Copart Transportation

4.7 (15.3K)
82.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Copart, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Copart Transportation

4.74 out of 5
15.3K Ratings
12 months ago, hampton 169
Between not be able to upload photos that weren’t taken through the Copart app is fairly frustrating some of us work in rural areas and that make it a requirement to have 2 devices one to take the photo so you can take the picture of your job on one device and use the other later when your Back into a cellular service area up take a picture with the app Second for many reasons we need to be able to see our drivers job information… it’s crazy we can’t in the first place , also add a feature so we can take a job out of in progress. We need the app to work for us not Copart
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7 months ago, NotB4nine
Rockauto LLC
I had a fantastic experience, a conference, two young ladies that assisted me Kim and Kelly or K-n-K made my first experience a wonderful one. Pleasant personalities and always greeted me with a smile, even when I got on there nerves. The two women made me feel welcome, and I look forward to doing business with them in the future. And it also didn’t hurt they they were so drop Dead gorgeous.😳 keep up the great work. Marion Williams
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11 months ago, Nicknаmе
Need to fix this!
When you have more than one load and have no available quantity of schedules on platform- you, like a transporter need to waste your time. In my situation I wanted to pick up three lots, but there were only two available schedules. As a result - manager can’t do nothing in this situation. I make schedule on third lot on next day. I lost more than 15 hours… I was loaded at 9 p.m. the next morning, even though I had pressed the 6:00 arrival button. In fact, I had to spend the night near their site. The paperwork took over an hour. Bottom line at 10a.m. I left the site.
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5 years ago, Mrbent2u
Room for improvement
Even if the pickup order is in route, we should be able to take it out or pause it if we get rerouted to a company call or a police call. Or if the owner wants to reschedule then it doesn’t look like we blew off the call for no reason. Lots of times I have customers wanting to schedule for late evening or early morning. And if we submit a problem there are times we rectify without company assistance by customer returning our call and we can not remove our submissions and if it’s after five or the weekend then wires get crossed come next business day. Would also be nice if we could copy and print to our own printer directly thru the app.
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3 years ago, towy!!
Time and locations
I been using transport app and sometimes is ok but most times the yard location disappears wen you set appointments and vehicles are in sub lot not in the location indicated please our time as transports drivers work per job and it takes a lot of our time to just have one vehicle pick up. Also we made appointment and the window frame time is too narrow a lot of things may change in traffic and the office at certain locations they are to not considerate. Wen we come from far out town thank you if adjustment can be made to facilitate our job we be happy to coordinate our selfs
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2 years ago, twaynawin6482919584
Ease of Use
Once I assign a job to my driver I can’t go back and see all the details which is very frustrating. Details should always be available. Can’t get anyone to really teach me anything with it. Would be great if there were a job aid or users manual. The camera doesn’t record half my drivers work and therefore can’t complete the job in the app.
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1 year ago, Peter O. Dosunmu
Job well done
The young lady that waited on me was wonderful, she was professional and help me navigate the issues of my payments, I am glad she waited on me. Also the guys that brought my cars out was very helpful, he sent couple of guys out to help jump my cars. It takes a while for the cars to come out but overall I appreciate everyone. Good job. Thanks
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2 years ago, nshatyzy
A way to improve the app
This app has made things much quicker. You should add an option to pay for the cars with card over mobile.
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4 years ago, tmwjames
Please make these changes
We need to be able to see all the details of distributed, completed work, instead of just the date and car hauled. We also need to have access to more than a week’s worth of completed work whether through the app or on a website. My accountant is not happy with this new setup. March 2020 - Instead of giving us more access to completed work, the new update made it worse. Completed and distributed work is disappearing the same day it’s done so I don’t have a way to record anything I’ve hauled. Tax records are pretty important to small business owners so please fix this issue.
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1 year ago, AegisCruiser
Simply Idiotic
CoPart added an additional step to something that didn’t need it. You have to register as a transport, even if your just a member. You have to schedule an appointment to get your vehicle, and if they don’t have a slot available within your 3-day period, you have to start paying storage fees. Also because of this new system, wait times are HUGE. Now transport and tow truck drivers are charging for waiting. So everything is more expensive with longer wait times and more steps. It makes no sense and whoever came up with this system is dim.
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2 years ago, bob johaon
Horrible truck loading area
As a transporter I would think Copart would set a better example for keeping truck parking and loading areas , cleaner!!! I automatically charge more to transport Copart vehicles, mine you , I go to many locations in the pacific north west!!! Just a month ago , I went thru Las Vegas Location and got a huge cut in front drive tire of my semi truck!!! No response from management when I brought it to there attention!!!! For this reason I give far warning and 2 stars!!!!!
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1 year ago, Funny you think that will help
Background tracking
This is probably the stupidest thing you have ever put on this app. Can hardly get through the day with out having charge the phone with how it was . Let consume more battery life for a useless tool that will never work . Copart’s to worried about the red due in todays than giving something close to you . There can be 10 at one shop and they will give us one there and 1 across town and send you back to both later that afternoon. Let us decided if I want to be tracked .
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9 months ago, Bryan Davis jr.
Notifications don’t clear
Ever since new update with requirement of a PIN, cant clear my notifications which are over 100 messages now which is annoying. And when entering multiple vehicles with PINS and LOT#, sometimes it wont accept all of them and u have to reenter it in 1 at a time.
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2 months ago, Hk go getter
This is a general review for Copart Lasting longer & no good customer service
I have been in many Copart locations to pick up cars in USA what I have seen and heard is that at the most places there is not good service at all, drivers complains about arriving early regarding the appointment but not getting loads on time. Copart representatives in the offices and forklift drivers are mean(arrogant) to visitors. May need to hire some forklift driver to help when it busy
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4 years ago, Quincy 33
Quincy 33
I loved the App, but I can’t just yet give it 5 stars until all the Copart locations have all paperwork and titles prepared as well with a quick line just for scheduled drivers to pickup their paperwork. The Woodhaven, Michigan location is the ONLY location that have my paperwork waiting for me after the car has loaded.
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4 years ago, alver7
a glitch that needs to be fixed
It has a serious flaw that need to fix, the appointments are not deleted after I mark the cars as Dropoff, now I have a lot of appointments that do not disappear.
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2 months ago, Dr3wbby
Awesome app
Growing up in Copart when it was dealers only a lot has changed and takes getting use to but this app is just as simple and useful as it gets.
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5 months ago, Dinner roll
Stop f with it
It was good and working just fine then you kept updating it and changing things so now it randomly logs out you take a picture and it now tells you take a picture because the picture you took the first time was exactly what it asked for it, and whats really irritating, is requesting locations be on, yes having a phone is nice but having a phone with a battery is better
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3 years ago, Copart navigation help
CoPart navigation help
I need help figuring out how to change the default navigation in my Copart app for my iPhone to use Google maps instead of the iPhone maps when I click on the address for the customers house.
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4 years ago, Jenner0761
There needs to be a better way to do an update. Preferably not one just when your inside the app. I don’t know of any other app that updates like this, but it takes forever to download and half the time I have to restart it. I have to call in and have Copart manually accept all the time due to being unable to myself due to it updating.
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4 years ago, hawzar
Some issues
I have sometimes hard time to make a DROP OFF for some cars and never tell me how many car a head of me or how long I may wait
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5 years ago, Towing Service
Dispatching issues
The main issue I have as a dispatcher and driver I am able to dispatch to my drivers but let’s see something happens and my driver can’t get the car and I need to take the car back to me I can’t there’s not option to take it back to me, the only option is to change to another driver. Also the new update with the ETA that only make things slow because there’s not point of having that.
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1 year ago, Rey4503
Easier accessibility
I think app needs improvement. If I’m a manager and need to move some vehicles from one driver to another I can’t unless I call the branch. Also when it’s time for payroll an itemized list per driver will be much more helpful than a splat of lot numbers.
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2 years ago, vcolper
2 hours wait
Copart only had one forklift operator loading cars last time I picked a car They throw them around and do more damage to the car. I had a personal car at the site when I went to pickup it had rear bumper dented, both rear shocks bent by the forks, also the parking brake cable and muffler were damaged by the fork. My insurance totaled the car
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2 years ago, az towing
Just amazing app
I would like to see how much I money I earn every day and transfer to my back account whatever I want to
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6 months ago, Steamboat169
Need to add office visits to load out time as it takes more than 30 min in New Orleans to get in paper work done. You are supposed to be ready to load within 15 min of arrival and I’m still paying and getting title I lose my place in line.
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4 years ago, tt transport
Drop off
On some cars the app wouldn’t let you mark drop off?And sometimes you can’t mark arrive even if you are feets away?
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4 years ago, Ghshihfsafvvdfv
App works half the time.
Half if the time app doesnt work. Many time u keep on pressing the arrived button, or other selectable option and they dont work until it decides to work on its own. So frustrating. Copart fix these issues. I changed my truck and was trying to update the app with my current truck and it wont allow me to submit changes. Wont save my new information. So annoying
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2 years ago, nata2287
the worst unuseful app that I ever download. bought car at ma-west warren, scheduled appointment to pick up, came there earlier, waited like 2 hours. than was told that that sub-lot not working with this app. So why in the world that app took and schedule appointment? Even confirmed my arrival time. if that sub-lot not working with the app, app should block it. wast of time. Wish I can give 0 stars.
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2 years ago, itow4u
Best vendor app yet.
If all the motor clubs would have this great of an app for service providers it would make our job sooo much better.
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3 years ago, transporting 101
Company Owner
Wish I had full access to the secondary boards off my main board without logging out and logging into their boards. I want to be able to see if it’s in transit what the amounts are etc. i’m constantly flipping back-and-forth on three different boards.
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2 years ago, sanka124
You guys put me in the trouble with my customer when you guys write on the car it’s drivable and has a key and end up the car it doesn’t have key and it’s not even drivable with the broken engine and jam and I justLose my customer that doesn’t make sense why are you guys not writing the right information
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2 years ago, remark2525
Handy App.
Would give 5 stars but I can’t drop off some lots off my app. CSR’s couldn’t do it either. App glitch I guess. Send a message to the contact us page and got no reply. Not good Copart, Not Good.
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3 years ago, Dbifulco
I will give you zero stars if I could horrible never do business
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5 years ago, Redneck-trucker
Driver app
Needs to go back to the drawing board. Acknowledge screen needs an accept all button. Also needs to bug fixed so you dont have go back to the home screen and then back to acknowledge screen for each lot. The lots on the screen need the address and zones for each car so all the info you need for all the cars are on one screen.
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3 years ago, M1niel
Service information
App works fine from what little experience I have with it. I think it would be helpful, and quicker for service providers, if service info was available BEFORE assigning a driver and response time.
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5 months ago, Torque 323
Units in same location
On mobile phone. Units in same location not individually visible. Issue when dispatching to a driver.
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5 years ago, nith_kona
Very good and easy work application
This app saves lot of time getting cars picked from locations and drop at yards. Pretty good working app that i have ever seen...!
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4 years ago, Eder$
Not enough appointments/appointment times not granted.
There is not enough appointments through this app and when I am able to get a appointment the times for appointments are not meant and pushed back, my question is why are appointments even assigned for? Copart needs to figure out a better system with forklift drivers and transporters and buyers to pick up cars purchased at copart.
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4 years ago, intregrity
Easy way to file register and pick up
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7 months ago, AceDawg_04
Fast and Convenient
The app is convenient as it allows your vehicle to be scheduled to be picked up by appointment.
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1 year ago, MegandDudley
It is too complex. You cannot schedule a pickup without it being paid for and we pay with a Company check at pickup to get the secure funds discount. This prohibits us from scheduling a appointment ahead of time. Now I have to sit for hours after getting in line at the desk to pay.
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5 months ago, TN tow man
App will not open
I have updated my phone and tried to update the app. I can try and go on app and it will not open. It will start loading and then go back to my Home Screen. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and still same thing!!! 😡😡😡
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4 days ago, Heidi’s towing
My coworkers are respectful they always have work for me clean working area .. A 1 place I ever Worked . 💯💯
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4 years ago, Paulo Cesar Chavez
Excellent app but only at certain Copart’s. Some have not got the proper training and have 0 clue how it works, others are very effective when done the right way.
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5 months ago, eazy.leee
App itself
whoever made thus app god bless them made mad easy for drivers
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3 years ago, KristopherT84
Worked ok until the latest update.
This app worked ok until the recent update. Some yards still don’t have a clue how to use it right and now the app is way harder to use and very glitchy.
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4 years ago, b1v2v3;)
Overly complicated
Overly complicated and hard to follow along. You have to click the same car several times and is not user friendly.
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3 years ago, tow9274
The main group users need to have access to the full driver board without signing into each one of the.
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4 years ago, kevs240sx
The app was fine I use this app to help my business and keep control of cars being picked up. But since you use location I can’t put arrived since your app thinks my driver isn’t at your yard idk why you have it like that I’m leaving a bad review because of you location service.
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