Construction Master Pro Calc

4.9 (28K)
57.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Calculated Industries
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Construction Master Pro Calc

4.86 out of 5
28K Ratings
9 months ago, 1carpenter
Construction Master Pro
I have used some version of this calculator for I believe the better part of thee decades now. I love the convenience of it being on my phone which is with 24/7. The only draw back is the screen shutting of and having to reopen my phone every time I want to enter something that it took a little bit of time to verify or measure. This could be changed in settings I am aware but as most of us, I don’t want my phone laying open indefinitely. For large projects I still use the stand alone calculator of the Construction Master Pro. The convenience of it always being with you without having to carry an extra device and how easy it is to load updates, makes it a must have for all serious carpenters or tradesmen. Well done! Ron
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7 months ago, Tlidahl
Best little calculator
I had purchased the stand alone calculator many years ago and the app at least 4 year’s ago. The calculator holder on my tool belt is a perfect fit for my phone. This is a great app as well as the stand alone. Best of all the help and manual is one click away if happen to forget the keystrokes for the stair layout or any other function. The app is similar in cost to the stand alone, but I would still own both. When I do not have phone in my tool belt the calculator is there. The new calculators have a tough plastic shell and the older version have an opening cover like a notebook. So I guess I own three. This is a great calculator layout for a builder.
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3 years ago, But317
Construction calculator
I found the original construction calculator at least 15 to 20 years ago. I have used them ever since that time, I have always had a couple in my truck one in the office one of my briefcase and several of them I have dropped broken over the years and had to replace. When I was looking to buy another new one I saw that they had the app online and now with it having it on my phone I have two on my desk there’s none in my truck there’s none in my briefcase it all works right off the phone and I haven’t broken it once. If you are in construction of any kind you should have this app on your phone.
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2 years ago, Nowheels57
Great value
Where do I start singing the praises for this app? Let’s start with the construction master calculator itself. It is an invaluable tool for figuring roofs alone, but so much more. When you have the app on your phone it is always handy and at your fingertips. I purchased the app many years ago, and it transfers every time I replace my iPhone. I probably would have worn out several calculators in the time I’ve had this app. Cool thing is, when there is an upgrade, it downloads and I am up to date in minutes. I cannot live without the Construction Master Pro. Just sayin.
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1 year ago, Ewookie1
GREAT Calculator!
I’m just a DIYer handyman, with some mechanical aptitudes. Although I’m not a professional, I love this calculator for my woodworking projects and home improvement/repair projects. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to figure the calculations out in my head. I’ve had a physical version of this for years. But some of the improvements in this app are truly amazing. Whether you’re a professional or, especially if you’re a DIYer like me, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you add this tool to your toolbox!
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1 year ago, Captain Slippyfist
Pretty Obvious Bait & Switch
While the description does mention that the first seven days are free and then there’s a few structure… it’s pretty deep into the description, and not many people looking for this type of thing are going to read that deep before downloading an app. What I found most off-putting was the snarky sarcastic tone of the developer’s replies to critical reviews. Whoever is writing the replies for this developer isn’t even bothering to hide their absolute disdain and disrespect of potential customers. If this is representative of the “customer service” experience, I’m glad I deleted this app without even starting the trial. Do yourself a favor, find a better app with actual customer service. Don’t pay $40 a year to be treated like a peasant for a run of the mill calculator app.
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5 months ago, MilkBoneZ
Keep it simple
Please allow me to keep the calculator in full screen mode. I should not have to hit the full screen tab every time I open the calculator. I’m constantly hitting the home and help buttons by accident. I hear button clicks, but it doesn’t always register on the calculator. I’m having to redo calculations almost every time I use this calculator now. I’m also pretty sure there’s some glitches in the software calculations as well. These are all new problems in the last few months that I’ve never had in 30 years of using this calculator. This has always been a 5 star app, but not now.
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7 days ago, Piglet 540
Thank you
This is the absolute must have calculator that you have to have if you’re gonna do anything and construction, I’ve had the Calculator around the shop for years. That we have used and still use to this day. When my boss told me about the app and made me get it. That was the thing in the world, complete game changer! I use everyday in every aspect imaginable. I want to say thank you master pro calculator for having the best thing since sliced bread! Y’all are amazing
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1 year ago, Tigmanha
This will help your career
I have had this on my iPhone for a very long time. Super convenient because you normally always have your phone on hand, not always a calculator when you need one in the field or shop. I have used this as a metal fabricator, structural fitter, ironworking in buildings, plants and working on large ships. This app is always updated with newer software which you cannot do with a calculator. If you use a calculator in the trades, just get this app.
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2 years ago, ringo_newbie
Don’t waste your time unless you want to pay for an over-priced subscription
I had used the standalone calculator before and really liked it. When I saw the app I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, it would not let me run the app without choosing a subscription plan. Sure I could cancel in 7 days and not get charged - if I don’t forget. However, the price was so outrageous that I just deleted the app. 50 bucks for an annual SUBSCRIPTION is ridiculous! The calculator is good, so I might pay $30 or $40 to BUY the app, but I’m certainly going to pay forever for a subscription when you can buy the standalone calculator that will last for years for $50 or $60. Sorry I wasted my time.
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2 years ago, Ycam20012
Excellent App
If you’re making a living in the trades, you need this app. Always with me because it’s on my phone, not a separate device that I could easily forget or leave somewhere by accident. I use this app nearly every day. I’m a residential builder/remodeler and this is a go to app for roof framing, layout, gable walls, stairs, concrete, blocks, and brick takeoffs just to name a few. I am always finding new ways to use this app. Highly recommended.
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8 months ago, Trickman2
I like having different types of calculators but paying 4.99 a month or 40 dollars a year? Seems steep for your average weekend warrior or hobbyist woodworker. They just updated it so I wanted to look around at the new features. The developers have a lock out screen now and are forcing you to pick one option for subscribing. That is just not cool and would hold your notes and data hostage if your subscription ran out. That is a deal breaker right there and needs to be fixed. Lastly, I have enough subscription based stuff and don’t need another one nickel and diming me. Give me a lifetime option please. I wouldn’t reward this type of behavior.
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2 years ago, Herr Jack
Subscription is a scam
I have the hand-held calculator and it’s awesome! Downloaded the app thinking it would be a simple purchase (and it used to be, I just didn’t act on it earlier), but now they’ve joined the subscription scam movement where you can’t just buy something and use it, you have to continue to pay them, basically renting the thing. It’s one thing to pay a subscription for an actual service but you shouldn’t have to pay for a subscription to use a product, you should be able to buy and not rent. My advice, buy the hand held one, it’s $75 on their web site, it’s great, don’t give in and pay way more to rent the thing on your phone.
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6 months ago, Grandpama
Subscription? No thank you
Looks like the handheld and I’m sure there are much more sophisticated and user-friendly features in the app, but the price for this app if it’s subscription-based is absurd. I would probably purchase this app for $40-$60 if it were a one time purchase. But you’re talking about charging me over $200 for the time I’m going to use it. For that price, why would anyone choose the app over the handheld? Of course I’m biased but this change seems extremely unfair to the customer. I will choose another brand for my handheld based on this. Looking forward to the snarky, condescending response from the developer. Please do your worst. 🍿🍿
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1 year ago, Shmane17
Best Calc app for construction!
I love this app and use it every day in the job. It can do many things and has a help section to show you the proper way to figure for your project. The only thing that annoys me about this app is that every time it updates it turns key clicks back on which I hate. I’m just turn them back off but at least save my settings. But still easiest 5 star rating ever
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3 years ago, jcl build
Great calculator
Have used my desktop model for 30 years and couldn’t live without it until this app. Although the giant desktop is great for crunching numbers at home I always use the app on the job site. A bit pricey but worth it if you want an in depth construction calculator and especially if you are already familiar with the format of the non virtual model. Have no regrets about buying.
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2 years ago, Funken79
Was a good deal with app purchase till update
Was a great tool with a simple one time fee till the last update . Now I get the pleasure of having to login in to apple each time I use it cause they decided to make it a subscription . Sorry I’d use my real construction master over that any day of the week . I would like this fixed but I’m sure it’s gonna take a long time . I’ll use it till they will not let me , but I regret not waiting 24 hours on any updates. I paid for this app along time ago already.
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1 year ago, Saunders tablet
It’s always with me
As a GC I have used a Construction Master almost daily for years. It’s the industry standard. The problem was I would use it at my desk while working on a bid and not have it in the field the next day, or reach for it in while pouring over a set of plans only to realize it was in my bags in the truck. Not anymore! My phone is always with me and now so is my Construction Master.
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1 year ago, Beta Test 1
Beware : Subscription
Be aware that this app has been changed to a subscription based model, rather than the outright purchase it used to be. The text description has not been changed to reflect that fact. 20 May 2023: Change log for new update is an ad for a different item. Wonder what they've taken from us this time.
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1 year ago, unkn0un
Amazing app, subscription is killing it
I own this app, have purchased for my iPad, I have recommended it to every architect, engineer, and subcontractor I know, and yesterday when purchasing for my sister we found out there’s a subscription… sadly, I cannot recommend a subscription app when Home Depot sells them for $40-$50… I wouldn’t mind if you were to increase the price for such useful app, but a subscription really is killing it for me… I hope you are able to bring back this app…
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4 years ago, BulyKid
Handy on the Jobsite
Useful tool to have when walking the job site. Much easier than having to carry a full size calculator. I think $25 is a little more than it should cost personally, but it’s still cheaper than the real calculator. One complaint I have is the App icon looks very dated aside the rest of the apps on my phone. Hopefully that isn’t a sign that it no longer receives updates, or that it will become incompatible with new iOS versions.
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2 years ago, construction builder 450
Great app but didn’t transfer when I switched phones
I switched phones a couple weeks ago and the app didn’t transfer and now it’s asking for me to pay a yearly fee to use it. I would really like if I didn’t have to seeing as I already bought it and it just didn’t transfer but if I have to please let me know
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8 months ago, Beach local call
One more option……please!
Love the new design. Could you make it an option to open in full screen…that’s my preferred layout when using this app, however, I know I may be speaking only for myself but would be nice to only show Home, Saved Tapes & Help when need be since these are functions I rarely use. Thanks so much!! Kevin
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3 years ago, The Real Concrete Guy
Great purchase
I’ve bought this actual calculator several times and had to replace it because I lost it or drove over it. Then I bought the app, and it is always in your pocket and an essential tool to have no matter what kind of construction you do. I currently still own one of the real calculators, but I use the app everyday.
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6 months ago, SVC CARP.
Awesome calculator!!
I’m somewhere in between professional and DIYer and this calculator is just the most handiest tool I’ve got!! There are still a lot of functions im still learning and bought this app 3-4 years ago, it almost has no limit on what I can do with it! And I’ve already recommended it to a friend… Review follow up- btw I love the new look!!!
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3 weeks ago, Dementior
Delayed clicking sound
Absolutely, top-notch app and interface, but for some reason, the latest version has a click sound that is slightly delayed from when you hit the button, very annoying when inputting quickly.
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3 weeks ago, EJ111611
Awesome App
I’ve had this version for a few years now and it still does has much more features than I even use. Makes calculating square footages a breeze and converting ft. To decimals basically effortless! You won’t be disappointed with the purchase of the full version for sure!
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2 months ago, dontdr0ptheS0AP
Go back to old version
I have used this calculator app since February 2016. The introduction of the bar at the bottom of the screen makes it extremely annoying due to the fact I keep hitting the “help” icon instead of the “+”. There should be a setting to keep app in full screen mode after it is closed. Like others have said this is a very new problem for a long time customer. I am about ready to start carrying my Construction Master 5 again.
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7 years ago, ConcreteProdigy
Better than the actual calculator
I have been using this calculator for years as a concrete business owner. After breaking and losing so many of these I finally just downloaded the app and boy was I pleased. It's crisper easier to use and honestly going to save me money and heartache when I can't find my Calc. Ty for this Very satisfied customer
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1 year ago, littlerobbiehawaii
Great Tool
I like everything except I don’t know how to erase ONLY the last digit put in by mistake,so you have to delete and start all over. My old stand alone model had a backspace arrow,so you don’t lose all of your calculations. That’s all. Somebody’s gonna let me know how to do it. I just know it. I hope so!!
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2 years ago, Private ID
Not worth the lease. Costs as much as CI 4065!
What a rip. The app will cost as much as the hand held dedicated Calculated Industries 4065 calculator in just the first year of leasing it! Every year thereafter is like buying another calculator! CI is just being greedy on a money grab thinking people will just see the lease payment as a smaller amount aggregated over a year hoping the consumer overlooks that it’s into perpetuity. I’ll keep using the $55 CI-4065 which I own outright. I enjoy the added benefit of ensuring my $1400 phone isn’t damaged on a job site or worse, develop wings.
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5 months ago, Joshfinishcarp
Great app, great service
Use the app all time for my trim carpentry work, when switching phones, had a little issue finding my existing purchase, wrote an email to customer support and within 2 or 3 minutes was up and running. One of my favorite apps
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9 months ago, right ray
Great for fencing
Works great to layout fencing jobs especially if you’re not using a tape with tenths because it adds fractions. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; if you educate yourself on the many functions of this app, you can basically layout most any construction project. Thanks for a great product!!!
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11 months ago, Chicoed
Great calculator
This thing will build anything if you know how to use it. Way better on the app than the actual calculator because you have instructions right here. Don’t have to worry about carrying a book around or finding it for losing it.
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3 years ago, lrs117
Great Calculator
The support is good because they are video tutorials that you can read on how to. The digital paper printer function is extremely helpful for you to review your work and saves time. Would definitely recommend to someone and have.
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1 year ago, Jmillspci
Early purchaser
App is great and works just as intended. Only giving four stars because of the yearly subscription price. Your price is outrages thankfully I bought the app years ago when it was a one time purchase for like $25. Other than that though it really is phenomenal and great to have on my phone but not worth $40 a year imo.
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2 years ago, RedBeardedFramer
Is there any plan to take away the subscription plans and just have a single payment for continuous use? I keep seeing the most complained about thing is people don’t want to have to pay for a subscription. Just curious. Thanks.
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3 years ago, tanvanman
Owner D.R. Woodworks Portsmouth, NH.
This is not another feet and inch calculator, it’s obvious the developers work in the building trades or sought the input of professional tradesmen. My only complaint is that another piece of technology has made a lot of our hard earned knowledge available to any idiot with five bucks and a smart phone!
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3 years ago, duoglide69
A must for construction professionals
This app is fantastic. The only problem is they keep moving stuff around. The older version is the best. Still extremely useful. Highly recommend this program.
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8 months ago, The Matthew Dean
They are charging a subscription for what should be a one time purchase
I have no problem paying for a product or service but there is absolutely no reason for this to be a subscription based platform, it’s simply a construction calculator. Why do you need more money every month when all i need to do is calculate materials. The customer service team is also blatantly rude and dismissive of the reviews. I’d say take your money elsewhere.
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6 months ago, cornking03
Subscription Only? Seriously?
This app is not free. You get charged if you don’t cancel the trial - even if you never use the app again. There is no option to use a basic version and pay for upgraded features as needed. This is a rental. After sorting ratings by most recent, it looks like the 4.9 Star rating must be from before it was subscription only and they’re just coasting on previous good will. Do not reward this kind of behavior.
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7 months ago, W B Fowler
It all adds up
I use it every day. Years ago I had the Construction Master calculator. Now I don’t have to search for it in my truck or my desk because it’s on my phone. All the function a contractor needs. Bravo!!!
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3 years ago, El Rabbino
Great app!
Great app! Way better than purchasing the calculator. Ive broken my calculator on job sites and have had to buy new ones. Now every time I get a new phone the app pops up on it. No more purchasing new calculators for framing
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2 years ago, CJ@28
Widget would make it Perfect!
Comes in handy when needed on the job site. Would be perfect if a widget was available and you could swipe right to access the calculator. Pcalc has this functionality and makes it available when needed.
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1 year ago, Grishka star
Subscription is a scam
Subscription ? For using calculator? Really? Dont pay $70 for hand held calculator ether, just buy BuildCalc for $25 it’s way better anyways (update: just for the record, I never said do it for free. You can sell for set price not subscription. I checked all of your updates and found that your calculator doesn’t have anything special for me to pay $40/year and it does not have useful features that build calc wouldn’t)
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2 years ago, mean ian
Construction Calculator App
I have used the handheld and desktop versions of the Construction Calculator since it’s inception. Given phones are typically at hand it is awesome to have the same function and quality on the phone.
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3 years ago, Brolin Build & Remodel
I use this calculator everyday! It has always been a great app to use easy to operate and gets you results you need when you need it. I got it for all my guy’s and it’s has been a valuable tool on the job and off!
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2 years ago, Jerry9038
App version, yeaaaa.
I purchased the hardware version of this device several years while working in construction, and was thrilled when it became available as an app for my iPhone. Thank you so much.
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1 year ago, Batt22d
Thrilled and disappointed
I am thrilled with the functionality of the calculator. I am lucky to have BOUGHT the calculator app when you still could. I am very disappointed that the app has now become subscription based…and I no longer recommend it for my students.
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3 years ago, const super
The latest upgrade changed the functionality of the app - the old format was better
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