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User Reviews for Con Edison

4.83 out of 5
92.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Mamadondel
Always good to me.
I have had Con Edison for decades now. As a disabled senior citizen, ConEd has worked with me and have always been good to me. Since a big operation last October, I have been unable to speak. I cannot convey how much this has changed me. Actually, ConEd sent me a letter to ask for a doctors note that stated the electric medical devices I use. Two doctors sent them in. I was in the office when the doctors office tried to fax it, but it didn’t go through. The sent it to the email address listed. A second doctor sent a letter in, but again, ConEd said they didn’t receive it. Perhaps they got them by now as I haven’t received another letter. I have a copy of the second letter in my email, which I can send via email. I’m only stating this as my life is hard enough without a voice and you would not believe how badly people treat me on the phone. Have a text to talk app on my cellphone, but have been hung up on many times. Anyway, aside from the medical needs letter, ConEd has always been good to me, and I thank you all very much. Donald McDonald
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3 years ago, Gbrookred
Needs some improvement
I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5 because it is obvious that my banking information has been saved since it shows the last four numbers of my account, yet it requires me to input both ABA and account information again. It makes me feel as though they are purposely making it more difficult so that I can join the auto pay. I feel that the app should give you the option of using your previously saved information.
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5 years ago, Typo00
Unable to log in: update
WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF ME NOT BEING ABLE TO LOG IN VIA THE APP?! You people have lied to me and said this problem just happened but it did not and it’s still happening. What the hell is wrong with you people? I’ve in contact with you people and gotten nothing from you people. I have an account with ConEd and would like to use the app but for some reason I’m unable to log in to the app. I was in contact with customer service via email and I was told I do not have an account. At the moment I’m logged into the ConEdison website. When I download the app it ask if I want to open an account. Can this be explained to me? I’ve been having this problem for months now. While on the phone with someone, I was told this problem just started. I was lied to. Thanks. Update: I’m still not able to log in even after this update. I have an account with con ed. Still no response from anyone. I use same email and password as on the web page.
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3 years ago, ansodidbd
You should be ashamed.
These bills are purely disgusting and you should be ashamed that your monopoly of a company ever charges anyone this. This shoild be illegal and it is beyond typical of that you only care about money. We asked this to be investigated and you and the landlord laugh it off as if any common person can’t afford to take you on. Hahahaha they responded with, “sorry you are having trouble paying your bill, we can put you on payment plans.” Did you even read this or is this another automated response. The problem isn’t paying the bill, the problem is the bill itself. THERE SHOULD NEVERRRRRRRR BE A BILL THIS HIGH. You think it’s right or legal to charge over $1,000/month for a nyc apartment? You are joking. There shouldn’t be a payment plan because there shouldn’t be a bill that high. Clearly there is something wrong and of course instead of fixing it or investigating it you only offer your customer a payment plan. How about you offer to come fix your system.
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1 year ago, JRC181a
Individuals who designed and created this software.
To technical support? My application ((ConEdison and iOS) are always the latest release. Unfortunately my problems still exist so your recommendations do nothing more then confirm the stupidness of your recommendation and the capacity of ConEdison’s I/T. The individual s who created this software are similar to the people one sees watching the one person doing the work. Problems found so far. 1. Application indicates I have a zero balance and the balance is due June 21 and my payment extension is June 10. Are kidding me? 2. If you ask for a payment extension it uses the day you enter the software to determine the date not the due date. 3. Their C/S staff is their internet software which is different then the smartphone software. According to their C/S staff. I believe the above is sufficient problems to not justify the information their displays. In todays this software is apiece of $$$$$.
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2 years ago, ingrisdla
I am not here to just leave negative feedback, the app for the most part allows you to make a payment. My only problem with it is, if for any reason ( ex. card information was keyed in incorrectly or if you get sidetracked and app times out) whenever I either try signing back in to make a payment or retry entering correct payment information, I get an error message saying that I am still in session and I cannot be signed in at same time simultaneously. I’ve made sure I log off the app and sign back on and I still get the same error message for at least another 2 hours. This is time consuming and honestly at times it’s almost caused me to forget to return to app and make the payment again.
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2 years ago, BOS90903
Scheduled payment
While they’ve made tremendous improvements to the app, they’ve also made changes that need improvement. The app makes it impossible for you to schedule a payment in advance, whereas you used to be able to do that in the past 5 days prior. They need to update the app to allow to schedule a payment, otherwise you have to pay it right in the day you’re using the app. No other credit card, bank, or other payment apps does this. It’s absolutely ridiculous and annoying! People have busy lives and it’s so inconvenient and really don’t understand why it’s not possible. Please update the app to allow this.
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3 years ago, w.linda
Amazing app
I have been sending checks to pay bills the last couple of years. It wasn’t till this year that I discovered their mobile app. It is honestly one of the best transitions I have made. It is easy to use and very user friendly. I haven’t had a problem with it since using for half a year now. The app is very transparent and shows you live usage of your electricity as well as past bills and usages. It is overall such a well planned out app. This makes paying bills so easy! Literally 3 taps for me and bills are paid!!
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5 years ago, uNiqueNYC18
Finally impoved app. I have had one issue, when i click pay bill it says “payment failed”. So i clicked on it a few more times and it still said payment failed. When i checked my email i was charged twice. Called coned and they can not refund the money until it is fully processed. I can also suggest in the drop down menu where the account you want to pay from instead of saying “last payment method used” “credit” actually show your banking nickname or cc or debit card etc...
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2 years ago, oohsilk
Easy to use
When paying your bill online is simple and easy it makes it so much more easy to remember to make the payments because they’re so easy to get through the process of making the payment it doesn’t take up much time at all it is easy and fairly quick transaction it has helped me a lot to keep my bills in order
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1 year ago, LoveTheLORD7
What happened guys?!?😕
Prior to the most recent update of Con Ed’s app I used it easily and seemlessly to pay my bill for close to 2 years. Now, after the update, the app looks great, but the drop down menu to choose payment options and put in your debit card info DOES NOT SHOW UP! I’ve tried numerous times and I cannot access that part to put my payment info in to pay my bill! Guys, can you please fix this problem?!? What is the purpose of having the app if I cannot use the features to pay my bill?!? If you can fix this issue I will come back and boost my rating to 5 stars ⭐️ Thanks for listening & hopefully fixing this issue.
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7 months ago, Gnemik
Good app but incomplete
For payments, the app is mostly functional. Could be more intuitive. If you schedule a payment, you cannot view it. When you do find the drop down menu that notes scheduled payments, it links to a web page (billmatrix) that states it is timed out. So, you cannot view your scheduled payment. Fixing this issue and making scheduled payments easier to find would benefit the app. And, provide this information within the app, and not a browser link.
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5 years ago, UltrVioletOne
Very frustrating
It won’t let me set up payments using my debit card. Every time I try to set it up and pay my bill it says that an error occurred. Also when I called Con Ed a couple of months ago, they told me I would get monthly bills by email and I have never received one email. They did rectify two other problems I was having; the online app would not work and I was not receiving paper bills. Those two things got rectified over the phone and the person was extremely nice and patient with me as she walked me through the steps to set up the app
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3 years ago, ConEd User NYC
Not well thought out
If you want to pay your bill with a credit card the app requires you to enter your ConEd account number for some reason. The only place I was able to find that in the app all but the last four numbers were blocked out. I do paperless billing so I didn’t have it available anywhere. I had to log in to the website to view a copy of my bill and copy and paste from there. Basically eliminating the app’s intended utility. I suppose they believed they had good reason for making paying your bill so difficult but I can’t imagine what a good faith justification could be.
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2 years ago, সোহেল, NY.
Was thinking moving service will be so difficult. But it was easiest then i thought. Smart people working here. Special thanks for back end and front end software developer who makes people life easy. Thanks all of those people who works hard to keep the energy continue to make our life warmer and cooler.
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3 years ago, Doctel
The thing this app is good for is is maybe reviewing how I owe. There is nothing mobile about this application. It comstantly crashes when attempting to send meter readimg or and image of a meter reading which mean I would have to enter all the information entered before. Please explain if I logged in to this app with my own login, why on earth would I need to reenter my account number name address and email. Also ome of the points of crash is when I was about to insert the meter reading image. There should be the option to use our device cameras. Otherwise this is a waist until they fix it. This app should not have been certified for use by any OS.
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5 years ago, twillie1985
Much better
This new update is much better the app looks so much smoother cleaner and more organized than before. Making a payment isn’t as difficult as it was in the old update Is actually much easier and one page rather than clicking through different screens to make a payment. Five stars
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4 years ago, connerray
This app doesn’t work
I tried to pay my bill, which I was behind on. There is an option where you can set up a payment plan, but when that is attempted it sends you to a screen asking for the full amount. I tried multiple times through the app, and then the website and it always sent me to the same thing. I also called 3 numbers provided by coned that all went to the same automated service which was of no help. I paid the full amount and it is saying my service is going to be shut off, with a balance of $0. This has all been extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, Lin600
Charged for an inspection knew nothing about
I was charged a penalty for a gas inspection that I did not receive proper notice. Con Edison usually sends texts about everything else but apparently not about this. I have been trying to get this penalty waived for over a month and still waiting. That the inspection was completed does not seem to matter to ConEd. Wondering how I can remove this penalty charge?
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1 year ago, dig bickey
Not a great app
I’m not one to leave reviews but this app really is not ideal. I physically cannot pay my bill because it says I am logged in somewhere else when I’ve only ever been logged in on one phone. When you want to pay your bill it asks you how much you want to pay when the amount is on the previous page so you have to go back. I have tried paying my bill 3 separate times now and it just doesn’t work. If you work at coned, feel free to contact me. I would welcome the opportunity to add value to this company.
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5 years ago, Budda-Bar📸💖
I will like a debit or credit payment with more options
With more options for pay. Something like we can chose the amount of payment because when you select credit or debit method you can only pay the total no more options then that. But everything else is excellent!
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5 years ago, westvillage14
Beware of payment in app
App indicates “payment failed” when paying bill but goes through. Good luck trying to get a refund for paying twice. On phone for one hour and told to email them and a check would be issued in 10 days. Easier to keep credit balance on the account!
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2 years ago, $Oshun5
No Harrassment
I like the fact that, con Edison have not been harassing me; calling me and sending me multiple notices. And they have not turned my lights off! And I am happy with the fact that they gave me time to pay my bill, especially that I am a full-time student and a single mom. Thank you Con Edison.
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2 years ago, The_Metador
Almost efficient but good
There are a few UI choices that make this app inferior like a scrolling bottom menu on ipad. These things should all be visible where everyone can see them so nothing is accidentally skipped or selected. No need to be cute when paying for your means of survival. It works well though. Almost there.
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5 years ago, Josemjz137
This Update is EVERYTHING!
I used to have the ConEd app on my iPhone but because of how ugly and all the malfunctions that it used to have it was a lot easier to go to the website and do everything there, now with is update things really change. It is a really good looking app and most importantly super efficient. Thanks for the update!
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3 years ago, liorgalanti
Promising, but not delivering
I would have been very useful if the features offered by this app actually worked. Sadly the user interface is so poorly written that the app fails to retrieve data 9 out of 10 times. When it does it takes 10 minutes to load a graph and the entire interface is slowed down to a crawl and completely unresponsive. I was excited to see the functionality available but in reality I never use it because it’s frustratingly dysfunctional.
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4 years ago, falcao87
Each time you pay thru cards it says it’s paid thru third party and nothing gets debuted and the bill is never paid! I found my self in this issue two months in a row thinking I paid my bill and then received a notice. When I went to check there was no history and the payment was never debited on my card.
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10 months ago, Brook0001
I love how easy it is to make a payment, and my account gets updated immediately. Much better than before when I was paying through my bank and had to wait days for it to be updated.
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3 years ago, Bronxsunshine
Honestly when I first downloaded this app I was skeptical because apps like these are usually trash. For example Tmobile etc. but I was surprised this is reliable. I never have trouble with logging on and I can quickly pay my bill. I would recommend. Simple, reliable, and clean.
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2 years ago, Duke Pine
I’ve been using the Con Ed mobile website to pay bills etc. While paying my bill (successfully) today I wondered if there’s an app for iOS. I looked and downloaded it. When trying to sign in a dialog box popped up asking if I want to register. I declined because I obviously have registered before so I just put in the same ID and password for the website. It was declined. So I decided to re-register. I put my name and email and when I tried to register an error dialog box popped up. Terrible.
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2 years ago,
ConED- a CON
The website doesn’t work at all. in frustration you can’t find anyone to call there’s no number on it . in frustration I went to the app the app is rather slow. sure was nice to have a person to work with that in the good all days!
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5 years ago, das Klangideal
Completely Useless App
I have no way of signing into my account. The app’s instructions say to go to “Activate Now” if one’s account was created before July 2017, which mine was, but there’s no such link or button to be found anywhere. There’s also no button or link from which to choose to register a new account. I also tried tapping the “Reset Password” button, when I entered my email but I got an error message. Please fix this, ConEdison. Otherwise there’s absolutely no point to having this app available in the App Store.
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1 year ago, Olivia Long
Good app
I mean the energy prices are absolutely insane I’m going broke every time I plug something in but the app is really solid. Absolutely disgusting highway robbery-type prices, makes it really hard to exist, but I can do everything I need to do in the app and I appreciate that
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5 years ago, JTMPE
Not Knowing Due Date for Paperless customers.
It’s okay and convenient for paying your bill. However it’s not the easiest to read at times. Also it would be helpful if the actually put your due date on the app as well. So you’re not guessing. For those of us that opt-in the paperless billing I think it’s imperative that our due date is posted on app, preferably on the same page as our balance.
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4 years ago, shelayspipe
In the past I would have to find a Con Edison center to pay my bill or pay it through a check cashing place and they’ll also charge for extra money to process so this is definitely convenient thank you
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5 years ago, eyebix
Log in troubles must be a feature
First, this isn’t a true app but a skin for the ConEd website and unfortunately the skin doesn’t fit, meaning it rarely communicates with your actual account which is one of the reasons there are so many log in problems. Second, ConEd has known about this issue for quite some time yet they have failed to address it. Instead they encourage their employees to give five star reviews for the app. I know this because my friend works for ConEd in NYC and she wrote one of them. Avoid installing this thing.
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5 years ago, MungFermolo
Nice app but a little confusing
Can you please add an obvious button to view the “printed” bill? Just like the website, the app makes it very difficult to find current and past statements in long format. Almost makes me want to go back to printed statements by mail just to make it easier on myself. If it weren’t for this the app (and website for that matter) would easily be 5 stars
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2 years ago, babygirlalleva
The billing cycle and amounts are way wonky and then nothing is clear as to how much of a bill I’ll have due that I paid certain things and why 900$ is used in two diff months then around 120+ up to 180$ a month the other months ?? That is nit plausible and never happened before! I’m distraught from the lagging and clarity of my bill.
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5 years ago, spotieee
Unable to log in!!!
It’s been like this for the past two months! Keeps telling me I have to active my account and ask my first and last name and come back with the same question when try to log in. Have to resolve this problem ASAP!
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2 years ago, David Spencer II
Why can’t you see the cost for current period?
It seems like the most useful number to show and sure it’s going to be “at least” that cost until the period is over but you could easily give a rough estimate with confidence intervals of how much you’ll pay. I don’t understand why this wouldn’t be available?
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3 years ago, Babyjay Ali
Con Ed just made life so much easier. I will continue using their app. And I definitely recommend it to everyone. No long phone calls or lines to wait, so simple and no fees. I paid my bill in less than 2 mins. Wow!
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5 years ago, Brian Whitton
App is much better but...
It defaults to showing an old address of mine. I no linger live there and the account is deactivated, yet every time I open the app, I’m greeted with a pop up that says the account is disabled. I must then switch accounts to my current account before I can do anything. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to change the default account on sign in. Why?
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2 years ago, Sellkidneytopayseamless
Terrible customer service, charges 3x in Dec/Jan
It’s not about the app but also about the company. ConEdison seems enjoy Conning consumers to pay 3x supply charge during Dec-Jan. It’s like a forced Christmas Bonus paid by the consumers. Any email is replied after at least 2 weeks. If you call, good luck on getting a person on the other side! They are always busy, just not for the customers. Anyone who can should move somewhere other companies supply energy and not get CONned!
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3 years ago, The 1 Diva
Con Ed Convenience
This app is great. I get all the information about my account I want and need. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. Never going in person a bill ever again unless I absolutely have to.
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4 years ago, MikaMez
2 Steps FWD 1 Step Back
Continued problem with showing bill total and due date in a timely manner. Now it has a photographic PDF of the bill available great. But it still should show total due with date not “check bill” or additional/ new cycles. You can have present due and if new cycle generated that portion too. With an indication of its new/ future/ expected date. Again- give the total due and date- that’s it!
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2 years ago, Packman92
Great app. Very convenient, easy to use and speed up business instead of waiting for long periods with a representative. I live this app from Con Edison, it’s truly making paying bills and retrieving information about our accounts easier.
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4 years ago, Daveyc C
Awful company just awful
I spent several months trying to get Con Ed to correct billing errors based on a faulty meter. I will never get all of the money due to me back. Dozens of phone calls and emails later and the so called ‘smart meter’ they installed is still not working and I’m still getting estimated bills. They’ll so jacked up the delivery charges in everyone’s bills so that so now pay a minimum regardless of how much electricity you actually use. Con Ed...along with the MTA and Spectrum, the living symbol of NYC inefficiency.
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5 years ago, Bintabinta
Billing history was hard to find
Hi, The new look is great. It’s about time you guys updated it. Billing history was located in a counterintuitive location. It should be in the “manage” section. It was hard to find. But all in all great and easy app & website update.
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5 years ago, Sharond642
Needs update
I had to enter the exact same info numerous times. I kept getting info was wrong or something went wrong. Finally it worked. SMH. Shouldn’t have to try so many times. Took about 15 minutes to do this.
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1 year ago, asfhfdssv
I rather do everything on and app! Can’t take automated It just to much work. I love how easy it is to navigate. Took me 30 seconds to get my balance pay if off, with payment method. Confirmed and done. 👍🏻
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