Dakota News Now Weather

4.5 (2.8K)
62.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Dakota News Now Weather

4.53 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Goofy518
Go back to old background!!
The new update makes its almost impossible to read with the gray background! Please change it back! I may need to find a new weather app. ☹️
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3 years ago, user_001
So hard to see
I really wish you would realize that white font on a light blue background is really hard to see. Especially when the blue background is really distracting. The floating screen is so dumb and I hate it when sites use it. We don’t use apps like this one because we want a “cool looking” app. We use it because we want easy to follow information that isn’t jumbled up with movement and hard to see. The ads are bigger than the info. I waited a long time for you to figure this app out and it never gets better. I think I’ll find a new one. This ones not for me.
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11 months ago, M L I R 13
Just wondering.
Could you possibly add a search bar? Would be nice to be able to search to see what other locations are getting for weather in the coming hours or days. is there a way to add locations to a list so you can go to the list and click on whatever location you want?
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4 years ago, Kattyeye
The latest update with the “see through” screen is unreadable. Having the text scroll while the under lying background does not is disorienting to read. Having white text on a light gray/whitish background makes it unreadable. The geometric background pattern serves no purpose so please change it to a solid color. Make the text color something other than white or go back to not having a ‘see through’ screen or better yet, don’t have a text layer that scrolls over a static non moving background.
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5 years ago, SD Aunt
Bring it back
I used to love this app. We used it when driving cross country. Now I’ve gotten a severe weather warning a few times but can’t figure out where the warning is for. All I can find is worthless videos that don’t give information. You used to be about to read the NWS warning right on the app. If it’s still there I can’t find it. When a tornado warning goes off and it says in my area, I’d like to know where in my area and which way it is traveling. Pleas bring this info back.
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2 years ago, Awful app 123467890
Saves people by sending notifications to you about the weather.
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4 years ago, Black Lab Dakota
Upgrades seem to make this app worse every time
This app used to be a nice, clean weather app. Each upgrade makes it harder to read or locate what you need. It gets 2 stars as it is still technically functional but the choice of font color being white over a light background defies logic. What is the point if you have to work harder to access information? Time to try another app.
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4 years ago, dml411
White lettering on gray background
Since the last update there is now white lettering on a light gray background. It is very difficult to read. There seems to be more of the white lettering in the app on my iPad than on my iPhone. I have used this app as my weather app for years through many update and adapted to each change. This could be the one that makes me change. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, jess..s..
Not available in your location
All of a sudden it won’t ever open. It keeps saying not available in your location but I’m at home, its always worked here before, I have wi-fi and there is no reason it shouldn’t work. My husband is sitting right next to me and his works. I deleted and reinstalled the app, it worked for about a day before I got that message again
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1 year ago, Becrook
Radar announced late
The severe thunderstorm warning for Minnehaha County came on the weather radio after it was about over. Your warnings didn’t agree on TV or cell phones either until the storms were already or had happened. The campgrounds didn’t have adequate warnings. You better check your systems. This was ridiculous!!!
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4 years ago, Cpufarmer
Bad color scheme change.
App was better before the color scheme changes. White fonts on light grey background? Some developers need to wake up!
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9 months ago, Grammee9
Recommended by my cousin and love the hourly temps and weather. Has been accurate as we’ve traveled the US in the past month.
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1 year ago, JR7896
Latest update is terrible
Have used this app for years. Latest update made the radar completely useless. Glitches constantly, shows lightning bolts, but no clouds or rain intensity. Also, no longer shows storm paths and tracking. Please fix! Want the old version back that was 100% reliable for years.
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4 years ago, Sitka24
Almost impossible to see…
...the daily forecast in white type now the Dakota News background is so light grey. I’ll be deleting this app if it doesn’t improve readability soon. Not so sure the big union of two stations improved their weather forecasting ability either; oh for the good days when it used to be the best.
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1 year ago, Person 1234567891011
My experience
It’s good but sometimes it doesn’t show the weather in my area
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4 years ago, ms way
Ms way
With the new update, The lettering in white with a white background is very difficult to read
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1 year ago, Jimwehrer
Useless on my iPad
Opened the app and it just locks up and no response. Deleted it and re-downloaded and same issue. Deleted and moved on to Weather Channel app. Keloland’s Storm Tracker app was ruined last year when it no longer worked in Landscape mode so I guess the only other option is the weather channel app.
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6 months ago, Random local person
Do not want a video for weather updates
I just want to read what the weather update is, not watch a video. Would be nice to have both options.
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1 year ago, ronsfsd
Please fix radar
Radar only works during the first use. Then I have to kill the app and relaunch before it will show the radar map again.
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6 years ago, thesmilinemmer
Snow daze
Great snow storm! I wish Shawn and Kami would come out and play........or at least give an explanation of of when they are getting Married!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, melyn65
Not user friendly!
The updated app is too cluttered it’s difficult to see the white font on the grey background! Can’t ready the hourly info because everything is too dark! Bring back the old version, please. I can’t read anything with this version !
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5 years ago, BusyMama04
Where did it go?!
I’m really missing the temperature and feels like setting in the home screen! It really comes in handy when I have recess duty so I know how many layers to wear! PLEASE put it back!
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4 years ago, Ctlb
Upgrades are awful
This app used to be really great but with each “upgrade” it gets worse. Now you can’t even read the words. Who with any common sense would use white fonts with a light background. I think you need a new developer.
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4 years ago, Snowbee
Fix the text color - can’t read the text
The font color needs to be fixed. You have white font over a light gray background on the Daily weather page and you can not read it. This needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, 1 OLDOG
Great to see weather wen I need it
In these times I need to know what weather conditions at a moments notice THANKYOU
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3 years ago, TP, Lee
Must accurate of all weather sites, great ,keep the good job as you guys rock!
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7 years ago, Bob'sbetty*55
My favorite!
Thanks guys!
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1 year ago, worried2017
Videos have no audio
The new weather app emphasizes video reports over text, but the video clips have no sound no matter what settings I confirm.
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4 years ago, catmanII
Update is terrible
Background color and temp color is too close to the same
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4 years ago, PierreHome
Sun set errors
The sun set and sun rise time for Pierre SD should be central time. The time is shown in mountain time zone. The newest update has white letters on a grey background making it very ditto read. Somebody needs to learn how to use better contrasting colors.
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1 year ago, jfjskdkjs
no more radar for past
i don’t use the futurecast radar due to being inaccurate and always used the past radar which you must’ve decided to be useless and take off so now i got nothing but a glitchy patchy “future” predictions that are more inaccurate than playing a blindfolded darts game. please bring it back
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5 years ago, N0kaw44
I think the app works quit well, but I can’t stand all of the advertising. I don’t see any place on the app were you can buy it to get rid of the ads.
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4 years ago, Kelzeyselzy
Cannot read white letters
Since the update, the new lighter background does not contrast with the white letters. It is very hard to read.
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4 years ago, kids4me5
Last Update
Screen colors changed on the last update and it’s hard to see the temps or read the daily weather description. Go back to the blue!
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2 years ago, grandma1501
It doesn’t do much good to just see pictures without hearing about the actual weather forecast.
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4 years ago, akashaapril
Can’t read the white text!! HORRIBLE!!!
White text on a light grey, busy background? This is horrible! You can’t read any of the text on the app. Change it back to the blue colors and fire your marketing department!
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5 years ago, archery2020
Great when it feels like working
The app is great and has wonderful information. The problem is that it isn’t properly maintained or operational so it will just not work for days at a time.
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2 weeks ago, 2 deeronwall
Turn it up. Max on my phone and Bluetooth can barely hear
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1 year ago, AnTetz
I can no longer use
Loved the app. Best weather app out there, but radar no longer works.
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1 year ago, Dianne’s
Not working
First stopped working on iPad now not working on my iPhone
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4 years ago, tried six names
Can no longer trust this app
Used to love this app. Had a thunderstorm warning today and the app map gave me no info. I can no longer trust
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5 years ago, why make it si complicated
Terrible app
Says always searching for connection. Worst weather app ever. Never very accurate.
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2 years ago, dakotagolf
Love this app
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4 years ago, frustratedksfyuser
Terrible upgrade!
Can’t read a thing with the new color scheme!!!
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1 year ago, AckermanJ6
Radar image
Show more
1 year ago, Yuk unjust
Miss the old radar☹️app.
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13 years ago, Whitewind2715
Awesome! Just one problem
This app as a whole is great! It's like a computer on my iPod! Just one problem... I typed in my town and state and it said It couldnt find it... I then tried using my current location... Despite the fact I lived in south dakota, it decided I lived south of Africa... In the ocean. Fix that and you've got a perfect app!
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9 years ago, Tbone605
Comments on stories
Is there a reason why the comment "link" doesn't show anything on my iPhone? It used to work, and now it doesn't. Kind of shatty in my opinion. Also, why don't all of your stories have comments attached. I feel as though if a story may draw negative comments, you disable them. Not to "newsworthy" if that is the case. You should have comments enabled on every story to allow the people interested in them to voice there opinions. But, all in all a decent news app.
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12 years ago, DesignsByCM
Map Slow
The map was working fine until your last update to App (Apr 2012). Please get the map working again. It's either real slow or just don't show up. The motion map is just outta the question anymore. Last update ruined your App.
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11 years ago, Cathwr
No notifications
When will this app be updated for the bigger screen of the iPhone 5. I'm not sure with was iOS update it happened but I no longer have notifications enabled for my phone. I have to rely on The Weather Channel app for this.
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