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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Countdown

4.8 out of 5
91.8K Ratings
2 months ago, UrMom1234UrDad1234
This is the best Countdown app ever!!
It’s literally the best! I saw this app on TikTok and I was like “ I need to download this right now.” It would be way better for organizing events! And when I tell you… THIS WORKED SO WELL! I was able to keep track of my events so I could not forget them and I could arrive on time for events and this is the best! I could not recommend another better Countdown app than this one right here. If you’re thinking about getting this app, definitely get it and you will definitely love it! One of the flaws about the app though, was that it really didn’t teach you how to use it and I was a little confused first because the app when you downloaded it and made events didn’t look like the ones popping up on my fyp and it took me like a few minutes to figure out how the whole app was working, maybe if you have the budget to kind of like install or make a tutorial so that users know exactly what to do the minute you get on the app! other than that though the app is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for the creators for making this an awesome app! If you’re thinking about getting it, I recommend it, five out of five!
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4 years ago, Keith-50
Very useful
Very easy to use, simple layout and nothing hidden. Tap + to add an event, the layout is easy to follow and set event info. Includes some fun features to set a background color and emoji, such as birthday cake to represent a birthdate. I did my whole calendar list of holidays, special days, birthdays of family and anniversaries in no time. Love the countdown and count up for past events, I put in my birthdate and know know to the second how old I am, really cool. Easily shares with another devices, had same list on iPad and iPhone instantly. I added the widget, very nice and shows either next two event or more. Nothing complicated to set up. I still gave 5 stars as its almost perfect. It includes a feature to have event repeat next year, great for like birthdays that occur on same number day of a month each year, but for some holidays it won’t be correct as they occur not on a specific number day, but say, 2nd Monday of February and each year that will be a different number day, where the app has no setting for this. Overall much better than anything else I tried and glad I found this and replaced previous app I’ve used for a few years.
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4 years ago, fmarlow1!
LOVE THIS APP!! ❤️❤️❤️
At first my mom downloaded this app for birthdays, holidays, etc. Then, I downloaded the app and I’m in love with it! I have not once forgotten a holiday or a family member’s birthday! And it’s not just for holidays, you can add countdowns for anything! (I have a countdown for when my braces are expected to get off 🤪). For any countdown that you add, you can program it to repeat yearly, so you don’t have to keep reentering the info in. It also allows you to organize the countdowns entered. You can have the app organize it from soonest, to furthest, or you can organize it yourself. Whether you want it to be holidays first, then birthdays, or birthdays then holidays. Also, when you download the app, it will give you the option to have VIP subscription. I highly recommend purchasing that as well. It is a $4 fee, and you only have to pay once. If you have an Apple device, and you get the iOS 14 update, then you can unlock larger widgets on your phone, only with the VIP subscription. I 100% recommend this app!!!
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1 month ago, WillardGC
Very good app
This is a very good app. I use it to remind myself when something needs to be addressed. I have several suggestions. First, the app lacks the ability to more accurately schedule some recurring events, like the ability to schedule something which would occur on “the last Saturday of the month”. The calendar app does this routinely. That brings me to the second suggestion, that being permitting something already in your calendar to be included in the app. This would prevent inaccuracies from being created my incorrectly defined in Countdown that’s already correctly defined in your calendar. Remember the old adage that a man with one watch always knows what time it is … a man with two is never sure.
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3 years ago, Ellekitten05
A bit buggy
The app is a fantastic concept. Especially for those who have ADHD or executive function challenges that cause time blindness. The execution has a couple flaws, the overview of timers reflects an inaccurate time; for instance, if you have a timer set for 1 hr and 4 minutes from now then on the overview with the display of all your timers, that time will say 2 hrs left… a bit of a design flaw for something that is a countdown app to help people gauge time… it would be very beneficial for the developers to make the font for remaining time smaller and then more frequently update at shorter intervals or display and analog count down that reflects time remaining in red or whatever color theme you selected. Would also be nice to have the ability to create an organizational scheme such as: set a timer for 1 hour, break down the hour in various intervals (5, 10, 15), rather than individual intervals—enabling a cleaner UI and ability to create sub tasks is what I would consider a must.
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2 years ago, seaofpapercups
Nice and Easy, Maybe a Little Tweaking
For the most part, I enjoy this app. It’s very intuitive when it comes to adding countdowns and requires no guidance during using. The widget is simple and attractive, something very important to me. I also appreciate devs who release a free version to preview functionality. I chose to upgrade (very reasonable) whereas I likely would not have paid the same price simply for access. A few existing features could use updating, but don’t impede overall functionality. The month and year occasionally reset to what’s current when choosing an end date. For picky people like me, saving colors or allowing Hex codes would be valuable. It’s frustratingly easy to move the color picker when trying to use the shade slider. A few feature addition recommendations/asks: adjustable text size, customizable default for YMWDHMS display preference, categories.
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1 year ago, lanep79
Love but needs improvements
I love this app, it helps with my time blindness and is a much better way of perceiving how far away something is than a traditional calendar. I love the emojis and the colors too, making it more fun. The widget is so great for both my lock & home screen, I can always see what’s coming up next. I think it needs three improvements though that would make it perfect. 1) (less important) Keep memory of previously used colors so events of the same kind are the exact same color. For example when I put in my psych appointments I always have to try and match the same shade I did for the last one, and it’s never a 100% match. 2) (more important) Allow for custom repeats of events. Currently it only allows for yearly repeats. I would love if you could do monthly or weekly or bi-weekly… basically custom repeats. Like a monthly call or walk with a friend. You could require an end date within the calendar year so that it doesn’t create an infinite number of events, and then recreate it the next year. 3) (most important) Allow for a little description box for each event. For example a doctor’s appointment event would be handy to have a description box where I can put the address and then I can easily find it when I need it.
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10 months ago, ringohime16
Overall great, would love some extra detail
Just downloaded this app to help organize all my deadlines, I love it so far, especially the customization and widget option. However, I would love to be able to pick a start and end date to certain events. For example setting a countdown for a weekend event that lasts 2-3 days, and counts down to the start of the first day. Maybe even an optional secondary timer that becomes available after the initial countdown, that would allow you to count down the remaining time of the event itself. Another use could be adding an end date for a repeating event. Like if I have a class once a week every week but only for a month, I’d like to set a stopping point at that time, instead of the timer going off indefinitely. Just a few thoughts. Thank you!
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1 year ago, starlight221
Super good app, used free version for years
I’ve been using this app to countdown since I was in high school, so future field trips and homecoming were put in it. I’m now in college and it has worked as well as ever- these days they are used for (sorority) formal and when I take the MCAT. It is great to use to gauge time, especially as an ADHD-diagnosed student. I love the simple layout of this app and the easy personalizations with colors and emoji. I never paid for the paid version and did not have a problem, albeit things like widgets weren’t a thing back in 2016. Am definitely going to get the paid version, which has no ads and other little benefits, just because I do mind ads more than I did back then.
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3 years ago, gingeralecat@
Love this app! But...
I love this app! I’m using it to count down to the second for when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier comes out (lol, I’m such a geek). It’s a really good app!!! I have no complaints, but I do have a few suggestion that will make this app sooo much better!!! . It would be amazing if you can change the fonts for your titles of your events your counting down. That would be great! Instead of just one font, there could be multiple, and make this app more fun! . If where you put an emoji, you could put a photo instead! So instead of any emoji next to the title of your event, what if you could put a photo. . And my last suggestion is when your countdown ends, instead of just getting a notification that pops on ur screen, what if the notifications sent out fake confetti on your screen, or something fun to make it more appealing, fun, and more of a celebration to use! These are my suggestions, I hope the maker of this app responds and I get at least one of these suggestions in this app, I would love it if it happened, and maybe even raise my review to 5 stars! But for now, it’s good enough of an app for 4 stars. Cute app that I recommend, but could use some add ins! Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, emmypearlgirl
It looks nice but...
It won’t automatically update the number of days left in the widget. It only updates once I click on the widget to open the app which completely defeats the purpose. I just needed it to display the correct number of days left when I swipe left..... like literally that’s the only reason I bought this app and it doesn’t do the thing. Wish I hadn’t bought it. Edit: it started working right after the latest iOS update BUT it would be nice to have some other way to report a problem with the app within the app itself or some way to contact the app developers aside from writing a review. Either way I didn’t think they deserved a bad rating now that it’s working properly.
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3 years ago, lmd06e
You can’t change the date format on the widget
The cost of the premium upgrade is very reasonable compared to other countdown apps. However one of the main features of premium is getting to change the date format. Unfortunately the date format you select does not apply to the widget. The widget will always be in days. For countdowns that are years away it will be thousands of days. Had I know this I would not have paid for premium. Update: Thanks for the Dev reply. Looks like you can change the date format for the small single event widget. I use the large 7 event widget and it does not seem you can adjust the date format on that one.
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8 months ago, Ilovethisapp3502894
I love this so much
This app has exact time and is very helpful. It can tell you when your birthday is when Christmas is when Halloween is when Valentine’s Day is it can tell you when your sister‘s birthday your mom‘s birthday your dad‘s birthday it is such a great app. and you will never forget any of your stuff ever again! you don’t even need a Calendar it’s like a digital calendar that on your phone and it’s really easy to do you don’t have to pay for the app only if you don’t want ads, you can simply refresh your phone to get rid of the ads so you don’t have to watch it!
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2 years ago, MaybeAfterLunch
Basically costs $2.99
The App Store page is up front about Add Widgets to Home Screen* being a *Premium Feature. It doesn’t specify that you are stuck with this format in the free version: “Pick a format” 0 years, 0 months, 15 days, 23 hours, 36 minufes, 29 seconds . Weeks are also available, but any changes require you to Upgrade for $2.99. Inside the app, the number of Days remaining is shown, so I’m guessing this format applies to the notifications, which can be at One Week and/or One day. This app with extremely basic functionality is ad. supported and wants to Track My Activity Across Apps and Web Pages (to sell my data, most likely) which alone should be worth access to all features. Perhaps in 2022, $2.99 is the new 0.99¢
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11 months ago, kxxxxxyuhh
Incredibly basic, even after paying for premium
I gladly paid for premium thinking that it would unlock features for customizing the widget. I was wrong. This is the most basic of countdown widgets. You cannot customize anything. You can’t even choose the background color for the widget, the app picks a color for you. No font or display choices, literally nothing at all. You can name your countdown and pick the date, and that’s the end of it. I regret paying for this. If you are considering buying the premium version, just know that your purchase comes with no additional features whatsoever. I have found a different countdown app that has lots of features, it even allows you to upload a photo for the background, AND it shows in the widget as well. Save your money and keep looking, there are better out there.
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4 years ago, jjh1054
Seconds matter
Nice app. If I could specify event times to the second instead of to the minute, I’d gladly pay for the upgrade. The app reports time to the nearest second, and mobile devices connected to communication networks know the time much better than that. But events in the app can only be specified to the nearest minute. That is a shame because quite often — such as the upcoming Winter solstice for example — watching the seconds tick off is kind of the fun part. As it stands, well, think of it like this. What fun would a New Year’s timer be if it told you very precisely, “midnight might have been a minute ago, or it might be a minute from now?” So much for popping the cork at just the right moment!
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4 years ago, Googlaholic
Love this app!
I’ve used Countdown to countdown to and from my grandsons’ birth days and to and from a series of surgeries. The app is super easy to use and convenient—for both joyful and serious events. One suggestion: I would love the option to change the unit of measure of the countdown. At one point, I wanted to keep track of how many weeks, and then how many months old my grandsons are. Also, after my surgeries, I wanted to track weeks and then months post-op as well. I was able to lessen my restrictions at weekly intervals after my surgeries and, while I can do the math, 🙃 having it in black and white would have been nice. Thanks developer!!
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1 month ago, thecheesiestcheesy
I love this app sm😭
I don’t have a good memory at all and rlly needed something like this. It’s super simple and rlly easy to use. Barely any ads whatsoever (srsly, I’ve been on the app for 24 hours across diff uses and have only gotten 1 ad) It’s really nice to be able to see all your events down to the second, and is also great for remembering birthdays! I was surprised to see how much features you could access without buying anything. You can completely customize your countdowns for free and I love doing that🤭 I would def recommend it to anyone, not js people with bad memories
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3 years ago, Shanalovereeeeee
Update #2: widget was fixed and functioned normally for about 3 weeks. It is once again dysfunctional, especially on the iPad version. The widget doesn’t update at all on the iPad. On the iPhone it updates but calculates the days incorrectly. THIS IS ABSURD! Update: developer is unresponsive. The same problem with the widget has been reported by multiple reviewers and there is barely a comment in response. I tried emailing them but they don’t respond to that either. After all, if people are paying money for a widget whose only job is to count the number of days and it won’t do that, don’t we deserve a refund? The app is fine and easy to use with a pleasant graphic interface. But the widget needs work. For whatever reason, it randomly quits actually counting down the days to an event. For example, the widget may show 402 days to the event but when I open the app it will say 397 days to the event (397 is accurate). Once I exit the app the widget will reset itself accurately. It then goes on to count down accurately for a few days before quitting again. I paid extra for this widget but with this sort of bug I wonder why I bothered. Using this app on both an iPhone 12 pro and iPad; similar problems with each.
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4 years ago, LaurynFann
Very disappointed
I bought the plus thing to this app so I could put it on my home screen cause they have the widgets and my god the freaking widget when u put it on ur Home Screen is just black nothing on it ir anything I thought maybe it’s just my phone air you know maybe the app needs to process that I have the plus thing so I deleted it and the reinstalled it three times already and turned off my phone more times then that it’s was only three dollars but I still am very upset about this because it’s still money I had to work for and it was wasted on some app that can’t even get a widget right ugh. Everyone was recommended the app so I figured oh what the heck why not but here I am now. Save ur self the money don’t get it might as well just go buy u a calendar cause this app ain’t gonna help u. 😐
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3 years ago, ktcuisine
Just what I was looking for!
This app was just what I was looking for. I had tried to use countdown apps to help me accomplish my goal. I needed to have the reminder in front of me constantly. But I always had to open up the app to see the countdown clock. The other apps didn’t offer a widget option. But now with this app, I can immediately see the countdown every time I open my phone. The one thing I would suggest is instead of a solid color background for the widget, perhaps making a feature that allows you to insert a picture for the background.
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1 week ago, pmms3133
Like this app and give feedback
Hello, developer. Today I have a sudden idea and I want to make a suggestion to you. Can you add a new function, that is, give examples of holidays in the calendar every year and let users choose which one to enable, and support user-defined modification, so that it is convenient for users to view the countdown of holidays every year. Second, can you support the setting of the lunar calendar? There are two functions and suggestions in total. I hope the developer will adopt them. Thank you.
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4 months ago, Garcie K
The layout of the app was super simple and fun to enter all the important dates in your life then assign a color and emoji. But, I have tried to upgrade the app multiple times but have failed. I got this app and it is very useful if you can upgrade, however, I could not even add a card to upgrade it. The widget just says the event then “you must upgrade to unlock this widget”. The app also charges 4 dollars which to me, is a bit absurd for a widget. On top of it all, every single time you open the app it bombards you with an ad for the premium version which was, as I have stated before, frustrating to purchase. I am sadly deleting and downloading a different app after of the numerous failed tries to upgrade.
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3 months ago, Horrormaster520
Love it but there’s a problem
So I love this app I have so many countdowns for stuff like when my favorite shows newest episode releases and when I get more audible credits But I created a countdown for the Percy Jackson show and when I tried to delete it I accidentally archived it and now it goes off every Tuesday at 9 also I have a countdown for the newest episodes of Abbott elementary set to only notify me when it’s up but it keeps notifying me the day before as well even though it’s not set to, I think I’ll just delete that one and make a new one though but I thought you should know
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4 months ago, Ruelynn
So Great
This app keeps me always looking forward to events. It is simple, easy to use and just so great. For anyone who was wondering no there is not a monthly, weekly, or yearly fee. There is an upgrade feature where you can do more things which does have a fee of I think $3.99 but the upgrade feature isn’t necessary. Honestly I have no idea how this app can get the exact time down to seconds for an event but it is so cool. This app is direct and easy to use and fun, I honestly think everyone should have this app.
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7 months ago, 3agreed0
Love this but it’s missing a couple things
I’ll keep this review concise. I started using this app as a checklist app. It works so well, but I feel like it could use some additional features. For one, it would be an absolutely perfect countdown app if there was a little section for each countdown where you could write notes about that countdown. It’s also would be better if there was a setting where you could delete the countdown once it has been completed. Finally, for repeating events, an option to move the reminder to the next time it comes up would be amazing. Other than that, this app is perfect.
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2 years ago, T.E.Lin
Really nice app, feature request, question:
I like the simplicity, and it is very aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and I do think worth the $3. However, even after purchase, the “Remind me when the countdown finishes” slider is still greyed out, and I’m unable to get it to alarm when time is up, (for events that are minutes, or hours away). Additionally, asa feature request: I would very much like to have multiple customizable alarms prior to event start - e.g. notify me 30, 15, 5 minutes before a meeting, etc. instead of only the existing two fixed options: 1 day, and 1 week.
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3 years ago, Elena Swan
Very helpful
I’m not always patient when it comes to waiting for things that I’m excited for, such as the last day of school. This countdown is super helpful because anytime I get stressed, I can look at my phone and remind myself that I don’t have long to go and I just need to hang on tight for a little while longer. It’s also good for counting down to things I enjoy, like family visits. The only con is that there are ads, but you can pay a small fee to remove them. I recommend it highly. :)
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2 years ago, XFonz07
Changes dates
I use this app for bills and life events and ever so often it'll move all my days down 1 day for some reason. For example, if Christmas is on the 25th and I look and it's changed to the 24th as well as everything else, how do I know what dates are right or wrong for things such as bills or appointments? It is VERY IMPORTANT that the days do not change unless I'm the one changing. If this isn't fixed I'll have to find another app. Other than that it does exactly what I want it to do.
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6 months ago, Sonofasven
Fun and useful
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now. It’s not only helpful keeping on track with important upcoming events, but also can serve as a history of past events, all of which you can see at a glance. It functions perfectly for what it is. I found the ads in the free version a bit annoying. I finally decided to buy the app (which I should always do with things of value and quality). It was a one time fee of $3.99USD. Well worth it!
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1 year ago, CaptainShoresIsKing
Wow! Perfect! Free has tons of features and paid is worth it!
Thank you Mariano and Facundo! This app does everything I need it to and looks very pleasant. It’s rare i buy pro versions of apps but this one was $3 and a one-time payment! I love it! It’s so rare you see those anymore, i respect that a lot! But even if you just get the free version it’s still a great app. Ads aren’t annoying, there’s way less than most mobile gamesls and you can still set a bunch of countdowns and choose colors and emojis and stuff
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2 years ago, MiNeCRaFt LOver fam
Great but...
For one, you basically need to pay money to have a good experience, but when you do that experience is great but a problem is I wish I could separate my countdowns into different sections based on importance in those sections sorted by date. This would be useful to have a school/work session and a holiday section. I also wish they would have custom icons like the app notion does to make there be more variety for the icons instead of just emojis. Overall though, great app.
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4 years ago, MHNugget
Omg i can’t explain how much i love this app! I honestly don’t even mind the ads. It notifies you when the countdown is over and i love that! I set one for Christmas and it’s especially helpful because i always loose track of how many days are left. Once you have created the countdown you can click on it and it shows everything you need to know! You can even customize it with what color and emoji icon you want to be there. Overall i highly highly HIGHLY recommend this app if you are looking for a good countdown app. Have a great day!!!!
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4 years ago, PeteInBayeux
Love it but can’t find a way to share it - Updated My Misunderstanding
I really like this app very colorful very simple to use and much better than what I was using before. The only thing I have against it is that I can’t find a way to share it on family sharing with my wife. When I download it on her phone through family sharing, it requires me to pay again to do away with the ads. I want to update this review as I misunderstood Apple’s “Family Share” it let’s you share apps you pay for, but not apps with “In app purchase” These folks are great and the app is even greater, I really like the way they reached out to me in response to my review and were willing to help out. I have refused that they adjust their sharing part as this is an Apple issue. Two things make this app great, it works and the folks that made it are involved in customer service!!! Great job!!!
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3 years ago, Theo Drake
UPDATED REVIEW, now with 5 stars.
My original review is below, but I was so impressed by how quickly they fixed this problem I needed to post an update. Just after posting this, the developers contacted me to say they had released a fix. After waiting a couple days, I can confirm they fixed the bug mentioned in my original review. Seriously, if you’re looking for a countdown widget and app, this is it. Being picky, I’ve probably used almost all the others in the app store. This one is the cheapest, easiest to use, and most aesthetically pleasing. Original review: Definitely one of the better countdown apps I’ve used! Custom colors, emojis, everything. I downloaded it to use the widget and I have to keep deleting and reinstalling the widget in order for it to update on my homepage. Once that gets fixed though, it’s a five star app for sure.
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4 years ago, Neah0030
Not Too Shabby!
So this is basically the perfect widget I was looking for to help me settle into this upgrade...and just that...BASICALLY. I love it, however it needs a little more “pizazz!” If that makes sense. I want to be able to change the background to a picture, or maneuver the widget so it stretches across the top of my Home Screen if I want. It needs some bedazzling for the most part, but overall, gets the job done. If you guys can’t take care of this teeny, tiny upgrade for me, I will gladly change my review to 5 beautiful stars! All in all, thank you so much for making this App! I really appreciate it! 👏🏾
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3 months ago, Rcmjr278h
Works great. Easy to use.
I’ve been using the app for a few years. I purchased it so it would sort upcoming events for me. I had an issue with it today and I was fairly certain I needed to change a setting but I couldn’t figure it out. I sent Stephen an email and within 15 minutes I got a response telling me what setting to change. Had I spent a little more time looking at the settings, I could have (should have) figured this out on my own.
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4 days ago, Kukoshibyo
The best
I love this app, it’s very straightforward and user friendly! I was wondering would there be a way to add more details to the widget? As of right now I only have one event, and I would like it to utilize the whole space of the biggest widget, instead of it being 1/7th of the widget. Is there also an implementation to customize the big widget so that it can be colored in, multicolor, the white is a little bland imo. Anyways thank you for the app it’s awesome! Get back to me if there is an update in the process.
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4 years ago, count54321
Hopefully this review will save you some time
I've been looking for the perfect countdown app for some time and after downloading many of them, I believe this is the one. All the other apps I tried had at least one major flaw (if not more): hard to use, trying to force me into a subscription, limited amount of countdowns to add for free, plagued with ads, requesting a lot of weird permissions, etc. This one has none of those, and: - It's very intuitive and easy to use - I was able to add as many events as I wanted without paying extra - Has a nice widget, I'm able to set reminders, pick colors and an emoji icon for each event The upgrade was a very reasonable one time payment of $2.99, to remove the ads that were a bit annoying, plus getting access to the widget. I hope more apps were as straightforward as this one. Keep up the good work!
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6 months ago, ilyniso
So close to being perfect
I love this app so much. I paid for the premium version because it was useful and it still is. I did some hunting and comparing countdown apps recently and the design of this app is by far the most clean and straightforward. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I wish there was an option to important calendar events, I don’t always want to constantly be copying and pasting the same info. I’ve tried other apps that allow importing and I think it’d be a useful addition.
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10 months ago, Ron 477
This app and it’s widgets have saved me so much frustration!
This app is what keeps me in line showing up on time. Having the widget right there with a countdown to important events should already be a thing built into the phone at this point. Only way to make this better from here is to figure out how to get it to work with Siri so I can just ask how long is left on a countdown without having to grab my phone. 5stars for sure 👌😮‍💨
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4 years ago, Prettyicecube
Okay but...
It’s a good app for counting down. Does exactly what it says it does. But you have to pay a one time fee of $5 to have it added to your widgets on your iPhone when other apps are just as great that do if for free. Ended up downloading another app that I can do that with for free and deleting this one. Would absolutely download again if that feature wasn’t something I had to pay for. $5 isn’t a lot of money, but definitely during a pandemic when money is important to be saved, and there are other apps like it that are free to add that widget feature (specifically why I downloaded it), it’s not worth it to me.
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5 years ago, #1babygirl
Best countdown app I’ve seen so far.
I was using another countdown app and it wasn’t bad but I found this one, tried it out and I like it so much better. Pretty simple and clean and I like that you can just pay a one time fee instead of doing a subscription. The one time payment is worth it. I love the no ads and I love that I can see it in my widget now. The only thing is I wish you could see more than just two event in the widget. If I could see 3 or 4 that would be amazing because I like looking at all my event at a glance and maybe add more colors in the future. Great app though!
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5 years ago, alejandrogonsales
Amazing app... but
First time trying this app and I really love it. It’s simple and takes less than 30 seconds to fill out an event. I gave it 4 stars because as I was typing my event info I noticed there wasn’t a space for comments. I have a baby shower I’m going to but there was no space to type in the address, or at least take a pic of the invitation and save it with the event. This would come in handy! If I have an event in 40 days, I don’t want to go through my photos to find the invitation with the info. Still a good app and even paid for no adds.
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6 months ago, horrble deals
I love this app and I love to travel. This app keeps a perfect record of when and I’m going and where I’ve been with exact dates and times. I’m horrible with remembering dates so This is a fantastic app for me having at my fingertips dates & times of all my past & future trips, for me it adds a little extra level of excitement to traveling Plus it’s a lot of fun using the colors & icons for each individual trip IT IS WITOUT A DOUBT ONE OF MY FAVORITE AND MOST USES APPs!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Urtinyfriend
Easy to use
I tried one just a few min ago but it was difficult to use and kept trying to get me to get premium for $20 a year! I went back to write a review and it was gone. ANYWAY, I got this one and it’s very easy to use and you can pick emoji and color to make each reminder unique. Also you can sort your reminders manually or just from soonest to furthest away. If you DO want their premium it’s only $3 one time payment. I’ll see how I like it for now. 4 stars because I’d like to have the ability to enter past dates and celebrate the time SINCE that date. It’ll let you enter a past year but it’ll save as the current year. Also 4 stars because I feel like the date setting format could be a little easier. I think a scroll for month day and year is simple enough. Anyway I recommend this app. Simple and works.
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3 years ago, ileasis
App is nice but widget doesn’t update
I downloaded this app because I wanted to get a countdown to certain events fast at a glance. So the best way for me was through the widget. This, I think, is the most common use case for something like this, which is why you had to pay to get the widget. That seems pretty fair. The app itself is also very easy to use and adding events and changing them is pretty straightforward. However, my biggest issue with the app is that the widget, for which I paid for, doesn’t update it self. The event I added shows correctly in the app that it is 16 days away but in the widget shows 19 days when I first added it. Pretty disappointed with that.
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4 years ago, Cotegrez
It does its job!
Great app, it does its job! I’d just love if it would be also available in the Mac AppStore! Also some improvements on the design would would be great. Finally, it would be nice to have the option of receiving notifications X days/weeks before your event is due. Some event’s requieres months of preparation and planning, some other just a few days or hours, so it would be nice to be able to customize this and get notifications whenever is needed. Just because of those three things I’m not giving it 5 starts.
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1 month ago, Real Music-Not Rap
Does the job
This is a good if somewhat basic app. I wish there was more customization options, such as being able to choose a pic from my Photos instead of a silly emoji, and different font options. Lastly, countdowns that have passed should delete themselves automatically. It makes no sense for a countdown to remain if the date is passed. This is a major oversight, and, hopefully, they will create an option in the settings to make passed countdowns disappear.
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5 years ago, Brian Mikal
Great, but wish...
This is great, but I wish you could have the countdown for individual countdowns have different countdown styles rather than the “month, days, minutes, seconds” format. I was hoping for more of a “days until” or “minutes until” when you click on an individual countdown. And being able to share a URL for others was more complicated than I thought. If these improvements were made, this would be a five star. Simple and gets the job done. The in-app purchase is worth it.
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