Costpoint Time and Expense

4.5 (8.7K)
52 MB
Age rating
Current version
Deltek, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Costpoint Time and Expense

4.54 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
2 years ago, James angry man
The app… you need to fix the app!
Because with Costpoint on the phone app, I can't see the hours being input after I put 2 or more tasks in… so I have to save when I can't see them, in order to see them.. then, on top of that, it also changes the hours that I input after I saved it… for instance I put in 3 hours on a task, saved, went back and looked at my hours, it said 1 hour for all the tasks that day? Really weird behavior from a business app that is charging for use? Fix your app!
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5 months ago, Pxsdaemon
Clunky, but works for the most part
In a pinch the app works, but if at all possible use the web interface as it is a bit more usable (not great, but better). Be careful that it is on the right date before entering time as I’ve often found that it goes to the wrong date in the past instead of today’s date. For example, just today I opened the app and instead of starting off on 1/29 (Mon), it defaults to 1/20 (Sat). This behavior persists between application reloads as well. Otherwise, like the subject says, it works though it looks like something out of the late 80’s / early 90’s.
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2 years ago, Tystud
Unnecessarily complicated for most users
I manage a team of about 100 employees and all they really need to do is enter hours under a couple different project IDs. This app itself isn’t toooo bad, but the overall experience between their desktop program and this app is incredibly annoying. This program must have been made strictly by engineers without a single UI professional in sight. I understand that some businesses need a ton of steps available, but maybe this program could have a simplified version for people that are doing the same work each day and only need to enter a few details at most. It takes a while to get used to the interface as it’s not very intuitive. We used to have ADP, and I definitely miss it.
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10 months ago, Karenpc808
Guaranteed to work
There are times when I go to sign my card on the computer at work and it won’t take the signature due to a saving error. So I and others at work have to come out to our cars to sign the card—-no problem on the mobile app!
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9 months ago, Honest reviews for Apps911
Great for 1995 technology
This is the most user-unfriendly app Ive seen in many years. There’s nothing intuitive about it. In fact, using this app on a phone or iPad doesnt let you use all the features it is supposed to handle because of poor design. You cant add your checking account for direct deposit or see previous leave and earnings slips through the app. You have to find a real computer to use 50% of the features… and even then, the interface is very archaic and obnoxious. There’s nothing intuitive about this app and I wish my employer use any of a thousand other options but this one. This is a horrible, horrible way to manage timekeeping.
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4 months ago, StrategicAngel
IOS upgrade breaks app
I just updated to iPhone IOS 17.3 this morning. I just updated my time through the app yesterday, but trying to update today the app says it cannot upgrade a jailbroke phone. My phone has never been jail broken, and I am not sure why it is triggering an error not related to upgrade. I would think that they would maintain updates with IOS versions. I deleted, re-downloaded, and reinstalled. Apparently there hasn’t been an upgrade in over a month. This app could be more user friendly. Logging into the app is also very cumbersome. They should setup simple two-step verification to make it easier to login.
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2 years ago, Jdm dingo
Too many times has it not saved!
Too many times have I done my time only to find out I have failed a floor check and my time sheet is blank. Or I get done adding time, save and then get told I am logged out. Log back in and it’s blank. Or randomly it will ask for a pin when logging in (which I don’t have) and then removes all my information. Forcing me to start everything over. Randomly my favorites and reaccuring charge codes just disappear, making search for the string again. Every update seems to make it worse.
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2 years ago, JP15ahd
Great App
It makes accounting for time extremely easy. Takes less than a min to log hours for a day and less than two to sign for the week.
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10 months ago, cays01
Not very friendly
It’s too hard to figure out what hour are still needed when u are given a lot of billable hours for the month, but have to record/sign time cards on the 15th and 31st. If there is a holiday or PTO, it’s almost impossible to get ur time card finished within 2 minutes. It is to hard to figure out what the balance of billable hours are by the end of the month. Especially if you are trying to make up a shortage from the first half of the month.
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7 months ago, k_arlene
Does not work
I downloaded this recently, it worked for about a month, and now it will not open at all. Updated my phone, no update for the app, restarted the phone, redownloaded the app…nada
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3 years ago, CKCP 2021
The new updated version is really cool
I like the app and I don’t understand why the bad reviews. It is easy to use and for being released a year ago. It is working very well
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9 months ago, cjh2000us
Was great now annoying
Put the charts back on the dashboard!! It takes entirely too long to dig through menus to find information that should accessible quickly especially when you have it set up to go straight to the dashboard to check hours billed.
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10 months ago, 51st name try
First Time User
Just installed this app and was able to do my standard time card functions without too much difficulties. Much better than having to log into my computer every time.
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1 month ago, robprante
Loses settings constantly
The app loses settings constantly. It will work one day, the next I have to re-enter all my connection info. Maybe it’ll work for another day or two, and I’ll have to enter my connection info again. This app is supposed to make it easier to enter time, but it’s just another hassle.
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10 months ago, Mike B17
So much functionality in my pocket
This app has saved me from having to log-In several times while on vacation, love it!
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6 months ago, SoulSinger47
Pretty Good
This works great when I realize I didn’t complete my timesheet, and need to submit or correct one on the go. not 100% intuitive on the first attempt at entering time, but works well once you get the hang of it.
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1 week ago, Sonnysax
Better than computer
A lot easier
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9 months ago, 5-Stars++++++++
Honestly, not bad! Actually pretty good!
For a mobil version of a corporate time-keeping software, it’s actually rather intuitive and easy to use. I actually prefer using it to the traditional desktop version.
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2 years ago, undying andicoot
Log in
It kicks you out often and have to log in frequently
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3 years ago, appcap90
Easy Time Entry
The app makes time entry easy and efficient. This new version is a significant improvement from previous versions.
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2 years ago, Kat1539
The worst software I’ve ever used. Completely terrible and frustrating interface. I don’t know who designed this but they should be fired. My company recently switched and many of our employees have quit because of how awful it is to simply clock hours and do expenses. Please change this app or I’m going to have to quit also. Would give negative stars.
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2 weeks ago, Amentum 7768
Version still not compatible with desktop
Version still not compatible with desktop version. I have 80 employees that use this app due to computers not being available. Time in time out on the app is missing the RB1 and RB2 drop boxes do indicate rest breaks taken or not taken. Therefore they are unable to save their time in time out details. This means I have to enter the time in/time out for every employee who uses the app. Very frustrating that the desktop version and phone app don’t match. They can review and sign from the app, only after it is entered manually on a desktop version. Fix it please!!!
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6 months ago, Jsales7
Easy to access my timesheet on the go and see if I have a leave time too.
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3 years ago, CJW123978
Straight Horribleness
If would give this app a 1/4 of a star. Not sure why companies still want to use DELTEK. There definitely not helping the employee. If seen guys in years there so frustrated using this app. Then go home and take their frustration out on there family. Sad Stuff! If you work for a company that doesn’t use Cost Point (DELTEK). You should thank them everyday!
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11 months ago, PolloTec
Does not work with Apple iPad Keyboard and no dark mode?
Developer: Why does this app not work with the Apple iPad Magic Keyboard (and mousepad)? Clicking on items using the mousepad doesn’t register in the app… Also, can we receive a nice dark mode support update to the app? Thanks!
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3 days ago, Haysgsveuusbnsi
Cost point
When Deleting line items there is a delay in the line item being removed. Occasionally, application updates require entering the user name and server name prior to access. Why must I enter a nickname to submit a review?
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9 months ago, AT 134827195
Not too bad
The app is ok, and better than their previous version, but it’s really annoying that I have to retype all my login information just because I updated my password.
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10 months ago, WahooWonk
Better than web but poor
Not a great app. Search feature is weak. Constantly ignoring preferences for login and requiring me to reconnect to server. Can’t do expenses. Really poor app though miles ahead of web version. Lucky these folks got govt services on lock down
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3 years ago, 😵😵‍💫
Zero stars should be a thing just because of this app
Imagine it’s 1980s and some developer wants to creat the best time tracking software for MS-DOS, in his time, windows does not exist let alone smartphones. He lived up to 1980s expectations and 40 years later some UI designer created a piece of art to continue that guy’s legacy. Could you guess the name of that masterpiece? Correct… it’s Costpoint.
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2 years ago, aw1127
Good App
Easy to use app. Suggestion: Can you add 0.25 and 0.75 to fraction list? Currently I cannot enter time like 8.25 hours from the app.
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11 months ago, PhilipEveland
Great tool
This thing has changed my life. It’s simplified my commute from work to home and allowed me to spend more time with my family. Thanks.
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2 years ago, ----nobody-----
Wish I could give negative stars
This is the worst app ever. I wish we had other options to do time but this is the junk we are stuck with. No point in having a pin or fingerprint because the app isn’t smart enough to let u login without having to renter all your info. This app is horrible.
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10 months ago, Hug Fam
It works
User interface could be better, but it works consistently
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2 years ago, TDH281
Unstable with authentication issues
App is unstable on company issues iPhone SE 15.5. Will not authenticate most of the time, which forces the user to back out or use different methods. Works well when it does work though, easier then web version I think.
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4 days ago, This name is not taken too
Phone app
Much better than web app for convenience
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3 years ago, MScarn92
Solid Upgrde
Definitely a much needed update to the mobile application.
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1 year ago, jeremyoatmeal
Annoying, always makes me re-authenticate
Every single time I open the app, it makes me re-authenticate through Microsoft. It has never remembered me, despite choosing that as my preference every time. Because of this, I dread using Costpoint. Otherwise, ui is mediocre and everything else is average.
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9 months ago, CreeperK aw man!
Costpoint App Significantly Improved
The latest version of the T&E app is a major improvement.
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4 months ago, chigirll
Terrible interface throws errors
I was counting on being able to keep my timekeeping compliant while overseas but the app is just throwing an incomprehensible error. At least I could access this time…. It often locks me out despite my login credentials being correct.
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4 days ago, iPhoneUser$
Great product for remote iPhone
Great product on the road to do daily time sheets
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2 years ago, Michael202xyz
Great app for time tracking
Easy to use, fast, and responsive.
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9 months ago, iPad 1 iOS 5.1.1 user
Extremely inefficient
This app is extremely user unfriendly and inefficient for entering data. Do your company a favor and build an Excel front end to bring in expense report information from your employees. Only expert users in finance should touch Costpoint. It isn’t designed to be efficient for casual users.
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8 months ago, James103
Face ID
Face ID login keeps bugging out. Won’t even let me login open opening the app
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2 years ago, LexNichole
App no longer works
I keep having issues on the app itself. It won’t let me log in at all. It just comes up with the screen with the logo. It makes it kind of pointless to have an app for entering your time, and it doesn’t even work…
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10 months ago, navdav
Cheap software lots of glitches
Cheap software lots of glitches
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11 months ago, ctwardy
Decent app; usable
Unlike the notorious website, the app is solid and usable. Nothing fancy, not Apple smooth, but it works.
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6 months ago, Hawaiian Blessings
Awesome App!
Its is easier to use than the website!
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8 months ago, Collab too
Cost Point critique
App works well. The functionality is good.
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2 years ago, jk886? moiubtfx do
Could be so much better
Support is terrible, does not support even a limited off line capability and the IOS integration is less than stellar. Even entering this review has its own set of issues. Like requiring a nickname. What happened to anonymous reviews???
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9 months ago, Chavez109
Just awful. Built for 1995.
They must have built this in some weird programming language that died off in 1995 because this app is so clunky and unintuitive there’s no other explanation for why the user experience isn’t much better in 2023.
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