4.7 (1.3K)
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Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Covideo

4.72 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, AskforJeremy
Simple to use
Covideo is a super simple app/site to use for streaming videos to people via text, social media platforms, email, crm, etc. There a few things I come across sometimes that make me think of an integration opportunity but then again I was a coder at one time. Love it guys and gals and keep it up!!
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3 years ago, Saenz03
One of the most irritating apps to use...
Seriously have been using this app for a few months as it’s required by the company i work for. The only redeeming quality of the App is the fact you get notifications when A client is viewing the videos. Other than that I can’t say anything else about it. It seems that any video longer than a minute fails to upload leaving me with a spinning wheel and a black screen or just no footage at all. I had deleted this app after THREE Attempts at some detailed footage of a car im selling and three times back to back the video just continued to record after hitting stop. Spinning wheel and nothing i could do to stop the video and save it. Had to close out of the app completely and boom of-course, when I log back on its gone. Idk if its there servers or what but its just not working right. The latest update the videos that you record also save on your phone which IS a nice touch so at least i didn't record a video for no reason but still. The whole point of recording through here and not my phone directly is the data and the ability to send larger videos easily. If none of those are working whats the point of using the app?
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11 months ago, jcann618
Great idea but absolutely horrible
Unfortunately I have to use this app for work everyday of my life and it is the most frustrating app I’ve ever used. Videos rarely upload the first time. Usually have to do at least two for it to actually upload. Some days you have to be connected to wifi some days you don’t. Half the time it cuts out parts of the video in the middle. Like I said great idea but horrible app. Plus I’ve been using this app for a couple years now and it’s always been like this. Love my job but this app makes me hate it
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7 years ago, Maja Pacaric
Happy Costumer
Covideo really helped my business to get on another level because I started using video as personalized way of communication with my costumers. What I also find very useful is great feedback on how my vide is doing after being sent/posted
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5 years ago, SarahD904
Covideo is great, but the app itself needs help
As much as I love Covideo, this app needs some serious work. It takes several minutes to upload a 1-3 minute video and often gets to the end before it tells you it’s failed. The only fix I’ve found for this is to restart my phone or completely uninstall and reinstall the app. When working in a business where response time is key, all of this is a huge setback.
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5 months ago, long live P
Worst app I have ever used
Covideo has to be the worst app I have ever used in my life. I currently have to use it for work and send videos out to my customers. The download takes hours if you go over 1 min of video recording also it doesn’t download more than one video at a time this app needs a lot of work. I’m currently in the talk with my company to remove this app because it never WORKS! Very disappointing how customer service can help you at all.
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6 months ago, Joe4all
Great idea for an app. My job forces me to use it. Uploads are SLOW. Use Wi-Fi or data doesn’t matter. It’s easier to send the videos through text. Since uploads on longer videos just fail to upload, record the video on you phone so you have a backup and don’t lose all your hard work. The slowness of this app and my companies strange requirement to use it have cost me money.
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9 months ago, Lance.Christian
Work okay
Love when it works as it makes sending videos easier. However that is when it works a lot of bugs that could be fixed right now it won’t even allow me to open the app just sits on the load screen and does not allow me to record.
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9 months ago, Sterliti
BMW Tina
I love the fact that the photos are not in your photo library they’re in a separate platform. I would like to see the ability to take still photos for interiors of vehicles.
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7 years ago, Greg Gale
Hands down the Best video app
CoVideo is a game changer. Extremely user-friendly especially on the mobile device. Simple to use and gets results engagement with my clients, friends, team members, etc. Get this app
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1 year ago, FranticSumo
Easy to use
My only gripe is the new update won’t allow a landscape video to be rotated, it used to to automatically rotate them. Would be awesome if we could get that back as someone who uses it 10-20 times a day
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3 years ago, gabbgol33
Great concept, poor execution
I been using Covideo for 2 years. It used to be much better when I first started using it. Now it’s always miserable uploading videos to send to clients. I am required to make videos as well so when it doesn’t upload it takes a lot of time out of my day that could be better spent. PLEASE Covideo upgrade your system to make this software work better.
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2 years ago, Hardtek Studios
Sometimes I’ll record a video and after hitting upload, it disappears. I just recorded one where I start with the front camera and after switching to the rear cameras, it stopped recording audio.
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3 years ago, ChokeDogg
This App is the Worst
Never uploads like it’s supposed to. Sometimes you’ll have to retake your videos 3-4 times before it uploads if you’re lucky. And when that happens it takes 10-15 minutes for that to complete, and then you have to wait even longer for the video to process. It is by far the worst app on my phone, and we’re forced to use it at work which makes things even better. JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!
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10 months ago, Sam the Chevy insider
Best car sales tool!
Have had great experience with the app and it’s helped me make lots of sales, my great new manager Russ introduced the app to our dealership and has helped my sales game a ton! Thank you CoVideo!
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1 year ago, Anonymous3715
Simple with great support
The app is very straight forward and user friendly. If you do need help, their human support team is very responsive and quick to fix/help.
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3 weeks ago, BillySherm
Really helps to build rapport prior to the guests arrival. Gets people to reply when they haven’t. Being different and showing your personality sells
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12 months ago, Name-nicks
Stop trying to change what works
I hate your updates. You constantly give me more problems with your updates than you fix. I’m tired of having to reach out for support every time you guys launch something new. And if you’re gonna do updates stop releasing them at the end of the month which is the busiest time for sales.
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7 years ago, saleseurope
Simple and effective
I enjoy using the Covideo app to record videos especially when traveling. Simple and very easy to use!
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6 years ago, "ggg" In "lethal clan
Update isn’t great
Co-Video use to be awesome, however, this new update has a new interface when recording on an iPhone, the red button that you use to record doesn’t have the same touch responsiveness as before, and it’s not as good for recording videos and uploading due to having a delayed response from the record button
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4 months ago, saddymaddie
Why is it not an option to delete only the most previous recorded clip of a video? Having to start the entire thing over just because of messing one part up seems like an oversight.
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3 years ago, TheNoochIsLoose
Awful app
Videos come out sideways, disappear completely or video won’t shut off when stop is pressed. Works more than it doesn’t but has so many bugs it makes for a poor experience. Don’t bother with this app unless your company makes you use it.
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1 year ago, AnnoyedAdvisor
Why update what worked fine before?
Title sums it up. The Covideo app worked well before, but this most recent update has taken a step back. Why should I be forced to Share as soon as the video is uploaded, with no option to go back to the landing page? Uploading time took a bit longer than before too.
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8 months ago, Shskxhav
Easy to use but slow and faulty
Videos often fail to upload and take a long time this is the only application that suffers from slow internet.
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3 years ago, mattlm96
This App is worth a review, at best.
I used to like the app. However, I have grown great distaste over the past year. I feel as if each update is backwards progress than forward. I’ve talked to several reps, and I will say that they’re quite responsive, maybe not the most helpful, but responsive. It doesn’t matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the app, delete videos, try to upload and re-upload, and re-re-upload, I still see the spinning wheel of death at least twice a day. To the app engineers, take a look at your app and allow for great improvement.
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2 years ago, Alvin Hailey Jr
Absolutely a game changer in the RV business. The ability to send out and track videos is a must and CoVideo hits all the checkmarks.
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5 months ago, Smokey 777
Love it
I have began to under how to use this app and I think that it is great
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4 weeks ago, Cami024
Takes to long
This app takes forever to download the videos for us to be able to send them
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2 years ago, Kevin your adventure adviser
Great sales tool
Very easy to use especially with my CRM! Thanks, Kevin McKenna Sales Camping World Uxbridge
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12 months ago, My self yo
Messed it up
Covideo worked perfectly fine, updated the app and now cannot upload videos. Miss the old version that worked. Use this app for work and can’t have it fumbling like this.
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3 years ago, GreyChelsea
No room for error.
It's extremely frustrating when I'm in the middle of recording a video and accidentally submit it before finishing what I wanted to record. I should be able to easily go back in and add to what I've already recorded.
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4 months ago, RillBisko
Time consuming
Minimal benefit versus a direct send. Takes extra time to upload and send only to track sales staff effort. Extra time is 3-7 minutes per video upload.
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11 months ago, babckmmwmm
This app uploaded the videos at the slowest possible pace. And not to mention when my bosses are stressing over the amount of videos we send out a month I have nobody to blame besides the app itself.
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7 years ago, Rueben F
Easy to use...and fast upload! Selling us lots of cars!!
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3 months ago, ILuvApril
Having fun with the App so far
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2 years ago, The Ports
Good tool for work!!!
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3 years ago, Dan the Sales Guy
Call Orkin
This thing has so many bugs!! Glitches out, have to do a video 5-6 times to get it to upload.
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6 months ago, DR. EDWARD BROOKS
Half the time the videos don’t load. Maybe more than half.
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3 years ago, Farshizzle my nizzle
Glitch is ruining business
Every time I go to upload it logs me out, I cant upload any videos right now
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2 years ago, Jblover/hater
This app is so broken. I have to delete and reinstall 2-3 times a week
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3 years ago, malikseerathussainawan
3 class
You have to work on that a lot… so get ready
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11 months ago, Dubleup21
Covideo is a helpful tool for my career.
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2 years ago, WHO HIRED YOU ?
Thank you
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12 years ago, JulieG331
As a regular user of CoVideo I had high expectations for this app. It came as no surprise to me (because everything done by CoVideo is first class) that the app not only met, but exceeded my expectations!!! It was simple, fast and VERY easy to use. Way to go CoVideo!!! Great job!
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3 years ago, carsalesman...
Vin solutions is terrible and not for car people.
Title says it all.
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12 years ago, Selahway
Great App!
Now I can record video anytime or anyplace and share it with my friends & family. Works great for work too! Love it!
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8 years ago, Zoe's Running Buddy
Awesome app!
Great customer service! Love that I can send large videos that are too big to send via text and email. Thanks Covideo!
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12 years ago, Simsk8er
I love this app
Covideo is even easier now that I can shoot and send videos away from my desk!
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8 years ago, Kyle Fraslin
Amazing app
I absolutely love this app! The support that comes along with it is top notch as well!
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12 years ago, Chris Greeson
Mobile Covideo
Works perfect!
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