Current Altitude

4.8 (15.3K)
24.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearn Apps, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Current Altitude

4.82 out of 5
15.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Alalalalbhbhbh
Highly Accurate And Easy To Use
I just traveled cross country from LA to Boston and used this app not just to measure altitude but also for location. I wouldn’t have known there were rolling plains above 6000 feet has it not been for this. Accuracy was amazing as I cross referenced signs along the route against the app and found them to be constantly within .5% and for the most part even tighter. It’s as easy as opening the app and watching the altitude change in real time. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Nat Robins
Great app to have
Altimeter is a really great app to have and use especially for traveling across country and it has really come in handy on a trip when you really don’t know what the elevation is and all that you do is to open it on the iPhone and it will tell you the coordinates, name of city and town and the elevation of the place you are in or near. It is a very handy app and it is very easy and simple to use
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6 years ago, EMCStoney
Great app
Used this app in the mountains on vacation to find out how high we were. Corresponded to the signs we saw at the top of each and gave us a better idea when we were up or down the mountain passes. Works without data which is great because in the areas we were driving there is none.
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3 years ago, UIPHD
Life Saving App
Not only does this app provide you with your elevation above sea level, but most importantly it also indicates your longitude and latitude. If you’re ever lost in the woods or anywhere else and call 911 for help, just give them those numbers. You will be located and rescued immediately.
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5 years ago, Dogsrhome
This app is so easy to use and supports my health
I struggle with my love of mountains and a lifelong issue with altitude sickness. I use the app to help me ensure that I stay within my ‘safe’ altitudes ( 8500 feet) or take medical precautions Last trip to the Andes ( atacama ) others were ill but didn’t know to associate it with the altitude. Thank you for this tool
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3 years ago, SGM / ARMY
Knowledge of Altitudes
We travel the mountain areas of North Carolina and it is extra special to be able to know what altitude we are. Thanks for the opportunity. This is an absolutely great aid if traveling in or through the mountains. Many thanks for this service.
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4 years ago, elaenwog
How High Are You
It is always fun to know what your elevation is no matter where you are. I even use this app on an airplane trip when the conditions allow. Can fluctuate a bit but seems to give you a fairly close estimation of how high you are!
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5 years ago, TimShycats
[A-] still 5 stars
As accurate as can be reasonably expected. Zoom feature on map screen would make this an [A]. Travel record would be an [A+]. This app more accurate would eliminate the need for land surveyors.
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8 years ago, FOLEY-O
Excellent, except....
Best phone App for immediate decimal GPS values and elevations. But town name feature is misleading. At a car wreck on mountainside, App displayed nearest town but in different county ER personnel dispatched from different town. App would be better if it had option to turn town name off.
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3 months ago, Everyboysmomma
I have used this as we have crossed the country and during my time in Florida. It is amazing how much of this state will be under water in the next 30 or 40 years.
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6 years ago, Major Disgrace
Terrain Wonder
I’m a fan of this app! I travel the mountains of WV a lot on my bike and I enjoy checking the elevations. Makes me feel like I’m more in touch with my surroundings. Accurate enough for my needs and functions well. I recommend it!
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7 years ago, EX 007
Sometimes shifts
For unclear reasons the reading will come up then rapidly switch to another reading and then change again. Does not happen all the time... That said I am glad I got it
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6 years ago, TJatz
Awesome app!
Used this app on a 9,000 mile road trip to Alaska and back. It worked flawlessly, even in the most remote locations with no cell service! How do they do that?! 😍
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2 years ago, worst app ever!!.!
Not super accurate
While this might be good find out about how high you are it's worthless if your try to determine elevation exactly, like how high is each end of your yard, it can show 6-8 foot differences when you have only moved 20 feet and can clearly see it's less than a foot difference.
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3 years ago, dodo john
I would have given it 5 star but the accuracy differs about 10-15% from my plane altimeter. I like it while ground traveling it is fun and interesting seeing elevations of different areas
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6 years ago, Roadwarrior for life
Handy tool
Whether traveling or giving some one my coordinates, this is so handy. Love being able to identify altitude at a glance as I travel so frequently.
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6 years ago, Szoo2
Fun estimates.
As we travel, through the country, we don’t always know if we are higher or lower than, whatever. This app provides a pretty good estimate confirmed by available road signs. Haven’t actually tested in aircraft as yet.
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6 years ago, 7022 Tom
I have always found knowing the altitude especially in out of the way locations very interesting.
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7 years ago, Iron foxes
I think it works
I'm going to give this app the benefit of the doubt. When I am down by the ocean, it says ~0. Up in Portland it gets higher. Ok? Don't know.
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6 years ago, Yyli
Every inch counts at Sea Level
It’s great to know and knows it’s accurate where we can flood on Pamlico Sound. The accurate GPS location is a great bonus. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Ever reaching
How high?
We love using your Altitude app, especially when driving through mountains... Gives us more numbers to ponder!
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2 years ago, El Jefe I
Constant ads
App seems to work well but there is always an ad open at bottom of page. Easy to accidentally open.
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6 years ago, kimmron
Simple but good
I like the its simplicity and the fact that it shows the coordinates. Hope it is accurate
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2 years ago, Jeron Winter
Great app.
Works great when traveling. Just a fun app for me to watch elevation. I’m sure some use it for other reasons.
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3 years ago, Skibex
Awesome info
Always available. Helps me stay on top of the situation in various places and activities
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1 year ago, FraterTmm
Where I am…
I enjoy being able to separate true north from magnetic north.
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7 years ago, Client Business Partner
Simple and Accurate
Very reliable app, with or without connection. Very handy high in the Rockies. Some variability if under tall trees or in a valley. Overall a great tool for the avid hiker!
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1 year ago, truck6672
Simple system, very handy to have fast access
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2 months ago, Green Sub
MGRS font too large on Apple Watch
Used this app for years, but the latest version, the font is too large on my SE 2022 Apple Watch in the MGRS screen. Thanks
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3 years ago, WyomingRunner
Instant gratification
Touch the app icon- see the altitude, even when out of cellular range.
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3 years ago, Del Dio
Great App
Any where, any time I have cell service I can get Lat & Long and elevation of where I am. That’s the Lat & Long of it! Bubba
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7 years ago, BigMac1952
Very useful when traveling.
We used this software during our recent trip to Colorado and the Rockies. Very useful, fast and accurate.
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3 years ago, trumpswinning
Simple working app
Love the altitude app, use it for hilltop verification while day hiking also on the road going over mtn passes.
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6 years ago, Shabby Rose Lane
In the state of Colorado where the altitude is different everywhere you go - even across town, this is a fun app to use.
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5 years ago, KCR47
Works very well
Quick too
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7 years ago, Mvashley
Crazy off
This app doesn't give me an accurate altitude while I'm standing still or sitting in car. Numbers constantly going up and down here in flat country of Louisiana. I'm looking for a better and more accurate app.
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8 years ago, Bill in Santa Fe
Love this app
I love this app. I just traveled cross country from the Rockies to the eastern seaboard and the elevations were fun. It's also useful for figuring altitude gain hiking here in the mountains.
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5 years ago, Lefty47b
Does its job
Altimeter app works like it’s supposed to. I used it daily on a recent trip to southwest U.S.
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5 years ago, KikiZowieSauvie
Great info when you travel
I like your app. Amazing info.
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7 years ago, ct patti
Great app! We use it all your time!!
Very accurate...great information.
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7 years ago, Dolores chick
Excellent for telling customers what altitude is in the Rocky Mountains as you drive through the area
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6 years ago, Edward Brey
Small, quick, great!
Don’t need it often, so the 5mb footprint is a nice plus.
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6 years ago, G'Dad12
Easy & accurate
Easy to use any very accurate, excellent app!
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1 year ago, On The Glen
Great app. Saved my life when I was diving preventing the bens
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6 years ago, S2K mba
Fun App
This app works well and it's entertaining to see how much progress is being made during the 7,000 foot ride up to Big Bear Lake in CA.
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6 years ago, Mt. Vernon
Very accurate.
I use and enjoy the app when ever I’m in the mountains.
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2 years ago, Coloradogal
Great app
Traveling around this app is great! Altitude affects my breathing plus in the mountains it is great to know!
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3 years ago, Ken 373247
Works good. Free.
It works. It doesn’t have too many ads.
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5 years ago, Keisha Taylor
finally, one with the imperial system. all the other ones i’ve downloaded were metric with no option to change it. i love that this was developed in my home state, also!
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1 year ago, hard times ed
I use altimeter to helper my zero for better correct hits in different places
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