Cvent Events

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cvent Events

3.02 out of 5
152 Ratings
3 years ago, JustLikeOnTV
Key feature lost to UI
This app is… okay. It’s better than nothing for a conference-type event. It has a lot of info gathered in one place, which is great. But the Schedule screen, which to me is one of the most important parts, is useless because you cannot see all of your events for a certain timeframe in one screen. Swiping on “My schedule” switches to “All Sessions”. Swiping on the Day bar goes to different days. But swiping left on the actual schedule block does NOT show you the rest of your schedule. That should scroll to show the rest of your events in that time. For example, at my conference Cvent shows basically my entire schedule as “Registration” because that is technically an ongoing event for everybody. I cannot see my actual seminars because Registration takes up the whole schedule screen and I can’t swipe left. I hope this adequately describes the UI problem that I think could be easily fixed.
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2 months ago, Opqb
Usable but could be better
Schedule should hide prior events by default. I shouldn't need to scroll through the day to get to the current time to figure out what's next.
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9 months ago, cori.schlegel
Lack of app support galling
I was able to register for an event and filled my schedule on my phone. Have a few overlaps and wanted to wait to look at my schedule on my ipad where i figured i'd be able to see things better. Turns out that even though I'm registered for a bunch of sessions they don't show up in my schedule on the ipad. I was initially worried i'd not been registered, but when i go to a session i was registered for, even though it offers me a Register button I'm told i'm already registered when I click it. So I didn't lose my sessions, I just can't see them on the ipad. Disappointing, but that's maybe a 3/5 star review. What's **particularly** galling, though, is that there's no way to report an issue or get help. Nothing in the app - not even a help link to help on the web. There's a "Powered by" link that takes you to the Cvent website where any attempts to find help are met with "we're not your organizer. Hope you enjoy your event." Not even a link to the help article about how to contact your organizer. On top of which this is **clearly** not an issue our organizer can help with - it's a problem with your app. The last thing our organizer needs is to have to be the go-between for a bunch of help requests. If you can't offer your mobile users direct support that's a bozo move and you have no business offering a mobile app. I'll be suggesting we find someone else to handle this for our next event.
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11 months ago, Chuckle42069
I am absolutely appalled at this horrible Interface, the disorganization of overly generalized mechanics (in terms of how this app is meant to be utilized), and the fact I often (after using this for a day) have to take backroads on an otherwise easy search on any other scheduling app to even find the event I’m looking for let alone obtaining more information. Do yourselves a favor and just scratch this coding and maybe never make an app until you at least get three of your team members to get an associate’s in computer science.
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11 months ago, MortonBert
No calendar sessions and no help
All Sessions had a few things for Thursday but on none of the other days. Now, none of the days shows sessions. Trying to get out of the event and to the CEvent screen was buried under profile. Cannot find help anywhere. Cannot figure out if there’s a way to update or download new info to the event. Information pages show up, but really wanted to be able to use the calendaring to schedule my days and it’s broken.
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2 years ago, MarisaChew24
Apps make my day
I love having an app for everything. This app makes navigating an event much easier. I especially love that when I view my schedule it calls out when I have “free time” automatically.
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9 months ago, Tippus3
Pls let me add personal events to my schedule
App seems fine. But as with many event apps, I can only add listed conference sessions to my schedule. Pls let me manually add a personal event to my schedule. Seems like an obvious simple feature to implement. So I can add “coffee with X” at 10:30am Monday.
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2 years ago, RedGWolf
Fails to use iPad screen
App is set for iPhone and iPhone only. Using on iPad shows the iPhone sized thumbnail that shrinks down to fit on the iPad. Rotating the screen only makes the app take up even less room making it harder to read and leaving 2/3 of the screen blank.
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2 years ago, Drumma Boi
Preferred Event App
I have used a few other event apps recently, but Cvent’s remains the best one in my opinion. Easy to understand with lots of functionality!
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1 year ago, Ghk645
Very buggy!
Pretty annoying to use, constantly reloads.
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9 months ago, Farmikev
Schedule screen is bad
My event has included sessions, such as registration, that I can’t remove myself from, and they take up space so I can’t see the sessions I’m actually registered for. I should be able to hide them or something so I don’t have to click into a timeframe to see the sessions I care about.
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2 years ago, Majesticu
What a Travesty
The CSBA wants new board members to use this app, but FAILS to provide a way to be able to take effective notes even though they show an attachment that has the note taking page. The only glitch is they can’t be downloaded or accessed to use. This is not the first year downloading was invented. Unbelievable!
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1 year ago, MrMaxican
Updates needed
Very basic maps provided for listing events. Opportunity needed to expand out or offer geo location for improved way finding. Chat function not working. Group submitted questions for break out session but speaker stated no questions were found and had audience raise hands for Q&A.
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1 year ago, the userbase LOL
Latest versions say unsupported device
The most recent versions of this app say "Unsupported Device" on my phone. Maybe don't offer them for download so users on older iOS can automatically install older versions and have it work.
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1 year ago, pauljohnrusso
Unable to load any events
I downloaded the app to use during an event next week, but I am unable to load the file for that event or any other event for that matter. I am now trying to reload the app to see if I can make it work.
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2 years ago, Bayou mom
Doesn’t work on my Mac laptop.
I wish this would work on my Mac laptop and I wish I could print the notes from my conference from my phone. Why offer the notes ahead of a conference if I can’t print them from the app.
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1 year ago, moxykipper
Can’t scroll through attendees without it constantly taking you back to the top of the list. So frustrating!
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2 years ago, DaneZahner
Can get it to work
Freezes after loading. Several have got it to work at different levels. I have deleted and reloaded. Same thing open freezes
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1 year ago, Draft Defense First
Conference app
Good app for organizing a conference and keeping attendees on track.
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3 months ago, AGVendors
Terrible event app
This app doesn’t work doesn’t have the ability to actually track guests interaction with the app or give vendors/attendees credit for tasks completed.
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2 years ago, aaandrewk
Crashed, Completely Useless
Worked for one day, then crashed in the middle of a conference event. Couldn’t use it for anything after.
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11 months ago, fnfuskd gxhjss fh
if zero was an option i would give it a zero… everything is wrong from what I scheduled
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1 year ago, JLhsp
Difficult to navigate, slow, and crashes
Pls improve performance and UI
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9 months ago, WinnRun
Can’t use the app as it opens, starts to load, and immediately shuts down.
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2 years ago, ZZ1949
Buggy and unreliable
Most of my event data didn’t show up at all for most of the event
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3 weeks ago, Cjmized
Terrible app
It never works, always crashes and never has the conference I need
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9 months ago, Homie brooks
Crashes after the first time you close the app
All but unuseable for my conference
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11 months ago, Lilyvuvu
It works
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1 year ago, JWrobs
Slow and bad search function
Using for ENAR 2023 and I can’t find my own talk
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1 year ago, Sat123Ach
Very slow and malfunctioning app.
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2 years ago, Th3C0untOfMOnt3Cr1st0
Nifty app
Useful app. I would recommend that the QR code be integrated with Apple wallet. Thank you.
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