COPIC Collection

3.9 (85)
281.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Too corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for COPIC Collection

3.86 out of 5
85 Ratings
4 years ago, GabrielAugustine
Could be really useful...
I really wish this app were as useful as it has the potential to be. Specifically, sorting your shopping list is available, but doesn’t work. When I try to move markers around to groups to help my prioritize my purchases, they sort of just go back to where they were when I started. The app would also be useful if it cross-referenced COPIC sets so you could easily tell what you already own in a set and if it’s worth buying. I started out my collection by buying all of the 6 marker sets, and now I’d like to buy a 72 marker set, but I’m too lazy to sit down and figure out which set has the least repeat markers from what I already own. As far as the actual color theory areas go, they’re cool, but in the end, for me, this is more of an “advanced shopping cart” instead of a tool to help me pick colors since I would never trust the screen to identify and choose hues—a self-made paper color chart works better for me.
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6 years ago, krismeadows71
Need to add Copic Multiliners & custom color mix formulas
This is a great app but to make it nearly perfect it would be great if Copics would add 3 things: 1) Copic Multiliners, empty markers and empty ink containers to the list and other paraphernalia such as Copic nibs, tweezers, SP multiliner refills and all that Copic offers including full sets for those that don’t need to spend time inputting 72 individual markers for commercially available Copic marker sets, 2) Add the ability to input custom color formulas made from all available bottled inks (I like mixing colors that Copic doesn’t offer and creating my own marker colors) and 3) Please add a lock feature so users don’t accidentally add/remove markers while scrolling through looking at our inventory while shopping for new markers. Otherwise, a truly wonderful app that is extremely helpful in keeping track of my 168 current Copic Sketch markers (and counting) and more than 2 dozen ink refill containers thus far. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Ateles
Useful BUT Could be better
I’m just starting my copic collection and this helps me keep track of what I have and what I need BUT it’s missing some basic features that would make life far easier Sorting colors/collection by marker sets would be huge! Save folks from doubling up on certain colors that have overlap.
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4 years ago, Renattam
Owned needs specified to subset selected
Overall recommend! Wish I could give 4.75 stars. Great app for seeing your markers and refills by category or everything together. Lots of great features but a big one is missing. If I select to show Stock only, and refills only, the Owned tallly should reflect that and only total how many refills I have in stock. Especially helpful as you try and build or account for your collection. Also, Something I haven't been able to find anywhere is a list of colors that ONLY come in sketch. Would really help those of us with both classic and sketch. The charts wi5h different shapes for what the color comes in doesn't cut it (Id explain but my review is crazy long already:) Thank you.
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10 months ago, Sydeec1
New UI is Bad
I love being able to keep track of my collection, it makes it easy to go to the art store and see what I do or don’t have Or at least it used to be easy. The old interface was much better. I used to be able to see both markers and ink refills that I owned, and I used to b able to see the numbers per color family. Now it’s like they combined the collection tracker with color swatch part and you have to scroll the entire color library just to look at colors. Entir color families aren’t visible, and you can barely tell what you have or don’t have. And you can only tell that you have a color, unless you click into it you can’t se if you have it in Sketch, Ciao, Ink, etc.
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7 months ago, ShinHito
The Older Interface Was Much Better
Usually I appreciate more minimalist graphic design approach, but this recent design overhaul update for this app is such a huge downgrade. The page with all the pen caps is the biggest part I miss, because you could easily see at a glance what you own (Sketch, Ciao, Ink, Classic were all grouped and each had a unique visual representation) along with the full name and number. I also miss the page where you could see your entire collection as a color chart. There’s now no longer a way to do that. I’m glad they added a barcode scanner feature, that’s about the only improvement, everything else is massively disappointing.
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6 years ago, BluQuaker
Perfect for keeping record of your collection
This app is perfect for keeping track of your copic Collection and very handy when out shopping for new colours, however I think it would be great if the app had a few more features such as adding sets and recommended for which sets to get next based on your colours, this would be great in the lead up to Christmas and would really help rather than going through each set to see how many colours you already own.
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2 years ago, 2486rl
Love the app
App is almost perfect but a couple of features would help. The ability show low ink on a marker. Similar to the star maybe a water drop above the pen to signify the need to buy a refill. A lock feature something simple like hold down the pad lock for five seconds to unlock and make edits to your collection to prevent accidental edits. Love the star feature for the shopping list. Notes area for other needs like paper or bibs
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6 months ago, Vixxie60
The upgrade was a downgrade
I thought an update was supposed to a good thing, but not in this app’s case. I got some new Copic markers, went to the app, and found the app had changed. It was a challenge to figure out what was what. I have to be honest, I don’t think I can rely on this app anymore, when I’m standing in an art store, and need to quickly and easily access what colors I have and don’t have. This app was beautifully designed before, and was pleasing to the eye. Seeing rows of pretty colors and the maker caps was a delight to the eyes. You kinda ruined it. You need another update!
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3 years ago, Lilty321
I love the app! But I have difficulty counting how many are on my shopping list/wish list. But it does tell me how many I have if I bought them. If there was a way to add a tally counter to the wish list as well it would make it easier for me. All in all, awesome app! I just need to save up money to buy off my wish list!
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10 months ago, piLoverAllOver
Great update, but…
There are so many wonderful things about the new update! All the camera features are awesome! Love the scan-to-log new markers feature as well as the color picking and project saving features! The white background is so much easier to read than the old gray/black background was. Two suggestions, though… First, can you make all the “purchased” checkmarks the same color? They eye can much more quickly see which colors are owned by scanning a list for all black dots vs. some black and some white. Second, can you put three indicators all on one screen — owned, wish list, and re-inker? That would show me everything I need to know in one place!
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5 years ago, Monica Donati
Need refills
I like this app for keeping track of the markers I have, but I wish there was also a way to keep track of the markers I have refills for. That is something I need to know if I am out buying new ones as well. That would be a great ad on—-maybe just a little asterisk or other mark that is included if you have the refill of that color marker.
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3 weeks ago, Nivoma
Older version was better!
If you don’t want to return to the older version, where one could see the kind of pen and colors one had, at least make a page on this version where you can do that! Seeing the end caps was comparable to looking into my box and seeing what I had or needed. I do not like this version where you have to search the color and then what pen you have. It’s ok to see all the colors, but it would be nice to see a virtual pen as well.
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6 years ago, Feraljunebug
I’d love the option to share my collection if owned markers and my shopping list
I love this app, especially since I won’t accidentally buy duplicates but it’d be phenomenal if I could send my family a link to my collection or shopping list so they don’t either. lol
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1 year ago, 64diskdrive
Really good just needs duplicate marking
As someone who accidentally has a bunch of duplicate markers since I buy various sets and it tends to repeat a couple I would really appreciate the ability to mark owning more than one of a marker and colour. Other than that it’s a solid app
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6 years ago, Smc7882
Transfer data from old app to new.
Before the new version came out. I spent time inputting info into old app. How can I transfer that info into version 2 app without manually inputting info again? I tried to find a app support email but could not. So writing in review. Should have a way to move data to new app.
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5 years ago, Oliviaeliese
LOVE!! Sooo happy!!
So I downloaded this app quite a while ago and it’s an amazing way to keep track of your Copic marker collection!! I can’t imagine not having this app since I own almost the entire set of sketch markers, not to mention all of my Ciaos. And refills. Love it! Get it. It will not disappoint!!
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9 months ago, Ekkamouse
New version not user friendly at all
Part of the fun of arts and crafts is organizing! But with this new version it is more work trying to view my collection of Copic sketch markers. It was so much easier to see which markers I already had in my collection and which one I would purchase in the future. Please bring back the other version or at least as an alternative option.
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7 months ago, Nicki_2023
Bring back the old app
There are a couple of nice feature in the new version of the app, but I would give those up to have the old app back. With the new app, it is really hard to see what you have and don’t have, you cannot see the color families and their easily. I am back to using my paper color chart.
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5 years ago, AttackOnDespair
i use this to keep track w/o looking at a chart and bringing it or looking at some bad photo of, so i can go shopping and not get the same one. its useful for if i wanna find a color to buy too. ONE SUGGESTION: add something to mark markers with no ink
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9 months ago, Kefliss
Get old 2.1 version if you can
Loved this app until version 3.0, they cluttered it up with a bunch of functions I didn't need and the UI is both uglier and harder to use now. Since I can’t downgrade the version, I’ll probably go back to using a spreadsheet.
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4 years ago, megmcgreg
could use a better user interface
After about two minutes of having the app downloaded on my phone, I already had the urge to stop trying to get where I wanted to go. Maybe consider making it easier to buy, save, sort, and organize all aspects of the interface. Thanks.
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11 months ago, Lionfish310
Do not like the new library function
The new library feature/function is not user friendly. Please go back to the previous version.
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3 years ago, Mcf 1968
Great app for knowing what markets you have when you at a store.
⬆️Read the top.⬆️ Didn’t even realize, but you can change the app icon!!!
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6 months ago, New Design is Unusable
New Design Unusable
I have had this app for a while and it was great. Super easy to use when shopping for new pens because you could easily see what you already own. This latest version basically ruined the app. It is super hard to see what you have and no long intuitive to use if you want to update your collection. Uninstalled.
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6 years ago, Da_e__
App no longer displays markers I had added
Not sure of what happened, but I entered my markers in the app, and they displayed ok. Today I was prompted saying the app contained old data. Now I no longer have my markers in the app. I’m also not finding the option to enter markers by sets.
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2 years ago, lamariposa20
Used to be great
As a utility app it was great but then you removed the ability to track refills. I have all the markers & need an easy way to track refills I own whilst also making a separate list of refills I need at that moment. Defeats the purpose of the app & makes it less useful.
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2 years ago, BobNotBobAgain
Shopping list feature
It doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Kingshockeygurl
No refills listed anymore
I used to love this app. But they took away the ability to add refills. There is no where I can find to save this info. So when I’m shopping I don’t know if I already have the refill or not. I’ve had to make my own paper tracking which defeats the purpose of the app. I deleted it.
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6 months ago, Kejesm
Hate the app redesign
It was so much easier to see what colors I had in the previous version of the app and I could change the color of the app icon. I hate the redesign and will probably delete it. I’ll just buy a color chart and color it in to see what I’m missing.
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7 months ago, Bix45432
Old UI was more user-friendly
It’s difficult to see what markers I don’t have with the new UI, and it’s much harder to navigate through the colors I do have. The app seems to also be harvesting more of my data.
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5 months ago, Simmie706
Such a waste
The barcode scanner doesn’t work and why don’t you guys have a option that lets you automatically add the whole collection if you own it to the library…
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8 months ago, RenoMsad
They messed up
The old UI was fine! Easy to see and keep track of the collection you actually had and mark what you needed. This thing now is a cluttered mess and genuinely leaves me upset Everytime I try to navigate it. Love COPIC but please bring back the old version. Thanks.
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10 months ago, dd fughrightgirhgihgrighrgifh
i just got the app and...
ok so i just got this app and why is it 4+ it should be 20+ like are parents cant just let us have a whole customer account just to have it.i thought it was just an app where they give you this collection of copic markers and you mark them that you have it like we don't want to do that.
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4 years ago, Scrappindiva6
Reading colors of pics
Love the app EXCEPT it does not work to take a picture and then app to tell you what colors to use. Please explain how to make this function work
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6 years ago, Al s b
“Set” Button
Please fix the disappearance of the “add sets” button. While this app is generally quite useful, It is extremely inconvenient to have to put 72 markers in by hand.
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3 years ago, ToddSBaltimore
Lost all data
Upgraded IOS to latest version, will not open. Try to update and downloads new version. Lost all records of markers on prior app. Have to start over.
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1 year ago, CPRox123
Please fix…
Please remove the Wide colors as they are old hat, and fix the names of E04, E13, E15, and the codes and names of all fluorescent colors.
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10 months ago, onecutemosoe
No longer useful
Though the new app is very pretty, it is not useful to have to find and open each marker to see if it is in my inventory. Please add a view to show markers owned within color groupings.
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5 years ago, pinkhairdp
So I just started the app and I want to identify the colors but it never guesses the right COPIC marker other than that it’s great
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5 months ago, leahsartiguess
I used to love this app
I used to absolutely love this app, it was perfection. The update ruined it, and it doesnt serve the purpose anyone got it for. Now I find myself desperately searching for a way to downgrade it. You messed up.
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2 months ago, jlbnov*19
Horrible update!
I hate the new version. I liked seeing my markers displayed the way the old version had them. Please PLEASE fix. Just awful. I won’t use it anymore
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4 years ago, ric//
Do Not Download
Just downloaded the app. Advertisement covered some of the check off blocks for the colors. Could not check off/fill in a color number to show I had that one. So I consider the claims above are false.
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4 years ago, Q-Uno
What does Comp. mean ??
Is that what other colors compare to what color you selected??
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10 years ago, Littlemisscraftypants
Almost an A+
LOVE the ability to always have my list of copics on hand to see which ones I need and which ones I want even when I'm unprepared and end up deciding to stop and pick up a few just for fun!! Thanks to this app, I never double up and I'm never choosing blind or purchasing markers by memory or even ones I know I won't use! This beats carrying around a pesky little notebook any day... A much more neat and clean way of keeping organized! However-- I have a complaint, and unfortunately it's kind of a serious one!! The 'Chinese only' language barrier is a big bummer!! There could be sooo many extra features to this app that I'm not able to benefit from bc of this problem! Aside from an English language option, I think it'd also be nice to add the 24 Copics Atyou Spica Pen colors to the stock list. I was hoping to find an app just like this for my Ranger Stickles Glitter glue colors but unfortunately, no such luck... I'm still stuck dragging around that notebook!!!
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9 months ago, SmileyGirl1982
What happened
Where is the screen that showed me what markers i had and did not at a glance? The new set up is harder to navigate.
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6 years ago, hgthbrg
Fix this
The app keeps deleting my markers I have stored, and I have over a 100!!
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4 years ago, Really confused.
Deleting markers
App deletes owned markers randomly. Please fix.
Show more
5 years ago, Terror Terror
Add your complete catalog
Where are the 30th anniversary markers? How about spare nibs? What about multi liners? Brush pens? Empty markers? Papers? Airbrush? Come on guys!
Show more
11 years ago, Rubber DuckMcBub
Mostly in English, has everything you need, works beautifully. There's even an option to find complementary colors to each marker! Love this app so much, my fav after Tumblr and Instagram. Yeah, it's that good. My only tiny complaints would be to make the "set" tab have English as well (I'm assuming it downloads in the language[s] your device is set to?), and to find a store not only in Japan, but the rest of the world. But the fact that these features are even available is what makes this app great.
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