Cox Homelife

1.9 (1.1K)
50.8 MB
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Current version
Cox Communications, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cox Homelife

1.88 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Unknownrh
This app is a joke. I have the camera, sensor, and light. The light and door sensor work appropriately however sometimes when I open the door I receive a text alert minutes later instead of real time. I also have the camera set up to motion. The app and camera worked perfect before. Recording once someone opened the door and actually capturing the video and stills of when the door opened. Now the camera takes forever to load. I need to tap “retry or view camera” multiple times to see a live image or video feed. Also once a motion is detected or door is opened the recording has a lag. By the time it records whoever or whatever that passed by or opened the door is gone and the door is closed. Roughly a 10-15 sec lag by the time it actually records. I rebooted the system my router everything. Same thing. Useless. I also had a cox rep come to the house. He switched out the camera and we thought it worked. But of course when he left same problem happened. For being the leader in high speed internet this home security is far from it. One stars bc the light works when I want to turn it on from the app. But even then sometimes the light will turn off and I’ll have to turn the switch on and off for it to turn back on because the app says it’s on but not. Don’t waste your money on their Homelife. You can get a real security system for $40 a month with free equipment.
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6 years ago, EducatedVoiceOfReason
Update has flaws that didn’t exist before
For instance, the app no longer allows you to disarm specific sensors in order to ensure that interacting with them while the alarm is set won’t result in the alarm being set off. The app will ask if you want to ignore those sensors that are already open prior to arming, but does not give you the option to disarm those that aren’t open at the time of arming. This feature was available prior to the update, and made it easy to disable certain sensors prior to arming the system. For example, I used to be able to disable certain window sensors that were closed at the time of arming the alarm for the “night” mode, so that my family could freely open these windows throughout the night without having to worry about setting the alarm off. So please, fix this. Furthermore, although the app allows for certain “routines” to be saved, I think it would be beneficial to have a way that would allow users to create “groups” to arm and/or disarm, making it easier to arm the alarm for night time usage or away usage, instead of having to go and disable every same sensor just like every other night.
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4 years ago, bigcon25
Works half the time/go with someone else
First things first, the minute my contract is up, I’ll be leaving cox security for Ring or something else. The app works half the time and the alarm sound comes only from the Home Pad so depending on where it is, you could never hear it if there was a break in. Additionally, the app appears to have some serious latency issues so makes me question its effectiveness. Majority of the time when you’re in the app, it will say connectivity issues and will not load the camera so you can’t see anything (btw we have one of coxs highest internet speeds and a strong router). As of the last 2 months out of nowhere, my wife and I no longer receive notices for the settings we added (email/texts alerts) for specific events like arm/disarm etc. I have gone into the configurations multiple times to add the “rule” back but that didn’t work so I went and deleted/added it back and still it doesn’t work. We went as far to delete the app and re-add it but still the same issues. Customer service is useless so at this point we just have to wait out our last 4 months before we can switch. All in all, unless it’s free with your package, do not get this! It’s a headache and the app is garbage. We will 110% be leaving cox as a whole when our contract is up! As they say, buyer beware and this couldn’t be more true!!!
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6 years ago, MalibuMal
Needs more Work
One of the first local customers to get Cox Home Security. I have been satisfied with my service but not with the app. -If I open the app, go to another app, and then go back to the Homelife app it is stuck in a never ending cycle of loading. I have to force close the app every time I move out of it or it won’t work at all. -My favorites list on the home screen keeps rearranging, no matter how many times I set it, the cameras feature moves to the very bottom from the top. -If I am away from home for a long period and need to adjust the programming for my thermostat I go through all the hoops only to have it save nothing!! So very frustrating. -I wish wish wish I could access CVR Playback from the app. I’m paying extra a month for this feature and I don’t feel like I’m getting the full use out of it. I loathe having to get on the computer to check it. I hardly use the computer...except to access this feature.
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4 years ago, Shredder Boy
How did this app make it to production?
I love the home automation wave going on right now and have multiple devices from various manufacturers installed. I installed two home life cameras, two door/window sensors and 1 lightbulb simply because it came as a promotion and was excited to try a new product. I would give the setup process 5 stars as all devices worked perfectly but whoever was in charge of software development torpedoed the whole system. The app is flashy and appealing to the eye but has so many bugs that the whole setup is useless for anything other than watching my dog. Renaming devices works about 30% of the time. The application did not save my credentials during initial setup, I’m not talking about automatically logging in, the app allowed me to log in one time and then completely dumped everything resulting in a call to tech support. Attempting to setup any rules renders the app unresponsive. And the list goes on. Having worked in software development for many years, I would have been fired for putting something like this into production! Also, there hasn’t been a version release since October 23rd! Are they even trying to fix the issues?
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4 years ago, Submissive76
Disappointed to say the least( Updated )
I have had so many issues using this app that it’s honestly quite irritating. From devices disappeared and not able to add devices to device failure to not being able to view recordings or stills? I could continue to go and on but it’s useless at this point .... 1 star only bc you have to give a star to rate or review also I have devices on the tablet that do not show up in app and I have logged out deleted and then added app again and nothing.... when our home caught on fire it didn’t alert us of fire it alerted as door tampering ... a break in ... and yes we have the smoke/carbon monoxide detector... if weren’t so close to home to rush over and WE pretty much contained the fire ourselves before fire ever got there. Happy it did alert us and grateful but still this app is junk Extremely disappointed more like disgusted this app is always messed up,can’t add devices on it can not see any stills or video feed always something within the app constantly messed up!!!! Smh!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Bhayden13
Marginal application
Configurability is problematic. Every time that I bring up the app, it bumps the link to their tour of new features near the top of the page. No way to get rid of it. No way to delete it, and if you move it, the app moves it back near the top the next time you open up the application. It doesn’t matter how often you are their tour, it still doesn’t go away, taking up valuable real estate on the screen. Overall, Cox Homelife is a waste of money. You can’t put the rest of your Cox products on vacation hold, and leave Homelife active, if you are streaming video to the cloud, because their modem is mostly shut down then. Of course, the sales people lied and told me that, of course, it would work. I also have constant problems with their camera WiFi modem routinely crashing, with no way to reboot it remotely.
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1 year ago, Larry10956
New bug - sign-in requires app restart
We have been using this app for years, and it meets our needs in general. However, over the past few months, it has developed a new behavior, which is very annoying. This is on iOS devices, and is reproducible across multiple such devices. When you activate the alarm, say, upon leaving the house, it might work fine. However, when you return home and seek to disengage the alarm, the app won’t sign in. You have to physically completely close the app and then re-open it in order for the sign-in to be enabled. This behavior was not present in older versions of the app. I contacted Cox directly to report the bug, but they have no clear mechanism for bug reporting. They only wanted to provide user support, which I do not need. So, I am left with no recourse other than to put it in a review.
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5 years ago, no rules, no notifications
Ready to give up
Had the system installed 4 days ago. Camera feed is good, records and takes a pic on command, light turns off and on, door sensor works which are the only reasons I’ll rate this as a 1 star. When trying to set up a rule for notifications the app freezes at the “Do this” step. Never should have let the install tech leave until I was convinced everything worked correctly. He said I needed to read the instruction booklet and customize how I wanted it to perform. “Gotta go” he says. I’ve reinstalled the app numerous times, checked and completed all recent iPhone software updates. Called customer service and received NO help whatsoever. Your guess is as good as theirs. The install location was at a home I only visit once per month in another state so I need the surveillance to work and I can’t easily schedule convenient service visits. Ready to give up and get another product.
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6 years ago, Pat cAson
As for my alarm system that’s the BEST thing Cox has going for them. I have to use there internet really sad. When I signed up with cox I explain my situation with them and told them I could not go over 150. A month they said everything we all want to hear then your bill arrives and everything they told you was a LIE!!!!!! I am going to go with dish yes I will use cox internet cause we have no choice and I will keep my homelife, but cox cable is buried gone I am done fighting with these people. I have basic cable I don’t even have the cooking channel and I just paid 247. for my bill. I hate cox and always have, just one more try nothing has changed!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Abraham Gama
Needed for security, but app is not good.
I need this app for my home security system. After long days of work I come home ready to get inside with my hands full. This app takes maybe 3 full minutes to load up, and then the majority of the time it doesn’t allow me to enter my fingerprint as a password. Our account is a shared account for the household - I don’t have access to the actual password and email so I use my finger print. If that doesn’t pop up, I either have to go through my saved passwords, or close the app entirely, and reopen (having to wait the 3min loading time AGAIN). Unlocking my door which should take 30 seconds is a 5 minute task with this faulty app. Also surprised to see such a low overall rating, and yet it seems no improvements have been made to better the app.
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5 years ago, lv heat
App doesn’t work as designed
We installed cameras, door sensors, motion sensors, door locks and thermostats in August 2018. We have had problems with the app since day one. Even though you set up contacts and rules, only one person receives the notifications. Have had the techs out a few times and they tried setting up the rules at their homes and found the same problem. Even with all the app updates this still hasn’t been fixed. Had a thermostat completely lose the cool function, had to have a tech come out and they had to reset it and resync it back with the central station. The tech couldn’t come out until the next day. Have ordered new thermostats from another company and as soon as they come these are getting removed. Cox does not have techs on call 24/7 and we aren’t going to be put in the position of not having full control of our hvac units again.
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3 years ago, cowboy1966!
Cox Homelife
I understand now why I’m having problems with the camera not sending me text messages and the door sensor lagging anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute or more before I get the text notification. I didn’t realize that they updated their app. Whatever it is they done, they need to undo. Because it worked great until a month ago when they changed it!!!!!! I deleted the rule for the camera and tried resetting it, but it doesn’t even have the option for a text notification, just an email! That in itself is going to lag in time!!!!! Undo the app update, it made things not work properly! I saw no problem with it before the update a month ago, so, seriously, undo it!!!!!
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3 years ago, rachel030919
Would Not Recommend
I had Homelife (door sensors, 1 lightbulb, and a front door camera mounted up high) for 2 years with a contract. After just a few days of having it, I knew I wouldn’t keep this security. Sometimes I would get a text minutes later that there WAS motion at the door and sometimes I wouldn’t get a text at all when I knew a package was just delivered to my front door. Sometimes the camera would record movement from a bird walking around my porch but somehow couldn’t record when someone is actively knocking on my door. It’s ridiculous and inconsistent. One of the few positives is when I would pull up the camera to watch it in “Live” mode, it wouldn’t lag and I could see what was actively happening at my front door which was convenient at times. Don’t waste your money.
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6 years ago, Laurend83
Where are the in app notifications?
I was excited about this app, being able to view my security system while I’m away, but I am less than impressed. There are cameras that I cannot see because they never seem to be connected, I’m getting an insane number of emails and text messages. And things just aren’t functioning the way I hoped. I was really hoping this would be more like the old Ring camera app that I used previously. I much prefer the in app notifications over all the text messages and emails. I also wish the rules were easier to setup. Hopefully some updates will be made soon to enhance this app.
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1 year ago, HCissa
What happened to this app? Dec 2022
I’m writing to plea with the developers of this app to fix the recent multiple issues. It’s enough hassle to consider cancelling the service and look for a new provider. There are issues with logging in/face id and spinning wheels. I have to hard close the app almost every time I log on, and then log in again. The recordings are now being shown out of time order. Lastly, to see a video maximized you could rotate the phone/screen and now that function seems completely messed up, it shows a quarter of the screen and freezes and cannot be manipulated. I don’t feel very secure with a product meant to make a difference in people’s safety, when all it does is glitch out constantly. What are we paying for?
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5 years ago, Mozart's Disowned Son
Very unstable App
I’ve tried to like the Cox Homelife equipment and software, but none of it works. This app, in particular, is as weak and unstable as they come. Every time I fire it up, I cringe. And now, with the latest release, the app has added an inability to save video from CVR recordings to its list of bugs. The app just crashes when I try. I guess I should be grateful to even be able to see any video from CVR recordings because, more often than not, the app won’t even connect to my cameras. Even when I am able to connect and view recordings, they are invariably filled with gaps during which no recording has apparently occurred. Cox needs a serious overhaul of both their Homelife hardware and software. As it is, it is just unusable, and doesn’t provide anyone with what I would consider to be actual security.
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4 years ago, Zombiehunter33
App is a joke.
Terrible. I have the camera, sensor, and bulb. The camera works fine can’t say the same as the sensor never notifies me when it moves just says closed all the time also we were just given a smart bulb without any type of hub but I know it works so i guess thats something. App is only good to watch the camera as its always bugging out and doesn’t allow you to create any type of automation or “rules” to allow your camera to record if any motion is detected. How am I supposed to record a dangerous moment like someone breaks in in the middle of the night and theres no automation set to record when motion is detected and theres no rewind button? Like the installer said: this is more of a toy rather than a security system so invest in something else if you actually want a sense of protection.
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5 years ago, jeessus21
Worthless app
I was actually hoping for this to be a good app, having all sensors, cameras etc all in one app... But, what security app does not have in app notifications? Well this one doesn’t 🤦🏻‍♂️ I mean I get notified to text and email but I’m getting emails 10 minutes after a sensor has been activated or motion has been detected, and text messages also take like 2 to 4 minutes to notify you.... and only the account holder gets notified!!! Coming from one of the biggest internet providers in Arizona I was expecting way more!!! I have Ring cameras as well and i get notified at the moment as well as all my family members, what is the point of having a security system if by the time I get notified someone already broke into my house or something! Please work on this app and make it useful!
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3 years ago, Kathygflo
Worst home security ever
This app has so many major flaws. Number one being: when switching in between apps, it logs you out so you have to sign in everytime you want to look at the camera. Taking minutes to log in and reload when you want to catch something live in your front door defeats the purpose of having a security camera. Doesn’t warn you real time when the door is open. It takes a minute or two before notifications show up. Doesn’t automatically record movements. You have to sit there and hit the record button if you want to replay something. Again, defeats the purpose of having a security camera when I have to sit there and watch it to catch something.
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6 years ago, pauly1347
Lost functionality with update
iPhone X. With new update, functionality of turning sensors on and off is lost. There is no more toggle, nor swipe functionality on the sensors to turn them on or off. I need this ability because cox stated my dogs would not set off motion sensors because they don’t weigh enough. Well, after a false alarm come to find out it’s how TALL the dogs are. Pretty grimey sales tactic. New app doesn’t allow me to do this through the phone so if I leave the house with the dogs inside and forget to set the alarm from the main console, I can’t set my alarm without risking a false alarm Responding to developer- that’s great I understand how to do that. But to turn off the motion sensors when I leave is no longer an option. So bypassing them is impossible with this update
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1 year ago, known as bear
App has changed in the last few months
When I downloaded the app 2 years ago it seemed to be ok, somewhat limited but I figured it would be upgraded. I use an iPhone 12 Pro 256 so I have plenty of power and ram. Lately I have to restart my phone every time I want to turn the alarm OFF and now I have to restart my phone to arm the alarm system. Cox service said “maybe” I should uninstall then reinstall the app but other than that they really didn’t know what to tell me. Also sometimes it will say I have a device not working it it lets me arm and disarm anyway. Any buddy else have this issue?
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6 years ago, Baomxo
Upgrade is bad
The upgraded app is not nearly as good or user-friendly as the old app. Specifically, I use to be able to access my motion sensors from the home screen right where you arm the system but now the new upgraded app makes you go to ‘more’ and then deactivate from there which is stupid. In addition once you deactivate the sensor it doesn’t let you know on that screen whether or not the sensor is on or off. Please move the ability to activate/deactivate the sensors back to the homepage and then have them display whether they are on or off. An upgrade is supposed to be better not worse and easier to use not harder - I’ve had to call support twice now to get help with the new app opposed to never having to call support on the old app. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Cid Mc
Camera/Video bugs
I guess I need to call tech/app support because my cameras have been buggy in the last month in the app, only connecting sporadically. Deleted the rules and recreated them exactly the same, record when motion is detected, and now it’s recording random clips at random intervals, every day from midnight until my quota of 50 videos is reached, usually by 9 am. I have checked EVERY video clip and there was no motion to trigger the rule. That pretty much makes that function that I am paying for absolutely useless. A break-in wouldn’t be recorded if it happened. Shady characters aren’t being recorded. And I don’t get many visitors or deliveries before 9 am on the off chance that a random recording might catch something. Zero stars would be more appropriate.
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2 months ago, micah_80665
Do Not get this for your home
Once my contract is up, I’m out. This was one of the worst decisions I have made. Video quality is horrible. Every moment gets flagged as someone on your back porch or front door. Even if it’s a leaf or a spider web. So, getting woken up at 3am bc a spider web moved and thinking someone is at my back door was fun. I even get told I have cars driving on my back porch. I have messed with the sensitivity and it still does it. When someone is at my door and I’m at work, I try and open the app to see who it is, it takes a full 2-3 mins, if not more, to get the video to load. Sometimes it doesn’t even load. Def DO NOT recommend. I will not be signing back up after my contract is done.
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2 years ago, laveenie
Total garbage. Don’t waste your money!!!!
I’ve had cox for years so when I bought a house and they offered security cameras I just trusted them. Immediately I realized it was a waste of money. I had a nest camera in my last place and it worked 10 times better than cox’s camera. For one, the nest camera keeps several days of footage you can scroll back through at any time. With cox you only get to record small clips that are saved determined by idiotic “rules” you set. Secondly the nest camera had sound. Thirdly the nest app always worked. Coxs app is very buggy and is often pointless. So mad at cox for selling me a crap product I’m stuck with and have to look at hanging outside my house everyday.
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6 years ago, Kareem's Itunes
Needs Enhancements
It’s a pain going into the app each time to change modes, there need to be a proximity sensor that can determine once I’m in my geography area. The Homelife platform needs to integrate with virtual assistant especially HomeKit (Siri), this will make a smoother experience. So far, it’s not smart enough and very laggy when connected devices takes a moment to process such as the camera and lights. I have 30 days to decide if I’ll keep the services. There are other companies that offer better integration as well as a more fluent system. Please add those features mentioned above, and this will make it a very good experience for consumers.
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5 years ago, TheOneNamedCody
All in all the app tends to accomplish what I need. There are times when it seems there is a problem and the problem will persist for a while. Nothing ever too major usually just more of an annoyance. Recently the problem is the “stay signed in” feature seems to be ignored and I have to enter my user / password combo each time I close the app. I really enjoy that I can enter a quick pin when I am signed in to arm and disarm. The facial recognition wasn’t quite doing it for me as it seemed like it would arm and disarm too quickly as though it read the face twice. The support staff is always friendly for Cox Homelife.
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4 years ago, mthisapposhavingissues
I’ve had the app for a while and system. All of the other reviews are correct, about the problems. Crashing app, crashing my phone, freezing the screen. Now w new software update on phone, I can’t use the system I pay over $100 for to do the actions it’s “designed” to do. I pretty much never write reviews on anything, so it has to be remarkable or awful for me to do so. The bundle. Internet is great. I can’t download videos anymore. Get an error try again later banner in the home life app. The tech support tonight let me know that the app and phone software aren’t compatible. And since I’m in a contract, if I cancel there’s an early termination fee! It could be worth it to get another system that works better.
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5 years ago, Readereyes
Where did the device stats go?
(Update, this is still missing on the latest update, very disappointing ). I just updated to the new app. I can’t find anywhere now where I can look at the statistics of my devices. I use to be able to flip the label and see battery life, temperature, serial #, etc... Please tell me it’s still here somewhere. That was extremely useful. Also, all the white background coloring needs to be adjustable. I liked the black background better. I have already missed dis-arming and gotten called from the support center about my alarm going off. Please make this adjustable!
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5 years ago, tmf60
Worst App - worst customer service
If I could give no stars I would. For months I have not been able to view video stream from my cox Homelife camera. Cox blames Apple’s most recent update on the problem and said they are “working” on the problems in conjunction with Apple. I called Apple and they don’t even show this problem as identified on their end which makes me think it is all Cox. Cox has not offered me any solution, has me locked into a 24 month contract and provides no discount for not being able to fully utilize the service I am paying for. I also see that the most recent version of the Cox Homelife app has fixes for problems with IOS. It still isn’t working. Buyer beware.
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4 years ago, Kasmir2017
Not The Best In Security Assistance
I like that I can turn light off and on, see in the home and check on the family but I have had several disconnects and errors with the camera and hub over serval months and Cox says not their problem if equipment is bad and I have to pay to have replaced (they claim provided to me free) but it is a real issue with me when I’m paying for a service that’s not consistent or work when needed. What’s the point and it doesn’t give me sound or record long enough you should be able to set these to your needs. Anyway will be glad when contract up and I can get rid of it and purchase a real security camera to give me and my family piece of mind.
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1 year ago, Thjimmy
Video recording is useless
Update - they have addressed the video playback issues and the connectivity seems to be better. Thanks! The only way to review video is to watch it with three icons in the middle of the picture. "Scrubbing" features have been removed and you can only jump 10 seconds forwards or backwards, all with icons blocking the video. Frequently, a camera will be triggered, but won't record, citing "communication issues".
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4 years ago, crapapp cox
Crapp app
Should be 0 star. If I use the finger reader for more than a nanosecond then have to log in all over again. Can’t get to the automation to change the light rules; it just spins and spins without ever connecting. Over the years the app hasn’t been very good and every time they “improve” it then it’s worse. Keep the dang kid programmers out of it and give us back the ability to work from a PC. Just assume everyone uses an phone or pad, huh? Often comes up with a white screen and have to completely shut down/off the device and restart. Tired of paying for something that you can”t even get decent support on and is truly crap so ADT, you’re up next.
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6 years ago, bootsbabe33
One of the worst apps ever made!
I have never had a worst experience with an app in my life. With each “upgrade” the app looses important functionalities. On a weekly basis the app shuts down entirely and all I get is an “error signing in” message - thus when leaving the house I am unable to arm it leaving the security system completely WORTHLESS!!! You are no longer able to turn specific zones on or off from the home screen - you now have to follow this round about way to disable specific zones. The app will timeout when arming causing me to make several attempts before it works. Such a waste of time and money! Our contract runs out in a few months - WE WILL NOT BE RENEWING OUR SUBSCRIPTION!!
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5 years ago, kingpin 15372
I have not been able to connect to my cameras for the last few months and have tried everything even changing out equipment but come to find out yesterday that my Apple phone is not supported on the App. They told me once I updated my phone to IOS 12 or newer that it is not supported with the App. I wish I would have known that months ago when I was going crazy trying every option I could to resolve this. They say it will work when they put out there new update for the App but they do not have a estimated release of that yet it’s still in testing.
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4 years ago, Calipatra
Not worth the money
They are over charging for a mediocre system that is constantly having issues, blacking out, takes forever to load and doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do. I had someone steal an item of my porch in the middle of the night and it didn’t even record them! Basically useless! All you will end up doing half of the time(when it does decide to work and isn’t having system issues) is looking on monitor just to look outside. You can have it set up to record this and that but it won’t. It will record insects, wind, maybe an alley cat or two..bout it! Don’t waste your money. I deserve a refund for the past 3 years!
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2 years ago, Escondido_Dave
Camera Offline-Not Offline
It looks likely this app has a bug with the latest iOS 15.6.1. After updating, one of our four Camera’s appears as “offline” on the main page. Click on it to get to the Timeline and it still shows camera offline at the top of the page. But the timeline is complete. Click on an event, slide the time to Live and voila, a current camera view. Going to the home’s controller shows all four cameras are working. Cox needs to fix this bug and be more attentive to iOS changes.
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6 years ago, tashfuchs
Temperature for Sensors
Love love love the app and everything about it. It’s nice to be able to arm and disarm from the app if I am running late and forget. Nice when you have kids running around 😅 I love the customer service and the old app before the update made it easy to see temperature in each room. I can no longer access the temperature for each sensor. Which is by I knocked off 2 stars after the update. It was convenient to see so I Lee what windows to leave open and close to help adjust the heat in each room. Slightly upset about this.
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4 years ago, freebird97
Pretty Disappointing
You’d think with how advanced Cox seems to be that they’d put better effort into this app. Especially since they promote it in their packages. First off: the app doesn’t save your login data or let you log in fast enough to actually see what’s going does that help me at all with home security? Second: the devices connected to the app always has ‘communication errors’...super annoying. am I supposed to feel secure with these devices? Needless to say they need to redesign this app completely and make sure everything works before promoting the devices to their customers. No wonder they gave us ours for free 😒
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7 months ago, yes5yes
What a piece of junk
Can’t even sign into the freaking app to use my cameras. If I try using the Cox Wifi app it says enable Bluetooth on phone but every other Bluetooth device I have is hooked to it but it’s not on according to Cox. They need to fix their stuff before they try advertising it for use because it’s a big that you pay $160 for a camera set up and can’t even use it and then they don’t wanna give your money back for your stuff even though unusable that they sold you when you have problems they tell you to contact the manufacture, but my camera is only sold by Cox
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11 months ago, San Diego Turtle
Gets worse with each update
Each time is released something stops working. Now cameras won’t even load. Whag is the point of having cameras when I still have to get up and go look out the window when hear something because my app is forever try to refresh but never gets there. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. Reset my router, reset the cameras logged in and out. Nothing helps.
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3 years ago, Missy Lit
Just got the hardware installed and the app will not work. It keeps freezing and won’t let me set any rules or automations. If the app is the main way to use the app, then Cox needs to update their app. Based on other reviews I see that many people are having the same problem and that this has been going on for a while. Really thinking about calling them and telling them to come get their hardware. It gets worse with every update. Don’t send push notifications anymore and the sensors are now garbage. Get you a ring or some other effective and reliable system.
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6 years ago, Giacinta1976
The other morning I opened up my app as usual to disarm my alarm and just by opening the app my alarm started going off but the app didn’t show it was going off! Plus my app looks different. It looks very generic. All this has happened after Cox took off my $199 activation fee from the security company charge because the Homelife rep for Cox told me I wouldn’t be charged that fee. So is this all a coincidence? I don’t know. Now I’m afraid to set my alarm through the app when I leave the house for fear my alarm will set off. So that’s why I knocked a few stars off because to me this is major. Please advise.
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5 years ago, pajjeehj
New update still isn’t working out
Our lights will not respond to the phone app or the base station. When you turn them on, they automatically set to dim even though they were never set that way. When you adjust them, the lights still don’t respond and turn on. The app continually signs me out even though I have continued to allow fingerprint login. And on a side note, the panoramic WiFi from Cox is subpar. Cox really needs to take the time to conduct a thorough review and update instead of tweaks which don’t work and making the app “look cooler”. I don’t care about the looks, I just want my security system to function appropriately.
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5 years ago, PrettyLady52
I HATE this app 😡
I've never written a review for an app, that's how much I dislike this one. I had originally set it to sign in with my finger print but it doesn't work. I keeps coming up as ERROR. I'd have to close the app & reopen it & then sign in normally. Even signing in normally is a pain. I type in my info...ERROR. Try it again (same info)...ERROR. Try it a 3rd & 4th time...ERROR. Same sign in info on the 5th time & it works. When it's bed time, I want to go to bed. Not fool around with the stupid app just to turn off the light. Ugh! Frustrating. I go to look at the camera & it's always searching or cycling. Then the pic is lagging when it finally works.
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6 years ago, Dawgfacegremlin
One of the worst apps ever created
And I mean that! The app was bad before but this new update.....made it even worst than before and I didn’t that was possible. I attempt to disarm my alarm and now the “new thing” is the “this can take up to 3 mins message”. So we wait...and wait..and wait. And still no change in the status. My alarm is still armed! How is this even acceptable to launch an update let alone an app where we rely on it to secure our house and it doesn’t function properly. My advice is to get out of the home security game and stick to cable before you cost somebody more money or even their life on a subpar system
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4 years ago, LSXtreme
Do not get almost worth paying extra to not have
So I’ve dealt with the issues the Homelife system has, trying to work through it genuinely thinking there is some sort of technical issue on my end. This is not the case have had new cameras installed the app has booted me off and have to re set-up everything the camera has such a delay before it starts recording that it might as well not work at all. If I could cancel the plan I would we have Vivint so you get to see how it’s supposed to work vs how cox Homelife works. Do not buy if it comes with the package deal get the home phone that will be more useful.
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6 years ago, app bugs me out
App Bugs me out
I am happy with the Service at home as my cameras and Pad work perfectly and does it’s job that we pay a pretty penny for. The app is useless though. I can never access all my cameras. Times that I have showed Co-Workers how awesome my security system is only 1 or 2 cameras out of 4 can be seen on the app. I have been contemplating on just down grading and getting a cheaper system from Homedepot that taps into your WIFI since I am not getting the full value of what I am paying for. I on daily basis delete the app, clear all cookies, shut off my phone then re add the app as it helps accessing the cameras a little better.
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2 years ago, Cowboy11171
Piece of $&@#
The only thing these camera’s are good for is, to take up space on the outside of your home. Cox Cable is a joke for any type of home security. Their cable and internet barely works half of the time and it says a lot when their techs come out to try and fix any type of issues with the camera’s when they won’t come online. I had 6 different techs come to my house to try and fix the thumb nails on my camera views and they told me, we have never seen this before and couldn’t fix it. Cox Cable is a joke when it come to security.
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