Comdata Prepaid

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Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Comdata Prepaid

1.65 out of 5
151 Ratings
8 months ago, Akdnejdiddo
The absolute WORST company ever. In the past 2 weeks I’ve had to call twice about random money coming out of my account and I have no idea what the transaction was, cause you can’t even check recent transactions on the app. They’re updated weekly. That should be the biggest indicator that this is clearly a SCAM. Never have I ever used a card that I can’t check my card balance for IMMEDIATELY. Anytime I’m missing money I have to call customer service (which is a horrible experience in itself) to see what the transaction was. In both cases I didn’t authorize either one, a refund was supposed to be credited but never was, I’m at my wits end with this company. I’ve recorded both phone calls and I’m taking legal action. Im not about to keep calling every week to see where my money went. Absolutely absurd. If you came to these reviews considering if you want to use this company or not, DONT. Wouldn't be surprised if this company soon gets shut down…..
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7 years ago, vannzee07
stupid people
to the person Thadoniva201, which i doubt you'll read this, but for anyone else that is now sketched out about having anything "unauthorized" come off your card and then not doing anything about it, that WILL NOT happen! that is considered fraud if they take unauthorized transactions or whatever off of our card and even more trouble if they do absolutely nothing about it. if you sign up for the text message alerts you get alerted via text message (standard text message and data rate apply) it says here "When you enroll in the Alerts and Notifications program through your employer, you will receive text messages in the event that our risk management system identifies a suspicious transaction. You can confirm that the transaction was legitimate or flag it as fraud simply by replying to the text message.
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2 months ago, Upsetuser876
Every time i use this card a few hours later they send me a text message saying there was another 10-20$ transaction completed??? they charge you randomly and it’s ridiculous. I donated my plasma and they gave me a prepaid card through this company. I hate that they do this because I really need my money. Donating was my last option for quick cash because i am struggling financially right now. I would advise you to just take all your money off the card at a CVS or something so they can’t charge for random stuff you never paid for . Hopefully i get refunded my money back.
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8 months ago, Bay Boi Lui 41510nit
To everyone who feels the redirect is sketchy….
Hey guys and gals, I’m Lui. I’d like to start by saying, I don’t work for nor am I affiliated with either company (Comdata, Flintwist), I do feel I should let you all know what’s going on; I believe in the pass it on way life. I received the Comdata card through my employer, same Dell the redirect sent me to Flintwist. Not sure why they don’t have you go to a Flintwist from the beginning, but it’s legit. I have been saving up and receiving my direct deposit w/out any issues, besides the initial problem. Maybe their sister companies, or one bought it or sold. Either way it’s nothing to worry about, hope this clears up any doubts in regards to the redirect.
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5 years ago, comcastsucks saveyourtime
Unsure to trust l, definitely switching after app is fixed
This morning I tried to log into the app but it kept telling me wrong combination. I changed my password online and was redirected to another website called fintwistonline to another login page which is so sketchy cause I can’t see my information still and who knows if the website it redirected has my same information. So I had to call the IVR to get my transaction history which is Once the app is fixed I’m definitely going to another bank. Unfortunate because the app was working fine for me for about a month.
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5 years ago, M.J.D.S.
Update needed
This app is garbage. I was able to log in earlier today. Hours later it now keeps telling me wrong Username/password combination. I have logged in successfully online through my safari web browser and I have access to my account but now only online. The app will not let me log in at all now. I was also robbed of 2$ and I feel like the app does not want me to see it. Update the app or I’ll just switch to direct deposit so your app will never ever be used again and that way I can avoid being robbed for my money
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6 years ago, iamGregLouis
Purchase History Outdated
This app can use more than a few fixes. My main objection regards the fast that my purchase history is more than 3 days behind real time and this delay can extend past several weeks. Today, purchase history is currently 28 days behind. Therefore I have been unable to view any recent purchases conducted within the last 28 days which is more than an annoyance. Secondly , absolutely terrible resolve center.
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3 years ago, Munkymyk
Apparently crashed…
What is the deal with this app lately? I have not been able to login for over a week. Not really expecting a response to my question as this has been going downhill for quite some time now. No longer able to do direct transfers from my account to my bank without spending 20 minutes on a call to a call center in India.
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2 years ago, Krizzie22Bizzie
What’s wrong with this app???
The app had worked fine for years and on multiple devices, then out of nowhere… It quit. It won’t load, only gives an error after entering log in credentials. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a couple multiple times, turned device off/on, nothing changes. Maybe the app needs to be updated?
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6 years ago, (-=Assasinkiro=-)
Last 60 days??
Why can’t I see my cards recent transactions?? The last one I see from the “last 60 days” is November 17... it is now December 1. I have made recent transactions and been charged for things I’m not sure I should’ve been charged for... so I need to see them that’s kinda why I have the app. It cannot be that hard to show my recent transactions at least a few hours after they occur.
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5 years ago, Qetwain
This app is terrible, I had to spend my morning changing passwords and resetting accounts just because this app is not recognizing passwords. Immediately after changing passwords I tried to log in via the app and got a incorrect message. For All the fees being charged to use this card there should at least be peace of mind when trying to log on to see my funds. This is unacceptable
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4 years ago, reviewer20874
Comcast is bad
With work it automatically gets put on the comdata card until recently i couldnt do direct deposit. Thann goodness i dont have to deal with comdata anymore. The only good thing about them is all the atms in the area. But every now and again it would lock me out of my account. So i could never see the balance. It just needs way to much improvement
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5 years ago, Ski0587
Updated review
I don’t know why this app has bad reviews, seems fine to me. All my transactions are there, loaded quickly, I don’t see the issue.
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5 years ago, jakenathan23
Stupid crappy app doesn’t know how to put negative amounts , I looked on my app and it said I have (1.80) went to go buy something for a dollar and it declined , I call to complain and of course I get some durkadurk that I could hardly understand telling me my balance is negative . IF THE BALANCE IS NEGATIVE THEN IT SHOULD SAY NEGATIVE ON APP . Piece of crap .
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8 years ago, This coolest guy
Not bad
The transactions. Is always about 3 days behind but other than that it does what it says it does the total is up to date
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5 years ago, gotaquestion?
I’m having a trouble with my account being over a month behind on my transactions is there a what to update
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5 years ago, TheAngel182
This is by far the worst method to get paid 2 different number to call costumer service and it’s just promotions and can’t get in touch with costumer service since it didn’t asked to setup my PIN number and don’t know what to do,DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE AND DO NOT USE THIS APP JUST WASTE OF TIME AND DATA
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2 years ago, Danny1794
Doesn’t let me log into the app, right credentials and everything, I can log into the online website but the app is complete garage don’t bother downloading
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4 years ago, ownandgo
It’s no good
I’ll give it a 0 star because it dnt works doesn’t matter what I do or login delete the app enough times. don’t let me. take your money with out you swiping or shopping on need someone to fix this
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3 years ago, Price L
Transfer balance
Why can’t I transfer my balance into my bank account before I could with my previous card from Octapharma There is no option here please fix it
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3 years ago, zeusstrip23
Why isn’t it working
Doesn’t let you sign in when you put your password it just keeps loading
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7 years ago, Cinnbe
It's just horrible how it makes you waste your time, it has many troubles need to be fix asap, i just cant use the app anymore, it don't let me sign in and the purchases are not in real time
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5 years ago, GDeliveries
App doesn’t work!
Downloaded app. It does not work. Can’t log in. Says there’s connection failed. You might want to fix the bugs and your server. Use their website. It’s much better!
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7 years ago, Thadondiva201
This card is a piece of crap they let unauthorized payments come off your card and don't do anything about it unfortunately this is the only way I can get paid by my job
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3 years ago, bigblackwoods
Doesn’t let you sign in
Worked for a couple of Months then it just stopped working
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8 years ago, lilmike1279
The app updates the purchases two weeks after made and cannot set alerts for things I'd like to know. Unfortunately it's what my company uses to pay per diem
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2 years ago, spookysof
why does my former employer use this
my former job that is a popular makeup store that starts with an S uses this cardholder and it’s the worst service ever. why cant i just have my money
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3 years ago, jager69
App is messed up so bad
Why is this app messed up it won’t let me log in it won’t let me do nothing are you going to fix it
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5 years ago, Ommpa Pomona
Needs updating
Please Include updates so i can either use thumb print or Face ID scan for iPhone on this thing it gets tedious when I have to manually login every time
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8 years ago, ghcmgcmgh
Cant register
The time you invest is the time you waste. Awful dissatisfaction of hell. Beating your head up against a brick wall would be more fun than trying to get this thing to do anything.
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5 years ago, Cali34578
Please update I can’t even login anymore. This is how I get paid from work and I love the system but the app is not working..
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7 years ago, Rustygdog
If you follow the instructions properly, it works as planned...
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2 years ago, jessjthemua
The whole company is garbage and this app reflects that perfectly. It doesn’t work. Everything is sketchy and outdated.. Will they ever fix it? No.
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6 years ago, Deshanta
Needs an update too basic
Need to update it too look more modern asap looks too basic
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7 years ago, Mykewal
Horrible app design
Have to sign in every time you get on the app, and you can’t put anything into a “savings” or anything.
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8 years ago, Zacminusk
Authentication failure
Horrible app have to use the website to log in im cutting my card right now and changing to direct deposit
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6 years ago, Str8yoda
Naver again
Poor customer service the worse place to do business hours please I repeat please do not put your money HERE I WOULD NOT GIVE THEM 1 STAR
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8 years ago, Paul Wall Original
Can't register on the app. Tried to go online and register and still no use
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6 years ago, 🤦🏾‍♀️🤔💀
Stop working
App is horrible. Haven’t been able to long in all week
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3 years ago, Obv_ious
Doesn’t work
The app isn’t working at all
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3 years ago, Mirambo81
App Is Trash
It doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked in over a month. FIX YOUR APP!
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4 years ago, mylittleaussie
Add a new card
I don’t see a way to add a new card. How do I do that.
Show more
6 years ago, vddhgghrhy
The app used to work but now it is junk they really need to fix this
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6 months ago, mmhhmm hi
This app is a scam! If you’re looking for comdatas mobile app it’s actually fintwist now!
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2 years ago, LigHolz
This app does not work at all. Don’t even bother.
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6 years ago, Southern boi
Thieves Comdata
Horrible experience with this card no protection of your funds
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8 years ago, Ms.Nelson👰💍
Update this app ASAP
Dates are not right needs to be fix ASAP
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5 years ago, Jdjfhgcvg
it won’t let me log in anymore.
i have used it before all the time and now it’s just showing the spiny wheel! 🤦🏼‍♀️
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6 years ago, Ignis Infinitum
404 Not Found
Can’t even sign in.
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5 years ago, Reefer1710
It was a good app till now
It’s not letting me log in
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