Creative Whack Pack

4.9 (199)
59.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Creative Think
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.1 or later
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User Reviews for Creative Whack Pack

4.88 out of 5
199 Ratings
4 years ago, JustinFemur
Since the first iPhone
This is one of the first apps I found on the appstore with my first iPhone. When I first got it, I used it every day for a couple weeks and then sparsely sporadically using it at all. I’m probably the oldest millennial from Detroit that uses it as a tool, or uses it at all. It’s great for those professionally dark moments, it’s ever better for those out of idea moments. It strikes the heart of a creative, warms the mind of an engineer, and tickles the thoughts of a logic. I’m gracious that the app has stayed alive this long and hope that it will continue on for many years to come.
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3 years ago, Vkeys9210
It is Fantastic
This app is tailored to bring out the latent creative in all of us. I cannot believe the care and profundity that went into the making of this app. It has become my daily boost each morning and encourages a mindfulness I didn’t know I had. Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the making of this app. It is fantastic.
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1 year ago, Gis DB
Love the Creative Whack Pack !
I use the Creative Whack Pack for quite a few things . Problem solving instead of over thinking and stinkin thinkin. From just fun to serious creative thinking. I started with this app a long time ago when it was a disc 3 1/2”. I guess it was in the 90s. I recommend the app to everyone. Love it . Thank you !
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6 years ago, qst0
Wonderful whacks!
I’ve been using the whackpack since I was fortunate enough to find an old deck of cards at a thrift store, that whack lead me to the other deck and eventually to this app. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and though provoking ideas it provides me daily. You can’t read the same whack twice! ;)
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5 years ago, Naropa
Have been using the original pack for 20 years, or about. Seems like since 1992. I go through cycles but when I need to get working on my creativity or issue, I get out the wack pack. The app is just a blast. Easy to use and can take notes. Love it. Thanks
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4 years ago, Genghis P.
Great Firestarter
I have purchased some of Roger’s books and a cassette program and a physical Whack Pack. Roger’s program is a great way to step back from a problem or opportunity to look at it from many different perspectives. Sometimes I forget about it, but what a missed opportunity! Bravo Roger!
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1 year ago, SCspirit
Love this!!!!
I took a Creative Thinking class years ago. The ‘Whack’ book and related book was our guide. Then I bought the Creative Whack Pack. I recently found this app. I love it. If my journaling is blocked, I journal about whatever the card triggers. Fabulous app.
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3 years ago, A photoshop learner
I had one original card for 10 years
Just checked where can I get the whole pack and found this app. I love it. Highly recommended if you can spend time to really read each creative whack. I do!
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2 years ago, tasha77
I feel I wrote a review before but was prompted to again. I have had this app for maybe 10 years. It is great!! It is creative and I love how it works. I would definitely recommend!!
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2 years ago, Mr. Profe
Creative juices flow
This “whack” forces you to make time to think creatively. I like that you can send yourself notes that can be ponder later and start the C Juice flowing daily. Definitely a great tool in my creative arsenal.
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3 years ago, bulgariBLACK
Still loving this a decade later, but can we get a graphical update?
Something that takes advantage of the new phones features and screen resolution?
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2 years ago, instantIncense
Useful, quirky app
Personally, I think this app manages to evade the typical spiral into antiquity that SW normally faces after even 2-3 years. Brings a smile to me when I use it, even still! Here is borne (and remains) the fruit of timeless genius. 😄
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6 years ago, Gradly
My favorite app
This is one of my favorite apps. I just hope they optimize it for iPhone X screen and keep the fonts a bit smaller in relative to what’s now. Other than that it’s a perfect companion
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5 years ago, 3 pager
Whack Pack
I use it every morning. It has given me a new view of my challenges every day! It is a gift I never expected! Thanks to the author- a genius of common sense. T. Murphy
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7 years ago, WendySong1
Favorite app
The creative strategies continue to spark my thinking. It's easy to record my ideas and share with friends. I love this wise, fun, unorthodox, insightful tool. Great Wise Fool thinking! Thanks!
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5 years ago, Scott Whisler
Love this tool
I use this all the time. Great for exercising the mind, jostling the brain, getting new ideas flowing.
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5 years ago, Schim1
Really gets the creative juices flowing and expands the way I approach problems & issues!
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4 years ago, joelheffner
Need a creative whack?
Here’s where to get creative brain exercise!
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3 years ago, General Groves the 3rd
A Life Saver!
This app is CBT and BAT on steroids. Save your money on the shrinks! This does it all!!!
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7 years ago, JoW50
Useful app!
Great for creative strategy. Still love it!
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7 years ago, Wacky Whacked
Great App and Strategies
Presents effective methods for stimulating creativity and breaking out of mental loops; never ceases to impress.
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7 years ago, Von Stroke
Love My Whack Pack!
Great, great mind-stimulating product!
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3 years ago, Silver Osprey
Always on Target
On Time On Budget
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7 years ago, MegaWuchi
Really good app
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15 years ago, Scolove
A fun and clever approach to boosting your brain's capacity for imagination and creativity
This is not your ordinary iPhone game or application but a daily mini-course for exercising your mind. It's both playful and serious depending upon your mood or the situation of the moment you're brainstorming about. I personally enjoy the Whack of the Day feature because it's both random and usually relevant. Each card in the stack is "vitamin rich" in ideas, perspectives and inspirations. If nothing else, your worldly knowledge will be challenged and hopefully, you'll learn something new about yourself and about how others throughout history have approached life's challenges. In short, it's just plain fun exploring the stack and getting your brain turbocharged into a new way of thinking. And I highly recommend it for educators, parents and students. I am neither a cognitive scientist nor a neuro-biologist but clearly, this is an iPhone application that stimulates your brain into action. And best of all, you can share your mental bliss with others by using the program's clever share feature to send a "creative whack" via email.
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11 years ago, eight thirty AM
Incredibly Useful and organized. Great App!
I decided to try the online version of Roger's Creative Whack Pack after getting a great deal of use out of the physical set of Creative Whack Pack cards. The App proved to be unbelievably well organized and totally up to date with the latest technology. I have used the Creative Whack Pack App to help guide my students at work through both problems in the classroom and problems in life. The kids have found that the guidance of the cards from the App help them to change their perspective on issues which enables them to solve problems that previously stumped them. I, personally, have found that the App forces me to take an unbiased approach toward my own problem solving because it leads me to think in ways that I may not otherwise be inclined to think. Overall, this product is a must have for pretty much anyone as it can be helpful in work/group settings as well as for personal needs.
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13 years ago, Vintagenarian
The perfect diversion when you
At first I thought this might just be a frivolous exercise in reading someone else's lame philosophical meanderings, but I'm hooked. Roger von Oech's "whacks" inspire me when I need a random "kick in the pants" (another of his books, as it happens), or just new thinking on a problem I'm trying to solve. Time and again I gain deeper insights into how else I can look at an issue, to consider its other dimensions, or just step back and let it speak to me without my own noise getting in the way. Others I've sent Whacks to now also enjoy the same mental liberation. Highly recommended for those who like to think, consider, and solve (which excludes those one-star reviewers, I suspect).
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15 years ago, Polly Monken
The App that NEVER Tires!!
Checking out the Whack of the Day has quickly become a part of my morning routine. It’s a surefire way to get the creative juices flowing! The best thing about the Whack Pack is that each card can be used over and over again, serving as your creative guide through any and all of the challenging situations you may face. It is an invaluable investment and can now be conveniently located on your iPhone! Overall, it is a fantastic application that is attractive, easy to use, inspiring, and FUN!! I am certain this is one app that will remain on my home screen for a very long time!
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11 years ago, Philosophistry
Great app to stimulate your thinking
I've been using the Whack Pack series of products since 1998, when I had the physical deck, and have turned to it whenever I've been stuck. I'm glad the author found a way to digitize the cards, since I often forget to take the deck of cards with me while traveling. The app is a faithful adaptation of the deck of cards, and then some. I did not expect it to have workshops with notes and other features, like choosing a random card from a particular suit. I've been recommending it to everybody since I bought the app when it came out 3 years ago!
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11 years ago, Inkadu
Straight-forward and Practical
This app works as described. It's a series of creativity strategies designed to get us to think a little bit differently. Some ask us to look at problems from a different perspective and some say get the idea implemented. All have stories, sound, pictures, and questions. I think the random way in which these "whacks" are delivered is one of the product's main strengths. Whatever cards we receive seem to be the ones we need. I found the most value in the workshops because there I took time to really engage with the different cards' messages.
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15 years ago, flmswim
This is an everyday app!!
Think of this as an expanded version of the card-based whack pack. It takes great advantage of the iPhone platform, and provides a great user experience. Simple to navigate, even share Creative Whacks with friends and associates. For inspiration, select Whack of the Day, a new card pops up, and each and every card provides a spark to your imagination, jogs your mind and helps you solve problems big and small. It does a great job addressing the creativity process from many perspectives as well. This is definitely worth the money.
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15 years ago, EvanBeach
Get Whacked!
Creative Whack Pack for the iphone is a fantastic digital extension of the original Creative Whack Pack! For those you who know this tool, the portability of it on your iphone means you can easily inspire your creative mind anywhere. If you're not familiar with it, and you're a creative professional, the anecdotal outside the box viewpoints, are fantastic at giving you new perspectives on your projects. Great for the muddled mind, and now portable too! (Oh and sssssh, keep this a secret, but it's also a fantastic bargain when compared to the best selling original! )
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11 years ago, jcs2010
It Just Works . . .
When the 6.0 update came out for Creative Whack Pack, I found that my first gen IPad would not take the update, being that Apple stopped all support for the original IPads after only two years (not too creative). I feared that I would be stuck with the final 5.1 update of CWP. Not so . . . I contacted the developer of this great app and explained my dilemma and to my amazement found that update 6.1 would be introduced to correct this issue (now thats creative). Roger-thanks for the revised update. All I can say is this app works!
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13 years ago, jefffhainesonline
Tarot cards for creative thinkers.
These cards can be used randomly in the same way that tarot cards operate. Tarot cards, however, pretend to be sacred and magical. The Whack Pack cards do the job of tarot: they force you to look deep down into yourself for the answers you've been ignoring. The Whack Pack, like tarot, works psychologically. This app gives you four (now five) suits of cards, each with a different purpose, ranging from generating ideas to implementing them. They help you to think outside the box. But because everyone is doing that since those Taco Bell commercials, Whack Pack helps you think outside the triangle and draw outside the two dimensional line. The card descriptions are creative, effective, and well- written. The artwork is fresh, haunting, discomfiting. it whacks you out of your visual bird's nest. When, like tarot users, you need self-help changing your routine thought patterns, buy this reasonably priced app.
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13 years ago, Orville Mars
Provides a Different Slant on Things
I've been a long time fan of the original Creative Whack Pack card deck. The App version goes way beyond it both in content and functionality. There are many, many more stories and tips. There are also extended workshops (you can save your ideas and review them later). The twenty Heraclitus cards are a wonderful bonus. I try to spend at least five minutes every day thinking about the messages on the cards.
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15 years ago, Randy Lincoln
A very good product
I've been a long time user of the Creative Whack Pack card deck to stimulate my creative juices. I was recently delighted to find the iPhone version of this product. The developers have done a great job of translating the Whack Pack's content into an App. But even more than that, there's a lot more functionality in the App version. I like the workshops, the "Whack of the Day," and the creative workshops. Best of all is that I can share creative strategies with friends. I recommend the Whack Pack.
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15 years ago, Flyingsleeves
Make inspired decisions
If you sometimes have trouble making a decision (like me), this is probably the most powerful ally you will find. These cards spur creativity and help you look at your problem from new angles, which can sometimes make all the difference. The best part is that it's still YOU making the decision, the cards just bring you into a more thoughtful and understanding mindset. Not to mention ease of use and cool features. This app is well worth it!
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15 years ago, Pmurphy
If you work for yourself buy this app
I was skeptical about buying this app at first because I wasn't quite sure what it did. I'm very glad I decided to purchase it. Because I work for myself I can develop a tunnel vision of sorts, where I fall in love with my ideas. This application helps me challenge my ideas to ascertain whether I'm on the right track. It's like having a couple of creative people in the room to bounce your ideas off of. Well worth five bucks.
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13 years ago, RalphWorton
A Great Way to Break
A five-minute Creative Whack Pack break is probably more productive than staring at your computer screen all day. This app will stimulate your thought processes and get you to look at problems from a new angle. The notes feature is a helpful addition. The sounds and "share" features are helpful too! Give it a try. I've been a long time fan of this product. Thanks also for adding the 20 new cards!
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15 years ago, enzymeluv
Long Time User Of The Whack Pack
I found the Whack Pack in a magic store six years ago. Whenever I've needed a bit of mojo, I could play with these clever cards. The iPhone App will give me no excuse to use them more often. Hopefully, future versions of this app could use better social network connectivity,, extrapolation & annotattion features that allow one to expound on what is of value to the card drawn. Since the first release of the app is not much different the deck, I'm not giving the author five stars.
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15 years ago, nickch87
A Handy App for Incredible Price
I've looked at the whack pack in the college bookstores, brand new is around $30. Some of the teachers require you to use it and to have it on the iPod that won't take up more room than it already does is really handy. I was bumbed about the cost for it in the bookstore, didn't have enough, but randomly found the app and knew I couldn't pass up purchasing it.
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15 years ago, Zac4
Good information, fairly slow interface
A good program with some very useful information and interesting way of zig-zagging around within the app. However, I find myself not using it very often because the interface works very slowly (even on my new iPhone) -- faster and smoother operation would make it a 4 or 5 star app. I also wish the icon were beautiful rather than ordinary; I like the idea of the positive/negative space of the image, yet keep wishing that an app about creativity looked more enticing...
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11 years ago, Singapore Biz Guy
An Every Day App
I'm a long-time fan of the Creative Whack Pack card deck. The iPhone version is a trip. The iPad version is also worthwhile. Both are easy to use, and have lots of provocative content. I especially like the creativity Workshops. I did the Oracle workshop this morning and got some useful insights. And I shared some cards too. This is definitely an every day App! I'm glad you keep adding new features to this product.
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11 years ago, Elizabeth Banyan
A Wonderful Creativity Stimulant
Every morning I check the "Whack of the Day" and that gives me something different to think about. A couple of times I've had some work issues, and so I used the creative workshops and I found it helped give me a fresh perspective. I did the "oracle" with a friend and that gave us a stuff to talk about. Anyway, a nice tour of the creative process: lots of good illustrations and strategies. I like the new features!
Show more
15 years ago, Yaxamie
Just Wow.
This product is wonderful because it offers fresh perspectives to help keep me creative. Also, it is extremely intuitive and well polished. I was immediately able to use this product and get inspired! I really appreciate the time that obviously went into the product in terms of its inspirational content, and also the software itself. Instant fan.
Show more
15 years ago, Jonathan Ward
Strong reminders from a good book
There's a lot of value here. We can all pretty much stand to alter our thinking; thence originates creativity. This little app will provoke you and provide the much-needed "whack" as promised. Work with this and think about it when you're stuck waiting. Far better use of your time than playing a video game or reading People magazine.
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15 years ago, Idea-Sandbox
Excellent Tool, Pays for Itself
I know apps are inexpensive, but when you have a tool that can help you create break-through ideas... Isn't that worth the price of a latte and a muffin? I love that you can choose to view random cards, or choose a program to follow to help you solve a problem. This digital version is more dynamic and more convenient than the physical card deck.
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14 years ago, Dollarguy$
Stretches My Outlook
I'm always on the lookout for a competitive advantage. Usually it comes as a result of a creative spin of an existing idea. This product forces me to look at what I'm doing in different ways. The questions work best for me. The new notes feature in the workshops makes the questions even more effective. Small investment, nice dividend. Worth sharing with my FB and Twitter friends too!
Show more
15 years ago, John Bryant
Excellent Customer Service
I donwloaded app 2 weeks ago had had a couple problems figuring it out. Like most men I never read the instrruction. I sent an email and with in a few hours, I received a call fom the creator of Creative Whack Pack and he explained the app completely and also sent me a quick video. I would recommend this app to everyone. Have a great day!
Show more
15 years ago, Chuck6464
For those wondering what this app is , just as I was wondering, it helps one look at problems in a different light to gain a different hopefully brighter perspect of their delima. It works wonderfully although right now I am problem free, but when problems arise this will be the first app I got to. As a suggestion I would add a note function so the reader of the whack can note what they like.
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