
One request
One request for the app to make it just a little easier. There is a toggle for a Trace, how about a toggle for No Precipitation. I love being a contributor and having access to all the data. It is fascinating to compare my data to other contributors in my area and around the state.
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2 years ago, veggieFarmerAndrew
In order to log totals I find you need to change the time of observation otherwise the preset time won’t allow the app to log the observation. Also very recently there’s an issue with logging into the app. It claims the password/username are invalid.
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4 years ago, zortapa
Broken font color
Come on, we can no longer see the history data because the font color is the same as the background color. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, Deut. 6:5
Does what it is supposed to
This app does what it is supposed to do, but it could use an interface improvement and more features (like available on the web) would be great.
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2 years ago, OldSheep44
Great app.
This app is great to have when I have a power or internet service problem. Very good support. Thanks
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4 years ago, TenaciousMoss
Update deletes input
The latest update deletes precip data from data entry field when navigating to the details page. Must enter details first then go back to the main precip entry page and enter precip.
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4 years ago, Unabirder
Ok, but could be better
All the fields where you can add data should be on one screen, nothing to go to another screen. Then, when you entered the data, there is no verification of what was submitted. Therefore, I have to check on the CoCoRaHS. which takes more time than if I just entered it there in the first place.
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4 years ago, Texas76528
Good app
Developer quick to meet needs of users.
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4 years ago, wearher geek
Other Dates
The ability to enter data for days other than the current date has been removed with the latest update. A MAJOR inconvenience! So if I have data from yesterday I can no longer enter it so data is lost! What a shame! Can’t enter dates for multi-day reports either!
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4 years ago, 999happyzzz
1.2.6 iPhone 8
No longer allows me to adjust the time of entry thru app screen. Stuck on default without allowing edits like in past. :-(
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3 months ago, A Few Thoughts…
Must create account to use… can’t create account… super rudimentary anyway, which is fine, don’t need anything fancy but would still like to be able to use. To the developer: why bother?
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2 months ago, J2763A6837S1224567890
Very useful app for CoCoRaHS volunteers
I am a current CoCoRaHS volunteers, and this app (along with the website) is very useful. (Also, I love CoCoRaHS.)
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1 year ago, bkolowski111
Gets the job done! Much more convenient than logging into the website each morning. Works perfect.
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5 years ago, Kava60
Please fix!!
After I enter my data the screen drops half way down the screen so I can not submit it (use the submit button) . This has been occurring over a month. I have reloaded the app and it still happens. I am using my iPad to submit entries
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4 years ago, HEBTommy
Can’t change time on latest version
When I attempt to change log time I get the time in the middle of the screen and no way to change time. What am I missing? 
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9 years ago, Blair H
Good, Could Be Great
I love being able to enter my daily reports from the app. It's fast and easy. However, it needs additional functionality to realize its potential. This would include being able to edit daily reports, enter multiple-day reports, and submit hail and significant weather reports too. Adding these additional features would make it a 5 star.
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4 years ago, jjhenrionIII
Observation time
Latest update does not allow for observation time change. Keypad does not display and app background doesn’t fill screen. iPhone 11 Pro
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6 years ago, JustListenen
Move Submit button
It covers the space for entering rainfall.
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6 years ago, rbrown7_2000
Doesn't work well with iPad. Display issues.
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4 years ago, Garickx
Not working!!
Since the latest upgrade, I can’t set the observation time on my iPhone... I have to go to my computer to enter my dailies....
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4 years ago, AJCronin
Cant adjust time of entry
Cannot change time from default. Too bad.
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3 years ago, j.b.f.
Log in
This app won’t accept any password or login information from me. Garbage.
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4 years ago, Usskywatch
iPhone 12 Issues
Formatting on iPhone 12 is bad. Clicking date/time is all messed up. Please fix!
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3 years ago, brat d
Does not have a place to sign up. Help!
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4 years ago, ccouch822222
Outstanding App
This is one of the best apps they have developed, it’s formatted fine on iPhone. It’s a really great app!
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6 years ago, Jay Schufman
iPad6 Incompatibility
I can’t use this app on my new iPad6, iOS11.4.1. The entry buttons cover up the data entry fields. Too bad!
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3 months ago, luv dis movie
Trashy App CoCoRaHS
App doesn’t work! Can’t sign up, can’t log in. Crazy
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2 years ago, No Left Turn
Review not posted
Submitted review earlier and NOT POSTED!
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10 years ago, RainmanNWS
Get it right the first time.
Finally, this long-awaited app is available! I will be reporting much more often now being I don't have to go back inside to my computer to send a report. I encountered a problem on my first time using it, though. If you make a mistake and want to revise your earlier report, you can't! You must use the Cocorahs web site to edit previously submitted data. So make sure you do it right the first time!
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10 years ago, NorthernObserver
Needs a little work
Nice start for an observer app, but lacks the ability to enter a trace amount and past data is limited to precip amount only
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10 years ago, rburke5786
Need to add a Few things
I enjoy this app, it's really handy when you have to report in the morning. A thing that needs to be improved is that this app is only compatible with the Daily Precipitation report. The Significant Weather, the Multi-Day, Monthly Zeros, and Drought reports still need to be added. So far so good!
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8 years ago, Williamsport Man
This app is so much more convenient than the web version. The history check keeps me posted when I get side tracked. Adding a way for me to view other local postings would be cool.
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10 years ago, Brighton cocorahs
Brighton cocorahs
Great job. Perhaps a future version could link to social media for posting there. This is much better than logging into the website.
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10 years ago, tpaou1
Been waiting for this app for awhile. Made my own app using Safari but this app seems to work more straightforward and faster.
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10 years ago, kcmichaelm
Very well done
This is exactly what someone needed to build, and it is well done. I’m happy to see that it allows the full range of reporting and not just 24 hour rainfall. Thank you Mr. Woodruff!
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10 years ago, littulkittons
Works well.
Simple to use. Have encountered no problems. Beats having to log in on my computer every day at 7A to report precipation at my station.
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7 years ago, Elarso
Needs some work
Some times it has issues accepting the time and date values that are put in. Changing the date resets the measurements. Makes for some aggravation.
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10 years ago, Casey80997
Great App
Been hoping for an app for us observers for some time, glad to see it in Production. VERY easy to use and incorporates the necessary reporting functions. Good job!!
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9 years ago, Carpbol
Add a map?
Would it be possible to add a map of CoCoRaHS observations in the area so users can view precipitation distribution data on their phones?
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10 years ago, Spindifferent
Works great. Now, please add a feature to actually make it rain here in Texas. :-)
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7 years ago, dgd1953
Where's the multi-day reporting?
This app works great for my daily reporting, but where is the promised multi-day reporting mechanism?
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