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Constant Contact, Inc.
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User Reviews for Constant Contact

4.75 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
5 years ago, SJ Ecom
10x Better than Mailchimp
I will NEVER use mailchimp again. My customers were not getting any of my emails with mailchimp. It turns out they were all going to spam and promotions folders. Not only that but when someone opened my emails on a cell phone, the email was cut in half vertically including sentences and pictures. Then mailchimp began billing me rediculous amount for no reason. NEVER AGAIN. Since I joined Constant Contact 4 months ago, my online sales have shot through the roof. It’s so easy to use and very affordable. The difference between Constant Contact and Mailchimp is the difference between Mercedes and Kia. AND Constant Contact just released an update where you can start creating a beautiful email on the app and finish on a desktop or the other way around! It works amazingly!
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1 year ago, hi FYI of fcc D C JM mcc
App not saving edits to campaigns.
I have not been able to successfully create an email through the app since September of 2022. I’m using an iPhone 13 and have the latest version of the app on my phone. I am the only user of constant contact in my business. When I talk to customer support I am treated with kindness. However, it is mid January of 2023 and there is still no resolution but, “use your laptop or desk top.” The resolution came from development through the forum. That final suggestion is simply making me angry with the company. I NEED the app to work. I do not LIVE at my desktop. If I had time to sit at my desktop I would not be using an app. When I try to create a new e-mail campaign or edit an older one then select save, I get a “refresh” message stating that an “earlier version of the email is saved”. I select “refresh” as instructed and the blank template or unedited email appears. I cannot begin to explain what I have tried. Another issue I have is the library is set up so that you can sort your photo content. I’ve spent a fair amount of time organizing the photos for my retail store in the app. Then, when I go to the category to select a photo, only a few are available. I let CC know about this issue and the response simply was, “ it’s a known problem.”
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2 years ago, DiscerningUser17
Glitch made me lose my work
I’ve been using CC for a few years now via the website. I’ve been alternating between using my laptop and iPad. Recently, on my iPad, I couldn’t access the button to upload graphics (it was always below the bottom of the screen), so today, I downloaded the app. I was creating a simple email notification that included details about an event. I had copied the when/where details but when I tried to paste into the app, the app shut down, without saving any of the other information I’d already entered. I tried twice, using different methods for the paste function. This is unacceptable. I’m paying a substantial monthly subscription, so I expect something as basic as copy/paste to work. Now I learn that I can’t edit a draft created from the website version of Constant Contact in the app. From the customer knowledge base: “ Note: Only campaigns that were originally created in the mobile app or campaigns that were created using the Cross Device Editor on a desktop can be edited.” Since the “Cross Device Editor” wasn’t rolled out until today (that I’m aware of) and I created the draft yesterday, I have to go back to the website (which doesn’t necessarily mean “created on a desktop”—tech writers, don’t make assumptions). This is very bad design.
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6 years ago, Equinox Inn at Biscuit Hill
After the learning curve...
I’ve found Constant Contact to be fairly easy to use for my 2 different businesses. The drag and drop feature for photos is a plus for me. And starting with one template then being able to incorporate additional features to personalize the email has been beneficial. I use the results reporting area to manage my data base. Customer service was a BIG help when we had a company move across town and I needed to remove 200+ email addresses- they walked me thru a short cut- AND I wasn’t on hold forever!! There are more features in place, that I plan on utilizing in the future....
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5 years ago, boy
Not as Advertised
I succumbed to the commercial first put out by this company indicating email sign up and traffic would flow in like crazy (and all I had to do was watch it come in). In fact, the sales team was far better at selling than the product team had product and staff to offer. What I thought I’d get for $50 a month was more sign ups and traffic. What I got was a novice ‘expert’ with less knowledge than I already had who would ‘talk’ to me weekly. Waste of money! But oh...for $300 a month I could get what the commercial (and name) offers. I highly doubt it. No proven results as is so typical in this marketing aspect of the internet. Any company can make promises, and make it sound great..but like the rest, they don’t have any results to prove it for their clients and the cost is too high. The entire commercial was false advertising. Save your money. You’ll still be doing the work yourself. And they won’t be producing anything more than empty promises. No wonder the commercial was pulled off the air fast.
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5 years ago, Fdsthvsghouhbdsxvhghjhfvvf
Utterly Useless
This apps only functionalities are seeing the stats for campaigns sent on a desktop and adding contacts. When I talked to the sales rep, I was assured that I could create my campaign on the mobile app. While that is technically true, here are a few things she failed to mention: 1. Campaigns created on a desktop cannot be edited on the app 2. When you create a campaign on the app, you are limited on how many “fields” you can put on the campaign. 3. You do not have half of the features available to customize a template on the app as you do on a desktop. 4. You cannot schedule existing campaigns on the app unless you created them on the app. 5. You cannot hyperlink text on the app. You can only add individual links. 6. You cannot link the “button” feature to an email address like you can in the desktop version. 7. You cannot attach a link to an image like you can in the desktop version. 8. You cannot edit anything about what the email says. The funny thing is that this company’s free competition allows you to do all of this and even more on the app AND desktop. Literally the only benefit received with their outrageous monthly fees are more emails reaching the inbox instead of the junk box. Seriously considering ending my subscription and going back to MailChimp.
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3 years ago, Macgirl_k
Try other email platforms first!
The app itself it’s not too bad but Constant Contact is horrible. I wouldn’t ever ever ever ever ever recommend it. It goes so incredibly slow that creating an email takes over three times as long as it should. I thought it was my computer so I tried on multiple computers and Internet systems and had other people tell me the same thing. When I contacted Constant Contact they told me that the save feature is so people don’t lose their work but it saves after every. single. thing. I type. And I mean everything even one word. I have to use it for work otherwise I wouldn’t be using it. If there’s anyway that they can update their system so it doesn’t save as often I will gladly sign something saying if I lose everything it’s OK because it seriously would be faster to redo everything multiple times!
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7 years ago, BeckyMGA
Buggy is an understatement
Any company with this much revenue and this many customers should be able to create a basic working app without the incedible number of bugs this has. So flawed. I try it about 2-3 times per year, hoping they have worked out the bugs. Nope. Worse, if anything. And when you call tech support, they’re like what? Huh? Oh, well all I can see is what’s on my laptop. My response: why have a mobile app if tech support isn’t going to share the pain when there is a bug, and will report it and get it fixed. Final assessment: the only reason the app is worth downloading is to watch your stats when you are away from your laptop. The tech support guy even asked me: why would you be using your iPhone for this? I said well, why do you have a mobile app if you don’t expect me to??? I’m frequently away from my computer, therefore I use my iPhone for a lot of business.
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1 year ago, Teeagraphics
This is absolutely wrong and immoral. My business is folding, I’ve had to return to the job force as I haven’t been able to to bring in enough revenue. I had a difficult time finding a number to cancel. I even had left a message with the rep who signed me on and never got a call back. I haven’t used the service for months, and I’ve never been able to use the the texting feature due to all the hoops you have to jump through to get it rolling. It seemed like the right thing to do, even your rep agreed I was told over the phone I’d be getting a refund of $39 and now I’m being told otherwise. When someone is canceling it’s likely their business is closing their doors and this sort of thing matters. You should stand by your word. I will not be back and I will be sure to discourage other from utilizing your services.
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6 years ago, thimble45
Why is your app so completely useless and it has been for years! You are one of the leading email campaign companies and yet the app has no use in today’s world. Why aren’t you producing an app that does ALL the things that you can do on the computer. I travel a lot and these days there are concerns about laptops on flights so I travel with an iPad Pro and do nearly everything on it ....except guessed it Constant Contact. My store frequently requests that I send out new emails or I need to edit emails in draft form while I am traveling ......???????? App can’t do it! I would have thought this would have been addressed years ago to keep current with today’s business needs. It makes us think we need to find a different company. I see you have terrible reviews in this area too. Don’t you care about this issue?
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5 years ago, BuyFromPaul
Bait & Switch
Be weary of their “free trial” offer. Their high pressure sales team will tell you that the trial is no good and unless you buy their all in package, you’ll get no benefit. Had I had the opportunity to evaluate it properly, I would have waited. I wrote the company about starting the program now since I was unable to use it prior but they have no interest in accommodating me. The person that referred me was also supposed to get a free month or something but that never happened either. Had I know this to be their M.O., I would have looked for another email product.
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6 years ago, R_AM2015
Good value
I signed up for the free trial, but was shortly contacted by phone. The customer service representative helped me determine if I should upgrade based on my goals for my business. I was on the fence, so they gave me a month of premium with a money back guarantee. Overall, I’m satisfied with the program. I can send out emails, it’s easy to collect and store client information, and there is always support you can call whether it’s technical or marketing questions. My one critique would be that they were less hands on after the first week of premium trial. They don’t give you much about content (maybe that’s a difference price). Also, one of the features of premium became unavailable before the trial ended. I never called to find out why. My other critique is that it can be to go back and forth between the desktop and constant contact app on the phone. You cannot edit emails you’ve started on the computer in the app. However, it’s much easier to upload content such as photos from your phone on the app.
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5 years ago, NikJVale
This app is terrible. It’s so unresponsive that it’s impossible to know if anything you’re trying to do is actually happening. For example, when sending a test email clicking Send doesn’t appear to do anything - there is no loading/busy icon, the app just appears to sit there and the send button remains active so you can click it multiple times. Then all of a sudden, after minutes of waiting sometimes, you get an email sent message! Also, on the Send Test Message screen, if you enter emails and then scroll down, the emails you enter disappear! I’ve also had trouble scheduling emails. This time there is a busy/loading icon but it never went away! After a long wait I ended up restarting the app to check the email had moved from draft to scheduled.
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6 years ago, GMO omg
Going Great Since 2008!
Constant Contact has been a lifesaver for my business communications. I signed up when the recession hit hard in 2008 and continue to reach clients and industry contacts with helpful marketing information monthly to this day. The customer service is amazing it's worth every dollar. I have worked on other platforms for clients that are not as user friendly. There is always a friendly customer service voice willing to help take care of any quirky issues. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Lolitastar
I almost never take the time to write app reviews but I’m so mad after using this one that I am now. After working so long to craft a message (marketers understand how long it takes to create even the simplest message), I get an error message saying “invalid characters....” It doesn’t tell me which characters are disallowed, leaving me to stare in wonder at my message, which still contains mostly default text, as to what the issue is! As a result, I can’t save the message I’ve now worked on for over an hour and had to recreate because the program doesn’t have an auto-save feature. The most infuriating aspect of this experience was to come back to the app after switching between web, mail, and the CC applications (gathering info for my message), to be returned to the home page of the #%^* CC app—my draft completely gone, nowhere to be found! I am beyond upset about this. This app is so underdeveloped for this day and age, and for a company of this size and reputation. The UI looks so promising and inspires confidence when opening, but the lovely design of the home screen is lipstick on a pig.
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6 years ago, Patton434
Horribly Useless App!
This app is absolutely useless!! You cannot edit email at all. You can’t even copy existing email campaigns. It has hardly any functionality at all. How far behind the times is Constant Contact as a company? Do they not realize that in today’s society people need mobile functionality. Not everyone can sit down at a desktop computer. Today people work remotely or from the road. We also need to be able to perform (at least minor) tasks on the go in real time. If you use a smartphone or a tablet of any kind, do NOT use Constant Contact. I will most likely be recommending a different email platform for my company fairly soon. I use my iPad when I travel, so I will find another email platform that has a more functional app!
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6 years ago, JMoore501
Can’t Edit Campaigns Created on Laptop?!
Sadly, this is a completely useless app. You can’t edit email campaigns in any way (content or scheduling) unless they were originally created on your mobile device. Why even have a mobile app if it’s not at all compatible with the desktop platform? I download the app a few times each year hoping I’ll be able to make some tweaks, insert a few lines I thought of while out of the office, or add a quick pic from my phone into a newsletter project, only to be disappointed every time. To summarize, this app provides no value (except for checking open rates) unless you want to create and build out a campaign from scratch on mobile. Developers, please work on desktop compatibility!
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1 year ago, Akethy
Much better controls
I found the mobile editing experience much better than I was expecting. I was able to quickly finish and send an email while ubering to the airport. One thing that threw me off was there was a font displayed when I was editing that looked like a system font (courier new?) however when I previewed the email I could see my previous font had been preserved so it looked normal.
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6 years ago, alp3863
This might be the most frustrating app offered. You pay for something that works 30% of the time. It was such a great tool and worked fine when I signed up for it last year. Recently, the screen goes black and app shuts down the more information you put into the email. I can’t tell you how much work and time I’ve lost using this app. Yes...I’ve updated it over and over again. It just keeps getting worse. I only use this program on my phone for business emails. The screen goes black and app shuts down each and every time. I’ve gotten to where I have to save after each thing I type in order to not loose it. I’m looking into a new app so if anyone has any recommendations I’m all ears!
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2 years ago, AllieJudd23
Somewhat useful
The app (on my iPhone 12) doesn’t have all the features I find on my desktop version at work(Windows), such as contact engagement, but it’s is good for checking opens and clicks on sent emails, so that’s helpful away from the office. One glitch is the app doesn’t seem to connect with emails I scheduled from my work desktop, although there’s a tab for “scheduled” on the app, so if someone wants me to make a last minute edit before sending in the morning, I’d need to race to my office to suspend the send time - or send corrections later. Not a great plan.
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11 months ago, mstrns22
The best mobile app!
I love the convenience of the Constant Contact mobile app. I use the app to schedule appointments for my business and no longer have to cart my laptop along on vacation to do that. I also love being able to type up the emails ahead of time and schedule them for the times I want them to go out. Such a wonderful convenience!
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4 years ago, JRSHAFF
App never shows update emails
For a while it was the perfect mobile companion, but for the past several months it will not show the most updated version of the work done on the website. It shows me only very old “scheduled” emails that are long delivered or never shows me any emails under “scheduled”, “sent” or “drafts”. Looked to install the upgrade thinking it was an issue on my end but no upgrade available. I’m sure this is a temporary issue but would be happy to put back to 5 stars if these issues would be consistently resolved.
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6 years ago, Dominic Ollhoff
Not a fan...
Started working for a company that uses constant contact a few months ago. We send emails to 1500+ people multiple times in a week. I am so surprised that a company as large as Constant Contact cannot make the app work properly. It is never updated...currently...the last post I can see was from 4/19. I have sent 8+ since the 19th and they do not so up on the app. It would be FANTASTIC if you can edit templates I have saved from the web portal on mobile or even start the same template I’ve been using for months on mobile. Also a whole other side is please please make your emails for mobile friendly. I hope the system can improve!
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4 years ago, TheLarkGal
How to ruin a good thing.
I Constant Contact app was usable and really I’d say “good”. The latest version however wants me to take back every good thing I ever said about this app where are used to be able to just open the app and easily see what percentage of your males were open what percentage were clicked on and basically click through and see your campaign they’ve now reduced the webpage to a teeny tiny scale and made it the app page. If I wanted to see all of that I would just open the website. Thank you for taking the website and making a miniature for the complete fail. #LetMeTakeThisGreatThingAndTurnItIntoShit
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6 years ago, Starfish Scrapper
I can’t do without it. Quick update on status of my announcements.
Quick update on status of my announcements. Real convenient to use for adding recipients. As an alumni organization I frequently run into alums who are not engaged. The app allows me to hand them my phone and let the type in their information.
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2 years ago, JFD144
They’ve changed the website on desktop so much and so badly it doesn’t work on iPads or iPhones anymore at all so the app is the only choice on these devices. But you can’t change the title/subject of the email without (I’m assuming) going to the send screen (I don’t trust the app enough to try) so I can’t send a test out with the right subject line Can’t change backgrounds of emails or at least drafts made elsewhere Not as many font choices Unintuitive design I would rather use the desktop version on my ipad like I always used to but they’ve rendered it absolutely impossible
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5 years ago, WendyBankhead
What is going on with this?!
Last month I tried to create a campaign but the app on my phone wouldn’t let me add a link. That’s terrible for a small business trying to connect clients with products. It wouldn’t work from the laptop either. I did a chat with customer service that took 30 minutes and the end results was that someone would get back to me in 4 business days. 4?!!!! Now today I’m trying to create a campaign on the app and it keeps saying “cannot create a campaign at this time”. I’m about to cancel. Unacceptable, Constant Contact! I pay $200+ dollars a year for this and this is a joke.
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5 years ago, JanetLeigh78
Super useful but Laptop still needed.
During initial set up of account, use your desktop so you can get your info, logo loaded, and email verified. Copy/paste of a LARGE LIST is easier from a spreadsheet to constant contact on a desktop too. But once you’ve got your mailing lists created you can add people as you go. It’s pretty easy to write a quick email to your lists after that initial set up too. And see how things are going.
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4 years ago, Fitzone
They will take your money
I have attempted to cancel several times. They continued to withdraw money from my account. It has been more than a year since I have used this service yet money continues to be stolen from me. Stay away from this company. They require you to call them, (by design) the phone operators are only available for a small window of time. (By design) they tell you that you still have money available to use even after you cancel so later, you realize later that the bait is to hold open your account. (By design) This company is unethical (By Design!)
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6 years ago, Soundman245
Mostly useless
As others have said, this app is mostly useless, due to its inability to interact with campaigns started on the website. I just wanted to add that the idea that you cannot even take a web campaign and resend it — without editing — to a new selection of contact groups (as opposed to new contacts within the groups already sent to) is really, really lame. Over the last four years, I have used this app about twice to send an actual email to my contacts. it is otherwise a waste of time, except for tasks like looking up a particular contact. Get coding, my friends.
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6 years ago, CMS4VISA
Worse not Better
I use this app to check on the status of my campaigns. The app used to tell me who read it and when. Now it alpha sorts automatically and replaces the date that they opened it with today’s date and the time read was removed. So, the large number of opens showing at the top of the page is much different than the smaller number highlighted in the circles. The date opened is updated to today’s date and no time. The app has become WORSE not better. Who purposely downgrades their product? Also CC writes back telling me how it is supposed to work, a USELESS response.
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4 years ago, HelloBuyBuy
Slowest App & Website 5 years using
• Can’t add contact using the app - loading for few minutes and no saved, so need to use browser to add a contact. • On website ALWAYS having issues with saving a current newsletter with a crashing parts of my work. Never know when it will happen, so save my work every 2 minutes, but sometimes you can’t even SAVE and must to REFRESH a browser so get some work erased again. Based on Wikipedia you have 1000+ employees!!! What are you all doing there??? I pay you $100 per month within a few years!!! Fix ASAP!!!
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5 years ago, yayano19
Does not give professional looking emails
Pretty much a joke if you want to use this as a business. If you use their website to create email templates, the result is emails that look to be about 20 years old. If you use the app, you get something that looks a little slicker, but with VERY limited options. Pictures are full screen and can’t be sized, text sizes are locked, you can’t add common widgets like Facebook. Plus they make it difficult to cancel once signed up, you have to phone in and run the gauntlet of employees before you can quit.
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2 years ago, crashmstr
Worthless to be able to edit drafts created via web
After logging into the website to edit a draft before scheduling it, I saw the notice about this app. After downloading, I had to manually enter user name and password (did not work with password provider). After that hassle, I try all the buttons only to find that I cannot edit an existing draft, which is what I need to do. If I had to re-build my template with colors, fonts, etc. there is no way this app makes sense.
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2 years ago, cmount22
New Update is Amazing!
I have to do a lot of last minute work on my phone and this new update made my life so much easier! The old version acted as if you were working on a desktop and was not easy to use but the new update is working great!
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7 years ago, Nccc18
I almost never write reviews but I felt very compelled to write one today. This app is completely useless. I chose constant contact because I thought it was industry leader in providing the technology for companies to grow. Not only does the app do nothing for me, The mobile version of their website is terrible as well. I was hoping to have the convenience of seeing my running campaigns through the mobile app but I guess I’ll need to lug my computer around all the time. The only thing you can do with this app is open and close it.
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5 years ago, JesusCLovesU
Keeps us staying in Constant Contact!
We appreciate the smooth running platform of Constant Contact. It makes managing our contacts easy and keeps us staying in constant contact with our network! 5 stars all-around!
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6 years ago, Maybeitis
Are you kidding me?!
I’m using an iPad and I need to make an adjustment to an old campaign and resend but I can’t access it from this app. What is the point of the app if it can’t interact with the laptop/web version campaigns? And the web version even told me it’s not optimized to edit from a tablet (read: doesn’t work at all!) and to download the app. I’m beyond frustrated because I’m traveling for 2 weeks and didn’t bring the laptop and now can’t do any of the important work!! I’ve never written such a bad review. I wish I could give zero stars.
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4 years ago, Susan in CA
Inaccurate Data
The app does not reflect the correct stats for my campaign--which is primarily what I use the app for. How many people opened it? How many clicks, etc. The app displays stats more than 24 hours old. I have closed and reopened the app...tried several times over the past 18 updates. So I have to sign in from a web browser to see up-to-date info. I like the updates layout/design. But, yeah...not helpful in seeing how a campaign is doing.
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10 months ago, baglady367
I love using constant contact for my business, I just wish the app and website were more user-friendly on tablets. I find myself switching back and forth between my phone and ipad to design a campaign page. Otherwise, love love it and very grateful for my pretty new emails!
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6 years ago, dianesaquilter
Useless on my iPad
I created a draft campaign at home, then went on travel with my iPad while waiting for comments from fellow staff. The app won’t let me edit or even copy an email that I created in my browser. The browser version wants me to use the app. When I tried to edit in my browser, it geeked out the section I was working on and I couldn’t update that either. If there were zero stars available, that’s what you’d get. Your app needs to be seamless between computer and tablet for editing on the go.
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4 years ago, need to copy
Avoid this app
Been using constant contact for over 10 years on my desktop. Over vacation I tried to edit an email on my iPad. Constant contact automatically determined that my email had change and screwed up making ms outlook look at my constant contact email as spam. 1st support person had me generate a new key for my dns server. WRONG! I’ve spent over 3 hours trying to fix. Fingers crossed the new file uploaded will work. It takes over 48 hours for it to work through the internet
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6 years ago, Chlab1125
Not a fan
I’ve been using Constant Contact for years, & it baffles me how antiquated & inflexible this service & app continue to be. You can’t even center text on the app! Inserting images via html links never works (nor has it ever), you can’t move images around easily, the templates are so out of date, it’s a PITA to connect with Social Media, and we STILL can’t remove one of the admin/sender names from the program & she hasn’t been with us for probably 5 years. Honestly, for what you guys charge, this is garbage.
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4 years ago, CJScribe
Essentially worthless
This application is essentially worthless if you want to be able to take your work with you. In order to be able to edit emails on the mobile app you need to create the original email on the mobile app. If you create a template on the desktop you cannot make a copy and create a new campaign on the mobile app.
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6 years ago, MissBeezWax
Something’s different
So I’ve been using constant contact for over 2 years. I’ve spent over $700 on their service but as of January 2018 I can no longer attach images to my email campaigns. The IT person tried to walk me through possible issues. I did them all, under 5MB, png and jpg... still didn’t solve the issue. When I asked what changed the guy said nothing. Come on, been using this program for years, you guys changed SOMETHING! Ugh, got so frustrated I cancelled my subscription. ✌🏽
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5 years ago, MKH1961
Superb customer support
I have found Constant Contact easy to use but mostly because your customer service reps have been so patient to answer my questions. Screen sharing has proven to be a valuable tool, too. There is one glitch that still rankles me but l have found a work-around for it.
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6 years ago, cetaylo
I’ve never taken the time to write a review, but this is just crazy. Any company that’s this big and has so many customers should work hard to create a good app that is compatible for those using an iPad or iPhone. Instead, I can’t edit any of my drafts, no matter which device I’m using. I even tried using the web browser on both devices, but those don’t work either. This is unacceptable, and this problem needs to be fixed immediately.
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7 years ago, baby_toad
Not worth the space on my phone
For a service that is so expensive I thought for sure I would be able to edit campaigns and make campaigns similar to those on-line. Going to the app and constant contact website (via mobile device). I am unable to edit. This is ridiculous to me. Welcome to 2017 Constant Contact where business owners are busy and need to do things on the run. This app needs to be better.
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5 years ago, Kyzr66
Astoundingly bad
How a company of this caliber could allow an app this shoddy into the hands of its customers is mystifying to me. I’m not exaggerating— this app is worthless. Using the latest iPad Pro, I couldn’t create a single email because it kept crashing when accessing my photo library. On the rare occasion it did access it, my photos were sorted randomly in numbered folders, making it impossible to find anything. Also, there is a grand total of three template choices.
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6 years ago, ipodnewbie
Buggy, not on par with today’s apps
While this app has improved over the past 1-2 years, it still falls short. Sorting and real time “Opened” report is never current despite trying numerous sorting options. For example, if you have real “opens” occurring throughout the day, the app will still only display “opens” up until about 9:45am. Data needs to be 100% updated at all times. Having a 4-hour delay from real time reduces the value of the app.
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