COOP ATM Shared Branch Locator

2.3 (132)
57.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
CO-OP Financial Services
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for COOP ATM Shared Branch Locator

2.27 out of 5
132 Ratings
3 years ago, xaos
Very bad app design
This app is almost worthless. They’ve taken the concept of minimalist design to an absurd. The color of the credit union name is the same as the background, so you have no idea which credit union you’re adding. The rest of the text is either a super light grey on white or a very dark grey on black, so it’s very hard to read. Even the map is difficult. It shows dots, but not the name until you select it. If you change to List view, the names are nearly invisible again. Really, REALLY not a good design choice for an app people primarily use on the road. It also claims to have a widget that tells you the closest ATM at a glance, but it doesn’t show up in the list of widgets to add nor give instructions. It’s easier to just use a browser, which defeats the whole purpose of an app. And they don’t really seem to care about improving anything.
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2 years ago, Fototico
Locations info does not get update
Someone needs to update the locations of ATM’s and branches. It shows a lot of AMT’s, but mostly in 7-Elevens. I don’t like using 7-Elevens because I’ve had my card info stolen three tines at different 7-Elevens. Not surprising since they put the ATM’s in some lonely corner of the store. Where they are easy to tamper them. I also noticed that there is a California Credit Union near my home that doesn’t even show in this app. I’ve used their ATM before. And this is not a new branch. It has been opened for a while. Like two years. For an app that it’s suppose to be a directory of ATM’s, it makes no sense why they don’t update the information. The Co-Op idea was a good one. Sadly it seems to be falling apart. Some credit unions are restricting or not allowing branch sharing anymore. Again, they don’t update the app info. The Sprig App that letted you transfer money from one credit union to another, up to 1,000 dollars in seconds, for free, is no longer working or coming up in the App Store anymore. I relied a lot of Sprig to transfer money from one credit union to another. With this feature gone I’ll be closing two accounts in two credit unions. Sad! Co-Op needs to jump back in the horse or just kill it once and for all. Rather than just dying a long agonizing death.
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1 year ago, RogueBD22
Needs an update
The map is outdated and shows locations that are closed or out of service. The map doesn’t match up to their online search so it clearly isn’t updated live. I don’t know why the map data would be statically set rather than dynamic to match their online map but that’s clearly what’s happening here. If the map were updated, I don’t think it would be a terribly unusable app.
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2 years ago, NicknameHealer
Your screen is on dark! Haha
Thank you to the reviewer who wrote that we just need to change our screen settings form dark to light. With that done, you can totally see the text and this app served it’s purpose for me. I tried to find all of the shared branches through my credit union’s website and app with no luck. I sat on hold and finally hung up when I called them to find a shared branch in my out of state new location. So, then I sat on hold to ask a random credit union near me if they are a shared branch. I hung up and found this app. Within seconds, I found many shared branches right near me. Woot!
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2 years ago, TheReview Dude
Great app!
I was skeptical due to the other bad reviews that said they could not view the wording but it was strictly user error/A weird bug. I came across the same issue on my phone and realized it was because my phone is set to “Dark” mode. If you simply change it from “Dark” to “Light” mode the issue is resolved and you can see all the wording that was originally missed. Other than that I am happy they have this app as it will be extremely helpful during road trips!
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3 years ago, struckbylasers
The app is fine
It works fine for me. Found some atms and everything was clear and easy to read. Not sure what others are complaining about. I’m impressed that they have an app at all and am so glad I don’t have to use my credit union’s terrible web interface with a tiny map embedded inside. So yeah, great app.
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6 years ago, pj6m
Just what I’ve been looking for
This is my first App Store review ever and I felt compelled to write it because I’ve wanted an app like this for years. This has been working great for me. Hopefully, the info is updated on a frequent and regular basis so that any new or decommissioned ATMs are added/removed to add more options or avoid confusion. Thanks for making and maintaining this app.
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2 years ago, an_e
Cannot see text
I have the same issue as a previous reviewer. When you first open the app, there is a bar where you you can search and select credit unions that you are a member of, but the text of the results is the same white color as the background so you cannot see what you are adding. I saw the earlier review and was hoping the problem might have been fixed in recent months, but sadly no. The concept of an atm locator is useful if this display issue can be solved.
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3 years ago, Brandy Dilly
Needs improvement
When searching for locations you can not see what’s being typed in the search box. It’s keeps saying incorrect format but again you can’t see what’s being typed and keeps timing out. 😟
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1 year ago, Nathan John Feuerstein
Would love Apple Maps support
This app is great! It works and is clean, I just wish they would update it more often… the last update was two years ago. I also feel like they would benefit from using Apple Maps, Google maps leaves the app feeling kinda old.
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11 months ago, Emz4136
Not helpful whatsoever
I have navy federal and the fact that there is only one navy federal in Miami and it’s all these way deep in the city with no parking & a hassle to just access the building. They mentioned that any “co-op atm” would allow me to deposit money in my account. I went to 5 different co-op atms and no ONE was I able to deposit. Inaccurate and a waste of time. They won’t give you an option to contact support if you have issues. Nothing, app is worthless.
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5 years ago, Jos3_t
Great concept, needs a couple tweaks
This app is incredibly useful and I love the widget feature. I would suggest fixing a couple bugs and adding an option to exclude certain ATMs. I personally don’t like going into a certain well-known convenience store so being able to exclude it would be useful .
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2 years ago, S-my-d
Doesn’t work
This app is trash. Deleted within 2 minutes of downloading it. It doesn’t work, it just keeps loading and loading and saying something with the app is not in the correct format. Location worked fine but didn’t show me the location of several ATMs close by that are on the co-op network. Zero redeeming qualities about this. Wouldn’t even let me add my bank name to the app.
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1 year ago, ijeffsc
Does the job just fine
I find this quite convenient when traveling to find fee free ATMs and credit unions. It’s fast and simple and helps me avoid paying high fees on small withdrawals.
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3 years ago, Caivawn
Great app, but has had an issue
Great app, but has had an issue for the past few months. I cannot see credit unions names under “membership”
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5 years ago, simplyalon
The app rocks in Colorado
Was in a pinch, needed an ATM that I could make deposits to my home branch. I was able to select a location less than a mile away. Thanks, you saved my toosh!
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1 year ago, buBbaSkeeNs1974
Visibility problems
Same as others have said, it's impossible to know which institution I am selecting due to the white on white text and background. Not sure why this hasn't been addressed. It seems like it would be a simple fix.
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6 years ago, Kitsie_boo
Locations of are incorrect
Very frustrating. Would recommend a simple google search over this app.
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11 months ago, #jtballard
Dark mode fail and unreliable data
App won't work for you in Dark Mode. Their font colors end up being the same as the background. Data set is missing some credit unions, duplicating others, and includes credit unions that have long ago rebranded or consolidated.
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7 years ago, C-gfuudd
Lead me astray
I used this app while traveling in Oregon and several times ended up at ATMs which weren't part of the network and charged a fee. I am assuming it is better generally (I did not have this trouble with the old app) hence 3 stars rather than 1. Every time I've tried to use this app it has failed.
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6 years ago, kaysee62
Upgraded app full of bugs & no results
Everything time I start to type a letter in the search bar, errors pop-up. When I finally get the city & state entered, there are no results in an area with plenty of shared service centers & ATM’s. Bring back the old apps - they worked!
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2 years ago, evelyn7221
New bug
I get a “network connection lost” message everyone I try to use this version of the app. Happened on multiple device that all have strong networks connections right now, def the app.
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3 years ago, nedbojo
Have been using this app successfully for years. Now it give error message JSON could not be serialized... not showing any locations. ☹️
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3 years ago, sesquius
Error notice when using
App no longer works. Used to be an awesome app. Now it throws errors and doesn’t even list the gas stations where I used to be able to find ATMs. I depend on this with out of state travels. Now I can’t even find ATMs in places where I know they exist.
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6 years ago, Catzandkittenz
Almost Worthless
Got a notification that I needed to download a new version of the app by June 30th. Old version worked flawlessly. New version won’t search by city name and I get the same error message repeatedly every second letter I type.
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5 years ago, Consumerpaul
Kinda works... and kinda doesn’t...
Locating local ATMs in Orlando, FL is easy (and plentiful) but this app doesn’t separate out this that can accept deposits from this that don’t. It’s hit or miss. 😫
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4 years ago, AdamC101991
Stop forcing me to use stupid apple maps. Give me options like Google or anything else!
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1 year ago, stin2000
I went to two different branch of credit unions that the app stated they did shared banking and each branch said they no longer did shared banking
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7 years ago, Tech_Bunny
Does not work when trav. in CANADA 🇨🇦
App will list all credit union atms in other countries EXCEPT CANADA! List just is blank or says nothing is available. NOT TRUE. I'm standing in front of a Co-op avail ATM right now in Sechelt BC and just took out money.
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11 months ago, Jambo-man
Please update!
Most atm locations have changed in the 4 years this app has been out. It must be kept current to be effective.
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5 years ago, Freaky born wings
Wrong location
Looks like a nice app, but right away I can see it has the correct address of the nearest ATM but the icon appears 50 blocks away.
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4 years ago, Lydia_h
Hit or miss
This app had me drive to two branch locations that weren’t there. Definitely deleting.
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2 years ago, rritter1969
Bad app
Addresses of arms are not accurate, does not say if the atm takes deposits or not, have to drive to 4 atms before found one taking deposit.
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7 years ago, C-Band Fanatic
No longer works at all
Since I upgraded to an iphone 7 plus in March and later an iphone 8 plus last month, the app does not work at all and displays a JSON error on startup.
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6 years ago, JMcIntyre3
Needs major updating
I’ve been search for places to deposit money into the ATM and have been led astray every step of the way. **Coastal Federal Credit Union is not part of the network**
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4 years ago, markeel
No features working
I thing is working. All I get are errors when the app tries to load any information from the server. Renders the app worthless.
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7 months ago, PERESCANGRI
Un-Installed Almost Inmediately
Worthless app, not user-friendly. Only appears to show locations that aren’t accurate.
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3 years ago, Gas guzzler7332
Total Joke
Useless app. Downloaded and immediately got error messages for every area I tried to input.
Show more
3 years ago, Spike Lightfoot
Doesn’t display text properly in Dark Mode. Seems to miss ATMs at KeyPoint Credit Union.
Show more
11 months ago, Karotladee
Used to work…
Now it lists addresses of banks that have changed names or outright closed. Deleted & used Siri instead
Show more
6 years ago, carlboy03
Bad location shown on map
Addresses in website and app show branches with incorrect location. Towns are not properly set. If you are not careful to check branch address, you can get a wrong graphical representation on map.! Specifically for “cooperativa de a/c Caguas” The address shows the city is Caguas but pin is in San Juan! Please review locations!
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5 years ago, Harley without a working App
Does not work
I don’t know what has happened to this App, but for the last month at least it does not work.
Show more
6 years ago, Willnbjhfdryjin
Not consistent
This app needs to be updated more frequently. A CU branch I used to visit now charges a fee. Your app still shows as part of a no fee branch
Show more
12 months ago, Ryank22798
Bank names are same color as background
Terrible app design
Show more
3 years ago, glockfan
Completely worthless app
Just a waste of time. Hard pass.
Show more
5 years ago, Mycall-271828
I live in New Mexico where we have LOTS of compatible ATMs. When the app starts it immediately throws a “usage” error saying there were too many ATMs.
Show more
5 years ago, JanethYenry
Do not download
Trying to use this app was frustrating! It doesn’t seem to work. It’s not worth the download
Show more
4 years ago, AnneRoseCreativeArtistry
Won’t work. Crashes immediately.
Not much to say- don’t know how better to review it if it doesn’t even do it’s job.
Show more
4 years ago, Laura1324
Just crashes
This app used to work, but now it just crashes every time I try to use it
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4 years ago, Ariaslove
It was working well until just now. It’s been crashing.
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