CSCPay Mobile

4.3 (27.9K)
26.7 MB
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Current version
CSC ServiceWorks Holdings, INC.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CSCPay Mobile

4.29 out of 5
27.9K Ratings
4 years ago, JazzerEllie
Good idea, could use some improvements
I’ve been using this app for about a year. Overall, it’s very easy to add value & use this app—there are a couple of things that stand out that hold it back from receiving 5 stars. It’s supposed to let you know when your laundry is complete. When this function works, it’s GREAT! I even get a buzz on my Apple Watch when it’s paired, BUT it seems like this function only works about half of the time. Not sure why. The other thing that is very annoying is when you use the option to check if machines on your floor are in use—that’s a great feature to have, but it’s poorly executed as it neither defaults to the floor in which I live, nor can I SET it to default to my floor. Yes, I like the option of checking the availability on other floors in my 18 floor building, HOWEVER for the majority of the time when I open the app in preparation for doing my laundry I want to know the status on MY floor....instead I have to scroll through a list to select my upper floor. Not only that, but the way the list is, the text is cut off so it’s actually kind of easy to accidentally scroll to the wrong floor. I would expect it to be a pretty quick/easy adjustment to program the app to either default to the floor you’re on (because our billing address IS held in the user account info in the app), give the user an option to select the default floor, or maybe even allow the app to save the last floor selected. Just a suggestion.
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3 years ago, Jedimary
Great app but...
This app is really easy to use, avoids the hassle of having to go to the bank to get quarters. You simply load it with money directly from your visa or credit card and you are good to go. The down side to it, 1 reason for star deduction, timing is inaccurate. Timing will start when machine starts and will let you know when the washer is done and this is the problem. It says washer is done and ready to use for someone else, when it finishes the first draining of water. Washer will not be done. I live in a building complex (32+ tenants) where everyone is asked to keep an eye on your washers, and after 15mins of it stopping and you do not take out your close, anyone else waiting to wash will remove them. People are going off the app that you’re washer is done when there is still 15-20mins of it left to go. 2nd reason: you can check this app to see if anyone is washing before going down to the wash room with all your things which is cool, but if someone is washing that has payed with quarters it will not show the in the app as “being used” It’ll say all washers available to wash. Hoping those minor issues will soon be fixed but I will continue using this app. I wash more often now, my clothes doesn’t accumulate and I’m able to wash when ever I want, without worrying about having quarters.
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1 year ago, 3/4finger
It works
Using the phone to pay is great. It used to be a pain because I couldn't access it from the laundry room 2 floors down. But the last few times, as long as I get the scanning page up on my phone while I am still in my apartment, it will work when I get downstairs. No more need for rolls & rolls of quarters. (You still need a few to add drying time.) The only issue I have now is that I didn't know when to add quarters for additional drying time (no instructions until AFTER you add the quarter), so instead of adding time, it added 25¢ to my account. Now I have a random .25 on my account that is useless unless I add more quarters to get to a dollar. Clunky. Oh. One more thing: if you add money (app or cash) and the machine doesn't work, it WAS difficult to report it or get your money back. We have 2 wash loads that we paid for but the washer didn't work. NOW there is a spot on the main page to report an issue. Much appreciated. Thanks for fixing that.
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10 months ago, Mama Queen Of Laundry
Washing Clothes in the Middle of the Night
I find it much more quiet doing all the weeks laundry for my family in the middle of the night. Not only is it peaceful, and I am able to use however many machines I need to, depending on that particular week, all the while keeping others available just in case someone else has the same way of thinking!!!! Side bar…. for those who do your laundry at any time of the day or night, please try to be a little more considerate of keeping track of the time your wash should be finished, and be right there to move them to the dryer, so those waiting/ needing to wash clothes are able to, and not leaving your wash in a machine for hours at a time, especially when there are only 6 washers, 1 currently not working, but for the last 6+ months only 3 were working and 8 dryers and currently 2 are down. I really love using this app, makes it so much easier than always trying to accumulate enough quarters throughout the week to do laundry lol!!!! Plus the people who work here are awesome, always smiling and approachable and always willing to help with whatever your needs may be!!!! Spring Wood Suites Linden NJ With All Sincerity Praying to catch that break we so desperately NEED…..!
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3 weeks ago, Rileyhoops
Good concept, terrible execution
I want to like this app so bad because in theory it could work really well, but it just doesn’t work well at all. I have never written a review of an app before today, but this app has me at my wit’s end. The app is supposed to show if the washers/dryers are available at the moment, and this feature does not work at all. The app says there are no washers or dryers available 100% of the time, regardless of if the machines are in use or not. The app is supposed to have a timer to tell you how much time is left in your wash/dry cycle, this works maybe 50% of the time (the other 50%, a timer doesn’t show up at all). The app is supposed to provide a notification when the washer/dryer is done, this works maybe 30% of the time, and I have to manually check the app periodically (if the timer feature is functioning) or set a timer of my own. I have also had multiple instances of paying to start the washer/dryer and having it shut off less than a minute later, so that I have to pay to start it again. It was less time consuming and frustrating to go get quarters at the bank before these new machines were installed in my apartment. Additionally, in the “Help” tab of the app, instructions for troubleshooting are over 5 years old and the features of the app have apparently changed so that the troubleshooting measures cannot be enacted.
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3 years ago, KaydenRose
Would be rated decently… if I could log in again
Before the malfunction, I’d say it was decent. Sometimes the washers/dryers don’t sync if you don’t give it enough time to process and exit the app immediately after running a load. It never tells me when my clothes are done on time. But that’s whatever, because I usually just set a timer anyways and that method has never failed me. If these were the only issues, it’d be 3 stars. However, I was recently auto-logged out of the app for no apparent reason. And when I went to login again, lo and behold there’s no login button!! There’s only an option for me to create a new account - which I don’t want to do because literally all of my washing money for the next week is stored within my account… y’know, the one I now have zero access to. Customer service hasn’t been of any help so far. Still haven’t heard back about my inquiry via email. I finally have the time tomorrow to call them about this issue but I doubt a service rep can help me when it seems like a software bug. I have tried redownloading the app, turning my phone off and on again, making sure all my software is up to date, and still nothing fixes it. I would like to wash my clothes without having to create a stupid throwaway email to create a new account and give them even more of my money.
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2 years ago, JJ Mc.Cray Cray
Very helpful, needs quality of life updates
I love the idea of no longer needing a physical laundry card and being able to check how busy the machines are from my apartment. In those regards this app provides great convenience, but I feel there are some quality of life changes that will make it worlds better. First I would suggest the ability to choose how much time to add to a dryer. Asking to improve the machine start speed time seems overzealous, so I instead ask the ability to add 30 minutes to a dryer in one transaction rather than adding five minutes six times. With the amount of time it takes the app to communicate with the dryers I often find myself not even bothering to add extra time because of how many times I’d have to scan the machine and pay. My second suggestion is to add the ability to start multiple machines at once, similar to the dryer dilemma everything would be so much more smooth if multiple machines can be selected and paid for in one transaction. I’m sure I speak for all users when I say these features would save us a bunch of time and make using the app much more pleasant.
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3 weeks ago, da2ofus
App is fair but do not trust the company behind it.
This company is absolutely horrible. If I could give them a zero star rating that would still be too high for them. My apartment complex used them, and had nothing but problems with the machines. So they recently switched. We residents had to use their app to pay for the machines. That is clearly their scam! When the machines were removed, I requested a refund of the remaining balance in my account in order to close the account. Anywhere else, this would be a simple process but not with this company. Refund did not process and I contacted the company by phone and chat about 15 times before finally getting a rep who had me send screenshots of the refund request and that I can’t resubmit because it hasn’t processed. But she isn’t able to refund, she has to send to someone else. And that “someone else” has 2 weeks to reply to her. By that time, I’m at almost a month and still no refund. So I highly doubt I’ll see any money back and fully expect they will continue to lie and say this isn’t the usual case. But other online reviews tell similar stories. As the old adage goes “10,000 men can’t be wrong.” This company has an F with the BBB, and I can totally see why. DO NOT USE THIS CROOKED THIEVING COMPANY!!
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2 years ago, I am Shaeon
Good when it works, but failure means you can’t do your laundry
Often has the problem that when you attempt to scan to start washer or dryer, it gets an error and has to start over. It will also take forever to load sometimes, because laundry rooms? Are not known for amazing wi-fi signals. Worst of all, from time to time it just fully fails. You’ll get the error “no internet connection” even after you walk back to your apartment, wi-fi working, internet FULLY connected. The thing just repeats this obnoxious error to you over and over. And then you can’t do your laundry. When it actually works it saves the hassle of always having to make trips to the bank for quarters, but it seems that about every other month it just decides “nah, you can’t do laundry today.” This is the worst possible thing for you to see when you’ve already put in your detergent and your laundry. Now you’ve just got a useless dead machine and there’s soap on all your stuff. It would be nice if they’d work on their stability and the ability of the app to work with weak/no signal, considering the task that it was designed to improve.
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5 years ago, MissOctoberXXII
App Never Works
I am EXTREMELY unhappy at the app and the customer service I just received. I’m trying to do laundry and have been unable to successfully log in with my FB login. This happened last time, so I signed in through my email. I took a screenshot of my password for future reference. I tried to use the app, and it had me log in, once again bc it continues to log me out, and it keeps telling me I have the wrong password. When I click “forgot password”, it has me enter my email address and claims it will send me an email with further instructions. I STILL Have not received an email. I checked my junk email and NOTHING. I have a washing machine filled with clothes and detergent, and there’s not a thing I can do about it. I called customer service and spoke to a Freya, who clearly hates working there. She was unable to assist and ended up hanging up on. This is about the worst way to spend my Sunday. I know I have funds in my account and I can’t even access them bc of this horrid service. The banks are closed, so I can’t get quarters, and now I have to figure out what to do with my soaped up clothes, while I go on a journey to find out wth to get quarters. I’d like someone to call me back to figure out a way to solve all of this.
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1 month ago, Rik69691000
The app is decent. Problematic.
Easy peesy app. Issue isn’t the app so much it’s the maintenance of the machines at the PALM VILLAS apartment complex in SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA. Doesn’t matter how many times you complain about these nasty machines continues to be some of the worst I’ve ever had complain. Nothing gets done. I’ve had outstanding refunds for last 3 yrs and no one will address them so consequently, the machine is down or you have gotten screwed again by the machines not working it won’t allow you to put in for another refund because you’ve got an outstanding. This machine company is by far the worst and we have been dealing with this for the last four years that I’ve been here, everyone says they’re gonna fix the issue but never gets done. Scottsdale and the rest of Arizona deserve better every time someone uses the front loading machine it’ll work once and then work again. That seems to be OK. I can’t give them a review because of these obsolete wash machinethat never to not be an issue fix these finish and you get a five star right now but until then you’re ready I’ll go down because of this
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3 years ago, Benjamin from CA
Notification issues plus lots of junk mail
Last year when it became so difficult to get quarters because of the pandemic I was very happy to see this option was made available in our apartments laundry room. Up until the last 3 months I would have given this app a 5 star review. The first issue is with notifications. I am now receiving laundry notifications anywhere between 2 and 8 hours after my laundry is done. The bigger issues however are with junk email. When you sign up for a CSC account they automatically put you on their advertising email list. Until about 90 days ago this was not a big deal but now they are sending me about 10 messages a week. Clicking the unsubscribe from advertising email link at the bottom of their messages so far has done nothing. Calling the company has only ended up getting me a person saying that they are aware of this but they don’t know when it will be fixed. I hope they can resolve the issues because if they do this app would be a 5 star for sure.
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4 years ago, nina ashley
Does not live up to expectations
Firstly, when my apartments switched over to this method, I was given a pamphlet that said I get a free wash and a free dry upon sign up, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. After signing up, the free wash and dry are nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, in order to use any part of the app, I had to upload my CC info. Irritated I didn’t get my free wash and dry, I still needed to do laundry so I upload my CC info. I started the washer. The app says it will give you washer dryer status. It does not. It says all of the washers are available, when not only am I using one but others are being used also. It also says it will notify you when your washer is done. Being as how it doesn’t even show I have a wash going, I don’t see how it’s going to do that. This app is only good for paying for your wash or dry and that’s it. The bells and whistles it claims it has are non-existent. They probably don’t care because if people need to do laundry they will use the app anyway. Only use this app if you have to. Otherwise it is just a waste of space. For the developers: it would appear that none of your machines are communicating with the app itself. Pointless to advertise it as such, if you aren’t going to fix the issue. Thanks.
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3 years ago, nevershoutbreanna
Could be 5 stars if..
I would give this app 5 stars if it wasn’t so glitchy, take a long time to connect, and had an option to add more than 5 minutes at a time on the dryer. It’s super easy to use, just annoying after using it so much. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal to use on a week trip somewhere, and the hotel had it, but to use it regularly for laundry is annoying. I use the app one day a week, and have to use it on 2 washers and 2+ dryers at a time (because these dryers are the best I have to split up the clothing and still add time to get them close to dry) and having to add on an additional 20 minutes on EACH dryer, by 5 minute increments is such a pain. I’ll be standing in the laundry room for 3+ minutes, just waiting for the app to connect to the dryer, add the time, accept it, and load the main page again. It’s so annoying. It’d be so much easier to be able to just say “I want to add X amount of minutes” and charge me for those minutes.
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10 months ago, Tia AZ
Could Be Better
We have two separate laundry rooms in our complex and only one front facing washer and it only has the capacity to load laundry, maybe a small blanket. It isn’t large enough to fit even a twin comforter to clean. I have to wash it twice by taking it out and turning it around. I’m a disabled senior citizen and I don’t drive anymore so I can’t take my laundry to a laundromat. I depend on this one washer everyone fights over. I have to wait until after 9pm to do my laundry after everyone goes to bed. It would be nice if they would install extra larger front facing washers for everyone to use. It would also be great if we could get in touch with you when there is a problem. I have lived here for over four years and I have never been able to get in touch with customer service. They do not respond to any emails for weeks and when they finally do they don’t read them because they are not responding correctly. They are great with refunding me when it has been requested and I appreciate that.
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3 years ago, gardengirl128
Very easy
This app makes being an uncomfortable neighbor, a thing of the past. IHave left my laundry in the machine a couple of times and sometimes people waiting. But this app, it shows me the room status and when my machines are finished so nobody has to wait for me plus I never have to re-load my money in a remote location. It’s done very conveniently through the app Update: sometime recently something changed in the app and there is no way to use Bluetooth to tell you the room status. I tried deleting the app so maybe it would give me that feature back again and it Wouldn’t let me sign in! It kept telling me that my email or password was incorrect, and yet I’ve used it many times in the past. So I tried to have a new password made, but unfortunately the forgot password email never came to me, and after 10 minutes I resent the forgot password link and again it never came to me after 20 minutes. So there’s no way to trace my account or my American Express charges that was left on the balance. I emailed them and reported some errors in hopes of them contacting me. If CSC Doesn’t contact me, I’d rather Not be a customer. Otherwise, I’ll update This new review.
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2 years ago, HI IM EMILY
The concept of this app? Great. The functionality? Absolutely terrible and I never write reviews but this app makes doing your laundry so unnecessarily frustrating. When I open the app it could take 1-5 (yes, 5) minutes to load to even let me click on anything which is already annoying as this app is supposed to be for convenience and instead I’m standing in my laundry room waiting to pay for a few minutes since the app doesn’t load properly. This will also apply to adding funds into your account, it will take a minute to load to open the page, a minute to load and choose how much money you want to add, and a minute to process the payment which just wastes so much more time in the long run you might as well have ran to the bank and got quarters. I don’t know if this is an issue within the apartment complex machines or the app itself (it is not the wifi or the service in the building as every other mobile app loads just fine) but nevertheless, it’s overly time consuming for an app that’s supposed to save you time.
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5 years ago, FilmNut23
Filled with bugs
I have used this app on three different models of iPhone on two different carriers, and it has never been anything less than a hassle. It constantly crashes, and restores back to its previous state when resuming, sometimes leading to an infinite loop of crashing (I'm writing this review from my laundry room, as I am unable to get the app to work). It never communicates the issue to the end user, although it seems like poor connectivity seems to be the source of a great deal of the problems. Also, no biometric login and it doesn't save your password in the keychain- even though the password does not allow for special characters so I have just as much difficulty remember what wonky password I had to set up as the app does. UX is a nightmare at every step, starting a machine requires unnecessary steps to confirm, but because LAUNDRY ROOMS GENERALLY HAVE POOR CONNECTIVITY, I have to huddle near a window far removed from my machine in order to get enough of a signal to communicate with the server that I would like to initiate liftoff, the run back to my machine to triple confirm, over and over for each machine. This app needs some serious love. Please fix it.
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1 year ago, EASaxton
Enjoying the Convenience
Let me first say that I was hesitant to use CSC Mobile app. I used to take time and go to the bank/atm and then go to another place to get the change in quarters for the washer and the dryer in my apartment building. Thanks to my nephew asking me to sign up so he would have extra money to dry his clothes, he showed me how EASY this app is. I enjoy that I can just add money that Stays until I use it for laundry; I even can add time to the dryer in the same manner. I’m grateful for this app and for the ease. Did I mention you can report if a machine isn’t functioning well and maintenance comes to make the adjustment? AND I can look up the number of the machine I’d like to use to find out if they are in use or available! That is thinking ahead for all of us who don’t quite enjoy doing the laundry! But it must be done and this app has been a help for me. So Thanks.
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1 year ago, jockstrap-#1
It is not the best system
I have been using this app since July of 2021 and I still don’t understand why it doesn’t work correctly for me sometimes but it’s the only way to start a machine in my building so I don’t have any choice but to keep trying it cost so much money to get the laundry done that I want to move to a different building that has a laundry in my unit so that is how I am going to get away from this problem The machines have a credit card slot but it doesn’t allow me to pay for my machine that way and that doesn’t make sense to me again because I am a logical person and I don’t want to keep my cards on file with the app in case of something like I lose my phone or it gets stolen or hacked or whatever else it might be exposed to and then they keep emailing me and begging me to pay for my neighbors to have free laundry and I don’t want to give my money to my neighbors and or anyone else that is not entitled to it so that is another problem with this app
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2 years ago, yupgcxddh
Slow app. Do not install these machines in your building
The app is so slow and broken that I just stood in the hot laundry room for 20 minutes trying to load the front page. Every time it loaded and I clicked add funds, it would time out and say that I’m not connected to the internet. I’m fully connected to wifi. I tried it on my cell data (full bars), same thing. I call the number to talk to CSC customer service, apparently not open on Sundays. So my wet clothes are sitting in their machine until the servers go back up or something. The servers are always slow, but today they’re just straight up broken. If you’re not going to allow us to pay with quarters or with card (i tried using my chip credit card on the csc card connect thing, flashed an error over and over), you have to make sure your servers are up consistently. If you’re a landlord and you’re thinking about installing these machines in your building, please just use a regular card/coin machine. Or at least a machine that takes card/coin as a backup when the app doesn’t work. Your tenets will thank you.
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4 years ago, Writing Gal
Great app
I love this app for two reasons. The first is because I don’t have to spend all of my time trying to squirrel away every quarter I come across. It’s really frustrating to do a bunch of loads and then have to find quarters or have it or realize that I’ve run out of quarters it’s much easier to not have to deal with that The second reason I love this app is because we don’t have to worry about people trying to break into our machines to steal those quarters for a long time people are breaking into machines stealing quarters and it was a very big hassle for us and people are no longer doing that which is fantastic which means that when the machine is broken it’s because it actually isn’t working for a legitimate reason as opposed to someone feelings for some quarters in choosing to steal them from the machines. This app alert works fantastically I’m more than one level and I’m please to use it.
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2 years ago, FitterHappier113
Will make you miss quarters
Where to start? Everything takes at least 10x longer than it should with all of the loading and connecting screens. Every “quarter” you put into the dryer (1 per 10 minutes on my dryer) is a separate transaction with multiple loading screens, which means it takes about a minute to start a load in the dryer. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I reached out to support twice (once for this issue and once because I never got the $5 bonus for signing up) and they didn’t get back to me either time. Sometimes (twice in the last week) the app just doesn’t connect. Welcome to the future where you can’t clean your clothes because a company you’ve never heard of doesn’t maintain the app on your phone! I’ve left feedback when prompted multiple times with no response or change to the app. I never leave reviews but it feels like my only option at this point. If you’re using this app you probably live in an apartment and don’t have a choice. That’s why there’s minimal incentive for them to improve the app. Stay strong, fellow renter. ✊
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3 years ago, MessieYo
Honestly turn and RUN, don’t walk, RUN AWAY from any service that utilises CSC Service Works because one thing their service doesn’t do is work! I attempted to use this fraudulent service because unfortunately it’s what my apartment complex has chosen to burden us with. A simple reloading of $20 was “unable to process” ok, so why was I then charged $40 days later. And I called the customer service and dealt with a truly horrendous but accurate representative named Jean who told me that no money had been taken from my account. So then why am I on the phone with you? Why do I have posted transactions with the number that I literally called you on. Luckily I have the time today. I’m sure that they engage in these practices all the time and get away with it cause they have such convoluted and ineffective refund process. I was given different websites and emails that came back with error messages and told that there was no manager or supervisor available to help me, after calling three times, before Jean hung up on me when I asked for an employee number to follow up on my service.
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2 years ago, Kalilahblack
Good but not totally accurate
I love the idea of this app with all that it purports to offer for ease of laundry use. My issues could be with our specific appliances and not the app, i really don’t know where the problem lies. There is often an inaccurate report of how many machines are available. Sometimes if someone leaves the door shut, the availability doesn’t register. The timing is almost always off. That is, i will get a message that either washer or dryer is finished, and i will go to the basement only to find there is 5 minutes left to go. Just enough to be annoying as you don’t want to go all the way up for such a short time, but too long to stand there! Not impossible just kind of a pain. Sometimes the machine says available but it is locked with 1 minute left. I do like that you can add to the funds without difficulty. I do wish the machines were better maintained, but that’s apartment living!
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2 years ago, sammysamson1397
When my apartment complex had this feature in my place its been two years that they have not fully fixed ALL of their machine. Even from the very beginning that they are installed...half of the machine are not working.I mean whats the use of reporting it every week that your machines are not working if every week i report the same machine broken. Plus the fact that i can ask for a refund more than once if i asked already. How would i know the dryer is not after i asked for a refund on the washer and submitted it already. Update…4 years after …not all washers are fixed…my notifications are exactly 45 minutes late…why would the app notify me that the clothes in washer are done 45 minutes AFTER i placed them in the dryer…dryer STILL CANT be used upper and lower together…clothes are still damp…cant ask for refund until they fix the previous complaint which will take days. But i give one additional star for adding time on the dryer…UNLESS thats a MISTAKE too
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4 years ago, hershey2581
Mediocre at Best
When I first saw this service being installed, I was really excited. The service offers the huge convenience of never needing quarters ever again! But I was thoroughly let down by the inconsistency in quality service. 1)the app charges full price but for only a small fraction of time when trying to add time to a dryer. Our dryer charge for 60 minutes and for just 8 minutes more we are charged the full price of 60. When I tried to use a quarter to add time after starting with the app the machine did not respond at all but kept my quarter (the quarter is not the big deal here it’s the bad service)... 2)every time I go to do laundry, without fail, one of the machines is having an issue with the app. Either it won’t connect to the machine(it can not “find” the machine) or it charges my account but doesn’t start the machine or something it is honestly always something... if it weren’t for the convenience of not needing to go to the bank for quarters this app and the service would not be worth the headache...
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3 years ago, SciCommSadie
No Coins! But Could Use Some Added Features
I love that I don’t have to go get quarters just to do laundry, but the washers at our facility aren’t always reliable (lately they haven’t been filling). There is no way to stop the wash cycle, even if it isn’t filling, which I feel you should be able to with the app. Additionally, when I do finally get my clothes out after a failed wash, even though I can submit a maintenance request through the app, the CSC card reader doesn’t show an error message on the screen. So currently, the only way to tell others not to use a broken machine is by word of mouth - and I’m not about to hang out in the laundry room all day until maintenance comes. However, I AM very thankful that I can request a refund on the app when this happens. It takes a while for it to process, but I saw I received a refund to my account today - just in time for a wash!
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3 years ago, laundry despair
Truly terrible app
I never leave reviews for apps, but felt I had to for this one. I dread doing laundry because of this app. It is so garbage that I actually get anxiety every time I open it (I would say no offense to the developers, but that might be too kind and also leave out the terrible designers). I left feedback on the app before but these are my main grievances: - App has never, not once, ever gotten the time for the laundry machine right. It literally buzzes hours after the cycle completes - when I get logged out after an update (fair enough btw), I cannot log back in without going through the sign up flow. The Facebook sign up flow, by the way, doesn’t even work. - in this same flow, strong passwords don’t even work because there is an asinine “maximum password length” of 16!! Are you kidding me?? Who even came up with a MAXIMUM password length?? - the app is clearly not optimized for users on 5G, which I can only assume is the main user group given this app is used in laundry rooms. I can’t find a slower app on my phone if I tried - the flow of paying on the app, confirming, and then starting on the machine is terrible and very error prone. There are many times where I’ve come back to a machine that never even started after I paid. These are just off the top of my head. Basically if you are required to use this actual piece of trash at your laundry room, I truly feel for you and can only hope that the owners realize their mistake quickly.
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1 year ago, sat nam 11
Clothes get moved but not carefully distinguished separately from other peoples moved pikes.
Found a few of my very distinctly specific ( because I recgnize the imperfections( ie: holes in distance places on my dogs blanket, etc. ( ditems mixed around . Maybe there is a simple solution to carefully keep someone’s laundry that gets displaced , to keep it distinguished from other piles , so they don’t so items do not so easily dissapear . Maybe there can be a box of bags and the suggested etiquette to “please place any laundry you remove belonging to others in a bag” type of polite new standard . Or something like that . It’s a bit odd otherwise, feels rude. Otherwise, ( since you asked), I just honestly don’t believe it’s a good aspect if a community of tenants is to be on the better side of the amicable spectrum. I appreciate your consideration and your inquiry. :)
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3 years ago, BabyWugglez
Great concept, but needs improvement
I really like using this app, as it helps keep track of my laundry. Also, paying through the app instead of loading up quarters or paying at a kiosk using the CSC card is very convenient. However, I do wish that the app keeps better track of my laundry. When turning on the washer, opening the lid, and loading my clothes, the timer on the washer would halt, but the timer in the app keeps going. Therefore, the timer on the washer and the app are not in sync with each other, which can be an annoyance. Additionally, the notifications I receive are a hit and miss. Some days, I receive the notification the second the washer/dryer ends, and on other days, I receive the notification between several minutes to an hour later. Finally, this app relies too heavily on an internet connection. At the apartment I live at, the laundry room is located semi-underground with thick walls around. Therefore, I almost always have trouble connecting to a washer/dryer. A minor solution to this is for me to keep my phone on with the app open before I leave my apartment unit. Otherwise, as soon as my phone’s screen turns off, the app closes, or I use another app and go back to this one, the app will struggle to load due to the lack of an internet connection. Overall, I really like using this app, but it’s more of a burden than it is helpful.
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2 years ago, kshepard15
This app has so many bugs it’s ridiculous
I’ve always had issues with the app loading, even when I’m in the laundry room. It’s ridiculous to have to keep the app open from the time I leave my apartment to the laundry room because if I close it it takes 10 minutes to reload. God forbid I accidentally close it and then I’m sitting there for 10 minutes trying to find the right spot for it to actually load so I can use the money I put on the app. And now it simply will not load at all. To address this I tried to log out and then log in on my phone and my ipad but it’s still telling me I have no service or internet connection which simply isn’t true. I tried to turn them both on and off and I deleted the apps and redownloaded them again but now I can’t log in anywhere! I’m just trying to do laundry man and this is the most frustrating app that I’ve ever experienced in my life. Please fix this so I don’t have to go to the bank and get coins just to do laundry.
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1 month ago, sa1221-45
Works okay.
I’ve been using CSC pay mobile for the entirety of my first year at college and the payment process is very quick and straightforward. The machines can be difficult sometimes because of the permissions granted by CSC, but those are usually fixed within the week through maintenance and I don’t believe that all of the mechanical issues have everything to do with the company. The price is reasonable although, I do wish it was free because I am having to support myself in a lot of different ways, and laundry is just one of those things that you will be doing forever, and from that I’ll say I can’t wait to stop paying for my own laundry every week (this gives it 4 stars in my opinion).
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2 years ago, 817G
It worked fine until it didn’t
I gave this app a three because it was working really well at first. It was convenient and because I am adamant for leaving clothes in the washer/ dryer it was really beneficial to get the alert when laundry cycles were done. Today however after sorting clothes for 3 kids and myself I went to use the app only for it to tell me I had no internet connections. I tried logging in from my kids phone as well and got the same alert. I was totally confused because I was able to use my phone for other apps that required internet. I tried everything even deleting and reinstalling the app and nothing. I called the help line and since this is a Sunday of course no one is available. Very disappointed. If there is something wrong with the app at least send a notice ahead of time. Luckily I had plenty of quarters to wash.
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4 years ago, Capt’n Merica
Slow app
The app works as intended and thats what it has going for it. Its slow, sometimes requires scanning a barcode more than once to actually connect to a machine - with the first scan just stopping off as if it never happened. Once you press start on the machine, you have to wait for the app to ask you to press “ok” in order to complete the transaction and track the timer on the machine. If you switch apps too fast, or lock your phone immediately, you’re still charged and the machine will still run, but the app pretends like you never used it and won’t give you a timer or tell other ppl there’s a machine in use. I have actually walked into the laundry room and the app says all 6 machines are available, but in reality 5 are in use, and only 1 is free. That’s because people don’t want to sit and stare at their phone for ~10-30secs while the app updates before leaving the laundry room.
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1 year ago, Zeldasleeps
Liars and Trashy business practices
I stopped using the washer and dryer’s from my complex because of how dirty and disgusting they were. I tried to bring it up with management and they told me that CSC is responsible for cleaning and maintaining all the washers and dryers. I began submitting maintenance request for broken down, dryers and dryers that had water pooling in them. I received an email a week later saying that the washers have been worked on. I went to the laundry room to check and washers were in the exact same condition as they were when I initially reported the problem both broken down, leaving the entire complex with only one washer. Why would they send me an email saying that they completed the maintenance on the washers do anything at all? Why does blatantly lie about it when I’m going to? Awful service have been nothing but disgusted with their washers and dryers. Will have to travel to go to a laundromat that doesn’t have nasty appliances and staff that doesn’t lie to your face.
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9 months ago, A.Pelly
CSC Laundry at Royal Crest Estates Nashua, NH
Using an app to pay and check machine status has been wonderful, however reducing the drying time from 60 min to 45 min without reducing the price has not been so wonderful along with changing the extra drying from 25 cent for and extra 20 min to being 25 cents for an extra 5 minutes. The machines are not properly maintained and cleaned for the amount of use they receive, that for a normal size load of laundry does not dry within 45 minutes resulting in the cost of drying to from $2.25 for 60 min plus $0.25 for extra 20 min = $2.50 to now costing $2.25 for 45 min plus $1.75 for the extra 45 min = $4.00 just to dry one load of laundry is ridiculous! Not to mention there was no notice to the residents of my apartment complex that there was going to be a price change/reduction in time when the mobile device was installed.
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12 months ago, BambiRaptorrr
Both this app and the company that operates these laundry units are beyond incompetent garbage. The app never functions correctly, at this point it’s now non functional altogether and can’t even connect to the stupid washer and dryers despite having Bluetooth turned on, it still gives an error saying it needs Bluetooth on. Sheer incompetence. The laundry rooms this company runs are DISGUSTING. Vile. The one that’s near my building isn’t even maintained at all - it can’t be called poor maintenance because there’s basically NONE WHATSOEVER. No way to really report broken or malfunctioning units to the stupid company, if the report feature that actually exists even works then it just shows how utterly lazy and incompetent these people are. Most of the washers and dryers in my closest laundry room are broken/out of order. I’ve lived in this place two years and there’s never been more than 2-3 washers or dryers functional at any given time. It’s ridiculous and CSC should be embarrassed.
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1 year ago, Kat5tar
This app has been awful for the last year. I don’t get notifications when machines are finished until up to an hour later. I also on multiple occasions been double & triple charged on my card for a single transaction. As much at $100 overcharged!! When contacting customer service they brush it off as “yes this happens. You need to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. “ That is absolutely absurd. If it’s a repeat problem they need to fix it immediately. The whole company is subpar. They don’t fix their machine and now they steal money and make YOU chase after your money to get it back. This seems to be pretty common with a majority of their clients. Many people having the same issues without any help or correction of THEIR mistakes. Absolutely ridiculous. For this reason our association has terminated our contract with them going forward. Watch your statements. And make sure you get refunded for your overcharges!!!
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1 year ago, Shi💎 Gramfam19
Locked out & money stolen
The CSCPay app was very convenient in the beginning. You can start your washer and keep track of it through the app. You can link your card or pay via Apple Pay to pool money into the CSCPay account. Here’s lies the problem. The money must be uploaded in increments that are not equally divisible by the cost of the machines, thus there is either money left in the account or you have to pay cash/coins to start the load because there are insufficient funds in the account. Recently, I have been logged out of my account that had a remaining balance, and I cannot log back in. The CSCPay app does not have a “log in” section, only sign up. Thus i must now make a new account and forfeit the money in my account. If you find yourself in an area that utilizes CSCPay machines after every load, be sure to refund your money back to your card and wait 5-7 business days, so you do not forfeit any money at the risk of being logged out.
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5 years ago, Tlex
First off, the price of the wash/dry went up and would you know that my apt complex switched out the well worn machines with this high-tech nonsense where to use the machine you need a WiFi connection but guess what— our machine room is in a hole under the complex where guess what doesn’t work... WIFI/INTERNET. The app is wack and you have to log in and press ok to accept the machine after it asks you to do 10 other things... I mean CAN I JUST WASH MY CLOTHES AND NOT HAVE TO USE MY PHONE OR MY BRAIN FOR THIS CHORE TO BE DONE? Plus I have to link my card to the app that I do not trust. Oh and the remedy for the old card that was owned by the same company of which we COULD NOT USE on the new machines... wait for this. You have to mail that card in and ask for a refund cause we ALL have time to go to the post office but what they bank on is no one asking for that refund because— who has time. What a capitalistic way to take advantage of customers who simply need to wash their clothes. I mean, everyone else is doing it so why NOT you too?
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1 year ago, The Jilly-O
Love this app
I’m a caregiver for a resident at this location. This app is wonderful!!! I don’t need to mess with getting quarters, the coin box being full, and the machines just not working. I’ve tried to share the app with the other residents and offered to teach them. They are not interested and believe they are to old. One day I went in to do laundry and all the machines were unplugged. Another resident told me they were broke. I knew exactly what happened and the money box was probably full. I plugged two machines. I used the app and continued doing my laundry. When I was done I unplugged them again so that others would not lose their money. Thank you so much for such a wonderful tool to make my job easier. JRE
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2 years ago, sklorraine
These 5 star reviews have to be fake.
The app takes forever to load just to start up, and when/if it finally does, you have to actually refresh it to see the current machine status.. the notifications don’t work at all or show up an hour after it’s finished. The money I put in the app never comes out correctly, I’m constantly left with a negative balance. I get emails about surveys for credits, but they always seem to be concerned more about our laundry room which they don’t control, rather than the defects of their app, and the credits take weeks to show on my account. The referral credits also never worked. Using a physical card is even slow. Using Apple Pay is 1000 times faster (while still slow) but if I use the machines more than once in a day, it starts declining my card for no reason. I thought it would be so convenient to not need change anymore, but that was way less of a headache.
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2 weeks ago, MasterSu11y
Very, very mediocre app
CSCPay is clearly here to make money off of laundry transactions while providing as minimal effort as possible. There’s a million bugs with the app - such as how notifications for when your washer / dryer being done pop up hours after your laundry is done. This seems like an easy developer fix, but the entire time I’ve had the app they haven’t fixed any of the bugs there in the beginning of me having it. The machines frequently seem to also have issues connecting to the app. The app is also not optimized at all. I live with a roommate and we just pay using one app since the minimum you can add at a time is $5 anyways. You can only have ONE card saved at a time. Every single time we switch cards, you have to manually reenter a new card. TLDR; CSCPay is a very basic and mediocre laundry app. It has various bugs and optimization issues that could easily be addressed, but never are.
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3 years ago, Shusonic
As far as the app goes, it works. I’ve never had it crash or freeze. In the world of smart phones, you have to have an app for convenience. It’s convenient to have an app that has a debit option on your credit card. Plus it shows which machines are available so you don’t waste your time walking to a room that’s being used. I’ve also had no problem putting in service requests on the app. I have put a lot of service requests in. That’s not the app’s fault, just the company’s. The negatives: I do have to scan the machines twice in order to get them to turn on. That should be corrected. You can only put in one refund request amount at a time. So if you request a refund, you have to wait until it’s processed in order to request another one. That should also be corrected.
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1 year ago, Outnumbered at home
User friendly
The wash quality for the price is excellent! As someone who lives on the road in and out of different hotels always looking for quarters to do laundry and hoping the dryer actually dries my clothes on the amount it takes to run that cycle it is such a relief to have this app where packing around $20 in quarters is no longer an issue especially in my carry on at the airport where I usually always get pulled aside to show that they are only quarters for laundry. After 2 months of using this service my only complaint is the washer/dryer availability and finish notifications leave a bit to be desired as far as accuracy goes but otherwise this is so convenient and wish I had discovered it sooner!
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5 years ago, gxy39
This app is nonfunctional
The app initially would not allow me to create an account and kept giving me different error messages such as “this phone number is already in use” even though my phone number had not already been registered with the app. Then, hours later when I got a confirmation email, I was able to create an account online on a computer but the app refuses to recognize my account login information even though I am successfully logged in online, saying “user not found.” The only way to log in has been to use the ‘forgot password’ tool to reset my password and then log in, but even then I am taken to a screen where I cannot click on anything and actually do laundry. The only reason I tried to download the app in the first place is that the reader on the machine repeatedly would not read my credit card. I would recommend just bringing quarters because this system is so ineffective.
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1 year ago, deej1188
You will want to die
My building’s laundry room updated to this new point of sale/hi tech payment system. At first, the card readers didn’t work and the only way to get the machines to start was this app. So after two rounds of laundry, I felt safe enough to load $20 on the app. That was 5 months ago and the app has not worked since. It would crash and shut off when starting a machine. I was able to start the machines using my credit card but now I just get error 52 every time I start a machine. The app has since had an update but instead of crashing, it just says loading and then says it doesn’t have internet connection when it clearly does. It’s insane. All the machines work in the laundry room but getting this company to take your money can sometimes take an hour. Now I lug my laundry 6 blocks to a coin operated facility simply because it takes less time and headache.
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3 years ago, tarte11
Game changer
This app has significantly improved my life. I used to scrounge for quarters, or say prayers that the laundry machine in our building would accept our credit cards - but they were very poorly designed card readers, and it was always a crap shoot. I’m a healthcare worker who has spent months during the pandemic wandering around our apartment building, going up and down floors looking for a machine with a functioning credit card reader. All while tired and already defeated from long dark days. When our building started using this app, all of a sudden laundry became a breeze, and an uncomfortable burden was gone. It may sound trivial but it’s not. I’m very grateful and it’s improved and simplified my life enormously. Thank you.
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2 years ago, CharlyAndAliAndChloe
Atrocious user experience
It’s so painful and slow to start a machine. You wait, then wait longer, and wait again. The use of Bluetooth to communicate with the machine and internet to check the balance makes the user experience unbearable. Laundry rooms are hot and often have poor internet connection. The last thing I want to do is to unnecessarily wait for god knows what happens in that app. Before we had a card, one swipe and it was good to go. I was in and out of the laundry room in no time. Now it takes 45s to just start a machine. There is no value in using that application for the customer besides, I guess, reducing fraud and get better real time insight on machines usage. Not to mention upgrading to the new readers increased the price, shocker. And if you request a refund for a few failed attempts, then it’s one at a time, with a waiting time of 48h+ in between each request.
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