Confide - Private messenger

4.7 (7.2K)
55.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Confide, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Confide - Private messenger

4.68 out of 5
7.2K Ratings
5 years ago, DiegoStillLives
Unparalleled Confidentiality
Other apps have end-to-end encryption, but that defeats the purpose if the person saves the messages you all have or screenshots them. This app blocks the screenshot AND notifies the other person. And then on top of that you can only read one line at a time and then it has to erase before you can reply or if you even leave the screen.
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5 years ago, DarkheartLives
Lawyers and IT Admins will love it
Oftentimes I need to give quick confidential advice to a client, but am wary of them inadvertently sharing it in a manner that will void the attorney/client privilege that could allow an opposing party to use it against them like a confession (the 'worst case scenario' advice lawyers are always giving). This is the only app I've found that I trust to deliver a written message that should otherwise only be given verbally. I'm not a criminal lawyer so no assertions on how it would fare against determined law enforcement, but for civil law work I think it's the only app you should ever use for sensitive communications. In 10 years it will be considered malpractice to send messages any other way. Don't miss the boat, it makes you look good - ahead of the pack plus it could save the case or the deal from the client who loses their phone weekly. Please note that if you want to recall a message you sent or read an old one, basically anything beyond the most basic functionality, it will cost you $5. I don't know if that's per feature or what, just be advised that mistakes might be fixable --- for a price. The developer's sales technique is bit annoying, but I don't feel I was bait and switched like most other apps that do this, and these guys have to make money somehow so no insult intended.
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2 years ago, Rphoff
Since the “Change”
The message received or sent does not disappear from the screen . It may in 24 hours but both the message received and the one sent stays on even after I go to another site and come back to Confide later. I don’t call that an ‘improvement’. Don’t think for a minute that this is the original “Confide” because it isn’t!! AND there is no one to call or ask questions. When they first started if you had a problem or question there was a # you could call —-no more you are on your own. I would not trust sending a confidential message anymore! Rph
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4 years ago, The Hidebehind
Beware if you think you’re downloading a free app. The $59 subscription will be billed to your account days later and Apple will be unable to issue a refund since Confide abides by Apples policies. You can avoid being charged if you cancel the auto renewal in your Apple ID subscriptions tab: settings, Apple ID, subscription, Confide. Unlike most subscriptions that tend to offer a prorated refund, Confide, by default, locks you into a year of service. I emailed Confides customer service and was told that Apple handles all refunds. I was hoping to love this app but it’s difficult to convince other recipients to pay to receive messages, especially when they’re at risk of unintentionally signing up for a $59 service that they thought would be free, or at worst, be billed $4 for a month of service. $59 billing surprises can’t be a smart business model.
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3 years ago, xoxoang
Good idea but faulty if used within the iMessage app
The reason I am rating this 1 star is because I tested it out within the iMessage app and it doesn’t prevent screen shots for texts or pictures. Within the Confide app itself, it works the way it’s supposed to, but the other person would need to have the app downloaded as well and not everyone is going to do so. So if I want to send a confidential message to someone who doesn’t have this app, and so I choose to use this application via the iMessage app instead, it’s 100% faulty. If this were fixed I’d rate it higher. But for that reason...I’m out. A good alternative to this is the ‘Off the Record’ app which functions properly within the iMessage app as far as sending confidential messages or pictures, self destructs, and prevents screen shots, etc.
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2 years ago, awakenwp
No way to contact
Accidental purchase following misleading information - have never used and never meant to purchase, charged over $50 for a year in one whack - and instructions on how to cancel don’t match what is written in FAQ. No way whatsoever to actually contact company, so now I’m stuck with something I’ll never use and don’t need, and can’t even figure out how to not be charged again next year. Indications upon sign up were a reduced rate less than $5 (don’t remember the details - four and change) now I’m charged for a YEAR in one hit. What ever happened to customer service?!?
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2 years ago, t@mmyk
Love the app but after this update…..
…. Has left me asking why?? I’m sure the creators are only trying to make a good thing, great. But the latest update that added the option to keep messages, is no bueno. The settings are easy to accidentally keep your messages when you don’t intend to. That’s the reason I love this app & I thought, was its purpose. You read the message & poof…it’s gone. I liked it much better before. Just my 2 cents.
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9 months ago, Romesburg
THE BEST YOU CAN GET (these days)
I have used every single private chat app that I have found for iOS. This is definitely the best/most secure you can use. The only weaknesses this app has are due to things that the app/developers cannot control or change. It doesn't get better than this.
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2 years ago, dafesfgdfg
Suggested Update!
For all the security features the person still needs your phone number in the end so it’s pretty pointless if you wanted an anonymous chat. Please your app is great but just make it so we can use it without phone numbers or registered accounts.
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2 years ago, WH-RM
Great for parents of teens
If you have teens who sometimes need to borrow your phone or maybe use your ipad to watch Netflix, then this app is ideal. Perfect for discrete conversations with your spouse! Whether planning a birthday gift surprise or talking about a romantic night away, this app provides discretion with confidence.
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6 years ago, M99inspect
Screen View
I like the app and all and now you can’t do screen shots which is a good thing but I have a comment having to do with using an iPhone. If I double tap the Home button (I have a 7+) you see programs that had been opened and one of them in my case would be Confide. Well the name of the person I “Confide in” shows up so maybe there’s a way to illuminate the name from showing.
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5 years ago, mckumabear
Great concept and app
Been using Confide for a few years. I love the concept that the digital age has caught up to the idea that every message need not be recorded for the ages on a server. Finally a way to have a confidential conversation without fear the written words will appear 10 years from now for nefarious reasons.
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6 years ago, ZeeeDatzMi*
Seems pretty secure & it’s free!!!
However, it’s version that cost money seems more secure and I would recommend it if you’re really trying to fly under the radar. Because the regular app has a flaw and allowing people to screenshot your messages when using iOS at least.
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6 years ago, Smitty Werben jager man jenson
The app is great but you need to make it so they cant screenshot it at all, or at least tells you if they do. I tested it with myself and you can hold on the text and still take a screenshot. Also i cant send a picture by using the "take a picture" button but i can with camera roll. Other than those issues it is great.
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3 years ago, tellymade
Must have
Keeps the crazies from always screenshooting your messages, a must have if you u don't want your pic text or text saved on whoever's phone. Go with paid version so u can delete a sent text that hasn't been read.
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2 years ago, Ladydelilah
That’s a great concept
I tried the free subscription and I was kind of bummed out by the fact it notifies me in the regular messages that I have a confidential message coming through the Confide app. I am bummed out because I want to be able to use this app without anybody knowing if they were to come across it on my phone or see it by accident. If there’s a way to notify me without messaging me, that would be awesome I would be back.
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2 years ago, Mike0170
New version
Pls give me the option to have the old versión back. This has to many set back, like having to doble clic each messege. It was easy fast and private. Seriously considering ending my Plus suscription if I cant have the old versión back.
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6 years ago, BretAZ34
Many Options for Privacy
I was skeptical at first but the subscription is well worth it. I even asked the receiving contact to try to take a screenshot which was denied and notified me that it was tried. Retracting whenever you want is a great feature too.
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4 years ago, ika1ka85
When I go to the Photos app, or take a screenshot of my screen on a different app, if I want to share it, I can’t find Confide on the list of apps to use to send the photo. I see iMessage, Signal, and other apps to share the photo with, but not Confide. Is this intentional or it’s supposed to be on the list if I want to share a photo from the Photos app?
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3 years ago, winsome915
Best encryption app out there
I’ve been using it many years and I can honestly say that it has brought me peace of mind to know that my conversation aren’t being stored digitally somewhere and will be used later on against me.
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10 months ago, nick name tpm
Update .. not pleased ..Poor rating !
This new update takes away control from sender .. pre this update .. one could see their message before it was read by the Recipient, and also one could make a screen shot of their own message .. now all of that is gone ! One is not even made knows when the other party reads the message.. The element of secrecy has trumped control by sender ! This makes no sense ! Not enjoying this ap any more!!
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2 years ago, Encryption1
Horrible update, no font size control, cumbersome
Have used Confide for years and liked it very much BEFORE this new update and interface. The double clicking to open messages is slow and the font size is microscopic with NO ability to change view. Definitely will cancel my PLUS version if not fixed. The app developers should be ashamed they didn’t account for individuals with sight impairment of any level.
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3 years ago, Mosesemoe1
Absolutely fantastic
I most enjoy the screen shield hold and how con confidential my messages is can be an encrypted between user and user. Being kicked out of the message and notifying the user when the screenshot is attempted is more appealing
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5 years ago, IIGeo2
Snap chat
Simple product easy to use keeps your business your own. No need to worry about deleting. I would not advise using for anything remotely work sensitive. Because still traveling thru third party server.
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10 months ago, jepmint
Good customer service but technical issues
The app has some technical issues and there’s no number to call, but customer service quickly responded and fixed the issue
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4 years ago, VS4Many
Wanted to Like This App
Loved all of the features, but it wouldn’t allow me to enter contacts manually. It wanted to send invites from the email connected to my iOS and I didn’t want clients having my personal email address. It absolutely wouldn’t let me send a message to anyone without trying to get into my contacts. Deleted app and searching for another one that allows me more privacy.
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6 years ago, Someoneserious
Great App for Confidentiality
A lot of us don’t want encrypted messaging applications to “do” or “say” something bad, nor wrong. You want an application that will allow you to express your thoughts and feelings without fearing someone may misinterpret the communication. This is THAT app!
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3 years ago, Bflo62
Glitches matter
If you want confidentiality, it matters if the app works. I have a conversation that’s stuck on one message. Won’t delete it when I leave the screen, won’t let me read any further messages the person has sent by clicking the next arrow. Don’t see a way to delete the thread at all. If this person sends another message, I won’t be able to read it because it’s stuck on that one, un-auto-deleted, message.
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2 years ago, Silverview2002
New version is unnecessarily complicated.
Go back to the simple effective system. You fixed something that wasn’t broken.
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2 years ago, The White Doberman
Update destroyed the App
Can longer recommend or use this product. The newest update shows all past texts and no longer destroys them. There is now a history like a chat which is literally the opposite of why O paid for a Pro level. How unbelievable stupid or has Confide become just another Gov tool? Ended our sub because of this shocking unwanted new approach to hat was a great confidential way to talk.
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4 years ago, Reasonforrecoverymyself
Best app ever
I absolutely love this app! I’ve been using it for 2 months now and it’s the best way to talk to people and not worry about what you say in fear of getting “in trouble” regardless of what you need to talk about it’s ALWAYS confidential. MUST try it. You will not regret
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5 years ago, cazidog
Shouldn’t make last message retrievable!
What’s the point of private messaging, if you save the last message I send. All anyone has to do is pull it up, and what if there’s something in it I don’t want public?
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3 years ago, 818Chris
Cool App easy to use feel safe and secure
I like the fact that you’re not allowed to screenshot anything that anybody sends you which makes me feel a lot safer
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2 years ago, InnocenceCorrupted
If only it was Open Source
Great app, I enjoy the privacy features. Miss the minimal but free features that used to be available. But, all in all, aside from security concerns based on Confides in house control over private info. I must say, it’s been a great app….
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4 years ago, Zimm4973
Not Actually Secure
I have seen no information updating the info lThe TLS layer used for encryption can be turned off in some circumstances. The effect is that “it is theoretically possible that [Confide] could man-in-the-middle attack ourselves. Obviously, we would never do this”. This is a direct quote from Confide’s own spokesperson. Individual messages are not actually given unique encryption, and any hijacking of Confide servers would render end users vulnerable. Needless to say this is also not secure against NSA snooping
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7 years ago, Williams Strong
Confide is great!
I love the security features. It has a passcode just to open the app (must turn it on). The encryption is legit and it doesn't get bogged down. Side by side testing, it was faster than telegraph, whatsapp, and viber. I used to prefer Wickr but I'm sold. Confide is for the Security conscious and even protects against shoulder surfing. Download it.
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4 years ago, Chuckrmi
Outstanding Technical Support
Had a problem with Memojis. Was due to my display zoom setting. Confide engineers were very quick to fix the problem. Thanks for the great support!!
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3 years ago, Fischer 1994
2 stars
Why? Collecting to much information of the users such as contact information and much more you should stop falsely spreading false information or false advertising as it clearly states in your privacy terms you do collect a-lot of data in which is not really secure as many have to believe.
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12 months ago, Sudksmw
Videos are too short
This would be way better if you could send videos longer than 30 seconds. Also, you can screenshot the messages sent with iMessage so that’s not too helpful
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2 years ago, jeezUSfluppinChrise
Needs options
The idea of burn after Reading is great but time delay options of varying times would be good and so would not having a destroy after reading setting being the only setting even fir the paid version. Encrypted messaging with no recording or screenshot allowed is in need still, but with other flexibilities when desired.
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6 years ago, erderder
Great app
My best friend and I often want to send private texts. This ensures we can confide in one another and not have to worry that someone may find what we are saying. It does exactly what it says. Perfect secure text app.
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3 years ago, Concretegurl3
I mean someone can still hold another phone up and video everything so it’s not really that encrypted but it’s about as good as I can get
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2 years ago, TheTIcTocMan
Horrible update
This update made this app go from easy to use and safe, to making me wonder if all the easy to mess up settings are actually keeping me safe. And I have to click a conversation like 4 times to see the same message. Cancelling my two paid subscriptions I’ve had for years if this isn’t fixed
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3 years ago, justclean
Easy to navigate
This is a great app. I’ve been using it for over a year and I have never had an issue while using it. Great job guys!
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3 years ago, ssprotection
Outstanding app
You might think I am somehow affiliated to this App but I am not. This is the best messaging App I have used for OPSEC and Confidential Conversations. I cannot really think of improvements but I am sure others can.
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7 years ago, fourdoorvolvo
Stay Away if you need Anonymity
This app requires an email to set up potentially tying you to all messages ever sent and received from the account. And it doesn’t state anywhere that it’s open source, so it’s likely not. Meaning that there is ZERO GUARANTEE that that don’t keep logs or that account hacking can’t happen. There are better apps out there. Do some homework.
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5 years ago, ghostpants_
Amazing app
I wish there was a premium monthly subscription version because $60 for a year all at once hurt a little but I'm definitely satisfied with the app.
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3 years ago, Lora8590
Couldn’t get a keyboard to come up.
Kept trying to send a message and the keyboard will not show. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, M2Gx
make it free no subscription
if you want the app go high and get famous then don't charge us, the idea is very good but if there is other app doing the same thing but without paying, This will effect this app and it will go down. At least put it with advertisements.
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2 years ago, Barristermd
You all ruined Confide
The default messaging should be the way it used to be. The change to having the default as disappearing after 24 hours was a mistake. Furthermore, having the message as concealed to then have to open in a separate dialog box was also a poor move. Confide used to be 5-star.
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