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User Reviews for Contacts

3.45 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 months ago, Todd-Squad
The primary reason we all carry smart phones is to make phone calls. And we all store our phone numbers in a marginal address book. I wish I had the ability to create my own template for address book entries. For example I would make Title a default field in my personal template. I shouldn’t have to add the Job Title field every time I want to add someone to my address book. Similarly, someone who never uses this field shouldn’t have to include it in their default template. I also wish I had the ability to arrange the order of telephone numbers and email addresses. This was an option many IOS versions ago. I miss it. Also, if I look up a contact while I am on a telephone call. I shouldn’t have to re-look up that contact after I hang up. It should still be displayed when I go to my address book.
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6 months ago, Demarcus the 1st
My personal opinion on this app
Now I seen many reviews on this app, some are negative and some are positive. Which is a good and balanced opinions on this on this app with an approximately 3.4 star rating. Now I don’t get the science to this but I am going to break and down for yall how I feel about this app. First all I want to say is the design of the logo of this app. It is alr, it could have been better but it’s solid and plain and simple as well. And when opening the app you see all your contacts in place which is really good. Which is also really good is that fact the contacts are in abc order. Wow!! Brilliant right. This is what I call making ur life easier. This is app is so unique it adds and abc order contacts. You can even add different types of catergories too which is awesome and great of this app. Now I haven’t made different types of catergories for my contacts but maybe will soon. And now for the final part, the quality of this app. Now I heard some people say that hate it or not hate it, I like this type of debate and now what I think of it? Well I got to say it is solid. I don’t get the fact that people hate it but I think it’s good so yea guys that is my opinion on this app and I’ll give this app approximately a 5 star, I mean why are people complaining about this app it is just the contacts app bruh.
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8 months ago, Cassidy444444
Contacts in IOS 17.1 is AWFUL
I just upgraded to IOS 17.1. The NEW Contacts feature is terrible. I don’t put that many pictures in my contacts, but I tried to do it today. When you tap on the contact name, you wind up with a HUGE section at the top that has the contact name , a place for a HUGE poster, and a line of icons for if you want to message, call, etc. Again, this is half the screen. You have to scroll down, and scroll, and scroll to get to the rest of the info. Very annoying. If you stupidly decide to do a “poster” then you can select from a photo which of course needs cropping and never really fits right in the circle allowed. You can do letters in Colors with your choice of font. Wow! I’m underwhelmed. It too had to fit in the circle. Good luck. You can select from about 15 or so emojis, or you can draw your own comedic pic of some person, by going through a zillion choices to create the image. And if you don’t like any of it, I found no way to get back to the original screen that is blank but still takes up nearly half the page. . I had to take pictures of the entire contact info page, delete that contact , and then put it in new. IOW Apple did it again. They did a big change to a feature that really worked great as it was. Waste of time. It’s ugly and cumbersome now. I want the previous address book back. It was simple and worked just fine.
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2 years ago, 1Samurai
🤯 Low rate for Missing too many basic features
🤯 Low rate for Missing too many basic features for over a decade 🔴 Add age automatically next to birthday data and to any other dates in contact cards 🔴 Permanently show emoji flags next to each international phone numbers inside each contact card 🔴 Permanently show emoji flags next to each country name addresses inside each contact card 🔴 Show contacts in CoverFlow when iPhone is horizontal (Show Photos in Contacts List) 🔴 Create, manage, edit and permanently show GROUPS in every contact card 🔴 Create, manage, edit and show SMART GROUPS in Contact app and synchronize SMART groups (criterias) to iCloud 🔴 Let me set different Ringtones for each Group (individual contact ringtone override the group ringtone) 🔴 Bigger Contacts Photos 🔴 Up-to-Date Contacts (show me when one of my contact change phone number same as WhatsApp of course only available to iCloud users) 🔴 Open a contact’s card from another related contact’s card by clicking on a related name 🔴 Suggest City names in Contacts’ addresses editing as we type. (Sourced from  Map) 🔴 STATE/PROVINCE and COUNTRY names from a menu in Contacts’ addresses editing. (Sourced from  Map) 🔴 Option route specific contacts or unknown contacts calls directly to voicemail without ringing the iPhone 🔴 NFC contact sharing to any OS or platform brand
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3 years ago, Stuke
Classic failure for families!
ITools, dotMac, MobileMe…if you recognize these names chances are you raised an Apple family and now you’ve tried to figure out Family Sharing since independent Apple IDs are the only way Apple wants you to live in their universe. So what? Ever try sharing the family contacts with your partner? It does not work. I’m not talking about sending back and forth with AirPlay or similar. I’m talking about maintaining one synced database. OK, fine, give us the ability to have private lists but like calendars, allow the head of family sharing to share this database! Don’t give me “privacy” as the reason why. I can share calendars in our iCloud family space and load anything I want into an event so protection of birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, etc. in a Contact is not the reason to NOT provide Family Sharing! Get with it Apple. This is 2021 after all. Really, no developer response? Shows you just how much Apple *really* cares about you versus what *they* want to do. At least the latest MacBook Pros brought back common ports, maybe there is a shred of hope the software teams care, too. OR, simply tell me how to share Contacts in a Family Sharing environment!!
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2 years ago, Catspaw10
Keeps resetting settings with every update
So I received a message from a total stranger today, with Siri claiming to have matched with someone in my contacts. Best I can determine, Siri matched first name only. Weirdly, I’ve got Siri turned off on the global level. And I’ve previously gone through each app and turned off Siri. And there it still is, functionally normally (though not as I, the device owner, wish). Also weirdly, the number of spam messages I receive keeps increasing. Even though I am exceedingly cautious about sharing my actual contact details. What’s up, Apple? Why can’t my settings be retained and honored? And on the subject, why is Bluetooth turned back on with every update? I have literally zero bluetooth enabled devices and find it to be a battery drain with no benefit. Why do I need to keep turning it off with every update? I ask again, Apple, what’s up with that? My own devices, my own requirements and limitations, my own knowledge of my own circumstances. And you keep overruling my decisions? Cart driving the horse. 😞
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3 months ago, ahh apple....
If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. (2of2)
It would appear that in one of the latest updates you guys have modified the way you can edit a contact within the phones interface. I can no longer add a number to my contacts through the phone app and instead have to go to contacts copy and paste the number into there which creates at least two extra steps. This would including inquiries into a voicemail and not being able to modify a number from the voicemail interface. The “I” button will no longer let you save the contact once you have identified the number. Why, why was this option deleted? Intuitively everything you’ve done in these latest updates regarding the phone app or the Contacts app is anything but intelligent. To boot, why is spell check now incorrect all the time and trying to correct words that are spelled correctly with garbage or words, that aren’t even words. This is some new generative AI you’ve tried to unleash based on most of the population, poor spelling techniques. If so, I suggest you just go back to Webster’s dictionary and have it memorize that and start over with the app. F-Minus from where you were just a few months ago again again on spellcheck. I’m sure you will give me some excuse that the coding was simplified or helps with your queries but again, the change is anything but intelligent. Please modify and make it more intuitive or how it was in the past. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Mulan.Moriarty
Stand-in for Basic Features?
Great app to manage all your contacts. The convenient features at the top that allow me to Call, Message, Video chat, e-mail, and Apple Pay are one of my favorite things about this. I am however confused about two other things 1. The Groups tab We can choose what groups to show in the main list. This is literally the only thing about this feature. We can’t customize each group. No custom names, no custom ringtones, no ability to ADD CONTACTS whether in this tab or when we edit a contact. HOW IS THIS NOT IMPLEMENTED? Instead of having set song play whenever a contact from Group A calls, I have to go through each contact in that group and individually set the same tone. That way, I would know what type of contact is calling just by the tone 2. Related Names I’m still confused about this. We can choose from an extensive list of relationships for our contact, that’s great. So when we tap “Done”, we can view it on their card. I would like it so that it links the contacts. That way if I tap on Aunt Jenny’s profile and see that Cousin Matt has been added as her son, I can tap on his name to pull up his contact card, instead of having to go back to the main list and frantically search for him
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2 years ago, Triboman72
Contacts goes blank
Every since my iPad was upgraded to iOS 15, my Contacts has had problems. Usually, it goes blank after a few uses. I delete the app and reinstall it. No help - it looks blank. I change the default gmail account. No help, that goes blank. I delete various gmail accounts, reinstall Contact. After a day or two, it goes blank. What to do? Wait for iOS 16? I downgraded my previous two star to one star. Not only does the app freeze (as stated above), but the ‘notes’ feature is unstable. When I’m in edit mode and add text, if I forget to save, the text disappears when I return. To copy text from it, sometimes I have to go into edit, sometimes not. And when there’s lots of text — and isn’t that what the note section is for — when I scroll down reading the text, it often jumps to the top. Anyone got a better recommendation? I will also mention that I’ve had an I touch, 2 iPhones and 3 iPads. This is the only device that Contacts stopped working.
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2 years ago, daspeed428
Smart Groups to iCloud sync please
I have multiple Smart Groups on my Mac. “What a helpful feature!” I thought to myself when I discovered it within the Contacts app on my Mac. After making 10 or 12 Smart Groups, I kept waiting…and waiting…for those groups to automatically update into my iCloud so I can use them in my iPhone or iPad. Lo and behold, the Smart Group feature is not supported on iCloud. I understand that the Contacts app isn’t exactly a driving reason why folks buy into the Apple ecosystem, but having a beneficial feature like Smart Groups sync across all your devices is something I am shocked Apple has skipped over in their development roadmap.
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2 years ago, Reiki Meowster
Serious Flaws Need Addressing
iPhone: 1. Every time I delete a contact the contact reappears. The add contact feature doesn’t add an entered contact immediately and sometimes not at all. Repeating the entry often results in multiple of the same entry days to weeks later. 2. Contacts from every active email account i have migrating to the contacts list without my consent. I can’t find an option to change this huge mess in settings. I do not want zillions of obsolete or rarely used phone numbers and email addresses on my contact list. Worst of all, I can’t delete any of the unwanted contacts without them reappearing. And if I could delete them permanently, I’d have to delete thousands of contacts one by one. Yes, thousands. Imagine 15 years of email correspondence with customer services appearing on your contact list! This is a serious problem. MacBook Pro: 1. I cannot access contacts in my MacBook Pro. My Apple account password is not recognized in settings to activate and access my contacts. Frustrated, I tried entering every password associated with Apple products including my MacBook password. Nothing works! This as been an ongoing issue since I purchased my MacBook Pro in 2019! NOTE: All my Apple devices are healthy and updated to the latest firmware/software.
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2 months ago, Moshamo
The worst app on the entire iOS platform
This is just the most burdensome app in the entire Apple platform. I recommend if you own a Mac don’t install it on your computer. It’s that bad. Every time you try to use your otherwise seamless Apple platform you will get to like pulling up a contact on your computer or typing it in and up the spiral of death. It happens every day. Nothing about owning Apple products aggravates me more. Nothing even comes close. I’m so aggravated with Apple products and this stupid thing aggravates me every day. Every. Day. It doesn’t work in every time you have something to doin contacts it’s a 15 second of adding a contact or changing a phone number or something and it takes minutes of staring at this beach ball. Fix this. This has to be the lowest hanging fruit and so easy.
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7 months ago, ckilkelly01
New Contacts Horrible
I use pictures on every contact. With old contacts a large picture came up and when receiving a call. Now all that is gone and I get gray. They want me to make “posters” for all my contacts. That’s ridiculous. Make so we can also use the old way and offer new way for the little children. This is a work phone and I don’t want cute little drawings or whatever. Please fix. I hate the way the new phone calls look as well. Bad changes. Offer choice for once in your life. It worked for 10 plus years. Nobody asked for this. I appreciate it. Thanks. Please give us option to look old way. New one is ugly and terrible! Apple, do something to adjust or fix this. Please! Quit making needless changes. The posters are horrible. I’m not 3 years old.
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4 months ago, Thangyen
Integrating Photo Attachments for Enhanced Contact Management
The ability to attach photos to contacts would be a valuable addition. I often find myself scrolling through pictures and wishing to link them to specific contacts, enabling a more comprehensive recall of details about people I’ve recently met. Whether it’s business cards, event snapshots, or images of their favorite drinks, this feature would be a lifesaver for individuals aiming to enrich and organize their social network connections.
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2 years ago, anonymous~*
Hello I don’t know where else to reach the developers, so here’s my suggestion: Have you ever considered adding a place for pronouns in the app? Around one in ten of the people I know go by different pronouns. So, somewhere to easily log them would be wonderful, said place being most obviously in their contacts. There’s already a place for “Company” which I love. Perhaps “Pronouns” could operate similarly (open-ended response; drop-down also works but would probably be subject to frequent updates). It doesn’t have to be big, but it would be a wonderful and helpful way to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now and never leave “Reviews” on apps. This is my sole exception because it’s important to me and the few I’ve mentioned it to thus far. In any case, the Contacts app is great. It’s just that adding a place for pronouns would make it even better. Best
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4 days ago, BrewRef
Never updated, still awful
There are so many problems with Contacts that I don’t have the time to write them all here. 📝Let’s just list a few: 🔴Not customizable; you have to use the fields they give you; can’t add, delete or move them. 🔴It duplicates contacts and there’s no built in way to delete them. 🔴The address interface is terrible; you can’t past a full address; instead you have to enter street, city, state and zip all separately. 🔴Once a contact is created, it’s difficult to remove using your phone; I have to use my Mac to delete a contact. 📝You’d think that an app that touches so many other apps would get a lot more attention from Apple to make improvements.
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3 years ago, beach146
Missing basic functionality.
This contacts app is usable if you only use your phone for personal use. Wait, actually it’s still mediocre even for personal use. Its really missing the basic ability to group contacts. I should be able to create a contact group for family, for close friends, and I should be able to have contacts from my work account automatically get put into a work group. This functionality has been missing for a while, but it’s really become a headache when it comes to setting up focus modes, since I need to select individual contacts and then remember to add new ones to each focus mode. MacOS contacts app has the ability to group contacts, why is this missing on my iOS devices?
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9 months ago, richtm
App is broken
I have lived with the app occasionally dropping cards but for the past month, it has started to do weird things. Contacts are doubled, tripled and even quadrupled. A 3rd party app was needed to eliminate duplicates (because the app couldn’t find all the duplicates) but they kept coming back. A senior adviser at Apple support concluded the app wasn’t working properly on the ICloud. They thought they had fixed it. Now cards are not duplicated but the iCloud only syncs properly to the iPhone. Changes made on the Mac are discarded when the app syncs with iCloud. In addition, cards I have had since the early days of the iPhone have started disappearing: a brother is an example. The case had to be reopened. The new senior adviser didn’t fully acquaint herself with the prior case and seems very discouraged. I reinstalled the MacOS. No improvement. I would rather not abandon the app. I will continue talking with Apple Support. It’s not like the old days where all it took was one phone call to get a problem resolved. Now my wife has seen contacts return who were deleted years ago when they died.
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1 year ago, Richeman4
Change in iOS 16 from Groups to Lists is awful
Prior to the update, users could select which contact Groups to include as viewable, but now users can either select one Group or All Contacts. This was a giant step backwards because now there is no way to organize contacts for work versus personal, etc. for those with many contacts organized for specific reasons this is a problem. I cannot see why the new change benefits anyone who has less contacts or does not have the same issues. Apple seems to have simply over thought something that worked just fine before.
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7 months ago, Jayhawk.1
One persistent bug
Good contact app that can even handle *#;, wait and pause codes in phone numbers. Except it will not link a contact with an extension pause or wait in the number. You can search for part of the number in the phone app, and it will find it, but if you dial, select, or receive a call it will not find/display the stored contact that has an extension number after the ; or ,
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2 years ago, godmombreezy
Needed Updates
Overall I’m impressed with the iPhone contacts app! It’s easy to put in contacts, they’re sorted properly, you can add information such as birthdays or workplaces, which is all great and sorted by each contact. The one thing that I would request (and has been requested by many others) is an update to contacts where there is a place to insert pronouns. We are in a world where everyone sharing their pronouns regardless of what gender they identify as is becoming a regular thing, and there is no reason why people should feel uncomfortable having to express their pronouns out of the blue just because they aren’t cisgender. This is an update that should have gone out long ago, when it first reached mass America that asking for pronouns and introducing yourself with pronouns needed to become a regular thing.
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2 years ago, MR. A.D.D A.D.H.D.
Terrible - apple user since 1981
Apple, are u making $ off of selling contacts apps? If so, which one do u recommend so I can buy it??? I give up!!! A simple search does not return say a company name in contacts. Is this my first review? Frustrating. Please think quality not quantity and i will continue on the eco-system (ok i do not have much of a choice out there) so I will continue being a user for the next few years… But may I ask, Do you want me to be a fan? Or a hater of your products, one that is unhappy with quality etc and have this feeling that u are no longer what u used to be. Please keep me happy as an uaer that will not even consider another platform. Can we have less crash? Slow? (My ipad 9.5 pro is unusable as sooo slowww…) Please so a better job on quality. Can the contacts app just do a simple search and return every results? Or how about bolean? And what is the point of the whole iphone swarch ability if it does not return all results ?
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3 years ago, prescious18g
Grouping and Classifications
It would be nice to be able to put ppl in groups and classifications. For example, putting people in as family, friends, work, projects, etc. I don’t know why this feature hasn’t been added. I would like to classify my relationship to people without having to connect them to someone. For example, siblings, cousins, friends, etc. Also, the ability to send group messages by the same groups.
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2 years ago, Fekcwa
Not Working Properly
This app has “lost” or deleted most of my contacts! And I just tried adding a contact, but after I typed in all of the info, the contact doesn’t show up in the app!! This app USED to work beautifully! But several months ago (after an iPhone OS update (before 15.0), I noticed most of my contacts missing when I click on the app. Oddly, if I click on the info icon next to a phone number in my Phone app, it will show a “missing” contact (if it’s not a NEW contact). But that contact WILL NOT SHOW UP when I click on the Contacts app!! PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!
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4 months ago, It's not taken
Ugly! Blurred contact picture
UGLY! If this doesn’t change with the next update I’m not buying another iPhone. ** Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave with the lack of style and simplicity. *** Ugly wide bold lettering and no easy options to change!!! I want the clean crisp look I had before. Change for the sake of change IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT! IT’S STUPID!!! Give me the option to have a classic and timeless look with clean clear lines fonts and pictures. How do I turn off this ridiculous poster feature? Wheres the option to create and apply a style to the whole address book? Who has time to edit 700 contacts one by one? THIS APP IS HORRID!!!
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5 months ago, raierra
Please fix the display of 3rd line in Contacts to appear as entered, not in ALL CAPS.
I’m running IOS v 17.2. After the recent IOS update, or maybe the one prior, the data entered in the Company line now appears in all caps, even when upper and lower case were used. This is horrid. I use the company line for other purposes, like maybe a password or security entry, and I need to see what I actually entered in that field which means viewing is now useless, I have to open the file. Please fix. Thanks.
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3 weeks ago, Limited Languages
Add photo of business cards in the note area
I love iPhone contacts. I have to have it and can’t do without it. If it allows me to take pictures of business cards in Note area, it will be a great help, so I don’t have to typing in too much. People give me business cards and I can just take a picture in the Note area and it is done and quick!
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10 months ago, CynCha123
Contacts Broken
Every time I try to change the category of phone number from phone (default) to main or any other category and address from home (default) to main or any other catergory and click DONE, within seconds it changes back to the default! An app that automatically comes with iOS no matter what the version should absolutely not be broken. It’s called Quality Check and Software Testing! Get it together Apple!!!
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1 year ago, Breeze9747
Missing contacts after latest backup
In early January I updated my phone but afterwards noticed 10-20% of my contacts were missing. I tried going to the cloud to restore them but still no luck. A month has passed and still no luck. I have to contact friends of friends to get certain numbers back. A contractor who was here the other day also has the same exact problem. We both have the iPhone 14 pros.
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3 years ago, onewil
So buggy.
Often opening this app on a Mac finds it out of sync. Often the Mac app totally freezes while it pulls iCloud data. To reproduce click “Edit” on a contact, change one item and then click to another and try to edit. The app will beachball briefly. Why? Contacts can be a text file! This should be lightning fast and responsive but instead it’s terrible and slow to edit. Please please pay attention to performance of system apps, especially foundational ones that other apps (Mail, Messages) rely on.
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2 years ago, BikerBunnyD
Hostage to i
This app stinks, I have several Apple devices that all share the contacts in the cloud and the stupid up can’t delete duplicate without me going through 7000 contacts and doing it myself. Also there’s no way to separate the contacts into groups. Like work group. Friend group. Family group. Being able to divide the contact list would help a lot during focus. If I didn’t want work to call me I could just hit the only allow friends and family to call me. Apple contacts; it’s a dinosaur!
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2 weeks ago, star wipe
Apple default Contacts Questionable
iPhone 14 Plus, latest (17.2.1 iOS ) The challenge: the ability to merge contacts. Default save was an account I did not want to use. Had to change in settings- which is another issue altogether. My biggest gripe: Settings > contacts > accounts > icloud > contacts, safari & 4 more…. Which leads to Apple ID page. Perhaps as a underpowered super user I am misunderstanding the benefit. Good luck with improvements. BALLZ
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1 year ago, miguel1966
Hey, Apple: the 1990’s has a feature request…
This app is absolute trash and those responsible for it should hang their heads in shame. I wanted to write out Christmas Cards. So I went to export a list of contacts to csv to print and do my cards. Two hours later, searching the web, and contacting support I find that Contacts App has no export to csv. Sure you can export ONE contact at a time through the (another useless product) Numbers. But you cannot bulk export. That is a feature available in the 90’s on other services. Again. This app is absolute trash.
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2 years ago, Seattlest1
Breaks every time system updated
I set my default Contacts folder to be my personal Exchange account. But, every time I download and install a system update, the default Contacts folder gets changed to be my work Exchange account. If I don’t catch this, I then spend days putting personal contacts into my work account, where I don’t want them to be. The Contacts app needs to do a better job of serializing during a system update and keep in mind - PEOPLE CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE EXCHANGE ACCOUNT!
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2 years ago, ConcernedAmericanMama
Access to Contacts
There are too many points of access to contacts just to use an iPhone. Glad Apple decided to be more transparent, IF you know where to look. No wonder the government wants to cut the lines underground for 2/3/4G going forward. Why is privacy so public?! I’d rather never save any contacts. The New World Order only works for conglomerates that already allow the individual to be stalked, harassed, and everything identifiable to be mimicked and stolen… Waiting to see how they like it when it happens to them. #causeandaffect #5Gisdeath to humanity and living.
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5 months ago, ma3ad
Not able to merge contacts lists
I wish Apple will be able to add an option to merge contacts lists on iPhone. I have no idea how my email that was added on my contacts app has more people than the lists on my icloud and there’s no option of merging it together and Im scared to delete the one on my iCloud account because Im not sure if its on my email contacts account.
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3 months ago, Crazywokeworld
If I were to compare to Galaxy contacts
This contacts app is a failure and it constantly reminds me of politics. Why in the world do I need a section for pronouns? I have not abilities to turn it off. There are no functions for specialization of contacts. It is a simple black and white contact page that pushes politics. Why oh why does gender even need to be added? It’s a phone!!!!!!!! For crying out loud. The keyboard for this $1.2k phone keyboard is even less functional that other brands. Very frustrating
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3 years ago, Frank CF
Note field in contacts loose newlines
I am a lover of all things Apple/Mac/iPhone but..... this one thing really torques me off..... For some reason the format of the content of note field looses new line characters and they get replaced by "\N" which really makes the note unreadable if you have anything significant there. I use the note field a lot and it literally hurts to see all my formatting ruined! Help please!
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2 years ago, Game nut666
I don’t know what you did…
The last update is awful. I do a search, it finds the contact, but when I touch cancel, the name in the list (on the left part of the screen) reverts to wherever it was before the search, instead of staying on the name I searched for. Also, when I want to add or change the notes in a contact, it’s very hard to put my cursor where I want it. If I’m able to put my cursor where I want to type, it sometimes automatically scrolls up and out of the area I need to adjust. Very annoying.
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2 years ago, MrsBluejeanee
This app is fine. One thing that i think you should do is be able to sort your contacts. For example I have 9 Bella’s on my phone, and i can’t always remember which bella which even with their last names, so what if u could be able to click on a folder that was all my work contacts, or church contacts.
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3 years ago, Kim2020
Group filter
You with groups you can either add a group change your group or delete a group. This is very handy and putting them into different categories and then looking at them later but the filter. But recently I cannot get in and work with the groups only have to do with what was there so I can’t add, change them or delete them right now
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8 months ago, heb880
Very useful
This is a very useful app to keep everyone’s numbers so you don’t forget it. U can delete contacts, and add contacts and it is just a very organized way of keeping up with everyone’s numbers. The thing I love abt it is that it’s in alphabetical order.
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10 months ago, hguhvvghvg
Just an average contact app.
This has basic features, nothing to special. It does keep all of your contacts in place, and gives you the option to message a person, or call a person. It also allows you to name a person and put their number or email. I recommend this app if you don’t want something fancy.
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2 years ago, Refry
Great app but shuts down in seconds
I’ve used this app heavily for years. A great feature is that the “notes” section acts as a database. If you put the word “musician” in the notes section, you can search on the word musician and have all those contacts appear. However, over the last 4 or 5 months, the app randomly closes in seconds after I open it. If I search for a contact or get as far as reading my notes on a contact, the app suddenly closes. Sometimes I have to open it on my laptop just so I can search it or update something before it closes on me. Very frustrating. Otherwise I would give it a higher rating.
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2 years ago, mac_guy1975
Now a piece of crap
I have 5+ lists (or groups) of contacts on my iphone. I don’t want or need to see them all at once. Prior to the update to iOS 16 I was able to choose which groups to see when I opened Contacts. Now I can only choose 1 group at a time or show all of my contacts all of the time. Unfortunately, none of the apps in the App Store appear to be any different, even the ones that I’d have to pay for. Apple needs to take a step backward & fix this.
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12 months ago, Carly_Adamo
Really easy to use!
I like that whenever I make a contact in messages or something like that, it automatically goes into this app. Not only that but in alphabetical order. I have never had a problem with it!
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1 year ago, sMyNickname
Works OK. Some of the contact data does not stay same
Ringtones change themselves Labels on emails and phone sometimes change themselves without any reason The worst part is you can’t export all contacts from the app and save them to Onedrive or anywhere. I always do this as a redundant backup just in case I lose all of my business contacts. Shame there is no export all contacts option
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3 years ago, oatmealwomp
How to reinstall??
Deleted the contacts app a while ago, but the functionality remained. I’m trying to reinstall the app so I can access it from the Home Screen, but the only option on the App Store is “open” rather than “get” or download.
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9 months ago, Alluxcky
Biggest headache of my life!!!
This app is the most terrible thing that Apple could’ve ever come up with because why does it constantly change my contacts around to change their numbers and change their names to change is my card all the time I’m over this I’m done trying to make this work or figure it out done! get it fixed all the time I’m sick of it get the app together now you get paid billions of dollars a year Apple stop doing this lazy.
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2 years ago, Sheglos28
IOS 16
My contacts have been duplicating for over a year. I was so excited when I noticed the newest feature allowing me to merge all the duplicates. Now- when I enter the app, it lags to the point I have to close & open multiple times before it generates a total amount of duplicates, when I select “merge all” it freezes the screen and I have to close it AGAIN and the cycle continues I don’t like the new layout of it either I didn’t want all these categories😕
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