Color Name AR

4.4 (7.5K)
58.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vlad Polyanskiy
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Color Name AR

4.38 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Dagoba System
Great App for Colorblind
I’m a color-challenged person, and I’m always at a disadvantage while shopping or trying to pick things up for the wife and kids. This app allows me to quickly see if I’m picking up something pink that I thought was gray, or lavender when I thought it was light blue. The app quickly changes colors as you scan with your camera, and it’s cool to see how many shades there really are! One suggested improvement: allow access to the iPhone flashlight. Is the flashlight dimmable? Because accurate color is only as good as the available lighting, having access to the flashlight would maximize the accuracy of the color checker.
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2 years ago, Steven Dempsey
Only supports one device per purchase
While this app is pretty sophisticated as far as identifying color is concerned, I was very disappointed to find that when I purchased it on my iPhone, I was asked to purchase it again on my iPad. There is nowhere to “restore purchases” on my iPad. Also, the iPad version does not rotate so your are stuck using it in vertical mode which seems really odd to me given how mature this app is and the fact that so many people use their iPad in landscape mode these days. The other glaring function that’s missing is the ability to zoom in. This is basically a deal breaker for me. In order to identify smaller patches of color accurately, I have to make a copy of the image in another app and crop into the area where I want to check the color. I contacted the developer a few days ago about all this (especially about the limitation of devices with my purchase) but they have not responded. Overall, I’m very disappointed. EDIT: I’m reducing my review by another star because the developer has been completely unresponsive to my emails.
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4 years ago, alyactor
Good until the update
First off, this app is really great. I have never seen another one like it. This was a lot of fun to mess around with up until the new update. Instead of saying a real color, it just says a common one. For example; let’s say I pointed the camera on a brown item. The app would just say “brown family,” but the old version would say something like Dark Carmel. It just doesn’t make the app fun or useful anymore.
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11 months ago, A modern citizen...
Slow mediocre app with little regard to proper UI design
Plagued by slow launch times (likely because of their particularly uninteresting launch animation), this app features a landscape-only display, even in portrait mode. Why? I have not seen a single other app other than proper games do this. There is absolutely no reason to do this. Further more, the text to select a photo implies that tapping the text will result in the photo picker appearing—rather, it shows you the color in the UI that you tapped on; very peculiar, and objectively poor UI design. The rest of the app, complemented by ads and a clashing theme of icons, makes this app truly painful to use, despite existing for such a simple purpose.
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4 years ago, SamGuitarman
Sam from Ma. Luv luv this app.
Great app for studying varying colors, coupling colors. Those who need names to any color here is your color dictionary. Just put any picture in and the app does rest to give you the exact name of a color. Perhaps it’s a bedroom wall you want to paint and given the name through this app take the name or photo swatch of that color to the paint store where they can mix up an exact paint batch. Want to know what was the color on some celebrities dress enter a photo of the celebrity with dress and voile the name of that color appears. A ton of ideas if you put your mind to it.
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2 years ago, josh 17254820
I was a hater, not anymore
I used to hate the tens, hundreds, if not millions of different colors I would get off one clearly blue shirt such as aqua, teal, goalpost, tea kettle, onyx, Ferrell Cat, lavender, salmon, lilac, etc. but now with the update I wish I could give ten stars! It is so simple to use now. I absolutely love the simplified version you have put out now. I was using it before but always had a very difficult time. After the update it is like an entirely new app!! Good work! No offense to people that need to know the above colors but I’m a simple person.
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4 years ago, FredMorrison
Mostly good, but first time annoyance
Just when I started to give this app a 5-star review, the very first time I selected a color from the Library to get the R,G,B value, a large icon with the letters DE in the middle covers up the RGB values on the far right of the screen, with no way to dismiss/remove it or drag it out of the way. This appears to be a one-time/first-time annoyance when using an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13.6 because it has not happened again. I would take a screenshot to help the developer but cannot recreate the issue, thus my speculation that it is a first-use type of glitch/annoyance, perhaps as part of the advertisements in the free version.
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2 years ago, Cali ElleZ
Must be using incorrectly.
I downloaded this app to name the color of a dress for my tailor who is working off photos alone. Took several photos of what I would, by my eye, call light oatmeal or flax. The app came back with Scarlett, Cerulean Frost, and some form of green on thee different tries. Bummer. I don’t want to spend $9.99 for the pro version to use this once Developer just contacted me and believes it was a bug. I’ll give it another try. Two stars now! Personal response from app designer is remarkable. Great idea for app and it’s quite unique. Will check back when it works for me.
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3 years ago, Mary Ann 1977
Doesn’t work properly for me
I was excited when I found this app. I scrapbook and I have hundreds of shades of paper. I want to categorize them accordingly to color. When I used the app, it shows the color family but it was never right. The color of the paper never stopped on a certain color. It just continuously flipped through color names. It never gave me a specific name. I tried it several different ways. I thought it was the lighting..that didn’t work. I would definitely give it a better rank if it had worked properly.
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2 years ago, trigve
very confusing
I just downloaded this app and paid the $9.99 to bump it up. I am 100% colorblind and I'm tired of asking my family members about colors. This app got great reviews so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm trying to use it to determine paint colors in my apartment so I can match towels in the bathroom. Went into my bathroom, pointed it at the wall with very good lighting, and came up with four different mismatches. The color of the wall is greenish gray. The app said it was navy, orange, pink, and blue, each of those shot at different parts of the same wall. Not only am I bummed out, but I feel gypped and want my money back. Huge disappointment.
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4 years ago, fr kxn
This is entertains me when I’m bored
I don’t know why but I download this app just give a thing to do. Somehow in some way I am just entertained throughout the whole app. I like colors for some reason, it’s just so…cool to see the colors of nature! It’s…satisfying. It’s a great app to free you’re boredom. Although a lot of people aren’t interested in these types of apps. They’re helpful to the color blind,I hope to see more apps like these! -𝚊 𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚒𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞’𝚛 𝚊𝚙𝚙-
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2 years ago, Lahiuhm
Not right
I am colorblind, red green if that matters. I thought this app would help me pick colors, sometimes it’s works but other times it doesn’t. What I mean is, I was testing it in both modes (simple and precise) on something that I know 100% is blue because that what I’m told. I can visibly see the color change on the screen, not sure if it adds a filter, but it turns it to what it calls charcoal gray. Honestly really confused how it reads blue for a second and then the color of my shirt changes right before my eyes to a gray on my phone screen, with or without a flash.
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3 years ago, senior monk 22
Definitely worth the one time purchase premium package.
I am visually impaired, actually 100% blind. I will have been blind for 22 years in about two weeks from today. And this is one of the easiest and I would say most accurate color identification programs I have ever used. I tested it with a few known pieces of clothing to test its accuracy.
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2 years ago, Artdemos
Seriously? Green??
UPDATE: Whatever bug was giving me that problem has been resolved. I’m using it daily (I’m a small manufacturer of watercolor) and have used it to name colors when my brain is too overwhelmed thinking of new names. I took a photo of a pair of tan leather hiking boots and four times it said it was pastel green. Should I believe it or my lying 🤥 eyes??
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3 years ago, edebuskvol
Overall a lot of fun
It's a really cool app that could really help the color blind understand what different colors are. The free version isn't that bad and there's not too many adds so that you can't use it. The only problem is that colors can look totally different due to lighting and it doesn't factor that in but I mean it's not that big a deal and it's great regardless.
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3 years ago, Shervette Designs
First Use
I’m giving this app three stars because it is my first time using it. I will review it again at a later date after I’ve used it more and applied the color selections to my designs. I’m curious as to how accurate the color will be when I see them on my computer and in print.
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3 years ago, Fan Forever of Music
A great tool for painting from a photo
I love this app. It’s made me a better painter. It teaches me what the colors actually are in the photos and now my paintings look more professional. I didn’t give it a 5 star because I wish I had the option to be able to blow up the image inside the app. Otherwise I love it.
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3 years ago, Gretta76
Can’t cancel subscription
I have been unable to cancel this subscription because the “cancel my subscription” button doesn’t appear on my iPhone. While support resources say this means the app has already been cancelled and won’t auto renew, I have been charged for the past three months with no option to end the auto-renew through Apple or through the app itself. I had to call my bank to dispute the recurring charges and block the specific transaction amount from Apple for this app.
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4 years ago, GC@314
Too Many Colors!
Okay, this is a VERY well crafted app and I really like the way it works. HOWEVER, and this is a very big dealbreaker, there are simply far too many color variations that are completely meaningless with my colorblindness. Something simple, like maybe a FEW varieties of brown, or blue, or yellow, or green etc. Just an couple of early examples: Amaranth...Arsenic...!?! Seriously, this level of characterization is utterly lost to me. Is it green, red, brown...who knows. It’s well crafted but totally over engineered.
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5 years ago, Calm weather
Too many colors
My blind daughter tried to use this app to help select her clothing choices to get dressed. The app picks up the color but identifying a color as “Shadow” or some of the other indecipherable names provides no service. No idea the color that is supposed to be. Enable a feature that allows the user to restrict the color library and has the app select the name that is closest to the colors remaining in the library. That would be worth something.
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1 month ago, JohnPDC + DC# + !
For most apps, I’ll search for a truly free one, meaning no-charge for either the app nor usage if the app. The very first thing that pops up on the screen after 3 slides describing the 3 modes the app can use to search colors, is a screen requiring you chose payment options for the required subscription. I for one don’t need any additional subscriptions. Unnecessary expenditure and we all know what a pain in the a__ to borderline impossible it is to cancel a subscription once one is started. No thank you.
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2 years ago, Newyork_city_quotes
Some features do not work
I am an artist who used to use this app religiously while painting, however, lately i realize that some features no longer work. I am able to identify different colors of an image however nothing happens when i click the white tab that should direct me to a screen providing information on what color combinations will help me achieve the pigment i have selected. please fix this !!!!!
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3 years ago, Canton, Ga
Great for color blind people
I am very happy that I purchased this app! I have red/green color blindness and like to dress up, and now I won’t have to ask about blue/purple and red/green/brown issues when dressing myself or shopping! I highly recommend this app to my fellow color blind peeps! Well worth the purchase!
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5 years ago, Nikki24731
Great App
Works well, does what it says, it takes a picture or you select a picture, you pin drop the area of color you want and it gives you a name among other resources. I wish it could do the reverse though, put in numbers for the hex and show the color. I don’t know if that’s an option on pro though. Overall it’s a good app
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4 years ago, cl0wnz mythgirl
This app is the best I was gonna paint a bunny mask magenta then I learned it was actually not magenta and I’m just crazy XD there’s only one thing I’m sad it doesn’t have I wish it could tell me all the colors on the photo somewhere or maybe it does and I haven’t found it yet. Other than that great app!
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6 years ago, ZombieHunter1970
I am blown away with this app. I’m someone who is colorblind and happens to work in the “IT” department of a major company. I have relied on a friendly xo-worker to help me identify colors. Which is lame and feels crappy. This allows me to properly identify colors without relying upon someone to do it for me. Thank you! Honestly—- i appreciate that someone finally did this
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4 years ago, etart333
I am colorblind
Why haven’t I thought to look for this app sooner. I’ve had it for about a min and so far I love it. Not sure I can swing the pro version but my inclination is to pounce on it. 10 clams is a bit steep for me at the moment while not working for obvious reasons. But thank you for it, all who had a hand.
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2 years ago, dead_wait
For a 3.0 version, was expecting more stability. On iPad Pro where I did the one time purchase, I cannot get into settings option; On my iPhone 13 pro, the restore purchase does nothing and have no intention to purchase for each device. But, a great app that I should be able to use regularly (at least on iPad)…
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3 years ago, xo.Luca
Pleasantly surprised.
It’s extremely efficient and easy to use with more options than I expected. Wish you could click on the suggested similar colors.
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3 years ago, dhocogckgzgfjcgrn
Does a good job naming colors
There is a premium you can buy but it isn’t necessary for getting the names of whatever color and I really appreciate an app that lets you use it without having to pay
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1 year ago, I am Turbo
Stellar little app
Needed to send hex #s to our ECD and had no desire to pull out my laptop and use my desktop color picker so I found this nifty little app. I uploaded the pic from my camera roll hovered over the color and voila got the hex # . Great tool for work!!
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2 years ago, blaumitweiss321
Everything is black
It calls any and every color black no matter the lighting or anything else. A white wall was labeled black by this app. After the update the app works as designed. Review changed to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, zzz97
Wow, this is a good little app
It’s worth it to pay the one time purchase and just have it forever. This will be really helpful to give me the mathematical codes of colors of every object around me and I use that a lot for content creation.
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4 months ago, Orange Element
This app saved me $$
This is exactly what I have been looking for. Now I can see the Pantone colors that are close to what I’m looking at. I love not having to buy a device to read colors, I can use my phone. Thanks
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4 years ago, TMBass
Basic Color family
I am color blind. This is a significant disadvantage for me. I am looking for a color identification app that gives the color family. Example chartreuse might be a name an artist that is color abled might use for a certain hue of green. I just need to know it’s green. You can still give the names you have but qualify the basic color family. “This is chartreuse which is in the Green family.
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6 years ago, Dear boi
Very simple and very useful
A very very intuitive system, allows you to pinpoint an exact point on a camera roll photo and get the RGB and color name immediately. If you use RGB values at any point, this app is a must have. 10/10
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3 years ago, DrugSt0rec0wb0y
Where have you been all my life.
I love the app. I have struggled in many ways with strong color blindness all my life. I dreaded color by number school assignments and construction paper. This app removes some of that struggle. AWESOME PRODUCT!
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6 years ago, mattbehrens
Sample always seems darker
Neat concept, but I can point this app at a wall that looks like a pretty solid color to me and the sample always reads darker for some reason. It might need some better color sampling logic. Additionally, if you hold on the screen while checking colors, it flickers wildly and doesn’t seem to be looking at where you’re touching at all. Not sure what’s going on there.
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2 years ago, bakerz420_
Very helpful to colorblind
I don’t trust my eyes at all when it comes to color. Technically I’m red green but I struggle with all of them it seems like. Super interesting to see what the actual colors are.
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1 month ago, ‘L-‘
Spiradic Productions, L.C.
Color Name is the primary library utilized, for this company (for instance, a residential painting license, selecting a color scheme out of the thousands to tens of thousands for a company product, or adhering to political preoccupations meaning a lot)!
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4 years ago, No other nickname worked
I tried to test on multiple different colors and it said cyan. Giving them five stars because this app gets really good reviews and it may just be a glitch or something.
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3 years ago, Tea1ser
Useful tool
Paintersknow how hard it is to mix colors accurately without isolating them. This app will help you do that. If you are serious about mixing accurate color this is your app.
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4 years ago, Cbassss619
Very useful
The basic uses of the free version is acceptable. It detects colors from images in my camera roll. Unfortunately, the more “nice to have features” are locked behind the pro version.
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2 years ago, A+ Reveiws
Very useful, does have an in app purchase for a premium mode but you don’t need to buy and works just fine without
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3 years ago, Monty0428
Worked exactly for the purpose I downloaded it for
Wanted to make some custom sneakers in 2k, so I downloaded this app to make sure i had the right shades, and it worked great.
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5 years ago, fredswall
This is a very helpful app for me. I am an artist painter and have trouble identifying colors sometimes. I like that the color has a name and below the RGB mixture. I find it easier to work with CMYK and suggest adding that. It would be a help to me.
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6 years ago, artlvnanita
What an awesome app!
I’m a digital and surface pattern designer and love to work with lots of colors. One of the most difficult tasks is naming colors for product listings. Not anymore! This app is so easy to use and loads of fun to play with!
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Pointing at something slightly off red, won't even name "red" as a color category
this shirt is halfway between red and salmon and this app keeps saying "orange family" "purple family" "beige family" AND THIS IS THE $7 PRO VERSION! as soon as my purchase goes through I will be requesting a refund for this app, which is probably simply used for money laundering - considering it fails at its only function
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5 years ago, SWKKWS
Can’t choose a color
This app is two stars because if you hover your device over one object for awhile, it never makes a decision on what color the object is. The words that read what color the object is, is changing every millisecond so the app is useless because you never find out what color the object is
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2 years ago, PlutoDKnzy
It didn’t get one color right
I got it as I wanted to find decor to match my granite. This combined the various colors in the granite of ivory, gray, red, black, violet, and gold into one color and the app interpreted my counters to be it was gray or silver. They are not that color. They are more ivory in real life than gray. I tried to see what shade of white my cabinets are. They are a cool white with gray undertone but the app said they are dark gray.
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