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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Compass°

4.83 out of 5
51.4K Ratings
6 years ago, GJGLASSS
All compasses have one thing in common; they have a magnetized pointer/needle showing the direction of magnetic north- and - compasses communicate to the reader in which direction they are heading. For the most part, most compasses successfully function like this. However, before the “N Compass” came along, the N, S, E and W letters were not immediately discerned. I love this compass as a world traveler. I open the app and, “BOOM! There it is! Without ever having to hesitate or search for the N, S, E and W letters, the N Compass is in your face with large and bold white letters in black background; simple, fast and dynamic - another simple breakthrough with genius at its helm.
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1 year ago, North Dakota babe
Simple, EASY to use compass!
Love this compass! No confusing “clock-like” dials for this navigation-challenged user😂 The app uses large, simple N, NW, W, NE, etc letters tgat fill the phone screen to tell you exactly what direction you’re facing. It even shows the degrees in numbers but I mostly love the simple, large letters telling you the dirx you’re facing. Many cars have a compass as part of their trim package but having the compass on my phone is so convenient for hikes, finding the direction of a moonrise, etc.
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4 years ago, Lasercane
Hooray! I know where I am!
Finally! An app that immediately tells me what direction I am facing! No mumble jumble, no having to read a complicated compass. Open the app, stand in the questionable direction and BOOM! In large letter—-NE! Move a tad, still holding your table, BOOM! NW! I love this app! Now when my friends ask, “In what direction does your home face?” BOOM! I can tell them. I’m going to get this on my Smart Phone too...because when it comes to directions, I am challenged.
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2 months ago, Jags1151
Great compass
I've been looking to buy a little compass to put on my dash of my car, but now I don't need to. I deliver prescriptions for a Pharmacy to towns i've never been to before. It easy to get turned around, but not with this compass. When the mapping directions say "turn North" I always know which way to go. This compass has been a lifesaver and it is very accurate. I love it!!
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3 years ago, Emsmic123
Love this app!
This compass app is great. Getting older means either long arms or glasses. I am able to clearly visualize my direction even without glasses on. It was a big help to me as a delivery driver when their gps system would tell me to go in a certain direction. Nice and big so I can see it in a split second saving me valuable time! I highly recommend this particular app as I have previously tried several others.
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3 years ago, D-NYC
Simple and perfect
I just needed to record my shadow for a school project in a notebook and I needed a compass, so I found this and it’s perfect! It super simple and easy to understand, while some other compasses are way more complex. It tells you right away, and there are no ads, and you don’t even have to pay for the app. It’s simple, helpful, and perfect.
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2 years ago, belial_wither
i’m mad
i was in a severe car accident and lost my left leg, right hand nerve damage, and four year old daughter. i cant help but blame her death and my complications due to this apple store compass app (free). i pulled out my phone for an emergency and when the compass app (free) opened, i had missed my chance to change direction because the cam pass didn’t make sense. i musket knew the phrase Never Eat Soggy Waffles, so i have had expirence in the diligence of mega tic pulls on a true compass. i was looking for true north, however, the compass showed me normal north, now i don’t have a leg or a child. rest in piece River Asland Himilieya Skejïa Smith
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5 years ago, Jonny0007
Simple and excellent
The app you need if you just wish to know the simple cardinal points and directions one is facing toward. Many of us don't need a complex compass - especially ones that display extensive data, as if designed by NASA. This application provides the elegant simplicity of a very basic, yet accurate compass - and will be welcomed by many.
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3 years ago, Penn South Eddie
Instantly turns your phone into an accurate compass
It could not be easier. Simply point your phone and presto! It instantly shows you what compass direction you are pointing towards. And how does it show you? It shows you in large bold block letters which fill your whole screen. N ...NE ...S ... SE ... etc., etc. I love it!
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4 years ago, Anonymous.'. :---
OK this will help for people reading most critical
People like myself who look at the good reviews then most critical, People say it only shows north but I accidentally clicked on the information logo (the circle with the i inside) and it showed a few modes, true mode (the one the you turn your body and it shows the direction), magnetic and auto , the app actually works
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3 years ago, twherber
Simple and easy
Great way to help find way when hiking on trails that wind around and intersect. Easy to get disoriented when everything looks alike. This especially helps when on longer hikes. As it gets dark, everything looks different. The compass really comes in handy!
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3 years ago, alittleolderbutwiser
This app saved my life in Costa Rica
I’d never been in Costs Rica before. The streets had no names and houses had no numbers. Plus a bunch of one way streets. After six hours trying to leave San Jose. I thought of my Army training and downloaded this app. Helped me find the freeway and my villa on the Pacific Ocean.
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3 years ago, socialism failed
Magnets Bad (Loading)
I had the same problem with it being stuck on Loading. I use the Nite Ize magnetic mount so I have a magnet on the back of the phone case. I finally remembered that magnets and compasses does not mix. I loaded this app on my old iPhone 5 without magnets and it works great.
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1 year ago, moss8008
Big is useful
Big makes it much easier to line up the actual precise direction. SUGGESTION: put a line through the Center of the NSEW letters toMore accurately line up the direction when is looking out to go to or see.
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3 years ago, azyday
Compass app
I’m building a cabin in the woods where it’s pretty difficult to get a connection satellites but I’ve been successful in plotting out my parcel of land and where I’m going to build the cabin using this app it’s been indispensable much easier to read than a real Compass
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5 years ago, Lowertech
THE compass, at last!
Thank you! A clear, simple, easy-to-read and accurate compass! When I need a compass I want just those features. Life is complicated enough... I don't need a busy-busy compass. Thank you to the developer for this gem!
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1 year ago, DC Claire
Lost and now we’re found
Didn’t know what direction we were heading and found this app. Will have it on my phone always 😂
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2 years ago, Unicorn_Moon
Wrong Cardinal Directions
When I tested this compass, I noticed that all Cardinal directions are off! They all go in the wrong direction. I compared this app with another compass app and my concerns were confirmed! DO NOT USE THIS COMPASS TO NAVIGATE! YOU WILL GET LOST! Worst compass app ever! Please correct the wrong Cardinal directions!
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3 years ago, sullisp
Great app!
This app saved me from serious embarrassment as I was helping a client to inspect a basement. I needed to find the southeast corner and found that I was completely twisted around. Luckily I was able to save face using this great and handy compass! Thank you
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4 weeks ago, Onslowsmom
Excellent SIMPLE compass!
If all you need is something simple without all the bells and whistles.. this is the app for you. Just point it and it tells you in big letters where you are. I love it!
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3 years ago, Vicfish65
This app does exactly what I need it to do!
This no frills app does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It tells me the direction I’m facing when I need to know. The use of large letters does not allow the user to make a mistake or misread the compass. Bravo!
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3 years ago, VLuser
Pleasa add a no-as pay option
Please add a paid option to remove the edge!!! I found this compass wonderfully useful when getting directions in Apple or Google maps. I could easily tell which direction to drive, but I don’t like the new advertisements at all. I would gladly pay to use the app if I could lose the ads. Please add a pay option.
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2 years ago, Spunky Vibe Records llc
When am going a direction lost in my search, I reach out to this app and am back on track. It’s a great app for anyone. A app that’s easy and simple. Just touch and you’re on track in the right direction.
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3 years ago, Gram5-6
The Best!
This app is wonderful!! Some are so confusing to use. This one is accurate and so easy to read! I use it all the time and would recommend it highly to anyone!
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3 years ago, Ecjr623
Cell Signal Dependent
Convenient when it works. I had 3 bars worth of signal and this was not enough for the compass to work. Chances are if you are located where you need a compass you probably won’t have a strong cell signal. You should not rely on a cell phone dependant compass. Buy a real compass and learn to use it. Remain cell signal independant when it comes to relying on a compass.
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11 months ago, THANATOSX25
Nice and easy.
I’ll make it short. the off-line feature is the best because it still gives you the accuracy anpd it is a simple word for dumb dumbs like me lol.
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1 year ago, apples brother 1010
Very Accurate
This is incredibly accurate! The only time it is not accurate is when I am in a low bar area.
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3 years ago, mtzzie
GPS directions
This compass is so helpful when GPS directions tell you to drive into one direction but you have no idea which way that is.
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3 years ago, Stereo Jim
Companies that
I always use the carpet app to set my weather station it Hass to be finding a certain direction this way it tells me where the winds are going from
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3 years ago, pirate david
Find my way.
This app is super when your out hiking in the woods or just out on one of many nature trails in my area, before you go you just check where you are at and make a note of the location and off you go.
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3 years ago, Rick's Comments
Times we all need to know the direction we’re moving to avoid undue problems; this ready to go compass app is a very handy tool and whenyou’re driving a car void of a compass you’ll see for yourself; Rick Wright Villa Rica GA
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3 years ago, Broad Sauce
Using Your Phone as a Tool
Having an app that is applicable to any consumer is important. So many tools originated from every part of the world. Therefor, this Compass app being universal serves a higher purpose. To align!
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3 years ago, Mrichards66
Very cool... clean... simple
As a home inspector I frequently need to indicate whether something is north, south, etc. I just need something simple that I can check at a glance and no the general direction. This is absolutely perfect.
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7 months ago, bbqbrisket
Great simple to the point
No guessing looking everywhere. Just needs to be available for the Apple Watch.
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3 years ago, i5*
Just what I wanted!
This compass app is quick, simple, easy to read, and accurate. I can’t think of anything more I could want from a compass.
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3 years ago, mattthumper
Excellent app
Easy to use and gives you just what you need. I recommend it.
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3 years ago, 4144 gd npl
The Compas
I enjoy being able to find a direct location north south east and west. When else in your life could you do this?
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3 years ago, CRB112956
Simple and useful
The application works very well and doesn’t have unnecessary bells and whistles. Just gives you the directions.
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5 years ago, Dr Z man
Dr zSez
App is very helpful and accurate with real time information. Wish it would also give coordinates as other apps do. Can be a lifesaver in some cases. Thanks
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2 years ago, Walkers Bluff
Well used.
We have a camper. I have to set out a satellite antenna for the TV to work. It has to face south. This compass does the job every time we move to a new campground.
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3 years ago, jercane
Very accurate and convenient.
I secure it next to my driver seat while touring the country and nice to look over real quick to get my direction.
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3 years ago, Im sick of trying names
The best
This app couldn’t be simpler to download or use. And it seems to be entirely accurate. If all apps were this good the world would be a better place !!
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3 years ago, DJBjmt
Everyone needs a Compass!
Everyone needs a compass when traveling or buying real estate! This is a solid reliable app.
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1 week ago, Riverrat333
Easy to See
Like the big display. Point the arrow to find the direction. Easy!
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3 years ago, fortnite dod 0598
Good app!
This is a really good app and I would consider getting it if you don’t have a compass. It is very accurate and useful I would rate this 5 out of 5! 😀
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3 years ago, fishnterry
Awesome Compass
I use your app often on my camping trips. It really helps me locate local stations when visiting other areas of the country.
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1 year ago, Skynet07
All I want to know is the directions I am going, this is simple and archives that.
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3 years ago, Bill_Johnson
No way to remove ADS
Someone pointed out this simple, clear compass app. Clean and seems accurate. But. It has ads along the bottom. I can’t stand ads! If it is a good app, I am happily to pay the fee to get the ad free version. Trouble is, that option doesn’t seem possible with this version. It’s free with ads. Period.
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5 years ago, RussianTX
Doesn’t work
It’s stuck on loading for over an hour while ads show up. Possible scam. Developers probably getting paid on how long we wait and view ads. I just sat it down and came back an hour and 15 minutes later and it was still loading with ads popping up. Weird.
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3 years ago, K9TrainerLarry
One flaw
Only problem I’ve seen thus far is that if the phone gets a little warm the app loses its ability to determine what direction it’s facing. That’s a problem here in Phoenix.
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