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User Reviews for CopyClip - Clipboard History

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5 years ago, Cheetah-Beetah
What took you so long?
I was simply astounded when I was asked to do a review for Copy Clip! The invitation took me back to a time "pre- CC" when I didn't have the ability to see any history of my clipboard, let alone the power to go back and paste a clipboard item that I copied to the clipboard but have copied 79 items since. No kidding! My copy clip is set to temember the last 80 items I copied to clipboard. It is like I no longer write, create or design in fear of losing stuff. My astoundment stems from my totally forgetting about thse college days when in a matter of seconds, a twety-nine page research paper could be gone with no chance of retrieval all because I copied to clipboard, deleted one graphic from the paper, accidentally copied a second graphic to the clipboard and POOF!! - 29 pages gone forever. I mean if you're readng this and you do not yet have copy clip installled, please do it now. And for those who are thinking, "How stupidi of that guy to not have a back up of those 29 pages!!", consder the following.. I have Copy Clip and you don't! Me stupid? What took YOU so long to finally get here?
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2 years ago, Aviky
Brilliant little non-intrusive utility that now I can't work without
This is a great little utility and I can't emphasize enough how much it helps me in my current workflow. However, I would still like to suggest two tiny improvements: a. The utility remembers 80 clippings, however displaying that many would be pain. And sometimes I actually copy-paste alot need to go quite far back, therefore an easy expand option on the list would work great. b. It would be great if older clips re-surfaced up when copied again. Sometimes it happens that I clipped something, say a fedex tracking number that I need to see 7 days later. Now after clipping other stuff the fedex numbe is pushed deep down. In order to keep it on top of list, I would love if it showed up on top when copied again.
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3 years ago, JimTurney
behind ClipMenu app
CopyClip functions fine as a basic clipboard manager BUT it still doesn't work as well as the similar free ClipMenu app which has very useful "Snippets", "Shortcuts" and "Actions" (all very useful but the user doesn't have to bother because they don't complicate the interface or basic usability) plus configuration of almost everything imaginable, from the menu bar icon choice to what types of files may be clipped to the quantity of clipped items stored to subfolders on the menu etc etc. Finally, that amazing little app hasn't been updated since 2014 but still works flawlessly up thru at least Catalina (I haven't upgraded to Big Sur but expect it will continue working well). Because I'm always nervous that ClipMenu will break, I hope this review will motivate CopyClip developers to step up and 'copy' the versatility of ClipMenu because a capable clipboard manager is an essential operating feature for me (and I think anyone that bothers to use it a while will surely then be spoiled). So I've always wondered why Apple doesn't integrate this feature in the mac os??
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4 years ago, Protoplasm_Zero
Great utility - but could be even better
Great product. I use it daily. Super helpful. Very reliable. I'd give this 4.5 stars if half stars were an option. So what would I still like to see? Just two things: 1) Would love some kind of option to 'pin' certain items that would then not get cleared. I have a few clips I use over and over and over and would like to always have those 2 or 3 clips available 'forever'. But then there are many other clips I want to clear and it would be good if I could do a 'clear' while still leaving a few 'pinned clips' in place. 2) Not sure if this is possible technically, but it would be great if the list of blacklist applications separately called out the browser's (Chrome, Safari, etc.) private modes (ex: Chrome's Incognito). I don't use private browser mode often, but when I do it would be great if CopyClip could blacklist Incognitio mode to further enhance privacy.
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4 years ago, RazzyReds
Easy to use and so useful
What I hated most was when I forgot to set it to start on login, and I copy and pasted a lot of stuff and wanted to open copy clip and find the first thing I copied. When it's running, I never have to worry that I am copy and pasting between many windows, knowing that I have to repaste the same data multiple times. It's just there when I need it. I work in IT - and we have documented commands that I have to run many times, or input values which are LONG strings and typing them is a pain, and they are in the output from some other command, document, or request from users, and I copy and paste all the times. I love the fact that it is in the top bar and a drop down list. And that you can customize how many clips you save. So far, I have not found a down side.
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4 years ago, iShubes
Missing one thing
It does exactly what I need it to do and for that, I love it. As a minister, I copy/paste multiple scriptures throughout my outlines/papers, and the ability to have multiple passages of scripture on a single clipboard has made my sermon preparation so much easier! Thank you! The only drawback I’ve seen so far is that, not only does it NOT support copying tables, but it actually impedes that function within Microsoft Word. I use tables a LOT - for quotations, resources, emphasized points, et al - and I am FREQUENTLY copying tables within Word. The first time I tried to copy a table within Word - with CopyClip running in the background - the text copied, but I lost the “paste as table” function in Word; I had to completely close CopyClip in order to restore that function in Word. I would love to see CopyClip support the ability to copy/paste as a table but apart from that tiny thing, I’m truly happy with it.
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8 years ago, jonnydoplar
Must Have App!
I cannot even begin to guess how many exasperating hours of re-typing this would have saved me when I was completing my degree a few years ago. If you type many paragraphs and documents with creative original content - especially online, you cannot afford to have this app. No more sick feelings when you realize the discussion board or site you were typing your content on has timed out before you finished editing or submitting. Plus many other instances when you realize you would like to use the same content you have alread copied but after you copied something else. Invaluable stress and time reliever.
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6 years ago, drinkKavaKava
The Skinny - Get it, it works as expected
All else aside if you use this as a Typical or normal user, I would say you’ll be in love 1000% guarantee. That said, I can always lock up and crash a mac, even the old ones which took a lot of effort… same in my testing with this loaded: The only negative is that it’s been guesstimated that it’s been tied to a crash and seen it lock up a couple times when only thing different were after adding it. I’ve tried this on and off and it’s mainly when fast user switching and I have 3-4 browsers with 20-40 tabs in each just maxing out the beast and I have been able to produce some strange lock ups.
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4 years ago, pwforaker
Indispensable utility
This app is one of the most useful on my Mac. I no longer have to go back and forth between programs to copy multiple items. I copy them all one at a time from the source document and then use CopyClip to select and paste into the destination. In addition, some programs don’t treat the Clipboard correctly. Using LiveCode, for example, if I collect some tab-delimited data on the Clipboard and then paste into Google Sheets, the tabs are ignored and the entire row pastes into the first cell. But, if I first select the item in CopyClip, I can paste into a spreadsheet with the data distributed across the columns. This app is a major time saver. Great work.
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7 years ago, edub114
First off, I cannot believe this application is free! Thank you to the team that has made this phenomenal application, I didn’t think I’d use it much at first but now I find myself scrolling through my past copies to find an important line of text and CopyClip always works and always has the line of text that I need. The command shortcuts make it really fast and easy to copy a line of text, and overall I’d recommend it. Plus, even if you don’t like it (which would be absurd), it’s free, so there’s no harm in trying it in the first place! Enjoy, and frett no more when you need something that you copied earlier!
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4 years ago, Corrine50ish
Time & Aggrevation Saver!
Did you ever wish that your clipboard (on your computer) could copy more than one thing? Or that you could paste more than one thing at a time? Have you ever copied something to paste, and then accidentally copied something else and lost the first thing before you had a chance to paste it? (I do that all the time!) Well friends, there's Copy Clip. This free little app has changed my life and saved me sooo much time and aggrevation! It remembers everything you copy, so you can go back to it later to paste when you need to, as many times as you need to. It's wonderful!
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7 years ago, Dertwerst
Perfect solution to an embarrassing problem
Something that used to happen to me pretty often was, I’d type out some big old essay or social media post, I’d cut it with the intent of pasting it someplace else, but then, before I got around to doing that second part, I’d copy some other thing and lose all that text. Pretty embarrassing, in that “Man I’m dumb” kind of way. So when I found out this app existed, it was an instant essential. For whatever reason, that doesn’t happen anymore; but I do still occasionally copy something before having pasted the previous thing I copied, so this is still a mighty handy app!
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5 months ago, Bookwormbrainiac
Such a life saver... Can't live without it!
Seriously, this tiny little tool has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.. Do you ever copy something important to your clipboard, get distracted, and then go and do something else, and while you're doing that something else, you copy ANOTHER thing to your clipboard, potentially just overwriting that really important OTHER thing you had in your clipboard? Well if that sounds like a horror story that you've lived through and don't want to repeat, CopyClip is the tool for you! Seriously - I can't live without it at this point.
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5 years ago, Lena Banx
Simply Awesome
That's it, really. A simple idea, executed perfectly so that it will save you incredible amounts of time and effort. You know when you word something juuuuust right, and it may not be half of your essay for your college final, or something incredibly groundbreaking but regardless, the page loads out or your computer shuts off suddenly (quick, grab the charger!!!) and now you have to try to rewrite that simple message to your friend but it was oh so perfect the first time and for some reason you can't seem to be as... eloquently blessed the second time around? Trust me, then. You need this app.
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7 years ago, imaspaceman5
It’s a helpful app but is it necessary?
Its nice to be able to copy multiple selections at once and then pick which you would like to paste but being used to not having this feture for so many years I find myself not using it much. One change I would make is put the copied selections in the right click menu. Like instead of going to the menu and picking the selction you would like to paste you can right click where youd like to paste, hover over the paste options and then a secondary menu come up and you can select which selection youd like to paste. Would make the app so much better. Its a good app and being that its free you cant go wrong.
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7 years ago, Somps
I’ve needed this for a long time
I haven’t used this enough to know of any bugs or anything not good. Wish this version could “PIN” a copy to the top. Bcoday, not sure if you will see this, but Apple has the same feature as cut and paste, but it is executed slightly different. Instead of Command X then Command V, you choose whatever and do Command C to Copy and then Option Command V to paste and delete from previous location in that order. So, effectively beeing secure, it copies, pastes and deletes the original in the same amount of strokes as Cmd X then Cmd V. Mac version of Cut and Paste. Cmd C then Cmd Opt V. Hope this helps anyone wondering about cut and paste.
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5 years ago, ksloveritz
No more back and forth
There are many many times in my work where I need to copy an email address and a phone number and some other details from point A to point B. Before, I had to do each field individually. Copy clip allows me to copy multiple fields and saves them independently so I can go to the destination and paste the fields where they belong. Before, I had to copy from the source, paste at the destination, copy from the source, paste at the destination, copy from the source, paste at the destination. NOW, copy, copy, copy, paste, paste, paste. Happy, happy, happy. Thanks CopyClip.
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2 years ago, BusyGuy123
Outstanding app!
I use this app constantly. It is seamless, non-intrusive, and highly effective. If you have certain phrases you need to plug in several places, but not before doing other copy/paste work, this will save them and you can use them again. Also if you have 2-4 or more things to copy from one source or file to another, you can copy then all then paste them all without bouncing back and forth. I have used it on an older iMac and on new MacBook Air and it runs smoothly.
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5 years ago, Ukeduke98
Must Have
I use this app every single day, multiple times a day. This utility has saved me more times than I can count. Truly, the bestutility for my papers in all of college to be able to go back into my recent clipboard history. Being able to go back and access my citations without having to scroll back through my 9 page paper to find it. Excellent app, never fails. 5 stars all around. It's a utility that works so well, you'll probably forget about it. But once you've used it, you can't live without it.
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5 years ago, Callooh.Callay
Like It Says On The Label
I've used two or three different clipboard utilities in the last few years, and they always get abandoned by their creators — I'm hoping that doesn't happen with CopyClip, because I use it literally every day. It is indeed easy to use and simple, with no elaborate keyboard shortcuts to memorize, which is just what I need. In terms of criticism, I don't have much to say. It works great. The app icon is kind of ugly, I guess (the menubar item icon is cute, though). If you need this kind of app, this is your best shot. Here's hoping it sticks around!
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3 years ago, BlisterPeanuts
It just works!
I was spoiled, coming from Linux which has built-in clipboard history widgets in both KDE and Gnome. Thus it's been frustrating going back to a "single item" clipboard world. This is the missing feature that both Mac and Windows should have had built in. So far, CopyClip has worked well, not annoyed me with ads or pop-ups (actually I would pay if they asked for money - it's that useful to me). Thanks for your hard work and providing such a useful daily-use product.
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6 years ago, Nilsy Nils
Must Have App!
CopyClip is one of those apps that you can’t live without once you realize the benefits of having it. I use it several times each day and love it. If I have to copy three separate areas of text to three other areas in another window, I just copy all three sources, one at a time, then paste them all, one at a time with some keyboard shortcuts. No jumping back and forth between windows, no trying to remember where you copied something from, no sweat. Download it. You’ll love it.
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7 years ago, hueline
great free tool
I have not used this app to it’s fullest extent but for what I have used it for it has been great. I am giving it four stars but will revisit the rating after I have beaten on the app a bit more. Right now I have nothing bad to say - it installed, I configured it and it works. Update: The more I use it the more I like it. What an excellent tool! Update: Now that I am totally addicted to this tool on my Mac desktop and notebook I wish there was an easy way to have this functionality on my ipad and iPhone.
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6 years ago, weevil07
Saves my life every day
This is seriously just a wonderful app. It has saved me a lot of time. I have to type responses into pop-over light boxes. They're very easy to click out of, and all the text is lost. I've always copied as I go to save my work, but, I'm also copying other text strings into it as I go, so invariably, I'd lose the box, start over, paste in my "save" only to find out it was the other tiny bit of text. This app has solved this problem for me. So much more sanity in my life.
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5 years ago, motiver
Great app. Cannot live without it.
UPDATE: They fixed the issue that I reported alst time. Upgraded my rating to 5 stars. I am not sure how I lived without this all along. This is a must have utility for macs. This is a great app. I have been using it only for a few days and I already fell in love with it on my Mac. The only problem with this is that it displays only the last 20 clips even though I set the preferences to store and display the last 80 clips. Fix that and you will get 5 stars.
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4 days ago, LMans9436
Clipboard History
Ever copy something to your clipboard and a few minutes or days mourn that it's not still there? This is one of the handiest "Little" Utilities I've seen. It simply remembers your recent clipboard items and is just waiting there for you to go get them again. It resides as a paper clip icon in your bar at the top of your screen and is just waiting to display all your recent clipboard items.
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1 year ago, Pat Shiu
An Essential App
Have used this app for years at this point. Can't live without it. Got it originally to streamline a workflow for work, but found other nifty little ways to utilize it over time. For example, I've gotten into the habit of copying the fields before submitting forms (especially long ones that are a pain to fill in) just as a kind of insurance if the form submission were to fail. Has certainly saved me some grief on occassion!
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2 years ago, Mike Meg
A personal and business lifesaver
Love this app--easy to use, saves tons of time, and has even changed the way I work. I can copy multiple items one by one without paging between two documents, knowing they'll be safe to paste and repeat when I'm ready for them. Adding image and additional formatting support would be great, but five stars nonetheless for revolutionizing my productivity. Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, shabush12
A Must Have App
This is clearly a better solution to keeping track of whats on your clipboard. This is a great app to use when you are working across multiple platforms maybe preparing a report or presentation (e.g., word, excel, powerpoint, internet, etc.). You can see and retrieve previous copy clips easily without having to go back and search for content within the other applications. It’s easy to use. You should get it, try it and you will love it.
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2 years ago, BobinDal
really like it
really like the app - trying to manage repeated copy / paste text is so much easier now. i just discovered the "stop recording" on the Preferences / General option. so when I have the clipboard with the stuff i typically need, and i'm about to do a lot of copy / pasting that i don't need to save, flip off the "recording" option. as mentioned, the stuff i want doesn't scroll off
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7 years ago, MakoMakko
Basic Functionality is great, 2 things are missing
I am using copyclip for a while and it never crashes and it’s super simple to use. However, two things are missing, at least from my angle of work. 1. It would be great to keep certain elements that you need to paste again and again, such as your signature. I have a different app for that purpose now, but I don’t see why this shouldn’t be incorporated. 2. The assigned shortcuts interfere with automatic shortcuts used on Mac Os, so you either need to change the system defaults or desist from using the shortcuts
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6 years ago, Seppukusword
One of the small list of necessary applications!
OS X has great features. It has well thought out ideas and processes and is a joy to use. There are a few applications, which added to OS X, mulitply its usability. CopyClip is one of these applications! Once you understand and take advanatage of the usability of up to 200 instances of items in your clipboard, you will never go without it. The amount of time CopyClip saves me each day is measurable and valuable. Thank you CopyClip!
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7 years ago, Great Southern Bear😎🤔
Great idea! Unfortunately when pasting copy of a document created by Nisus Pro 2 in RTF format to paste into Mellel the formatting was lost! When I tried to paste it into a new Nisus document, to verify the problem, the formatting was still missing. The only thing pasted in both of the documents was just the text. The pagebreaks etc. were all gone. I tried several other documents that were in RTF format and had the same problem.
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2 years ago, WebsterNY
Great! Lacks Pin & Search
Can't live without this app. It unfortunately lacks a way to "pin" some entries, and no "search" function. CopyClip2 (which is paid I believe) has pin and search, but bizzarely its a TOTALLY DIFFERENT APP, I can't say I like the layout or interface much. They could have simply added pin and search to the original CopyClip; why the diid not is mysterious .... Anyway, I use both apps. Mostly the original CopyClip, but if I need search or pin I go to CopyClip2.
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1 year ago, Werkingman
everything most folks need
Tired of copying one item at a time? CopyClip is a free utility that keeps a history of all you have copied. There may be an upper limit of total copies, but then there is a paid version of this with more features if you need it. I am easily satistied with the free version. I used to use copypaste, but lost it along the way. So glad to find this. Thank you FIPLAB!
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5 years ago, Clam12
It certtainly does a great job of recording a history of your clipboard, but it is not convenient to use. In order to access your clipboard history you have to bring the app into focus by clicking on it (it's not easily command tab-able since it runs in the background—you have to write a little script or use a program like BetterTouchTool in order to select CopyClip through a keyboard shortcut). Once you have the drop-down menu open, you can select your desired text string by manually clicking on it, using the shortcuts ⌘0-9 for your most recent ten copies, or by scrolling through your history with the arrow keys and selecting your text string by pressing either spacebar or return. It's functional but barebones. I'd look elsewhere if you're wanting a more robust and efficient clipboard history. It is free after all—can't expect too much.
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3 years ago, sabig911
Love This
I had been using another app when I was on a Windows Desktop and hadn't been able to find anything comperable until i discovered this. I only wish you could create like canned responses so you can quickly grab it from the templates area of the app. The other app i had did this and it was extremely handy. Still giving 5 stars.
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2 years ago, TJisRet
I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I have found out that it deliveres as promised and a highly usefull and stable little app. And in fact I have considered getting CopyClip 2 but the only thing that has held me up is I noticed it has been a year since any updates to either versions? Wondering if it has been discontiued?
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5 years ago, Jeffrey P Vas
Compared to Pasteboard missing so many features`
I want to be able to put my cursor in a window, click the paperclip in the menubar, select my paste choice and have it automaticallly dropped at the cursor. Instead, SO many extra steps to accomplish the same thing. You have to lose focus on the window where you want to clip in the fiest place, click the paperclip, select your choice (which is never among the hotkey choices, if you have historical items you're constantly pasting), go back to the place you wanted to paste to begin with, put your cursor there, hit command-V. It's horrible.
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6 years ago, WhilhelminaWil
Not the best
After using another app that for some reason stopped working with High Sierra, I am spoiled. With this app it requires 3 steps. Why even use it? 1. You copy. 2. You open this app and choose what you want to paste. 3. You paste using CMD-V. In my other app I simply copied, placed my cursor where I wanted to paste, opened the app and chose the item and voila, it was where I wanted it. I could tab to fields, open the app and pick the item and without having to do another CMD-V, it was pasted. Why doesn’t this app do that instead of making you CMD-V twice? It defeats the purpose of even using this app. 2 stars might be generous.
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7 years ago, couragousthehuge
Simple, Convenient, Awesome!
I have used CopyClip for over a year now and I LOVE it! Its become such a needed tool that I use on a regular basis I wonder how I got along without it before. I’m copying and pasting things all day and this app helps me stay focused on what I’m doing instead of searching through browser tabs and applications to find the thing I copied to my clip board 5 minutes ago. Thanks CopyClip for saving my productivity!
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2 years ago, AWildTyphlosion
Can't go without
As a developer, I constantly copy and paste from Stackoverflow, and sometimes I forget what I have in my clipboard, and I'll end up overwriting something and I won't be able to remember where I copied it from. Well not anymore. Now I can copy and paste from Stackoverflow without having to worry about losing my place.
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5 years ago, YmBecYL
Useful app for productivity
The premise is simple--keep a history of your clipboard so that you can paste several things that were copied individually before. Anyone who works editing text should have this app, it is way more helpful than you imagine and you can't live without it afterwards. I just can't give it 5 stars because for some reason the shortcuts have never worked on my computer and they would save me a ton of time.
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7 years ago, Bill Raab
Love it!
Just started using it a few days ago. Wonderful app. What I found particularily useful just today was editing a list of user accounts where I was copying and pasting the new email address for users into their account setups. Lots of contacts, lots of distractions… if I needed re-assurance as to where I was at in the list I could just look back on my list of copied email addresses. Awesome!
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3 years ago, higuif
Extremely useful
Never have to worry about accidentally cutting something when you meant to copy again!! Just today I was submitting a cover letter for a job and thought I lost it after cutting and then copying another line of text right after. No sir! Thanks for copyclip, I was able to save my cover letter and (hopefully) get the job!
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7 years ago, Occulus Taurii
#1 Productivity app of all time..
I can remember the many times I have been frustrated by just having 1 buffer in the clipboard. But since I started using CopyClip a year ago, I can just rely on the CopyClip clipboard buffer to be available at a keystroke. No more worring about lost data. CopyClip is my #1 productivity app. I install it on all Macs that I come across, mine or my friends/family.. Thanks to the developers for such an awesome app.
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4 years ago, momo_530758
Missing critical features / bugs
1) Doesn't handle pasting formated, multiline text, at least not in Gmail 2) It would be great if there was an option to have recorded clippings cleared after a set amount of time, like 1 hour or something. That way if I copy a password and forget to clear my clipboard history, it'll only be sitting around in plaintext for a limited amount of time 3) When I clear the clipboard history, it doesn't clear the actual clipboard, so if I've copied a password, then clear the history, command-V still pastes the password.
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6 years ago, JTManon
CopyClip: I use it every day and LOVE IT!
CopyClip is amongst the most useful apps on my MacBook! I use it every day, and can't imagine not having it. In fact, I recently upgraded to Mojave and I guess something turned off CopyClip without my knowledge... I just about freaked out when I couldn't find it on the menu bar. Not to worry, though -- it was safely hanging out in Launchpad, waiting to be restored. I didn't miss a keystroke.
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6 years ago, Zanitola
Was unable to get unformatted text
The software worked well, except in the case of their "Paste Formatted Text" feature. Whether it was enabled or disabled, the pasted text had all the same formatting as the source text. I do a lot of copy and paste, and I need much of it to be scrubbed free of formatting. It would be better if this feature was working, and enhanced to use a hot key toggle, as there are times when I do want formatted text, and going into the preferrences is a lot of hassle to get it.
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3 years ago, demonpuppet
a hacker's dream app?
Please correct me if I'm wrong. I see an app that records passwords and private login information from the cut and paste function that is stored without any encryption on the desktop or browser without the express knowledge of the user. That confidential info is compiled waiting for any hacker who wanders by to copy? Having witnessed insidious clipboard security failures in the past I'm particularly curious about this apparent lapse.. I apologize if this is not the case. With all due respect, please educate me as to how this app's user is not risking data theft.
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