Controller: Aircraft for Sale

4.7 (2.4K)
9.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sandhills Global, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Controller: Aircraft for Sale

4.75 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Don-Scott
What happened?
This app isn’t nearly as functional as previous versions. Please just ditch this version and revert to the previous version that just worked. Now the data, the items, the planes, are nested so deep inside of filters, that browsing listings is so cumbersome that I’ve already begun using other apps and services. This update is an example of when an update goes bad.
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3 years ago, JoeFlyer1234
Latest major update was a downgrade
I am a huge proponent of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I don’t know who at Controller is in charge of app design but they should consider that saying before making changes next time. I don’t know why that is such a trend in the industry. Controller was a very good app, extremely easy to use to find exactly what you wanted, quickly. But for reasons beyond my comprehension, they decided to change the way you select search criteria in the latest big update. Rather than click on the things you’re looking for from the start, you have to click on a general category, let it load, then go back into filters and scroll, open sub menus, then apply things, etc etc etc. All they did was add extra steps to what was a simple process to begin with for no obvious reason whatsoever, besides maybe to shove payed listings down your throat. Very disappointing change. Uninstalled because I can’t stomach when people take something good and deliberately make it less user friendly.
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11 months ago, W i n
Not all change is good
The old version was dated, but worked. 6.0.0 is unusable on my iPad (current model iPad mini with max memory). It insist I prove I’m human (on a downloaded app where I’m clicking on the screen, why?) I can’t read the text because it is to small and to faint (very small/thin/narrow text that appears gray, not black). I can no longer open pictures full screen and when I enlarge them, I can’t go to the next picture. If i “open” a picture, I can’t close it. I have to shut entire app down and start over. Or it crashes and does the job for me. This version might be the foundation for something good in the future, but it wasn’t ready for release in its current form. It seems more like a bad website rather than a real app. No imagination as to what a modern aircraft sales app could be.
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4 years ago, OC-Flyboy
Needs clean up
I agree with other reviewers that this app needs some tuning to make it more user friendly. I’ve used it for about 15 minutes now and find it more frustrating than user friendly. First, it NEEDS a screen rotation mode. There is no “Home” button to return to home after viewing a page like settings. After selecting an aircraft and having to enroll, it dumps you back to the beginning instead of where you were. The filter settings could be more refined so users could default all searches to a particular country or group of countries and then use filter settings as needed. A setting with my search preferences would be good.
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3 years ago, Farmkid76
Needs fixed
I like the new format but the save search feature isn’t working now. Every time I try to flag a plane it shuts the app off. Very frustrating. It also has a bunch of planes in my saved search that I didn’t put in there. I was logged in and I verified my end by going to the website and my account was correct there. Just a few fixes and it will be ok.
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3 years ago, Robert_D_S
New version is not user friendly
At some point the developer decided to upgrade the app. Now filters don’t work when you tap them. For instance, I wanted to search for Pilatus in the turboprop category. I was shown 5 manufacturers to search and Pilatus was not among them. Their website works fine so I deleted the mobile app.
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3 years ago, WarDamnPlainsman
2.0 update.
The 2.0 update took a nice, user friendly app and made it clunky & requiring more taps to change between aircraft manufacturers, etc… disappointing.
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3 years ago, holdem63729
New version is TERRIBLE
Definitely one of the worst app updates of all time. It’s impossible to overstate what a massive step backwards this was. I want to use this app but its so d**n frustrating I close it every time after a few minutes. The old app let you very quickly browse by manufacturer and model. Obviously thats how most people shop for planes. Now you select a broad category like “jets” and the app just pukes every jet available at you. The process to filter takes so many clicks and if you accidentally click back too far then it starts the process over. Controller just needs to admit they blew it and go back to the old app ASAP before they destroy their business. Same goes for their web version. They should use this as a case study in UI on what not to do when building a site or an app. Its absolutely horrendous.
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3 years ago, Cubdriver54
App doesn’t load my search
Been trying to use this app for the last week and when I click on a category of Turboprops, Jet Aircraft or Turbine helicopters it gives me an “oops error message to try again later.” The new version of this app is an abomination compared to the original. Painful to use. Very frustrating. What worse is that whomever is responsible at Controller hasn’t bothered to take the feedback that there are more 1 star reviews than every other rating. Talk about ruining a good thing.
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3 years ago, 5920A
Long time user - uninstalled after the 2.0 update
This used to be a good tool for browsing GA aircraft. The 2.0 update made it much less user friendly. The clickable links that previously allow you to sort by manufacturer and model have been removed. Now you have to build a search with categorized filters. It’s no longer the kind of app I can use to easily see what new listings are on the market for my favorite models.
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3 years ago, coltcallison
Horrible New Version
The old version was very user-friendly. This new update with new layout and search is horrible. For the past 3 years I’ve used this app for 90% of my searches because it was so easy to use. That’s no longer the case. I’ve tried to work with it but I’ll just delete it from my phone for awhile and use other platforms to search. Hopefully it’ll get a major makeover in the meantime.
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5 years ago, New game button
Landscape for a 5
Being able to view pics in landscape is a big plus but now we have to rotate back and forth. I know you know this, but make the entire app viewable in landscape mode. Pictures of planes in portrait mode don’t view well because of their design and switching back and forth is a pain. Thanks!
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3 years ago, AB8572
Update is awful
No idea why they made the app way overly cumbersome. I used controller to find and buy two airplanes 6 and 3 years ago. I paid controller a that time, but won’t be a returning customer given how awful the user interface and experience is now. It’s so hard to drill down. Why did you change the interface?!? Used to love browsing the app on my phone. Hate it now.
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3 years ago, en-dmiller
App makes it difficult to browse - isn’t working
The App makes it very tedious to browse. You have to constantly set and reset filters. It’s a very poor design. Your should be able to set and modify filters on the fly, without having to start from square one all over again. The app hasn’t even been working for about a week! Getting a “Sorry something went wrong” message.
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3 years ago, damonthesavage
Bring back the original!
Controller 2.0 is quite embarrassing for an update to an app. There is no more list of aircraft. You have to type the aircraft type into the filter to see it now, which makes it harder to see new aircraft listings in separate categories. If you’re going to keep it like this, bring back the companies page and aircraft make page so we can find things easily.
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4 years ago, BRDIEU
Please allow landscape mode viewing.
I dislike using the app since it will not operate in landscape mode. Even in Safari, the ipad window will sometimes revert into a permanent portrait mode. The solution is to take N numbers from Controller then look at the details on aso or trade a plane. If they are not available there, I can always go to the listing agents website. A simpler solution would be for Controller to fix their app.
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3 years ago, Telcopro
Needs major redesign, after recent major redesign
App provides too generic a search function, presumably for reuse with all of Sandhills apps for various equipment. It takes 10 steps to narrow down search for a few years of a particular make and model, and too many hits of the back button loses search results. If the old app felt like it was written in the aughts, this is from the 90s. It’s awful
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3 years ago, Powergrpusr
2.0 is 4 steps backward
I have been using this app for years and really like it, but 2.0 is awful. GO BACK to the old format or at least the old lists. The filters are a total pain. I’m actively looking for a plane and this is frustrating! AND one false move and you have to start the whole process of picking filters over. Whoever designed this is not in an active user. This format might work for cars but not planes. I actually had to go back to my old iPad that doesn’t support this version (so it didn’t update to this version) just so I don’t pull my hair out. I check Stocks, News and Controller every day.
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3 years ago, Paul@EWM
They made it worse!
Fire the developer and start over. I can’t save searches. Whenever I look at an aircraft the search is essentially lost. My time is too valuable to be disrespected by this meager product.
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2 months ago, Fast fo
Great website to find airplanes easy to navigate website I love it
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3 years ago, 152468
Old app please!
This version (2.0) is not user friendly. It’s annoying to navigate and once I find the plane I am seeking, I have to navigate different drop menu’s to narrow my search. The old version was much faster and easier than this one. Definitely counter-productive!
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4 years ago, dhitgvdfg
Sharing issues
Love the app and super easy to navigate but ever since the last update my pilot friends a d I can not share airplanes. We can send the link but it will not open. It gives an error message!!! Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, PhiDelt129MU
Why change the app?!
I was hoping for a few months that they would fix this garbage but they’re not. It’s terrible. Click on any category and you get EVERY plane that’s listed. It should take you to manufactures then model. NOPE. Have to filter it from there. So dumb. Go back to the old stay. In the mean time going back to trade a plane
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1 year ago, timmcgraw04
IPad version rendered useless in landscape mode
Not sure if anyone has reported to the developer yet, but the ipad version of this app can’t be used in landscape mode. It always defaults and flips back to portrait. Very annoying for those that use keyboards or want to use the screen real estate…..
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3 years ago, tboneiphone
Terrible search function
Navigation is within the app is very bad. It’s almost as if the developer does not want you to easily narrow a search. It Seems they’d rather have many aircraft pop up farther a search for paid ad exposure.
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1 year ago, Beech350Guy
Scammy Popup Ads from Currency
It really diminishes the integrity of your app when you have popup ads from “Currency aircraft financing”. The ads have the little “X” to close the ad, but when you touch the X, it takes you to Currency’s site. It’s a really scammy way of selling advertising on your app. I’m going back to Trade A Plane…
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3 years ago, theo charles
Recent changes for the worse
The app was much easier to search using the previous iteration. Now you are forced to go to two different pages and scroll through a list of manufacturers to see what you want. Way easier with how it was previously.
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3 years ago, David Hugh Martin
Worst APP redesign of any app ever
What the heck guys? This app was already ugly but it was easy to use. Few clicks to get to the lists of a desired aircraft. What you guys did was redesign the app (may 2021) and you made every user experience get worse. The amount of clicks to get to a simple listing is ridiculous. I’m out. Looking for someone whom gets digital.
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3 years ago, Quantumphysics51
Go back to the old style
The layout of the newest update is terrible. I’ve always loved this app and have used it regularly to find aircraft for sale but the new update has me thinking about deleting it. Terrible layout that is not as easy to find desired items.
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3 years ago, Trawler Guy
Mobile Review
I use Controller frequently. The APP would help if it was compatible with my IPad in Landscape mode. You’ve gotten a lot of feedback here with no Developer response. Most APP Developers listen to feedback. Hint. In the meantime I just use the browser and blow off the App.
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3 months ago, Salzgeber
It’s ok
They basically ported the website into an app. It feels and functions like the webpage. Not terrible, and ever so slightly better than using a browser on mobile.
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4 months ago, ebritt07
More fun than scrolling through social media
Literally so fun.
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3 years ago, Sljacksonfamily
Not an improvement
This version is not as friendly or intuitive as the pervious one. Not sure they hit the mark with this update.
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4 years ago, jetlag75
Great app for viewing with the exception of it not working in portrait or landscape, all the time. It will go to landscape to see pictures but not other times.
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3 years ago, Wpetty19
Once a good app, no longer
Search does not work. I could before sort by manufacture and model. No longer. It now takes hours to scroll thru piston single engine looking for a specific model. I may try this app in a year or two but I’m done for now.
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6 years ago, mattymointx
Almost perfect
Would get five stars if it allowed you to turn the phone to show pics in horizontal mode.
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2 years ago, auto renew is not nice
Separate the single engine Turbines
Make single engine turbines it’s on category
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8 months ago, The Smoothest Operator
Call for price
I would give Five Stars if sellers was required to submit the Selling Price, and remove the “Call For Pice”option!
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3 years ago, Ceres trader
The update was a downgrade.
The new update makes it more difficult to use. Takes longer to search a specific model. I will use this app less frequently now. Bring back the old format.
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3 years ago, binary_ironclad
Worst update I’ve seen.
Please roll back. The new version is clunky, unintuitive, and I can’t get it to work half the time. The old version was fantastic. I get a feeling this updated version was a solution looking for a problem.
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6 years ago, SkywagonMike
Landscape/IPad view & search notifications
I do love controller, but PLEASE add the ability to rotate devices(like everyone else is saying) and please add the ability to set notifications for when aircraft that meet a criteria are newly listed. Do this and its 5 stars! Thanks!
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4 years ago, Jon woss
No home, no landscape
This is imperative as I would love to use the app. The fact I can’t change to landscape is quite frustrating. Also getting home is difficult.
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3 years ago, CrazyIrish71
Login broken
Your login is broken. Have tried logging in with known account and PW. Changed it in the web browser app to be sure and that works. App still does not. Completely useless.
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2 years ago, Sage Snoopy
Review of New format
Go back to okd format where you choose the brands of what you are specifically looking for
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3 years ago, Great Big Jimmy
From exceptional to terrible
This app used to be intuitive, easy to use, and efficient. Now it’s a time wasting experience I avoid. If you want to improve this version go back to the old one.
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3 years ago, Rkpat
Terrible updates
The updates to this app ruined it. It used to be very user friendly. The search doesn’t do anything, the filters are clunky. Trade a plane is better and that app is bad.
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1 year ago, Phenomguy
Not intuitive
Mobile app is bulky since new update
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6 years ago, Needmorecowbell_1
Needs to work better in iPad
App needs to be able to display in Landscape mode to work better on an iPad with keyboard.
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1 year ago, Bob1234q
Far to many ads. Small “x” buttons that take you to the internet for things you have no business using
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6 years ago, Jimmyg59
App closure
Since the last update the app closes when you try to add an aircraft to your watch list or send a message through the app. Seems there is a bug that needs fixed pronto
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