Conduit Bender Elite - Calc

4.8 (1.3K)
48 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cyberprodigy LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Conduit Bender Elite - Calc

4.77 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Gbug55
Directions diagrams needs improvement
I am sure this is amazing program if you have bent a lot of conduit but learning that you need to bend certain steps is important in numbering them would be better not just guessing in the diagrams hope this helps I think I can wing it better than this program let's s fix the issue thanks...
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2 years ago, Alex from the bay
Perfect for beginners
I’m an amateur at bending pipe. This app tells you where to make your marks and which way to face your bender. It makes back to back 90s and 90 kicks (with over an inch of shrinkage) a piece of cake. Only bending app you’ll need. It’s worth the money.
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3 years ago, Oldhead Yerps
Really helpful!
This is the best conduit app out there. Extremely accurate and time saving. I was also able to use this app to teach a few guys how to do certain bends!
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5 years ago, SpencerRD
Worth the cost
Licensed electrician here, this app the best! Makes pipe bending fool proof. Ya dont have to think, just take a few measurements punch them in the app and follow the steps. Its great! tells you what bends to bend first and every bend comes out flawlessly.
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4 years ago, tc1511234
Good app but lacking some calculations
This is great for offsets and saddles but the bends around obstructions are lacking input for the dimensions of the end of the pipe to the obstruction. The distance between the bends is nice to have but I really need to know where to layout the bends on the conduit instead of making it long and cutting to fit.
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3 months ago, DaYDreaMz420
Great app for beginners
I wish the app offered multiple methods for a bend. For example with a back to back 90 degree bend. It’d be nice if it showed the push through method so you don’t have to take the conduit out of the hook and just do it in 1 go
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4 years ago, young mr.sparky
Need to edit the app a little
I have 5 pipes in line that are running on a wall in vertical 90 degree orientation and they need to be brought on a horizontal strut-rack hanging down from the ceiling. I don’t see the option for this in the app, is there a formula for it⁉️ please help‼️ thank you
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5 years ago, both1122
A great assistant for the novice
When I found this app, I knew I would have the help I needed for bending the conduit for another outlet in my shop. The help (for bending the conduit) was confirmed and it felt almost as the app itself bent the conduit for me.
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2 years ago, Hansolium
Greenhorn approved
Never bent conduit in my life. With this tool, I’m making offsets, bending around obstructions... it may not look perfect, but better than had I trialed and errored this bch.
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5 years ago, Tyler_Jennings
Super Easy to Use
This is by far the best bending app I have purchased. It’s simple and saves me a ton of time. Every Electrician should have this app on their phone. Great job guys!
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7 years ago, Srg1994
Use this app for the past 2 years and it’s been amazing. Now I just use it to double check my work on critical situations.
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6 years ago, Bob the conduit bender
Conduit Bender Elete
I have found this app saves me time. As an amature, I can produce profesional results by entering basic information and folowing the easy to understand graphic results. Thanks Conduit bender Elete!
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5 years ago, Dancer24710
Very helpful
Very good app. Very helpful and cuts the time from you trying to do the math. Been doing my pipe run a lot faster than normal.
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4 years ago, mikyp707
A must have. But it now.
I use this all day when bending pipe. It’s worth every penny. Speeds up my bending big time!
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3 years ago, Tagtooth
Missing pipe sizes
This app look decent at first, but it's missing something critical just like a lot of others, it doesn't give you the option to change pipe sizes. Multipliers and angles are different for different sized pipe 1/4" 3/4" 1" and so on. Everything here is for 3/4" only. This app is way overpriced.
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4 years ago, Mc landolakes fla
Excellent App
Very useful, great app
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6 years ago, ibew124
Digital Level
Paid extra for the digital level that won’t work.
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3 years ago, gixxrboi
Bender app is great but..
Digital level does not work.
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6 years ago, maxpainwayne
Best $8 I’ve spent in my adult life 👍
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3 years ago, angelito2014
Over charge me
App is good but they charge me a lot of money I have 3 different transactions y’all need to fix that
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4 years ago, johnny #5
Nice app
Glad I add this app. Thanks
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5 years ago, 1Electrician
Master Electrician
The digital level isn’t working.
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6 years ago, Miguel2335
Awesome gives great insight on bending
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11 years ago, Mark-W.
I was highly impressed with the capabilities of this app. It had every bend and calculation I needed and the results were dead on. The help instructions were very simple and easy to understand. The graphics and details make it very easy to follow. Simply the best I've seen for conduit bending!
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11 years ago, Lowereastphoto
It looks slick and has some purpose but it lacks. The offset bend wasn't accurate. The instructions weren't even correct. If you need to bend in opposite directions then the instructions should show that. If allows you to enter invalid numbers and then complains, but it doesn't tell you what the valid values might be, If a value isn't valid then don't let me pick it from a list. It also needs options of how to calculate a bend. Maybe I know the distance between to connections and the offset distance. I should be allowed to enter this, have it tell me how long to cut the pipe and where to bend it at which angle. Why is it telling me my shrinkage and making me calculate my length. This is a computer program! It should be doing the math, not me. They really need to call this version 1.0, charge $0.99 and go back to the shop and test it. Sit there with a bender and the app and let someone show them how it works in practice. I think once they see how problems present themselves and what the electrician knows in the order they know it, they could have a good app. Also, check the instructions and make sure they actually represent the solution, not just look good.
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11 years ago, Charles_Hardy
Awesome Tool
This app is worth the $. Diagrams are awesome and entering inputs are quick and easy. Each bend calc shows you right where to mark your conduit and which way to orient the bender. Calculations very accurate with my bender. Helps included in the app are also a plus. Another well done app Cyberprod.
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10 years ago, Dave Gregg
Premium bender
I've tried them all and this is the bender app I keep coming back to. It has the best selection of bend calcs and they've now added a level which is great. Well done guys!
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10 years ago, Jack Kimball
By far the best and most complete conduit bender app available. This app is a mainstay at our electrical contracting division, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work!
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11 years ago, DennisYoung78
Great app!
Most complete conduit bender calc out there. Recent addition of kicked 90 and segmented 90 bends are nice. App saves me lots of time, not to mention conduit. Calculations are accurate!
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8 years ago, Mruhland19
Great app
Handy app! Only thing it is missing is a 10 degree bend option.
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10 years ago, IBEW Wireman
Wish it worked on electric
Doesn't apply to rigid conduit 3 point saddles On an electric bender . I was disappointed after paying 7.00 for it . I wanted to save some time teaching my apprentice to bend. Works great for commercial applications .
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7 years ago, j0292964
Great app
I use it ever day , greats displays but this don't let me chose rigid or EMT
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12 years ago, Mr. Green Clean
No go
Although this app has good info for some one with no experience. I am looking for something to help me calculate the bends out not just a simple example
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7 years ago, Captain yayo
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4 years ago, Raver0801
No era lo que esperaba
Pensé que se podía cambiar el tipo de doblador, no estoy conforme pague un precio alto por algo que no me funciona
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