Connecteam Team Management App

4.8 (9K)
117.1 MB
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Current version
Connecteam, Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Connecteam Team Management App

4.83 out of 5
9K Ratings
2 years ago, cmang444
Best app out there. Supports small businesses!
Part owner of a small construction company. Tried a bunch of different apps out there for tracking time and my crews. I landed on Connecteam because of price and being the best application for my company. I tried the free version and loved it. I purchased the basic level (because I’m a small company and couldn’t afford the higher packages) but was disappointed with some of the features I lost when purchasing. I reached out to the Connecteam team and they hooked me up!! They support small businesses and helped me at every turn. I HIGHLY recommend this app if you are looking around for such app. They recently came out with an update giving all small businesses full access to the entire app (everything they offer) without charging me extra! Beyond amazing. Function and use is super easy. Overall great app. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to purchase. Worth every penny. They connecteam team is great with getting you started. They help you along the way. I’ve have it for about 6 months now and have had nothing but exceptional customer service. This is the best time and scheduling app out there by far!
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3 years ago, mwclpeterson
Great App Great Customer Service
We are a civil construction company of 100 employees. We did a lot of research for a platform that would allow us to better engage and communicate with our employees and landed on Connecteam ~1-1/2 years ago for its value and versatility. Our experience with the app and the product support team has been second-to-none. We have about 95% engagement company-wide with nearly 60% regular engagement, which has exceeded our expectations. We don’t even use all of the app features, but it will do everything we hoped it would do and more. As the primary admin and content curator, I can say that the app is relatively easy to use, both on the front and back ends, and is very versatile in its abilities. I have interacted with product support from the beginning as if I was the only customer and they have done nothing but treat me as if that is true. It’s pretty cool to know that your ideas for improvement are heard. I would highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, @revelinem
Loving the app so far but...
This app has far beyond exceeded what I was expecting. I’ve been able to set up everything I would need for my restaurant team but I am experiencing one issue. Whenever you click to add a GIF or click on the submit button, the screen that slides up consistently jumps up and down. I’ve reached out to support and they were very helpful and assured me that this would get escalated to their programmers. I really hope this gets figured out as I can see it getting annoying for my users, and me at some point. Overall, 5 star so far. I can’t see dropping that rating down with my one single issue about the app. I’m hopeful this small issue will be worked out soon.
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4 years ago, KodaBayBee
Love the app!
Highly enjoy the app! Easy set up & fun to be able to import pdf’s and other forms my company uses. It would be nice to have a little more control over admin in the app directly. It would be nice if all team members could post in the feed to share success, ideas or post a question to all members in the group rather then through the messenger. Really would like to see the ability to add a background photo in the profile section & change the backgrounds when posting an update to an image rather then a color or wallpaper. This seems to be the only negative thing my team has found. Hope to see that change soon! It would also be nice to be able to create & track reporting in regards to sales without importing/connecting it to PDF or google docs.
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4 days ago, WenM1ll
Love this app!
I spent numerous hours trying to find something that would work for my small businesses, one being a hotel and the other being apartments, and this app is the best by far! Easy for me to use, but also easy for the employees to use whether they are tech savvy or not. I’m super impressed with this app and I’ve only been using it about a year week. I expect to learn so much more that this app can do for me that I’m beyond excited! I can’t say enough good things about this app and look for are to being able to expand my knowledge using this platform. I’m a tech geek so this app is like tech porn for me :)
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3 years ago, Powers476
Outstanding with a support team!
We have switched our full operation over to Connecteam and what a great decision is was to do so. The support team isn’t just attentive but they truly listen to what you are trying to accomplish and give you multiple ways to reach that goal. The customization ability is wonderful and not complicated. The software team really thought of the end user and created the ease to implement. The desktop side is very well created with calculated custom icons and colors for labeling. The phone app is completely designed for phone users in mind. Rich in features with the ability to administer what accessibility each user has is well thought out. The chat feature is everything you want and need in a software that has this many features and really ties all the workflows and schedules together. We are constantly finding more ways that Connecteam is being used to simplify our day to day operations. Simply a wonderful software and team behind it! Thanks Connecteam!
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3 months ago, NunyaGdBusiness
Could be great, but not quite there yet
I'd be willing to raise my rating if you fix these two UI issues: 1. The "My availability" feature needs work. I have recurring times when I'm unavailable, so I toggled the "Repeat availability preferences" button on and set it to repeat until a date one year later. I later needed to edit the time, but there is no way to edit the whole batch of dates. The only way to edit is to go through all 52 dates and change each one individually. This is extremely time consuming and frustrating. 2. The single week view/layout is not intuitive. The "week summary" does not match the dates shown above and below it and there is nothing indicating which month the displayed week is in. This is super confusing.
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3 years ago, 36bnb
Game Changer for My Small Business
As my business grew I found myself juggling balls more often. This end result was that things started being missed. This scheduling app was a game changer. Not only is it wonderful for me, it is extremely easy for my employees to use and understand. And they definitely are not text savvy. Additionally, the support is outstanding. Questions are answered within minutes, and no question is too mundane in for them. I must admit, there are a lot of features that I am not using, but will come in handy at a later date. I would recommend this both for small and larger size businesses.
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1 year ago, Mikelsz129
Best time tracking app.
My companies used multiple applications as connecting. This is the best one by far. They are user friendly setup time is super easy. My front office loved it. I own a construction company and the guys pick apart every app we had but this one. We had to cancel because our new platform has a time tracker. Not nearly as easy as this one. Additionally I have to say this company is a class act. They refunded me the month that I didn’t use but I needed for payroll.
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3 weeks ago, Txkilroy
Good App but needs one thing…
We use this app at work as security officers abd it does things well and saves paperwork but it needsvone big option esp with some of us with vision issues but also the graveyard guys is we need to be sble to go to DARKMode euther along with phone settings or as a option in the app settings. Its very tough to look st a bright screen after vision adjusts for darkness then try n be blinded by working on paperwork then having to wait for. vision to adjust to darkness again. Hopefully the Dev’s see this n fixes it soon to help us and others out. Otherwise no complaints really elsewise.
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4 years ago, rock2thetop
Idea is great. Execution needs work.
We use this throughout the day at my work. Sending messages is sometimes buggy as it simply won’t send when you click send. Notifications don’t always come through to an individuals phone (problematic as I work in healthcare). Would be great to be able to temporarily silence certain chats or all chats for a certain amount of time or on certain days (ie when not at work) - only the the on/off notification setting on each individual chat reliably works. Calendars/schedules only work on certain individuals phones and we haven’t figured out why. Overall needs work but the idea is good.
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4 months ago, Sugarbooger71
This is incredible!
We just started using this so we haven’t really jumped into all of it yet. But there are so many features that will be key in encouraging and enforcing communication, expanding our knowledge base and training as well as some fun ways to reward your employees and incentivize them. Keeping my staff engaged with each other and with me is priceless. And best of all, it is free for up to 10 or fewer employees. That helps me to be able to keep costs down. Thank you Connecteam.
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5 months ago, Munsterx
Great for scheduling clients!
When I just worked by myself, it was easier to schedule my clients for cleaning. Since hiring my first employee, this has been SO HELPFUL to manage both of our clients and be able to make changes quickly. I love that she can see her whole schedule, notes, clients information etc from her phone app. So easy! I also loved that the site was customizable to what my needs were.
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2 years ago, JRMaino
Great app for scheduling employees
We are a large team of computer science educators who teach teachers how to use computer science in their classrooms. Most of our sessions are virtual, and some are face-to-face. We've been using Connecteam since the beginning of summer and have found it to be very helpful in scheduling for all of our varied offerings. One frustrating feature in the app is not having the ability to "accept" shifts. We can "claim" shifts, but once assigned, you are unable to accept within the app. You have to go to the website.
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1 year ago, Carlos Then
Knight Life Security
We started using this app in the earlier stages and were happy to be involved in some of the feedback that makes it great! We jumped onboard because we wanted to eliminate the need to use different platforms. Connecteam is capable of handling about 95% of our day to day work! Definitely recommend it to any field companies and or security companies. It’s so customizable and user friendly! Truly a work of art
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2 years ago, Kramecheese
So coming from paper and pen….we had gotten used to losing a percentage of our business to errors. It was just what happened. Until we found this little app. My friend who’s a contractor had told us about it and was showing off on his phone. I got curious…or jealous, and decided to try. The title doesn’t lie, wow! After a couple of days of playing with the system and a lot of support from conncecteams support team we had designed an automated scheduler, geo-fence for clock, and even “quick tasks” for my employees. Safe to say we don’t lose a percentage of our business now to things we can’t control. Thank you Connecteam for such an amazing tool!
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5 years ago, TheMiggityMac
What can’t this app do?
There’s literally been nothing we couldn’t transition to this app! Timeclock, scheduling, receipt tracking, event invitations, group chat.... you name it! We have been able to eliminate several more costly apps and use just this one. If you take the time to build out your workflows, this app is your oyster (if that’s even a thing)! Cannot say enough good things about it. Plus we are saving almost $1,000/yr on other app subscriptions.
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1 year ago, Brother.Dave
This app is very limited in its ability. I’m not sure the developer’s understand the business world with all its variables as this software is not as adaptable as needed. It’s more of a cookie cutter template with no means to adapt for bigger or more expanded needs. It might work to a degree, but fails when trying to manage 100 people with 200 tasks to learn each and over a dozen checklists to manage.
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2 years ago, Xtcbye
Everything You Need In One Place!
My business and I have been using Connectteams for about two months now and we have loved every second of it! We are a small business and it comes in handy, with everything you need in one place. I love the browser version as well! I am beyond ecstatic and grateful for the upgrade they have given us
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1 year ago, Spayne915
A whole new Company
I recently had to find a system or software to help me run my contracting business. My partners chose a different avenue for themselves, leaving me to handle, not only the field and day-to-day operations, but all of the admin stuff as well. This app sincerely made not only everything easier but the employees much more interactive with everything.
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3 years ago, aktmak
Great App, Some Bugs
I am an admin and don’t personally use the app that much but my employees like it and use it correctly and consistently which is a huge improvement over past time clocks. One complaint is that the “Most used by you” jobs are random and don’t apply to the individual. Would be helpful if these were accurate. Small glitches like that occur but are not detrimental so overall a great app for us.
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2 months ago, Angelmsd13
The best app ever!
From a small business owner stand point this app is truly amazing. Not only do they help and teach you but its so easy to use and learn. Ive been able to do my whole on boarding and new hire training and even keep track all types of documents for both myself and my team. Amazing i love this app you will too!
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2 years ago, PastorMario
Fantastic App
Connecteam has managed to create a seamless common sense app that manages our staff and remove a tremendous burden from HR. Their approach to the functionally of this incredible HR Department in the palm of your hands is so easy to navigate that staff training isn’t necessary. What we though would have been a learning curse is so intuitive. The Support is outstanding, they are truly in your corner desiring you to succeed in meeting all your HR needs. The Developers have constantly improving an app that is head and shoulders above so many that we have tried. The Rewards and Recognition feature for Staff Members is simply brilliant. This is highly recommended.
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3 years ago, baluuk
Delete account
How do I delete my account?!?! I already had one for a company I’m working for but now for some reason my number isn’t associated with ANY account so I made a new one to see if it was just a glitch and my number was still working but it DID NOT so now I’m trying to delete my account and get a new one associated with my company, why is it so difficult to put a delete account option in the settings? you think someone is gonna want to keep their contact info associated with this app forever? c’mon think smarter then that
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2 years ago, epocscods
Would like to be able to quickly generate labor reports
I don’t know if it’s user error or what but I am annoyed by the fact there’s no quick, easy way to see the total hours spend on my crew for a completed week. On the desktop site there is but it’s not intuitive. I feel like there should be a big button that says like “reports” and you can see what hours for a job total are there.
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2 years ago, USA is the best.
You don’t need to take my word for it. Check out the free trial. There are no ads to bother you and I have no doubt you will be impressed as much as I have with the features. Yes of course there is a monthly fee but if you look at all the flexibility they built into the programming you will be impressed too. Thumbs up 👍👍
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2 years ago, joe1520
Blackdot Media
Hello thanks for such a wonderful app, we use it everyday especially as a small business. We love the ease of the interface and the email notifications. We as a small business will not survive without it! Thanks for all the timely updates and continuous improvements.
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3 months ago, MV ROB
Employee tracking battery drainer
My employer forces us to use this time clock app. Hate every thing about it. Now this god forsaken app is causing SERIOUS battery drain. Before the latest update I didn’t notice any battery issues. Now I go home with 30-40% less battery than I was before the update. I don’t use my phone much during the day. How do I know that it is this app. The battery usage shows in settings. I can’t turn off the always on location because my foreman will freak the F out and think I’m not at work.
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3 years ago, ctr-owner
This is not a review but an issue
I’m having issue with the request time off section. When you click on it and go choose the date you would like to take off the last row on every month is blocked by the confirm button. If you try to choose any dates that the confirm button is blocking you can’t. It won’t let you choose. Be warn for people that are not looking twice and choosing wrong dates because of this issue. I’m using an iPhone 11.
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6 years ago, אשרי
I find this app very annoying! The organization started sending very thick reading material through the app which includes diagrams and maps. For some unknown reason the app won’t let me download or print out anything. It makes catching up with the reading almost impossible when the organization decides I have to study a map through it. I need to be able to download stuff(to read in flights e.g.) and to be able to print out reading material. Connecteam please add this features to make your app Truly great.
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2 years ago, schike88
Great app
I’ve been using the app for about a year and a half now for our small business and we have used just a free version but it has been awesome they are helpful attentive communication is great the app works great both from my phone and computer and tablet thank you love it
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2 years ago, -Reader13
Great app and customer service
Super easy to schedule and my employees loved it and the reminders for their shifts. It’s free for small businesses with less than 10 employees now, that’s amazing! We unfortunately no longer needed the scheduler and customer service was super helpful about getting us situated!
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2 years ago, D-Kal
True small business supporters!
We have a small mobile auto repair business and this app is perfect! Not only is it great, the customer service and the overall support from the company truly shows that their mission is to support small businesses! Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, RaffyTaffy023
New to Security and I am beyond impressed
As I was reading about the company and app it all seemed too good to be true because quality is hard to come by. Thank you developers especially for how wonderful the app alone is presented and feels. Complex made simple, thank you Connecteam.
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1 year ago, LV aka NORCALFLOWER
Horrible worker experience. Made for lazy employers who don’t care about their employees
I hate this app and I hate that employers and managers are able to use it. The app constantly notifies me to “not forget to clock in” early in the morning on my days off. I have to wait to the second it turns whatever o clock for me to clock in or out so I’m sitting in suspension at least 4 times a day. And from what it sounds like with the managers they can’t even remove a shift if they need too. Just a stupid app for a world of idocracy.
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3 years ago, ya'boo
Not worth it
We updated to the basic version and before I did that it said that version lets you track and you could make it so you have to get admin approval for stuff but once we paid for it it won’t and it’s pretty much the same as the free version but now we are paying for that. We don’t want to pay more than the basics one price seeing how we don’t have very many employees and it’s not worth it. It was a little bit of false advertising for the basic plan.
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5 months ago, Nicole Neeko
Best work app
Connecteam is genuinely extremely impressive, and has really streamlined day to day tasks, its not an exaggeration to say this app has been game changer. Creating forms, scheduling, onboarding, team groups, trainings etc, it has been amazing. The only thing that’s missing is a DocuSign feature. This is a must have. Please add a feature like that.
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11 months ago, nikki.naral18
Helps our team to be more productive
This software is so great that it comes to the point that it increases the quality of outputs and productivity because of its collaboration tools. Since then, I and my team have been using it on a daily basis to optimize processes.
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5 years ago, Brooklynn72
Needs improvement.
Make it to where I scroll between months I can still continue to see my schedule instead of having to click back to the month itself. For example. It’s June. When I want to look at my end of June, beginning of July schedule. July shows blank until I click on July. If I can SCROLL to July, I should be able to see my schedule in July without having to backtrack.
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6 days ago, happy money user
Small business friendly
Love this app, easy to use and a ton of functionality. As we grow, this app will grow with us. Great for businesses of any size but as a newer still small business, this app is perfect!
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2 years ago, Nosfra2
Tracks uninstalled locations
This app has tagged my location places the app has never been on to my phone when uninstalled. As in, I have never had the app installed outside of my jobsite, yet I has logged me in from home address multiple times. It also copies your clipboard mostly if you have a internet link copied. It it does it when you launch the app fast and hard to catch. Very shady and unnecessary. Would never use if my employer didn’t demand it.
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2 years ago, Soforo1
It’s a good app I just don’t get why it need to know where I am all the time, if you need it when you are at work it can ask for your location every time you are at work and if you don’t share our location then why do we need to hit that “always” bottom on the location. Please change that.
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4 years ago, ostensiblyindubitable
As far as free content for managing employees and hours, this app is amazing. You can manage way more employees for free than any other app on the market. The time sheet is easy to use and to edit, and once you figure out the app it’s really easy to manage large parts of your business.
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4 months ago, Yodenody
So close to 5 stars!
I have two jobs, my first started using it and I recommended it to my second employer, they implemented and love it! One feature I would appreciate is if I could get notifications for both jobs. Currently the app only shows whichever I am logged into, so I have to pop back and forth to see if I’ve missed anything. Add a better keyboard with spellcheck and this would be 5 stars for my purposes. Also noticed photo upload in chat can be a little janky, if I want to screencap a training and post it won’t connect to my gallery.
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2 years ago, Steppin45
Incredible Support
Connecteams has been so incredible helping with training, answering questions via chat, and coaching us along the way as we set up our organization. Amos specifically has been a rockstar! Thank you Connecteams!
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2 years ago, RMBC Staff
Best out there
The customer service team is the best. Answered questions promptly and made sure everything was running smoothly. Highly recommend them for small or large businesses.
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4 years ago, Sc0119
A great contemporary work application
This app has a great interface & a very modern layout with the color scheme and graphics. The time clock is my favorite feature because I can clearly see and keep track of all my hours for a specific week.
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2 years ago, JumpinRyno
Started out great, but….
The app started out great, but now I get a white screen after some use and I’m not sure why. I usually have to uninstall and then reinstall to use the app again
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1 year ago, johnny guest
Good tool for small business
One thing I’d like to see if easier reporting features. At the end of a job, we have to manually add up hours worked or each individual…having a total, and a paid/unpaid indicator would be amazing.
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11 months ago, Kapohocat
Way Too many privacy issues
Location tracking on my personal phone, too much information available to non-HR personnel. Definitely could be a issue / unsafe for employees with domestic violence issues. Too invasive for my job, it truly makes no sense. And I am not an employee, so clocking in and out makes us one, FSLA anyone? This is a dangerous tool in the hands of unscrupulous employees/bosses. Severely comprises data protection issues.
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