Compass & GPS

4.7 (2.5K)
6.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seong Eon Kim
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Compass & GPS

4.7 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
2 years ago, SiouxLundy
Simple and Easy to Use
Simple and readily available ; only suggestion is that they stop with window declaring that I need to wave phone around in figure eight motion to recalibrate that window never seems to go away so it’s more of a nuisance than a real issue for me.
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3 years ago, ronricho
Great little compass
Works perfectly. Just make sure your cover doesn’t have a magnet in it.
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2 days ago, fitnessModel
The functionality has to be retested
The app description indicate you can use it while hiking. I just downloaded this app and removed it after one day of testing. It’s not even close to be accurate thus be taken seriously. If you go long distance hiking and need a compass, get an old fashion one, do not depend on this app. I wouldn’t even use it for kids to learn directions
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3 months ago, Bob Bozzo
Works well, easy to read
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7 months ago, kageveuctenkkk
Not accurate
Every time I hold up the compass in the direction of north, it will either do south or east, and I know it not to be true because I know which way is north. So I’m not happy with this and I do not recommend it. This must be for entertainment only do not count on it to save your life.
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3 months ago, Haole Boy Paddler 54
Great service
Great service
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10 months ago, Longtime Customer 😒
Not sure why every time I open the app it wants me to recalibrate by doing a figure 8 with my phone. It never recalibrates 😒
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6 months ago, tubelina
This compass app doesn’twork. It has a frozen compass showing the North even if I move it all around. Only shows an address and that’s it. Definitely will eliminate from my phone !
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3 years ago, wjahdggs
Please fix this
This app is horrible when I was on the compass it wouldn’t even move it just stayed in place pointing north it wouldn’t move This app is not good it did not show me the directions
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9 months ago, 122958jg
Inaccurate compass
Recalibration feature is a nuisance and does not affect the compass heading. Compass accuracy is off by between 70 and 100 degrees- varies by use. No apparent way to properly calibrate the compass to accurately point North. Needs work.
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3 years ago, Dhairman
Great tool
This compas is a great navigation tool
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4 months ago, automeg11
Very accurate
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5 months ago, Mike from Cookeville, TN
I can’t get it to work…
Time after time I’ve done the figure 8 but the compass won’t move.
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3 months ago, Saramooto
Great App
Great App keep up the good work 👌.
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3 years ago, 098fbi
The altitude needs to work while on a jet or plane.
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12 months ago, mr.itmon
The app requires calibration just about every time I open it. Truly annoying.
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3 months ago, ORLANDO SEQUEIRA
Work good Thanks you
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2 years ago, carolynelliott
Works good.
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3 years ago, E.Amos
Love it
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10 months ago, off 180 degrees
180 degrees off all the time
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10 years ago, Anonymousion
Works, tells you the general directions.
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9 years ago, DescendantOfLight
Nice for looking directions
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4 years ago, sjjlevine
Seems to work well with maps on my iPAD. I CAN NOT FIND A WAY TO RE-calibrate the Compass. It is off by over 70 degrees.
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2 years ago, Rajnee Patel
Excellent directions friend.
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4 years ago, Cigarsmkr1
Does not calibrate with this phone. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, larlari
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8 years ago, emi84
where did it download?
it says is download but i cant find it anywhere.Is this a trick to spy or something like a virus,because doesnt make any sense!
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