Copy My Data - Smart Transfer

4.5 (7.8K)
76.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Red Sky Labs, S.L.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Copy My Data - Smart Transfer

4.45 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
3 years ago, ferysery
cant handle more than 1800 photos
I tried it on different occasions on multiple ipads with latest ipadOs14 variants, on all tried scenarios the app stops at 1800:files with no error or warning, busy sign continue to rotate on screen but the numeric counter stuck on a number around 1800 and no more progress, wasting time. Did the author fixed this annoying behavior in the latest update؟
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12 months ago, Keyokee
Galaxy to IOS
Spend 2.5 hours at the store and the only thing my wife and kids could get transferred at the store was their contacts, I found this app on you tube and tried it, and was done transferring everything from my S21 to an iPhone 14 in about 35 minutes other than the apps I had that were not compatible with IOS. My wife reset her new phone and tried this app and was done in less than an hour. My kids didn’t reset and are still having problems getting all of their apps back.
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5 years ago, Keykard
So easy to use
This so does what it promises. I just spent two hours at the phone store trying to transfer my data and they could not. I saw some people had trouble using this app, and I don’t know why. I put the app on both phones and it did all the work. If I could rate you a 10, I would. I will tell anyone and everyone to use this app. I am a fan. And this from a person that is not a computer person. Don’t fall for the bad reviews. My 6 year old grandson could transfer files with this app
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1 year ago, BlessedBabygirl39
Copy my data
I opened the application to see what it consisted of and then the first thing I notice is you advertised for free and in small print at the bottom you then added for 5 days, “If you were chosen as a member”? My question is how do you go through the process of “choosing the right member”? And then I see you wanna charge which again is advised for free. In small print it states that if you are not chosen as a member, you still continue to charge??? Where is the communication between you and the members to let them know all of this? That’s just a question of mine. Thank you, Tiffany
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6 years ago, oemd001
Read me!
Honestly, this is one of the greatest iphone transfer apps out there. It gets the job done quickly (depending on the amount of photos you have) and flawlessly. Contact transfer is second to none, photo transfer is great, there is so many good things about this app! Also, there are NO ads so there will not be a hassle to skip or a purchasable premium. All iPhones on this work very well. Totally recommend!
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4 months ago, Nickname Minaj
Won’t Let Me Cancel
I had to do the trial in order to copy my data, but there is no way to cancel now that I don’t need it anymore. The app said they would send me an email after 2 days letting me cancel, then on the third day it would charge me - no email, no way to cancel, and now I’m getting charged. It also wouldn’t finish copying my data. I tried copying and it froze at 97%. I closed the app completely, tried again, and it froze at 89%. So I have to manually set up my iPad now. It worked great years ago when my phone’s screen died, but I guess it hasn’t held up.
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6 months ago, Unity’s games don’t pay
Worked great
We’re great at hurst then it had a couple sticking points and I had to go back so it would register what device it was and then it fixed itself real quick and then move forward and moved it over real quick. No more problem after that are not great app
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11 months ago, Sirjhud80
I’m writing this review because it seems to have done its job, but however, like previous people have said as it’s moving along because the only thing that I wanted to transfer was contacts the clock stops. My receiving stopped at 394 contacts loaded or sent over but it seem to have sent everything seemingly of importance that I care about over not absolutely for sure but possibility.
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5 years ago, puddinatane
Transfer contacts
I could not figure out how to transfer a lot of numbers that weren’t properly saved to my old cell. I had coworkers and friends trying to help. The girl at my cell store told me about this app.. It was so easy to do. It was only about 4 steps and 4 seconds to do. 40 days of trying to figure it out.....4 seconds to fix!!!
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6 years ago, Neida 💕
Amazing but...
I have been using this but recently i had to send all of my photos and videos and when i tried to do that, it kept saying i have a connection problem.
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5 years ago, agkc123
Life saver favorite app ever!
I got an iPhone and had backed it up from an old iCloud back up but my most recent stuff was on my pixel so I couldn’t set it up as a new phone with the move to iOS thing so I tried this! It worked in 25 minutes all my contacts updated and photos and videos all moved over. So easy to use!!
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3 years ago, bob da tomatoe.
Works the way it’s supposed to.
It worked how it said and transfer all my photos, contacts and I think some other things. I didn’t have much stuff to transfer but it works well I would use it again. Very easy to use.
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2 years ago, SoCal Phones
Nothing is made known
So when you transfer files from one device to another you load the same program on both devices and then the two devices talk to each other, move to iOS, fails to guide the user with a couple of clear simple intuitive steps but with a great deal of unclear screwy idiotic “things” that you couldn’t possible know unless you’ve been to a training class. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. Crappy program
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6 months ago, BennyStacks
Ads phish for credit card information! Stay away!
The ads will prompt you for credit card information leading you to believe it’s required to transfer your data. My brother unknowingly gave away his credit card number and is getting charges for escort services and has to completely change his card number. Why is this application allowed to be in the App Store Apple?
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3 months ago, Borikenpr
Remove me
So you guys keep trying to charge my card to renew my services with you guys I do not want it obviously if I have not paid it, it means that I do not want it. Stop trying to take my money and within the app you can’t even see an option to cancel the subscription and even through my Apple I’m not able to cancel it. You guys need to cancel me as soon as possible take me off of your list.
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10 months ago, Cash Fan 1914
This App Used to be good.
New and improved and loaded with advertising that gets in the way of the actual functionality of the app. Tap the wrong thing and boom you are off to a website or watching a video. The app failed to sync my devices on numerous attempts, and when I did finally connect see the above. Over this app now gets a 1 star as zero is not an option.
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5 months ago, bobbyb8857
Transfer completed less than 3 minutes Hint, I used my OneDrive to download pictures and files, made process so much quicker
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4 years ago, SleepFarter
Photos still being skipped
Was able to transfer contacts however out of 3000 photos only half of them were being transferred. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app was the only way to start the process again and it would still stop halfway with the photos. Looking for another alternative now.
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6 months ago, LadyV1284
I tried numerous apps before this one and I’ve got to say 5minutes and it was done! The only add I noticed was the add to upgrade which wasn’t necessary, bc just a couple taps and voila!
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1 year ago, StevieEBB
Declined all my credit cards?
Before I could use this app, it made me create an online profile and enter credit card information (even though it is free). I entered 4 cards that I have, and it declined every single one. I know for a fact all these cards work. I never got to use this app because of the complicated initiation. There is also no way to contact support for help.
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4 months ago, J Petty
Nice work on having the additional pop up and take over the program. Oh I finally saw the very small tab on the very top. I hope those companies are paying you well as I just about went looking for another app.
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4 years ago, HalfAnAnna
Connected once, partial transfer. Now won’t reconnect
What a useless app. Connected and did a partial transfer. Then disconnected. Absolutely nothing will induce it to reconnect to finish the data transfer. Did all recommended rebooting of WiFi router and both phones off-restarted within 6 feet of router. Nothing. Just keeps “searching for devices”. Hours and hours it’s been searching. Absolutely frustrating and useless.
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6 months ago, Drew person
Doesn’t work!!
Go to use the app tap on next and then it triggers a message that says go to general, then rest, then reset privacy and location. I do all this and then once again it won’t work and says it still can’t connect to my calendar, so I try again and again. Still nothing. Makes zero sense. It just doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, jpbaycman
Move data
Not sure why...but it does not copy all the photos from older iphone6 to new iPhoneSE 2nd generation...over 4000 on older phone ... The app "hits the wall" at 1932 photos... honestly not sure why but it does at least move 1932 photos... with and with out iCloud enabled and using local wi-fi at home
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6 years ago, So Appreciative
Worked wonders!!
Thank you with the help on transferring my contacts and photos. Did better than most telephone providers. Thanks again.
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5 years ago, Cool Carl Saint
Love this app
This app did what the apple tech guys could not do and transferred even my text messages from my droid turbo 2 to my new iPhone 11max pro in just minutes.
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3 weeks ago, GigiNjG
The app was slow opening and took forever to find the other phone I had to open and close the app multiple times
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4 months ago, mintbox360
iPhone to Motorola
Transferred my iPhone SE data to Motorola moto e phone. As best I can tell, all my contacts, photos, and videos transferred without any problems.
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5 years ago, Collin689
Nothing bad to say
I have used this app countless times to switch phones and it works flawlessly! Thank you for blessing the technological world with this amazing application.
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3 years ago, dont think just use it
Best app for transferring data
I had no problem in transferring my data from iPhone 6 to one plus Nord 2 app .go for it
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11 months ago, Lawdoc1
This is by FAR the best application I’ve event installed on ANY & ALL my wireless devices works great with all the platforms I’ve used thus far
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10 months ago, anonabcd
Don't bother
This app is useless. Too many ads that are way too big and cover most of the screen. Neither tablet could 'find' the other one no matter how many times I tried and none of the troubleshooting hints were even a little bit helpful. Don't waste your time.
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5 years ago, Rana1981qwer
Not so good
I know it works well but here’s the thing. There are so many other apps like this that it has no variety. Also, I’m not able to transfer apps such as Minecraft or Roblox. But, it can transfer photos and contacts.
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3 years ago, weirdkittyreads😂
This app works as intended but it is only limited to contacts, calendars, photos, and videos which means that it can’t transfer any files or app data.
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4 years ago, BoiIfYouDont-
This worked the first time I needed to transfer, but now when I’m transferring my photos or videos it always stops at a specific number and freezes. Can anyone help my fix this
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4 years ago, MarcianPolo619
This app looked promising at first, when I opened the app, I followed the instructions correctly, it said that 2 of my videos on my older phone successfully transferred, so I checked and there was nothing there on my new phone! I waited 4 hours to see if it finally transferred, and nope, it didn't. This app wasted my time just to transfer nothing!
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1 year ago, Jsufndn
For one to many ads, two. After you pair your phones an you select photos, videos etc. and then after you click transfer then finish an ad pops up and then it tells you phones need to be connected.
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3 years ago, Syreassa
12 pro max
This app doesn’t work well on the newest iPhone. It keeps saying put in my pin and select next but theres no where to put the pin. So I just gotta get rid of my old photos unfortunately.
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6 years ago, Rayray123lol
Good app
I’m getting a new phone in 2 days and just by reading these comments I have a good feeling this is the right app !! :)
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2 years ago, Vawnypants
I got all my 1,350 photos and 112 videos in around 20 minutes.
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6 years ago, msgwar
O M G 😱😱
i was trying to get the contracts back from the other iphone , when i use this app i did it quickly 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
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6 years ago, Altairpilot
Cute but does not work
Transferring two phones at the moment. Both phones started transferring flawlessly. About four hours later, i come back to realize they are both frozen on one file (for who knows how long). A cute concept, but an absolute waste of everyone’s time, and we are under time pressure.
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6 months ago, Boom344
No longer usable
It used to work great until you idiots screwed it up. Now it asks for calandar access so they can spy on you and tells me to reset my privacy settings which does no good so great job guys. You broke something that was already working perfectly. 👍👍
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6 years ago, Darbanmalek
Honestly it works perfect! I have use this app 2 times ever. 3 years ago & just now. It transfers contacts easily
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6 years ago, Ana Happiness
The best 5stars!
The best one! I lost a lot of time to try to transfer all my contacts and this app did so easy and so fast!
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4 weeks ago, Jesús V2
Freezes at 9%…
After going thru the process 3 or 4 times including once overnight, it just freezes at 9% complete, every single time. I used a free competitor’s app and it worked like a charm in 10 minutes all my files were in new iPhone.
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6 years ago, akshdbetuwodh
Omg This is Awesome
This works so well I’ve been trying to transfer my things over for a while and this is the best free app ever!
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6 years ago, Yoyossf
Transferred contact in moments... woh!
Was happily surprised with this great app. Both phones on the same Wifi and transfer in moments.
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2 months ago, onegreatcatchdhs
You don’t cancel when you’ve been canceled you keep charging me and I have no recourse unless I resubscribe because I no longer have an account but you keep charging me!
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4 years ago, donndovemsp
I love this app!!
After I forgot to add my info at the set up page, this app helped a lot!!
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