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User Reviews for ComEd - An Exelon Company

4.72 out of 5
100.2K Ratings
4 years ago, corinn jackson-mitchell
Com Ed has come a long way!!!!!
Over the last 20 yrs I’ve had some serious issues with com Ed it’s hard to believe that this company has been around monopolizing all these years as a result in my eyes this company was in fair in so many ways but recently has been doing some amazing things for our youth and reaching out to the community to help make sure the bills are paid ! I’m just saying thank you Com Ed you guys have come a long way from not caring for your customers to taking care of your customer ! Keep up the Good work ! 👌🏾👍🏽
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4 years ago, DeadBob74
Needs to be more intuitive
Why make future-scheduling payments the default option? Every other app or electronic bill payment option with any other company sets the current day or next day as the default date when making a payment. This inconsistency with the norm makes no sense. When I use other apps or online bill payments, I don’t have to take extra steps unless I want to defer my payment to a future date. Here, when I just want to pay my bill now, I have to take extra steps to change the date to now. Also, if there is an issue with the payment method (such as the wrong card expiration date in my case), you are not informed that it is declined right away. You receive a confirmation number as if it has been successfully processed, and have to follow up later to confirm if it went through. The whole point of this app is to make it convenient to review and pay your bill quickly. By today’s standards, this app does not yet fully achieve that goal.
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2 years ago, OldFord
Can this App detect 1 Leg off 110 out?
My ComEd Smart Meter is a Dumb Meter in my opinion. Why? My Furnace needs two Legs of 110 to supply 220 to operate my Furnace. But my ComEd Smart Meter can only detect a Full Outage of 220, both 110 Legs. How many times do we lose just one Leg of 110? Well it happens more than you would want. It happened to my neighbor and me and ComEd checked both Smart Meters and Said their was NO Outage at either of our homes. But when it is zero degrees out side, only half your house has Lights on, Furnace won’t start, IS THIS APP GOING TO WAKE UP ComEd and tell them I really have a Partial Outage? This is 2022 and I would Love a Real Intelligent Power Meter and APP to Alert Me and ComEd about ALL Types of Outages (Partial and Full)! Can you do that this Year ComEd???????? That is what I want for Christmas 2022 from ComEd! And yes I am a Stock Holder too! I hope I don’t have to attend a Stock Holder’s Meeting to get this fixed!
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1 year ago, OffshoreWally
Why link with website?
Each time I try to sign into the app it wants to go to the website to sign in so they can share info???? What is that all about??? If I wanted to log into the website then I'd be on my desktop at home! An app on my phone should be simple, not jumping through hoops just to log on! And what exactly are they sharing? It's one account I have I don't need both the website and the app having to share things at the same time! If I log into either one the I do should be taken from the same account either way! This app is a PITA if it's going to continue going this route. *****update*** Jan 14 / 23 Almost a year later and still no change. Easy to say your working on it but not actually doing anything about it....I have deleted the app off my phone. Waste of space!
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8 months ago, J B Scotch
Customer service
I’ve called can’t get thru. When I do too many prompts to go thru before you get a person! I just got a text on my front page. It said if u have a problem playing ur bill call customer service, that’s a joke. I used to love your customer service but now it’s just a mess!! I do have a life, waiting over 15 minutes is ridiculous. Then it tells you call on certain days when not busy, you get sane answer we’re very busy today!!! Wow. Last month it took three different days in same week to get to talk to a person!!! I can’t get that time back I wasted holding my cell waiting!!!
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2 years ago, SongsAboutMusic
This App Blows
Completely useless bloatware signed me out and won’t let me back on; had to use a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLATFORM to get my account updated and the app itself still doesn’t cooperate. It’s literally like one of those “keep an idiot busy” jokes. “Sign In” … okay … “an error occurred and we couldn’t process your request. Change your password, that might help” … okay … “Bad request” and then get the job done by again: CHANGING PLATFORMS. It seems like a stupid business practice to me to chase users off to competitors for basic functionality (I’m just pontificating, I know what they’re really trying to hold on to behind the scenes) but I’m not some genius Corporate Boardroom suit, I’m just some idiot salesperson who has to rely on his wits to make dollars - I’m sure it’s making sense to somebody somewhere, though. Get it together.
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11 months ago, Chris Sos.
Weak app, poor performance, overall disappointing
The ComEd app is still disappointing. Yes they slapped some purple branding lipstick on the pig, but that branding update budget should have been spent on improved app functionality. I dislike it so much I actually went to rate it poor again to find out that Apple will only let me edit my previous review, so I opted to update my bad review again. So the app has a link for real-time pricing without seeing a dancing girl with headphones (yay!), but where it takes you is a (still) cheesy webpage that if you want to view it throughout the day you have to back up, refresh, and go back in. Plus, the app stays in “storm mode” even when I wasn’t impacted by a storm. How about a simple link or button to NOT be in storm mode? Storm mode ironically says that it is running in storm mode so that the most “relevant features are optimized.” My most relevant features (real time pricing) are actually entirely removed from the app when it is in storm mode. 😩 Comed, us real time pricing folks should be your biggest fans, not your biggest detractors.
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1 year ago, Troy Townsend
Most unprofessional service on the planet
Me and my girlfriend is trying to set up service they have been jerking us around because of the last person living here has a balance we’ve been without power and gas for the last 7 days because they refuse to help us when we call they say the application has to go through they took our info twice and still haven’t pushed it through my kids didn’t have a good Easter and we are bathing in cold water we call they either hang up or tell us it’s nothing they can this is why I despise Chicago people don’t care there and the service in Chicago is horrible will be reporting this to the better business bureau they literally won’t turn our power on
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4 years ago, MJElmhurst
Nice but real time prices are not provided
Nice app but has a few shortcomings. It does not show real time pricing. A table shows prices for previous hours which does me no good. Also, an alarm notification is sent but only when prices are exorbitantly high. It would be better if I can set the threshold. During times where storms are happening, the app interface changes to one where you can notify ComEd of an outage but all other functionality in normal app is disabled.
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4 years ago, Tic tac toe freak
ComEd app enhancement:
I have a smart meter, that can detect a loss of power, since January 2015. There is a need for an enhancement to the ComEd app to send a push notification and/or text message and/or email when the smart meter immediately detects a loss of power. This can be very important when away from home and with others having medical devices. Outage reports, which come sometime after the outage, stating when the service will be restored are too late.
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2 years ago, Nathaniel Mac
Layout of the bills is confusing
Seems like each month there’s two bills to configure and let just say it’s confusing. Especially when you pay your bills on time and they’re moving slower than molasses. It’s annoying. I figure they do it so you pay more than needed and won’t tell you that your building up credit. Why bother, because it’s more money in their pockets.
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6 years ago, Sha123Mac
Where’d the useful Info go
I use the app to track where my total Bill is trending to. The latest version appears to have dropped the simple ability to get an estimate of the bill trend. I see a graph but have to total up each day in my head to figure out the estimate. Overall Finding little use of the latest version. Update for developer — followed your steps. Still nothing useful. I see my current bill. I see what my bill was the past two months. I see in kWh, not in $ what my current usage is. I do not see anything that indicates what my bill $ is trending to.
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5 years ago, stopcomplaining29
Great app
The app does what it is supposed to. I can see how much my bill is quickly and track the hourly pricing. People are complaining about the convenience fee. So don’t pay thru the app! It not a hidden fee. I pay thru my bank and there is no fee. Stop complaining and figure out another way to pay the bill. The hourly pricing has been great. Definitely worth it that other companies don’t offer. Thank you ComEd.
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4 years ago, stanislaw666
Good but needs more work.
It would be nice if the mobile app lets you know when the site is down instead of giving a message that my email and or password do not match. Very frustrating. Had to call customer service and get through the annoying options to finally speak with someone who told me that the site was down. Please fix this extremely annoying feature. The rest of the application seems to work well if it not down and customers are informed. Thank you for your time and consideration. I expect more from your coding and engineering department. Thank you. Jackrabbit.
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11 months ago, Pro Class 2020
Ruin your credit with Comed
I I stopped service with Comed on 01/30. They continued to bill me without informing me I had a balance or requesting payment. The old version of this app would notify you when your bill was available and that it was due. Now 5 months later I am getting a collection notice for $28 from a collection company? Comed continues to bombard my email with spam advertising, but can not attempt to inform me that I have a balance with them? As a young single person with excellent credit, this is a crime and appalling. I can’t even log in to look at account information or any billing.
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5 years ago, bunch of jokers
Stop screwing your customers
You are a horrible company for charging your regular customers a fee for using a credit card. Absolute worthless app if you’re going to charge people for using it. I pay all my bills online and usually it is a very convenient way to make a payment. However, you’ve made it not so convenient. Please do yourself a favor and learn from other companies how to treat your regular customers fairly and not have to charge them for paying online. Your scam every customer for $1.75... hope you’re happy and satisfied raking in all that money for ripping off your regular everyday so-called customers.. Worthless!!!
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2 years ago, AmaMars
Great app
2/22 I couldn’t login suddenly. On the website either. Whatever they did to update their branding really messed up everything. Edit: updated my phone to the latest as auto update hadn’t installed it. That was the issue all along! Try that if you’re having login troubles. Otherwise very good easy to use app. Simple and streamlined. Clear and concise.
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2 years ago, G&C Tork
Great Service
The ComEd app has been very useful and was to use. When we had the last power outage last month, it was especially helpful. It was after midnight with our electricity went out. I used to app to report the outage. A ComEd truck responded without the hour! Power was quickly restored!
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3 years ago, DaLouieV
Why is it always ZERO?
I strongly dislike how ComEd’s billing is applied to my account. Every month I basically send an overpayment (don’t ask, but I do) and every month my balance is 0! Okay great, but IF I HAVE A CREDIT ON MY BILL WHY IS MY BALANCE ALWAYS ZERO?! I hate guessing how much my bill would be, like any utility user. But if I have a credit, reflect it! So when the next bill comes I can pay the exact amount. Why am I responsible to go line by line to determine how much I of a credit I have on my bill? I shouldn’t have to do your account jobs for you all. Please have a reflective balance on the Home Screen! Not just zero or “no payment due” ... thank you!
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6 years ago, Dck1970
Functional but confusing
I use the app primarily for paying my bill, but that’s the part of it I like the least. The only confirmation my payment was accepted was a brief green check on the screen. When I looked at my activity, I couldn’t tell if my payment was submitted. I went to the payment area again, confirmed it for today’s date, but was then given an error message saying this was a duplicate payment. Unwieldy, to say the least.
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4 years ago, L'Austin Thought
DEVELOPERS: Storm Mode is too restrictive!
I’m on the hourly billing plan so I need to defer usage of major appliances, charging my electric vehicle, etc. to non-peak hours in order to lower my bill. I check the hourly rate feature almost every day. Well, we did have a big storm 6 days ago and the app is still in “Storm Mode!” In this mode, there’s no way to check hourly billing rates! I could see moving it into a submenu or something but it’s just completely gone. It’s unreasonable to cut people off from this feature during Storm Mode for a whole week, especially when the storm didn’t even impact my service. PLEASE FIX THIS! Thanks.
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6 years ago, RashJay
View my usage details
This section used to show the consumption/cost for a specific day and also trend for the current billing cycle. I don’t see this anymore. Can see data only till May 28th. Has something changed in the latest version or is there a setting that I need to do to pull the data ?
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4 years ago, Lyssaire
Payments don’t go through
I consistently make payment through the app, I receive a confirmation email that the payment has been successful and then see a past due bill on ComEd. The payments don’t get taken, there is money in my account. What on earth is the problem? Worse app ever! Don’t make payment online an option if it won’t work!!! I’ve had my bank accounts and credit cards for over 20 years, I pay my bills consistently and on time. Please fix your issue!!!!!
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6 years ago, Tippy0788
Great App!
It is clear and user friendly! It really helps me manage my electric account in an organized way. I like the set up of the user face. And I like the management options, such as cost alerts and thresholds, payment alerts, and reminders. You can receive any of these through text, email or push reminders. It’s great.
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6 years ago, Graylorcubed
Much better
Last month I left a poor review because the app wasn’t letting me log in, but the website did just fine. But now, after the update, it works great for bill pay. It’s so easy once you set up a default payment account. I haven’t tested the rest of the app though.
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1 year ago, 240front
Limited Functionality, Annoying Updates
This app functions well for some areas but falls notably short on nearly anything other than paying a bill. Want to change your security settings? The app bounces you to the ComEd website. Every single time the app updates it requires a new sign in with two-factor authentication. Want to use Face ID? Good luck with that. This would have been a fine app about ten years ago, but it's outdated now.
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4 years ago, 19jimin95
Don’t give them access to your bank account & DON’T pay early!! I thought I was doing a good thing by paying my bill a bit early since I had it. I paid both last months & the following month’s bill or so I thought. What ComEd did was wait until I had my LAST bit of $$ for the month, then it charged me!!! I’m disabled & poor!!! Really ComEd!!!??! I will be LATE from here on out!!!!
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1 month ago, Dealzguy
Shame on Comed, app going from bad to worse
Guess the entire digital app dev and prod team at Comed need to be fired. Such a messed up app that half the time has login issues. Doesn’t stay persistent. Provides grossly wrong billing information, gets adjusted 3 times, so you really don’t know what you are paying for. They can change their name to CONed. Consistently incorrect metering and charges. I average a lot 900KWH and suddenly next two months Comed reports I used 1900 kWh! No way to ascertain as I did not have any drastic usage changes.
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3 years ago, Supmarf
App broken
App is broken, and crashes during start up. Website gives an error when trying to login. This has been happening longer than a week. Reinstalled app, still doesn’t work. How do you expect me to pay my bill when I can’t even access your site? It’s 2021, and if you still haven’t figured out how to make a basic phone app as one of the largest energy companies in America, then pathetic would be an understatement. The worst part is, they are the only choice, unless you can afford to go solar.
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4 years ago, sandrita B
Horrible application
Cannot log in at times. I have password saved on my phone so its a matter of face id and done to log in. The horrible app keeps saying wrong id and password. Need to wait an hour or two for it to work. Otherwise would be an eternity changing password everyday.
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4 months ago, XLR eight
Records delay
Paid on 1/22 from bank still doesn’t showed I paid on 3/1? App said I owed money so I paid it again, then I look at my bank records and I already paid it on 1/22. Also used to be able to set up auto pay with credit card, can’t do that anymore but I can pay the individual payments on credit card what’s the difference if u accept it monthly for payment please allow auto pay with credit card and save the hassle of me putting it in monthly
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5 years ago, Corvette0488
App crash
I just put solar on my home. I am trying to see how ComEd tracks my production. I try to see usage breakdown and the app keeps crashing. Very annoying. UPDATE- Well after waiting for a couple of days the app started working correctly and is giving me everything I need to track my solar credits now. Great app.
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5 years ago, Dasher8027
Payment Arrangements
The App is convenient but the Delivery charges Are Outrageous‼️‼️ In regards to payment arrangements, you should be able to make more than one payment arrangement within a one year time span as long as the first arrangement was completed.... That policy needs to be changed☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
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5 years ago, AJC911
Would be a great app if you could see usage data
Can only view usage data by month for the last 13 months. They have options for day view or Bill view but they never work.
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4 months ago, Mhilez74
Totally changed
Please bring the old app back! The new app does not show hourly savings anymore. It helped me how to control my major Not piking the bew appappliances usage and saved me a lot of money. It helped me become conscious when to use at the most busy hour. Now I don’t. Please bring the old app back or at least include the the price of hourly price. I can’t refer this hourly savings to family members anymore. My family is very excited using the app after I referred them to this. Not anymore.
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5 months ago, AdrienneR
Trying to sign in. Keep getting a popup telling me I’ve been signed out, and need to sign in.
Then, sometimes, it tells me I’m using the wrong email address. Mind you, I just used a link IN THE EMAIL I RECEIVED AT THE ONLY EMAIL ADDRESS I HAVE EVER USED WITH THEM, but now they’re saying it’s wrong. I am trying to access my “new account number” (I’ll be contacting the Illinois Commerce Commission to find out why they approved allowing ComEd to assign new account numbers…) so that my Bill Pay goes to the right place and, so far, absolutely NO luck!
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3 years ago, So Concern Driver
App use & info..
I like the use of this app and the information that it provides. I enjoyed the advance notices & the ability to track pass information on my account. Along with the ability to pay 24/7. Being a senior and not text savvy, I do not find this app intimidating at all. It’s a great tool to make use of. Michael. W Aurora,IL.
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7 years ago, Twila01
Fix log in screen
The login screen doesn't work it out continually S you to go to your desktop to lock register I have registered and it still says I need to register this is ridiculous when you need to get something done with her mad you are at the mercy of a phone call I thought this app was supposed to be helpful not in hindrance
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2 years ago, CFX20
Doesn’t work
Have alerts set up for payment due date 1 day prior but don't get anything- no texts, emails or alerts from the app. What’s the point? Gives a false sense of security thinking I have a safeguard in case I forget to to make a payment. Also never had the fees returned for using a credit card the first few months despite the app stating this would be the case. Lastly no option for auto pay with a credit card- only with a bank account.
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6 years ago, hfhfghhgf
Stop changing things
Why am I not getting a confirmation number ... Why do you people always have to change the process, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it !! I don’t have time to waste on learning how to navigate yet another completely restructured Pymnt process !! And then you charge US a fee !!
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6 years ago, Chase them away
ComEd. Is. Alright!
ComEd, Thanks for making paying bills and reviewing energy bills easy. I’ve had only 5 power outages with you since 2016, not to bad. however, with the help form the app plus customer care I was advised too the minutes on error completion in field ( it never took to long). Good job! Thank you,
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3 years ago, Avion Lover
Inadequate information
Exelon should be ashamed of the performance of this app! The BEST it does is give usage information that is 2 days old and quite often is 4 and 5 days behind! For meters that Edison can read in real time that is ridiculous!!! They should spend less time and money bribing officials and blackmailing their customers with threats of plant closures and get their act together!
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4 years ago, bbbyyyttvb
Shameful that your companies website doesn’t provide a payment area where by a customer can pay the company directly without having to use a third party thus having to pay an additional fee. Now your site refuses to advance my review. How clever all the nicknames I’ve chosen are in use.
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5 years ago, jjjrrrrrrrrrrr
Good, and added features would make it great
Love the app and easy access to information, especially hourly rates. What would be great is to have more real time energy usage throughout the billing cycle to help gauge usage. Another nice to have would be more customization of the widgets on the app. What I mean is the ability to choose what data “pod” appears for my personalized setting. Now, this customization is limited.
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6 years ago, JazzyG30
Can’t see Activity tab info
For the past few billing cycles, I have been unable to view anything under the Activity tab on the app. It is very frustrating when trying to edit or delete a payment. When will this be fixed?
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5 years ago, Rustyredcab
Hard to set up and hard to make payments
After long setup with lots of security questions, once I started to make a payment with credit card I discovered few for using card. There was no way to go back and use a bank account. App kept defaulting to card as only payment option. Even after leaving app, returned to app and it uses card as only payment option. Couldn’t even change card.
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6 years ago, Clarrybeary
Right at your fingertips
It’s a hassle to get someone on the phone. It’s great to be able to see and manage your own account. Which ComEd app provides. It’s a very nice site. User friendly. Everything is detailed. And right at your fingertip. I like to manage my own stuff ComEd makes it easy.
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5 years ago, Crusader X
App needs an adjustment
When you try to make a payment, it automatically schedules it for the due date on the bill, not the day you’re making the payment. I almost had my electric shut off because of this.
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3 years ago, 719dcallen
Tough to compare
Tough to compare apples to apples. Shows you your current KW usage for current month but the other two show dollar amount and unless you go into you actual old bill so you find kw for prior months. Isn’t it possible to put both in the “usage” graph?
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5 years ago, Whiny Kids
App is trash
“pay bill today” then it takes weeks for them to pull the payment. No other options. App is slow to update, the bill comes out but the app doesn’t actually reflect the current information, that takes a week to update. This app is trash. ComEd is trash. Quit spending money advertising telling us how great you are, spend the money doing something useful like upgrading your infrastructure or lowering our rates. Literally hitler and worst than at&t and Comcast combined.
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