Crunchtime Teamworx

4.8 (11.4K)
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Current version
CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crunchtime Teamworx

4.81 out of 5
11.4K Ratings
5 months ago, coopwitdascoop
Loading times are slow & a lot of data consumption
Before a previous update, it loaded fast because the employee pictures feature wasn’t an option on the app. Now all of the sudden it takes a ridiculously amount of time and data to load the Daily Schedule tab.
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2 years ago, Zachary LeColst
It’s okay, needs some updates though
This app is okay. It’s somewhat organized, but there definitely needs to be some new things added/bug fixes. Like being able to link your schedule to a third party calendar app would be nice, or maybe adding new notifications that would alert you if an upcoming shift is starting soon. Also I’d like to see the full staff roster on my days off. Regarding things that need to be fixed, it won’t let me put in partial availability! This is super annoying, especially because the app should be much more convenient and easy-access than the desktop version. If I try to put in partial availability on certain days (like if i’m available either lunch/dinner) it won’t save my changes. Please fix this!
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2 months ago, The SOF
Newest update is not helping! (Version 3.0.0)
I enjoyed using teamworx for my scheduling app, especially when it would dim days as they passed. The app will open on the last schedule you viewed, it was not automatically reset to this week’s schedule, which is understandable. The dimming function helped keep track of what day and week it was, this ensured me I was not looking ahead of the schedule or past ones. Unfortunately, version 3.0.0 focused on aesthetics and removed that function. This has led to numerous people arriving late to work or to shifts they don’t have because they accidentally forget to check the dates. The dimming function was very helpful and now one must be extremely watchful on current dates and what schedule they are looking at.
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2 years ago, It's JMO
Refuses to work
The app was working fine for a couple years, then all of a sudden it won’t allow me to sign on through the app. It keeps stating that there is an error and the only way I can view my schedule or drop shifts or pick up shifts is to log onto the website. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, putting all my information in, changing my information, everything I could think to do. Everything is the same as on the webpage, but the app still refuses to let me log in. I’m frustrated because I purchased the app so it was paid for and now I can no longer use it. I tried to report a problem and it said I couldn’t because I don’t have it on my purchase history which makes no sense whatsoever, so I have no way to get any kind of customer support.
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9 months ago, blexican roach
Updating My Availability is Weird
The app is great for the most part but whenever I try to update my availability it glitches/is weird. It just won’t erase my old availability it will basically write over my old availability and my new and old availability will be together, im not sure how to word it correctly but it’s very annoying. When i try to delete my old availability it says pending and then I will try to to put my new availability and thats with the times are all switched and wrong. I just want to update my current availability but I can’t really do that whenever my old availability won’t delete and will interfere with what i’m trying to put as my new availability.
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2 months ago, BigBKirotiko
Easy app to navigate
I like that it’s easy to navigate, but only giving 4 stars because they got rid of my schedule and my shifts worked. I liked having those options to see just my schedule, but now I have to go through and look at the daily roster to see what I work when it was just easier to tap or click on my schedule. I also liked having my shifts worked because it lets me know what time I clocked out or if I forgot to clock out I could call the work establishment and they could get me clocked out.
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2 months ago, epic reborn
Terrible new update
Thank you for logging me out. Now me and all my coworkers won’t know our shifts for the week. Also thank you for making it so difficult to access my password by knowing at heart my never used teamworkx employee account number. My overall FAVORT part is not being able see my start & end time of each shift for the week. Now I have to click on each day to see my full hours that day for every day of the week. I just love how there is all this added loading screens that wasn’t there in the previous version of the app. I enjoy adding more time to a process that used to be productive by showing me the full hours per day on “my schedule” tab
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2 months ago, CM👁
New Update is NOT more user-friendly
My entire crew got logged out & was unable to access their schedules, only for this new update to change the entire apps design for worse. You used to be able to fit the whole week in one screen without scrolling, now every day is a fat separate button. The recent changes have been frustrating. If you want to truly be user friendly, make it so someones whole schedule can fit into the screen without scrolling, have an option to make the UI larger for people who need it (ex. larger font size or buttons), but again, as an OPTION. I hate this new layout. There was no issue with the apps functionality.
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4 months ago, Bella's brother Tristan
easy app to navigate for employees & managers
i like Teamworx because you can customize your profile on the app. the option to rate the shifts you’ve worked is also available. scheduling days off is also simple to do. employees can offer or swap their shifts with another co-worker. the only flaw i’ve noticed with Teamworx is that employee lists are rarely updated. otherwise, i’ve had no issues with this app. even the hours you’ve worked is accessible on Teamworx.
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3 years ago, imaflop1234
It’s great for work!
Its great for knowing my schedule for work but right now the button to go back from seeing who is working isn’t functioning properly so its getting a bit frustrating since I don’t know when I work now.
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3 years ago, AlecM.
Missing Features
It's an okay app, but it is missing a lot of key features. For starters, to be able to export your schedule to a 3rd party calender would be very useful (especially if it auto updated changes). Also, the ability to change the first day of the week to match personal calenders would be nice. Finally, it would be a big help to add more notification settings, like a way to give an hour heads up to an upcoming job.
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2 months ago, dealzseeker
Unhappy Employee
I loved this app until yesterday. There was an update issued and it has all of my employees coming to me to help fix their login. I have helped one employee login three times in one day and it immediately logs her right back out. There is a reason we use this app, it helps our employees and it helps our productivity. Right now this app is not only not helping it is hindering us from accomplishing anything! Get your act together and get this app coded properly please!
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2 years ago, {Tomtom.14}
Great but suggestion:
App works amazing and I absolutely love the layout too—very simple and easy to navigate; however, I wish there was a way to automatically update my calendar app with the schedule my work has provided. I’ve used others before, time management apps, that have this feature and feel its something that would help
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6 months ago, Jackblack350
Too much “loading”
Every time I try to navigate through the app, I hit loading screens that sometimes will last upwards of 30 seconds. Even when I’ve just clicked on to another menu then press the back button 10 seconds later, it will start loading all over again. I’ve tried Wi-Fi, no Wi-Fi and it’s all the same. It’s very inconvenient and definitely something that should be fixed.
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2 weeks ago, nollie12345
Honestly we have to use this for work but It refuses to change my schedule and I’ve tried troubleshooting seeking support reinstalling it. Nothing is working. This only makes it harder for me and my manager to work bc of its issues. Honestly if it didn’t post other people on my shift well and such I would t bother even using this app
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2 months ago, Ghathaet
Terrible update
Hello, I recently don’t know what happened to Teamworx but it doesn’t work, I can no longer sign in on the physical app and instead have to go on the internet every time to see my schedule. This is a huge problem as I used to be able to go into the app and sign in. Now every time I go into the app I see only one button that says create account. How am I supposed to login and use the app if it takes me to the internet every single time??!! FIX THIS NOW
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4 months ago, Merg_alert
Notifications keep glitching
Overall, teamworxs seems to work well. My biggest complaint is that the notifications don’t work. They never worked before, and the began to work with the last update. However, one day they stopped working again, and I can’t get them set back up. I’ve tried different phones, adjusting settings on the phone and on the app, but it doesn’t work.
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2 months ago, tyler💋
Logging my account out/ New update
New update was already unnecessary the app lay out was perfectly fine before. However now the apps new problem is constantly logging me out. I’ve never have this issue before with this app and previously I very much so liked this app. Now with the constant logging me out and the overall hard to look at new update I am disappointed.
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4 weeks ago, Tori Metzler
Things randomly change
Just earlier today everything was fine but now suddenly I do not have a staff requests tab anymore?? As an employer this is very frustrating as it’s a HUGE inconvenience to only see staff requests online. I don’t always have access to my computer and sometimes need to approve things on the spot using my phone but now that’s not possible. If this is a bug I hope it’s fixed very very soon!!
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2 years ago, pLasMa WOrriOR
Setting availability issues
There is a bug that I’ve seen a review from a year ago addresses that is still in the app. The app won’t let you set your availability. Every time you select the times available then hit the done button it erases what you’ve put. You can use the prefer and not available options, but you cannot use the available option. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!
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3 years ago, Pat Carson2018
Very Conveint
It gives me the information I need on my work schedule for the following week. I don’t have to call in or go to my place of employment to get my schedule. I have it here in front of me.
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10 months ago, SapphyManda
Almost Useless
I use this app for my restaurant job as required, but the app never cooperates. Anytime I try to change my availability it never saves the settings, and on the rare chance that it does the times are completely off. It would be easier just to write my availability on a piece of paper to give to my managers. As a manager at my other job, I would advise for a completely different app of my employees.
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4 months ago, Remington Averbeck
I work at Crackerbarrel and this app has been really easy to use, hasn’t crashed and has made scheduling really easy to access
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2 months ago, Nullro
new update?
logged everyone out, can’t get back in. Not only that, but when I try to reset my password it was telling me that my security question was wrong. After some haggling I resorted to using the website, where I was able to log in and it told me that the answer to my security question was EXACTLY what I had been trying to put in! TLDR; app is broken, website still works.
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5 months ago, Lonley island
Notifications = Bad
It works very well. But I seems to forget to send out notifications all of the time. Some times it’s amazing sending notifications. But then it won’t and then I don’t get informed on things I need to know.
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10 months ago, kllaterall
Bugs horribly when choosing availability
The functionality of this app is garbage. When choosing the times you can work, the app will never cooperate. For example, I’ll set my availability on Sunday’s to be 4-11pm and when I press submit, the time I “chose” would be set as 12-6pm. This bug is incredibly annoying and defeats the purpose of the app when it’s easier to tell my managers my availability verbally.
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3 years ago, ARFIDSED
Bugs, lack of features and no manager support
There are a few bugs in this app. For example you can’t set an “available” time, and sending messages doesn’t seem to work. It would be great if this app could export the schedule into calendar apps, or offer a calendar subscription link. Kinda crazy managers still can’t use the app to at least approve/view shift changes.
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2 months ago, Penny7201
Recent update 👎🏻
I like how it did a couple things differently before the recent update. Your shifts greyed out once you worked them. You could see your beginning and end shift without having to click it to open it.
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3 years ago, Snykitty321
Worst app
I deleted this app to restart it since it froze and won’t work at all, and it won’t even acknowledge that I’ve deleted the app so now I can’t even get re download it or access it online. I’ve been dealing with this for two days and still can’t access teamworx. This is ridiculous. Thousands of employees for our company depend on this app and it only works 50% of the time
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8 months ago, Khoilluto
Giving problems
It’s okay but it won’t let me change my availability for my job. I press done and it resets back.
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4 months ago, kitty cat💜
amazing program easy to manage
i love teamworx! it helps me manage my job so much easier, get prepared ahead of time for what coworkers i’ll be working with, and easily manage my time off and schedule. this is the first program i’ve used considering this is my first job and i have been very impressed. very well done!
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1 year ago, billa_ty
Login Issues
Just like several other users of this app I cannot login through the app but can if I go to the website directly. You would think that the creators of the app would read the comments and fix the issue. My place of employment finally said screw TeamWorks and we went with 7 Shifts.
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2 years ago, Leishlanis
App won’t work
We can login to our account on google, safari, etc, but when we try on the app it says invalid to our credentials but the same credentials log us in on the internet browser, very inconvenient since the app has more features than the internet browser version that we can’t enjoy
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1 year ago, Acetipher
Great intentions hard to execute
Takes forever to load. As a Manager hard to see scheduled people on my days off. Wanting to see the full schedule of a day I work, takes forever to load.
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1 year ago, kayy-kkay
Update is not better
The app does what it’s suppose to do. I don’t understand why the new update took away the ability to see who else is working that shift with you. You can’t see anything but your own schedule. Hot schedule is better for these reasons
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2 months ago, Nicki451A
It’s cool
It takes a long time to load sometimes and wish it had a widget option to view your schedule without coming straight to the app.
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11 months ago, PyroTrumpet375
Staff requests
Most of the time the app works great. Except when I go to “staff requests” it takes so lane that it times out and I can’t even view anything.
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3 years ago, dente washington
Loving it
I love it … it’s so convenient… so easy to access I love just being to do what ever it is I need on this app no problems
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3 years ago, jaybae85
Crash upon notification
It seems to be getting better but it use to crash a lot when I clicked on the notification to see what has changed.
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2 years ago, Unicornpimple
Server unavailable
I have deleted and reinstalled this app about 10 times now and try to log into my account but it sends a prompt to my screen that says “error: server is unreachable” i’ve been trying to get in for days now and i would like to know my schedule 😂
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4 months ago, Listener46843
Best app
Makes everything so much easier!
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2 years ago, OakesZ992
Several bugs need fixed.
Biggest issue is that you partial day availability is broken. App will not save/allow times for availability if you are only available for part of the day. It’s super frustrating.
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2 months ago, skeletonscoffin
Logged Out
the app worked great and then i updated it and it logged me out and won't let me back in. all of my coworkers have had this issue too.
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2 years ago, Loe 6
Team work
I really like working with new people I’m learning more each day.
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2 months ago, alosamragna
You log us out every time you update the app and I try to log in again with my user and password and it has you start the whole process from scratch again. I still can’t get back in. Horrible app. Yall need to fix this
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1 year ago, Showmenbee
Does not function properly
When I try to put in time availability it switches to not availability and a random time. It then counts it as a request. I also cant say im not available during school hours and my legal limit.
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3 months ago, Hoop ie
It’s a get system easy to use and understand love it
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2 months ago, Russelcapps
Need help
I’m trying to log in it want let me says my user namie is wrong also just reset my pass word need help
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2 years ago, Jme314
HotSchedules is Better
If only I could leave zero stars ! We made the switch and Teamworkx for my employee’s is extremely generic. When building schedules it’s like using something from the Stone Age! It’s 10 steps back! The only good things is that it interacts with Crunchtime. But hands DOWN Hot Schedules was so much better!
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3 months ago, Parents Dont Read
Work at Culvers used JDA and it sucked so bad this app shows you who works and has shifts pop up really good
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