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Cox Communications, Inc.
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Cox App

4.57 out of 5
410.6K Ratings
4 years ago, LeDogge2020
The worst about billing - unbelievable
I know this is supposed to be about the app, but I like probably many others, signed up for service with Cox with a novice sales person who told me that if I got the service I could get the installation for free and then cancel. A year later I have been paying a ridiculous amount for the service that I didn’t want but was locked into a contract for. I had spoken to so many supervisors and I even got one who promised that she would go back and listen to the recorded conversation I had with the sales person to prove I was telling the truth! And I actually believed her ... No results, no one’s ever fixed anything on my bill , it took three weeks to install my cable and the guy who installed it got mad because I told him it was taking too long and he had been two hours late and had taken two hours just to install cable so he left a bunch of live wires spilling out of my wall and only installed one cable box, and they have disconnected my cable probably 10 times since quarantine started! I literally just couldn’t pay the minimum. Cox cable, you are horrible and I can’t wait to be done with my contract
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3 years ago, lilmomto5
I write reviews VERY very infrequently but when it was requested of me while I was in the process of actually using the app, I decided I would do so. I decided to do so because in all honesty I’d just realized my account hadn’t been paid; my auto-draft didn’t go through because I’d had to cancel that payment method a few weeks ago due to fraudulent card activity. I was able to log into my Cox app though and literally within a matter of less than even one minute, I had been able to super conveniently catch my bill up to date, delete the debit card associated with the fraud (unrelated to Cox, yet which had still been listed as being an available means of payment options), AND I’d even enrolled in monthly auto-draft. I have an app for every one of my bills that HAS an app available… that said, of ALL the various ones I’ve got downloaded and regularly do utilize to keep tabs on various accounts, the Cox app is the best one. This app was clearly designed to be very straight-forward and is one of the simplest ones to effectively navigate, most definitely!
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2 years ago, joeyjbad
Bad Start All Around
Switched from Frontier and other than Internet Speed I am extremely disappointed with Cox. Didn’t install home phone correctly and want to charge $100 to come back and fix. No thanks, cancelled the phone service instead. Short sided and poor decision making on Cox’s part. Was never told about data plan when sold my package and now my 39/mo service will need a 50/mo increase to sustain data usage. Not transparent at all. I would not have gone with Cox if I knew this. Also, forced me to take some home security nonsense and was told first month was free but could cancel after as long as before month was up. Not true, it was on my bill and I had battle to get removed. Additionally told I was not in a contract but was saving $10/mo due to autopay. I told them I’m not on autopay. Answer from rep was that’s ok. Found out afterwards I wasn’t on month to month and was in a 1 year contract and that’s why I’m saving $10/mo. Why lie to your customers? I asked to have a supervisor call me and the reply was we don’t do that. Apparently, the game plan is dishonesty and non-transparency to get people to sign on with them. Obviously, Cox Communications does not value their customers. I will be shopping for a new internet provider. If you take the time to reach out and discuss my situation I’d be more likely to stay on, I’m sure that will not happen. What an absolute disgrace of a company!
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1 year ago, Praise Joy
More app options needed
A customer option on the Cox App to add internet discounts, contracts for new plans with the internet, TV, phone and Home Security additions to current plans or month to month with discounts and lower rates that I can add myself; etc. I noticed that my internet bill continues to increase annually. The discounts fall off every year and with my lifestyle, I d not have the time or patience to wait on the phone to add discounts to my account and purchase a reasonably price internet service. My rate has went from $56 to $80. I am never late on my payments and do not go over on my usage. It is simply the contract for the year or the discounts applied fall off. With the ridiculous inflation on everything due to the greed of the corporations and Biden's self acclaimed Ukraine war that is bleeding the US dry with Billions upon, Billions of the US tax payers money. I cannot afford to pay $80 for something that really should only cost $25 a month. Again, We need to expand the Cox App to include self service for the customer, to include adding discounts for lower rates.
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2 years ago, Finch Lover
Clients for over 40 years. I wish I could choose which channels we can watch. I would like to delight all of the Spanish stations and I would like to have some of the other stations that are. One of the stations we would like would be from Japan. Thanks, Clusew. By the way I’m typing and nothing is showing up nothing is showing on the review page. I hope you can read my review. have been with COX Cable for 45 years. I’m always impressed by how good this service is. I’ve been to other cities and they have lots of problems with their providers. I wouldn’t want to wait for a week for a service technician to come to the house and then tell me he didn’t have the part to fix the problem and it would be another week until they would come back fix the cable and the home security. This was in Houston,TX and Xfinity was the provider of their cable. What a nightmare this was over Thanksgiving with 20 people and no football.
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3 years ago, Canthackit
My Internet has stayed up for a month!
For about 6 months I’ve had intermittent problems with my internet being slow or non-existent. I bought a new router. Helped a little but not much. Signed up on the plan for a service tech to come to my house. First visit the tech found some old connections to rooms I didn’t have TVs in and terminated them. Also found an old signal booster they recommended removal of. He left and said my signal was good now. Worked better for about a week and then back to same old problems again Called a tech again. Different tech came out and said it was the little Cat 5 Ethernet cable between my Cox modem and my router. Didn’t make sense because I don’t move stuff around so how could it just go bad. Week later internet was down again. I finally was frustrated enough to unhook my modem and go to the local Cox store and ask for a new one even though I got the same exact model. No charge to change modems. Guess what? I haven’t had a single problem since. Internet is fast and reliable now. Two tech visits and multiple online tech sessions and no one could seem to diagnose what was wrong. A change of modem did the trick. Moral: if you’ve tried everything, try getting a new modem, or better yet, have the techs keep one in their truck and change them when they’re on-site. Could save a lot of time and frustration.
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5 months ago, northshorequeen
My Wi-Fi still doesn’t work
I signed up for cox and thought they were the best! What I have been experiencing is not the case. Had 9 technicians sent to my home and maintenance to change the box on the outside of the home because the install was backdated and needed to be updated and still I only receive a fraction 30 of the Wi-Fi speed of 250 that I am paying for. They tried to make me pay for four technicians an equivalent of an extra $400 and had to speak to a supervisor with billing to take it off my bill. They even promised me if they sent a technician out I wouldn’t be paying multiple times and wouldn’t be responsible for paying the initial technician fee if it was out of my control. Lies! Lies! Lies! I have spoken to 60 different people over the phone for cox and none of the technicians have left notes for the next technician so basically I’m living in a soap opera repeating myself and the agonizing life moments of cox communication who do not communicate at all! From maintenance, to escalation, to technical support, to billing and countless supervisors this is absolutely ridiculous. I just need my Wi-Fi to be properly working insuring the package that I’m paying for. Help please
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2 years ago, Bellevue Sunray
The Cox App
Since the death of my husband, it has been a very long, difficult procedure just to change the name and checking account number for our home utilities and services. I realize that the Service Reps who answer the telephones don’t make the policies, but why must companies put customers through such torment. If the account is simply being changed from John Smith to Susan Smith and the debit or credit card number is changed from 1234 to 5678, why the 15-20 minute grilling and mail-in questionaries? Who volunteers to pay someone else’s bill anyway. I explained all of this because that is where Cox shines. I don’t know who designed Cox’s App, but he/she deserves a salary increase. I’ve honestly spent over a week on the phone/mail changing a straightforward utility bill. Yet with Cox, my name, security details, payment info, etc. was all changed on my Smartphone in less than five minutes. Kudos to Cox.
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7 months ago, Warrant P
Bad service
I got rid of T-Mobile and went with Cox because my Internet kept dropping but it seems like the Internet from Cox is doing the same thing almost as often as T-Mobile did. When my service was connected, a technician from Cox said there was a bad line coming from the street that needed to be replaced and he would submit a work order to have it done. Maybe 2-3 weeks later another technician came because my Internet went out. When he checked into the problem, he also said the line coming from the street needed to be replaced and he would put in a work order to have this done because there was none submitted by the previous technician. To the best of my knowledge, the line coming from the street still has not be replaced because my Internet drops at least twice a day. Before T-Mobile, I had Verizon but made the switch because my bill was high. I chose Cox because it advertises great internet. I’m considering going back to Verizon because my internet never dropped with them, which is probably why their prices are a little more.
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3 years ago, xTrynityX
horrible customer service
if you chat with rep and phone gets timed out then you get to start all over and the auto communication like how is your day going drags out by the time you get to talk to someone you already talked to 5 robots it's just rude and quitFrankly it shows just how far behind COX really is as a technology company if they can't even get a application to work flawlessly how are they going to get your Internet to work flawlessly internets a given it is merely bridging it for us because we are for the most part unable to figure out how to do it without their help which is kind of a joke in the first place because the Internet should be free anyone should be able to reach out and grab it but yeah they're definitely far behind on her application buildingJust in the time of me writing this it's timed out two times didn't think i was going to finish with out having to start at the beginning.... how is your day? is the weather nice enough for you? did you catch that game? hahahaha just fix out problems and dont raise the fee because you lack communication skills as communication company . ;) how is your day ??!!!!
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4 years ago, Kellbell71
I have had cox internet for several years, a few years ago I did an online chat (so I would have evidence) and asked about adding tv. I was quoted a price that was agreeable so I signed up. My bill was significantly higher and I complained. Nobody cared that I was quoted a lower price but I did get my bill down somewhat. I reluctantly kept the service for a few years but finally canceled. I noticed after cancelling tv that my internet was significantly slower for the first couple of months but slower sped back up. I have electronic billing and they don’t make it easy to see your billing statements (especially after they slow your internet) so I never looked at my bill that close until recently and I noticed that I was still paying for a tv app (whatever that is?), but I had a “bundle” discount. Well, the tv app service was more than the discount so I called to cancel that and a very rude lady canceled my service. Now my bill is higher than before, even though the discount was less than the service. They are the most convenient internet around so they don’t care about poor reviews because they know I’m stuck with them for now, but I wouldn’t recommend them.
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2 years ago, Hildie58
APPsolutely Easy-Peasy
Cox has really done a great job at improving its APP to do quick payments on the go or just while lounging at home. I’ve been fairly happy with Cox. Always good customer service. The only thing I would recommend is that Cox be more flexible with movie refunds especially with those that don’t have a trailer. I had to practically beg for less than $4.00 for a movie I didn’t like within the first 5-10 min that had no trailer. I also DO NOT make a habit of requesting refunds so I really thought it should not have been a problem. I also was not aware of the rule. Nonetheless rule/no rue Cox should be a little more lenient to those movies w/o trailers or supply a trailer for all movies if the rules are as strict as they are written. In the end I did get a refund but I did not enjoy having to beg for it especially when I’m a 1 person household trying to watch my nickels & dimes. Thanks otherwise for a decent service. HC
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2 years ago, Dayvie Crockett
My wife and I ordered during Black Friday, gigablast internet service with panoramic Wi-Fi and tech support online, cox official website. We went to the cox store location @ 7930 West tropical way to pick up equipment and set up service. Representative, nimar, helped us after we mentioned we paid online he saw our order and proceeded to set us up, but we ended up with the wrong (lower) grade internet service with a phone service we never ordered which he never mentioned even after hearing us describe our purchase he proceeded without raising question. We left with our equipment and a bill that was identical to the price promised online for the gigablast bundle we customized, which was fishy? A couple days later on my cox app account is when I noticed the service was wrong and less internet than purchased. It was a long chat but Oniesh S. Help us out with correcting the service, i still have to call about removing the added phone service on there. Plus the panoramic modem keeps resetting itself and disconnecting itself from my network and devices. A should be stress free online purchase quickly became a stressful evening.
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2 years ago, Strongnigle
Customer service is beyond expectations!
I had another local provider prior well in the course of a week a neighbors house Burt down and a squirrel decided to the lines that go to my house and messed my Internet up somehow I called for a week plus to no prevail with that company to get anything fixed or even a person to talk with. I explained my situation I live it a dead zone for phones and signals and they made every move to get internet installed fast and made sure it got my families small business back up and running within 24 hours with little cost to me they really stepped up and even made a point to call and make sure everything was up and working to it’s peak potential after a few days of service I’d definitely recommend them to the next person the internet is working great and the friendly service is worth everything in value!
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1 year ago, bzlis
Expensive & inconsistent
Cox Cable is expensive. I have to call annually to see what “deals” they have to try to keep our bill feasible. They require we keep our landline phone as part of the “bundle package” for a “discount” even though we don’t use a landline anymore. If we remove the landline from our service, our bill will increase. We have only kept Cox all these years because we are Padres fans and they were the only way for us to get the games. Cable service is inconsistent. We regularly have to reboot our system. Anytime I contact tech help, they reboot our system and then their answer is to have a tech come to our home. One time we agreed to have them come to our home and then the tech tried telling us there was a charge for him to be there — when we were not told upfront that there was a cost for a tech to come to the home. Now that we have other options for Padres games, we will be looking to cancel our cable service. Cox is just way too expensive.
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1 month ago, Herbert Tucker
Honorary mention ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This company has been wonderful since the day I moved to Las Vegas, which hasn't been long. From the beginning, I’ve received excellent information, customer service, and assistance with installing my service. I recently relocated from up north, and obtaining these services was incredibly fast and hassle-free. A technician came to set up the modem and perform cable installation in my place; he was knowledgeable and professional. The app is very user-friendly, and I feel that my information is secure. I can't praise the service enough. In the last five months, there was only one Internet outage, and I was promptly notified about it, along with updates on the repair progress. The issue was resolved faster than expected, which was quite impressive. Thanks again. I highly recommend this company.
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2 years ago, cassahfrass
Desktop version is better
The app is subpar- at best. It’s easy to check if there is a KNOWN internet outage, as well as make a payment with an existing bank account. Other than that, the app is frequently having issues. Crashes often, won’t connect to login if you have no internet (it will not automatically connect to cell service it always forces internet). If you close your Cox account, your app access is immediately revoked which makes no sense because they legally are required to keep account information available for up to three years so you should be granted access, especially if you are expecting a refund or want to check your final bill. The app doesn’t give contact information for contacting customer service, but you can speak to a chat agent however it times out constantly it’s better to leave the app and go online. Don’t get me started on troubleshooting, the app NEVER works to correctly restart the router remotely. Honestly, needs improvement just like the rest of the organization.
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2 years ago, Krazzykurry
Rip off
I have been with Cox for over 20 years and I have received ZERO discounts for my loyalty. I’m currently looking into other options since there have been countless days without service, the most recently waking up on Friday, April 29th at 6 AM to see there was an outage in my area to be fixed by 9:35 AM. 9:35 AM came and the app updated to say 11:41 AM. 11:41 AM came and the app said it was fixed, however, my devices would not connect and tried to work with a Cox rep via chat with no success. The app then suddenly said there was an outage to be fixed by 5:35. I work remotely from home so imagine your employer upset that I could not perform due to this massive inconvenience. I called customer service and the rep had terrible bedside manners. It was a too bad type of attitude. Since I was not able to work 8 hours that Friday, Cox should be crediting my account the amount that I would of been paid had I been able to work. With that being said, the credit to my account should be in the dollar amount of $200 otherwise I will be leaving Cox for a company that is reliable.
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3 years ago, roxxyme
Horrible service
I called in because my internet stopped working. They told me a technician needs to come to my home and see what the problem is. They never once mentioned what the cost would be or that there would be a cost. The technician took an hour or two and told me it was a bad modem. They would replace it for free and will notate my account so I won’t be charged. If I was charged to call in and let them know of the note on my account. Weeks later I get billed an additional $100. I contacted Cox and they couldn’t find any note that I wouldn’t be charged. I had to pull teeth for them to open a research request on it. I still have not had the charge removed or any correspondence about the research request. I am barely working during covid and they don’t even tell you how much the repairs could be. $100 is a lot during these times. If I would have known in advance I would have waited for the technician until I could afford it. Cox is a horrible company and I know a lot of people who stopped using their service due to poor customer service and lying reps and over prices services.
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4 years ago, gatordolfan
Rating my service.
The service price seems to go up all the time and service gets worse. Our internet is up and down. The last two weeks our cable has been terrible. There have been days when we could not even watch TV especially on the weekends. I was unable to watch college football and pro football. My wife was unable to watch her programs. Today is the first day that it has worked. We will see later if it works. I have called and talked to a technician. I even got a new box. Last year you all said the cable strength coming from the street was weak so you all put a booster in our house. It helped the cable for a while but not the internet. Some days it is good other days it is weak. Now our cable contour box does not work at times. The little black box works most of the time. We have two black boxes. One works the other does not.
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2 years ago, MikeyGutz
Been having Cox for years had Qwest before and always had issues transferred to Cox and never had any issues. Super fast Internet with the Gigablast and panoramic WiFi very much needed for my online gaming and with my son on his computer gaming as well and my fiancée streaming Netflix In the living room everything still runs flawlessly. Only thing I don’t like is how much I am paying currently $150 just for high speed Internet sounds a little pricey to me but I guess you get what you paid for and I do believe Cox is the best Internet service in this state. Also it’s Simple easy to use shows you the usage of all devices and you can even manually restart the modem from here. Nice features and easy to navigate.
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1 year ago, C.Devezin
If I could rate a 0 I would ... but I had to give it 1 star rating... Well not necessarily the app but the company’s service is what deserves the 0 stars I would highly not recommend this internet service to ANYONE... I was forced to use this internet service through my apartment complex contract they provided a internet box and stated this was the only wifi we could use when signing our lease “it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time.” I pay 113$ dollars a month for internet that CONSTANTLY goes out randomly the wifi will just turn off and disconnect from my tv when my family is trying to watch tv on Netflix or another example is my ring camera and alarm system will have to disconnect temporarily while the wifi is down and use cellular backup data ... It is ridiculous for the price we pay . I have had someone come out and look at our router 3 different times and each time they say “nothing is wrong” . The internet is extremely slow as well most of the time . 10/10 don’t recommend .
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1 year ago, single dad AZ
My service has not work properly for 3 months now. TV comes in and out sometimes for minutes at a time. I called Cox and used there app chat service and was assured that my billing would be put on hold and the problem fixed. A week later on a Saturday my services were shut off even though my bill said due date two weeks later. No one can help me until Monday unless I pay of course for something that doesn’t work. Customer are rude and ignored my requests of a phone number of the correct department and would not let me chat with a supervisor. I wouldn’t recommend Cox to my worst enemy!! Fast forward a year later and Cox has once agin lied to me. After my contract time was over Cox tried to raise my bill this was at the height of covid and the beginning of bastard Biden’s recession. I told them I could afford a hike in my bill. After some back forth we settled and the negotiating was over. Four months now gone by and they charge me whatever they want and definitely not what I negotiated. Cox are a bunch of Cox.
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2 years ago, Tiny1960
It’s good good service and I want to upgrade but can’t get anyone at customer service to respond back to me. I have internet service and I want to add cable tv service to my existing plan but no one seems to care to respond back to assist me so I guess I will need to look else where for service. It’s a shame that Cox is so big they do not have to worry if they lose customers or not I have ATT Uverse at my home in Florida and they are top notch on service and keeping in good communication with their customers. I wish that service was available here. Oh well keep up the service and hopefully it will improve for Cox. Someone told me that Suburban cable was top notch May I will check with them and see if they want my service. Sorry you guys have such poor customer service as I do like my internet service just wish I could get the cable with you but guess you don’t need another cable customer.
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5 years ago, App-less in Nevada
New App With Less Features...Why bother
Once again Cox completely redesigns an app only to either completely break all the features (Cox Voiceverywhere), or in this case, I take away useful features that worked before. You can no longer access the tv listings and set a recording from the app. Basically the primary and only useful feature. The new chat feature is a joke as it’s just a Bot with extremely slow response and sent instructions on how to complete the recording function from the “old” app which doesn’t exist anymore. How hard is this?! Why remove a great feature that worked fine? Why redesign what didn’t need redesigning? I basically now have to Cox apps (Cox and Cox Voiceverywhere) that serve no function anymore. I can look at my bill or data used in Cox and that’s all it’s good for. Nothing works except forward with the Cox Voiceverywhere app and it became useless upon release. It just astounds me a company would reverse engineer apps into useless memory taken up on your phone. I have this app 1 Star because I can’t give it a zero.
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3 years ago, Not happy in Abbeville
Slow internet price is high
Years ago I had Cox and due to the increase price I had to drop them. Went with att and direct tv and the internet was so slow and fiber wasn’t offered in my area. Decided to go back with Cox. Internet is nothing like it use to be. Actually I need to keep my wifi off on my phone to load pics or pages. Only reason I keep it is for my son who plays Xbox. He is always fussing for us to get off internet and we say we not on. I only watch local so tried lowering my bill but cutting out tv of course it makes internet go up. They lowered channel amount but I still feel like I’m getting ripped off for poor internet and the fact I don’t watch anything but local channels. Would not go with them again. Sticking with it until I have time to research and switch.
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3 years ago, BobbyP9999
Cable Internet TV
Ever since I got Cox cable to come in install a new set up for me I’ve been having problems with their cable and Internet dropping in and out I’ve had at least four different visits from people trying to resolve the problem and still no body has been able to solve the problem the picture freezes the sound drives out the sound givesThe sound dropped out and the picture keeps going sometimes the picture just drop that and the sound of that nothing happens but a black screen but the most aggravating as when you’re doing a video conference with somebody and then the Internet drops out that’s why I give you one star ever since y’all installed this I’ve been having problems and they said they’re going to fix it and nothing happens
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3 months ago, Wwertyuiopasdfgmnbvcxzlkjhg
I have dealt with extreme incompetence and negligence by Cox customer service for the past several months. It has been one horrible issue after the other, with no help from Cox. It started with being incorrectly charged for three phones I purchased and paid fully for. Cox, insisting I pay again. I resolved eventually, with proof. Next, my cell issue being sent to escalation department SEVEN times, with no resolution! I decided to cancel service. And finally, Cox made a mistake and incorrectly credited my internet account. When I called to ask what was wrong, I was assured I didn’t owe anything, and wouldn’t have a bill for another month. Cox, noticed their mistake later, “corrected “ it, and back charged me for the bill I hadn’t paid,( because I was TOLD I didn’t owe anything!) even though I paid a portion of the bill, I am receiving collections calls while I’m at work, and text reminders that I have a past due balance. All due to the negligence of Cox employees. I
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10 months ago, nointernetinnola
No other option
I am not happy at all with the Internet service I receive from COX, but in my area, there is no other option. I loose Internet connection at least 7-8 times per day, and that’s probably an estimate on the low side. That’s totally ridiculous, considering how much I’m paying for this lackluster service. I have been in the middle of an online class, and lost connection, and lost my class credit as well. But the worst was doing a ZOOM presentation for my job, and lost my Internet connection right smack in the middle of my presentation, how embarrassing!!! Calling COX to complain, and trying to get a resolution to this problem is a joke. It’s always one excuse after the other as to what could be the cause of the problem: too many people in my area using the Internet at the same time, the walls are too thick, and my all time favorite, COVID! Yes, you read that correctly, I was even told the Internet has COVID. WOW! COX, please do better by your PAYING customers!!!
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4 years ago, Ninjaswag12
Will not show bill
On my app it will not show my bill anymore. Just continues to say there was an error processing your request and to try again later. I’ve been dealing with this since I moved on 5/28. I haven’t been able to use the app. It’s completely worthless to me now. I have to log into the computer anytime to check my bill. I called tech support 3 times and even advance tech support and they couldn’t fix it. All they say is to uninstall the app and install again. Done that about 20 times and still won’t work. I was told I’d get a call back once my tickle was resolved but that was over 2 weeks ago. It shouldn’t be this difficult to manage an app especially since you’re a technology company. I’ll be keeping the 1 star review because it’s still not fixed and I’ve given plenty of time for them to fix it. If I didn’t live in a complex with only Cox services I’d drop them. Frustrating they haven’t fixed it. Even all the app updates don’t help. Highly disappointed.
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3 years ago, workingit23
Modem issues constantly!
1 star for constant Modem issues!!!! Either the things are overheating or some other issue. We have two in the house. 1 of the modems hasn’t had a single issue, perhaps it’s not used a lot, the other is non stop problems. We have already replaced it once within months of getting it and are now having to do it again. If you work online these days it’s unacceptable! 2nd star is because they work had to fix the down line but it’s already too late by then. You have just dropped everyone you are working with and then have to contact them for the fix, wait snd then check everything before trying to go back to a meeting. They have said there is some overheating issue with the modems but in I have continued to see the problem even after a few minutes of use or it’s just out with no use. Please fix your modem issues.
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2 weeks ago, steve allen
Too big to fail
The app is great and user friendly! Cox however has gotten to big to fail I guess. I paid 330 dollars roughly a month and when I was fed up with their service and prices I took my equipment down to cox and canceled my service for telephone and cable. They didn’t even bother to ask me why I was canceling service. They offered no apologies and could careless. Now they want me to use their cellular service! It’s almost comical. They are charging me 165 a month for internet,it was 190 til today, I called and said I couldn’t keep paying that for internet. I am on a fixed budget. Lots of options coming to phoenix for internet. I doubt I will be using it much longer and they don’t care!
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4 years ago, unhappy cox user
Brittany the Tech Support Supervisor had no remedy!
So I give the Cox communications service 0 stars!!!! I am constantly having connection issues, I have the unlimited data plan and it’s for sure not unlimited! I’m always on the phone trying to fix issues this particular day I was watching TV then boom everything went off! My house is internet ran! It’s a smart home. So without connection my house is a chaotic mess! I called to ask what was going on because the reported outage had been resolved. So some how all of my network connection got messed up during their maintenance period! The cost for the service is too much to have so many outages and their not scheduled! So we have children missing school no planned extra security! I’m very disappointed and I’m devastated that there is no other good service in our area! We are used to XFINITY which is a far better service and much cheaper! This place Cox is robbing us for this horrible service! By the way my service is still out!
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3 years ago, Schmicks
So dissatisfied
I have never been so dissatisfied with a company. They try to charge you for everything. I had my internet for 1 week and it wasn’t functioning. I spent over 2 hours with tech support trying to correct the issue. Still not resolved, so I had to set up an appointment for a technician to come out. I was told it was $100. I said I shouldn’t have to pay when your company’s service is not working. The agent said I would see the charge, but she would credit it. Well, I got charged twice for $100 and they claim I was notified of these charges and they will not reverse. I’m stuck with this company because I’m in an apartment and that’s who I have to use, but if you can use another internet provider, I would definitely stay away from Cox. Others in my family also have had nothing but problems with them and have been more than happy with century link. How can a company think they should charge you when THEIR service is not functioning!!!??!
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3 years ago, Quincy Forbes
Terrible service
I have had my upgraded internet for maybe 2 months now and every other day it just randomly stops working I have had at least 6 techs come out and look at it works for about an hour then goes right back off I would never recommend going through Cox I work from home can’t even do my job because I never have any internet then it takes a whole week just to get a tech over just for the internet to not work once again plus they charge way to much for the poor services. Back when COVID first broke out I was paying 10 a month for slower speeds and never had a problem until I upgraded. Thanks for wasting my time Cox
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4 months ago, mcbuno
I truly believe that having to pay for tv services is so, so expensive. Born in the fifties, then during my childhood in the sixties with television in my life along with over the years to this date. How the comforting it is to just turn the channels of my choice was so FREE. Now ?? With the acceptance for change especially on the introduction of technology over decades, is overwhelming. That with the increase charges for enjoyment for television is not the luxury of it, it’s now a necessity to have in your household. With a price to pay. To all the bigwigs of television, even to Cox, I have no choice to search around for just internet ONLY. Seems that Cox only serves in So. Las Vegas. Other services that is available has limited availability access. I do hope that ACP would get their funds in order soon, before this April ends. Never received any texts or emails of the deadline on February 7, for staying on the program. NONE!! Very greedy of a move from Cox.
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3 years ago, Akatsukidawn0927
Last Resort Internet
I only have Cox internet because it is unfortunately the only service provider in my area currently. I’m in the military and do move a-lot, so I’ve had many different internet providers. This is by far the worst, I have the 500 plan and even with that I’ve never gotten speeds higher than 300. There will be times when the internet shuts off for 30 or 40 minutes in my area and other times when the modem is overwhelmed and needs to be restarted. Cox has higher prices than other services such as Verizon FIOS and AT&T, although their speeds go up to 1000 don’t be fooled this is only (download speed). The upload speeds are all under 50 which is what’s most reliant upon if you do any sort of gaming. I thought today we would be past the point where a contract plan is required, you’re essentially locked to this provider and they do that for a reason! It’s because their service suxs.
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4 years ago, SamoanIn808
No -help app.
Internets been out since last nite. This morning I got up & did what I’ve done before to reset it. I un-plugged the modem, waited 5 minutes & re-plugged it back in. Nothing. Went to the Cox app & did what “they” said to reset it, basically the same thing I did earlier. Again nothing with the remark “unable to reset the modem please try again...did it & nada. Next it said if you need assistance did I want to do a live “chat” with Oliver. Did that several times with negative results. Oliver asking to rephrase my questions. How many ways can I say “ internet is out can you help”. Next he stated I could ask for a “LIVE AGENT” anytime which I did numerous times & Oliver answering with a “Live Agent will get back to you”. This began at 1349 hours & at 1426 hours I’ve still NOT received any “live agents” call & my internet is still out. Interesting enough Cox doesn’t have a “Live #” to call for help & rely on this crappy -* app to “assistance users”. And I did check for outages in my area.....none.
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3 years ago, 1177863
Unsatisfactory installation
I went into the store looking to start a new service with internet. The representative gave me a install kit with no instruction how how to set up payments or log into the app. He set up his own user name and password without even writing it down for me. The install didn’t go too well , so I had to ask for a professional install. When the installer got to the house I asked him to run the modem to a useful area of the apartment. He refused and just left me some extra wire to do it myself. Then I checked my bill and he had charged $100 installation fee. When I went to bill pay I could not access. I had to then go back to the store to reset my user name and password since it was never given to me. The whole experience was terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Now my bill is due and I am waiting for a response from Cox communication.
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4 years ago, Hold dat noise
Very convenient app
With everything that’s is going on in the world as we know it today. This app is great for paying your bill online ***very secured app *** as well as all the other additional features that can avoid having to call in. No offense to COX, because they are a great company. But now mostly everyone is working, schooling and watching their favorite shows From the comforts of their homes. I understand there are service eruptions that occur every now and again and the hold time for a live agent have been longer than usual. However, I find that this app can service mostly all of my needs... from bill pay to troubleshooting..wonderful app easy to navigate....5 star
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2 years ago, kmterry60
Cox Cable
Prices have sky rocketed!!! My cable bill went up $80 in 2 months. From $225 to $305. I can no longer afford Cox cable and they are unwilling to lower prices, even for a 40 year customer of cable tv. I’ve paid $10,000 in the last 4 years to Cox at $225 a month-$2500 a year. I will not pay $3600 a year for cable and internet. Cox is willing to give a new customer a package I’d like to change to for $171 a month but I as an existing customer is charged $246 a month! Cox will give a better price to someone who’s never given them a dime and has absolutely no loyalty to them. Truly Unbelievable! Cox you have become a racketeering company who’s purpose is to steal from your customers.
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4 years ago, lmconnally
I have tried many times myself on my account to make changes to profile. Always get, technical issues try later. I talk with people in your stores and on the telephone and they apparently have technical issues because nothing is ever changed. Then, you always increase my payment amount. I have to watch the bill like a hawk to make sure it is correct. Not correct to date. Most customer service reps in stores are always so kind then I get two in the same store that do not tell me the truth and a manager that is totally rude. The service itself is good coming into my home but I feel like I am battling every month. Linda Connally
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1 week ago, Horrible cox
Horrible customer service
We have had so many problems with the customer service and the service quality from this company. The service gets worse as the cost goes up and don’t try to talk them about helping lower your bill or getting a credit for service being out for multiple days due to cox they will leave you on hold for over an hour after transferring you from people to people I’ve had a person on the line with me that was helping me while driving a car!! And heat putting me on hold. I could here the traffic around them. It’s just been such a horrible experience. We are now having to look for a new service and Internet and it’s just very hard because my husband works from home six days a week and uses the Internet for his business constantly. Just wish this company actually did care about their customers and their experience
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3 years ago, Murphybee
Only 1 Option
When you live in a neighborhood where there is very few to no options on these services this is what you get. A company that provides less than average service. Since signing up for Cox in September I’ve had issues with my internet and tv service. I’ve had to reset my contour box once a week this far. Took me 3 weeks and several times contacting Cox about my bill that was never completely corrected. Now I find out there’s a limit on your home monthly internet which by the way is completely not accurate. There internet tracker says my family used 50 gb of data yesterday 10/31 which is false. We were all to busy with Halloween to burn through 50gb of data. Then they’re going to charge me for going over the monthly limit. According to there own estimator we should only be using about 950 gb per month which is well before the threshold. SMDH…. Out of options.
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4 years ago, Crest Rd
I am so frustrated with my experience since March when I began to try to set up services. It was extremely difficult to get someone out to help me set up services, now months later when I finally have services I have been billed the incorrect amount every month and every month I’ve had to call to try to make it right. Cox is trying to charge me double what was promised when I set up my account and every time I call they sound like they’ve made a mistake, they will right it and I won’t have to deal it again, and yet here I am now still having to deal with an account that’s claiming it’s past due when I’ve been paying my bill on time every month. I would love for a supervisor to actually make this right instead of false promises by employees when I call in. I have spent hours and hours on this and just want my account to be made right so I can continue to have internet without having to fight a company overcharging me
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11 months ago, AZwildcat49
Communication issue
Your app works fine when it can hook up to your own Internet. However, when your Internet service goes down for residential, your app doesn’t work it will not switch over automatically in a mobile device to the cell service. So when you’re trying to report an issue like system not working you can’t do it. I have to unplug my Wi-Fi system and force my phone to connect to Verizon in order to communicate with your office. There should also be an interface in the app that allows you to report outages. Without having to go through your AI, which then never gives you the option to it only wants to set up a service call. There should be an option for this. I have mentioned this many times to customer service.
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12 months ago, Bobs puzzler
Pixel Time!
Just as you come to a place in the show, game, or, movie you were wanting to see …. It starts pixelating! If you change the channel you get a message “this channel is not available “ and it returns you to the pixelating channel. But mostly happens when it sprinkles, rains, wind blows, or is dry. Hhhmmmm. Then a box appears that says “there is a problem on our end and we are working to fix it.” When you call them, they want to reset your box. How will resetting my box fix their problem???? I have several friends that have the same problem and others that do not. It seems to be in specific areas. Wish they could locate it before the next rain. I was recently at a business two doors from the cox store and they had the same problem. I know that’s not relevant but I found that kind of funny.
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4 years ago, MisLed 🚫 2 Accounts
Huge Disappointment
Salesman showed up at installation and move-in to sell me the “dream” offering huge discounts; free this free that blah, blah, blah. It happened so fast. Then the first bill came. No written documents to review before signing. Craziness amidst moving into a new home. COX -What a bad decision. *I called to question the bill. A customer service representative advised I could not make changes for 2 years and at the same time *she added a Hallmark channel that I have no idea how to find on my guide. *I can’t find all the passwords & security information with HomeLife alarm system. *I asked about the Polk Magnifi Home Theater Sound Bar System, that will help with hearing impairments, using Live Chat but the chat guy had no idea about any flyer enclosure with my Cox Statement. I live on SocialSecurity. My TV & security system take a fourth of my monthly earnings. But I cannot make changes. I was misled at a very vulnerable time. Meanwhile I have TOO many months left before my contract expires. Shame on me !
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3 years ago, LJC III
Terrible Service
I subscribed to COX 2 months ago for a newly constructed home. When subscribing, I went into the store and made it clear that this was new construction and no line exists going into the house. I was given an appointment for install and nobody showed up. After waiting on the phone for an hour, the service rep said their records showed it was a self install and she showed we had service. The rep set us up for a second visit. Two weeks later, a field rep shows up and said he didn’t realize this was a new install and could not help us. He said there was no reason to call and make another service request because he would handle it and make sure we were set up correctly. Two months after ordering service we still have no service and I’ve been notified we’re past due on our account and service will be disconnected. This company is clueless.
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4 years ago, Scooterhutch
Too Darn Expensive
Not enough channels for my money. I have no movie subscriptions yet my bill is well over two hundred dollars each month. Nothing fancy to my channel line up. I’m not happy because of the pick and choose arbitrary way channels are assigned via tiers and pkgs. Bragging that a customer receives over 200 channels doesn’t impress one if many are not wanted or worse in other languages! I want DIY, more NatGeo, Discovery, and why are channels like Life, Sci-fi, and many others not included for the money I pay. I will be dropping COX as soon as I decide which alternatives to cable serve me best. I may still not get the channels I want but I won’t be paying through the nose for the “privilege!”
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