Currency Converter

3.4 (62)
4.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
OANDA Corporation
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Currency Converter

3.39 out of 5
62 Ratings
3 years ago, KatyS.1234
Please add historical dates and more decimals
This app is missing historical dates (to look up prior dates’ currency) and only shows 2 decimal points when it should show 4. This app is worthless to me without these items so will need to stick with oanda’s website for conversions. As so many financial institutions use oanda and utilize both of these items, I’m very surprised the app lacks. Other than that, perfect for easy same day basic conversions if that is all you need.
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5 years ago, Aidan258
Works pretty well - Feature request
Works pretty well. Very simple easy to use app. However, it’s missing one big very easy to add feature. The app only shows conversions to two decimal places. For most currencies this is close enough. However, if you are using it to convert very expensive currencies such as bitcoin rounding off 0.00xxx could be a difference of $100+ and makes the app unusable. This would be a very minor tweak and would be greatly appreciated.
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9 months ago, Ryan997
Monopoly money next?
For some reason, the developers have decided to clutter this app with worthless crypto tokens as if it’s real money. Stick to legitimate currency please.
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6 years ago, Apsani
Works great! Only one wish list item
We review exchange rates on a quarterly basis so that our customers have a somewhat stable price. I love the simple interface and ease of use! My only wish is that you had the ability to change the date to see what it was historically, however, I can get that info from their website if/when I need it.
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11 months ago, Mom :) :D
Easy to use
This is an easy app to use. I selected the county I need the conversion info… simple and efficient. I’ve been using this app for a few years now. Thank you for creating this app!
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8 years ago, chris_attwood
Great app!
Simple to use, gives the ability to adjust rates between interbank rates, atm rates, and more. Easy to switch between currencies. Not sure what more anyone could want!
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3 months ago, Flyer16
Thanks for fixing the startup crash!
Used to work great, then for months it crashed on startup. I eventually deleted it. Now it works again. Yay!
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8 years ago, Aceconacecon
Easy to use
Allows you to save favorites for currencies you use often. Simple sleek interface.
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7 months ago, aimifan
Tiny and useful
Maybe an update to make it more elegant on modern device? Thanks anyway.
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7 years ago, weismanm
Perfect. Exactly what I wanted.
This is exactly what I wanted. Simple. Instant. No other insane features that I had no use for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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4 years ago, njwetsu
No iPad version
I like this app on my iPhone, but would use it more if it had an iPad version as do most of my financial transactions on the iPad. Thanks.
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4 years ago, alföldi
it is not updated regularly
The Canadian dollar fell to less than 70 US cents. You are showing at as 75 US cents even on the following day. If it is not regularly updated it is useless unless you are looking for a historical document. I am not looking for history here.
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7 months ago, Yell Peter
Fails to load rates and dies
Worked fine up till now. Latest update cause app to crash while trying to load rates. Would appreciate a fix for my go-to app.
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4 years ago, rrs2623
Can’t get help
Can anyone tell me how to remove a currency from the “favorites list”? It’s easy to add one but I don’t see how to remove it. Thanks
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9 years ago, AlionaMuse
Simple and quick converter
Works good
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5 years ago, Nick-o-name
Great app
Great app but is now crashing on latest iOS version
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9 years ago, Amjad alquran 87
Very good App
Useful and awesome application and easy to use.
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14 years ago, BD 96
How often does it REALLY Update?
Can't complain too much about any free app but I did find the very first time I used it there was a big error in dollar to euro. $1.20 according to Bloomburg / $1.30 Just Updated according to this app. If you have to have up to the minute accuracy it would appear that you need to look elsewhere. If not it is an easy to use app - especially for the price!
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5 months ago, labrat1028
No GBP conversion
Been using this for years during travel to Europe. Now going to UK and realized this app does not include GBP (British Pound) as a currency you can convert to/from.
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4 years ago, Laters
Stopped working
No longer show current rates. Useless now.
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8 years ago, Jjkxcv45u
Stopped working
No longer works after upgrading to iOS 932
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1 year ago, Dust Behind Truck
Stale, outdated app
Shocking that OANDA would put out an inferior product like this. Obviously, low priority for them.
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7 years ago, shaziamin
No search... tried looking for pounds... no idea whether it's hidden under UK, Great Britain, Pound... I still haven't found it... idiotic.
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4 years ago, Helpiucan
Peso much?
Converter says peso is 19:1 when it’s currently 24:1. Not real helpful.
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9 years ago, MedCall
Crashing with iOS9
Very handy, useful app but crashing after updating to iOS9 PLEASE fix it. Thanks
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8 years ago, HaloGuy123
Crashes on new iOS 9.3
See title
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5 years ago, Dizzle_4_shizzle
Registration required
Go kick rocks
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9 years ago, Leadfoot_ua
Good job!
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12 years ago, KennethKennethKen
Perfect! (with one small addition/request/suggestion)
Easily navigates buy/sell, swapping of to/from, and multiple currencies. Nice simple, clean interface and up-to-date conversion rates. Thanks! I have one feature suggestion however: Most often I'm sitting at a restaurant with a check to pay and want the amount to be charged to my credit card after conversion/commission. By default you show the destination currency's 'buy' valuation on the home screen. I need to easily see the 'sell' figure. Would you add a 'Buy/Sell' button on the home screen (in addition to 'Swap') to choose whether to show the Buy or Sell sell value in the destination currency field? That'd be fantastic.
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14 years ago, gaaac
Has buy and sell rates
This is one of the few free currency apps that have both "buy" and "sell" rates (when you want to exchange from USD to another currency, and when you want to exchange back - the rates are slightly different). The downside is that you see only one foreign currency at a time, so if you are traveling through several countries, you have to update each time you reach a new country. There is a "recently used" screen but that requires additional steps and is limited to 5 currencies. It would be nice if they have 5-10 currencies all displayed on one screen at one time and ready to be called up for more details as needed.
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14 years ago, Pilot135pd
Won't work offline or in weak signal areas !!!
If you're in an area without a perfect signal, like in a store where you actually need the app to work, it will open and search for a while then close. It needs to have either wifi or a data connection to open. Extremely annoying!! Now I use CURRENCY, from CURRENCY APP LLC with the green icon, that works perfectly even while it's looking for updates AND IT'S FREE too. It also fast and displays many currencies at the same time. Try it and you'll love it.
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13 years ago, Kuba94
Very convenient, even offline
This app let's you choose a conversion rate depending on if you pay with cash or credit card. It lists all currencies but what I really like is that it saves up to six recently used currencies which is a great shortcut when you need to go back. Definitely one of the top apps for international travelers.
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13 years ago, Hesnobradpitt
Good free app
App is good - easy to use and free. I had no trouble funding the British Pound (another reviewer could not locate - perhaps there has been a software upgrade). Other reviewers mention inaccurate rates, but this software clearly shows the date and time the exchange rate was updated, and has a selection of interbank rates to choose from so I can set it to the same rank my bank uses.
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12 years ago, Hiltonaire
YUN/USD pair not up todate.
The gold standard,global cash winner Yugoslavia (former) DINARA of 1960 onwards and then merged and in world circulation with the merged and adopted 1990 to 1996 bigger banknotes by Serbia,Slovenia ,Montegenero and Croatia is not updated to the current 2012 IMF 's exchange rate of USD $ 2.5 + taxes / per each 1 y dinar (YUN) or 1 YUN = USD $ 2.5 + Taxes, of the world famous Narodna banknotes with Belgrade ( Beograd ) markings money unit working and accepted capital money at par and face value without any redenomination (illegal) of the y dinara cash currencies bankbills ,an International debit banknote and credit cards for travel and leisure in more than 175 nations worldwide,gives the Oanda currency converter app very low feedback scores from its users.
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12 years ago, Wrb333
One good point many poor marks
It does show buy and sell points as well as automatically add percentages for transactions, but only shows two decimal places. It just isn't accurate enough for large transactions. Also only shows two currencies which isn't great for travelers or anyone who deals with more than one type of currency especially as changing currencies is quite a task with a cumbersome interface.
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11 years ago, mkaff
needs a fix
The ATM and Credit Card and other rates needs to be fixed where it shows only one option selling or buying on the first page. it should show the sells at price and buys at price on the first page for at least the top entry
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13 years ago, Ikiru71
Works great for me!
I don't use this everyday but I haven't had any problems with crashes. I use it on an iPhone 4 and an iPad. Simple and straight forward, great app! Oh, and it does have the GBP. So, to the person that said it didn't and gave it one star, please update or delete your review!
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14 years ago, GFree22
Love it
Simple and quick to use. It needs to be both of these if you are standing in a line somewhere figuring out what items cost. I love that it saves my most frequently used currencies. Voila!
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13 years ago, Snips973
Great app
I love this app. Easy to use and current to the market. I just wish they'd add a "switch" button that would allow the two currencies around in case you want to toggle the two around to see the baseline change.
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12 years ago, BigShirleyBean
Use it on a daily basis
I use this app on a daily basis...and so I figured I would give it some love. It is easy to use and works without an Internet connection. The only thing that would make it more useful would be if you could choose the date of ROE or perhaps the provider (AMEX, FT etc...)
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13 years ago, Sitgetà
My husband and I have the same version iPhone and use the same updated version of this app, yet we often get different conversion rates on the same currency. I still use the app regularly for a ballpark conversion, but I do question it's accuracy.
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12 years ago, kingkabra
Simple and fast
Great for traveling. Simple to use and fast. Does not require an Internet connection. Just make sure you get the latest rates before you travel overseas.
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13 years ago, jelarv
Great - also works offline
I'm on a 16-city tour through Asia and have found this app really helpful. Especially that it works even when I'm not on the data network.
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14 years ago, JonathanSimon
Very good but could be better
I think it is great but I wish you could like shake the iPod and it would update the currency worth so you don't have to exit out everytime. Just a suggestion though. Keep up the good work!
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10 years ago, Anon61212
Never works
This would be a useful app if it ever worked. I tried using it before a vacation and could never get it to open. It would always just say "loading rates" and then close. I tried deleting it and re-downloading and same problems. I finally downloaded a different currency exchange app for our trip which worked great both here and abroad. Save your time and don't download
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13 years ago, mariasunny
Very convenient
I travel a lot and I've tried most currency conversion apps out there. This one is definitely one of the best. It's very convenient to access fast to the latest currencies used.
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12 years ago, Carlos gnlo
Missing average,low,high exch. rate
Good app, I like it but should update to be just as the website itself and provide low average and high exchange rate for the month 60 and 90 day. It would make this app just perfect.
Show more
9 years ago, BalsamVT
Great but "please add"
Great - Quick rate calculator. The web site states that you can add your own rate however the pull down menu only displays 0% - 5% with no allowance for commissions. Can you consider adding for IPad / Iphone on future releases.
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14 years ago, Dfjzjjivg
I mad3 $
I went to Ireland bought tons of crap at cheap prices and sold them when I got back to America. I made $536!!!!! Haha my parents paid for the plain tickets ;)
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14 years ago, calvintham
Simple, easy and a must have
With this app you can travel without pain or worry about currency conversion.
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