Copart - Online Auto Auctions

4.8 (114.9K)
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Copart, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
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14.4 or later
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User Reviews for Copart - Online Auto Auctions

4.8 out of 5
114.9K Ratings
1 month ago, Skoote daflair
"I've had an excellent experience with Copart car auction! Their website is user-friendly, and the registration process was seamless. The auction itself was well-organized, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I was impressed by the vast inventory of vehicles, including a wide range of makes and models. The bidding process was smooth, and I appreciated the transparency of the auction process. The prices were competitive, and I managed to snag a great deal on a high-quality vehicle. Copart's customer service deserves special mention - they were responsive to my queries and provided timely updates throughout the process. The delivery process was also efficient, and I received my vehicle in excellent condition. Overall, I'm thoroughly satisfied with Copart's services and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hassle-free car buying experience. Keep up the great work, Copart team!"
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2 years ago, vault121391
Where to begin
The app is pretty decent, better than IAAs app however, the company has many horrible aspects. Let’s start with the fees, no one wants to pay 2k for a 1k car they already bid to 1.4k. For the volume copart sends through the auction, $300+ a car is pretty ridiculous. Next, let’s look at converter theft which is because of what I believe is my 3rd issue. Towing vehicles for copart. We inquired about it as a tow company, nearest location is 60 or so miles away. For the small amount per vehicle at the farthest distance ($95) it’s literally not worth it, not after driver wages, vehicle wear and tear and the biggest issue currently, fuel costs. No wonder tow truck drivers are stealing cats in transit. They want to make up for the lousy price copart pays for pick ups. They expect to make hundreds off a vehicle but only pay less than that. Here’s to hoping you catch pure sales while everyone else is asleep!
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5 years ago, FitApollo
Great app, just fix the glitches
First of all, I love this app. It has allowed me to obtain many great cars. The latest software update only gives me access through WiFi. When I’m out and about, through T-Mobile LTE, I’m resorting to using safari on my iPhone to access Copart. Great app, just work on fixing the glitches. I really do prefer using the app over having to use safari when I’m not near a WiFi connection. And yes, through safari everything loads fine while in the app I can’t load into individual cars or join any auctions when using T-Mobile LTE. Oddly enough, I’m still able to search for cars but I can’t view them when I select one to check out or join any auctions. Everything works when I use safari.. but using the app is so much preferable. I hope this glitch gets fixed.
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3 years ago, Hdbchhdbd
Horrible Service
The app is okay. Could use a lot of work. But the customer service is probably the worst I’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re picking up a title or picking up the car you paid for, it’s going to be an all day ordeal. There’s tons of people in their office sitting around chatting, doing nothing. They won’t even help you if it’s an hour before they close, and all of them have a nasty attitude. Had I known how terrible this company was I never would’ve paid for a membership or bought a car from them. I advise everyone to stay away if they have any sort of life at all. If you don’t mind paying a tow truck driver for 8 hours to sit around to pick up one car and if you don’t mind sitting in their parking lot for 8 hours just to have them give you the title to your car along with a whole lot of attitude then go for it. Horrible company.
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2 years ago, Josh@AR
Could be better
I’ve been buying from copart since 2013, fees seem to be getting higher and higher. I like the inventory available. I wish they would take clear pictures of All damage especially photos of actual damage areas specifically instead of shady practices that hide stuff. Buyers would bid more according versus holding back from being burned from hidden damage . The high fees tell me that as a somewhat lower volume over 12 months buyer that Copart doesn’t care about the smaller dealer. I would like to see the office workers be more friendly and work at quicker pace. The ST Louis yard in Bridgeton you better plan for hours of waiting. I plan to continue to buy from Copart but the experience could be better.
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5 months ago, Gogotonic1
Rip off. I won’t be buying from them again
I won a bid at the pennsbury location in Pennsylvania and paid for the car. Ny driver was ready to pickup the car the next day and they couldn’t let him to pick it up the next day because they said he needed to schedule an appointment which wasn’t until 7 days after the vehicle purchased date. Copart start charging storage fees after 3 days including the day the vehicle was purchased so technically 2 days. Can someone explain to me how it is my fault and now I have to pay storage fees when I am ready to pickup my vehicle from their lot? This is absurd and they should be absolutely ashamed for charging customers storage fees when they set things up for customers to never be able to pickup their car in time without incurring storage fees.
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5 years ago, Whitless1243
The reason this is not more stars is because I have bought about 10 cars and, one said it had keys, they were NOT there and it ended up costing me $300 to buy keys for it. I bought a riding lawn mower that was advertised to be a 2015, took it apart and it was a 2008, and I’m having a hard time finding parts because it is so old, I bought a 2008 Ford pickup that had a power chip and someone had taken it out of it when I went to pick it up. Bought an Audi 2005 A6 that stated that it ran and drove and when I picked it up it had a broken oil pan and there was no oil in it. Bought a Toyota Camry and someone had taken the battery out and put the wrong one in and shorted out the electrical system.
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4 years ago, KJamesM
Horrible support hard to find where to call email or anything.
I have premium membership but can’t bid. VERY VERY SLOW Support. They say my account is active and I can’t bid. weeks later, same thing. they say account is up to date, still won’t let me bid. They say no problems, still can’t bid! I have been able to bid before so definitely something is wrong. Support will take 1-2 weeks for a useless reply saying yes my account is active good luck! So my $$ is just sitting in their account! Noice! ✌🏼
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6 years ago, XxEAGLEYExX
Easy to use and not bad
Purchased my first car from there. Did see any difficulties there. The only issues I had were the credit payment, because you pay more fee on using your credit/debit card and the car has some rust underneath and it was not mentioned there. It was just saying minor scratch/damage. I couldn’t travel to see it myself but as I said not bad for my first experience. I’ve got my deposit back after the purchase. ** BUG FIX ** Can’t review reports after update. It gives me error from server.
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5 years ago, Project 5311
Constant crashes and lost connection
App has been updated works fine and easy navigation. It’s so much better now. My complaint is the sales retail value is always half every time. And it’s annoying. So if you find a really nice car or a really crappy one if the retail value is 10,000 yes you guessed it you gonna have to bid 5,100 just to win it plus fees. Final verdict 7/10! It’s still good you just need to have money and know what you’re looking for. Do research before you buy the car you want.
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3 years ago, XpOisoneDreMedYx
App is good, service is not
The amount of fees is ridiculous. Before you decide to purchase anything from these people, comb through their website and make sure you’re aware of ALL the fees, you will be paying hundreds/thousands more than the final sale price. I Have purchased three vehicles here in the past few years, and every time it feels like there are new fees added. Now you can’t even access your saved searches or watchlist without a paid membership...features that provide nothing, except making the app easier to use, have to be paid for...WITAF. Won’t even get into the inaccuracies of the cars upon pick-up.
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2 years ago, lala auto
Copart is scam
Recently I won a lot of cars bid. The description of all the cars said that they run and drive. In the description it says the damage is only minor dent and scratch but it’s all fake and wrong the car doesn’t match the description at all. All the cars I got had engine problem and in the description it doesn’t say at all about the engine. And all of them weren’t even starting at all not even cranking!!! After receiving the cars when I called Copart and told them that the engine is bad and doesn’t say anything in damage in the description. Copart said that we are not responsible for anything after the car leaves our facility. Copart is scam and big time fraud… so be careful before bidding.
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1 year ago, Beest qwertyuioplkjhgfdbbbgbg
Improve vehicle pick up process
I have bought about 150 vehicles in the last 4 months through Copart. My number one concern is the amount of time it takes to pick up vehicles. There are many shippers that as soon as they hear the load is Copart they say no way. When I buy at the local Copart it takes hours just to get one vehicle picked up. Long term this will be a problem for Copart as transport companies will not be willing to deal with it.
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4 years ago, s.jew
App is poorly designed
I wish the app automatically had a way to link closest to me auctions based on my settings every time. I have to search for my closest location manually every time! Also if I find a car and click on its location wish they would add link to that location inventory to see more Not good at all! And half the time in odd hours app or website would go nuts. Very poor design, shame on the company!
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4 years ago, MehoCode
Add password filed to login screen!
Nice app but as with many other Copart services there’s a major issue that slows down and sometimes interferes with buying process. Login screen used to have both the email and password fields and it was super easy to switch accounts using Apple’s keychain/password manager. In a latest version there’s only email filed so the iPhone doesn’t know it’s a login page and doesn’t offer selecting a login and password from keychain making it nearly impossible to log in unless you have your member number written down somewhere and can access it any time you may need to log in.
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5 years ago, Kfjudndifnfjfff
Can’t bid on anything
How ridiculous. If someone has money, they should be able to bid and buy any car. Dealerships shouldn’t be the only ones getting deals on cars! I saw a lot of cars, some with issues I knew I could fix, I was very excited because I thought I was gonna get a deal on a cheap car I could fix up because I need a cheap temporary car, I got my hopes up and go to bid for the first time and A message pops up saying I do not have a license to bid on it. Well if I don’t have the right license, I should not even be able to view the cars to get my hopes up. Yeah you can get a broker but that seems like you could loose money as they charge a $400 deposit and who knows what other fees. Pretty disappointing
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5 years ago, Jonkin346
Easy to Use
While I do come across some bugs from time to time, overall I really like this app. It’s very easy to navigate and use, and the images of the vehicles are really high quality. The company seems to be continuously working on improving the features to make their users experiences better. The new auction screen design is great. I can see all of the details without having to switch to a new screen. Customer service is quite friendly as well.
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4 years ago, kimwa1
copart will serve you with respect and dignity. They post what they can on a car, I bought a 2006 Ford Explorer after I offered an offer and it was accepted. The car my be old, but it was under $1600 to get it out of the lot. I drove it home, and I’m still driving it . I had to do oil change and wheel bearings. Otherwise it’s running. Thank you Copart. I already referred 3 friends and family and they happy. Remain an example 😁👍👍👍👍
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1 year ago, AegisCruiser
Horrible Experience
I rarely leave app reviews, and ever rare when it’s a 1-star. CoPart took a fluid easy experience and made it as complicated as possible. Apps. Queues. Separate apps. Everything is absolutely unnecessary. If you pickup a vehicle, you now need a separate app and schedule an appointment to pick up a vehicle. If there are no days or times available within your 3-day storage period, you have to pay them, for THEIR screw up. This is also illegal for them to charge you for something that isn’t in your power/authority. It was a much faster and smoother experience before. CoPart needs to fire whoever thought this system was better. Longer waits. More fees. More steps.
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3 years ago, BrosCars
Copart as a Company
Terrible customer service. They won’t do anything to help you. If you ever buy a car from them, inspect it throughly because the car might not be the same as the pictures. The employees are unhelpful, the manager will give you the regional manager instead of taking care of the issue. When you get the regional manager, they can’t do anything. The auctions are fun, it’s a great place to find inventory. But it’s the details afterwards that are the biggest headaches. Anytime you have to deal with an employee there, it is an unpleasant experience and ruins the enjoyment of buying cars from Copart. By the way, app is great, haven’t had any issues with it.
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3 years ago, vanaru
Ok but difficult to purchase
Not long ago was nice buying through Copart. Now very difficult, only able to communicate by appointment. Difficult to schedule has to be done online. Have to separately coordinate getting car through a different website, have to make an appointment also based on gate guys schedule, total nightmare.
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4 years ago, sxunny
Great App..
My family is trying to find a truck and we were going to get one today but we lost the auction because we weren’t sure of everything in the truck there is another app like this that has a 360 view. So you can see if there’s “special features” I guess you could say. We were debating if it had a sunroof in it. 360 would be a great new feature to add!!
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2 years ago, ahmad hawamdeh
Transferring papers from salvage to junk
He has been dealing with you for a long time, and we ask you to mention the cars that you are affiliated with purchasing for Jordan. Will the car be a junk. 🇯🇴🤭 I have been dealing with you since 2013, from America to Jordan, and now I have moved to the Emirates, Duba I want your support to move forward
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4 years ago, Mof002
Application bug keeps it signed in
This app seems to keep you signed into the account even if you try to change the password via web. I sold my phone last week and changed my password as i thought it would sign my old phone out automatically , next thing I know is that someone is placing bids on my user without me knowing. The app does not respond to a password change and keeps you signed in as long as you do not sign out manually even if you change the password it will not ask for a password update before you bid on any car. I ended up deactivating my account.
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1 year ago, ethzangri
Jeff Grissom
I really like copart I’ve had really great benefits from being a member buying cars trucks trailers. I just wished you could bug in every state and buy on the crash toys because I’m always interested in utv’s and motor cycles and Atvs and farm equipment and heavy equipment. Maybe me writing this will help me and everyone else that feels the same way! Thank you.
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1 year ago, Annoyed95101209818
Copart is a scam
Don’t both of you’re not a car dealer. They’ll happily charge you a $100 annual fee to let you look at cars you can’t even buy. Then even in the off chance you do find a decent vehicle available to you at a decent price, you’ll them pay $600+ in fees. That’s for a $1500 vehicle. Anything more and the fees just keep going up. Complete waste of my time. Not only all this but if you go to an actual Copart lot, they carry all the cars around with fork lifts. ALL of these cars likely have some amount of undercarriage damage, whether they list it or not.
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5 years ago, AllAboutDIY
Copart app review
The copart app is great except for one thing. When you apply filters to find a specific model, and then try and go back to look another vehicle with the same model, it takes you back about 3 pages instead of back to let’s say other Toyota Camry’s that you might want to look at. Basically it’s annoying to have to enter in all this info just to look at the same model car.
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3 months ago, Nisha69
Copart is OK
When I first signed up for Copart. It was nice. We found some good deals, but they have raised their fees, and their fees are really high. I don’t purchase as much anymore. we were purchasing pretty often but it’s gotten to be too expensive and a lot of vehicles have come with big problems. On the vehicle lots it says they run and drive and quite a few of them have come with transmission issues so no good. I have a junkyard in my yard!
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2 years ago, Copart buyer
About different lane on one auction
Latest update Poorly designed. Reason each auction has so many lanes you get confused, on previous Version was easier you go one lane and check all the cars they have. Previous version was much better despite some bugs issues.
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4 years ago, ridiculous buyer fees
Ridiculous buy fees
I have been using copart for many years...I have spent several hundred thousand dollars with y’all. The buy fees on vehicles over $30k is straight up highway robbery. Even with a premium membership it’s still 4%. I’m looking to probably stop using copart at the end of this year.
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5 years ago, ivan mekhael
Bad service
Most of the pictures are not in good view so the customer understands what is going on with the car and also my first visit to the location of copart it was bad experience because the people where so rod and pour customer service and the line was so slow,then they told me I have to go out there to find the car by myself in 10,000 cars out there I can’t believe it I just left the yard it was bad because there is dirt park and there is no lot number on the ground so I know where the car I was looking for it will be by the way I am taking about El Paso location. THANKS
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3 weeks ago, Frsrbrt
Their app is trash
I don’t know it seems like it’s the 40 time that I’ve been kicked out of this stupid app. This time my passport expired. I’m sure they have their reasons, but I haven’t been ripped off because somebody got my password or somebody got into my account. I’ve just lost my account because I continually have to do stupid things to login. Other things are depressing about this app, but this is what I deal with the most. not being able to sign in. Or jumping through stupid idiotic hoops. I am not looking for help please do not respond.
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9 months ago, Dbdnjs
Terrible service
They always forget to send out the title or they lose it keep trying to charge me late fees when car has been picking up I had one car picked up a month ago and they still trying to charge me late fees when the car is at my shop and not at there lot all there customer service employees are useless they said they did something when they don’t and you end up talking to 5 different people and they still don’t do anything Copart is just over hyped I recommend switching to IAA
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2 years ago, Dallinator
Subscription fees now required
Last time I bid a few years ago, you used to be able to bid as long as you had a credit card on file. If you won, you paid Copart’s fees + the vehicle bid price. Now, to even be eligible to bid, you have to pay a yearly subscription fee of 59$. I don’t want to pay an extra 60$, especially if I lose the auction. They still make you pay the fees on top of the subscription as well. I hate being nickel and dimed. Copart no longer makes sense for buyers who don’t purchase large volumes. What a shame.
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2 years ago, kado224
Fix a problem
Seems like a lot of problem after update After update the current bid high to low option is not there anymore. Please fix Used to be able to see sale list When you click location. Cant sort high to low bids and years on buy fast vehicles.
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7 years ago, flyboy491
Hard to do business with this app
App constantly crashes and locks. Lost out on cars because app locks up during auction and you can't up your bid. There are often mismatches of auction count down and the auction status. One says future other has a count down. I've been the highest bidder only to find out there really wasn't an auction. Most of my saved reports no longer work? Paid $200 license fee but still have to pay Internet fee? Lot fee? Auction fee? All for the chance to wait two hours in the parking lot for the forklifts to cause extra undercarriage and bumper damage even if I buy running and driving cars. Feels like I should buy running clear title cars from Manheim. Update. Reports stopped working again? This might be the hardest company to do business with. Why does the screen spin upside down on my iPad? Coparts please fix your process.
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5 years ago, ccw7701
I like Copart
All though I have been ripped off by living in a remote area and going off of description on page that has been false and have bought vehicles that were canobleized after pictures and anchorage has not given back my money it’s pretty normal to get ripped off by allen
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5 years ago, Roughmeck crazy
I like the setup and ease of use of the app
Great easy app to use to find the vehicle your looking for. My only complaint is whenever you do a search you can only search one location so after your done searching one lot and don’t find anything of interest you have to change the location to another lot.
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3 years ago, me123...
Great service. Buggy app!
I’ve purchased vehicles years ago through brokers. Great service undeniably. Came back recently decided to try the $200/yr fee plus $400 Refundable deposit. $600 For the app to tell me “An error occurred while processing your request” All The Time! Without fail! Watchlists won’t show. Live auctions don’t load on perfectly fine service. HEADS UP also. Paying the $600 straight from copart does not let you purchase from states where you need licenses you Still have to deposit with a broker. FYI Sounds dumb. But idk. Something to consider. CAMAN COPART
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5 years ago, NS BMW
Great app -improved a lot
I like this app, it has lot of improvements easy to upload licenses, great search feature to search the vehicles. The image quality improved a lot. Great app to buy the vehicle. As of now no issues with iPhone 7 Plus with AT&T.
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3 years ago, Ruvimaaa
Smh, y’all serious?
Really? Couldn’t just let us have the simple watchlist huh? Y’all just had to slap it behind a pay wall? Oh and ya all those vehicles you had on the watchlist yup can’t look at those anymore, nope now you need to pay to view those cars or dig through all the auctions and try to find it again. I genuinely don’t understand why you would charge a membership just to use a feature that’s been free for years and a feature that costs you nothing.
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6 years ago, Daakers17
Inconsistent search results.
I actually like the app, it seems to work okay. The problem I have noticed is the app shows different search results than the desktop. Much less vehicles show up with the same search terms in the app.
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3 years ago, Ninos J
Issues with app
Hi anytime i click on a vehicle its shows This lot no longer exists on the ipad only on my phone no issues at all only on ipad I’ve restart the ipad couple times same issues and i even removed the app and reinstalled it same issue…..
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2 years ago, c hayn
App Update Trash
I’m sure they had someone on the back end claiming that”if they remove all the links that let you see local auction they will have to scroll thru and see more cars and might buy” but this app is completely garbage. Copart services aside . They updated the app about a month ago and removed basic features like BASIC LINKS : click on a town , city or location and see there inventory (removed to make customers look at more cars) BASIC SEARCH FUNCTIONS: everything from model types to individual car type searches SAVED SEARCHES: COMPLETELY DISABLED BUT 100% visible in app Buying and doing business with them is one thing but this APP IS COMPLETELY GARBAGE. Just download IAA app and use it for 5 mins and you’ll see the difference
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2 years ago, auto pkz
We have been buying cars for many years about 10% percent of the time there’s NO KEY. They should find the why to not lose their customer’s key which costs them $300 and wasting time 10% is a lot Finding the solutions is not impossible How about if Copart would responsible for the key? Why, customer pay for it? It’s not that hard to find a way out do not lose your customer car key it doesn’t take that effort effort so useless
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3 years ago, S6.7
Good but saved searches broken
It has been a great app thus far up until the most recent update as it keeps telling it has “error processing request”. It no longer loads any of my saved searches on my phone and it has always been very convenient to access this info from the app as opposed to loading it up in the browser/laptop.
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5 years ago, itshyoboyapo
Please fix app crash
It’s a great app I love it! Only major issue is that when I click on Locations on the home screen (this is what I usually click on when in app) it crashes the app :( I’ve tried to restart my phone, restart the app and nothing works. Please fix and it’ll be a five star app!! Thank you
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4 years ago, Sullivan1226
No way to finish registering in app
Whoever developed this app must have never used it or intended to use it. You go into the registration flow, fill out all your info to get to the place to upload your ID. As soon as you choose to upload / take a photo of your ID, the modal dismisses and takes you all the way back to the registration screen. As a software engineer I strongly recommend the developers to do some dogfooding. Otherwise I’m eating your dog food for you, as a result you just lost a customer.
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6 months ago, 5year Player
Buggy app 0 stars if I could.
Amazing that I am here again several versions of the app later making the same complaint I experienced years before. Version 6.3.4 has broken the app. App displays vehicles in my watch list as „no longer available“ even though they are. Also notice that the current bid price on the web interface is typically more up to,date than the app.
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6 years ago, M3mph1sKyle
Could use ANY improvement or fix
The app can't even keep an account logged in more than a couple days max. I can't imagine any advantage to having to sign in randomly. Yes randomly, because this also happens after a few minutes browsing. The worse part though has to be the unsolicited sounds and noises than can't be turned off. It's bad enough on the webpage, but auctions are impossible on the phone unless you want to annoy the whole room.
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