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User Reviews for Construction Cost Estimator

4.8 out of 5
458 Ratings
1 year ago, Hulksmashlosspreventionsercice
Best estimate program!
You know most of these types of programs are way off. Also they just don’t look right or are complex to use. This isn’t. It actually makes me more money as a contractor and honestly I’ve had several customers tell me they have selected me due to my presentation of bid using this software. Also insurance companies weren’t used to it at first but have come to appreciate its great details and I have never had any issues with pricing once I show and mention the price book I utilized and how I came to my figures. It’s simple to use for us old school contractors and is quite professional for everyone and transparent. I personally have used it for years. Love it! Accurate, area coordinated pricing, fair and profitable. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Marky/Mark
This program is a lifesaver. I can get projects sent to customer within minutes once you know the program. I have used this in over 40 projects and made some good money because how great it estimates! It is so professional and easy to use!
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4 years ago, lawrence_109_A
I’ve been using the app on iPhone’s for years now and it’s a great app to use. I’ve always had great customer service here but recently I’ve experienced the true nature of capitalism. I was looking into downloading the app for my MacBook but realized that I couldn’t afford the $40+ cost for this app. I reached out to customer service for a possible slight reduction in the price (this is during Covid-19 shutdowns) and literally received no response and was completely ignored. So, I decided I would not get the app here but went ahead and moved to a different app instead. Customer service is important and the foundation for our businesses. Best
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3 years ago, SWB_INC
I love this app. It has advanced since the beginning which I can say I’ve been using this app to build proposals for almost 10 years now. When you get used to the layout it will help you knock out a great looking proposal in a short amount of time. You can build a mock up proposal for each scope and then copy/paste to help blaze through the redundant literature typing.
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6 years ago, Swiss army
All the itemized costs displayed on top of of each other
Update. Reinstalled the application and that fixed the visibility of the itemized costs issue. Back to loving this application.
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3 years ago, LINDARRAGNAR
Great program
Easy and quick to generate estimates Updated price books make it a breeze
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4 years ago, M-town-to-Oaktown
Please keep this app alive
Very intuitive and easy to setup and send estimates. A simple invoicing feature would be greatly appreciated in future versions.
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3 years ago, CraigsCustomCabinets
Best App Ever
Once you drill into this thing and get it set up it’s the easiest way to get estimates and invoices out to customers fast.
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5 years ago, Stav5167
Better and Better
A happy user for several years.
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5 years ago, Traditional builders
Get this app!!!!!!!
Omg All I can say I have created and run a Busness from this absolutely perfect ,professional , ready for Action !
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4 years ago, Godschoice137
Thank you
This has help be me out many of days
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5 years ago, Rjholt
Good app
Functional and simple
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5 years ago, Jesus Saves!88
You can download the app for free, but then they charge you over $20 a little later! That needs to be fixed! The price should be shown before you download!!! I guess I’ll never see my money again!!!
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6 years ago, Trainer green 101
Downloaded it this morning. Bought the additional cost books and cant make heads pr tales out of it.
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11 years ago, IanLac
Time saver
I am an irrigation contractor. I use this app to prep my proposals on site. I was sick to death of taking rough notes for a zone by zone refurb quote or a system install quote then spending hours in the evening typing them up to email to potential clients. It did take a while & a lot of work to set up my cost book for all my needs, but now I have most of what I need it is as simple as tap, tap, tap to enter cost book items into a zone by zone quote. I do have to freestyle a bit for individual projects so a client can understand each entry but that's ok. It does take me a bit longer at a property with the app instead of a clipboard & pencil but before I leave I can show the client the full proposal all laid out & explain everything to them & answer any questions they may have, with the price, then email a copy straight to them. I've done about 15 quotes so far with the app & have got my money's worth, including actually buying an ipad with LTE to use it on site. Give it a try & stick with it. It will be worth it. I know that none of my local competitors can present a proposal the same way that I can. First impressions are important & this can get you ahead of the game. All I would like as an extra feature is to able to have additional personal cost books for the different types of quotes that I undertake so I don't have to scroll through the whole list of cost items every time to find what I need. I would be willing to pay for this feature as an in app purchase.
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6 years ago, trxbuck
Not a fan
Bought this app and just didn’t like it.
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5 years ago, 213db
Not pleased
I guess I thought it had estimating and prices in the app...
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11 years ago, StuSimpson
Great app
This is by far the best construction app I've found. And I've been through everything one I could find! Many apps...! I'd love to pay for a upgraded version if we could get a few lacking features. In my opinion there is a Hugh demand for construction apps. This app is a great start. It has a lot of great features. But, like most apps its not perfect. And you know We all demand perfect! I use it along side Quick Sale. With the two apps I am able to do all my estimates, quotes, & invoices without the need of a PC. This app is best for the estimating & quoting. It has a great structured system just for construction. It however, lacks a few things my business requires. It doesn't keep up with who owes me money. I get a lot of small jobs. And when you have 20+ invoices that need to be paid. You want something that is going to remind you who is at 30 days, etc.. (I'm told the creator has future plains?) This is where Quick Sale comes in for me. Like I said, I use construction cost estimator for more-less estimating. Or as I call it "Job Scope". Then I take the numbers from this app to quick sale where I call it a quote. That way when I get the job I can convert it in quick sale to a invoice. Keeping track of how much money is coming in and who is past due. I really like the start Construction Cost Estimator is off to. I look forward to the ability to track and record the jobs/cash flow. Thanks for all your hard work!
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9 years ago, E-Man Da Gr8t
This is amazing!!!
I was a bit skeptical when I first looked at this app knowing every other app I've tried comes with a monthly fee to use it I wasn't sure if this one would be the same, I gave it a try played with it a little bit in a matter of minutes after downloading it I realized this was the app that I was looking for, now I can go out and bid on jobs before I even leave my prospecting clients house. I tell them the estimate is in their inbox and I get more happy clients for getting an estimate on the spot. Before I used to have to wait until I got home and write up an estimate by the time I got home I was tired not wanting to do the estimate then it would take me 2-5 days before I would even get my prospects an estimate. This app has saved me plenty of time and has made me lots of money by simply walking through with my new prospects and giving them the estimate before I even leave their driveway!!! Amazing app this is a must have!!!👍👍👍👍
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11 years ago, Jtscott79
Just What I Needed
This app is astounding! Simple enough for the novice, complex enough to customize. I absolutely love this program for my painting business. No more arbitrary calcs for bid work and compact on an iPad so you don't have to lug around a laptop bag. I love the ability for a customer to sign on the spot. No more 3 part carbon copy pads either. This app in combo with the iPad will pay for itself in 6 mos on print savings alone. Customer service is phenomenal. I have had a few questions and they have been answered within 12 hours. I can't say enough about this app. I've tried others that are PC based and found them to be overly complex and extremely hard to use. I didn't want to have to major in computer science to use an estimating program that fit my needs. This is the answer to that. Great job on development of a truly functional and practical application guys.
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11 years ago, Jessica Poole
Toolman4u, Inc.
Finally someone understands the construction business as it relates to probably the most critical part of the business...Getting the job! I have used another program to provide estimates and job tracking and either you have a developer who does not care about improving the program or a large company who wants a fortune to buy their product. Construction Cost Estimator is a very easy to use and very professional end product! I have made inquires to the developer prior to purchasing the app and he called me within an half hour of the request and answered all my questions. He seems very interested in growing the app and assist in adding features that will benefit the end user. I highly recommend this to anyone who is getting into handyman or general construction to start your company with low start up costs.
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10 years ago, Som1else
Too few Updates
This app had potential and is somewhat useful. However it has changed little if at in 2 years which is a shame. It has very few options and customization is limited. If you use the cost books (sold separately) this app may be for you. If you plan to add a lot of your own customized items and costs you are likely to be disappointed. The inability to import from spreadsheet or CSV file is crippling and seems like an intentional omission to steer users to buy expensive cost books annually. It also has no sync, back-up (excluding iTunes), or export options. I bought this app a couple years ago and used it for awhile, but soon determined that it was too time consuming for a fairly basic estimator. It does work well and is easy to use, but needs considerable improvement to the custom cost book to make it useful for me. It should also be $5 or less since it really needs the optional cost books to be of much value.
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11 years ago, Jlcheney
Best app ever
This app is totally worth it. Easy to use and saves so much time. At least with an iPad. I am in the field a lot and to be able to work on estimates in my truck or look up how much I am estimating for certain items is great. I wasted so much time on excel before. Service is responsive too. I can't wait till they make it so I can hide the labor line but leave the materials line. My customers always want to know what the total cost will be including materials. I really only use the materials line in the report for allowances for the customer. But my clients always pick away at the labor and want to take out all the items where I might make a little money and keep everything that was bid slightly lower. I'm sure that update will come soon! Great app! Thanks
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12 years ago, Bryan NBI
Very Impressed
I installed this app a few days ago and it has already been a huge help. The customer support has been outstanding. I emailed off a couple of questions thinking it would be days before I heard back, but was hours. A day or so later it was the same thing. Sent off a question and it was almost like instant messaging with Joel. He responded almost as so as I sent the email. I mentioned a few things that I thought would really help and he listened to my suggestion and said he would include it in an update. This app is great and getting better, according the the updates Joel told me about. Looking forward how much this app will help grow my division. Thank you for creating it and most importantly standing behind it. Bryan
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10 years ago, Periccontractinginc
Great buy
I'm a contractor who specializes with insurance restoration work. I've never used an app for estimating on the iPhone before. This is definitely worth the money. You have to buy the cost books seperately but you won't regret it! I take the insurance scope and punch in the numbers and work in the line items & BAMMO! I can even send the estimate to my customer(who can also sign it), the insurance & mortgage companies. I haven't had ANY issues with having the insurance company pay it either. Much better pricing for us contractors than the insurance industry standard estimating software. No problems setting taxes, overhead, & profit into the equations. This is one very happy guy!
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12 years ago, A.R.O.-123
Nice start but lacking a few features at would enable this app to be my "go to app" for estimating. Would like to see the following must have features; 1. Currently calculates tax on total estimate, need to have option to calculate on material or labor or both; 2. Markup and overhead work same as tax above, would like ability to pick different rates for different cost items and labor and materials independently; 3. Only allows one labor rate and total hours per cost item, if you have more than one person with different rates does not allow to enter; 4. Only allows one lump some for materials, would be nice to enter all your materials and associated cost and it total up for you. Otherwise need separate app or spreadsheet to do that first then enter total lump sum for all materials in this app; 5. I like the ability to have your customer sign the estimate on the screen of your iPad but it does not automatically enter the date or allow it to be done manually; Wish list features; 1. Ability to integrate estimate directly into accounting software like quickbooks; 2. Desktop version so I can use computer when at office, and transfer between the two; Would be perfect app for me and many others in the trades with the above mentioned features.
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11 years ago, jimmylittle
Great start, but...
Let me start by saying this app does a fantastic job of replacing a relatively complicated FileMaker system I built over the years to do estimates. It works great and it is very helpful to do estimates as I do a site survey. But, and this is a HUGE but, this app is currently half-baked. It's a Universal app, so it works on iPad and iPhone, and there's a Mac app. That's great. Here's the but... There is absolutely no way to get data between them. None. If I do an estimate on my iPad, it stays there. Same deal with iPhone, and the Mac. There's no iCloud, no Dropbox, not even emailing a file back and forth. Nothing. If you choose to use these apps with these limitations, make sure you have iCloud backup turned on, and you go into settings and make sure this app is set to back up to iCloud. If you don't and your iPad is lost or stolen, you have lost your business documents. It's a problem with other apps, too, but with CCE, there's no Dropbox, Box, email, Google Drive or, if you're like me and never plug into a computer, iTunes backups. The developer is very responsive and says he's working on syncing. I'd be happy just to have an email back-and-forth option while he works out the horrors of Core Data and iCloud syncing.
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12 years ago, Mr Spencer 22
Great app if your in Home Construction field
This program works great, I look forward to watching it evolve. I was just looking for a program that would write a quick estimate in the field on my IPad, this looked promising so I took a chance and spent the $30 and am so glad I won't be wasting time reviewing any more apps. What a professional looking document this creates. I can't wait for the desktop version. I'm a outside salesman selling flooring, kitchen & bath remodels and new home sales. I've been searching for years for something like this. I might some day not be so depended on excel spreadsheets, please stay with it guys. Great job. Spencer Spokane WA
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8 years ago, 1steve001
Good but..
It's overall a good app. Takes a long time to get it set up how you like with your costs. You do have to buy cost books of you want help with certain task you don't price regularly. Good looking estimates but my biggest problem is its not synced with my other devices. If I make a estimate on my phone, I can't access it on my iPad, huge problem for me. I downloaded a free app called joist and that even does syncs my estimates in of my devices so I don't understand how I paid $20 for this app and paid like $65 for their one cost book and still don't have this convenience. I hope they add this feature soon, would be very helpful. I haven't even tried to use this app on my Mac yet, you probably need to buy the app again for Mac.
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8 years ago, Legacy Builders LLC
I really like this app! As a General Contractor I need an easy way to produce clear, accurate and professional looking estimates and this app hits the nail on the head. The search features make it easy to locate categories in the cost books. The layout is clear and easy for customers to understand. My only small gripe is I would like an easier way to change verbiage in the descriptions and on the forms. I like to adjust the descriptions to fit how I bill and I want to add a notice about permits etc... All in all great product. I strongly recommend it to any Contractor who want to up their estimate game.
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10 years ago, Rightpower
Working great!
I have used Craftsman cost books and software on my PC for years so I understand how to run it right off. I have had a couple of tech support interactions with the developer. Both times I was very impressed with the fact he responded so quickly and resolved my issues on the spot. Both times it was my lack of understand how the app works. I am a general contractor mainly doing rehab and remodel projects. It is my go to estimating software from now on. It is not perfect but works very well. I too would like to work on both my computer in the office and ipad in the field.
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10 years ago, Gibsonsurfer85
Great app...but
I am a handyman, and love using this app. It helps me produce some very professional looking documents for bids, estimates and work orders for my customers. People seem to take you much more seriously when you have legit looking paperwork. ...The only thing I really wish it could have is the capability to sync projects between phone, Ipad, and computer. I use the app to take down information about my customers and begin building my estimate. And if I could start on my computer while im on the phone, and then finish with my phone or ipad when im on the jobsite it would make this app much more useful. Otherwise great app. I love the customization and comprehensive details you can include in the estimate.
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11 years ago, ATV5
Finally a True Construction Estimator
I am a General Contractor & have found this app to be the best for an "on the jobsite estimating" for quick & accurate proposals. You can then either save it or email it to your customer right from the app. It takes a little time to get all your "default numbers in" but once the data is in your "cost book," it calculates & organizes all your rates or prices & allows for your mark up & overhead as well. The Support to the app, has been the best of any app that I have purchased to date; very quick to respond to your needs! Thanks, Dan
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10 years ago, Rockymtnbuilder
I found the application to be pretty intuitive and I was up and running very quickly. I have used the national construction estimator software for a couple of years on the PC and was very pleased to see it on the mobile devices. The application seems pretty solid and the functionality seems pretty complete. The app includes the ability to create cost book items that can be customized to ones business and reused on future projects. I am hopeful the app will be robust. Their support has been fantastic when I had a need to contact them.
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12 years ago, The Handy Husband
This is the BEST!
This is the greatest app I own. Worth every dollar. I use it everyday and it gets easier and faster each time. The support from the company is fantastic! Response to questions or issues is almost instantaneous. Joel is great and very helpful! This app is a must for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve, especially in this economy. He who bids first...wins! I also downloaded the cost books and they are OK. I wish they were a little more user friendly. Overall, I'm very happy with the app and excited to see the future improvements.
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12 years ago, Dst123
This is worth the money. It's not cheap and it will take a little time to get up to speed but it is an excellent estimator for the field or your desk. It is easy to customize. My first estimate using it was for finishing an unfinished attic bedroom and it took me an hour from the time I bought the app to printing an estimate I could give to the customer. The developer is very responsive and seems to have a good grasp of what it takes to do estimating properly. This app is better than some PC programs I've tried costing five times as much.
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8 years ago, LVH79
Fine Home Renovations
This is a great app that helps me present a professional estimate and change orders on the spot. As a general contractor you have to stay one step above the rest. I've been using this app for about six months and it has not crashed on me like most other apps do. By using this app you can present an estimate to your customers and justify your cost without them questioning you. My only complaint is, I wish I could increase the font size for some of my customers.
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9 years ago, Trefon
Usefull Tool
I was reluctant to download this app at first, but I am so glad I did. I own a mid size construction company and have used Quickbooks and Craftsman Cost Books for years. I just recently purchased an iPad Air and was searching for a good app that I could use on the road I would do all my cost estimating in my office which prevented me from job site visits and other useful activities. This app gave me the ability to now do a lot of my "paper work" on the road. This is much better that I would have ever imagined. If you own a small to mid-sized construction business this is a must.
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11 years ago, B.Branson666
Amazing and solid!!
This app has greatly improved time efficiency for my company and makes estimates a breeze! Very easy to learn and use, and the best part is that I can have a good solid estimate done before I leave the client's business or home. The access to the National Cost Books is nice too, especially when you're unsure about a price or you haven't saved a certain item to your custom cost book yet. Very convenient and again, very easy to learn! Well worth the money!
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11 years ago, coastchilds
What a Great Tool
As a small GC, I have found this app to be extremely useful. The cost books have been useful in comparing subcontractor pricing to my own pricing allowing me to feel confident in the estimates I'm generating. The reports are professional looking and customizable and easy to use. Support has been excellent, I get a response back within the day. App is intuitive and easy to use. I would highly recommend this app to any small contractor looking for a quick, easy and reliable estimating platform without spending a great deal of money. Money well spent. Nice Job!!
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11 years ago, Wally Hash
Great App
This is a great app and easy to use. Any time I have a question customer support always responds very fast and very helpful. I've been using this app for a while now and stay very happy with it. They listen to your feedback and try to make updates to work with people's needs (within reason of course) Can't beat it for the cost of the app. I recommend it for sure!!!! No hidden costs, no "pay more for full access" it's a flat $20!! Love it!!!
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9 years ago, Saw concepts Steve
Back on track
Great app. However you do have to buy 3 books to use this app at about $54 a piece. But you can make it back within a job or two. The reason for the 4 stars is due to not having a place to make and create invoices to import them to in this app. If it had that it would be 5+ stars all day long, no questions asked. Would be nice if you could see the content of each book before you buy rather then crossing fingers and hoping you got the one for your particular job.
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11 years ago, Estimator by trade
I work as an estimator for a construction company full time but I needed something for my weekend work. This is a great tool, easy to use and set up and I can provide quicker bids than the methods used at my full time job. I've shown this to others and they are equally impresses. So far I think three others will be getting this app. One suggestion: please allow me to change the colors of the "report" my company colors are green and tan, not blue and gray.
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11 years ago, Zsr Construction
Easy to use
This app was the best thing to happen to me. I always had trouble pulling professional estimates and quotes together fast for customers. This app has streamlined my company to be able to give the customer the estimate before I leave there house. Although it had small detailed problems early in program they were quick to fix the bugs. Two thumbs way up for any small contractor like myself.
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11 years ago, Thesilverbackkong
Great app
I give this app 5 stars it works great and well worth the money I've spent on the app and cost books I use to use invoice 2 go but there was no cost books so I had to think up my prices every time I wrote an estimate finally a developer that understands what a contractor needs to make life a little easier great job can't wait to see what comes next in the updates. I say thank you for making my life easier.
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10 years ago, D-Lux Construction
The real deal.
I've only been using this for a couple weeks and I'm hooked. I was tempted to give it one star, because I don't want my competition to have it!!! I purchased 3 out of 4 cost books (I may buy the electrical book later) and the ability to accurately and confidently estimate projects on the spot right in front of my potential clients for complicated projects gives me an advantage. A big advantage.
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12 years ago, Impulse001
Great tool to have!
This is an excellent app.. I just started a flooring business, and to be able to use this app really set me apart from the competition.. It looks a lot nicer to walk into a customers home with an iPad and email them an estimate rather than the old school method of having a pen and paper.. The developer is easy to get ahold of also, emailed a question and received a very detailed response in a matter of minutes.. Thanks!
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12 years ago, miller187
Best App in the store!
This app is by far the most undervalued app in the store! It is very professional and the integrated cost books make estimating a breeze! I emailed customer service with an issue and Joel and the team had the issue resolved in less than 24 hours. I am extremely impressed with the app, and the service, would recommend to anyone doing project estimates in the field or in the office! Very nice job!
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9 years ago, Jkprince777
Awesome App!!!
I've used this app for several projects and I'm glad to say I'm very happy with it. I've been using National Estimator for several years on my PC, but now getting to use it with a program that makes estimates for me on my iPad and iPhone is even better. I can take my iPad and start making an estimate for them right on the spot. ***Need to be able to sync between desktop, iPad and iPhone***
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11 years ago, Iplumbius
Excellent App
I purchased this app yesterday and I am already excited about being able to do my first estimate with it. We are using a program that is not very in field estimate friendly, but is otherwise a good program, and this could be the answer for our goal to being paperless. I would really like see the National Plumbing and HVAC Estimator as one of the option for purchasing in the future.
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